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General Motors Company is an American multinational automotive manufacturing company headquartered in Detroit, Michigan, United States. It was founded by William C. Durant on September 16, 1908, as a holding company, and the present entity was established in 2009 after its restructuring.

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I have been without a vehicle for 8 weeks now for a GM defective clutch and
I have been without a vehicle for 8 weeks now for a GM defective clutch and the only answer I am getting is that they are remanufacturing the part and there is no ETA. Who can I complain to besides GM customer satisfaction department? I want to speak to someone for my loss of use.
Published: May 15, 2016
Elizabeth of Charlotte, NC

Car was purchased new less than 6 years ago, less than 66,000 on it. Have h
Car was purchased new less than 6 years ago, less than 66,000 on it. Have had oil consumption issues. Three weeks ago, check engine, StabiliTrak, and loss of engine power lights started coming on while idling at stop signs and lights and experiencing stalls at same stop signs and lights. Husband checked and even though the check oil light was not on, there was virtually no oil in the car, added 2 quarts. Took car in for service. Dealer said it was a stretched timing chain and fuel pump needed to be replaced. Take home and return the following Monday when parts are in. When they went to do the service, engine was found to have lots of metal in it and needed to be replaced at our cost as warranty is out. Dealer offered no other options.GM says they can offer no assistance as the engine was not torn down. Dealer then offered a 10% discount on labor. The engine is still costing me $3,900 plus tax etc. I am appalled that GM is making me pay as this the car was regularly serviced. An engine should not fail at less than 66,000. Customer service has pretty much said suck it up. We will never purchase GM again. Four of our last 6 vehicles have been GM cars and I feel really stupid that we purchased a 2015 Chevy Equinox for our childrens use last year.
Published: December 7, 2016
Rita of Exton, PA

I recently ordered and Purchased a Camaro. Unfortunately I was in car accid
I recently ordered and Purchased a Camaro. Unfortunately I was in car accident, therefore I had to have my new camaro repaired. I took it to a chevy dealership to have all the repairs done. Three weeks ago the dealership ordered black rally stripe decals to go on the hood of the Camaro. The dealership still has not had an expected date of arrival from GM on when the stripes will arrive. I could have had my car back three weeks ago all completed. I do not understand why it takes this long to make black rally stripes that goes on the hood of a Camaro and have them shipped to the proper place in a timely manner.
Published: August 18, 2016
Joel of Urbana, OH

I purchased a 2018 Escalade August 2 2019, car had 25000 mi on it. Had to b
I purchased a 2018 Escalade August 2 2019, car had 25000 mi on it. Had to bring it back to dealer 1 week for a coolant leak. They replaced radiator. 1000mi later after going on a 1050mi trip the transfer case failed..Car has been sitting at dealer for 1 month because of strike. I had 99 Suburban for 19 years, original radiator & transfer case. LAST GM CAR.
Published: October 24, 2019
L. of Middletown, RI

After buying my 3rd truck from GM at this point I’m potentially done with
After buying my 3rd truck from GM at this point I’m potentially done with them. 2 year old Sierra needed the radiator replaced because of a faulty design which had a hole in the radiator. Dealership told me in exact words that this should not happen on a 2 year old vehicle. GM took over a week to review my case then to call me and explain that no reimbursement would happen because I didn’t leave my vehicle at the dealership until they had a answer. No coverage for the repairs would be happening. So if I had been without a vehicle for over a week waiting for GM they would just of potential offered to cover the repairs.GM customer service called me 4x during the week asking the same questions that were given to them from the initial complaint. I am not someone to expect or ask for assistance but felt it was only right after their only dealership stated this was something that should not be needing to be replaced. I’ve kept up on all maintenance and consistent service records through their dealership. I will be taking my business elsewhere as this company has gotten enough of my business buying 3 trucks over 60k each and they can’t even show any loyalty to a routine repeated customer.
Published: January 23, 2022
Brandon of Afton, MN

We bought a 2017 Chevy Silverado new. We drove it off the lot and on our wa
We bought a 2017 Chevy Silverado new. We drove it off the lot and on our way home it started stuttering. We took it back several times to the dealership. We were told things such as: GM knew there was a problem but couldnt fix it, it needed to get used to the way we drive, it needs broke in. Two years down the road it continues to have problems and they are only getting bigger. GM will not stand behind the fact that there is something wrong with this truck and make it right. We drove our last Chevy truck for 12 years and now are hesitant to continue to drive GM products. They advertise as the working mans truck but wont stand behind it when there is a problem.
Published: February 2, 2019
Angela of Williamsburg, MO

This is specific to a GMC Dealership but when I reached out to GM Customer
This is specific to a GMC Dealership but when I reached out to GM Customer Service last time I received no help at all. Overall, I am very disappointed with both of my experiences with Todd ** and will not return for any service. My issues may be limited to the salesman I worked, with but I will never do business with them again. My husband and I have now leased 2 vehicles from Todd ** and have had terms misrepresented and glazed over leading to large unexpected bills. First, we took my wifes Terrain (November 2016) in that we had leased through another dealership to find out my options. We wanted to buy it out since there was some damage we were afraid of paying for. I kept asking what the buy out would look like monthly but was never given the option and told it would be dumb to buy it out as the price was over the fmv. I was told to not worry about the damage to the previous vehicle and that they would pop out the door ding and take care of the scratches and that they didnt think I would receive a bill. I kept reiterating that this is very important to me as I did not have cash at the time to pay for other things. On top of this we asked about the GMC family discount as to whether it would still apply to us because my grandfather had passed away and we were unsure if we still qualified. Once again, I was told to not worry about it and they would figure it out. I asked worse case scenario that we dont qualify what would the outcome be and was told we would figure it out. My lease term was signed that night including the discount. Upon realizing we do not qualify for the discount the sales agent asked us to pay the almost $1200 difference which I had asked if that would happen and was told they would figure it out. Fast forward to a month later, and I received a bill for $1300 on my vehicle for wear and tear after being told to expect nothing. I realize they cannot guarantee that we wouldnt owe anything but none of the dings or scratches were even taken care of as I was told they would be. Shame on me for not getting anything in writing but these practices led me to sign a contract on false pretenses. We left saying never again. Secondly, we leased a Sierra (February 2016) which is now up so we took it to another dealership to turn in and were slapped in the face with what we owed. It was a loaner vehicle which had roughly $5,000 miles on it. (The first Terrain was a loaner so we had experience leasing this type of vehicle.) We were told that the lease was for 10,000 miles a year for 2 years (20,000-mile lease). We kept discussing this as I was afraid 10,000 might be cutting it close for us. Cue the sales representative to sell us the extended coverage allowing $400 of extra mile coverage which equaled to be about 2,000 more miles which they explained meant 11,000 a year so we signed up. We watched our miles closely through the 2 years and calculated we may still owe around $100 due to an unexpected trip we took that had us a little over the 22,000 total miles we thought we had. Fast forward to trying to turn in this vehicle, we were told the lease was for 20,000 including the 5,000 that was previously on it meaning really, we only had roughly 7,500 a year. This fact was never remotely discussed to us but in a small box in the lease we see that number. I realize we signed the paperwork but how do you tell someone something and agree to terms and then fail to disclose some of the largest facts of the agreement. We also discovered there is a $495 disposition fee that was never discussed. It seems pertinent to me to disclose things like this rather than hide them in a long list of papers that they shove in front of you to sign.I am also against the survey they hand you on your experience to fill out in front of your sales rep. They hand you a piece of paper saying Todd ** only accepts exceptional here fill this out while I sit in front of you making it extremely uncomfortable to honestly respond. While I understand that there is nothing legally wrong with this, it is definitely not good practice.
Published: March 14, 2018
Lauren of Grand Rapids, MI

I am a GM retiree. I visited David Stanley Chevrolet in Norman back 3 month
I am a GM retiree. I visited David Stanley Chevrolet in Norman back 3 months ago. I was interested in leasing a vehicle like a Malibu, talked to the salesman and told him what I was looking for and he said he would locate a vehicle and give me some information. Well that never happened. Never heard a word. So last month went back to the same dealership and talked to another salesman, drove a Malibu and told him what I was looking for a lease, I was a GM employee. He said that he was busy with a client but would get back to me later that day. 3 weeks later, I received a call from the dealership saying he was sorry he forgot about me but had worked up something and I could come in and see what he had. Well I figured if he does not have time for me then I would go somewhere else.Christmas Eve day, I stepped into Jackie Cooper Cadillac in Norman. The salesman said he only had 9 months experience but would get me a great deal. Found a SUV on the showroom floor and asked how much would the lease would be on that vehicle. He told me that I could get the lease payment for $350.00 a month. Well I questioned him again and asked how much do I have to put down on the vehicle and was told $0. I asked him again if he was sure I could get that vehicle for $350.00 a month lease with no money down? Was assured again that I could, so I said lets do the paperwork and I will take delivery today. He told me great and got me in the Finance Dept. to do the paperwork. After going through the paperwork and signing everything, I was informed that the lease payment would be $550.00 a month. I looked at the finance manager and asked, What about the $350 lease that I was told by your salesman? He said that there was no way I could get a lease for that amount unless I was ready to put down almost $4000.00. I informed the finance manager that I was told I could get this lease for $350.00 a month. After being informed that there was no way I could get the vehicle, I informed the Manager that they had some training to do with their staff because they gave me the wrong information and I was very upset after wasting 2 to 3 hours dealing with new cars sales people. I walked out, never I am sorry, please come back and see what we can work on. So now I go to Ferguson GMC in Norman and inquire about a truck. They had advertised a truck in the paper for $25999.00. So I went out to take a look to see what they had to offer. Jeff the new cars sales Manager told me that since I was a GM employee I could pick out anything I wanted and that I would get a better price then what was advertised because of all the rebates and GM discounts that I was entitled to. So this salesman takes me out and asked what I was looking for and I told him I would like to have 4 wheel drive and towing package. Found a vehicle and went to the finance dept. to see what they could do. Well after spending a couple of hours doing paperwork, my payment would be $550.00 a month. I told them that I wanted the truck that they advertised and was told that I could not get that deal with 4 wheel drive. I said, Ok, lets see what you can do, so I told them that I had an appointment that I had to go to so find a truck and give me a call. So a few hours later, I get a call from Daniel from finance and he asked me if I could come in and see what they found for me. I told him that I had to go to a performance that evening and he asked if I could come in on Saturday around 10:30am. I said fine. I was feeling bad because it was 10 minutes to 11am and I do not like to have people waiting for me. So I go to the showroom floor and asked for Daniel, and after about 20 minutes I was informed that Daniel does not start working till noon. I told the manager that I was asked to be there at 10:30am to look at this truck that Daniel wanted me to see. Again I was told that Daniel does not come to work till noon. So they asked if someone else could help, I said no because apparently no one knows what Daniel had put aside for me, so I told him to have them call me when they think they can get their act together. About 4pm, I receive a call from the salesman that helped me out the 1st time I came to the store. He informed me that they had a truck for me to look at and could I come in... I said I would see. The following Monday, I get a call from Jeff the new car Manager, he said please come out and look at a truck that he had set aside for me. I told him I would be right there. He said make sure you ask for Jeff because he would treat me right. I asked Jeff if these trucks that they were advertising had fog lamps, he said, I am looking at them and they all have fog lamps. I asked, How many do you have left at that sales price? and he said 7 or 8. So again I go out to the store and Jeff told me he was with a customer and just give him a few minutes, I said no problem. A few minutes later, Jeff came back out and said it was taking longer than he expected, I said no problem. About 10 minutes later, Jeff came back and said, Would it be all right if I hand you off to a salesman? I said all right, so the salesman said he would go get the truck and pull it up for me. The truck that they brought out did not have fog lamps. So I asked about the advertised special with fog lamps, and the salesman said he had no idea what the advertisement had. So I went back to Jeff and asked about the fog lamps and he said, No problem, I will put fog lamps on that for you... I said, You told me that you had all kinds of trucks with fog lamps on it, and he said, I guess I was mistaken. So I asked, How many trucks do you have for the advertise special? and he said, I guess you are looking at it. Well I was again upset and told them that they were wasting my time when you tell me you a lot of trucks with the fog lamps and you had 7 or 8 vehicles that I could look at, and he said what you see is all that they have. So I walked out of the 3rd facility that sells GM vehicles. I really did not know that GM was doing that good and could afford to lose customers but seems to me that they could care less if I bought a vehicle from them or not. So I guess I will have to go to look at a competitor since GM does not know how to treat their customers.
Published: January 27, 2014
John of Norman, OK

Buying a GMC is the biggest mistake ever. Their customer service is nonexis
Buying a GMC is the biggest mistake ever. Their customer service is nonexistent & GM financial will ruin your credit. I’ve always paid ahead & am a year ahead now. They refuse to correct their mistakes - they just lost six figures in new personal & business truck sales. I have experienced terrible service from day 1 with GM - they do not care about people once you buy it. Will buy Ford from now on.
Published: February 4, 2020
Shane of Marietta, GA

After purchasing a used 2011 LaCrosse from Doug Henry drove the car off the
After purchasing a used 2011 LaCrosse from Doug Henry drove the car off the lot only to discover the vehicle has front end problems. Dropped off the vehicle for service only to receive a loaner with a vehicle that only had less that a quarter tank of gas and was told to make sure to put the gas back that will be used. My lady works in Raleigh 1hr away. The service is poor and the treatment of their customers is even worse. I am a certified NC state inspector and Ive been working with other dealers and never have I witnessed such disregard and disrespect to the customer about the gas in a loaner car that should have been filled.
Published: November 3, 2015
lennie of Pikeville, NC

Transmission gone in 2011 Cruze. Worst car I have ever bought. Problems fro
Transmission gone in 2011 Cruze. Worst car I have ever bought. Problems from the minute we got this car home. No longer under warranty and hundreds of complaints on this piece of junk. This company needs to recall or get sued!!! Radio quit working, turbo replaced three times. Car was well maintained, just simply a really bad car.
Published: August 19, 2018
Sandra of Usa, USA

As GM is fully aware of the noisy leaf spring issues with 2014-2018 Silvera
As GM is fully aware of the noisy leaf spring issues with 2014-2018 Silverados and Sierras, BUT refuses to do anything about it. Talking to the local dealership (Davis Chevrolet-Gainesville, FL) was a real joke and of course getting an actual person to call back from Chevrolet Customer Assistance 866-790-5600 Extension: ** is a real joke. Always been a Chevy fan, my whole family has, but will shop for a Ford next time. What happened to a company that actually backs their products?!!! Lets be sure to outsource more so we can get more crappy products.
Published: October 2, 2019
Greg of Alachua, FL

Own a 2010 GMC Terrain. 65,000 miles on and already the transmission needs
Own a 2010 GMC Terrain. 65,000 miles on and already the transmission needs to be replaced. With thousands of complaints about this year and model you would think GM would recall these vehicles. NEVER BUY A GMC.
Published: April 11, 2018
Anthony of Landing, NJ

I have had 3 repairs to the heads on my 2008 Chevy impala with in 15000 mil
I have had 3 repairs to the heads on my 2008 Chevy impala with in 15000 miles. My vehicle has 38000 miles. Purchased as a gm certified vehicle with major guard service contract from gm. GMm customer service is very inconsistent. Will not provide info requested. Hung up on me during a conversation. Did not resolve the problem. There is much more. Very unhappy!
Published: November 15, 2011
Ken of Des moines, ia

This vehicle was purchased new, great power and super comfy. After the firs
This vehicle was purchased new, great power and super comfy. After the first week or so it was in the shop every other week *suspension problem* over and over. Then electrical connections. Now the warranty is up, tail light problems ($750) each. Now the info screen is black. Its just ridiculous a luxury vehicle at this price has this many issues.
Published: October 21, 2019
JAKE of Alamogordo, NM

2015 GMC Denali - To my surprise, my front end struts went out at 73,000 mi
2015 GMC Denali - To my surprise, my front end struts went out at 73,000 miles. Ancira dealership had sold me a long term warranty when I bought the vehicle from them but refused to cover this. I was out almost $2000 for these. Struts should not go out with this kind of mileage and I do not go offroading with the vehicle. Will never buy GM again nor from Ancira.
Published: June 4, 2018
John of Boerne, TX

At a dealership visit in October of 2016, they said they were going to do a
At a dealership visit in October of 2016, they said they were going to do a recall. I thought that was good, hadnt recalled seeing a recall notice in the mail but found it later on at home in the pile. So after reading it, I realized they didnt follow the protocol for performing the safety recall. They skipped replacing a part which it clearly states needed replacement on my specific truck. So I called the dealer and just asked if they actually replaced the part or just updated the one currently in the truck. They said no, no replacement just an update.I left it at that, as I had a horrible experience dealing with the service manager on a separate issue but on the same day the truck got the recall done. After inquiring at another dealer I was told they werent able to even look into it because GM already paid ** dealership to do the work. So a call to the 1800-customerscomelast folks at the customer care center really ties it all together as they now know Im driving with a known defective airbag pretensioner. To add more to it, the district manager has put a me on a blacklist at what seems to be every dealer within 100 miles. So where to go for warranty on pile of crap??? SCUMBAGS.
Published: January 21, 2017
Nick of Lyman, ME

