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General Motors Company is an American multinational automotive manufacturing company headquartered in Detroit, Michigan, United States. It was founded by William C. Durant on September 16, 1908, as a holding company, and the present entity was established in 2009 after its restructuring.

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General Motors

Product Reviews:

A year ago we paid $30k for a 2014 Malibu loaded with every option but sunr
A year ago we paid $30k for a 2014 Malibu loaded with every option but sunroof. The only problem is it has 36k miles because our family lives out of state. We went to check on trading it because we want an SUV. Car is perfect they tell us its worth $14k now. Either your car is way overpriced or bad enough they dont hold value. Which is it?
Published: January 23, 2015
Kim of Chicora, PA

We bought a 2020 Chevy 3500 and we have nothing but issues the day we bough
We bought a 2020 Chevy 3500 and we have nothing but issues the day we bought it. Been in shop 10 times over injectors, it’s in the shop as I’m writing this review!! Chevy will not help us at all. The truck has set in shop for 2 months of its life and we brought it in October so do the math. Now we have tried trading the truck off and no dealership wants the truck because of the service history. We use this truck for work and when truck is setting we aren’t making money, the truck has cost us thousands and we can even get a we a sorry from GM. This last Diesel truck we will ever buy from Chevy and this is a far warning to anyone that’s thinking on buying a Chevy pickup.
Published: February 15, 2021
David of Jellico, TN

I have a 2002 Chevy Express Van 2500. I’m the original owner. I have abou
I have a 2002 Chevy Express Van 2500. I’m the original owner. I have about 98000 miles, first time. I just learned that the ABS sensors need to be replaced. It cost a total of about $600.00. The cargo side door that opens first on the passenger’s side is very hard to open. It’s almost stuck. I have applied grease, oil, etc. to the hinge, the lower hinge is the one that is super stuck. I am sure that the manufacturing process is the cause for this, nothing elseHow about the NTSB being notified? I can also mention that the fuel pump went out about 20,000 to 30,000 ago. The cost is over $1000.00. I have never heard of a fuel pump going out. I had lost time and wages and it’s dangerous. They make great vehicles, but the overall components are the pits after 30,000 miles.
Published: February 13, 2012
James of Cincinnati, ohio 45239, oh

This vehicle was purchased new, great power and super comfy. After the firs
This vehicle was purchased new, great power and super comfy. After the first week or so it was in the shop every other week *suspension problem* over and over. Then electrical connections. Now the warranty is up, tail light problems ($750) each. Now the info screen is black. Its just ridiculous a luxury vehicle at this price has this many issues.
Published: October 21, 2019
JAKE of Alamogordo, NM

I have a 2014 Chevrolet Silverado. Transmission went out 200 miles out of w
I have a 2014 Chevrolet Silverado. Transmission went out 200 miles out of warranty. Never hauled or pulled anything out of the ordinary or out of what the specs allow for the truck. Obviously being a issue with transmission before the warranty was up, GM refuses any assistance at all. Said because I didnt buy it from a GM dealership, there is nothing they will do. So please be very careful buying any GM vehicle from anyone. They will not stand behind what they make, and you will be treated the same way I was.
Published: October 27, 2016
Todd of Oxford, GA

I bought a 2010 Equinox. After I bought it I noticed that there is rust in
I bought a 2010 Equinox. After I bought it I noticed that there is rust in the bottom of all the doors. Also the paint is starting to bubble up under all the doors. I contacted Chevrolet customer services. They assigned my complaint to a senior adviser. The senior adviser contacted the dealer where I got the car from and made an appointment for them to look at the car. The dealer recognizes that there was a problem however they declined to do anything about it because according to them even though there’s a problem the rust havent ate through the doors yet. I did some researches and there is other customers complaining about the same issue. I’m an very unhappy customer. I paid 16,700 dollars for this car and the car have a factory defect that they wont address. The dealer claim it will fixed it if I come up with 3,100. I feel like I have been ripped off.
Published: October 15, 2014
Josue of Bloomington, IL

2015 Silverado 1500 with 5.3 bought with 76k miles from dealership in Jan 2
2015 Silverado 1500 with 5.3 bought with 76k miles from dealership in Jan 2017. Got it home to find it needed rear struts after hearing a squeaking sound. I love the truck but it’s financed so I have no choice but to keep repairing the things that go wrong. In less than 120k miles it got: rear struts, AC lines and condenser, and an ENGINE. Yes an entire replacement engine due to spinning a lifter and wiping out the cam leaving debris throughout the engine. No wonder there are so many used engines available. Plastic lifter guides, cheap terrible design. Wife and I were looking to upgrade her Cruze (which also got a new transmission at 87k miles) with a new Blazer. Between both our GM vehicles and the tons spent to repair them we went with the Nissan Murano instead. I have always been a die hard Chevy guy but I will never buy another new one as long as I live.
Published: August 4, 2020
Aaron of Janesville, WI

It is with regret that I am compelled to write about my Chevrolet/GM dealer
It is with regret that I am compelled to write about my Chevrolet/GM dealership with any negative comments, and I feel that I have been slighted due to the fact that I am a woman and men feel that they can tell me things and I am supposed to pretend that I can only grasp what is told to me and accept it unconditionally. I was experiencing wind noise from the drivers door of my new 2011 Chevy Silverado Extended Cab Pickup Truck. My first visit to address this problem was an adjustment to the door by the Service Manager who appeared concerned for my problem and wished to correct it. I reported back and explained that I was still experiencing the wind noise, plus there had been a recent dust storm and my husband pointed out to the service manager where dust had passed through the weather stripping. This time new weather stripping was installed.I drove to Colorado Springs to visit the grand kids for Christmas and I needed to drape a jacket over my left shoulder while driving as the air coming through the door was cold and my shoulder was freezing. My husband sat in the passenger side noticed that he could also feel wind coming in from the door on the passenger side of the truck.Last Friday, January 27th, I was again at Sands Chevrolet to once again address the wind noise, as well as a squeak under the hood. I was introduced to the Shop Foreman who was to ride with me to hear the wind noise and make recommendations to correct the problem. What I got instead is: What you are experiencing is turbulence much like that of an airplane. GM and Chevy trucks are designed like this so that the occupants do not suffer from Carbon Monoxide Poisoning. My 73 truck did it and my 81 truck did it too. I said that my 96 Mustang doesnt do it. He said that my Mustang is not square. I told him that the wind noise lessened after the new weather stripping was installed, but it was still present. I told him that I had used a pressure washer and showed my service manager where water had leaked in. He told me that I shouldnt have used the pressure washer as the truck is not designed to facilitate that type of pressure, it is designed to keep out rain water only. He said they have a smoke machine to locate air leaks. I told him that my next detection mode was going to be baby powder. He said yes it would work, by lining the door frames with baby powder then turn the air on full blast to see if any powder escapes to the outside. Because my truck is designed to keep the air in, not to keep the outside air from entering in. He said that in order to not have turbulence I would need to buy a Cadillac truck, but people who buy them do not use them for anything other than to haul people, and I would have to spend eighty thousand dollars not to have wind noise. Now if he could hear a whistling noise from either door, then something could be done. But nothing can be done about this. He suggested that I turn up the volume on my radio.I am returning to the dealership this AM to address the squeak under the hood. I really like my service manager but I think his foreman is overriding him on my complaint. My service manager seems genuinely concerned about me and my satisfaction. I feel that the Shop Foreman thought that since I am a woman he could give me this line of baloney and I would accept it as gospel because he is a man! This is a brand new truck and I should not have to cover my shoulder in cold weather, or hear wind noise at 65 75 miles per hour. Does any other Chevy truck owner have this same problem?
Published: February 1, 2012
Therese of Phoenix, AZ

GM provides a full bumper to bumper warranty on their new cars as well as 2
GM provides a full bumper to bumper warranty on their new cars as well as 24-hour roadside assistance program if your car happens to break down. As a consumer you are entitled to a tow and transportation to your home, work, or dealer. As I read in my contract after buying a new car from GM. My new car unfortunately broke down in an extreme way at only 300 miles due to water pump failure and engine overheat. Naturally I cannot drive the car anymore and have to pull over to side of the road and call GM 24 roadside assistance. This breakdown is a bummer, but it happens. Overall the call goes well. I am told a tow truck is on its way as well as a cab to take me home. Sounds fine. Except none of this happens.I call again after over an hour. Apparently there is no record of the tow trucks being sent or the cab. They apologize and resubmit the requests for me. Okay, mistakes happen. Again I wait for a tow and cab, but they never come. I call a third time. Same issue. So my request is resubmitted. I wait again, nothing comes. Its getting near 10pm now. Real bummer for me. Eventually I get a tow truck though. No cab. Reason? Cab cant be located. Weird. I get a cab via my phone app shortly afterward. That was a fun 5 hours.Since my car wasnt picked up till after 10pm, dealers are closed and I could not be given a loaner car (which you are entitled to if your car breaks down under warranty) to take me to work the next day. This is fine though since I am told GM can provide transportation to either the dealer or my work the next morning. Next morning I call GM roadside assistance. They say they will get me a ride to work. They call back 30 minutes later, they cannot provide me a ride to work. I ask for a ride to the dealer. They say okay. They call back 45 minutes later and say they cannot get me a ride to the dealer. I call my local dealer rather than 24 roadside assistance - they come pick me up and provide me with a loaner. Guess I shouldnt rely on promised services from GM directly.Conclusion: GMs 24 roadside assistance has obligations that they failed to meet in my situation. I do not understand why. If something is promised, but not provided, there should be accountability. I have not the time or resources to hold GM accountable, but the fault does not vanish. If GM cannot execute on obligations then they should not be stated to the consumer when vehicle is being purchased. One main reason I purchased a new car was the security of a warranty and assistance from GM if poor car operation became an issue. The car issue happened unfortunately, but GM failed to rise to its promises.GMs problem: big on promises, poor on execution. It was cheaper to screw me then to make good on a promise of service. As one person, what can I reasonably do? How can I reasonably prove lack of service effort on GMs part? GM knows the average consumer has neither the time or awareness on how to stand up for themselves. Thanks GM, you swindled me good. Even after going through bankruptcy, which as I recall we citizens paid for, GM still stutters about on cost savings of value proposition. Thanks US government, you made us pay for it. Next time, let capitalism run its course.
Published: February 22, 2014
tcsting of Los Angeles, CA

NEVER Buy from GM!!! I purchased a 2019 Silverado 3500 and reported transmi
NEVER Buy from GM!!! I purchased a 2019 Silverado 3500 and reported transmission issues and funky dash issues from the first week I owned it. The truck was in the shop 9-11 times in 8 months. Corporate case manager was useless and did nothing but say, sorry!!! Truck would surge when in regen mode.. radio would be stuck on full blast. Clock wouldnt hold correct time or sometimes go backwards! GM was happy to take my money but fixing the truck... NOPE! After it ran into my camp trailer twice and putting a hole in the back of my garage wall it was a safety issue for my family! Dealership did everything they could - no issues with them! They even submitted a request for GM to buy the truck back. GM said no and they wanted to waste more time working on it. I ended up trading it in before it ran someone over. Now GM says you dont own it any more so we wont help with any cost... GM DID NOTHING during the 8 months it was in the shop. Why start now. I was told every step GM is here for you. NOPE! all I got was, were sorry, and we will get back to you. 1 week, 2 weeks later nothing!!! We will get you free oil changes. Nope! Never completed a thing they said they would. If I could give -1 star I would!
Published: August 21, 2019
lance of Spokane, WA

I am absolutely stunned by the way GM handled my case. Yes, my car was out
I am absolutely stunned by the way GM handled my case. Yes, my car was out of the 5yr/100,000 mile warranty. Only by 2 years. Car ONLY had 55,000 miles on it, before the transmission went out. After 55,000 miles!!! Yup, you guessed it, GM wants me to eat this one in $4,000 in repairs!!! GM is a joke. Didnt even offer to help compensate, no discount. NOTHING. I will never buy another Chevy EVER again. I will also warn others to steer clear of Chevy. Worst experience ever. Not to mention they provided parts/equipment to the German army in WW II. Makes sense now.
Published: March 8, 2019
Jay of Moorhead, MN

On my second trip to the dealer to have an oil consumption problem correcte
On my second trip to the dealer to have an oil consumption problem corrected, I was told that there was a new TSB out that called for replacing one of the valve covers with redesigned oil baffles. The dealer would not give me a copy of the TSB that they were referring to, so I contacted GM customer service to see if they could help. They called me back and stated that the dealer was correct and there was a new TSB calling for replacement of a valve cover. Customer service, however, could not tell me what the TSB number was. All of this occurred back in December of 2011. After the valve cover was replaced, I continued to monitor the oil consumption of my truck’s engine to find no improvement. I returned to the dealer tonight, 3/22/12, to find out what the next repair attempt would be. I was told that there was yet another new TSB out that calls for yet another redesigned valve cover. I asked the service tech if I could get a copy of the TSB and was told they could not share one with me. He also told me that GM customer service would not know what the TSB number was since they get that information from the dealer service department. What? I asked him were they get the TSB numbers from and he stated they get it from GM. I asked for the phone number of the GM department that could give me this information and am told he cannot give this number out! GM has no true customer service. I am continuing to be jacked around by GM on the oil consumption issue with no end in site! This will be the last GM product I own.
Published: March 23, 2012
Ken of Federal Way, WA

My Disappointing Experience with General Motors and Leith Buick GMC of Wend
My Disappointing Experience with General Motors and Leith Buick GMC of Wendell NC. November 10, 2018, my vehicle began to misfire. I had the code pulled and contacted Ryan **, Service Advisor at Leith Buick GMC of Wendell NC, on November 12, 2018 to bring my vehicle for repair of cylinder 2 and 4 on November 17, 2018. By November 15, 2018, driving conditions worsened and I had to take the vehicle earlier than expected to Leith Buick GMC on November 16, 2018. They gave me a loaner to drive while they had my vehicle for service and repair. By November 20, 2018, Ryan ** confirmed the misfire was on cylinder 2 and 4, along with other mechanical issues found. Ryan ** gave me pricing for all of the repairs and we discussed options for a possible trade. He forwarded my information to a sales representative, which whom I met with on November 23, 2018.After deep thought and discussion, I declined to trade down to a 4 door sedan with higher payment and authorized cylinder 2 and 4 to be repaired only. November 28, 2018 the repairs authorized was implemented and paid in full. March 3, 2019 my vehicle began to misfire again. I had the code pulled and found that the misfire was on cylinder 2; one of the same cylinders that Leith repaired November 28, 2018. March 4, 2019 I contacted Ryan ** to discuss the issue and to find out if the parts were refurbished that was put on the cylinders because it did not last.Ryan ** stated they were not refurbished parts, but that they could have been bad. He stated that I could bring the vehicle back to them and they would repair it. I refused to put the vehicle under additional stress to drive over an hour and a half for to have the repairs done again. Ryan stated being that the repairs were under warranty; I could go to any GM dealership to have it repaired that was closest to me. I called three GM dealerships in my area: David Westcott Buick/GMC in Burlington, NC; Flow Buick GMC of Greensboro, NC; and Bill Black Chevrolet of Greensboro, NC. All were busy and stated that they would have to keep the vehicle for at least three days and did not have a loaner available for me to drive to get back and forth to work. So, my only other option was to purchase the parts and have the vehicle repaired by another mechanic.March 7, 2019, I purchased the parts and instructed the mechanic to save the engine ignition coil and spark plug on cylinder 2 so that I could take it back to the dealership. The mechanic repaired what I asked and gave me back the coil and spark plug. To my surprise it was not a Bosch coil. It was an aftermarket part that did not match the invoice. April 10, 2019 I changed cylinder 4 coil and spark plug. I asked the mechanic to again give me back the coil and spark plug. To my surprise cylinder 4 coil was aftermarket as well.April 19, 2019, I took the parts back to Leith Buick GMC. I spoke with Ryan ** about the issue. Ryan ** denied that that they put the parts on the vehicle. He stated that I did not know and they could have come off of cylinder 3 and 5. He berated me with questions on what side of the engine it came off of, left or right. He said the parts they use are Bosch and showed me one as an example, pointing out the difference in the part. That the parts they use have part numbers and the part that I brought back did not. He would not listen to me at all. He kept saying that because I took the vehicle to someone else for repair there was nothing that they could do. I reminded him of our conversation March 4, 2019 and that I tried to do what he said and enlightened him of the outcome from it. He also stated that maybe I brought the parts to him. I told him that I did not bring the parts to them and the only parts that I took to them that they did not put on was the intake cover gasket.Ryan was still not willing to listen to me. He claimed I hollered at him, which I did not. My voice became firmer because he was still insinuating sublimely that I was lying about the parts. I was merely trying to get my point across to him and was getting frustrated because he was not listening to me and insinuating that I was telling an untruth. I told him that I was not a mechanic but I knew what I purchased and had repaired. I told him that I was not going to drive over and hour and a half for a lie. I told him that those were the parts they put on that was taken off and that I wanted a refund.At this point, Ryan ** took the parts from his desk and placed them outside his door onto the sidewalk and told me to get out of his office. I told him that I would leave his office, and he sat back down in his chair. I told him before leaving that he knew they put those parts on my car and that they were no good. He then got up and walked away. I told him that I was going to have an investigation in their place of business to look at their records as he was walking away and then went outside to retrieve the parts placed on the sidewalk. I went back inside the dealership to find Ryan **. He was standing at a window to the billing office. I let him know that I was going to send the parts to the CEO of GM. 4/26/2019, Mailed failed equipment taken off of cylinder #2 and #4 to CEO, Mary Barr of GM. 5/6/2019, Spoke to Matt with GM Executive Office. He confirmed receipt of packaging and letter. He took down all details.5/8/2019, Spoke to Matt again with GM Executive Office. He stated he spoke with the service manager at Leith and the service manager assured him that they only use GM approved parts. The service manager stated that I was shown the parts they use. He stated because I did not take the vehicle back to them it could not be verified by GM that that they actually did it. He stated due to the age and mileage of the vehicle a loaner would not have been made available to me to drive. He stated that because the vehicle had previous owners that the parts could have been put on by them. So from all of the facts Leith Buick GMC of Wendell NC was not going to refund my money. I was told that if I had called the 800 number that maybe they could have worked something out. Matt also stated that they would have everything on file if it something more should come of this and that he would now consider the case closed.Matt with GM Executive Office, sided with Leith, their authorized dealership and basically said in not too many words that I was telling an untruth as well. Leith billed me for parts they claim they put on but never did. The parts that came off did not have the part numbers stated on the invoice. In closing, I am highly upset regarding the way I was treated and for the blatant disrespect shown by Ryan **. I feel if I had been a man of any race or a ** woman, he would have shown more respect, patience and listened to me. He would not have insinuated sublimely that I was lying. He would have immediately taken action to resolve the issue and apologized for the error. But because I am a ** woman, he felt he could disrespect me, talk to me any kind of way and sublimely call me a liar. As much as I like my Buick, I have decided to trade it for another make and model, namely their competition. I will not patronize a company that treats their consumers that way and call them liars sublimely.
Published: May 9, 2019
Felicia of Burlington, NC

I crashed my 98 GMC Safari van into my garage when the ABS came on at a low
I crashed my 98 GMC Safari van into my garage when the ABS came on at a low speed. I replaced the sensors. Now it works but has a damaged bumper, and I have a damaged garage! I also have a 2000 Chevy Astro van that is now doing the same thing!
Published: August 15, 2012
Mark of Cecil, WI

This is terrible. I had my 2019 GMC Denali 2500HD in for an accident repair
This is terrible. I had my 2019 GMC Denali 2500HD in for an accident repair since August 23rd. Have use my one month insurance rental up and have been without a truck which I use to pull my boat to make a living. I have used and exhausted all remedies which include calling my insurance company to get extension, Going to the dealer and calling GMC to get something to drive with a no from each of them. They cant give me a timeline for a part to come in. Its not my fault GM is on strike and Im being held hostage for this part. I have bought 3 trucks in 3 years and will never buy a GM again. Another note hit a concrete pole doing around 40 mph. Broke the windshield with my head and the airbag didnt deploy. 18k in damages which includes frame damage. Anyone have any suggestions on what to do.
Published: October 5, 2019
Thomas of Brooksville, FL

I own a 2013 GMC Terrain. Suddenly my back up camera stopped working. Upon
I own a 2013 GMC Terrain. Suddenly my back up camera stopped working. Upon taking it to the dealership I was told that GM had done a systems update and that was why. I said ok update my car. They told me it would be 112.00. I said no. It should be free. Its not my fault or issue. Its GMs. So I contacted GM Customer services. The agent Sheila was not the brightest. She told me if I needed to update my computer I would have to pay for that.Apparently she does not know that this is not true. That you can do so for free online by downloading drivers. Or if you buy a Tom Tom or Garmin GPS you simply log into their sites and download updates. So where are the drivers for GMs Unexpected updates as obviously a way to make more money off you. This is a PAID FOR FEATURE on a car and should not simply fall off after 3-4 years. They would not pay for it. I will have to ask questions with different auto makers in the future regarding technology based upgrades on cars.
Published: August 28, 2017
Kim of Milford, MI

I filed an complaint with GM online for a problem I was just became aware o
I filed an complaint with GM online for a problem I was just became aware of on my own. My check engine light went on several months ago and found out that it was flagging a problem with my Cam Shaft intake sensor. When my oil was checked they found out that I had NO OIL in my car. I was well under my 5000 miles due for an oil change and NEVER had a warning signal go on from my vehicle while the oil was burning low. It was confirmed that my car had NO leaks. So something else was causing my oil to burn. I went online to try to find other cases of this and found out that GM knows about this issue with my exact Model and year vehicle (2011 Chevy Equinox LT 2.4 liter 4 cyl) and as a result increased the coverage for this problem for these vehicles from 85000 miles to 120,000 miles. After speaking with the dealership and a manager at GM CAC, they said they could only cover 50% of $4048 needed to fix this problem. The fix for this KNOWN problem is to replace the pistons and rings and gasket, etc. A very invasive job. Which indicates to me this is a very serious problem. Unfortunately, my car is at 139,000 miles (all highway) and they said that this is the best they can do for me. They agreed that there was no other way for me to know my vehicle was burning oil unless someone checked it regularly. The car uses Dexos oil (a synthetic blend) known to have less cases of burning oil. I have made regular oil changes on time for the almost 6 years Ive owned my vehicle and all services including the 100,000 mile services were performed at the dealership. I have been diligent with all required maintenance and now GM / Chevrolet and saying there is nothing more they can do because I am over the 120,000 allowable coverage. When I filed the complaint I was at about 137,000 miles. They will make no exceptions for my case. Even after I am able to prove that ALL required maintenance has been performed on the vehicle. The Manager that I spoke with Craig was short and condescending with me. He said YOU SHOULD HAVE BEEN CHECKING YOUR OIL ON A WEEKLY BASIS. Seriously? Who does that today and why should I if I am diligent on my vehicle care. I was insulted and extremely dissatisfied with the answer and support GM is offering for this very serious issue. I now have a vehicle that is damaged as a result of a known issue that GM did not deliver to any of the dealerships or to the consumers of these 2011 Equinox LTs.I had a much more pleasant experience with Nissan when I found out my daughters 2003 Nissan Altima had a problem with the ECM and it needed to be replaced. After I found that there was an issue with the ECM for that model year of Nissan Altima and brought it up to their attention and filed a case online with Nissan CAC, they agreed with the dealership to cover 90% of the $1400 cost to replace the ECM. The car was a 2003 with 92000 miles and well over the warranty period, but they still made good for us the customers since it was a previously known issue for that model year. If only GM, the company Ive been loyal to for over 30 years would have made the same consideration for me and my Equinox. Extremely disappointing and unfair to their consumers.
Published: February 24, 2017
Rachel of Newton, NJ

I purchased a 2013 GMC Terrain. It had 74000 miles on it when I bought it.
I purchased a 2013 GMC Terrain. It had 74000 miles on it when I bought it. 50000 miles later I have spent 2500 dollars on it. Hub replacement, wheel sensor replacement, leaking gasket causing strong fuel odor in the vehicle. Now, to top it all off I have an oil consumption issue. Its using a quart every thousand miles. When the oil gets low no warning lights come on. The dealer says it will be a minimum 3000 dollars to fix and very its very possible the motor would have to be replaced. I have 2 friends that own Chevy or GMC SUVs and they have had the same issue. GM is not the quality it used to be. Dont buy it.
Published: April 9, 2019
Angela of Marionville, MO

I have a 2014 GMC Terrain. I was heading to Cooperstown NY with my 15 year
I have a 2014 GMC Terrain. I was heading to Cooperstown NY with my 15 year old son for a baseball tournament. I was driving at 70 mph on I87 in the passing lane in a driving rainstorm. I put my wipers on high and they quit working! I got myself to the breakdown lane (SCARY). I tried a couple things to fix the situation but it didnt work so the rain let up and I followed a friend 5 miles to the nearest GMC dealer. There they told me the wiper transmission broke and it would cost 450.00. so I am vulnerable position so I had to paid and had to move on! Now when I got back from my trip I researched my issue and went to dealer that I bought my car and no one could help me (no recalls and my mileage was too high (67000)). I didnt realize that I had my wipers on for 67000 miles?? This part is not a serviceable part and also how many miles have I really used those wipers?I am more disappointed in GM CUSTOMER SERVICE in how they are handling this. They do not understand the magnitude of the situation! I researched this and in 2013 GM recalled the same things and in Canada GM recalled 2010-2017 Terrain for the same part number and issue. And also my Terrain was mfg in CANADA but once it is driving in the US it is not covered under the recall of Canada! I was looking for complete payment of 450.00. GM CUSTOMER SERVICE DOES NOT REALIZE THAT A LIFE COULD OF BEEN LOST AND 450.00 IS NOTHING COMPARED TO THAT!!!
Published: September 13, 2017
edward of Berkley, MA

This is my Story. I am a loyal 25+ year GM owner. Pictured here are my last
This is my Story. I am a loyal 25+ year GM owner. Pictured here are my last GM products I will ever own. My 2010 Chevrolet Express motorhome has run for almost 5 years with not one problem. GM sent me a letter telling me that some owners were having problems with their transmissions and that I needed to bring it in for just a reprogramming. After that I took the motorhome on a trip to the Blue Ridge Mountains and the truck shifted really bad going up hills at slow speeds. I had to call GM because I could not find a dealer that would work on it. The Dealer I bought it from is not licensed to work on GM products but can sell them. GM found a dealer who looked at it drove it and even wrote on the repair slip that he felt chugging on underload. Tech asst, told him to tell me to use higher octane. % years of driving it with no problems and they reprogram the tranny and now I have to use a higher octane. Called GM and this is where my nightmare started. I was put in touch with ** from Senior adviser and right from the beginning she had a attitude with me. Lying to and then making promises only to break them after. She promised she would call back and never did. And then said she wrote down the wrong number and I find that funny because after the weekend she called me but never asked me for the right number. I spent 4 hours on the phone with GM and only hung up after my cordless went dead. Worst experience I have ever had with a company. Now I find out my brand new Colorado has two open recalls. That means that GM does not have the parts or know how to fix them. But who needs front brakes or your front seat bolted in right. RUN people! GM has not changed and does not care one bit about you. Follow up. ** just called me 5/18/15 and left a message telling there are no other dealers in my state that will work on my motorhome even though there are hundreds of GM dealers in my state. Nice. I a truck under factory warranty that no one will fix and a new truck that has recalls that GM did not even let me know about. DO NOT BUY GM. They have not changed.
Published: May 18, 2015
michael of Grafton, MA

I purchased a 2018 GMC Terrain Denali in April of 2018. I have gone past th
I purchased a 2018 GMC Terrain Denali in April of 2018. I have gone past the warranty period and I have noticed the paint has been coming off the rocker on both sides of the vehicle and now rusting. I contacted GM Canada customer service and after waiting almost 5 weeks for a answer if they would do anything the robot who called me said since its out of warranty and theres no recalls on the paint theres nothing they will do. They are saying its from my shoes. I wear running shoes all the time I have had a lot of gm cars and so has my son with a lot more mileage and never had this happen. I guess this shows me that gm doesnt care about its customers. My next purchase will definitely not be a gm product.
Published: September 9, 2020
Eric of Scarborough, ON

I own a 2013 GMC Terrain. The car was part of a lawsuit against GM for exce
I own a 2013 GMC Terrain. The car was part of a lawsuit against GM for excessive oil consumption. My car was 4qt low on oil, NO oil light ever came on. The car now needs $2,500 in repairs and GM is refusing to pay for it although the lawsuit states they are responsible for it and are to pay for it! Myself and my family have always driven GM vehicles. I’m the last one in the family left driving one and now I know why. They do not stand behind their products and do not support their customers. Customer service from GM just keeps say, We are working on this. Give us two days and we’ll call you. It’s been 3weeks!!! I’m paying for a rental out of my pocket and making a car payment. GM is useless. DO NOT BUY ONE!
Published: February 10, 2020
Heather of Ostrander, OH

We bought a 2017 Chevy Silverado new. We drove it off the lot and on our wa
We bought a 2017 Chevy Silverado new. We drove it off the lot and on our way home it started stuttering. We took it back several times to the dealership. We were told things such as: GM knew there was a problem but couldnt fix it, it needed to get used to the way we drive, it needs broke in. Two years down the road it continues to have problems and they are only getting bigger. GM will not stand behind the fact that there is something wrong with this truck and make it right. We drove our last Chevy truck for 12 years and now are hesitant to continue to drive GM products. They advertise as the working mans truck but wont stand behind it when there is a problem.
Published: February 2, 2019
Angela of Williamsburg, MO

Looked online for car prices, found new car at dealership (Pat O Briens). S
Looked online for car prices, found new car at dealership (Pat O Briens). Salesman said car was $3500 more than online price, that GM only allows them to sell 1 a month at that price. They are liars. Called GM Customer Service who doesnt seem to care about image of being liars. Same old sale stuff as always, false advertisement to get you in - switch and bait.
Published: July 10, 2015
leslie of Vermilion, OH

This is what happened - On November 11, 2015 the tow truck took my truck to
This is what happened - On November 11, 2015 the tow truck took my truck to Rudolph Chevrolet which they diagnostic my truck with a non working cam and lifters. My truck is well maintained with 107k miles. I did my research and I realized there are many cases identical or similar to my situation. The dealership quote $4K repair (parts and labor). I placed a complain at GM customer service and they contacted the dealership and both decided they will help with $950 which doesnt look fair to me specially when I know there are other GM customers facing a similar case. Today 11/16/15 I called GM customer service and spoke to a unprofessional representative named Alicia. She denied to transfer me a supervisor stating the supervisor was not available since she was at lunch time. After arguing for another 8 minutes she place me on hold for over 10 minutes until the supervisor answered. Supervisor said there was nothing else to do. I asked her if there was somebody else I could talk to and she said NO, I asked her if there was another department I could place a complain, and she said NO. Supervisor said since my warranty expired there was nothing else she could do. Im only asking for help, I bought my truck in good faith and Im only asking to GM to provide help to a loyal customer.
Published: November 16, 2015
Hugo of El Paso , TX

In 2013 weve purchased 2011 Chevy Traverse with 30,000 miles and ever since
In 2013 weve purchased 2011 Chevy Traverse with 30,000 miles and ever since we had so many issues with it!!! From engine to traction control issues, engine leak. The car has 90,000 miles and the AC wasnt working - just on the side note we live in Wisconsin and we use AC 3 months out of the year. After check up we were told that the motor in a front fan needed to be replaced. After we paid $300 for that the AC still wasnt working, so we took it back to the shop and we were told that there is a leak in the AC system which will cost $650 to get it fixed!!! 2 weeks later the cars engine breaks down. We contacted General Motors and we were told that the warranty has expired and they cant do anything for us!!! Can someone please advise me what can be done for the General Motor to step up their game and take responsibility for this crap???
Published: May 31, 2016
Marzena of Wisconsin Dells, WI

I love the way GMC Terrain handles the road. Good gas mileage and plenty of
I love the way GMC Terrain handles the road. Good gas mileage and plenty of pep to pass on steep hills. Very roomy for travel. I love the body style and the way this short lady sits up to see over the front dash. My only complaint is not as quiet on rough road. Most highways there is no wind or road noise. But other than that, Im very happy with my choice.
Published: April 26, 2018
Vada of Mountain Pine, AR