I have been trying to resolve an issue with a dealership and with GM custom
I have been trying to resolve an issue with a dealership and with GM customer service regarding my 2014 Chevy Spark. This vehicle has had 3 (yes, three) piston replacements as well as a new engine put in. They are giving me the runaround regarding a buy back under the lemon law. They seem to have no interest in keeping a customer or accepting responsibility. I was warned about the dealership but I thought GM would step up to the plate. No such luck so far. So disappointed.
Published: December 15, 2016
Jean of Two Harbors, MN

Our Chevy Volt grew MOLD all over the front and back seats after winter sno
Our Chevy Volt grew MOLD all over the front and back seats after winter snowstorms! After taking in to find the cause and have it remedied we were told it needed to be detailed before anyone felt safe getting in it to work. They told us we needed to approve the detailing for them to move forward but not to worry because we most likely would not be charged since it leaked. The next day they called saying it that the mold had been cleaned and that we needed to come pick it up and pay $200!!! A car with mold is NOT fixed with a rag! BAIT and SWITCH! This is an attempt to put the responsibility on us. They even had the nerve to suggest we must have left the windows down in the middle of winter in Washington! Or that my husband left his wet swim trunks ??? (again, winter in Washington!) in the backseat of his commuter car! That did not happen. This is the WORST customer service I have ever experienced. We have been loyal GM customers. I own a GMC Yukon and were in the market for a Sierra pickup, but will never buy another vehicle from them and will not be able to recommend in the future like I have in the past. Instead I will tell people our horror story. GM should be ashamed! This is why companies like Amazon are thriving - because they take care of their customers. Maybe other companies should take notice before theyre obsolete.
Published: March 23, 2019
Trisha of Bainbridge Island, WA

Hi. My name is Kymberly **, and I purchased a new Chevrolet Cruze at Countr
Hi. My name is Kymberly **, and I purchased a new Chevrolet Cruze at Country Chevrolet in Warrenton, Virginia 20186 on August 31st. I spoke to salesman Russ ** (who was fantastic). He was a huge help. I test drove the vehicle and Loved it. I was asked if I was going to put any money down. I stated that I would not, that I was only working with a trade-in on my Equinox. I decided to get the 2015 Cruze. I was sent to the financial manager to get the contracts and paperwork signed. This is where the nightmare began!!! I dealt with Gabe **. He again asked if I was putting anything down. I told him no. He asked if I could put at least $1500 down. I again, said no that I couldnt. He said why dont we do a 7-day promissory agreement. If you have the $1500 within 7 days great, if not we can void this and do another contract.” I said that was fine, still standing firm to my no.” I signed contracts and the transferring of Insurance. I had full coverage on my Equinox so I drove off the lot with Full Coverage on my 2015 Cruze. The next day I got a text from Russ ** that stated I needed to come back by the dealership that they worked up a better deal for me. Happy and Excited, I went there. I met with Gabe ** again and he stated that he pulled the deal with the Lender and found a second lender that gave me a better rate. I said “oh, that’s great!” I brought up that I needed to sign a new contract because I wasnt going to be able to come up with the $1500. Then Gabe stopped... He said that he was going to have to talk to his boss because he put down for the new lender that I WAS putting the $1500 down. Gabe asked me if I could get a personal loan for $1500, he asked me if I could borrow the money from my family, and he also asked if I could just pay $200 here or there for 6 months to cover the $1500. Gabe left 4 times to speak to his boss (I did not catch his name) because I was adamant that I was not paying that. Gabe went behind my back without me giving him a definite answer on the $1500. He was in the wrong and I felt that I should not have paid that. At this point I was in tears because he had me feeling like I could not leave until I gave him a “Yes, I will pay it.” I was texting my husband throughout this whole ordeal. Finally my husband asked for Gabe to call him. Finally I told Gabe he needed to call my husband. When my husband was on the phone with Gabe I walked outside because I was starting to have an anxiety attack! When I came back in I stood at the doorway where I could not be seen. I overheard Gabe telling my husband that legally I could not leave because I had no insurance on the new vehicle!!! When in fact I did! I signed the form because I HAD full coverage, AND I had already contacted my insurance company and gave them the new Lender information! I was hysterical. I had already drove the car home and everything! My husband then asked to speak to Gabe’s boss who came in. Gabe’s boss walked into something that he had no idea what the hell was going on! So the 4 times that Gabe left to speak to his boss, where was he really going? His boss was informed of the promissory agreement and that I was told I could not legally leave. The boss looked at Gabe and said Gabe is this true? And Gabe said yes. The boss looked at me and said that I could go home. I left hysterical and irate! I almost called the police and an attorney for this. This has been the worst car buying experience EVER! So moving on my husband got a call the next day stating that they redid the deal but we still needed to put $400 down. WHY? I am still upset that we still paid that. I don’t know why we had to pay that. Gabe made this mistake and Gabe did this to himself. I told them I was not going to put any money down at all and still ended up putting $400 down.All of this happened August 31 to Sept 3rd. On Sept 21 I received a text from Gabe stating that my husband and I had to sign a form because my husband’s name was on the title to the old car. I refinanced that about a year or so ago so his name should not have been on the title or loan. I contacted my bank and turns out that when I refinanced it through the same bank, they did not remove my husband’s name. So... that tells me, the car should not have been sold to me in the first place without my husband being there to sign for it as well! Anyhow, I received yet another text from the salesman Russ ** stating Hey Kym, when you get the survey from GM make sure you answer each question Satisfied and when I get that survey Ill fill you up with some gas. That to me is bribery. I gave a very poor review when I got the survey from Country Chevrolet. And I have not received one from GM yet. When and IF I do get one, I will not lie and give any satisfied answers. I was very DISSATISFIED. I would not recommend anyone to go there to get a new vehicle. It takes $26.00 to fill my gas tank up and lying on this survey is not worth a free tank of gas! I felt that I was being taken advantage of because I am a woman who they must have thought I was stupid! My husband saved me from this. And how DARE Gabe ask me to get a personal loan or to borrow the money from family. That is NOT something that man should have asked! He did this! So if anything he should have paid for that or taken it out of his commission. I do not trust anyone there. I will have my car taken somewhere else for work to be done to it. This should have been a very fun and exciting experience for me. Instead it was a complete freaking nightmare. Turns out I’m not the only one Gabe screwed over either. I work with a girl who bought a car from there a week prior to me and he cashed a started check that he was supposed to hold and he ended up overdrawing her account and the salesman paid the overdraft fees AND a tank of gas out of his own pocket! I sure hope something comes from this. I will however contact my attorney regarding this. Paying the $400 dollars is something that should not have come from us since GABE MADE THIS MISTAKE.
Published: September 25, 2015
Kym of Luray, VA

I purchased a 2014 Chevy Equinox on 7/3/14, and traded in my 2012 Equinox f
I purchased a 2014 Chevy Equinox on 7/3/14, and traded in my 2012 Equinox for it. I loved my 2012 and wanted to upgrade from the 4 cyl. to the 6 cyl. Since the purchase date, I have had it in the shop 4 times for the same problem. 3 were with one dealership, the other one with another place to get another opinion. My complaint has been with the steering. It feels loose and non-responsive, and I also experience a terrible groaning noise and vibration at low speeds when making turns, backing out of my driveway, or trying to make normal parking lot maneuvers.On the first visit, they said a bulletin indicated a replacement of the alternator and a hose was necessary to quiet the groaning noise and vibration, so they had to order the parts and they sent me on the way. Within a few days the car was back in, to have those parts replaced. Needless to say that did not remedy the problem. After a short time passed, I took it back in complaining of the same problem. I have argued with the service departments, and begged them to just start changing parts to try and eliminate the issue. They have checked the steering pump, the hoses, the steering rack etc. and always say they cannot find a problem. It was suggested after the 2nd time in the shop, to contact GM customer service to get them involved. So I did. I explained the issue, was told someone would contact me in 24-48 hours, and needless to say, no one contacted me back at that point.For the 3rd visit, I took it to another dealership. Its amazing how everyone can hear the noise and feel the shutter in the steering but each time since the first visit, I get the same story about nothing being wrong. The dealerships say they cant just simply switch out parts that arent defective to try to remedy the steering looseness and the groaning noise. They can only do what GM allows them to do.Before making yet another call to GM and to ensure that I wasnt crazy, I decided to test drive another model just like mine. I did not encounter the same problems in the one I test drove, like I do with my own. And, for yet another opinion, I contacted a family member who also has the same model year as mine, and again she confirmed her vehicle does not have the same issues, but does indeed have its own set of issues with the A/C and safety warning systems.Since nothing came from my 3rd visit, and I could at least challenge that the issues with my vehicle are not normal cause it doesnt happen with others, I made another call to GM, this was 8/27/14. Again I was told my issue would escalated and someone would call me back. I also stopped in to the dealership again, and said I was bringing the vehicle back in, and the noise and shutter were getting worse. They scheduled my appointment for 9/3/14. On 8/28/14 I received a call back from Cecelia. I have never experienced someone so short spoken, heartless and condescending. I argued every point I could with her. Recalling the issues in detail, the conversations I have had with the dealerships, the fact that they say parts cant be replaced unless defective because GM wont let them, the fact that other vehicles like mine do not have the same issue etc. Cecelias response was simple and short You have an appointment with the dealership on 9/3 to diagnose your vehicle. There is nothing else we can do. She didnt care at all about the matter.I dont know how much more effectively I could have communicated that diagnosing the vehicle had been attempted and that I was asking for someone to take ownership in the repair needs and let the dealership start replacing parts. In the end, Cecelia said I am closing your case, and I said that they would hear from my attorney and the media, and she hung up.Today is 9/4/14, and needless to say, I once again got the call from the service dept. saying nothing is wrong, and that they are sorry they cant do anything to help me. On Monday, when the dealership owner returns, I will be working with him to get out of this vehicle and either back into my old Equinox, which they still have and I know I can trust, or finding an entirely different car. I am deeply saddened that I had to experience this trouble. I thought for sure one Equinox to the next, I would love the vehicle the same.I think GM needs to fire Cecelia. I saw another post from someone else complaining about her too. Perhaps she can only do so much, but for her to not even pretend to care about the safety of me and my family (or anyone elses) is inexcusable and makes GM looks even worse.
Published: September 4, 2014
sabrina of Platte City, MO

2015 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 Z71. Since the vehicle was picked up at the d
2015 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 Z71. Since the vehicle was picked up at the dealer, the truck was pulling to the right. Not drifting, it was pulling. Wasted time out of my day and brought it back to the dealer. They aligned the front end. When picked up it was still pulling to the right. I decided to bring it to a dealer closer to my office and they aligned the front end again and rotated the tires. Lo and behold, still pulling. I dropped it off again and they adjusted the steering sensor and rotated the tires from left to right. Still pulling. I called GM and after being on hold for over 45 minutes they told me they would look into it. 4 days later they called me and said it might be the tires and they are not covered under warranty that I would have to contact Goodyear. I have no idea what to do next. My advice: STAY AWAY FROM GM PRODUCTS. THEY DONT CARE ONE BIT ABOUT THEIR PRODUCTS OR CUSTOMERS.
Published: June 30, 2016
Danny of Westwood, MA

I have a 2014 GMC Terrain. I was heading to Cooperstown NY with my 15 year
I have a 2014 GMC Terrain. I was heading to Cooperstown NY with my 15 year old son for a baseball tournament. I was driving at 70 mph on I87 in the passing lane in a driving rainstorm. I put my wipers on high and they quit working! I got myself to the breakdown lane (SCARY). I tried a couple things to fix the situation but it didnt work so the rain let up and I followed a friend 5 miles to the nearest GMC dealer. There they told me the wiper transmission broke and it would cost 450.00. so I am vulnerable position so I had to paid and had to move on! Now when I got back from my trip I researched my issue and went to dealer that I bought my car and no one could help me (no recalls and my mileage was too high (67000)). I didnt realize that I had my wipers on for 67000 miles?? This part is not a serviceable part and also how many miles have I really used those wipers?I am more disappointed in GM CUSTOMER SERVICE in how they are handling this. They do not understand the magnitude of the situation! I researched this and in 2013 GM recalled the same things and in Canada GM recalled 2010-2017 Terrain for the same part number and issue. And also my Terrain was mfg in CANADA but once it is driving in the US it is not covered under the recall of Canada! I was looking for complete payment of 450.00. GM CUSTOMER SERVICE DOES NOT REALIZE THAT A LIFE COULD OF BEEN LOST AND 450.00 IS NOTHING COMPARED TO THAT!!!
Published: September 13, 2017
edward of Berkley, MA

Driving 42 Years I have always owned a GM Vehicle. After I finish paying of
Driving 42 Years I have always owned a GM Vehicle. After I finish paying off this 2016 Lacrosse I will never purchase another GM Vehicle again. I took my Car into Elk Grove Buick twice in two weeks suspecting a Transmission problem. They did their little computer check which showed nothing but I was still having the same issues. I took it to a independent service provider DK Automotive 712 E 18th St Antioch, CA 94509 and they listened and found the issue an internal problem with the transmission but they couldnt do the work because its still under the powertrain warranty but they did get in contact with a Chevrolet in Concord CA and I had the car transferred to them and they Concurred With DK after doing their own testing. Spoke with the Dealership today and they wont have the Car ready until Tuesday. Oh I also had to pay DK $150.00 to do the work that Elk Grove Buick should have done. I also was working with ** of GM PH# 866-790-5600 EXT ** who was going along with Elk Grove Buick and was willing to be a go between but wasnt pushing the envelope then had the nerve to tell me today that at least we found the issue. No (I) with my persistence, Footwork, and money found the issue. She also told me the rental Im forced to drive is not covered because its not a GM vehicle and they only cover three days of rental even though its taking more than three days to fix the vehicle. So Im done with GM. They just Kicked a long time customer to the curb.
Published: September 19, 2018
Sterling of Sacramento, CA

My 2015 Silverado 1500 broke down with 39,000 Miles on it. I had it towed t
My 2015 Silverado 1500 broke down with 39,000 Miles on it. I had it towed to a Chevrolet Dealership. When they looked at it they told me it was the Fuel Injector on cylinder 6 that was faulty. Because it was out of the 3 year/36,000 Mile warranty I would have to pay for it myself. I told them I understood and would pay for it since it was out of warranty. They then told me that since the vehicle was apart that I should replace the Fuel Rail and ALL the other Fuel injectors on that side in case they were bad too. I didnt think it sounded right, but since I brought it right to the dealer I figured I should trust their opinion. I replaced everything they said which came out to $1,300. Mind you this is a truck with 39,000 miles on it. It gets worse. Once they put it back together they told me it still wasnt running right. They kept trying to figure out what was wrong with the vehicle because they couldnt figure it out originally. After they replaced the fuel injector they told me it wasnt working again. They then replaced the pushers, still wasnt working properly. After that they decided they needed to call the GM Engineers to figure it out. Once they were called they found out that the entire cylinder needed to be replaced. It took them 3 times putting it back together totaling 2 weeks without me having a vehicle to figure it out. Im not even blaming the dealership because I can understand that things happen. My real problem is with GM themselves because I called them after this all happened to explain the situation. I got in touch with a woman named Sandra. I was explaining to her that I should not be liable for the fuel injectors seeing as they obviously let go due to the issues that happened from the warrantied parts. She took almost two weeks to come to the conclusion that even though I did fuel injector cleaners with all my oil changes that it was still me that should be on the hook for all the repairs, even the fuel injectors that never needed to be replaced at all! I told her that I can even understand replacing the one that was bad, even though that it was done based on a poor diagnostics. In all reality had they fixed the problems in the motor first I would have never paid for the fuel injectors. It seems to me that they brought up the fuel injectors first just so they could charge me for them and then say that there are other problems that need to be addressed. She wanted to give me a $100 Chevrolet service coupon! Really?! I now have a truck with an extensive amount of motor work done on it with 39,000 miles. This is how GM backs their vehicles? Disgusting, that is all I can say about my experience with GM to this point.
Published: August 1, 2018
Kyle of Fall River, MA