Went to local dealer in which my whole family uses and wanted to get a new
Went to local dealer in which my whole family uses and wanted to get a new car. Btw... bought 2 cars in Lake Orion area 10, 11 years ago with great experience. Anyways, went to get a Malibu (sales) to my local dealer in which my whole family uses so I trusted it to be okay. Saw a Malibu Elite with a 29 something sale sticker that I wanted. Went to talk to a sales person at Vic Canever, said interested in the deal, we had to go look, he was unaware. He said that there was criteria. I didnt have a lease, a criteria BUT, he could get me close to that deal. Going thru his hour and a half of mumble jumbo I kept asking the price of the car. I got 29750 oh then better 29595! Great! Very excited! Well after 3 1/2 hours later very tired!Finance guy told me my payments. 417 month well I had a trade in on 3800 plus put down 5000 seemed high, so called the next day and the sales person claimed that the total of the car that I kept asking the amount included my trade in, Really! Bunch of **! Well when we went to the parking lot to look at the sticker sale, he didnt even know that I had a trade in or what it was, anyways ended up paying $3000 more than I thought. I feel like I was taken advantage of. I will never go back to Vic Canever in Fenton again! I know the deal that I got was average and almost just went somewhere else, but thought if I didnt purchase it then I would never get one (personal thing) anyways, love the car but cant enjoy until I get over this horrible experience! IT JUST SUCKS! THANKS VIC CANEVER IN Fenton!
Published: October 1, 2016
Renee of Fenton, MI

I purchased a 2018 Escalade August 2 2019, car had 25000 mi on it. Had to b
I purchased a 2018 Escalade August 2 2019, car had 25000 mi on it. Had to bring it back to dealer 1 week for a coolant leak. They replaced radiator. 1000mi later after going on a 1050mi trip the transfer case failed..Car has been sitting at dealer for 1 month because of strike. I had 99 Suburban for 19 years, original radiator & transfer case. LAST GM CAR.
Published: October 24, 2019
L. of Middletown, RI

GM is the worst company I ever dealt with! I leased a new 2013 Chevrolet Ma
GM is the worst company I ever dealt with! I leased a new 2013 Chevrolet Malibu 2LT W/EASSIST Sedan 4 Door, VIN # 1G11F5SR8DF127280 July 2, 2013. Buying/Leasing a car is a major purchase and I want a car that would be problem free and reliable. I gave GM a chance but I wish I never bought this car! Since I leased this car, I had and still have several of issues with a rear noise coming from the window and bumper falling off. I brought the car to the dealership over 20 times. I took much time off from work for service drop off and pickups. The car has a history of issues and I exhausted my attempts, I called GM and asked for help after service said dont bring this back here for this issue. GM customer service was NO HELP and I was forced to use the Massachusetts lemon law. After I contacted the service team, the dealership service told me they will stand by my side so GM can buy the car back or replace it. I was misled and left in the dark when this matter became reality, the issues were described as minor by the dealership. I was shocked by this outcome and not sure why this happened. To be honest, Im not trying to make matters worse but I want a reliable car that Im paying for. GM is not going to do anything about this after the dealership lied. I have a car that is bad and still 18 month left on the lease. I tried to get out of this lease but I cant afford to and forced to keep this car. This is the worst experience I ever had with any company, how can a company run with dishonestly and built the worst cars ever made? I leavened and will NEVER buy a GM as long as I live. Please do you save yourself and buy something else! I hope no one will experience what I been through!
Published: April 5, 2015
Sam of Revere, MA

GM has a major design flaw in the 2.4 ltr engine. They have issued a TSB 14
GM has a major design flaw in the 2.4 ltr engine. They have issued a TSB 14882 to extend the warranty to 10 yr 120,000 miles on a few series of motors for the stated problems. They are refusing to cover the other series of 2.4 engines that are experiencing the same issues with the explanation that they have not seen this issue in the engines not listed. But if you look on the web you will see hundreds upon hundreds of customers who are left with major engine repair bills for a known issue on the 2.4 ltr engine.
Published: January 15, 2018
Jacob of Mason, MI

Buying a GMC is the biggest mistake ever. Their customer service is nonexis
Buying a GMC is the biggest mistake ever. Their customer service is nonexistent & GM financial will ruin your credit. I’ve always paid ahead & am a year ahead now. They refuse to correct their mistakes - they just lost six figures in new personal & business truck sales. I have experienced terrible service from day 1 with GM - they do not care about people once you buy it. Will buy Ford from now on.
Published: February 4, 2020
Shane of Marietta, GA

I own a 09 Saturn Vue and have been pretty happy with it till now. My Satur
I own a 09 Saturn Vue and have been pretty happy with it till now. My Saturn seems to be having transmission problems, the gears keep getting stuck which causing the engine light to come but after a day or two it goes away on its own. I experienced this problem now twice. Found a letter from Saturn stating some models had a fractured wave plate which would cause tranny to slip gears, low 3rd or 4th gear etc. I took my car to GM to drop-off service. Advisor tells me I would pay 120 if it wasnt the wave plate. I get a call today stating they need me to authorize a 1600 charge for them taking apart my transmission which it could be under warranty or it could be not. Long story short I would not authorize that since I was never told that when I first came in. The manager was arguing with my boyfriend and I left with my Saturn Vue being untouched. They didnt even care that my car could possibly have that issue and they would have to honor that at no charge. So they try to get money another way. Sneaky GM. Its sad they wont even look at the car thats a Product of their GM motors. Horrible!
Published: April 19, 2017
Briana of Whittier, CA

I purchased a brand new 2021 trailblazer in September 2020. While driving h
I purchased a brand new 2021 trailblazer in September 2020. While driving home from work November 20, 2020 my breaks, power steering, and stabilitrack went out all at the same time. Mind you, I am driving on a very busy street in Indianapolis also coming up on a very busy intersection. Luckily the left turn lane had no vehicle in it, but there was a red light and I could not stop. I looked both ways and braced myself for a horrible accident. Thankfully, I was able to get my vehicle turned and into a parking lot without getting hit or hitting anyone. I had to have my vehicle towed to Hubler Chevrolet (who took very good care of me). I did not purchase my vehicle from them. When I got home and checked the mail, there was a recall letter from GM stating there has been a recall on my vehicle due to the breaking system and the parts being contaminated. Also, due to the vehicle being so new, there were no parts yet available to fix the issue. I opened a case through GM and it was a struggle from then. Over a month for them to let me know that it was not a manufactures issue, but they would fix my vehicle at no cost to me due to the recall. Fast forward two months. Mind you, I still do not have my vehicle, yet I’m still paying on it. I receive a call from Hubler that the parts came in, but they are not programming with my vehicle. Two weeks later I received another call that more parts came in and those were not programming with my vehicle. I then called GM to initiate a buy back. About two weeks later Hubler called and stated my vehicle is now fixed and I could come pick it up. I receive a call today from GM stating they refused my buy back because my vehicle is now working properly. I am livid to say the least!
Published: February 17, 2021
Cheryl of Indianapolis, IN

I recently had an issue with losing antifreeze with no external leaks. I to
I recently had an issue with losing antifreeze with no external leaks. I took it to the place that I purchased it and they ran a diagnostic. They were able to find a Service Bulletin that described the very issue I was experiencing on the same engine from 2000 thru 2007 GMC pickups. The heads that were used on some of those engines were manufactured from a company by the name of Castech and there was a flaw in the casting that could cause them to crack and leak coolant.When I called GM about the issue I was told that although there were no open recalls or GM bulletins about it, they would help in the repairs but I had to take it to a authorized GM dealership to have the actual diagnosis done. They directed me to the nearest dealership to my house and I took the truck in. The shop there took the engine apart and verified that they were the Castech heads. They were indeed cracked, but they also informed me that the coolant had damaged the bearings and that I would need a new engine to the tune of $6500.00. I still owe money on the truck and I cant afford two car payments so I was going to bite the bullet and have them install a new engine.I called GM customer service to see if they would help with this large of a repair instead of just the heads and they told me that they didnt see any notes about anyone telling me that they would help with anything and that because my vehicle was over ten years old and over the mileage that there was no warranty so they would not help with anything at all. I am 52 years old and I have always owned GM vehicles but now I feel like I was taken advantage of by the CSR who told me to take it to a dealership and then they would help pay for it. The first shop diagnosed it for free but the GM dealership cost me $200.00. You know, I expect that if a company knows that there was a defective part in their product that it wouldnt matter when it failed, they should take care of it. GM has failed me and my family, I guess its time to look into Dodge.
Published: October 31, 2017
Preston of Boise, ID

I bought my car new but within a few months my antifreeze was disappearing
I bought my car new but within a few months my antifreeze was disappearing - no leaking onto driveway. It took GM mechanics 4 years to find it was leaking into my oil and thus thru engine. Antifreeze compromises the engine and it should be taken apart and cleaned or replaced. GM customer service said that I was responsible to pay for the engine replacement even tho the car was broken when I bought it because the engine passes whatever test the dealer did. Those mechanics also said they would not buy a car like mine because of the antifreeze leak. Maybe its working now but the engine is compromised and will cause an accident at some point.
Published: November 15, 2014
Jan of Belgrade, MT

I have a 2015 Silverado 1500 and generally love the truck. However I recent
I have a 2015 Silverado 1500 and generally love the truck. However I recently noticed clearcoat is peeling all around truck. This is abnormal. Professional paint shop says faulty paint job. Dealer says they wont help. GM customer service says not their problem. This is not right. It clearly is a manufacturer issue that Im sure others are experiencing. I would like help from GM but nothing. I had 1997 Sierra with perfect paint to day I sold it. Ive had and have 2 Buick Enclaves with no issues. This is a Silverado issue that GM and dealers not standing behind. Beware.
Published: July 29, 2020
William of Marshall, MI

I have had four emissions failure all around the DEP system on my 2013 GMC
I have had four emissions failure all around the DEP system on my 2013 GMC HD 2500 Denali. Three of those were under warranty. I also had a breakdown due to metal in the fuel filter that is caused by a defective Bosch fuel pump. I found this out from an attorney thats filing a class action suit against GM. I opened a case with GM and talk to many people overseas about my issues with no resolution and just a runaround. So I guess the American made apple pie image is no more for GM. Both my GMCs are for sale and I will drive Ford or a brand more reliable. GM your overseas customer service centers are horrible. I bet not one drives a GM product but they are cheap labor.
Published: November 8, 2018
Randy of Roscoe, TX

My husband and I purchased a 2013 Chevy Malibu in Nov 2013. New car. No iss
My husband and I purchased a 2013 Chevy Malibu in Nov 2013. New car. No issues until April 2015. First, my Service Parking Brake light came on now and then. Took it in and they said it was a fuse box. Ordered a new one at our expense. Two days later the engine locked up. Got it towed and dealership ordered a new engine. Replacement engine was knocking after just being installed! Second new engine installed and runs fine. Still had Service Park Brake light on after replacing the fuse box. 250 miles later, engine started knocking! Took it back again and dealership left torque converter bolts loose. They claim to have tightened them and replaced the fuse block.Started a case with GM to get the car bought back because its obviously a lemon. No longer have the light on, but now the car idles rough and shifts terrible. GM will not allow the dealership to work on the car unless there is a code on their computer when they hook it up. Its not throwing any codes and no lights on the dash, so we wait. This is absurd! I have talked to a senior rep at GM several times, and she said we have to go through this and they will probably not ever buy it back. Not happy and never buying Chevy again!
Published: July 17, 2015
Kristy of Bridgeport, NE

I purchased a used 2010 Traverse from Peruzzi GMC. When I test drove it, it
I purchased a used 2010 Traverse from Peruzzi GMC. When I test drove it, it was fine. We go to leave the dealer with the vehicle and the check engine light was on! The salesman tells me, oh its probably just a gas cap, drive it and it will go away. I refused to take the vehicle without having something in writing. Good thing because we left and the light never went off. A few days later I had my wife bring it back and the code was for the timing chain! Dealer had no choice but to replace it being as I had it in writing although they act like they did us a favor...Apparently they changed the chains and never bothered changing the oil which had bits and pieces of debris from failing pieces in it. Not even 4,500 miles after purchasing the engine seized without any warning with my wife and 4 kids in the car on our way home. GM denied any responsibility and only went to the shop to try and find reasons as to why they wouldnt help. The service manager told me the motor failed because I didnt change the oil. Mind you, when replacing the chain the dealer should have changed the oil and didnt... Even still, the manual says to change it according to the light or if it has gone 1 year. Neither situations occurred. The oil life was still at 74%. I ended up paying $6500 out of pocket to have the motor replaced. Then a fuel injector fails and renders the vehicle un-drivable 4 miles after getting a new motor. Then the A/C stopped working. Only hot air. Dealer tells me its probably the evaporator which is behind the dash and is another few thousand to fix! After some diagnostic and research I found it to be the blend door actuator, a $50 piece and 30 minutes of my time. Huge difference and Im not the GM mechanic... THEN a coil pack goes bad. Need to remove the intake plenum to get to it. Another $330. Few days later, CEL AGAIN! Now its the catalytic converter and the dealer wants THOUSANDS to fix! The rear wiper stopped working, had to replace 2 front speakers. Since the purchase, I have spent just as much money fixing it as the vehicle cost me. GM takes no responsibility since I refused the extended warranty through some 3rd party company which Ive dealt with before and denied every claim submitted. Its a joke. GM and Chevrolet should be ashamed as a company with these products representing them. Ive owned 17 cars in my time and this is by far the WORST vehicle I have every purchased. Worse than my BMW 745Li which is one of its most problematic vehicles! I will NEVER purchase another Chevy and will recommend any and everyone to do the same. They produce junk vehicles with junk parts and force the consumer to pay for their cut corners! While enduring all of these issues Ive done a lot of research and come to the conclusion that most people who own these vehicles experience these problems which SHOULD lead to a class action suit. Even the re-manufacturing company where I purchased my motor said that motor is their top seller. They move more of those 3.6L v6 motors for GM than all others combined!
Published: June 4, 2019
Steve of Trenton, NJ

I purchased my 2008 GMC in April of 2008 and was very nice truck. However t
I purchased my 2008 GMC in April of 2008 and was very nice truck. However the first thing was the heated windshield washers. GM sent me a letter saying that they needed to disconnect it due to fire hazard. I loved that option! Then I started to notice some erratic performance issues. The engine would run differently from time to time. One day you couldnt ask for it to run any better and the next day it would lose at least 25% of its power. Then about the same time the transmission on occasion would disengage when coasting and then accelerating, similar to shifting into neutral then drive. It still does this. Then the engine started using oil. About 1 quart every 500-1000 miles. After a year of fighting they rebuilt the engine. Then the front suspension (all upper and lower ball joints went bad) they did help me with cost of that. The whole time I have had to replace headlamps every 6 months. Now my blower motor for my heat has failed. After doing some research they had a problem with this in the previous model year. The problem is that the wire harness that goes to the blower motor melts. Took the truck back to dealer and was told $475 to repair since now I am out of warranty. So I called customer service once again and was basically told the same thing. I said to them that it is not a wear and tear item, it is a design/engineering problem. It is one thing for the motor to fail and another if the wiring is melting! After wiggling the wires to the blower motor, it has started working again. Hope my truck does not catch fire before I can get this issue resolved!! Not happy with GM and most of all the dealers and their service departments that represent their product. Most are not trained and or out for the money not customer satisfaction.
Published: January 23, 2015
Kevin of Linden, MI

Does anyone else have this problem? I bought my 2012 GMC Terrain in Jan 201
Does anyone else have this problem? I bought my 2012 GMC Terrain in Jan 2012. During my first week of owning it, we had some bad snow storms. The state uses a lot of salt to battle ice. When I opened the door, I had some difficulty opening it. When I did get it open, I noticed snow, slush, dirt, etc. at the rocker panel area where the inside bottom of my door meets the vehicle. I showed this twice to the dealership and they mainly stated they had never seen anything like it. Now this summer, the vehicle is leaking dust into the vehicle and builds up mud and dust at the rocker panel area. I took it back to the dealer and they put mud guards to see if they will help. I still see dust and dirt at the rocker panel. Otherwise, I like my Terrain. Please, if anyone is having this problem, I would like to know.
Published: May 28, 2012
Elaine of McGregor, IA

I have a 2005 Grand Prix GT which has only 53,068 KM on it. I got it straig
I have a 2005 Grand Prix GT which has only 53,068 KM on it. I got it straight from a GM dealer and Im the only owner this car has had. Its a prime example of a LEMON if there ever was one but GM has done nothing for me since the warranty expired. On Tuesday September 2, 2014 I drove across 2 lanes of oncoming traffic when my cars engine died without warning and I lost my power steering while entering a turn in the road while driving the speed limit of 80 KM. Aside from some possible divine intervention, the only thing that saved me was the fact that all the oncoming traffic had been stopped at a red light seconds before I crossed their lanes which left enough distance for them to stop and allow me to restart my car and move it off to the side of the road.After I regained my composure I noticed the cars info unit was displaying a message stating Reduced Engine Power. It started again with no issues but the same message would come back after clearing it from the info unit. I didnt have my cell phone with me and because I wasnt too far from home when this happened I put my hazards on and I creeped the rest of the way home. On the way it died a few more times and two of those times were when trying to make right turns which resulted in my making very wide turns and again crossing into the oncoming lane.After getting home I called the dealer and spoke to my service rep so he knew what had happened. I then had it towed to the dealers where they charged me $370 for work which consisted of replacing the gas pedal sensor because they said there was a history of diagnostic codes but after clearing them they took it for a test drive and the only code that came up was for the gas pedal sensor. Because of previous issues with my car and dealing with GM I had a complimentary oil, lube and 81 point inspection which I hadnt used yet so I asked them to perform the inspection after fixing the gas pedal sensor. The inspection showed everything passed except for 2 tires which had worn tread.I paid for all the repairs the afternoon of Thursday September 4th with the intention of picking the car up later that day when the dealership would be closed. That same night my daughter drove me to go pick up my car. As soon as I started the car I knew the gas pedal felt weird and that it didnt have the same response as it had prior to the repairs. I drove it around the dealers parking lot for a bit and even got my daughter to try driving it to see if she noticed the lack of response. Because she has only ever driven smaller cars she didnt think the lack of response was an issue. Luckily my daughter had driven me there and stayed with me because the car died once again without warning while attempting to drive home. After bringing the car back to the dealership it died 3 more times while it was idling and I was filling out the envelope for the dealerships key drop off.Friday September 5th I spoke to the service rep and waited to hear back from him. Late Friday he called to say that they had not been able to reproduce the problem and there was no diagnostic codes showing up so he asked to keep the car over the weekend in order to continue checking it out the following Monday. The early morning of Monday September 8th the service rep called to say that they believed the issue is the engine computer control module and that it would be another $560 on top of the $370 I just paid a couple days earlier for the same problem. He also informed me the part would take a week to be delivered so my car is sitting in the dealers lot right now.My problem now is that after coming close to getting killed or possibly killing somebody else and then being told the car is fixed and everything passes the inspection only to find out after I drive it off the lot that the problem still exists and once again somebody could have been killed or hurt if I had not been extra careful. How can I honestly pay for the next round of repairs and then get into this car and not be afraid that it could possibly happen again because they are just guessing and if the first fix didnt work well then lets try this next!I searched online and found a number of other people who owned 2005 Grand Prix GTs who experienced the exact same problem and after numerous failed attempts to have the problem fixed and spending hundreds of dollars visit after visit the problem still existed and they were forced to sell or trade the car in for another one because the warranty had already run out on all of their cars (two people I chatted with said they sold their cars as is and then prayed for the new owners).I called GM directly, this wasnt the first time I called related to my current Grand Prix. Before I had a chance to say anything to the GM rep about what I was called for she asked for my VIN and then informed me that my car was now listed in the group of cars being recalled for the infamous GM ignition problem and she then informed me of what to expect and until I get my appointment to bring the car in to be fixed I should remove anything I have on the keyring to lessen the chance of my car turning off while driving.I then informed her that I was having a problem which resulted in the engine dying and the same loss of control as what was experienced by people who had the sad misfortune of losing their lives because they lost control of their cars because of the ignition turning the car off... However I made it very clear to her that my problem was not related to the ignition. She said she would look into it and called me back the next day to say she spoke to the service rep and everything that was done has been necessary and she is sure the car will be ok after they get the new part and have completed the work.After stressing the fact that I no longer feel safe driving that car and I would never allow my kids to drive it she basically explained that because of the year of the car and regardless of the low mileage it has been driven there is nothing really she could do except make a note of it on my file and if I ever wanted to trade it in or purchase a new car they could give me a discount but she couldnt have any way of saying how much it would be worth. Now I have a car with just over 53,000 KMs on it that I believe could kill me or somebody at any time.
Published: October 20, 2015
Richard of Ottawa, ON

I purchased a 2014 2500HD Silverado about 2 years ago from a dealership in
I purchased a 2014 2500HD Silverado about 2 years ago from a dealership in Illinois. After owning at least 15 GM vehicles over the last 35 years this truck was shaping up to be my all time favorite. I took the truck into the dealership on November 5th 2017 for a check engine light. I was told by the dealership that there were multiple codes and was told several items needed to be replaced including the DEF tank heater due to it shorting out in the tank. Several other items were also replaced but all were covered under warranty. I expected to get my truck back within a short period of time. It is now January 16 2018 and I still dont have my truck back. I am being told that it has a bad ECM, also covered under the warranty but there are no replacement parts available. The dealership told me that 175 shipped from the supplier on Dec. 11th but I did not get one for my truck.I was then told it may be mid-March until the part would be available. That will be over 4 months to get warranty items fixed on my truck. I was told that the part is no longer manufactured and due to a design change in 2015 the new version will not work in my 2014. Just as recent as 2 weeks ago I was told by the dealership that 200 more ECMs were manufactured over the Christmas holiday but the dealership could not confirm that they would be getting one of them for my truck.Considering its now 3 weeks past the Christmas holiday and I still dont have my truck back my guess is that I will not be getting one of the 200 that were shipped out. All total thats 375 ECMs that have shipped since December 11th. Are there that many GM vehicle owners that are waiting for this part and dont have their vehicle? Why are they unable to provide the dealership with a firm date as to when they will get this part? How can it take till mid-March, which is also not a confirmed date.I have contacted 2 different GM customer service reps. providing them all the information I just mentioned and then some. Each of the reps. contacted me within a few days only to tell me that the issue has been escalated to the highest priority level and I need to continue to work with the dealership that has my truck and there was nothing more they could do. What is the point of having a 5 year 100,000 mile power-train warranty if parts are not available to fix the warrantied problem? My issue is with GM not being able to support the products they sell and have covered under warranty. This entire ordeal has made me very skeptical on the reliability of the newer Chevy trucks.What about the months the dealership has my truck? Will that time get added back to my 5 year warranty period? Im concerned about what happens when the warranty runs out and these parts fail. How much is it going to cost me then? Considering the amount of money I paid for this truck I expected better service than this. Does GM really think I want to put myself in a position like this again by buying another one of their vehicles? It has me torn because I have been a die hard GM fan all my life and now need to consider looking at other manufacturers for my next truck purchase. I just want my truck back.
Published: January 16, 2018
Kenyon of Oconomowoc, WI

Bought this 2014 Malibu. So far, it stinks. Gas gauge dont work right. Not
Bought this 2014 Malibu. So far, it stinks. Gas gauge dont work right. Not dealers fault. Been back two times, cant find nothing wrong. Gauge is a piece of ** and it already lost 16,000 trade value. Has anyone else had problem with gas gauge?
Published: December 14, 2014
george of Albuquerque, NM

Im soo disappointed! Ive loved my Chevy up until now. It has been knocking
Im soo disappointed! Ive loved my Chevy up until now. It has been knocking for over 2 years. I know several others that own or have owned the same model as myself. They all have had the same issues! Horrible knocking of the motor. Found out May 8th there is a class action lawsuit against GM for piston wear, causes excessive oil use and knocking. I am within the mileage for repairs at no cost, but they have escaped repairing my vehicle due to the fact they did not send my letter sooner! Now I have a 4000.00 bill! I had planned on purchasing GM again. But never will I never. Ive had 3 recalls and damaged motor due to their production. They do not back their product. This should be handled by them. Please do not purchase GM. They do not take care of their buyers. If I had received my letter sooner It would be covered. Because of them I have a broken car, I have to fix.
Published: June 5, 2020
Cynthia of Cullman, AL

I am writing this complaint as I am very disappointed the way my whole purc
I am writing this complaint as I am very disappointed the way my whole purchase and ownership experience. I feel that a profit motivation has ruled the decision making process and customer service non existent. Firstly at the purchase of our 2012 Chevrolet Cruz, one major significant item was not offered and when we became aware of this item we were told it was too late. Then on the first trip we hit a pothole and damaged two tires. No problem, we have warranty. But even the dealership gave us the vehicle with three tires with a maximum of 21 PSI 2 at 18. We paid for this as no one was responsible. We noticed on the side mirror at the outset what we perceived to be polish dust. Upon the initial washing we became aware that it was actually a defect. We drove to the dealership only to be told we will sort it out. However, after repeated complaints we were told it was never written down and you now are out of warranty. GM in their infinite wisdom agreed and refused to change them. Managers looking at the mirrors have said off the record that it is definitely a flaw, but I guess in this experience it will be up to us to solve it. Other items which were not on the warranty. Replace the brake disk and the pads at 30,000 KM (As a former Rally racer this is absurd). The air conditioning works poorly to say the least, even I had to pay to change to replace all the filters. There is a power surge from the gearbox at gear change - still unresolved but we are out of warranty.I worked at GM and this is something I never saw from a quality perspective. I am also a second generation GM owner as my father lived and breathed GM and owned GM cars for approximately fifty years. At this point Big Brother and its profits have lost a customer and I will never consider a GM product again. I can assure you I will expound my experiences to prospective buyers as well. I have never favored Lemon Laws but I now realise that they have a place and are needed to protect customers. Thank you for reading.
Published: July 24, 2015
Alan of San Agustin Etla, Other

I have a 2012 GMC Acadia slt fwd. I have had over $12,000 done to this vehi
I have a 2012 GMC Acadia slt fwd. I have had over $12,000 done to this vehicle in just under 2 yrs at this time. Repairs are as follows: Front cover and rear main seal with motor mounts. Cylinder head replace due to oil in the spark plug tubes. All 6 fuel injectors replaced 3 at the dealer and 3 I DID myself. When the dealer DID the 3 they DID not change the oil (fuel was in the oil).After one day of driving the vehicle engine started to knock real bad (That is when I found out that the dealer DID not change the oil and the fuel dried the bearings inside the motor. One of the bearings spun on the cam shaft and put metal shaving in the engine.). New create engine was order the day after I got the vehicle back. The high pressure fuel pump on the engine failed and DID the same thing as the injector DID but DID not put as much fuel in the oil. Now that the vehicle is out of the factory warranty gm does not want to go back to one of the work orders and review the issue I had complained about at one point.The vehicle rpms fluctuate at low speeds between 1-2k rpm. Vehicle has a hard time pulling itself up a hill or on flat ground. The other one is vehicle feels rough until over 2k rpm. When we went to pick the vehicle up when they called us the service writer said that they could not reproduce the concern at that time. I believe the tech really DID not drive the vehicle and find the issue or DID not want to do anything under the factory warranty and that is why they said that.This is the worst I have been treated by a high corporation in not taking car of the customers issues. Now that the vehicle is out of warranty gm cares does not want to have anything to do with me, my wife or even the vehicle. They only care about the vehicles that are still under the warranty. The problem I am having now is that the torque converter is messed up and when the tech drove it in Aug he DID not feel anything due to he DID not drive the vehicle for a long enough time to feel the issue or DID not drive it the way the work order says when it happens.I am very unhappy for the way gm cares handled this issue. I think that they should put me out of the vehicle and put me into something different to keep me buying gm vehicle. If they do not help me I will not buy another one for the rest of my life. And I will make sure gm does not get any more money from me. I used to be all about gm and now I am turning to more like a toyota family instead of a gmc, chevrolet, and buick. I cant take anymore of gm bullcrap at this time. The torque converter from the dealer is around $1,800 for the work and part. I do not have that kind of money floating around like that. Gm just need to fix my vehicle under one of the work orders. Is possible to get it fixed without me having to pay for anything.
Published: April 11, 2017
Dustin of Acworth, GA

Their customer service team doesnt return phone calls, when you finally get
Their customer service team doesnt return phone calls, when you finally get ahold of someone, they have absolutely no concern or care for their customers. My $50,000 truck had a transmission issue at just over 70k miles because of the OE fluid and GMC offered me a $50 off coupon for my next visit. No offer to take care of the expense caused by a subpar fluid put in at the factory. Their tech service bulletin specifically stated the first step to the repair was replace the OE fluid with Mobile 1 transmission fluid, if that doesnt correct the issue, replace the torque converter. This is a well known problem and yet they leave their loyal customers to absorb the repair expenses.
Published: September 29, 2020
Douglas of Independence, MO

GMC has had my car for 5 months waiting on a part. Is that a dealership rig
GMC has had my car for 5 months waiting on a part. Is that a dealership right now, but Im waiting for the part to come from the GMC factory. My car has an extended warranty and it is covered by that. They had it for 5 months. I know that the strike was there. Strike been over now. Theyre saying that they dont make this part that is not under warranty. I havent done anything. Im going to go public and Im going to talk to anybody I have to, my car is only 5 years old And youre already not making parts for my car. I have an Impala. I will go and I will talk to whoever I have to talk to to get this done. I want something done now.
Published: February 12, 2020
Melissa of Lakewood, WA

My timing chain needs replacing on My 2009 CTS. The code indicated the fail
My timing chain needs replacing on My 2009 CTS. The code indicated the failure at 93,000.00. The car was properly maintained so I was surprised at this. In researching this I found it is a common known problem with the 3.6 for many models and years. GM refused to have a recall and chose a warranty extension on a few vehicles by VIN number, but left the majority of their customers stuck with $1,000.00 to $1,800.00 bill depending on where it is repaired. I have always supported GM with half of my family having worked for them. I will NEVER buy another GM vehicle, and will discourage all my clients, (approx 1000) and social media followers, another 1200 from trusting GM again. They are unethical.
Published: August 10, 2018
David of Bay City, MI

I am an owner of a 2013 Cadillac XTS. This vehicle is the third Cadillac ca
I am an owner of a 2013 Cadillac XTS. This vehicle is the third Cadillac car/truck I have owned. I am reaching out to you regarding case **. Ive leased the car in November of 2012, during this time I have had a serious safety issue and major concern. The brakes have failed on 4 different times. I have taken it to the shop, different reasonings why, but no complete/real answer. At this time I do not feel safe and confident driving the vehicle. The dealership which has it now, doesnt want to keep the car, stating it may not sell after. I am trying to get in contact with the sale manager at Crown Cadillac in Watchung NJ. As I will guess they would want me to take the vehicle to New Jersey to turn in, not sure what difference it would make. As stated the car isnt safe for my family, myself and possibly causing a crash on the road. After a week, they reached back to me, stating there is nothing they can or will do for me and have a nice day. Customer service for a loyal buyer, I think not. I will never purchase and/or lease a Cadillac vehicle again.
Published: July 15, 2015
Preston of Hanover , MD

My 2015 Silverado 1500 broke down with 39,000 Miles on it. I had it towed t
My 2015 Silverado 1500 broke down with 39,000 Miles on it. I had it towed to a Chevrolet Dealership. When they looked at it they told me it was the Fuel Injector on cylinder 6 that was faulty. Because it was out of the 3 year/36,000 Mile warranty I would have to pay for it myself. I told them I understood and would pay for it since it was out of warranty. They then told me that since the vehicle was apart that I should replace the Fuel Rail and ALL the other Fuel injectors on that side in case they were bad too. I didnt think it sounded right, but since I brought it right to the dealer I figured I should trust their opinion. I replaced everything they said which came out to $1,300. Mind you this is a truck with 39,000 miles on it. It gets worse. Once they put it back together they told me it still wasnt running right. They kept trying to figure out what was wrong with the vehicle because they couldnt figure it out originally. After they replaced the fuel injector they told me it wasnt working again. They then replaced the pushers, still wasnt working properly. After that they decided they needed to call the GM Engineers to figure it out. Once they were called they found out that the entire cylinder needed to be replaced. It took them 3 times putting it back together totaling 2 weeks without me having a vehicle to figure it out. Im not even blaming the dealership because I can understand that things happen. My real problem is with GM themselves because I called them after this all happened to explain the situation. I got in touch with a woman named Sandra. I was explaining to her that I should not be liable for the fuel injectors seeing as they obviously let go due to the issues that happened from the warrantied parts. She took almost two weeks to come to the conclusion that even though I did fuel injector cleaners with all my oil changes that it was still me that should be on the hook for all the repairs, even the fuel injectors that never needed to be replaced at all! I told her that I can even understand replacing the one that was bad, even though that it was done based on a poor diagnostics. In all reality had they fixed the problems in the motor first I would have never paid for the fuel injectors. It seems to me that they brought up the fuel injectors first just so they could charge me for them and then say that there are other problems that need to be addressed. She wanted to give me a $100 Chevrolet service coupon! Really?! I now have a truck with an extensive amount of motor work done on it with 39,000 miles. This is how GM backs their vehicles? Disgusting, that is all I can say about my experience with GM to this point.
Published: August 1, 2018
Kyle of Fall River, MA