I have a 2018 Chevy Trax awd. On 8/4/21 my engine died. We assume as they r
I have a 2018 Chevy Trax awd. On 8/4/21 my engine died. We assume as they really havent told us yet what is wrong. We had the car towed to our dealer Outten Chevy in Hamburg PA. Immediately they started coming up with reasons to void the 5 year, 60,000 mile power train warranty. They have used several excuses from wrong oil filter installed even though according to websites it was the right one, to low oil even though it was fine until the incident and then started leaking oil on way to dealer on a flatbed. It is now 11/15/21. More than 3 months and my car is sitting at the dealership and we are yet to hear from GMAC. We have sent them a certified letter, when we call we leave voicemails and cannot get ahold of anyone.The dealership told us the tube to the turbo melted but would not say if that caused the engine issue. They offered to replace it at a cost to us but said may not fix the issue. Sounds like a flaw to me but GMAC is not recognizing this or covering under their warranty. How can a 3.5 year old car engine blow when we maintained it and was driven with care. I cannot believe that we are having this much trouble for a company to stand behind their product. Not only is the dealership doing nothing but GMAC doesnt seem to want to do anything either. I work two jobs and have had to rely on friends and family to borrow cars as they could not even provide a loaner car to me. I am still paying payments and insurance on a vehicle that has been sitting on a dealers lot still waiting to be diagnosed because they are not looking into it since they cant seem to get it covered under the warranty.What is wrong with this world with businesses not standing behind their products and doing the right thing. We come from a long list of Chevy/gmac owned vehicles from a 41 chevy coupe to a 2020 Gmac Denali and numerous in between and never ever have had an issue like this. I simply cannot believe it, but it is causing us to rethink about buy Chevy/gmac. I know I read reviews and I hope that this may help someone else in the future when considering to buy a Chevy/gmac be careful cause they may not stand behind their product. As for me, I will be continuing my fight for them to do whats right and fix my car.
Published: November 15, 2021
patricia of Reading, PA

I paid thousands for the GM extended warranty protection plan to get denied
I paid thousands for the GM extended warranty protection plan to get denied on a catalytic converter that is shot. The vehicle is 2 years old and under the federal emissions act warranty and even under my extended warranty. Nowhere on that protection plan paperwork states this would not be covered. I called GM direct and got a run around stating the vehicle was used and that is why it’s getting denied. Then their next excuse was in their records I was a third owner of the vehicle which is not fact. Im the only owner of the vehicle. Then I get “We cannot help you due to you exceeded the miles by 6K so sorry.”Now I have a bill in the thousands after shelling thousands out upfront first so I would be protected from incidences like this. My vehicle is a 2014 Chevy Cruze with 86K miles. I purchased it certified used with 8k miles. I have an extended GM warranty that covers up to 108K miles. Instead GM and the GM Extended Warranty Protection Plan denied my case. I am now seeking the attorney general. Also GM refused to give me my case number.
Published: December 29, 2016
Pam of Fultonville, NY

Bought a 2018 Chevy Sonic in late August with only 220 miles. Several week
Bought a 2018 Chevy Sonic in late August with only 220 miles. Several week ago went to get in my car and my car would not start. Called GM and they said since my car is new with only 5,000 miles everything will be covered under warranty and they will tow it to the nearest Chevy dealer. Had to call the dealer several times to see what the issue was and this went on for days. Finally get an answer back and they said that I will not be covered for a rental car or for the service because they claimed they found a high level of ethanol in my tank and it’s going to be $500 out of pocket for all these cleanings they need to do. I got completely ripped off. Ended up paying a total of $468 for “cleanings” plus the cost of my rental I had to get for several days. GM handled my complaint poorly and has taken weeks to get back to me and said they will not offer reimbursement because it was my fault I had ethanol in my tank and I can only use unleaded fuel. So I told them that I have only used unleaded fuel and the owner manual only states you can not use E85 of flex fuel which is common sense. So after all these weeks they refuse to help and shut me up by throwing me a $100 service certificate that I can only use all at once. So I’m out several hundred dollars on a brand new car. On top of that my fuel economy in my car is so poor now that I got it back from the dealer and I never had this issue prior to taking it in for service. Now I’m stuck with a Brand new car that they messed up. Never buy Gm cars again and they could care less about their customers.
Published: February 5, 2019
Robin of Chicago, IL

Please all 2016 2018 Chevy Malibu owners please do not drive that car. Redu
Please all 2016 2018 Chevy Malibu owners please do not drive that car. Reduced power motor is a very dangerous situation. GM is not listen. Please people do not drive a car. I just barely made it out alive when it happened to me. Run down the row with 80,000 pounds behind me. No way off the highway but to run down to the ditch.
Published: April 12, 2019
Rodney of Tempe, AZ

After 100,000 mile warranty, had to replace def tank as injector quit worki
After 100,000 mile warranty, had to replace def tank as injector quit working. On trip to Texas, check engine light appeared, dealership could not find problem. Charged me $729 to tell me exhaust system needed to be replaced, cost $5,000, and would not be ready by the time we needed to leave for home. Service manager recommended a diesel repair shop, which did replace truck computer and altered exhaust system. Severe glow plugs later, plus back up sensors being replaced. Final blow was after moving cattle from one pasture to another appox. 3 hours away, a knock developed in the engine. Was able to get home and to our local service garage. Transmission removed to find a broken crankshaft. Cost expected to be $20,000 plus. This is my second Duramax diesel, first was a 2003, which I experienced 8 different occasions replacing injectors at GMs dealership. Each glow plug was replaced at least once. One blew out the head the second time, had to leave a trailer along side the road and had to be towed in. Final blow, check engine light came on, dealership said injector pump going out. Traded in for 2012, which has been as much expensive and troublesome as the 2003. GOODBYE, GMC!!!
Published: December 18, 2019
M. of Clio, CA

The following is a list or reasons why I feel General Motors needs to bear
The following is a list or reasons why I feel General Motors needs to bear the expense incurred in this situation, the failure of the turbocharger cooling tube. 1. The part which failed was not available at the Flagstaff dealership and was only available from the parts warehouse in Reno Nevada. 2. We offered several times to pay the expense to expedited the shipping of the part to the Flagstaff dealership from the GM parts warehouse in Reno by air, FedEx, Purolator or DHL. The Flagstaff dealer and GM turned us down both times. 3. GM’s inability to track the part from the GM parts warehouse in Reno and were not able to give us a clear delivery date. The part did not arrive until 13 days after it was ordered. Had we known the part would be in Flagstaff on a specific date we would have stayed in Flagstaff until the part arrived and the truck was fixed. As it was the dealership could not tell us when it would be there.4. This vehicle is under full warranty and only has 13890 kms.Here is a summary of events leading up to these excessive expenses. On March 17 this year, my wife and I were driving home back to Canada from Phoenix, Arizona. We were 20 miles south of Page, Arizona when the charger cooler tube on the turbo unit failed. We called AAA and had the truck and our trailer towed back to the nearest GM dealership, which was in Flagstaff.We met with the Service Advisor the next day, Wednesday March 18, and by 11 am the part was found at the GM parts depot in Reno Nevada and would be at the Flagstaff dealership 6 days later on Monday March 23. Because we were concerned the Canada/US border was closing, and with the excessive amount of time it was going to take to ship the part to the dealer, we offered several times to pay for the expense to expedited the shipping of the part to the Flagstaff dealership from the GM parts warehouse in Reno by air, FedEx, Purolator or DHL. The Flagstaff dealer and GM turned us down both times.Please note Reno is just over 700 miles (1132 kms) from Flagstaff. The parts did not arrive on Monday March 23. We met again with the Service Manager on Monday but were told the parts had not arrived and would arrive Wednesday March 25. Wednesday March 25 the parts did not arrive. The Flagstaff dealership said the parts were somewhere between Reno and Flagstaff and that GM did not have the ability to track any parts. They said the parts may arrive Monday March 30. At this point we decided to rent a truck ($2000 US) and tow our trailer back to Canada. Again both the US and Canadian Governments were threatening to close the borders. We left Thursday morning March 26 after stopping by the dealership one last time to see if the parts had arrived. The part still had not arrived.The parts finally arrived Monday March 30, 13 days after the parts were ordered and the truck repaired Tuesday March 31. Because the border between Canada and US now remains closed, the only way I could get the truck back was to have it shipped back into Canada is by a commercial transport company. The Flagstaff dealership said GM might offer to pay for the transport of the truck between Flagstaff and Great Falls Montana. I offered to pay for the remaining transport between Great Falls and Calgary. Again GM declined.Also why is it that only Cadillacs quality for a free 800 mile/km tow while other GM vehicles don’t? My total bill to transport the truck from the Flagstaff dealership to Lethbridge Canada was $1350 US, ($1995 Can). Cole International’s charges for inter-border documents was $150 Can. So I have spent over $5000 Canadian on a part that maybe worth $100 all because GM didn’t have the required part at the dealership, could not track the part from their warehouse in Reno and give us a clear delivery date, and would not let us pay to have the part fast-tracked from the warehouse in Reno to the dealership in Flagstaff. I finally picked up my truck today May 11, 2020 from the Davis GMC dealership in Lethbridge. I haven’t heard back from GM Customer Service Canada since I sent in all of my expenses at the end of May and I don’t expect to hear back from them.
Published: July 13, 2020
Guido of Calgary, AB

I have big paint blotches missing from the back of my black 2014 Equinox. I
I have big paint blotches missing from the back of my black 2014 Equinox. I was mistreated by GM even though it is a clear problem with the quality control of their vehicles and it should be a recall. I am within warranty kms and only 4 months out of the stupid 3 year warranty period. I will never stop dissing this company for the poor customer care and the uncaring way they produce and back up their product. I will never buy GM again... 3 year old vehicle with big paint rust spots is not ok with me.
Published: July 28, 2017
karrie of Prince George, BC

Where do I begin? GM Canada is a joke. I bought a 2019 GMC elevation blacke
Where do I begin? GM Canada is a joke. I bought a 2019 GMC elevation blacked out edition in summer of 2019 and the first 500 km the tailgate started falling on me for no reason so I went to Prouse Motors in Sault Ontario to get warranty for the tailgate. They got ahold of gm Canada and they told them they will not fix the tailgate BC there was no known issues with them yet (forgot to mention I had my utility trailer on the back and the jack stand scratched and dented the ** outta the tailgate) so basically they said I was ** and the only way I would get a new tailgate is if it drops when someone from prouse motors was driving it. What a joke right?So after 4 times they had my truck it finally dropped. Took close to 5 months to get a new tailgate after that and Ive been back 3 times because of the paint job on it and tailgate being loose. While all that crap was going on I started to have transmission problems and its been to the dealer many many times and still to this very day its still not fixed. Then at 4000 km the steering column locked up on me and they had to put a new column in and the speakers on the passenger side of the truck went all ** on me. Ive either called or been to the dealership every week since I own this truck this truck has been nothing but a nightmare. I tried to plead my case and to get gm to buy the truck off me and put me in something else BC the truck is a LEMON. The only thing they would do is give me 2000$ towards a trade in so they expect me to lose my ** on the trade in and Pay more monthly for a plain Jane p.o.s I never in my life had such piss poor service than gm and the dealer. I will NEVER in my lifetime own another gm product. I will go buy a Ford or a Dodge before Ill even think about gm piss poor trucks... Before you buy a truck from gm I recommend take the time and read all the review. The only review I noticed that have 5 stars is the people who only owned the truck for couple weeks to a month. Steer away from GMC or Chevy. Dont make the same mistake I did. One pissed off GMC truck owner
Published: February 7, 2020
Dustin of Sault Ste. Marie, ON

2010 Buick LaCrosse had 94000 but was seven months pass warranty (5) years.
2010 Buick LaCrosse had 94000 but was seven months pass warranty (5) years. November 17, the engine blew. Returned it to my dealership, no help. Text GM on the internet twice no response. 7200 dollar bill to replace the engine. Car had been well maintained. Why did I buy an American made car.
Published: December 21, 2016
Danny(Dana) of Douglasville, GA

I am an owner of a 2013 Cadillac XTS. This vehicle is the third Cadillac ca
I am an owner of a 2013 Cadillac XTS. This vehicle is the third Cadillac car/truck I have owned. I am reaching out to you regarding case **. Ive leased the car in November of 2012, during this time I have had a serious safety issue and major concern. The brakes have failed on 4 different times. I have taken it to the shop, different reasonings why, but no complete/real answer. At this time I do not feel safe and confident driving the vehicle. The dealership which has it now, doesnt want to keep the car, stating it may not sell after. I am trying to get in contact with the sale manager at Crown Cadillac in Watchung NJ. As I will guess they would want me to take the vehicle to New Jersey to turn in, not sure what difference it would make. As stated the car isnt safe for my family, myself and possibly causing a crash on the road. After a week, they reached back to me, stating there is nothing they can or will do for me and have a nice day. Customer service for a loyal buyer, I think not. I will never purchase and/or lease a Cadillac vehicle again.
Published: July 15, 2015
Preston of Hanover , MD

My husband and I went to Victory Chevrolet and purchased a certified preown
My husband and I went to Victory Chevrolet and purchased a certified preowned 2012 Chevrolet Traverse in February 2015. There was 36000 miles on this vehicle. The day we brought it home we had to wait for them to change the fuel tank. We also found when replacing a tire we found that there was no spare or jack in our car. If I’m not mistaken as a certified GM vehicle it should have not left the lot without this. I’m sure you can understand my frustration. We have had to fix the window washer motor at least 6 headlights and a tail light. The passenger window does not roll up from driver side only down. The button for the window washer no longer works. We had to replace the radiator two years into the car. I’ve paid for a accelerator brake pedal sensor. Now my biggest issue is timing chains and all associated parts now need to be repaired at a cost of 2800+.I was working with Mark Chevrolet in Wayne. It took 3 weeks to just find this out. The person I was working with never called me to give me any info on my car that was there. I always had to call him. He has been released but I have been fighting with GM to just call and speak with me. My suppose IT agent Michelle won’t get on the phone with me. I was told from Bob the service manager at Mark Chevrolet that I was declined for cost assistance from GM and offered $300 discount on my repair. I’m not happy with that. I am paying for a loaner on top of other rental car costs I have had. We thought we had a good car and it is not. In the 3 years we have had this car I’ve put way too much in repairs and I feel GM should be able to help its customer. This is our first Chevy and it’s been such a horrible experience. I never want to purchase another one. No one is helping or even listening to us. We are being talked down to and at. This is not fair. I am writing all our local news station because I have exhausted all I can with my fight. I have include screenshots of my fight with GM and Mark Chevrolet of Wayne. I also have voicemails that I have saved. I am a small business owner that relies on my car to provide for my family. I have spent well beyond my limits to repair my car. But this email is more about my experience with GM and their service than anything else. I have been told to have a Change of Heart when posting my experience. Told to Apologize for blowing up ONLY after almost weeks of not being able to actually speak to MY GM agent. I have only voicemails when my phone is in complete working order. I believe they are using some type of method to circumvent speaking directly to me. As I will return their call less than a minute from receiving a voicemail and now no one is available to speak with me. GM has denied me Cost assistance, charging me for a loaner car that I had no choice but to use while waiting over 3 weeks to just have a partial diagnosis of my car issues. I am not trying to be difficult. I am just trying to use the car I purchased 3 years ago from a Chevrolet Dealership.
Published: March 2, 2018
Mignon of Garden City, MI

I have a 2010 Chevy Malibu that I bought in October 2014. It only had a lit
I have a 2010 Chevy Malibu that I bought in October 2014. It only had a little over 14,000 miles at time of purchase. No problems until it reached 73,000 miles about a month ago (as you can see, I dont even put normal annual mileage on my car), when it started having transmission issues. It started when I couldnt back my car out of my garage and then it wouldnt even go into Drive without screeching and jerking. Got it to our local GM dealer, by driving back roads, because my husband couldnt get it to shift out of 1st and 2nd gear. Found out it needed a new transmission already and was encouraged by the shop manager to contact GM, because with this mileage, it wasnt normal, even though all the warranties were expired. I paid $3200 for my transmission.Now my car sounds abnormal and my husband took in to the same GM dealer and was told that my Timing Change would need to eventually be changed ($1500). I contacted GM, spoke with Renee and was told, Due to the age of your car, theres nothing we can do. All this despite the low mileage on my car. Ive been a long-standing GM buyer and will no longer buy any GM product. Since she wouldnt even listen to what I had to say, all she said was that, I will report it, but theres nothing we can do.
Published: July 15, 2019
D of Goshen, IN