I bought a 2014 GMC truck with thirty one thousand miles and I drove it for
I bought a 2014 GMC truck with thirty one thousand miles and I drove it for three years to eighty four thousand miles and my family and I went for a road trip to Vegas Nevada and we were driving on a parking lot around 5 miles an hour and for no reason the motor broke down and Chevy wouldn’t honor the warranty. It cost me 10,000 dollars to get it fix at Fairway Chevrolet in Vegas and they didn’t do a good job. Now I have a check engine light on. Now a local dealer wants 1700 dollars to fix it. So I’m really mad at General Motors.
Published: February 20, 2019
José of Aurora, CO

I took my 2011 Buick Regal in to the local Buick dealership two days after
I took my 2011 Buick Regal in to the local Buick dealership two days after the car had turned 5 with around 92,000 miles on it. This was April 15, 2016. I was unaware that it had turned 5 and the warranty was expired and no one told me, so I thought the warranty was still valid. The check engine light was on and I called and insisted that they look at my car. The dealer tried to be too busy. They determined that there was around a quart of oil left in the car. The dealership told me that they were sure that the last oil change had been done improperly and that the place I had taken it to have the service had not filled up the oil. The dealer then changed the oil and charged me $100+ to do it.When I expressed my disbelief that I had driven 5,000 miles on 1 quart of oil with no indication of any issues the dealership, Halladay Motors Cheyenne, Wyoming, said to bring the car in every 500 miles for the next few weeks and they would check the oil to be sure there were no other issues. At around week 5 the car was over a quart low and the check engine light had come back on. The dealership began an oil consumption test at this point. I had to bring my car in every 500 miles/tank of gas and they checked the oil and topped it off as needed and indicated what they had done on a chart. At the end of the test they had determined that the car had failed the test and that the solution was to replace the pistons. The dealer ordered the parts and arranged for a rental car so the work could be done. They indicated that this would be warranty work, no cost was mentioned when I dropped it off.Later that day the dealer called me and said it was two days out of warranty the first time I brought it in and that the work would not be covered. Also, it would cost me about $2600 to get it fixed. I only own one car and I need it to drive to work etc. There is no public transportation available in my area. I really had no choice but to agree to have the work done and pay for it. I contacted GM Customer Service to ask if they would reconsider covering the issue since it was obvious that the issue pre-dated the warranty expiring. Also, it was within two days of the initial visit. I was told after I was passed around that there was a very good chance that that GM would reconsider and cover the issue, and that there were procedures in place that the dealership should have taken to make sure I was aware that the warranty had expired, but that there was a grace period and that cost assistance may be available. This was September 6, 2016.I received a various voicemails indicating that I should call back and was never able to re-connect with anyone until today, September 22, 2016. I received a call telling me that GM and the dealer had decided that they would not be covering the issue or helping with the cost in any way. Last week the check engine light came on again and I had to have the timing solenoid replaced for another $200. Until now I had been very happy with GM products and a 30 year customer. Im no longer going to be a customer of GM or Halladay Motors after the ridiculous amount of time and money I have spent that should not have been necessary.
Published: September 22, 2016
Seli of Burns, WY

2011 Chevy Camaro - I contacted GM customer service and left messages that
2011 Chevy Camaro - I contacted GM customer service and left messages that have not been returned. This is not the type of service you would expect from a company that just received a bailout! I would really like someone from GM to explain why I can’t get a response. This type of customer service is not acceptable. I will not purchase another GM product!
Published: January 7, 2013
Leander of Southfield, MI

I bought a 2011 Equinox in April 2014 with 58,000 miles on it. Was talked i
I bought a 2011 Equinox in April 2014 with 58,000 miles on it. Was talked into spending an extra $2000 on an extended warranty so I paid almost $20,000 for this car. A year later (April 2015) I took it in to have it inspected and because there was a ticking noise coming from the motor. Come to find out I needed to have the timing chain replaced. On top of that I ended up having to have 4 new tires put on it because the idiot that had the car before me ran the tire flat and never told anyone so it ruined the tire. I didnt get any help with paying for 4 new tires from the dealership. Then in July 2015 I took it back to the dealership for the same ticking noise. Well come to find out I needed new rings, pistons, and a cylinder head. So they replaced that. All under warranty of course. Then in February 2016 I started having issues with it starting so we thought it was just a battery so I spent $135 on a new battery. Well a week later the car wouldnt start in my driveway. We couldnt get it started so we had to have it towed at our own expense ($75) even though our extended warranty has AAA. Come to find out the starter was cracked so they replaced that under my extended warranty. Well come to find out you still have a $100 deductible on a warranty after you spend $2000 on it. Ridiculous if you ask me. Well a week and half later I went out to start the car for work and it was dead, wouldnt start. That night my boyfriend managed to get it started so we didnt have to have it towed. Come to find out there was a negative grounding cable that was bad that we had to have replaced. Well that same day I got the car back I got stranded at our local supermarket because my car wouldnt start. So now as we speak I still dont have my vehicle. I have called GM on several occasions starting with the problems last year and now called several times this year with the starting problems. No one returns phone calls or emails and they dont seem as if they want to be helpful. I work full-time, got to college part-time for my bachelors degree and have a 2-year-old daughter at home. Why should I feel like I am going to get stranded every time I want to go somewhere. Living in NYS you never know what the weather is going to be. What if I got stranded with my daughter and it was freezing cold outside. All I want is a resolution with this car but the dealership nor GM seems to want to help. Its ridiculous that you pay that kind of money for a car and have these issues not even 2 years into owning it. This is my first GM vehicle I have ever bought and I will NEVER purchase another. I have also drive Toyotas, Subarus and I even drove a Mazda and even though they were all used I never had any issues like this. So here is a good idea GM maybe you need to start supporting your customers a little better and maybe your business wouldnt be going to **.
Published: March 3, 2016
Kristen of Wellsville, NY

In May 2019 my son purchased a New 2019 1500 Silverado Trail Boss. He gradu
In May 2019 my son purchased a New 2019 1500 Silverado Trail Boss. He graduated college, got a great job and needed a pickup. He actually purchased the truck 1 month before he graduated because of Chevy Truck Month. Last month we noticed that light passed through the bed of the truck into the wheel well. Looking into the wheel well we saw a 3 split in the wheel well that went through the bed liner. We took it to the dealership and they suggested a patch to weld the steel of the truck and a patch for the factory bedliner because General Motors will not do anything else under warranty. A 6 month old Truck with 8,000 miles that he paid $48k has a defect and General Motors will patch it. Patch the wheel well, the bed and the bedliner?I called General Motors after a complaint/claim was filed and spoke to, a Senior Advisor of Customer assistance. She claimed even though they came to that resolution they have no idea how the body shop is going to fix it, they dont know how or even if they are going to fix the bed liner. I was told nobody at customer service knows anything about the construction of the vehicle because they do not have the technical training for that. I asked to give me to someone who did have that technical training to answer my questions regarding the bed material, the patch if its a weld, etc and I was told there is no one that could help me. I was also told there was no management above the Senior Advisor, my response was you dont have a boss to which she replied, yes I have a boss so I asked to speak with him/her and apparently her boss, the head of the customer assistance branch of General Motors does not talk to customers.The Senior Advisor said GM only will replace the bed if it has multiple defects. When I said It is going to look like it has been patched and then this was the last straw she actually said Well, like I told your son if it doesnt look good, he could replace the truck bed and pay for it on his own. THE TRUCK WAS $48,000, IT IS 6 MONTHS OLD, HAS 8,000 MILES AND GM SUGGESTS THE CUSTOMER SHOULD PAY FOR A REPLACEMENT OF A GENERAL MOTORS DEFECT?? At the end of the conversation GMs final resolution was a patch and that the work would be under warranty for 12 month and if it didnt look like new the customer could pay for the replacement. My questions are: 1. What about the bed and wheel well that have be exposed to rain since it was manufactured will there be corrosion? 2. What about the fact that he now has a less than Excellent Carfax report showing body work making the car less valuable to sell or trade in? 3. What about he has a patched bedliner and sheet steel weld patch on a New truck? Are they going to cover any problems stemming from this fix?4. Why would it ever be acceptable for your a Senior Advisor in customer service to suggest more than once that if the patch for a factory defect decreases value or negatively affects the aesthetics of the new vehicle then the customer could pay for it.I have owned 10 General Motors vehicles in my life some trucks, some cars, suv. I guarantee you I will NEVER buy another GM product, my kids and family will never buy a gm product, I am disgusted they will not stand behind their product or the quality of their product. We asked GM replace the bed not the vehicle and they wont even replace the FACTORY installed liner. General Motors is a disgrace to Made in the USA products.
Published: November 25, 2019
Sharyn of Phoenixville, PA

My 2011 was brought in because the check engine light was on. The service a
My 2011 was brought in because the check engine light was on. The service advisor called me when the car was fixed, with no authorization from me to work on the car. I called GM corporate office and spoke with a James, who apologized for my bad experience and told me that they will reimburse me the full cost of the repairs. The next day, he called to say that GM will not reimburse and that he would have to take the side of the service advisor. However, it is against GMs policy to work on a car without authorization from their customers. Of course the service advisor is trying to save his job by saying that I authorized the work. How can I authorized anything that you dont tell me about?
Published: January 24, 2015
Derrick of Duson, LA

Own a 2011 Chevy Malibu and it started acting weird in late February 2016.
Own a 2011 Chevy Malibu and it started acting weird in late February 2016. Finally it just about stopped on the road so I called the dealership. He looked up my car (because I had been there before for service and a recall) and informed me my PowerTrain warranty was already expired. Mind you this wasnt even what I was asking about - I wanted to know if I could bring the car in to be looked at. So immediately it was off-putting. After he told me it was expired, he said they were extremely busy and I could try to bring it in but no guarantees. Well, since he was such a gentleman I obviously said no thanks and hung up. If my warranty is expired, its common knowledge that dealerships are more expensive so I figured I would take it to a local mechanic instead. Turns out the transmission needed a rebuild. It was completely shot. We are already living paycheck to paycheck so I immediately started to panic.Googling how much a repair like this costs and I was terrified... thousands of dollars. Either way, it had to be done because that is my only form of transportation. After a couple different mechanics looking at it, we settled on a mechanic in our town that specializes in transmissions. Got it fixed and it was a little over $3000. Not sure what possessed me to log in to the General Motors website, but I decided to just to see if there was anything out there as far as the transmissions on these particular cars. I had been reading up online and apparently transmission issues are very common in the model I have.After I entered my VIN, I saw that my Powertrain had NOT been expired as of the day I called for an appointment. It actually still had a full 24 hours on it! Cutting it close, but nonetheless! Either the service rep LIED because they were busy and he didnt want to deal with me or he just couldnt read a calendar. Either way, I have been screwed by GM and Paul Masse Chevrolet in East Providence, Rhode Island. Have been battling with GM Customer Service and all they can tell me is that dealerships are privately owned and they would like to offer me a year of SiriusXM or OnStar for my troubles. Im not giving up... The rep I spoke to was so slow to respond to me. Every time she said she would call the next day, and 2-3 days later shed finally call to say she was still working on it and trying to talk to the dealership. So basically I had to pay for their error, and they wont claim responsibility for their employees. It is disgusting.
Published: April 6, 2016
K. H. of Fall River, MA

Kind of like Frances in Houstons story, I had a similar experience with the
Kind of like Frances in Houstons story, I had a similar experience with the customer service department for GM. To cut the long story short, my 2005 Malibu has less than 90,000 miles and is well maintained. I have it serviced on schedule and have repairs done upon them showing up. The rear main seal had to be replaced, which in all the years of owning vehicles, this has never ever occurred even with cars that were in the 70s models. The repair was in excess of $1,100.00. This is a lot of money to pay out of my budget. Even my service writer said that this should not have happened with as well as I take care of my car. He suggested I should contact GM to see if I could recoup some of the expense from them. After a week of calls and messages, the district specialist (who was out sick for over a week) told my spouse that they would not help. I dont even think he really looked at the information as he didnt even call to confirm with me. We dont have a problem with the dealership as they have always taken care of us and have been very professional. Its GM and their corporate morons who need to be given the boot. And they wonder why they are doing so poor.
Published: January 30, 2013
Vicki of Austin, TX

I bought the car used with only 7000 miles on it in May of 2010. This car i
I bought the car used with only 7000 miles on it in May of 2010. This car is a 2010 Chevrolet HHR. This car has been a NIGHTMARE to own. It has been the most expensive car to date that I have ever had to repair. Right out of the gate, the car had turn signal issues where it would not shut off. They repaired. Then it was the front wheel bearings which ironically they do not consider to be part of the Drive Train Warranty so I replaced both of these out of pocket. The car immediately afterwards required 2 new rear shocks at 40 thousand miles and then the front struts replaced again out of pocket at 45 thousand.Front discs needed replaced because they put in soft metal for the brake discs. Driving down the road, the car was fine, get to a red light and the car start sputtering and jumping and acting like it was going to die. Take it in and the dealership tells me that the codes state that they have to replace all the cam shaft sensors in the car since they have no way to diagnose which one is going bad and it was going to cost me 600 to do the work with 4 hours labor. Went online and lo and behold there is a video on just this issue and how to fix it. I bought the parts for $152.00 and 20 minutes under the hood closed it and started my car, Voila fixed. Why was it 600 dollars to fix with 4 hours labor when a peon like me can do it in 20 minutes. I can tell you why GM has to pay for the RECALLS somehow. I then one day went out to my car started it up and heard a loud bang and then the front end started jumping up and down. The cooling fan came on when I turned on the AC and broke a blade off. Again the dealership wanted almost 500.00 dollars to replace. Went to the trusted internet and there is the repair on video. Bought the cooling fan for 70 bucks and 1 hour of my time later, I had the old one out and new one in. The power window switches have gone out. The speakers on the radio come in and out whenever they want to work. Next thing that went out on, the car the Fuel Lines. Drove home and smelled gas, kept smelling it off and on for several weeks before it finally became evident that it was happening as it was running down my carport and eating the paint off the drive. I told the dealership and guess what? DING DING DING, 780 dollars to repair, not trusting myself with this repair. I contacted my mechanic that quoted me 360 dollars to fix and told me yep, just had another one of those cars in here for the same thing with the same car. He stated that Chevrolet is aware of this and has put out a bulletin on it. Really, you have these cars going down the road as a potential fireball and all you do is put out a bulletin. Just got the car back from GM last night with a repair bill of 1,707 dollars. The car on Saturday 12/12/15 started off with the ESC (Electronic Stability Control) light went off and the front end started groaning and vibrating, I got the car off the highway and shut it off, waited about 15 minutes and started it back up. No Light on so I decided I need to turn around and go home. The check engine light came on and the car lost power and at 60 going down the highway, was running at 5 thousand RPM.I finally limped into the driveway and do research and there are THOUSANDS of these complaints. I take it to GM Dealership with the codes that it was throwing. They call me later that day. The transmission solenoids had gone out and that the wiring harness inside the transmission had start a small leak inside it which most likely was the reason it shorted out the solenoids again. This took them dropping the transmission out of the car and replacing all this. Disgusting, absolutely disgusting the way GM is, they do not care about you or that car you bought. You are a sucker when you buy their product. Now we have not even touched the recalls. This car has gone through 3 ignition switches and a Power Steering motor and an Air Bag recall (not Takata related) they just exploded on their own.I have filed complaint after complaint after complaint to GM to only have them ignored for 2 years. What got them jumping was a complaint to The Better Business Bureau. I spoke to Mary at GM Disputes and took them 4 days to decide that they wanted to give me $1,500 dollar Gift Cert for a New GM Car she called it a Customer Loyalty Certificate. Told her that was very unacceptable that there was no Customer Loyalty when GM Shows no loyalty to their customers. I will see what I can do by contacting a lawyer. This car is the WORST thing to come from Detroit and that is to include the Studabaker because Im sure as ** would take a Studebaker over this car.
Published: December 17, 2015
Robert of Clearwater, FL

GMC Terrain: At 30k miles the timing chain and tensioners had to be changed
GMC Terrain: At 30k miles the timing chain and tensioners had to be changed and at 63k miles the transmission started shifting hard. At 68k miles it started consuming oil so it had the pistons replaced and now at 114k miles its consuming oil again and it needs to have the timing chain and tensioners replaced again.
Published: April 25, 2018
Pily of Apple Valley, California

2015 Yukon rims peeling so bad, theyre not holding air and cant be balanced
2015 Yukon rims peeling so bad, theyre not holding air and cant be balanced. Tried to resolve issue with dealer and customer care and finally a manager with customer care, she was rude, unhelpful. Ive always driving GM. Its disgusting how they treat loyal customers, I filed a complained with BBB and I encourage anyone with the same, because it is a safety issue.
Published: February 5, 2020
mason of Calgary, AB

General Motors customer service personnel Romina refuses to call you back.
General Motors customer service personnel Romina refuses to call you back. If you do receive a call from her and miss it, she will leave you a message saying that she will call you back in 24 hours! If you call her right back and beg on her message to call you back, nothing! No calls! I have left her 16 voicemails begging for her help. I have left messages with her colleagues, where they in fact send her a message on her computer asking her to call me back. Nothing! Nothing! Nothing! Four days with no car and no repairs being authorized. By the way, this is all over a $35,000 Tahoe that the engine blew up in at 41,000 miles, a problem that should have been rectified in the first place.
Published: November 7, 2012
Angela of Richmond Hill, GA

My Saturn Ion has a recall on it due to ignition problems. I was assured by
My Saturn Ion has a recall on it due to ignition problems. I was assured by the GM customer service people that I would get a loaner vehicle while my car is being serviced. I called the dealership to make an appt as instructed only to be told I would not get a loaner but instead a shuttle would be provided to and from home..which does not work for me since we only have one vehicle for a family of 5 and I have tons to do on a daily basis. I depend on my vehicle. Yesterday afternoon the ignition on my car completely locked and therefore could not drive anywhere. This happened late afternoon so I called GM. I was able to get an appt set up but was told the part needed would not be available until a week later. I called customer service and I was told not to worry about it since I would be able to get a loaner car. By the end of the day I got a call from the dealership telling me they had a part and my car could be fixed in an hour however since my car would not turn on I had to call Roadside assistance. I was told they had to tow it to the nearest dealership which turned out wasnt the place I had been in contact with. So I called GM customer service back. I was told not to worry my car would be towed and I could go either that afternoon or early next morning to pick up a loaner car. Turns out that afternoon the service manager from the dealership was gone therefore I could not get a loaner car but I was assured by the customer service rep to call in the morning and everything would be taken care of . I called early morning and after 45 minutes of being given the run around, I was told I should get a call back within 24 said well by then it will be too late..I need a car now since I have several appts today . One of them being a long awaited appt (4 months wait) at my sons Autism clinic.. Customer service rep said okay I will call you back as soon as I get something resolved for you. An hour later I called the dealership to see what was going on...I was transferred to the general manager who was extremely rude. He advised me that GM never provided loaner cars and that if they did they have to pay and send him an email authorizing. I was told the night before by customer service that the email had been sent. So I called GM customer service back after an hour I was told Sorry maam but whoever gave you that information gave you incorrect information. We do not lend out loaner cars. The dealership has to do it at their own discretion. I am beyond angry at this point... I dont understand why we have to have our lives disrupted and turned upside down because GM couldnt get it together and put in the right parts. So now here I am years later paying the price for their incompetence. What really makes me mad is all that flip flopping that I got from customer service... You either do or you dont. There shouldnt be any maybes or I thinks from such a big company. In the meantime because of that, my husband lost a days pay which is a lot for someone living paycheck to paycheck and my sons autism therapy has been pushed back two and half months. Thanks a lot GM.
Published: May 28, 2015
Roberta of San Antonio, TX

2008 GMC Envoy - electrical issues, transmissions, stable link system, chec
2008 GMC Envoy - electrical issues, transmissions, stable link system, check previous surveys, & complaints. Roomy, comfortable, fuel pump, filters, issues, fuel consumption.
Published: May 2, 2018
BERNARD of Ontario, CA

Cadillac Cue System started going out when vehicle was two years old. Now i
Cadillac Cue System started going out when vehicle was two years old. Now it is completely dead. Which means my car is essentially brain dead. Any google search of Cadillac Cue will come up forum upon forum of people who have had the same issue, but GM will not recall this component. They want $1600 to replace a $100 touchscreen. Will never buy another GM product, nor will I recommend one to anyone I know for this problem alone. GM does not stand behind their products.
Published: May 23, 2018
Shelly of Bedford, TX

I purchased a 2020 Yukon Denali at the end of December 2019. I have purchas
I purchased a 2020 Yukon Denali at the end of December 2019. I have purchased a new Yukon or Tahoe every year since 1996. My experiences in the past have been generally great since Im always driving a vehicle with very low mileage and always still under warranty. This 2020 model had only 7000 miles on it when several service lights started to appear on the instrument panel. These included ABS braking system, Stabilitrack, Forward collision system, Cruise control, and Trailer brake system. Any of these can be serious safety issues. I brought it in immediately to my dealer in Branson, Missouri, Pinegar GMC around the first week in July. They checked it out and said it was a faulty module of some sort that controls all those things and they should have the part in a few days. It has been 2 months and they not only still do not have the part but cannot say when it will ever show up. My question is why cant they get one off the assembly line since they are obviously building these cars every day and must need these modules to keep production going? Very poor communication and customer service.
Published: September 7, 2020
Thomas of Ridgedale, MO

lb7 duramax injectors failed again - Nice person took my call, talked about
lb7 duramax injectors failed again - Nice person took my call, talked about problem. Warranty was to fix injector issue in 2009, gm was in financial crisis. No help for 1595.00 repair. Just finished repair on May/29/14 for 3800.00. Cassandra the gm. ambassador will not respond to phone messages, more than 4, emails at least 3, over the last two weeks. It seems strange they are so helpful on the first call then have no time to call or respond.
Published: June 11, 2014
ivan of Campbell River, BC

GM does not treat customers fairly. My husband and I bought a 2004 Pontiac
GM does not treat customers fairly. My husband and I bought a 2004 Pontiac used but in great condition. We owned the car for less than 6 months. One morning on my husbands way to work, it went up in flames. Fortunately, my husband managed to get out alive. Two days after it caught on fire, we received a recall notice in the mail. Guess what? The recall was for possible engine fires caused by oil leak onto the manifold. After starting a claim with GM, and being told to keep the vehicle in storage so they can have an inspector come inspect the vehicle, they decided to make us an offer for the vehicle more than three months later. The offer was for less than half of the vehicles worth, and they refused to pay for the tow, road clean up (because the car melted to the street) and the storage fees totaling more than $3300.00 because they said it was our choice to have the vehicle towed and stored somewhere. (No one chooses to have their car go up into flames while they are driving it, and when it melts to the street you have no other option but to have it towed by police orders). We only did what we were told to do, and in the end we are paying the price. We are not even getting enough money to cover the cost of the storage so all that is having to be paid out of my pocket when I did not choose for my car to go up in flames. How is that right? I will never recommend GM to anyone, and I will always tell people not to buy GM due to how they do not take care of their customers.
Published: March 21, 2018
Rita of Topeka, KS

It is really bad and shame on GM to have a complaint from customer for more
It is really bad and shame on GM to have a complaint from customer for more than 17 months without resolving the issue that have found in the vehicle. It is kind of stealing people time and health. And I can say it is kind of procrastination to make the product out of warranty and forcing the customer to pay the price of faked warranty. Ive already lost my time with the dealer without having minimum profit. I tried to explain for GM that Ive got troubles with my Malibu 2012, but unfortunately they didnt consider it as a serious issue. Staff in GM has only the ability to ask the customer to take the vehicle to the dealer for service and checks, but they dont have the ability of sending a professional expert for diagnosing electrical and mechanical problems and find the suitable solutions.I know many Malibu owners who have same troubles with their vehicles, but they really get upset from the dealer and from products that come through GM. They dont want to waste their time within leader border or waiting a weak respond from GM. This lead customer to do service in other service centers that can be trusted more than GM service centers and more cheaper.For my personal issue, I went to the main service center for Chevrolet to do normal service and a check for engine light is on. Staff told me that they rectified the error. After about 50 km only, Engine light came back again, and then I took the vehicle to another service branch that belongs to GM/Dealer. Technician remove intake camshaft sensor on Engine, cleaned it by spray and air, and then put it back again. We went for road test to confirm that issue has gone. At that time no engine light comes on. After two hours Engine Light came back again. At this moment Dealer ask me to pay for checking and repairing. Where is the hell of warranty? It went immediately after the Gauge turns 100000 km (strategy of stealing customer money).I went to check the noise that comes from the wheels while driving. After road test and changing tire positions, they (dealer workshop) accuse the type of tires as it is the source of the noise. I checked my Malibu on my own. The Tech. informed me that the noise comes from the bearing that in long time the noise will increase and it will be necessary replaced by a new one. Surely, that result comes after several tests. I checked my Malibu on my own with electrician and he found that it has shortage in current in which causing flickering in lights and some movement issue. Light flickering is an issue that couldnt be solved by GM dealers. Ill be happy if this message will be forwarded to the Regional Director of General Motors. Where I can find the truth and who is responsible about such trouble? This is a customer has Chevrolet Malibu LTZ 2012. I got several troubles in different times. First I faced trouble in the A/C and it is solved. Recently it shows bad performance so I need to restart the engine. Then I found trouble in the touch button of the screen, and after complaint the dealer replaced the whole unit. After some time I notice that the vehicle has slow respond when I press on the accelerator to take off again if I reduce speed or if I want to increase it. The other problem is the flickering in the cabin lights that can be distinguished well and it can indicate that there is another problem in the vehicle, and unfortunately the dealer or GM couldnt solve this issue from long time. Last situation that I face with such model is that the engine shut off suddenly after it vibrate in strange way and the light of the check engine is turn on. After starting engine again there is a huge consumption of fuel and the smell of fuel is too much. I would like from you to give me the good way to solve such troubles. I was with contact with the GM to solve this troubles but I didnt get the suitable solutions that eliminate the whole problems. Troubles in list: Engine shut off suddenly on the road without any previous announcement. Slow respond from accelerator when need to speed up. Flickering in lights. Delay in the displayed timing. A/C components make noise and not cooling efficiently. Front Pumper in not fixed properly, so it starts tears slowly. Noise comes from bearing, and it increases with time. Dealer is not qualified to handle such products. Expensive spare parts. RECOMMENDATION: It is advised not buy GM products. If you buy a new product (car) means that you want to get relax with using it for at least 5 years without complaining or repairing. But with GM products, you will lose your time and money and nobody form GM will consider or respect that. I think it is time to let all people know about the fact of GM.
Published: April 22, 2016
Ala'a of Suwaiq, Other

In October I filed a complaint with Consumer Affairs and since then I got m
In October I filed a complaint with Consumer Affairs and since then I got my car fixed at the same dealership and got cheated. In October when I bought the vehicle there was a problem with the steering and I mentioned to the sale guy and manager several times. Finally after many tries they decide to fix the steering. A month of owning the vehicle, the air went out. I went back and was told it, they have to fix two issues, one with the fan where there is a short in the wiring and the other was a hose from the compressor to condenser. Originally it was going to cost me $984 and the Sales manager took off about $200 which made it around $761. I called GM and file a complaint with them and the Service manager Michael called me and offer a 20% discount to fix both issues which made it $561. I called GM and express my concern and received another call from Michael where he advised me that he fixed the issue with the fan sometime back and didnt charge me but he had to still pay his tech. Now that I am getting the air fix he includes that charge for what they fixed at the time as no charge, but now there is a charge. On my invoice only showed the air being fixed. I need an invoice that shows the work that was done. Also, I will file a complaint with Consumer Affairs and BBB. I will never recommend anyone to come to this dealer.
Published: January 1, 1970
Fabian of Miami, FL

I purchased a certified used 2016 Chevrolet Malibu in March 2017 that was s
I purchased a certified used 2016 Chevrolet Malibu in March 2017 that was still under factory and powertrain warranty. My vehicle has been in the shop over 11 times since then with 8 of the repairs pertaining to the transmission. The vehicle has almost because multiple accidents on the interstate, caused me to miss a flight, caused me to be stranded in a variety of cities on multiple occasions where I have had to book hotel rooms and spend unnecessary money.I have had a new engine put in my car, my transmission has been repaired twice, rebuilt twice, and replaced once, among many other minor repairs. On May 11th, my vehicle broke down on the highway while I was on my way to my college graduation. I was stranded 3 hours from my home and 2 hours from my destination. It was towed to the Orange Park Chevrolet Dealership where it remained until today, June 6th for another transmission issue. A case was opened for me with the GM Business Resource Center and Daniel was my case manager. After 1 week of my car being in the shop, I was presented with 2 offers. They would do an equal trade or buy my vehicle back. Of course there are calculations involved and I was told I would be charged a usage fee for the mileage that I have put on the vehicle, but Daniel could not know the figures yet. He asked me to fax both the service receipts for all of my repairs and my buyer’s agreement. I obliged and confirmed via VM that I had sent everything he had requested.He then called me back a week later to ask if I had a chance to send the paperwork. Once I told him I had done so last week he said he must have overlooked it and confirmed her now had it in front of him and would calculate everything. He also requested a copy of my registration. I told him that my registration was located in my vehicle that was 3 hours away. I suggested we contact the dealership that it was at and have them fax it to him. He said he would call them. The next day, the dealership called me to tell me my vehicle was ready for pickup and that they needed their loaner back. I was shocked, because I was under the impression that I would not be placed back into a faulty and dangerous vehicle. I called Daniel and could not get a hold of him, so I spoke to a supervisor. She told me I had to return the loaner and that my vehicle would still be eligible for repurchase, but that the entire process takes a few weeks. When I asked her what would happen if I break down again or crash during my 3 hour commute home, she said she would “cross her fingers and hope for the best”.On Tuesday, June 5th, Daniel called me to tell me that the buyer’s agreement I sent him on May 24th did not match their system. He couldn’t tell me exactly what did not match, but that they need to get the paperwork from the dealership I purchased it from. Daniel and I got into a heated debate about him sending me to collect all types of paperwork, yet he wasn’t doing his part. He continued to talk over me and blame me because I had not gotten him the registration even though he knew I could not. I mentioned that I should get an attorney and we were disconnected.I picked my vehicle up today, June 7th. Upon pickup, I realized my entire backseat, back floor, and trunk was full of mold. The dealership said I must have had a leak, but it is not their fault. They did add it to the comments on my repair order, but would not do anything about it. I had to drive home for 3 hours in the Florida heat with my windows down because the mold was burning my eyes, throat, and nose.I called GM today, June 7th to request that the mold issue be notated on my case and I was informed that Daniel closed my case on June 6th because I have an attorney. I never once said I was being legally represented nor did I request or agree to the case closure. My case is currently in the legal dept. Why would it be closed? Also, why would a supervisor not call me back. Daniel and I cannot communicate effectively and a supervisor should have stepped in. Your employees shouldn’t speak or blame their customers as he did me. Especially when I have been more than accommodating to all of his requests. As I was on the phone with a GM rep, my engine light came back on. So now my car is again shifting hard, the engine light is back on, and my vehicle is molded out.I have been requesting to speak to a supervisor in the legal department other than Daniel since Tuesday to no avail. This entire ordeal has been pure hell, from purchase to current. My car is in the shop on average, every 1k miles. The repairs have been in the thousands. I still have 35k miles of powertrain warranty. Wouldn’t it be a smarter business choice to just settle this case as they have already put more into my car than it is worth and will continue to have to repair anything powertrain related? As a corporation, why do they feel comfortable treating their customers this way?
Published: June 8, 2018
Maranda of Tallahassee, FL