I purchased a 2012 Chevy Equinox from a local dealership in July of 2015! W
I purchased a 2012 Chevy Equinox from a local dealership in July of 2015! When I purchased the vehicle it had approximately 64,000 miles on it! When we done the loan for the vehicle, we went through a local bank where my father has banked at for many, many years! My credit score is not the greatest, so my wonderful father agreed to co-sign for me so I could purchase the vehicle and help build my credit! When we done this loan, I was supposed to have been the main one on the loan and my father of course the co-signer! When we purchased the vehicle it did come with a warranty! I believe it was the second day that I had the vehicle, I was backing out of the parking lot where I work on my way to get lunch, and the vehicle started to shake and act as if it was going to quit! The whole way to McDonalds and back, which was about 10 minutes, the vehicle done this!It actually did quit on me once and I got it started back up and was able to make it back to work! I called the dealership and told them what the vehicle was doing and they told me just to bring the vehicle back over to them if it would make it and they would take care of it for me! I took the vehicle back to the dealership, and they gave me a rental and a couple days later they called and told me that it was a sensor that had went bad and that they got it fixed and the vehicle was ready to be picked up! It drove just fine for a while. Then I started having issues with the oil, it would go through oil like crazy, and I would go to start it up and it would sound horrible! The only way I can really describe the sound it would make, is it was a loud ticking noise and then when given the gas it would make a loud whining sound and when slowing the vehicle down or coming to a stop it would start jerking itself like it was trying to quit!I took it back to the dealership again, and If I remember correctly… they replaced the Fuel pump! Again... it drove fine for a while and then it started doing the same thing! We were constantly having to put oil in it, and drive around with it making the same horrible sound as before, and you didnt know if when you came to a stop or a low speed if it was just going to quit on ya! I ended up having to take the vehicle back to the dealership a couple more times over this issue and the last time I had it there they told me that the only thing they could do was an Oil Consumption Diagnostic Test which involved me having to bring the vehicle back to them, every so many miles to be checked and that I would have to pay to have it done because it was NOT covered under the warranty! I declined to have it done!Some may not understand this... but my fiancé and I are trying to raise three kids, provide for them and each other on top of bills and other everyday necessities, on very low income! It is a constant struggle for us just to keep our heads above the water and keep from drowning! We are trying to survive in todays world the best we can, and we did NOT have that extra money to pay to have that test done, nor the time to keep taking the vehicle back to them every so many miles to be checked! No one knows our situation but us, and we decided that we just couldnt do it and declined to have it done! So here I was... in debt for this vehicle that I hadnt had very long... that I kept having the same repetitive problem with over and over again! So this issue continued on!Some days it would run fine, then other days it would do the awful noise making and trying to quit on me... and we were still having to put oil in it about once a week… sometimes every two weeks! This past August we went on vacation with family, and of course my fiancé, kids and I were going to all go in the Equinox! We took the vehicle and had it serviced... oil change, and other things before we left! We went on vacation and the vehicle drove just fine there and back! About a month after we got back from vacation, I got in the vehicle to come to work one morning and it started making the same noise AGAIN as soon as I started it up! Only this time it was much worse! I mean it was SO loud that when I stopped to get breakfast and the bank to deposit my payroll check that I had to turn the vehicle off just so I could hear over the intercom! I mean it sounded so bad I just thought the motor was gonna blow right then and there!I made it to work and my fiancé called a different dealership that many people had recommended to us, and told them the problems we were having and asked if they could get it in to look at it! We had already decided that we were NOT dealing with the original dealership anymore because of the issues in the past and the poor customer service and rudeness that came along with it! This other dealership was not local, like the one we purchased it from, but we were told so many good things about them and I had known of several people that purchased vehicles from them and always had good luck, so thats why we decided to go with a different dealership this time!!! They were very nice to my fiancé, and tried to get the vehicle in as soon as possible to look at it! This was on a Thursday and they made us an appointment to bring the vehicle on the following Monday morning!My fiancé went and got THREE quarts of oil to put in the vehicle, thinking maybe that would quiet it down or at least keep it going until we could get it to the other dealership that following Monday! It got me home from work that night, and that next morning my fiancé got in it to take the kids to school, and he calls me and he says I really dont know if I’m going to make it back home in this thing, it sounds like its just going to blow any minute, and it will barely go up hills! He did make it home. And the second he pulled in the driveway the motor blew up! It was done for! Wouldnt do anything... Now what to do???We knew that we were going to have to have the vehicle towed no matter where we took it, and the dealership we had the appointment with the following Monday was a good ways away, and we didnt want an outrageous towing bill, so we decided to call the original dealership back... seeing how it was just 10 minutes away, and told them what had just happened! The guy my fiancé spoke with was very rude! Which was nothing new, because they had always been rude to us over the vehicle! He told my fiancé that it would be at least 3 to 4 weeks before they could even get the vehicle inside the garage to even look at it, because they were busy and shorthanded! He made it VERY clear that we would have to pay the tow bill and have it towed to them (which I knew that!). Im thinking... 3 to 4 weeks before they can even look at it??? What am I going to do!?So we call General Motors and we tell them the situation, and ALL the problems we have had with it, and they were very cooperative! They started a case and gave us a case number! Come to find out, they have had MANY issues with the Equinoxs. There was even a special coverage adjustment on it due to... Excessive Oil Consumption... and we were under the impression that they were going to help us out and do something about it, considering that was probably a big part in why the motor was blew up now!!! We were told that in order for them to start the case that we would HAVE to take it to the dealership we purchased it from and go through them... because right off the bat we asked if we could have it taken somewhere else!!!We were told that they would be contacting the dealership and let them know what was going on and that the vehicle would need to be towed over to the dealership and that they would be getting back in touch with us soon! We had the vehicle towed over to the dealership and the manager in the service department told us right of the bat that it was going to be awhile before they could even get in in the garage but he would try to get to it as soon as he could! They did give us another vehicle to drive! At first General motors was very cooperative and concerned over our issue and kept in contact with us, and then it was like... nothing! We would go a week or longer without hearing anything from the lady at GM that was handling our case, or the dealership!My fiancé and I would call and call GM trying to get through to the lady handling our case and we would get told Shes on the other line with another call, but Im sending a message through to her right now and she will get back with you as soon as possible! Or we would leave her messages on her voice mail and still never hear anything back from her! This was an everyday thing!!! We contacted the dealership to see if they had spoke with GM or knew what was going on and the manager at the service department was very rude with my fiancé and informed him that it looked to them as if the vehicle had been neglected and not kept up on its regular oil changes and that he wanted documentation where we had the oil changed in the vehicle!I do believe his exact words were And I dont mean some receipts from your buddies down to the local mechanic shop either. I want documentation from an actual dealership where they changed the oil in it!!! Okay... every car I have ever owned in my 30 years, my father or fiancé has changed the oil in them 90% of the time! So how was I going to get documentation from an actual dealership for an oil change... and why is it even the dealership’s say so on what we need to show them when GM motors is the one handling the case!? Because its not up to GM if the vehicle gets fixed, Im the one who has the say-so was the answer I got from the manager at the service department! So we try to contact GM and the lady handling our case. AGAIN to see what in the world is going on!When we finally got through to her, we told her what the dealership was telling us, and that we needed documentation from a dealership where we have had the oil changed, and how we change the oil ourselves, and how confused we were because we thought GM was calling the shots, but manager at the service department said he was! She told us that she understand that we changed our own oil, but if we COULD to try and get receipts where we have had it changed in the past or purchased the oil ourselves... and that they didnt understand why the dealership was making such a big deal over it because GM were the ones replacing the motor NOT the dealership!!!Then we get told from the dealership that GM doesnt pay to replace the motor... They replace the motor and then GM will reimburse them back, and that he (the manager at the service department) is the one that has to sign his name off to do that, and he couldnt until we turned him in receipts where we had the oil changed because to them it looked like we neglected the vehicle and it was our fault, and if GM decided not to reimburse them back, then they are the ones out thousands of dollars!!! Then we get told by GM that they dont handle it that way! They SEND the dealership the new motor so they didnt know why the dealership was making such a big deal over it!I go through this back and forth ** for about a week... and in the meantime my fiancé goes to a couple auto stores here in town to see if they would have any receipts where we purchased oil, and that was a no-go because he was told that their computer systems didnt keep records of oil purchases! They had records of other stuff we purchased... windshield wipers, filters etc. but not of oil! I know of a couple times we purchased oil from Walmart, so I even went on my Walmart app where I scan my receipts to get rewards back, and I still couldnt find anything, once my father purchased the oil and oil filter and changed it in his garage, but he didnt have the receipts! I could come up with one receipt showing where we had the oil changed back in August before we went on vacation!The lady at GM told me to fax it to her and she gave me all the info and I faxed it right away! She was supposed to contact us back the following day after she received the receipt, and did not! We went a week without hearing anything back from them! We called time after time, leaving her voice messages and being told shes not at her desk right now, but we will give her the message that its urgent and that you need to speak to her right away! Still wouldnt hear anything back! One afternoon I was out washing the rental car that the dealership had loaned me, and my fiancé calls to tell me that the dealership just called him and told him that if we didnt have some documentation where we changed the oil by Friday that we needed to return their rental car and that they were gonna shove mine out back!!!My fiancé had told the manager that we already faxed the receipt over to the lady handling our case at GM but she hadnt contacted us back, and once again he told fiancé, that HE wanted the receipts, they were the ones that called the shots!!! I was SO upset when he called and told me, that I wanted to take the rental car back over to them right then and there before they tried to say I mistreated their vehicle! I was SO upset and tired of getting the run-a-around over this damn vehicle that was blew up and that I still had to make the monthly payment on, that had been sitting over there to the dealership for almost a month now... that I just lost it! I sat on the back porch and just cried my eyes out, and I will never forget my 6 year old son coming and sitting down beside me and patting me on the back and telling me Dont cry mommy, we will get your car fixed... and when I get older Ill go buy you a new, better car!We contacted GM again and told them how the dealership was treating us and that we were SO confused on who was the one that was supposed to be handling this, because were getting told something totally different than what they were telling us! The lady at GM said she would contact the dealership and just to wait on taking the rental car back that day and she would figure out what was going on and get back with us the next day!!! Well that next day came, and Friday (when they told me to bring their car back if I couldnt provide them receipts) and the weekend... and Monday and we STILL never got a call back from the lady at GM nor the dealership! Tuesday evening around 3:30 the dealership calls and says they want their rental car back now! I take the rental car back over to them and at this point Im beyond and over the hill furious!My fiancé and I walk in the service department to give the keys back to the manager and he wants to know if we have those receipts for him!? I explained to him that... No. I did not. I faxed it over to Canedra (the lady handling the case) like I was told to! I started digging in my purse and luckily I still had the receipt in my purse! I gave it to him, and he immediately gets rude and starts shaking his head and tells us That’s unexpectable! We explained to him all the trouble we had went through to try and come up with some receipts where we purchased oil because we change the oil ourselves and we had no luck, but he didnt care one bit! I explained to him that Canedra (at GM) told us that it didnt really matter if we had records or not, so I was confused to as why he was even making such a big deal out of it!His exact words were I dont care who you talked to. One day you can get Shanequa... and the next you could get Tom. You aint talking to the right person, you need to call them and tell them YOU need to talk to someone in the US... because when you call them they’re sending you to someone overseas that dont know what they’re talking about! I told him that we would go out in the parking lot and call them right then and there! He said You need to tell them that they need to contact ME as of last month, because I got your vehicle sitting back there taking up space and we’re about ready to shove it out back! My fiancé and I go straight out into the parking lot and call GM... and OF COURSE we get told Shes not at her desk right now, but Im sending her a message right now to get back with you ASAP! We demanded to speak to someone NOW!My fiancé told her that we we’re standing out front of the dealership and they were needing to know something NOW, as well as us too! After about 10 minutes we finally got through to her! We told her what was going on and asked if she had got the receipt we faxed a week ago?! She told us she did, and that she was going to put us on hold and call the manager there at the service department now! We were on hold forever, and we knew the service station was closing soon so we decided to head back home, and my fiancé phone had went dead anyhow!We get halfway home and after trying to call the lady back 50 times she finally calls us back to tell us that she just spoke with the manager at the service department and he says that there was black sludge in the oil filter, and that we had neglected the vehicle and that was why it was in the shape it was in and the one receipt we had was not enough, so unfortunately they werent going to be able to replace the motor! My fiancé asked her... So even though the vehicle has a recall, or is under some extended warranty due to excessive oil consumption, which has probably led the vehicle to the shape its in, you’re telling me there is absolutely nothing you can do because the manager at the dealership told you we neglected the car and because we could only provide one receipt where we changed the oil???She replied Yes sir unfortunately so... He says there is some kind of black sludge due to not changing the oil, and the one receipt isnt enough proof! My fiancé asked her if there was some kind of law stating that we had to take our vehicles to an actual dealership to have an oil change and get documentation!? And she replied No sir there is no law! We both were just SO upset and mad that he just hung up on her and turned around to head back to the dealerships service station but they had already closed! I just cried the whole way home! Thinking... what am I going to do!? I have no vehicle. I havent had one for a month now. And its all up to me to fix it now! I went and talked to my father about it, because I didnt know what to do and needed his advice since his name was on the loan as well!He advised me to look into the Lemon Law... so I did! In the meantime I called the dealership to ask them where the vehicle was because I needed to have it towed back to the house until I figured out what to do. I didnt know if they still had it in the shop or had already shoved it out back like he said! He told me that yes it out back AND before they could even release the vehicle to us that I needed to take care of my bill for 600 dollars where they tore the motor apart to diagnose the problem and put it back together! Which I wasnt aware of... but he said I was because I signed a paper that stated that! Okay. Not only do I not have a vehicle but I just had to make the monthly payment on it which was 300 dollars but NOW I gotta come up with 600 dollars just to get the keys and have it towed outta there! In the meantime someone contacted me from a law firm through the Lemon Law website I went on!They told me I needed to get all the information on the vehicle and a copy of the warranty and all documentation that the dealership had record of from previous times I had the vehicle to them! So I did... only to get told that where I declined to have the oil consumption diagnostic test done before, that they wouldnt look into my case! What do I do now? My father called over to the dealership to tell them the vehicle was gonna have to sit for a while because I was still trying to come up with the 600 dollars to pay them! He asked them how much it would cost for them to just replace the motor, and for a new motor from GM 2 year warranty I do believe it was going to be around 7 thousand dollars, BUT they called around and found a used one with low mileage for 2,500! As of now mine had around 88,000 miles on it! I put a little 20,000 miles on it from the time I bought it!My father and I decided to just try and pay to have a used motor put in it because there was no way either one of us could come up with 7 thousand dollars for a new motor! We went to the bank where the loan was through and tried to have it refinanced, and get an extra 3000 to get it fixed, and that was a no go! We went to several other places to try and get a loan even just until I got my tax return in a few months and was able to pay it back and nowhere would help us out, as I stated before... My credit is not good, and my father’s debt to ratio was too much! What do I even do now? I’ve been without a vehicle for over a month, still making the payments on it and the motor is blew up, and I cant even get the money to fix it!I was in such a mess over this vehicle and so upset and stressed out on top of other things going on in my life that the only thing I could think of to do is file bankruptcy... So I made an appointment with a lawyer and gathered up all the information I needed to take to my appointment, and one of the things I had to do was get my credit report and write down everything I owed! When I looked at my credit report I noticed that the loan for the vehicle wasnt even showing up, and that was the whole reason I was going to file bankruptcy. Come to find out, my name isnt even on the loan! Just my father’s name. So thats a no go!So NOW it has been almost 2 months since I have been without a vehicle and dealt with all this **, and its still sitting over to the dealership in their building out back, with no way of getting it fixed until February or March when I get my tax return, and this WHOLE mess has now become all on my poor father (which just found out he has skin cancer on his nose) because the vehicle is only in his name! I have never in my life been in such a situation where I feel so helpless and like a total failure! I dont even know what to think, or say or even do about this mess! Im clueless! Thats my experience with GM Motors!
Published: November 3, 2017
Erika of Point Pleasant, WV

Own a 2011 Chevy Malibu and it started acting weird in late February 2016.
Own a 2011 Chevy Malibu and it started acting weird in late February 2016. Finally it just about stopped on the road so I called the dealership. He looked up my car (because I had been there before for service and a recall) and informed me my PowerTrain warranty was already expired. Mind you this wasnt even what I was asking about - I wanted to know if I could bring the car in to be looked at. So immediately it was off-putting. After he told me it was expired, he said they were extremely busy and I could try to bring it in but no guarantees. Well, since he was such a gentleman I obviously said no thanks and hung up. If my warranty is expired, its common knowledge that dealerships are more expensive so I figured I would take it to a local mechanic instead. Turns out the transmission needed a rebuild. It was completely shot. We are already living paycheck to paycheck so I immediately started to panic.Googling how much a repair like this costs and I was terrified... thousands of dollars. Either way, it had to be done because that is my only form of transportation. After a couple different mechanics looking at it, we settled on a mechanic in our town that specializes in transmissions. Got it fixed and it was a little over $3000. Not sure what possessed me to log in to the General Motors website, but I decided to just to see if there was anything out there as far as the transmissions on these particular cars. I had been reading up online and apparently transmission issues are very common in the model I have.After I entered my VIN, I saw that my Powertrain had NOT been expired as of the day I called for an appointment. It actually still had a full 24 hours on it! Cutting it close, but nonetheless! Either the service rep LIED because they were busy and he didnt want to deal with me or he just couldnt read a calendar. Either way, I have been screwed by GM and Paul Masse Chevrolet in East Providence, Rhode Island. Have been battling with GM Customer Service and all they can tell me is that dealerships are privately owned and they would like to offer me a year of SiriusXM or OnStar for my troubles. Im not giving up... The rep I spoke to was so slow to respond to me. Every time she said she would call the next day, and 2-3 days later shed finally call to say she was still working on it and trying to talk to the dealership. So basically I had to pay for their error, and they wont claim responsibility for their employees. It is disgusting.
Published: April 6, 2016
K. H. of Fall River, MA