I bought a late model 2006 Chevrolet Duramax with the LBZ engine. A local K
I bought a late model 2006 Chevrolet Duramax with the LBZ engine. A local Kwik Stop got flood water in their diesel. I didnt find that out until after my Chevy dealer replaced two injectors under warranty. They had a hard time finding them --some national hold. Now, three or maybe four injectors have failed. I emailed GM Customer Service. They responded quickly and called me but according to the lady who called this morning, GM is on backorder status with Bosch. Not only that, she indicated that Bosch may not even be making the injector! Some guys have been waiting all summer for theirs. So my $43k truck is sitting on the dealers lot collecting dust in the sun. A truck with the same engine from New York is sitting there also, waiting. The GM Customer Service lady told me no one else I could talk to would have any other information. I had called Bosch earlier and they also responded quickly, but the guy I talked to couldnt even cross reference the OEM part number for the injector. He said Bosch is the exclusive manufacturer for GM. Go figure.
Published: October 17, 2011
Eldon of Hershey, NE

I purchased an extended warranty directly from GM, a Platinum warranty that
I purchased an extended warranty directly from GM, a Platinum warranty that was supposed to be bumper to bumper coverage at the cost of $3400 for my 2013 Chevy Avalanche. I did have to have 1 air shock and compressor replaced but I always replaced shocks in pairs but GM said no way. Then my dash started to crack and that was turned down as GM said this was a cosmetic item and it does NOT cover cosmetic items. Well after buying or leasing 6 vehicles from this same dealer in 6 years I sold the Avalanche and bought me a Ram pickup truck. That’s how GM treats its customers after 35 plus years of owning GM vehicles.
Published: November 13, 2020
Robert of Ida, MI

I have been a loyal GM owner for 20 years until now. The past 3 years have
I have been a loyal GM owner for 20 years until now. The past 3 years have been pure hell and if I can help just 1 person by keeping them from experiencing the same then I am good with that. It began when we bought our 2015 Chevrolet Silverado LTZ. We loved the truck and never planned on getting rid of it. Around 18,000 miles on the vehicle and it began having a vibration on the interstate between 65-80 mph. We took it to the dealership and were told road force balance multiple times. We tried another shop and had them road force balance. Over the next couple months the vibration got worse. It became so severe that my child not only complained about his eyes hurting but even vomited from it shaking him so much. A week later the vibration turned more into a death wobble that was absolutely terrifying.With no answers from the dealer we were told it might be best to trade it in. After only 11 months of ownership we traded it in on a 2015 Yukon Denali thinking different drivetrain and suspension would be better. Boy were we wrong. The first week having the Yukon my transmission began slipping. The dealership went ahead and replaced the converter. A few weeks later it was raining severely so I decided to take my son to school. I ran outside and jumped into the Yukon only to find water dripping out from around my sun visor. I took a video of it and took it to the dealer. A few weeks later my transmission began jerking so back to the dealer only to be told I need a new transmission. A month later around 22,000 miles suddenly the Yukon begins having the same exact highway vibrations between 65-80 on the interstate. At this point Im exhausted and literally broken. All I wanted was a reliable vehicle that my family could travel in and enjoy.At this point we begin looking into other vehicles and considering a 3/4 ton diesel truck because they last right? But wait... We go to a dealership and look at trucks. They evaluate my trade in and thats when I almost passed out. At that time my trade value on my Yukon was I believe 48,000 give or take. I was offered (are you sitting down?) $25,000. Yes you read that right. Im going to quote the sales manager... Wholesalers are now aware of the major issues GM is having with their trucks and SUVs and many are scared to buy them so they are only going to offer half of the trade value. I sank. I then panicked. Was I going to be stuck with this vehicle that we cant utilize? I tried other dealerships and no help. Finally I went back to a GM dealership and called them about a diesel. They gave me fair trade for my Yukon so I traded it in on a brand new 2018 GMC 2500HD Denali.I drove out of state to pick it up only to leave in my new truck and feel a Vibration on the interstate. At first I thought it was just me being paranoid so I gave it a couple days. Sure enough it became worse. Highway vibration between 70-85 mph. It has now been almost 2 years and I am still fighting. My truck still vibrates and will shake you so severely that you cannot ride in it for long distances. My transmission clunks and slips. It constantly stays in regen mode cutting my fuel mileage in half making it almost impossible to even afford to drive daily in town. Both of my power mirrors malfunction. My AC has already molded and mildewed causing me to get sick. My local dealership has already lied to me trying to blame my tires, they have tried to say I had a bent rim when I didnt (I took it to the dealer I bought it from and the rim was fine) and Ive been told my tires were bad and then they were good.I have been told youre a small girl driving a big truck, youll get use to it. I had a technician tell me that since its a heavy duty truck it should have a load on it to make it ride better. Well, we hauled a trailer with a car on it and the vibration was still there. For over 2 years I never said anything to anyone other than attempting to work with the dealership and techs. Ive been nothing but polite and respectful only to be continuously lied to and pushed aside. The fact that there are thousands of other owners out there experiencing the same Vibration and getting the same treatment is only more proof that GM has a problem and will not acknowledge it nor help the loyal consumers that trusted them and their product. So much for GM standing behind their product. Instead they attempt to sweep the issues under the rug so to speak and leave their consumers begging for help and answers.I have not only lost thousands of dollars. I have lost time and sleep. Im tired of living in a constant state of anxiety constantly worrying if Im going to be stuck with a vehicle that I owe too much on to trade in and cant sell. A vehicle that I cant take my son on vacation in. Shame on you GM for doing this. Shame on you for turning your backs to thousands of loyal and faithful clientele that made you what you are. I hope the truth comes out and I hope GM makes it right.
Published: August 9, 2019
L. of Ocean Springs, MS

I own a 2 year old Buick Envision. I heard a noise coming from under the ve
I own a 2 year old Buick Envision. I heard a noise coming from under the vehicle at only 7k miles. The dealership and GM continually told me nothing was wrong. I did not give up. It took months but they finally determined there was a loose baffle in the exhaust. They finally replaced the exhaust. Dealing with them was extremely difficult. Very recently when leaving for vacation with bikes mounted on the back of the vehicle the car battery was dead. Nothing was left on and the vehicle is supposed to be protected from accessories remaining on and draining the battery. Again, GM is not standing behind the vehicle. The dealerships have prepared or canned answers for everything as to avoid making good on the warranty. As a professional buyer and car enthusiast I cannot recommend anyone buy a GM vehicle. You will not have the warranty you think you have and the vehicles experience more problems than other cars.
Published: August 10, 2021
Thomas of Newark, DE

I bought a new Chevy because I was tired of sinking money into my old car,
I bought a new Chevy because I was tired of sinking money into my old car, and I figured I would rather have a car payment and a reliable car than put money in my old car. But now Im doing both because the 2013 Chevy Sonic I have is a lemon. Every month now I make a $300 car payment and I sink money into the Sonic because its broke down. Last month I pay $900 to have a water pump and radiator put in the month before that it was $250 for the motor for the driver side window. I cant afford this anymore. I am a 53 year old disable single woman who is on SSDI and Chevy will not do anything to help me. This is the 3rd Chevy Ive owned in my lifetime. Never never again.
Published: August 12, 2017
Mary of Nashua, NH

I have had 3 repairs to the heads on my 2008 Chevy impala with in 15000 mil
I have had 3 repairs to the heads on my 2008 Chevy impala with in 15000 miles. My vehicle has 38000 miles. Purchased as a gm certified vehicle with major guard service contract from gm. GMm customer service is very inconsistent. Will not provide info requested. Hung up on me during a conversation. Did not resolve the problem. There is much more. Very unhappy!
Published: November 15, 2011
Ken of Des moines, ia

I own a 2021 GMC Sierra with 9000 miles on it, I bought it in March 2021 an
I own a 2021 GMC Sierra with 9000 miles on it, I bought it in March 2021 and in September 2021 it received a check engine light. The dealership tells me its the cylinder heads and its a known defect. Its now mid October and GM has no idea when they will have the part for my truck. In the meantime, I have had no truck for moving me into my new home, Im worried that the vacation I planned with my truck will be with some crappy rental car, Im very frustrated with this situation.
Published: October 12, 2021
AnneMarie of Kenly, NC

Went into Ed Morse Service in Sunrise, FL with my 2003 Silverado diesel. Co
Went into Ed Morse Service in Sunrise, FL with my 2003 Silverado diesel. Cost of repair for fuel injectors and related parts with labor, $6,500. Found out GM KNEW the injectors were deficient, so they extended the warranty time and mileage to 200,000 miles and then changed the design on future models. My truck had 179,900 miles but was beyond the warranty time limit, so I asked GM Customer Care if they would just cover the bad injectors and I would pay for all other parts and labor. Their response was in no way will we help you since you are out of warranty. The Customer Care rep was rude, didnt know about the warranty change and chased me away from buying another Chevy truck.
Published: August 11, 2014
Jim of Southwest Ranches, FL

My 2019 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD, while still covered by GM’s Factory
My 2019 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD, while still covered by GM’s Factory Power Train Warranty, had two frayed injector wire connectors that were repaired/replaced by GM Authorized dealers using Genuine GM Parts (that come a one-year warranty). A couple months later I pulled into Casper Buick GMC Cadillac (“CASPER GMC”) and was told that 2 injectors had failed but they would be covered 100% by my warranty. Therefore, I approved the work. Later when I went to pick up my truck they told me it would not be covered by warranty and that I needed to personally pay them $2,231.04 or they would not give me my keys or release my truck to me.For two months since then, I’ve made repeated unsuccessful attempts to get a satisfactory resolution and have experienced:(i) Repeated broken promises from Matt **, of CASPER GMC and from and Jay from GM Customer Care (“GM”) to get back to me;(ii) CASPER GMC’s and GM’s willful disregard of the promises made to owners like me in GM’s Factory Power Train Warranty;(iii) CASPER GMC’s repeated and unwarranted refusal to file my warranty claim with GM, despite the fact that my truck is still under GM Factory Warranty for both the injectors (GM Factory Power Train Warranty), and the connector wires (GM Genuine Parts Warranty); and(iv) I was told by Jay at GM Customer Care that if I sought guidance from my attorney, even if such guidance did not include my filing suit, he would no longer be able to speak with me about this issue.(v) I was told by Casper GMC to contact GM Customer Care and was told by GM Customer Care to contact Casper GMC.Casper GMC and GM Customer Care do a good job of watching each other’s back but totally ignore the backs of customers like me.If this sounds like fun to you, please go straight to Casper GMC and buy a truck. Yuk!
Published: March 1, 2022
Clay of Bozeman, MT

In Oct 2013, my wife and I purchased a new 2013 Sonic sedan. A few months l
In Oct 2013, my wife and I purchased a new 2013 Sonic sedan. A few months later it developed a creaking noise in the steering at low speeds as well as a scrunching noise in the rear when sitting in the car each time. The dealer tried unsuccessfully to fix it on several occasions in which the car spent about 6 weeks at the dealership. They swapped out parts from other cars, replaced new parts; all unsuccessful. After owning the car for 6 months I had had enough so I traded it on a 2014 Sonic (what a mistake). The scrunching noise in the rear started soon after. But as winter set in 7 months after buying it, the creaking noise started in the newest car. Again the dealer attempted to fix it, telling me it was cured. But when I picked up the car the noise was still present. Again this car spent several weeks at the dealership - finally my car was dropped back off for the last time; creaking still there. GM customer service had been following the issue. I called the dealership and GM, told them the noise was still there. A few weeks went by and today GM call center called and explained that they could not fix the issue and that the creaking noise was a normal characteristic of the car and they would no longer try to fix this issue. I have never been so frustrated.
Published: July 8, 2015
John of West Bay Rd, NS

During the pandemic we were a couples months late due on payments. I talked
During the pandemic we were a couples months late due on payments. I talked to them on the phone countless times telling them we could pay once I got on my unemployment but that wasnt good enough they repod my vehicle and how are threatening to sue me if I dont pay 600 dollars. This is my third vehicle with this company and prior to this I always made my payments. They dont care if you have a family to take care of and they dont care about you during this pandemic. Sway away from them and do business elsewhere please.
Published: December 4, 2020
Nicholas of West Haven, CT

At 9 pm Mon July 10, talked to Kyrie about my Cadillac DTS. The keys keep g
At 9 pm Mon July 10, talked to Kyrie about my Cadillac DTS. The keys keep getting stuck in the ignition, it is all over the internet about all Cadillac keys getting stuck. Pages of it on the net says no recall for it. CANNOT DO ANYTHING FOR YOU. This is the kind of loyalty we should be getting from GM. Got stuck in Niagara. Had to get a tow truck this am to get my battery recharged.
Published: July 11, 2017
brenda of Keswick, ON

I bought a 2010 Chevy Equinox 2 years ago and in the last 6 months, I have
I bought a 2010 Chevy Equinox 2 years ago and in the last 6 months, I have had nothing but issues. In January I had to have my timing belts replaced (under warranty), then in April there was a issue with the motor using too much oil. They had to replace half the motor (which was under a special warranty). Fast forward to last week, the transmission went!!! I took it back to the dealership just to find out that the 5 yr warranty had expired in the beginning of the month (never knew this was only good from the first time it was bought off the lot.) The dealership was able to get GM to cover a portion of it but I would still have to pay $1600 out of pocket. I feel that they should cover more than that stating all the issues I have been having.I called GM and spoke with a Kathy. She pretty much told me that I should be grateful that they are helping me at all and I can either take the offer or leave it. And that I should discuss with my family the best choice for us as the consumer. Appalling customer service, when asked to speak to someone higher up she told me that she was pretty high up and the decision is already made. I will never buy another Chevy. Buyer beware!
Published: June 2, 2016
Katie of Buffalo, NY

I have been a client of General Motors for 17 years and have bought several
I have been a client of General Motors for 17 years and have bought several of what I believed to be your high-quality vehicles. I purchased an Acadia in 2013. About 2-3 months ago, I noticed that the paint on the hood of the car was bubbling up. I brought it to the dealership, Morrissey GMC, in Rockville Centre, NY. I was told by the service representative that I was no longer covered by the warranty because I had exceeded 36,000 miles, even though I have an extended warranty.I brought the car to 3 other body shops, and I was told that the bubbling was a result of a defect in the paint. GMC should stand by their product, regardless of the car’s mileage, and repair it at no expense to me because regardless of the age or mileage of the car, the issue at hand is that the paint is defective—which is a quality control issue. In addition, I spoke to a customer service representative regarding this issue, and she said that GMC would not pay for the repair in full, they would cover approximately half of the expense. She refused to send an engineer to examine the car, stated that her decision was final, and would not allow me to speak with one of her superiors.Why should a client be responsible for a quality control issue, this is an expense that is normally incurred and covered by any respectable corporation. In addition, refusing to refer a client to a superior to resolve an issue is very unprofessional. Isn’t the client always right? This obviously isn’t the case with GMC. Aside from being a longtime client, I have referred people to GMC and purchases have been made a result of my referrals. I can honestly say that I expected better from a long-standing American Corporation that is supposed to pride itself and represent what used to be considered a corporation that set the standard for other American vehicle companies.Needless to say, I will not be referring GMC to anyone in the future and this letter will also be submitted to the Better Business Bureau as I don’t believe it is in good practice or professional to hold the client responsible for quality control issues, or for a customer service representative to ultimately determine the outcome of any situation when a client asks to speak to their superior.
Published: June 1, 2017
Guy of Mineola, NY

Dart motors are american made. We used Chevy Crate motors for power, 454 cu
Dart motors are american made. We used Chevy Crate motors for power, 454 cu. in. V8 Big-Blocks, but as all things Chevy it was recast differently to save monies, thinner casting. Then the blocks started to crack, vertical lines in the cylinders after approx. 100 hours use. No junk. Time to move on now to 350 CID v8, burns oil out the box on fire up. Use approx. one qt. oil every 20 to 30 minutes. Called Victory Chevy in Ft. Myers, FL for warranty: No you need to call GM at ** This was a joke. Was told it is my intake gasket. I have been building same products, same parts for 25 plus years. Said needed to pull intake and take photos of intake gasket on motor. Pulled intake, no oil in intake runners, gasket perfect so I pulled heads, oil on top of #s 3-5 and 7. Piston #7 the worst, so pulled piston meat on, piston between ring lands, broke out 3 inch piece. This has happened on two of the last 4 motors. We now use only Dart Motors, no more problems. Other problems to watch for, rings hammered into cylinder, no bolts in cam timing, gear lifters come apart. 100 hrs. no impeller in water pump or impeller spins on shaft. This is poor quality control. Have now learned what GMC stands for: General Mexican Crap. Good bye Chevy!!! Captain Mitch.
Published: February 20, 2016
Capt. Mitch of Everglades City, FL

We had to take our Buick in due to a leak in the sun roof. GM informed us t
We had to take our Buick in due to a leak in the sun roof. GM informed us that that is not covered under warranty. They stated the sun roof is not water tight. It is designed to have some water penetrate where it is collected in a channel and drained. The problem with our leak was that the drains were plugged by the material that landed on the roof and flowed into the drain channels with the water. Since it was foreign material clogging the drain and not a manufacturing defect it is not a warranty item on our car with 13,000 miles. Who knew that a roof was not water tight and cannot be allowed to get dirt or seed pods on it or it might leak. My dealer has stepped up to handle it but not GM as of yet. I have call my 2nd level customer service rep 12 times over 24 hrs and just get voicemail saying my call is important and they will call me back asap. GM has 2 things broken, 1 is obviously a poorly designed sun roof, the other is something you can only laughably call customer service.
Published: June 27, 2019
Mark of Flushing, MI

It was definitely an informative visit in March 2021 at Starling Chevrolet
It was definitely an informative visit in March 2021 at Starling Chevrolet in Mount Pleasant SC - this is about a GM warranty issue! Apparently GM uses parts that that do not work well for very long based on this event. Another customer brought in her car because of a noise it makes all the time. Her service advisor told her even if it was still under warranty, GM would not replace the part because the part was still working! Well, it wasnt working correctly, and obviously if it is now noisy, which the mechanic had verified it was, it was certainly not well and just when might it get worse?? I was very angry about this because my older GM car was in there for service and repair and I expect to buy a new car in the next three months, and this would certainly eliminate all the GM cars from my list. I went to the showroom receptionist and asked to see the general manager or sales manager to express my opinion about the policy and let them know it had cost them my sale, but neither of them was available - she tried to reach them by phone but was also unsuccessful. After I went home, I called again to see if either was available and was told no, then I asked for the corporate office phone number and she said she didnt have it. So that left me to file this information online to try to warn others of this warranty policy before they buy a Chevy or Buick or Cadillac or any other GM truck or car or other vehicle in case it matters to them if GM wont replace a part making noises when wearing out even if under warranty because they consider the part as working. Shouldnt it have to be working right???
Published: March 18, 2021
S of Tucker, GA

It would seem that General Motors doesn’t understand customer satisfactio
It would seem that General Motors doesn’t understand customer satisfaction. Before today, if you would ever ask me what car to buy, I would always recommend a GM vehicle. It will be long time before I do that again. Through my local dealer I ordered a part 2 weeks ago, for which they took my money to order it, the part has shipped to one of the GM warehouses, who doesn’t seem to have any urgency to release to the dealer from which I purchased it.Even the dealer has no luck requesting the release of the part and GM customer service says I have to work through the dealer to get the part released because once it has shipped from GM, GM is no longer responsible for it, even though, according to my local dealer, this warehouse 75 is the GM centralized distribution center. I am now waiting on a supervisor from GM customer service to call me back. 24 to 48 hours although in the meantime I am stuck driving on a cracked GM rim that could go out at any time. Being a GM owner all my adult life, this has me frustrated and has developed a true regret in standing by GM all these years. General Motors, you have lost a long term supporter.
Published: June 26, 2019
David of Fort Calhoun, NE

We are the original owners of a 1999 GMC Suburban 1500, purchased new from
We are the original owners of a 1999 GMC Suburban 1500, purchased new from a dealership that is no longer in existence. The vehicle currently has a non-functioning air bag module. In or about mid-July, 2014, we took our vehicle to Seidners Collision Center in **, CA to have some work done due to a sideswipe accident. At the same time our vehicle was in the shop for repairs, we asked Seidners to take a look at the airbag light that was on. Seidners sent our vehicle out to a certified air bag diagnostic center and it was determined that we needed a new module. They also informed us that they had called at least five dealerships in our general area and were told the part was discontinued. They further informed us that if they were to obtain and install a third-party part, they would not warrant the work.On July 28, 2014, I called GMCs Corporate Offices (866) 363-2273 at approximately 2:00 p.m. I spoke with Jade in the Customer Assistance Department. She assigned us File #**. After explaining that we were told the air bag module for our vehicle was no longer available, Jade put us in touch via a 3-way conference call with a local dealership. A representative from said dealership informed me that part # 9378245, priced at $533.00, is listed as unavailable. When I asked what unavailable meant, he could not give me a direct answer. Jade then directed me to several external websites which she said were GMC approved. The websites I was directed to are as follows: acdelco, mycertifiedservice, chevy-classic-parts.None of the above websites had the part I was looking for. On July 28, 2014 at approximately 4:45, I received a call from ** the parts manager at the above dealership. He said he checked with his shop foreman who said if the airbag light is on, he cannot say definitively whether the airbag will deploy or not. ** said he would place an order for the part for us even though it is listed as unavailable. He also said he would follow up with me as more information becomes available.After I received the above phone call, I called GMC Customer Service again and spoke with Mary, one of the supervisors. I informed her about the safety concerns we have until the part comes in, especially given that there is no estimated time of arrival. I also informed her that I believe this problem is more of a corporate issue than a dealership issue. Corporate should be responsible for making sure that parts are available to the dealerships. The dealership has been as helpful as they can possibly be, but it is not their fault that the part is unavailable.On August 14, 2014, at approximately 9:00 a.m., I received a follow-up call from the parts manager at the above dealership. He informed me that the part is still on order and there is still no estimated time of arrival. He said he was merely making a courtesy call. After receiving the above phone call, I again called GMC Corporate. The phone call was made at 9:35 a.m. I spoke with Carla, another supervisor. She said she would call the parts manager at the above dealership to get the order number and would get a District Supervisor to call me within 48 hours. I have not received a call from any District Supervisor to date.On August 25, 2014 at approximately 5:20 p.m., I received a call from Cecelia, yet another GMC Customer Service representative. She informed me that the air bag module cannot be expedited and there is still no anticipated date of arrival. I again reiterated my safety concerns. Cecelias response was for me to rent a car. I asked if GMC would reimburse for a rental car and she said, No, its on you. I again asked to speak to a supervisor. Cecelia put me on hold and came back to say that no supervisors were available. I asked if I could hold on the line and she told me that All supervisors would be tied up for the rest of the day.I think all of the above illustrates GMC Corporates horrendous customer service. As you can see, I have at least had some follow-up with the dealership, but the same cannot be said of GMC Corporate. It has now been 6 weeks and we have made no progress whatsoever in obtaining the needed part. Every time we drive the vehicle, we are taking a safety risk. My husband frequently uses the car to transport kids for Boy Scout activities, and hypothetically, if an accident were to occur where the airbags did not deploy, we will certainly hold GMC responsible.I also did a Live Chat asking for an email address for whoever is above the GMC Customer Service supervisors and was told they were not allowed to give out email addresses. GMC Corporate is by far the worst company I have ever dealt with. Why all the hiding?
Published: August 26, 2014
Ellen of Monterey Park, CA

9/15/17- Purchased 2014 Chevy Equinox, also paid $2500 for an extended warr
9/15/17- Purchased 2014 Chevy Equinox, also paid $2500 for an extended warranty with CNA National. 7/18/18 - Vehicle just shut off while driving for maybe 10 minutes. It felt as if the battery had died. Please note I had no other issues prior to this with the vehicle. Tried to start it, and it sounded as if someone was playing the drums under my hood. Pushed car to safe location, and went home for the evening.7/19/18 – I got a ride to the vehicle with hopes of it starting. Same thing happened. So, I reached out to my warranty company (CNAN) and was told that I can have the vehicle towed through their Roadside Assistance to a repair shop of my choice, and once an estimate was prepared, they would pay over the phone with a credit card. I had the vehicle towed to Quality Buick GMC in Alton, IL. 7/20/18 - Received a call from Quality that timing chain was busted, along with several other items, and engine was full of sludge. They stated I was still covered under GM Powertrain warranty and they submitted all of the information to GM, and got me a rental through Enterprise.7/24/18 - Received a call from Quality stating that GM declined repairs, and now extended warranty company would not pay for the rental I had for days. I contacted GM and requested a supervisor to discuss options. Supervisor stated that they would review case and contact me within 2 days. With the vehicle having under 100,000 miles, she didn’t see any reason why they wouldn’t cover it. She asked where the vehicle was located and I started Quality Buick GM in Alton, after searching their database, she said they were not certified to do the repairs, and the vehicle would have to be towed to another location. She reached out to Jack ** in Wood River, and also as a courtesy, reached out to Chevy Roadside assistance to do a Dealer to Dealer transfer at no cost to me. I was very grateful for that. She said the roadside assistance company would reach out to me within 20 minutes, and gave me a number to call if they did not. 45 minutes went by and I called Chevy Roadside Assistance to follow up on the transfer. Of course, they had no information, and was not eligible for the transfer. I contacted GM Warranty again, and they said she was not allowed to do that, and there was nothing they could do at that moment, and case was re-opened and pending investigation. Reached out to CNAC (extended warranty company) and Roadside Assistance wasn’t available with them either until 7 days from last time used. Frustrated, I hang up, and look for other options online. I received a call from Allstate Ins. that they were attempting to pick up the vehicle, but there was a $300 balance with Quality Pontiac before vehicle could be transferred. They stated they were called out by Chevy Roadside Assistance, who just told me they had no information for transfer. So, I reached out to Quality for information on balance owed. They stated $100+ for opening up the engine, and the remaining balance was for the rental. Also, vehicle would not be released until balance was paid. I explained to them that GM Warranty needed a Certified Dealer to estimate repairs, and they informed me they are a certified dealer. I called GM Warranty back to let them know what was going on, and they said the other person I talked to must be new, or not know what she is doing, because Quality is a certified dealer. I would only be getting charged more money by having another dealer open up the engine to do the estimate. I explained to them I would be leaving the vehicle at Quality, and gave them the contact info for the service department for investigation on repairs.7/26/18 - Received a call from GM Warranty that repairs would not be covered due to it not being a manufacturer defect. That was their final answer. I spoke with 2 different service departments, Quality, and Jack ** and they stated there is no way the sludge in the engine could have been caused in the 10 months I’ve had the vehicle. Oil changes were always done on time, and I have proof of that. So, how it is that I now have a car with $6000+ damages, and a 14,000 balance on, $600 balance for rental + Quality doing estimate, and I’m responsible. I drive my car to make a living, and not only am I without a car, I’m now also without a job. I am beyond frustrated, and any advice on what to do would be greatly appreciated.
Published: July 30, 2018
Kelli of Alton, IL

2016 Yukon XL AC condenser went out along with thousands of other GM models
2016 Yukon XL AC condenser went out along with thousands of other GM models. I don’t understand why they will not recall this when there is a faulty welding issue. Part in back order since May of 2016!!! So not fair when you spend $70,000 on a car and the AC goes out in a year. I had a 2010 Suburban BF this Yukon that had electrical issues GM knew about and wouldn’t recall! NEVER EVER again will I buy a GM product and I’ve had them for the last 20 years buying a new one every 3-4 years. There should be some class action suit to get these condensers fixed on GM’s dollar. Not someone who just spent 70k on a luxury SUV! So frustrated.
Published: October 18, 2017
Amy of Aurora, IL

I purchased a truck from GM on June 20th. I was told that I would have the
I purchased a truck from GM on June 20th. I was told that I would have the registration in a week or two because it had to be signed and go through their legal department. (Too long to begin with but whatever). So I pay at the dealership Brett Chevrolet in Saint John NB and I waited. After two weeks I call and Im told its still not ready. I call a few more times still nothing and yesterday July 11 their business department tells me they have the papers and now have to send them to motor vehicle and that it will be ready in a day or two. So again I wait. I decided to call today and check and the original guy is now on vacation and a different fella tells me they just got the paperwork from GM today and he will send it tomorrow and theres nothing I can do to speed it up. Needless to say its difficult to purchase a vehicle from them or rather get a registration from them for the vehicle that you purchased. The whole inter-departmental finger pointing dont work for me and GM needs to get their .... together on making these processes run smoother. I mean, I cant even legally drive a truck I bought almost a month ago because I dont have a registration, really?
Published: July 11, 2018
Shane of Smithtown, NB

They sure dont care about us after they sell the car. Safety recall in my c
They sure dont care about us after they sell the car. Safety recall in my car they refuse to honor because of vin #. Clearly it can be seen with ones eyes. Exact recall but they say no its not in their system? I have it saved in my phone. An official GM site with recall # and still refuse. What a joke and a very sad case. Shame on GM.
Published: February 13, 2019
Dee of Other

Bought 2019 Trax 2/8/19. Month later recall letter. Called GMC. told vehicl
Bought 2019 Trax 2/8/19. Month later recall letter. Called GMC. told vehicle is unsafe but I could drive it, and they didnt know when parts would be in. I just had to wait till GMC figured it out! I told GMC I did not want a vehicle coming out of the gate with wheels issues. They first spoke of buy out, then I was told they are not going to accept the vehicle back! Since then I have gotten 2 invoices one stating VEHICLE NEEDS RE WELDING OF RIGHT AND LEFT ARM. Took vehicle Friday and was told it didnt need a fix. Questioned them about their finding, and their manager said he stood by his mechanics report. Took it back to dealer who said it was needed. They informed me that they had to take vehicle, and that the other dealer called it wrong. Incompetent mechanics/and putting UNSAFE VEHICLES on road, tire issues? Not acceptable. I will be speaking to an Attorney. I dont want this vehicle and I will take measures, No one forces me to take a used car, sold as new, but work already has to be done! This fix will only last till warranty is up, and then all cost to me! I dont trust anything coming from GMC. Mechanic put me back in the road with a false safety report! 2 different invoices!? Wow.
Published: July 15, 2019
Monique of Houston, TX

GMC service reps informed us that the GMC 3500 trucks can sometimes have ma
GMC service reps informed us that the GMC 3500 trucks can sometimes have major problems with fuel system. Causing metal particles to travel throughout the engine and other parts. Had to leave my car truck for 20 days at Georges Chevrolet to be repaired. Not only did they not repair my truck properly the 1st time but the only loaner they could give me was a Chevrolet 1500 Silverado that not only leaked oil but didnt have the horsepower that I needed to pull my trailer. Im a landscaper and Im self-employed and need all my equipment for work, i.e. my GMC 3500 to pull trailer. I incurred loss of wages/revenue due to leaks from loaner truck and unable to pull equipment. GMC stepped in and assured me after several telephone calls later that I would be compensated for my loss of revenue and as a dissatisfied experience at Georges Chevrolet. Again after several other calls we finally agreed on compensation and that was basically an extended warranty. After several months later we still havent received extended warranty that was promised by Gilbert, GMC customer assistance. Gilbert called me several times to follow up and assure me it was approved and I would be able to take truck anywhere to get serviced in 2 days, 2 times this month. I received an email stating that I would have to wait another week. I took the day off of work to get my truck serviced and I am unable to do that now until I actually get documentation stating I can do so. When I called Gilbert at GMC asking him why he misled me he simply said I was wrong and there is nothing I can do about it. In other words OH WELL. I now need to wait for my documents to get my WORK TRUCK serviced and hope it doesnt break down or cause any further damages to my engine. This has been a nightmare. Not only has it hurt my wallet but my reputation as a dependable landscaper to my clients. As a self-employed landscaper my dependability is everything to stayed employed and get new clients/references. This has really cost me more than they can ever comprehend. As a long time and loyal customer to GMC I am very dissatisfied to say the least and will never recommend this company again. As soon as I can afford to get a new truck I will definitely not get another GMC. I know now that they are not dependable/reliable vehicles nor do they care about their consumers.
Published: November 3, 2017
Jesse of Downey, CA

I purchased a 2017 Escalade from Cadillac of Novi 1 month ago. Less than 3
I purchased a 2017 Escalade from Cadillac of Novi 1 month ago. Less than 3 weeks having the vehicle the head gasket needed to be replaced. My Escalade was in the shop almost 2 weeks and GM refuses to try to make the situation right. The thing that blows my mind is 4 months earlier my wife purchases a brand new Cadillac CT6 and less than having the car 2 weeks the sunroof motor completely goes out. Car was in the shop 1.5 weeks again. GM was no help and does not care about pleasing their customers. I highly advise anyone to stay away from GM vehicles. They are not reliable and GM will not be there for you after the sale.
Published: January 19, 2017
Anthony of Ann Arbor, MI