It would seem that General Motors doesn’t understand customer satisfactio
It would seem that General Motors doesn’t understand customer satisfaction. Before today, if you would ever ask me what car to buy, I would always recommend a GM vehicle. It will be long time before I do that again. Through my local dealer I ordered a part 2 weeks ago, for which they took my money to order it, the part has shipped to one of the GM warehouses, who doesn’t seem to have any urgency to release to the dealer from which I purchased it.Even the dealer has no luck requesting the release of the part and GM customer service says I have to work through the dealer to get the part released because once it has shipped from GM, GM is no longer responsible for it, even though, according to my local dealer, this warehouse 75 is the GM centralized distribution center. I am now waiting on a supervisor from GM customer service to call me back. 24 to 48 hours although in the meantime I am stuck driving on a cracked GM rim that could go out at any time. Being a GM owner all my adult life, this has me frustrated and has developed a true regret in standing by GM all these years. General Motors, you have lost a long term supporter.
Published: June 26, 2019
David of Fort Calhoun, NE

My 2021 GM Yukon Denali had about 2-3 months and less than 2000 miles when
My 2021 GM Yukon Denali had about 2-3 months and less than 2000 miles when I first tried to use the rear seat entertainment. It didn’t work. Took to service dept. They only connect headset but screens didn’t work. Took it back, found it had electrical problems. They kept my vehicle for almost 30 days. The part was not available due to it being brand new. Finally after almost 30 days they got part but another electrical part went out. They had to order that too. Meantime I’m working with GM to get my $1200 car payment reimbursed. It’s a very expensive and brand new vehicle so I expect it to work correctly. I’m not able to drive it so why am I paying for it. They agreed to reimburse me. Lady I was working with no longer works there. New Person taking over case says they can’t and won’t reimburse me. They went back on their word. I will never buy GM again. Brand new vehicles should be inspected to make sure all parts are working correctly. This experience has been nothing but headaches for me and my family.
Published: March 12, 2021
Nancy of Harlingen, TX

Complained about why a one year old car leaks water inside when in car wash
Complained about why a one year old car leaks water inside when in car wash. Sorry too many miles, save recent receipt in case of recall 2014 Equinox! First we heard of your problem. Really!
Published: August 25, 2015
Eric of Chicago, IL

I am a service manager for a large landscaping company. We have 41 one ton
I am a service manager for a large landscaping company. We have 41 one ton Chevy trucks with 6.0L motors in them. The first year I was here, we have replaced 12 manifolds, bolts and gaskets. I have contacted the dealership GM directly and have been told by them several times that GM has no intentions in fixing or refunding the money for parts, labor, etc. I have talked with several other companies that use the same trucks. They have had the same problem with the same answer. Altogether, we have over Chevy trucks from 3/4 to 1 ton trucks. All I can say is Ford will be getting our business from here on out!
Published: June 21, 2012
Richard of Plaincity , OH

I purchased a used 2013 Buick LaCrosse. Never again will a GM product come
I purchased a used 2013 Buick LaCrosse. Never again will a GM product come into my house. This POS has been at the repair shop 13 times in the past year. I have contacted the dealer and GM and all I get is lip service. GM could care less about customer service and customer satisfaction. I have tried to be a reasonable person, but am beyond that now. Just know 13 is a unlucky number and if you decide to purchase a Buick keep that number in your mind. Do not purchase a GM Buick.
Published: May 16, 2017
Ken of Huntersville, NC

Like many GM SUV and truck owners, my dash has cracked in multiple places.
Like many GM SUV and truck owners, my dash has cracked in multiple places. Even though my vehicle is out of warranty, I decided to contact GM Customer Care to see if there is a recall or resolution. It is obvious that this is a chronic problem for several year models. My first contact consisted of sending an email from the GM Customer Care website. I received a confirmation, then had to provide a lot of other information so they could properly review my problem. After a week of not hearing anything from GM, I called them only to find that my claim had been closed. When I inquired as to why it was closed, I was told that the person handling my case must have closed it. This required a new case to be opened, repeat of the same information, etc.About a week later I received a call from GM Customer Care to tell me that they had contacted my dealer and are waiting to hear back from them to see if they have a resolution. I would have thought that the dealer would have to contact GM to see if there is a resolution. A week later I received a call from GM Customer Care telling me that the dealer does not have a resolution for this problem so nothing will be done to fix the cracks. I then wrote this email to Mr. Dan Ammann, President of GM:I am reaching out to you because of a problem with my Denali. I have made several calls to customer service and they have no solution for my problem. The dashboard has cracked in three places... at the instrument panel and at the airbag panel on the passenger side. I would expect better quality on a top of the line GMC product. There are many articles on the internet concerning this problem and it appears that there are thousands of people having the same problem. I also see on the internet that GM has no plans to recall or provide any solution to the problem. As a loyal and long time GMC customer (This is my 4th Denali and 6th GM SUV), I expect more from GM. I found it interesting that GM Customer Service has to contact my dealer, Allen Tillery GMC in Hot Springs, AR, to find out if they have a solution to the problem. I would expect that GM would be the authority, not the dealer.This morning I received a call from GM customer service advising me that they have contacted my dealer and unfortunately, the dealer told them that they are not providing any solution for this issue. This caused me to attempt to contact you directly. As President of GM I expect you to be the person in the know. If you are not aware of this problem, I want to make you aware of it, although, since a number of lawsuits have been filed, I would expect that you are very aware of the problem. My question for you is what is GM going to do about all of these cracking dashboards?I am currently looking at joining one of the existing Class Action Lawsuits against GM or filing my own lawsuit to get a resolution. If there is no resolution through my contact with you or through legal routes, I cannot, in good conscience, ever buy another GM product or support my local GM dealer by buying from them or using them for service. Please feel free to contact me with any questions. I look forward to your quick response.Surprisingly, Mr. Ammanns email is blocked by GMs servers, so the email will never reach his eyes, unless someone at GM happens to see this review and gives it to him. The odds are about the same as winning Powerball of that happening. I also copied the email to my local dealer Allen Tillery GMC with no response. It is my opinion that GM has reached a size that they dont have to care about customers or more importantly, returning customers. It wasnt too many years ago that we, the people, were bailing them out. How quickly they forget. GM products will no longer be considered when I shop for my next vehicle.
Published: July 21, 2016
Ronald of Hot Springs Village, AR

Takata admitted there was a passenger side airbag defect a decade past. I o
Takata admitted there was a passenger side airbag defect a decade past. I owned a 2008 Silverado with that airbag installed. GM continually said my vehicle was not due for a replacement for years. Today I got a notice that my Silverado WAS involved in GM Recall N212328760... the same recall they told me for years did not involve my vehicle. I sold that vehicle three months ago and just got the notice from GM... today. From the language in todays letter it becomes obvious to me that they were just fine with allowing me to drive a dangerous vehicle after telling me it wasnt dangerous. There seems to hint that something illegal has happened here wherein GM knowingly put the owners of these vehicles in mortal danger.
Published: March 12, 2021
Robert of Rohnert Park, CA

GM does not treat customers fairly. My husband and I bought a 2004 Pontiac
GM does not treat customers fairly. My husband and I bought a 2004 Pontiac used but in great condition. We owned the car for less than 6 months. One morning on my husbands way to work, it went up in flames. Fortunately, my husband managed to get out alive. Two days after it caught on fire, we received a recall notice in the mail. Guess what? The recall was for possible engine fires caused by oil leak onto the manifold. After starting a claim with GM, and being told to keep the vehicle in storage so they can have an inspector come inspect the vehicle, they decided to make us an offer for the vehicle more than three months later. The offer was for less than half of the vehicles worth, and they refused to pay for the tow, road clean up (because the car melted to the street) and the storage fees totaling more than $3300.00 because they said it was our choice to have the vehicle towed and stored somewhere. (No one chooses to have their car go up into flames while they are driving it, and when it melts to the street you have no other option but to have it towed by police orders). We only did what we were told to do, and in the end we are paying the price. We are not even getting enough money to cover the cost of the storage so all that is having to be paid out of my pocket when I did not choose for my car to go up in flames. How is that right? I will never recommend GM to anyone, and I will always tell people not to buy GM due to how they do not take care of their customers.
Published: March 21, 2018
Rita of Topeka, KS

It has been 3 months since GM has classified our truck as a lemon, and stil
It has been 3 months since GM has classified our truck as a lemon, and still do not have a replacement truck. After complying with documents 3 times to Henry and getting little to no help we were turned over to Sean who has only been slightly better. If you ask to speak to his supervisor first he will then call you back, then today being told by Sean that he contacted the Dealership about ordering us a new truck, then checking with that dealership and being read the emails from Sean this was not the case. I was told that we had to find a like truck and send the VIN # which I have but the truck is sold by the time Sean gets around to replying to the emails I send. This whole experience has caused extreme hardship as I need the truck to tow our trailer to Houston for my Husbands cancer treatments and it has been a financial burden driving and paying for Hotels as well as compromising my Husbands health by staying in Hotels, etc. All we want is a truck to replace the Lemon Truck we have so I can keep my Husband safe in our own trailer.
Published: November 25, 2020
Susan of Pinon Hills, CA

Looked online for car prices, found new car at dealership (Pat O Briens). S
Looked online for car prices, found new car at dealership (Pat O Briens). Salesman said car was $3500 more than online price, that GM only allows them to sell 1 a month at that price. They are liars. Called GM Customer Service who doesnt seem to care about image of being liars. Same old sale stuff as always, false advertisement to get you in - switch and bait.
Published: July 10, 2015
leslie of Vermilion, OH

I have a 2002 Chevy Express Van 2500. I’m the original owner. I have abou
I have a 2002 Chevy Express Van 2500. I’m the original owner. I have about 98000 miles, first time. I just learned that the ABS sensors need to be replaced. It cost a total of about $600.00. The cargo side door that opens first on the passenger’s side is very hard to open. It’s almost stuck. I have applied grease, oil, etc. to the hinge, the lower hinge is the one that is super stuck. I am sure that the manufacturing process is the cause for this, nothing elseHow about the NTSB being notified? I can also mention that the fuel pump went out about 20,000 to 30,000 ago. The cost is over $1000.00. I have never heard of a fuel pump going out. I had lost time and wages and it’s dangerous. They make great vehicles, but the overall components are the pits after 30,000 miles.
Published: February 13, 2012
James of Cincinnati, ohio 45239, oh

I purchased a 2006 Impala with 160,000 miles in 2011. Recently, I have been
I purchased a 2006 Impala with 160,000 miles in 2011. Recently, I have been getting a Service Traction Control on my dash, as well as a Reduced Speed/Low Oil pressure message. When this happens, my car will not increase speed and it has little to no power at all. When this happened the first time, I drove directly to Bale Chevrolet here in Little Rock, Arkansas. I left my vehicle and warranty information with the service department. I received a call a day later telling me it isnt covered under warranty and isnt a recall issue. Mind you, I have read hundreds of post with Impala drivers saying the exact same thing; just something out of the blue happened on their car. The representative told me my car would cost over $400.00. I agreed to pay it. At that time, I felt good about Bale Chevrolet being able to fix the issue. Why not? I bought a 20003 Impala from them in 2004. I went and paid for it. Mind you that this was on 4/25/13; I am writing this on 5/16/13. So, I get in my car on lunch yesterday and my check engine light is on. Then later, when I had got off the Service Traction Control light error, the Low Oil pressure lights are right back on; and my car is doing the exact same thing it had done in April before it had been alleged to have been repaired. When this happened again this morning, my child was riding with me. I made a left turn and was almost side swiped because my car wouldnt accelerate at all. I called the Service Department at Bale and was told they will look at it and it may be a multiple issue problem. I had my car fully diagnosed back in April, so if it was a multiple issues thing, those multiple issues shouldve been addressed before allowing me to leave with a patched up car. He also told me I would be responsible for any new parts pertaining to the Service Traction/Low Oil Pressure issues. Also, I was told that I will have to wait until Monday before anybody can look at the car. Ive already paid for the repairs which werent done properly and now I have to wait 2 days before it can even be looked at. It is sad (me and my family are long time Chevy buyers) to be treated like this at a lot where Ive bought more than one car; to be told get in line and wait after my car when it wasnt fixed properly the first time. I am 100% sure that I, nor my immediate family, will ever purchase another Chevy car or truck as long as I live. This is from a company that my tax dollars helped to bail out. I still purchased from them to now be treated like a number. I almost had my car totaled out because of issues that should be a recall in the first place. Second, I paid to have it fixed. I know this email won’t be responded to, but I hope others will read and strongly consider not purchasing a GM vehicle at all. I will be trading my poor Impala for a Honda as soon as I have money to pay Bale Chevrolet a second time to fix what shouldve been fixed in April. Google Bale and you will see all the complaints about them having to fix the same problems two to three times, with the customer ending up paying more and more just to get something that shouldve been correctly diagnosed and fixed the first time.
Published: May 18, 2013
Michael of Little Rock, AR

I took my 2016 Terrain into a dealership because there was a vibrating in t
I took my 2016 Terrain into a dealership because there was a vibrating in the front when I braked. They said all the rotors were warped and had to be replaced under warranty but the pads were not covered. I asked if we could leave the pads and just do rotors. They said there was lots of pad left but it was uneven wear because of the warped rotors and if I didn’t change them it would void warranty if anything else happened. So I had no choice. I said, Fix it. Replacing both sets of pads was $410 and I called GM multiple times and they keep telling me it’s a wear and tear item and it’s not covered but in this case it’s not wear and tear. It was their defective rotors that ruined the pads. They won’t listen to me. They keep saying it’s wear and tear and they won’t cover it. I am absolutely frustrated and fuming. GM is trying to brush this off but it’s not going to happen! I am not going away!
Published: November 13, 2018
Matt of Canada

Product Safety recall 08411 fuel system control module - Turns out the fuel
Product Safety recall 08411 fuel system control module - Turns out the fuel system control module failed on my GM SUV, exactly like they said in the recall notice, however since my trucks VIN # is only a few units past the group of numbers they assumed to be the bad ones, no help at the dealer. I sent a note to GM, still waiting on a response.
Published: May 22, 2014
Jim of Private City, WI

GMC pickup trucks - My oil pressure sending unit went bad at almost exactly
GMC pickup trucks - My oil pressure sending unit went bad at almost exactly 100000 miles and it cost me $500.00 to have it replaced at the dealer... also the steering sensor is bad because the stability and traction lights are on on the dash. The cost to fix that is also $500.00 to replace. Don’t you think that is bad for an 80 year old man to pay? Or don’t you people care?
Published: July 11, 2018
Robert of Bay City, MI

I have a 2005 Pontiac g6 and I received a letter saying my car was on recal
I have a 2005 Pontiac g6 and I received a letter saying my car was on recall for the power steering, which I was glad to find that out cause my steering has been messed up since I got the car. But heres my problem: sometimes my power steering light will come on across my dash and sometimes it dont and whats wrong is I lose complete steering and it jerks really bad, and I dont have no control over it. When I drive down the highway and it does it, Im lucky that Im able to pull over. When I called gmc and told them the problem they said that has nothing to do with my power steering recall, has to be something else. All I would like is answer or something. Im risking not only my life but my sons life driving this car the way it is. It also will shut off on me when the steering goes out and then dont wanna start back up. My headlights will fade and flash too.
Published: September 3, 2014
Whitney of Zanesville, OH

I am an upset customer and relative of an upset customer. My mother purchas
I am an upset customer and relative of an upset customer. My mother purchased a 2018 GMC Terrain in January 2018 and this car has had nothing but problems. On May 4th 2018 the car was taken to Jim Causley GMC for repairs which to us seems to be severe. The car stopped in the middle of a busy intersection and an error message came across the dashboard which read, This car is unsafe to drive, and the car stop working and was driving erratic. After the vehicle was towed back to Jim Causley GMC they kept the vehicle for approximately one week and I asked the service adviser the extent of the damage and he stated that he was informed by the service manager that he was not at liberty to disclose this information and they released the vehicle to me. I proceeded to drive the vehicle a few miles and the vehicle stopped on me in the middle of a busy intersection and once again I received the same error message which read that, This vehicle is unsafe to drive. I cannot believe that the technicians at Jim Causley GMC worked on this vehicle for a week and claimed that it was safe and road ready and yet again I am having the same mechanical issues.
Published: May 14, 2018
James of Southfield, MI

I have bought 2 Chevy Cobalts and I will never buy another one in my life.
I have bought 2 Chevy Cobalts and I will never buy another one in my life. First one I bought was about 3 years ago. I was on my way back from GA and a semi hit me and I spun out on the highway and totaled my car. Well my airbags did not deploy. No big deal. No one was hurt. I called Chevy to let them know that the airbags did not deploy. I heard nothing back from them. I bought my 2nd Chevy Cobalt in May. I let my niece drive my car and she pulled out in front of a car going 50 mph. Car spun out hit another car. GUESS WHAT. The airbags did not deploy... Everyone that was in the car was treated at the hospital. Called Chevy and reported it. LOL. Guess what they said the airbags will only deploy if they are hit head on. WOW really. So because the car was hit on the side and the back of the car, the airbags did not deploy. Getting hit at 50 mph should have deployed the airbag. But my claim DENIED because they were not hit head on. Thank God that they were not hit head on because I probably would not have my niece, son, nephew or grandbaby. I will NEVER buy a Chevy nor will any of my friend and family. What a joke this company is.
Published: August 29, 2017
Jennifer of South Daytona, FL

I am a former executive of GM. While employed, I cautioned management via t
I am a former executive of GM. While employed, I cautioned management via the PEP Program that for years GM has not fixed a problem with their driving lights on many of their vehicles. After a few years, at least one or both white driving lights burns out usually from a hot socket, Im told. Ive owned several GM vehicles and presently drive a Yukon among them. For years knowing my years with GM, my friends and acquaintances often tell me, You can most always tell/bet the GM vehicle approaching you with at least one driving light out is a GM truck, crossover, etc. at least 90%+ of the time. I have no answer as to why for years this kind of on-going negative on-road advertising has been allowed to exist, do you? If its a supplier wiring harness issue, lets fix it as no amount of TV and other media positive advertising can overcome a day and night visible problem that gets most peoples constant attention and commentary. (In short, would any of us re-buy vehicles that after a few years, long before their lifetime runs their course, visibly advertise that they have a rather simple visible fix that seems to be an endemic GM problem? I think not!) Like Forrest Gump is noted as saying, Stupid is as stupid does. For all our GM families sake, investigate and fix as appropriate this seemingly forever on the road negative adverting. I am Randolph **, GMs past General Director of Information Security, previously located in the Ren Cen for many years.
Published: June 23, 2012
Randolph of Kaleva, MI

Dart motors are american made. We used Chevy Crate motors for power, 454 cu
Dart motors are american made. We used Chevy Crate motors for power, 454 cu. in. V8 Big-Blocks, but as all things Chevy it was recast differently to save monies, thinner casting. Then the blocks started to crack, vertical lines in the cylinders after approx. 100 hours use. No junk. Time to move on now to 350 CID v8, burns oil out the box on fire up. Use approx. one qt. oil every 20 to 30 minutes. Called Victory Chevy in Ft. Myers, FL for warranty: No you need to call GM at ** This was a joke. Was told it is my intake gasket. I have been building same products, same parts for 25 plus years. Said needed to pull intake and take photos of intake gasket on motor. Pulled intake, no oil in intake runners, gasket perfect so I pulled heads, oil on top of #s 3-5 and 7. Piston #7 the worst, so pulled piston meat on, piston between ring lands, broke out 3 inch piece. This has happened on two of the last 4 motors. We now use only Dart Motors, no more problems. Other problems to watch for, rings hammered into cylinder, no bolts in cam timing, gear lifters come apart. 100 hrs. no impeller in water pump or impeller spins on shaft. This is poor quality control. Have now learned what GMC stands for: General Mexican Crap. Good bye Chevy!!! Captain Mitch.
Published: February 20, 2016
Capt. Mitch of Everglades City, FL

We purchased a new GMC Terrain Auto 2011 and a 2011 Chevrolet Cruze in Nove
We purchased a new GMC Terrain Auto 2011 and a 2011 Chevrolet Cruze in November 2011. We had trouble with 2011 GMC Terrain, 6 speed transmission, not shifting properly and getting only 24mpg on the highway and 22 around town. This was reported to GM Head Quarters in February 2012 and GM complaint people called me several times, but they tried to convince me that I expected too much. I told them all I wanted was to have the 6 speed transmission shift properly, and then I would probably get better mileage. The service department at Fox Chevrolet in Negaunee, Michigan tried it out and they insisted that there was nothing wrong. They said I was probably trying to compare my GMC Terrain with my 2011 Chevrolet Cruze, which shifted real good and got 39mpg on highway and 34mpg around town all the time. They also told me that after I put another 5,000 miles on my GMC Terrain, it would probably be better. We now have over 14,000 miles on it and I am complaining once again. The main reason is gas is so expensive and GM advertises 30mpg on highway and about 26 to 28mpg in town. So my complaint is false advertising, on the part of GM. So, I am requesting that you correct this problem. Thank you. Also, I have been a GM customer for over 25 years.
Published: June 2, 2012
Oliver of Marquette, MI

NO CUSTOMER SERVICE. I test drove two Chevy trucks and had a $50 test drive
NO CUSTOMER SERVICE. I test drove two Chevy trucks and had a $50 test drive coupon. The salesmen took the coupon to the back and said they would handle sending it off and I could expect the gift card in the mail. We came to actually buy a truck and kept asking for prices. It was obvious that they didnt want to sell us a truck. We went two streets over and bought a brand new GMC truck from Conklin-Fangman for 48,000. I called GM to inquire about my card only to find out that it was NEVER submitted. Called GM and had a three way conversation with the salesmen at CD (Steve ** ) that waited on me. He lied to the GM customer service rep. I got the other salesmen, (Jamie ** ) (we were passed among two salesmen) and he confirmed that the guy was lying. He denied that he even knew me or that I knew him; kept saying that I had him confused with someone else. He hung up on the GM rep and myself. Jamie ** also hung up the phone on the GM rep and myself. The GM rep was of NO HELP. I asked her did she condone this type of behavior from a GM dealership? She was speechless and offered no resolution about obtaining my gift card. She told me to call them back and ask for the five digit code. I refused and told her that this dealership did not deserve to carry the GM name. I have never been treated this way before by anyone, much less two car salesmen. This dealership has a terrible reputation (see their ratings), and obviously, GM doesnt care that they are carrying the brand in such a negative manner. I called and spoke to Donna ** , the customer service rep., and she was nice, but kept telling me how sorry that she was regarding our experience. I asked repeatedly to make an appointment with the owner. She asked that she have a chance to resolve the issue before I complained to GM. She had the general sales manager call me. His name was Rob. I passed the phone to my husband because he talked to me so rudely. He accused us of missing appointments, which we had an appointment to bring in our truck for trade in and we canceled the appointment by phone, and said he was reading our files and seeing that we had no intention of buying a truck. He said that he wanted to get to the point because he had wasted enough time with us. I asked how much time exactly had he wasted b/c I had wasted hours on this matter. He said, well, as of now, it is going on 9.5 minutes.” I told him to forget it and that I would deal with him through another source. He highly encouraged me, in a very sarcastic tone, to write my heart out, on any social media that I desired. He also told me that I should ask GM for more than the $50 gift card. I had told him that if my time was money, then I would have more than $50; which is when he laughed out loud and said, “go for more”; I wouldnt settle for $50 when you could get more. This guy was one of the rudest people that I have ever dealt with my phone. I am a LOYAL GM customer; I have a GM credit card which I have used to purchase 8 GM cars over the last ten years. I walked off Jim Bishop Chevrolet in Muscle Shoals, AL with THREE BRAND NEW vehicles in one day. Since then, two of the three have been trade for other BRAND NEW VEHICLES. I am driving my THIRD Buick Lacrosse. I can assure you that I will NEVER purchase another GM card and will be returning my GM card back to GM and will choose another credit card. Cable Dahmer does not deserve to carry the GM name. I cannot imagine that there could be ONE CUSTOMER that could assure me that they were treated with dignity and respect at that dealership. I am basing this review on the relationship with not one, but two salesmen and two customer service representatives. I have written another email requesting a meeting with the owner, all of which I have been denied. My guess is that these people are hiding this from the owner because I cannot seem to meet with him. I am writing this in SHEER FRUSTRATION and ANGER that ANY dealership has this type of deceit and power over customers. Again, all of this was over a $50 gift card, but has exploded into something far more serious than that. We bought a GMC truck and we are happy with it; we walked into CF, a few streets over, and walked out with a brand new truck. They made the deal without even seeing the truck we were trading in; we didnt know if we were trading or if we would sell and then buy. The CD dealership kept calling and saying they couldnt even give us a price without seeing our truck.” WE kept telling them that we didnt know if we wanted to trade or not; just give us a price. WE NEVER received a price on a truck! NEVER! They are the ones that lost the $48,000 sale and they are the ones that, with my reviews, hopefully, will lose many more sales. I will post if and when the owner decides to meet. I have been denied and have every expectation that it isnt going to come about.
Published: February 19, 2015
Dr. Barbara of Muscle Shoals, AL

I will tell my car horror story a little later. I called the Rep over the c
I will tell my car horror story a little later. I called the Rep over the committee who had the CEO of GM answering questions in the congressional hearing and they indicated congress is not finished with GM but we need to tell them our stories. Go to and put your complaints in there also. That is the website they said they use. The more of us that do it, the better chance we will have to be heard at the next hearing.
Published: October 15, 2014
Kim of Mind Yours, VA

1998 GMC Jimmy SLE 4x4 has automatic locks and windows and child safety. Th
1998 GMC Jimmy SLE 4x4 has automatic locks and windows and child safety. The truck area has extra space. You can put the space under truck and can fit quite bit on truck. Good name and run good. Easy to fix if something goes wrong. Truck has 4x4 drive, keypad alarm, and fog lights. Seats are automated. Its very easy to drive. It has back windshield wipers. Inside lights and brakes work great. Its good on gas. The truck lets us know if we need to check any kind of gadgets and lets us know gas and the mileage. It is very easy to handle and very easy to drive and fix. It can fit five people. Usually it has two adults, three kids in car seats in truck. Its comfortable to take it in long rides most of the dang time. It does good in the rain as long as you check the air in tires. Check everything else before you go out and about... And we can open the back to sit or even camp out or to sit by fire or go to park or even go through drive in. We can open back and lay back to watch the movie at the drive in. We like it very much cause of the room and what it has. Love it in every way. Best truck I ever got.
Published: June 22, 2018
Shenea of Saint Louis, MO

After driving my 2010 Equinox purchased new for 18000 mi. with mostly highw
After driving my 2010 Equinox purchased new for 18000 mi. with mostly highway driving at 55-60, the best I get is 22mpg. That is a far cry from the22/29 which was highly advertised for a 4 cylinder awd. It was the main selling point for me. The service manager at Richard Chev. told me that I will not see those numbers and he didnt know how they came up with them. After 45 yrs., this will be my last GM purchase. Just once, it would be nice if a company meant what they said and said what they meant.
Published: February 2, 2012
Thomas of South Meriden, CT

October 20, 2019 my 2016 GMC Canyon Duramax went into limp mode. It has ess
October 20, 2019 my 2016 GMC Canyon Duramax went into limp mode. It has essentially been in dealer shop since then. Parts delays, major parts replacements have all resulted in the same failure codes. GMC resolution group (I’m now on my third rep) has admittedly trying and the local dealer as well, however it’s been over 150 days and still no ‘resolution’. On one hand I do have a loaner even though I am out of warranty, on the other I do not have my customized truck I use to manage my ranch where we live, and my most recent rep is essentially telling me ‘we are in the driver’s seat and you can wait until we fix it or you can come get it’. No more “yes sir we understand and we are trying”. I guess they are tired of my frustration but after 150 days one would think they could fix their own product. I don’t think they will be able to figure it out if they haven’t by now and wonder what the process is for my truck? Will they buy it back or simply tell me to come pick it up and charge me for repairs and parts that did not work??? Not happy with GMC but I guess they are doing what they can, which is not resulting in a successful repair of happy customer. :(
Published: March 20, 2020
David of Fredericksburg, TX

As a GM Customer for over 12 years, I leased a Cadillac for 4 years and rec
As a GM Customer for over 12 years, I leased a Cadillac for 4 years and recently leased a 2021 XT6. As I contact Cadillac Novi, to schedule an appointment for my XT6 to come in for service. Due to hearing an unfamiliar noise when I’m accelerating. I was told by the Service Advisor that they have no vehicles for loaners due to the chip shortage. But furthermore I was told that I can go and rent a vehicle at Enterprise or whatever and then contact GM to see if I could be reimbursed. I asked the Service Advisor how come they can’t set me up with Enterprise or a rental company due to them not having vehicles. To make the matters worse, he tells me that it would take at least 5 days before the vehicle will even be diagnosed. As a frustrated customer I asked the Service Advisor as a customer who has a bumper to bumper warranty what if I don’t have the financial income to be able to rent a vehicle at this time. The Service Advisor had nothing to say.At this point it’s clear that GM - Cadillac has nothing in place for customers. It’s very sad and unacceptable on all levels. I’m very disappointed with GM and will not be going back. Having a Bumper to Bumper Warranty is useless and it shows that GM do not honor their product. Anytime a customer have to come out of pocket when they purchased a new vehicle for a peace of mind is unacceptable. The fact that a customer have to call and go through the process of GM lack of production is this chip it seems as it’s a fallback with them. I’m so disappointed and will not be a continue customer. The Service Advisor gave me a phone number that after the prompts it just rings and rings. Then another number that after you press the prompt to #1 it goes to talk to text.
Published: December 22, 2021
Redell of Farmington, MI

Tried to get GM (Chevy) to take care of rusted cross member. Was told that
Tried to get GM (Chevy) to take care of rusted cross member. Was told that I am a few years late and that it is on me. This would be close to $1000. Other consumers have complained in regard to the rusting. And Chevy is aware of this issue. Chevrolet issued a bulletin that alerts owners of 1999-2004 model year Chevrolet Trackers of the possibility that some of the front suspension crossmember did not receive adequate corrosion protection. If this occurs, may notice steering looseness, vehicle pulls to one side, front end noises (clunk, bang, rattle, etc) vehicle shaking, or steering wheel rotation when shifting from reverse to drive and drive to reverse.Corrosion may progress over time until the front lower control arm bracket separates from the crossmember.. If this condition occurs on your 1999-2004 Chevrolet Tracker within 10 years of the date that the vehicle was originally placed in service, or 150,000 miles, whichever occurs first, the condition will be repaired at no charge. This should have been a full recall, not a silent one. Shame on you GM or Chevy whatever your name is. I dont give a hoot how old it is, this needs to be corrected. My children will sue GM or Chevy, whatever your name is. If I die in twisted wreckage, thanks for nothing.
Published: July 7, 2015
Lorraine of Bethlehem, PA

I am writing in regards to my recent Service on my truck at Woodlands Hills
I am writing in regards to my recent Service on my truck at Woodlands Hills Ca. GMC. I have a couple things that needs to be addressed. In reviewing the details on my receipt it indicated that they put 9 quarts of oil in my truck. That cant be the case as the truck only holds 6 quarts. In doing a comparison of my 2-15-17 and yesterday’s receipts, I noticed in the inspection of the Brakes Pads does not make any sense. 2-15-17 Brake Inspection noted the front brakes at 6mm and the rear brakes at 5mm. 7-27-17 Brake inspection has the front brakes at 8mm and the rear brakes at 9mm. I have not had my brakes done and the pads cannot have gotten better. They should be more worn. This leads me to believe that the brakes were not check at all. Which further leads me to believe if any work was been done on my vehicle. I was advised I would be give a refund of the 3 extra quarts of oil by the Service Manager. This borders on fraud if not outright fraud.
Published: August 1, 2017
Harold of Simi Valley, CA

We are old retired people - bought new 2010 silverado - it has 35,000 miles
We are old retired people - bought new 2010 silverado - it has 35,000 miles on it - put new tires on it. They are touring in -- had it to the mechanic today - to rotate tires and a line it -- he called and the tie rods need to be replaced - when we bought it it came with a warranty but we also bought the extended warranty --called gm it expired 5 months ago - talked to 2 diff. women. The last 1 was a smart alec - too bad --- cost me almost 500.00 - yes we are on social security -- and same ON GM - TOLD HER WE WILL NEVER EVER BUY ANOTHER CHEVY. MY 2001 EXPLORER IS BETTER THAN THAT HUNK OF JUNK.
Published: April 27, 2016
henry and linda of Vandalia, IL

Tedd Britt Chevrolet (Sterling, VA) and General Motors has given me the run
Tedd Britt Chevrolet (Sterling, VA) and General Motors has given me the run around. They have shown gross negligence by refusing to replace my newly purchased 2020 Silverado 1500. I have been tossed around from manager to manager, from advisor to advisor. Nobody wants to be the one caught with the customer (me) in a potential lawsuit:I have put less than 15,000 miles on the vehicle, hardly owned six months. First owner. The vehicle has been in FIVE TIMES for various electrical issues including brake system failures (x3), and most recently the vehicle shut off while I was traveling +60mph. I fear for my safety. See attached invoice photos. Their staff sees you as a number - a price tag. Their “Customer Experience Manager” did not even look at me, he talked over me, and downright refused to help me - would not even give me the customer service phone number. He said it was not his problem. Incredible. Don’t waste your time, or your safety. Buy a Ford.
Published: March 8, 2021
Joe of Blacksburg, VA

A year ago we paid $30k for a 2014 Malibu loaded with every option but sunr
A year ago we paid $30k for a 2014 Malibu loaded with every option but sunroof. The only problem is it has 36k miles because our family lives out of state. We went to check on trading it because we want an SUV. Car is perfect they tell us its worth $14k now. Either your car is way overpriced or bad enough they dont hold value. Which is it?
Published: January 23, 2015
Kim of Chicora, PA

I am writing this to bring to Buicks attention a real bad experience/false
I am writing this to bring to Buicks attention a real bad experience/false advertisement as well as unacceptable customer service experience at West Point Buick GMC (16835 Katy Fwy, Houston, TX 77094). I was excited to book the 24hr Test Drive on Buick Enclave. As per the Buick website I contacted West Point Buick to Book my Test drive for Sept 5th long weekend on Aug. 17th, 2015. ** from the dealership contact me and provided her the all the details. I reconfirmed with her that the Car will be available multiple times include on Friday Sept 4th, 2015. I also confirmed with her that I will get an AWD with unlimited mileage for 24hrs on Sept 5th, 2015 and I will be arriving at the dealership at 9:30am on Sept 2015. I double checked the Terms and Conditions outlined in PDF document provided before scheduling the Test drive.While inquiring the details of any restriction or documentation required on the day of the test drive we were asked to bring Driver License, Insurance, and the 2 current Pay Slips. I refused to bring the 2 current Pay Slips as it was not listed in the Terms and Conditions for 24hr Test drive. The dealership backtracked and said that it is only required when will buy the vehicle.Here is my experience in chronological order of at the dealership. Arrived at the Dealership at 9:25am. The dealership had no record or record of schedules for the Test drive. A salesperson (SSG **) joined us and asked us to register at the desk. The receptionist informed that she is busy and we have to wait to get the driver license scanned.We were told we can select any New Buick Enclave on the lot. The salesperson had no idea on Packages offered or if they have an AWD on their lot. They asked us to look at Stickers and check and select the vehicle available ourselves. He also informed us that he cant get an AWD Enclave since it’s not available with them contrary to confirmation over the email. The salesperson also informed us that we can return the vehicle on Monday since dealership will be closed on Friday and there is no limit on mileage.While reception was still busy we were presented with a Legal Contract that we have agreed to buy the Car prerequisite on the Credit Check and Financial approval and indicating that while we have the car if we go over certain miles we have to pay the charge per mile. This contract seem to be the standard contract for someone who has bought the car and hasnt got financial approval instead of 24hr test drive. Dealership informed us that we must sign this document in order to Test drive the vehicle and there is no other contract. The salesperson have us work with the Manager who wrote a statement below that the contract is not binding on us purchasing the vehicle and that the Vehicle will be available with unlimited mileage on our insistence.While we finally scanned out Driver license with reception the salesperson still insisted to make a copy of the driver’s license. It is already 10:15am while we were trying to acquire the car for the Test drive. We mentioned that we will be driving the car to Austin as per Terms and Condition of 24hr drive the Car is allowed to be driven within the State. The purpose for our 2-hour drive was to experience the Vehicle on how we intend to use it for our active lifetime and weekend travel. On hearing this the sales person went to GM and informed him of our intention. The GM made us wait for 20 minutes. We inquired the name of the GM from the salesperson while waiting for him to get back to us after a long wait. The Sales person refused to provide the name of the GM and asked us why we care about the name. That is very unprofessional of them thinking that we will file a complaint against them.Finally GM (**) came out and told us Sorry we cant offer the Vehicle for test drive instead of informing us of any mileage restriction. On our query he told us that he has talked with GMC and the limit on the 24hr Test drive is 200 miles only. That is contrary to the Terms and Condition document oh Buick 24hr Test drive PDF posted online. (v) We were further informed by GM of the dealership that we can only have the car for 6 hours even if we comply with 200miles restrictions and have to bring back the car by 7:00pm before the dealership closes instead of the next day (Sunday) or Monday morning when the dealership reopens. While scheduling the 24hr Test drive 3 weeks ago no such restriction was mentioned to us.We had enough and decided to leave the dealership The GM came out and said we can keep the car for 24hrs but the 200miles limit will apply. It was 11:15am and by this time it didnt even matter if they offered the 24hr test drive according to the condition listed in the Buicks published Terms and Condition document online as we were not comfortable with taking the car out of the lot and absolutely fearful of the prospect of buying the car from Buick and dealing with such Customer experience. It seems the dealership had no idea about the 24hr test drive Program and what are Terms & Conditions for it and how to treat the Customers in general.I am extremely unhappy with Buick on not communicating the Program properly to their Dealerships and the Customer Service at their Dealership. Here are my pain points from this experience. (a) I arranged and reconfirmed 3 weeks ahead and put aside all my commitments for the Long weekend to conduct the Test Drive that never happened. (b) Dealership had no record of schedules and the Customer communication before the Schedule date about the Test Drive. (c) Dealership didnt had the 24hr Test Drive Contract and Terms and Conditions form and used general sales Contract. (d) Real Bad Customer Service at the dealership and they make me wait for 2 hours while they ran around trying to find things that should be in order on first place.(e) Rude behaviour from GM and right away refusing the Test Drive without explaining and giving us the option of driving the vehicle for restricted miles and hours as per dealership understanding instead of the Terms and Conditions of 24Hr Test Drive program.(f) Refusal of Sales Person to Provide General Manager name that I have to find out later from the reception. I expect Buick to reimburse me for ruining my long weekend and the time and frustration in dealing with their dealership.
Published: September 5, 2015
Jawad of Katy, TX

I had been driving GM all my life and I love it. But on the past years it h
I had been driving GM all my life and I love it. But on the past years it have become an experience brand to buy and keep when others brand have gained reputations on durability, longer warranty and lower cost in general.
Published: April 18, 2018
Mario of Ft Lauderdale, FL

On June 2, 2016 an engine light came on as we were on the on ramp proceedin
On June 2, 2016 an engine light came on as we were on the on ramp proceeding to the highway. Immediately our engine losing power light came on. My husband managed to get the vehicle safely off the road. The vehicle shut down and would not restart. It was towed to ORegans on Robie Street where it was diagnosed with fuel injectors that exploded thereby causing major issues. The vehicle had 118,000 km and the warranty expired at 110,000. Had the car repaired, $2500.00 later! I asked if the car had been test driven, the reply was no when it was the check engine light came back on. Now it needed rear sensors. That same evening the check engine light came back on so back to ORegans. Now the timing chain was gone!!! So another $2700.00.No one from ORegans or GM would extend the warrant. There will never be another GM product in our driveway their attitude with customers is, Oh well we can offer you $2500 off a brand new car. Ha they have to be kidding. After doing research and speaking with a couple of mechanics I find out GM knew they had injectors issues and timing chain issues which they are saying, Oh we never heard of any issues regarding the injectors or timing chain. I have been in touch with the local media and Yvonne Colbert has sent me a recall which I am going to try one more time with GM to see if we can come to a resolve on this issue. I know they have a good will warranty. Wish me luck!!!
Published: August 25, 2016
Valerie of Halifax, NS

I purchased my 2003 GMC Denali brand new from the dealer in Maine. Ive foll
I purchased my 2003 GMC Denali brand new from the dealer in Maine. Ive followed all maintenance guidelines to date. The seat heaters stopped working within 2 years. Cost was $500 ea. to repair! The paint on rear door, bubbled and flaking off. Hood paint has been slowing coming off for the past 4 years. Just put $1,700 in brake repairs and I am still driving a death trap. No one can figure out the problems! With all the problems, the mechanic said the frame is huge rust problem and isnt safe to drive!! Where do I turn to for help?
Published: January 15, 2018
M. of Manchester, ME

GM customer service and appreciation is so poor, I’ll never again purchas
GM customer service and appreciation is so poor, I’ll never again purchase a GM product, after my husband and I have been loyal GM owners all our lives. On October 13th, we were in an unfortunate vehicle accident where my vehicle has been in the repair shop since October 17th. Since this time, parts for my vehicle repair are still in an “Unknown” status.The dealership escalated parts with GM as unavailable on October 31st, however after not being able to receive an ETA, I reached out to GM directly to escalate this concern on December 3rd. December 5th was able to speak to my case worker who reached out to the dealership on the same day. December 10th, I was finally provided an update from my case worker but only confirming all the details I already knew; My parts are unavailable, escalation has been file by dealership, and they would be sent when they are available (no ETA). The only detail he provided me that I wasn’t aware of was GM wasn’t the point of contact, my dealership was and there was nothing more GM could do. My case worker was unsympathetic in every conversation we’ve had, only re-iterating the whole country has been impacted by the GM strike. I then emailed the CEO of Chevrolet, Mary Barra, on December 10th, in which I received another case work. After patiently waiting, finally received a call December 15th from my new case worker. This one was worst than the last in regards to customer service. Saying the same thing as the last case worker about the GM strike and parts not available, only worse, she kept insisting my case first escalated on December 10th. I’m sure you can imagine how far my frustration had gone by this point. I requested to speak to her manager since it was obvious she was only performing the same actions as the last case worker, only more poorly. I was given a 24-48 hour turn around. Finally, December 22, got a call from her manager and again got nowhere, no update. Today is December 29 and GM still has no update on parts for my vehicle yet they are still pushing the same vehicles to production.
Published: December 29, 2019
Melinda of Leander, TX

On Christmas Day, 2014, at about 2 PM, my wife and I were driving in our 20
On Christmas Day, 2014, at about 2 PM, my wife and I were driving in our 2013 Chevy Spark on the Cross Valley Expressway (PASR-309). It was a bright sunny day with very little traffic. The car was loaded with presents as we were on way to the family holiday dinner. Not long after we exited the rock-cuts (a reduced speed zone) and assumed normal highway speed, there was a horrendous, explosive noise and the sky vanished, or so it would seem. The hood of the Spark had blown open and smashed the windshield, completely obstructing or view. For some reason, I almost immediately realized what had happened and was able to maneuver the vehicle to the side of the highway using the only the view in the side-mounted rear-view mirrors. We were, each, covered in shattered glass, but neither of us was injured.After assessing the situation and realizing we were less than a mile from Bonner Chevrolet, I bungee-tied the hood down and nursed the vehicle to their lot. We called a family member to pick us up and tried to enjoy what was left of our holiday. Most of the day was spent retelling the story and hearing from everyone, just how lucky we were. Chevy had issued a recall for possible hood-latch rust and potential failure in mid-November. The recall letter stated, We will send you another notice to inform you when parts are available to repair your vehicle. No such letter had arrived prior to the above event; however, it did come in mid-January.The guys at Bonner were terrific. They were confident that this was a simple recall issue and that GM would pick up the tab. Were they ever wrong! Bonner assessed the damage at $5001.32. (New hood, fenders, hinges, windshield, paint.) The car had a KBB value of about $9500 at the time, so the repairs were warranted. Heres where it gets interesting. GM had Bonner recalculate the repairs using a higher labor rate (Corporate-Warranty Rate). The cost of repair went over $7,000, and exceeded GMs acceptable threshold to merit repair. Just like magic. The car was now a total loss in their eyes. GM offered me $7,500 and a $2,000 Customer Loyalty voucher.The following is an excerpt from my response to their offer: I am still considering your offer. The problem that I am having is that Chevy is asking me to spend a minimum of $9,000 dollars out of my pocket to resolve a problem created when my Chevy product failed. And yes, as structured, Chevy would get my $9,000 dollars. Lets do some math. The offer stands at $9,500. ($7,500 check and $2,000 Chevy voucher). I owe approximately $4,500 dollars on my defective vehicle. My dealer can put me in a new (hopefully non-defective) Spark for about $14,000 (title, tax, tags). That causes me to spend an unbudgeted $9,000 if I buy a Chevy or $11,000 if I choose a comparable vehicle from another manufacturer. Any rational human (including judges, jurors, arbiters, and customer service representatives) can see the folly in accepting such a deal. All I really want is the same car payment I currently have and a safe vehicle to drive. Fix my car or find me a different one (13-14-15, I dont care). Let me walk away owing my Credit Union $4500. Ill continue to sing the praises of the Spark and Chevy. Please forward this to anyone who might be able to help.After several phone calls (GM stopped replying to e-mail), Chevy held firm. I ended up having my insurance repair the vehicle at Bonner for the initial estimate and paid a $250 deductible. The whole process took six weeks (3 car payments).
Published: March 5, 2015
Kevin of Harveys Lake, PA

I see all of the complaints about CUE computer system since 2013. Purchasin
I see all of the complaints about CUE computer system since 2013. Purchasing a 2015, I thought surely GMC has improved that product by now. But how wrong I was. I know GMC is not recalling that product because it is not a safety issue, that is their way out. Come on GMC, you put out a junk CUE product, stand behind it. Has any CUE/Cadillac owners started a class action suit? If so, how can I join?
Published: September 19, 2018
Carol of Independence, MO

Service center completely scammed me. If I could give it a zero I would. To
Service center completely scammed me. If I could give it a zero I would. Took my car in a year ago because it was stalling. They said they fixed it for $400 which some was covered under warranty. They replaced timing chain and gaskets. Still stalling so recently I had aftermarket solenoids put in. It was still stalling and check engine light came. Took it to Gordon’s and John ** told me it would be $542 and that’s it’s because I had aftermarket solenoids. I was hesitant, but he convinced me it would be running good after. Next day he calls me and tells me it will be over $1400. But at this point they already changed the solenoids and that didn’t work. They misdiagnosed the problem. I tell them forget it and pick up my car. On the work order for the 1400 they have timing chain, gaskets and actuator. The same things they supposedly fixed a year ago. They still charged me $500 for the solenoids. Paid $500 for absolutely nothing and check engine lights still on. Nothing fixed for $500. I will be putting in a complaint through the state of Michigan. We actually have also talked to our cousin who is a lawyer. I feel like they took advantage of me because I am a woman. Also when I questioned him he hung up on me!
Published: January 19, 2019
Mariah of Canton, MI

I bought a 2010 Equinox. After I bought it I noticed that there is rust in
I bought a 2010 Equinox. After I bought it I noticed that there is rust in the bottom of all the doors. Also the paint is starting to bubble up under all the doors. I contacted Chevrolet customer services. They assigned my complaint to a senior adviser. The senior adviser contacted the dealer where I got the car from and made an appointment for them to look at the car. The dealer recognizes that there was a problem however they declined to do anything about it because according to them even though there’s a problem the rust havent ate through the doors yet. I did some researches and there is other customers complaining about the same issue. I’m an very unhappy customer. I paid 16,700 dollars for this car and the car have a factory defect that they wont address. The dealer claim it will fixed it if I come up with 3,100. I feel like I have been ripped off.
Published: October 15, 2014
Josue of Bloomington, IL

I have seriously dangerous electrical issues since I purchased this 2018 Eq
I have seriously dangerous electrical issues since I purchased this 2018 Equinox. GM claim they dont have a fix for the electrical issues. When I lift my foot off brake several sensors come on as well as door locks unlock and relock. The vehicle jerk forward or rolls backwards when foot is removed from brake. I have no choice but drive it as it is my only source of transportation. Lemon law attorneys are only concerned about getting their fee and GM offer to buy back with drastic deductions for depreciation for a few thousand dollars when my car loan was 25,000 plus thousands still owed. I would review with half star or less.
Published: February 23, 2022
Alyce of Kansas City, MO

My check engine light is on in my 2015 Chevy Malibu. After paying $125 to r
My check engine light is on in my 2015 Chevy Malibu. After paying $125 to run a check I was told on September 5 that I need part #12633613 A valve Asm Rocker Arm Oil Control. But the part was not available so it was put on back order. Now 4 months later I am still being told the same thing. I have not been able to get my car to pass inspection because of this so I can’t register my plates which means I am driving on expired plates. When I needed to be towed last night AAA wouldn’t tow me because I had expired plates and I had to pay $80. When I check online several parts websites say the part has been discontinued. This car is only 4 years old. I will still be making payments for 2 more years and I can’t get it fixed. The part generally costs around $100 but since it is unavailable it is now selling for $600 on EBay. Come on GM. Get your act together and honor your products. Please tell me how to solve my dilemma.
Published: January 18, 2020
Karen of Florissant, MO

I’ve owned 7 GM vehicles, but there will never be an 8th! This vehicle ha
I’ve owned 7 GM vehicles, but there will never be an 8th! This vehicle has been in service 2 months out of 12 months, and I’ve contacted GM’s corporate customer service, and nothing! NEVER AGAIN!!! The vehicle has been subpar, and their customer service and lack of response has been equally bad! I won’t make this mistake again!
Published: June 16, 2020
Rachelle of Fredericksburg, TX

Chevy Corsa 1.4i, vehicle not repaired properly - I bought a brand new vehi
Chevy Corsa 1.4i, vehicle not repaired properly - I bought a brand new vehicle. Three days later, I contacted the dealer and reported a faulty air con. I straightaway asked for a new car and was told that it has to be repaired and that it was the air con unit box in the dashboard. After a month and a half, I was told my car is ready for collection. On inspection, my fuse box cover was damaged and was replaced by a demo vehicle. The front of my bumper was damaged and had to go to the panel beaters for a re-spray after one of the workshop guys (unprofessional) try to touch it up with paint, causing more damage. After I received it back, I returned it within 24 hours complaining my left mirror cover is not lining up like the right hand side. One of the guys tried to repair it (not the same guy who assembled the job) after I received it back, they broke the right hand side leaving it out of its bracket and a big gap. I was told then, that I must return the vehicle in two weeks when the guy who assembled my car will be back from leave. When I try and put my car in reverse, the gears are scratching badly before it goes in. I feel that my car was not worked on by professional and my life is in danger with the gears scratching believing it might jam while I am driving or leave me stranded.
Published: June 30, 2012
Evert of Durban, Other

I leased a 2012 GMC Terrain back in 2012.. It is 30 month lease. I recently
I leased a 2012 GMC Terrain back in 2012.. It is 30 month lease. I recently sustained a medical problem with a year left on the lease.. I cannot drive anymore and sought to turn in the vehicle early as I cannot drive it. Balance owed on lease was/is not an issue.. what I was told by leasing affiliate--ALLY Auto... I would have to retain the vehicle for the duration of the lease period and carry full coverage with insurance for the duration of lease even though I cannot drive and my license has been placed on hold by State DMV. My complaint here is based upon the fact that the vehicle will be stored on my property, not being driven for over a year (I am a retired senior living alone) and I will be forced to pay over $2,000 in insurance premiums just so the lease calendar can expire as they will not allow me to turn in the vehicle now. I accept paying off the remaining lease value, but to keep it anyway at my expense for mandatory insurance coverage is an outrage... as it seems punitive. I advise all that seek leases keep this in mind... have an unforeseen event that disallows any more driving and you are screwed. Clearly, GM business model is based upon for every customer lost, we get 5 new ones so why care? If I ever get back on the road again... uncertain at this point... it wont be with a leased GM product. Screw me once, shame on them.. screw me twice, shame on me for being a loyal customer.
Published: July 16, 2014
Russell of Moneta, VA

Poor engineering, not good in winter. The air intake on the hood is stupid.
Poor engineering, not good in winter. The air intake on the hood is stupid. The snow will come in and will ice up the air filter. Happened to me on a trip to MN. Also in the winter with idling or short trips the exhaust filter will plug up. Had to take it to dealer also $150. $60,000 for a truck in the summer. Chevy was no help.
Published: August 11, 2019
H of Valentine, NE

I purchased my 2014 GMC Terrain 2 years ago as a used vehicle with 15,000 m
I purchased my 2014 GMC Terrain 2 years ago as a used vehicle with 15,000 miles on it. I have been overall very satisfied with the looks and performance of this vehicle. A few months ago we started having a shudder happen at acceleration. We didnt know what it might be from and it was so intermittent that we didnt immediately have it checked out. As the weather warmed the shudder happened more often and eventually made it to where it was difficult to pull out from an intersection due to no acceleration. We took it to a dealer to have it checked out and were advised that there is problem with several model years of GM transmissions having the torque converter delaminate which causes debris to spread through the transmission and causes it to fail. This is the case with ours and with a $5400 price tag to replace the transmission. We complained that since this is 2019 and its a 2014 with 59,000 miles shouldnt it be covered under the 5 year/100,000 mile powertrain warranty. They advised it was out of the 5 years by 7 months from the in-service date. They did offer a 30% discount but we still felt this was way too much to pay for a transmission. We decided to take to a transmission shop for repair. The price ended up being the same as what the discounted price would be from the dealer. I contacted GM and was told that they wouldnt work with me on this since the repairs werent being done at a dealer. By the time that we discussed, it was too late to stop the repairs at the transmission shop. I was disgusted that GM wouldnt stand behind a vehicle with less than 60,000 miles with transmission failure and only 5 years old. This vehicle has not been abused or neglected in service. I am ready to say that we will no longer consider GM vehicles as possible options when we replace this or any of our other vehicles, even though we have been lifetime GM fans/owners.
Published: June 12, 2019
JULIE of Holt, MO

Bought two GM trucks at same time. After about six weeks one had the airbag
Bought two GM trucks at same time. After about six weeks one had the airbags deploy for no reason. Only going about 30 mph at the time so fortunately no one was injured except the shock of the incident and the total destruction of the interior. GM had immediately wanted to blame the driver and wanted the insurance company name. THIS WAS NOT anything we did and is not an insurance claim. This is just a faulty product with a dangerous problem which they dont want to accept responsibility for. This IS a GM problem. We have a loaner but want another new truck. We do not want that truck back. We no longer trust the vehicle and since this incident have no trust in GM to stand behind their product. Until this problem is addressed and fixed I would not buy a GM truck. None should have to go through this. GM is fortunate that none was hurt. Apparently they just dont care about the customer. BEWARE OF GENERAL MOTORS when considering buying a new vehicle.
Published: February 14, 2015
Dan of Muskegon, MI

Why is it when the recalls on Pontiac hit the news, oh GM did this and GM d
Why is it when the recalls on Pontiac hit the news, oh GM did this and GM did that but the other problems are for people who have these cars financed? You go through KBB or Auto-trader for a quote on what your car is worth and its nowhere near what you owe on the car even with a less than 4% finance rate. Even with your car being in great shape, you still cant get what its worth but then you check the dealerships for the same car and its 4000, 5000, even as much as 6000 more than your KBB and Auto Trader and these cars arent in as good of shape as yours. This is another problem that GM has caused and the dealerships are being paid to fix the cars by GM and then clearing $4000.00 or more on the sales of these cars. Its not right to the persons who have to pay for these cars to never get back what the cars are worth. Come on, GM. Step up and buy these cars back and then you try to sell them and see how quick your mistakes are putting the blue collar man in the hole.
Published: July 13, 2014
christi of Elon, NC

Small bump in the front deploys driver airbag. We have been waiting since M
Small bump in the front deploys driver airbag. We have been waiting since May 10-2019. Until now the drivers airbag part is not available. More than 5 months waiting for a 2019 Cadillac xt4 drivers airbag. Completely unacceptable. Will definitely not recommend it. Not reliable. We still keep paying the car payment and insurance without able to use the car. Cadillac Dealership is not doing anything as well.
Published: October 16, 2019
C of Houston, TX

I bought a new engine $2200.00 from GM. I noticed damage on the block after
I bought a new engine $2200.00 from GM. I noticed damage on the block after installing at my expense. It should never have been sold. They say they will replace it. I have to remove and install it again at my expense. I was told it didnt matter if I put it in or the dealer, the same warranty applies. GM sucks. I am finished with them.
Published: January 6, 2013
Melvin of NL

I purchased an extended warranty directly from GM, a Platinum warranty that
I purchased an extended warranty directly from GM, a Platinum warranty that was supposed to be bumper to bumper coverage at the cost of $3400 for my 2013 Chevy Avalanche. I did have to have 1 air shock and compressor replaced but I always replaced shocks in pairs but GM said no way. Then my dash started to crack and that was turned down as GM said this was a cosmetic item and it does NOT cover cosmetic items. Well after buying or leasing 6 vehicles from this same dealer in 6 years I sold the Avalanche and bought me a Ram pickup truck. That’s how GM treats its customers after 35 plus years of owning GM vehicles.
Published: November 13, 2020
Robert of Ida, MI

I own a 2013 GMC Terrain. The car was part of a lawsuit against GM for exce
I own a 2013 GMC Terrain. The car was part of a lawsuit against GM for excessive oil consumption. My car was 4qt low on oil, NO oil light ever came on. The car now needs $2,500 in repairs and GM is refusing to pay for it although the lawsuit states they are responsible for it and are to pay for it! Myself and my family have always driven GM vehicles. I’m the last one in the family left driving one and now I know why. They do not stand behind their products and do not support their customers. Customer service from GM just keeps say, We are working on this. Give us two days and we’ll call you. It’s been 3weeks!!! I’m paying for a rental out of my pocket and making a car payment. GM is useless. DO NOT BUY ONE!
Published: February 10, 2020
Heather of Ostrander, OH

Hello! I own a 1997 Park avenue with 2 front broken seat belts! They are qu
Hello! I own a 1997 Park avenue with 2 front broken seat belts! They are quite literally falling apart! Plastic pieces have broken off, the drivers side belt wont retract and the passenger belt doesnt lock. I took it to the dealership for recall replacements and they told me that they were replaced already by the previous owner. I find this incredulous considering I have own a Lasabre as well as another Park avenue and never had any issues and they were both older vehicles. The cost for replacement is $350/belt and I have no assurance that the replacements arent just like the ones I have. GM is losing a LIFETIME Buyer in me!Of course they are trying to lose the stodgy old man image according to the news...
Published: January 21, 2015
Susan of Mcminnville, OR

I crashed my 98 GMC Safari van into my garage when the ABS came on at a low
I crashed my 98 GMC Safari van into my garage when the ABS came on at a low speed. I replaced the sensors. Now it works but has a damaged bumper, and I have a damaged garage! I also have a 2000 Chevy Astro van that is now doing the same thing!
Published: August 15, 2012
Mark of Cecil, WI

I purchased my 2008 GMC in April of 2008 and was very nice truck. However t
I purchased my 2008 GMC in April of 2008 and was very nice truck. However the first thing was the heated windshield washers. GM sent me a letter saying that they needed to disconnect it due to fire hazard. I loved that option! Then I started to notice some erratic performance issues. The engine would run differently from time to time. One day you couldnt ask for it to run any better and the next day it would lose at least 25% of its power. Then about the same time the transmission on occasion would disengage when coasting and then accelerating, similar to shifting into neutral then drive. It still does this. Then the engine started using oil. About 1 quart every 500-1000 miles. After a year of fighting they rebuilt the engine. Then the front suspension (all upper and lower ball joints went bad) they did help me with cost of that. The whole time I have had to replace headlamps every 6 months. Now my blower motor for my heat has failed. After doing some research they had a problem with this in the previous model year. The problem is that the wire harness that goes to the blower motor melts. Took the truck back to dealer and was told $475 to repair since now I am out of warranty. So I called customer service once again and was basically told the same thing. I said to them that it is not a wear and tear item, it is a design/engineering problem. It is one thing for the motor to fail and another if the wiring is melting! After wiggling the wires to the blower motor, it has started working again. Hope my truck does not catch fire before I can get this issue resolved!! Not happy with GM and most of all the dealers and their service departments that represent their product. Most are not trained and or out for the money not customer satisfaction.
Published: January 23, 2015
Kevin of Linden, MI

I have been a client of General Motors for 17 years and have bought several
I have been a client of General Motors for 17 years and have bought several of what I believed to be your high-quality vehicles. I purchased an Acadia in 2013. About 2-3 months ago, I noticed that the paint on the hood of the car was bubbling up. I brought it to the dealership, Morrissey GMC, in Rockville Centre, NY. I was told by the service representative that I was no longer covered by the warranty because I had exceeded 36,000 miles, even though I have an extended warranty.I brought the car to 3 other body shops, and I was told that the bubbling was a result of a defect in the paint. GMC should stand by their product, regardless of the car’s mileage, and repair it at no expense to me because regardless of the age or mileage of the car, the issue at hand is that the paint is defective—which is a quality control issue. In addition, I spoke to a customer service representative regarding this issue, and she said that GMC would not pay for the repair in full, they would cover approximately half of the expense. She refused to send an engineer to examine the car, stated that her decision was final, and would not allow me to speak with one of her superiors.Why should a client be responsible for a quality control issue, this is an expense that is normally incurred and covered by any respectable corporation. In addition, refusing to refer a client to a superior to resolve an issue is very unprofessional. Isn’t the client always right? This obviously isn’t the case with GMC. Aside from being a longtime client, I have referred people to GMC and purchases have been made a result of my referrals. I can honestly say that I expected better from a long-standing American Corporation that is supposed to pride itself and represent what used to be considered a corporation that set the standard for other American vehicle companies.Needless to say, I will not be referring GMC to anyone in the future and this letter will also be submitted to the Better Business Bureau as I don’t believe it is in good practice or professional to hold the client responsible for quality control issues, or for a customer service representative to ultimately determine the outcome of any situation when a client asks to speak to their superior.
Published: June 1, 2017
Guy of Mineola, NY

My Saturn Ion has a recall on it due to ignition problems. I was assured by
My Saturn Ion has a recall on it due to ignition problems. I was assured by the GM customer service people that I would get a loaner vehicle while my car is being serviced. I called the dealership to make an appt as instructed only to be told I would not get a loaner but instead a shuttle would be provided to and from home..which does not work for me since we only have one vehicle for a family of 5 and I have tons to do on a daily basis. I depend on my vehicle. Yesterday afternoon the ignition on my car completely locked and therefore could not drive anywhere. This happened late afternoon so I called GM. I was able to get an appt set up but was told the part needed would not be available until a week later. I called customer service and I was told not to worry about it since I would be able to get a loaner car. By the end of the day I got a call from the dealership telling me they had a part and my car could be fixed in an hour however since my car would not turn on I had to call Roadside assistance. I was told they had to tow it to the nearest dealership which turned out wasnt the place I had been in contact with. So I called GM customer service back. I was told not to worry my car would be towed and I could go either that afternoon or early next morning to pick up a loaner car. Turns out that afternoon the service manager from the dealership was gone therefore I could not get a loaner car but I was assured by the customer service rep to call in the morning and everything would be taken care of . I called early morning and after 45 minutes of being given the run around, I was told I should get a call back within 24 said well by then it will be too late..I need a car now since I have several appts today . One of them being a long awaited appt (4 months wait) at my sons Autism clinic.. Customer service rep said okay I will call you back as soon as I get something resolved for you. An hour later I called the dealership to see what was going on...I was transferred to the general manager who was extremely rude. He advised me that GM never provided loaner cars and that if they did they have to pay and send him an email authorizing. I was told the night before by customer service that the email had been sent. So I called GM customer service back after an hour I was told Sorry maam but whoever gave you that information gave you incorrect information. We do not lend out loaner cars. The dealership has to do it at their own discretion. I am beyond angry at this point... I dont understand why we have to have our lives disrupted and turned upside down because GM couldnt get it together and put in the right parts. So now here I am years later paying the price for their incompetence. What really makes me mad is all that flip flopping that I got from customer service... You either do or you dont. There shouldnt be any maybes or I thinks from such a big company. In the meantime because of that, my husband lost a days pay which is a lot for someone living paycheck to paycheck and my sons autism therapy has been pushed back two and half months. Thanks a lot GM.
Published: May 28, 2015
Roberta of San Antonio, TX

I wanted a taller vehicle and I like the 2003 GMC Envoy. I am tall and I re
I wanted a taller vehicle and I like the 2003 GMC Envoy. I am tall and I really enjoy how easy it is to get in and out of. I also liked the price they were asking for it. I also favor GMC automobiles, I know they are dependable. This is the first SUV that have ever owned and I love it! I highly recommend this type of vehicle. I like the way it drives, the color and it isnt bad on gas. I also like the fact my heat blows hot as soon as I start my GMC. But I would make the leather seats heated. I have interior lights on floor in both front and back.
Published: June 24, 2018
Dawn of Johnson City, TN

I bought a used Equinox in 2015, it was a 2011 model. I loved the SUV. It w
I bought a used Equinox in 2015, it was a 2011 model. I loved the SUV. It was my dream ride, lovely interior. Sound ride. Within a year and half, had to replace the transmission, but I was under warranty. Other issues arose where the repairs came out of my pocket. Recently the car was using excessive amounts of oil. I took it to the Waldorf, MD dealership, found out there was an oil consumption issue, the dealership wanted to charge me 6000 to 8000 to repair or replace the engine. The representative on the phone quoted those prices like I could just dig into my unlimited funds and pay this amount. Apparently the assumption is that we all had reams of money laying around to spend. Apparently, the car had a warranty for this issue which expired at 120,000 miles or 7 years.The SUV only had 98,000 miles, but unfortunately for me the clock started on the 7 years the day it was put in the showroom, and not the day I bought it. I reached out to GM and was informed the best they would offer me is 10 percent off the repair work. In the meantime I looked up my issue, and found GM had agreed to settle a lawsuit dealing with this issue, but the suit had not been finalized as of my complaint 10/7/2019. Its, shameful that a company as big as GM, who touts its reputation on producing top notch cars/SUVs and providing excellent customer service, would basically say 10 percent is the best I can do, when there is an outstanding lawsuit. Way to go GMs, you should be proud of yourselves.
Published: October 7, 2019
Kimberley of Bryans Road, MD