Bayerische Motoren Werke AG, commonly referred to as BMW, is a German multinational corporate manufacturer of luxury vehicles and motorcycles headquartered in Munich, Bavaria, Germany.

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I got a brand new 2022 X5 on Dec 22, 2021. After just 1000km drive, the eng
I got a brand new 2022 X5 on Dec 22, 2021. After just 1000km drive, the engine light turned on and my car has been in dealership since 5 days ago. Such a frustrating experience with BMW. Perhaps other German competitors are more reliable. I wish I had not gotten a car from BMW.
Published: January 10, 2022
Mahdi of Newmarket, Other

My BMW X5 diesel 2017 has 16000 miles and has died 2 times in the middle of
My BMW X5 diesel 2017 has 16000 miles and has died 2 times in the middle of the road. Abruptly stopped, almost hit twice in the side and rear end. I had a BMW 535 diesel and the same experience at 36,000+ miles. All 3 times, major fuel pump failures with no advanced warning. Stranded two times, 4 hour tow wait time! Uhg! Glad I had AAA towing as a backup!
Published: October 15, 2018
BOB of Trabuco Canyon, CA

I bought a BMW with extended warranty which covers paint, tires, windshield
I bought a BMW with extended warranty which covers paint, tires, windshield etc. I was not told about the full deal. I was misinformed about windshield because their extended warranty only covers it one time! If it happens again no one will help. I was not told and didnt read the fine print. Now I had also coverage for paint and had a scratch in the bumper. They said its accidental or driver error. I dont understand what I should do at this point. All I did was parked the car in the Home Depot parking lot and came back to see the bumper scratch. Now its not covered according to the BMW 3rd party coverage. I asked under what criteria my scratch is not covered and what did you based on? They said picture and some and someone came and looked at it and thinks that its not covered.I went and spoke to the sales manager. He said that you paid $2000 for windshield protection and now you already got the money back and just be happy about it. I paid almost around 8000 for extended warranty. No one is able to help me out at this point. I called IBC and they said they dont deal with extended warranty and ask me to call and talk to my local MP!!! Can anyone help?
Published: May 13, 2016
Mark of Toronto, ON

Ill keep it short but my 5 series transmission failed on the same week the
Ill keep it short but my 5 series transmission failed on the same week the car registered 70k miles. Such a pity the BMW driving machine cant make it past 70k miles.
Published: March 27, 2014
Pat of Menlo Park, CA

I owned a 2008 BMW 335i. My car got caught in fire yesterday and it covered
I owned a 2008 BMW 335i. My car got caught in fire yesterday and it covered with flames. Luckily I got out the car quickly and nobody is hurt. Its too dramatic and I would never have expected this. I used to love its apparent and the cars handling, even though there are numerous problems I had to deal with (random misfires, water pump, fuel pump and crankshaft position sensor failures). Up to this point, I am hesitated to buy another BMW in future. I Googled and there is a list of news reported about BMWs get caught in fire.
Published: July 1, 2017
David of Bethlehem, PA

Bridgewater, NJ said they can not take the X128i we are leasing (and 3 year
Bridgewater, NJ said they can not take the X128i we are leasing (and 3 years of full lease has been completed) becuase of Murphys Executive order to keep NJ safe (duing the COVID period). However, when I called the BMW Financial Services, they said we need to make the payment to keep the car. How is that fair by BMW? The car is not even driven at all for last 6 weeks.I am ready to return the car and toally understand that only essestial businesses needs to be open, but here is a company who wants to make full use of the situtation of charging the customers. Very very dissappoiting in BMW and surely I am not the only one who has been forced to do so. This was my 3rd BMW and never going back to this company.
Published: May 7, 2020
Abhinav of Skillman, NJ

I have a 2007 BMW 335 with 68,000. I took it to the dealer and came up with
I have a 2007 BMW 335 with 68,000. I took it to the dealer and came up with $3600 repairs. How can a reputable car manufacturer produce cars that have an oil leak and to repair it, you need to remove the casket of the engine for a car with such a low mileage? I am saying goodbye to BMWs. Their official dealer garage shop is clearly stating that their cars cannot compete with those of other manufacturers such as Lexus where one can go up to 100,000 miles without any major repair.
Published: August 30, 2013
Petros of Palos Verdes Estates, CA

I purchased a 2011 BMW 550i xDrive from International Autos Group. I must s
I purchased a 2011 BMW 550i xDrive from International Autos Group. I must say I love the car and am very happy with the purchase. The issue I have is with BMWs failure to honor the contract that was signed. The contract states the CPO warranty with a deductible of Not Applicable, yet BMW is charging $50 for every service. It took weeks for BMW North America to render a decision, and I think they knew it was the wrong decision, but nevertheless they told me to pound salt. The rep was very rude during our last call. It is my understanding that International Autos Group in Milwaukee, Wisconsin ultimately denied the request to honor the contract. I caution against working with this dealership. Have had much better BMW dealership experiences elsewhere.
Published: November 5, 2016
Eric of Chagrin Falls, OH

I love BMW and always will. It’s best car in the world. I’ve bought a B
I love BMW and always will. It’s best car in the world. I’ve bought a BMW 320msport convertible 7 months ago and one day when I used the headlight washer on the motor way, they blew off. After checking on the web, I found that it’s a common fault. It’s in a BMW forum. You can check them. Many people said that BMW done theirs as a courtesy and now BMW are doing it under warranty. But my dealer wants to charge me. My reg # is **. It’s a common fault and I am not happy to pay for mine. Why are they blowing off?
Published: March 15, 2012
Bablu of Cardiff, other

For the past 6 months I have been experiencing problems with my iPhone 5S a
For the past 6 months I have been experiencing problems with my iPhone 5S and my bluetooth. It has been at the dealer (Budds BMW, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada) no less than 6 times to address this issue. The service manager has witnessed the problem and has escalated the problem to BMW Canada and furthered the issue to Germany. Finally, BMW claims to have duplicated the issue and tell me that it is only on certain models of the X5. In any case, the dealer has been reasonable in providing me with a courtesy car while my X5 has been in their shop even though it has been a huge inconvenience to me.Please note, at BMWs insistence I have replaced 2 iPhone 5s and invested all the time necessary to make these changes. I am in corporate sales and rely heavily on the use of my phone while driving. I have chosen apple for all of my products (MacBook, iPhone a number of chargers (6) also the convenience of the icloud)..... especially Siri that allows me to concentrate on driving while Siri reads and dictates my emails and text messages safely. BMW has told me that my only option is to switch to an Android platform phone. They have given this proposal as a take it or leave it. Android phones do not offer a fraction of the features that an iPhone does. I asked BMW Canada when they will have the bluetooth issue resolved. Their reply was that they were working on it with Apple but they did not know when. BMW claims that they cannot be responsible for keeping up with manufacturers software (assuming that is the case, please consider..... of the courtesy BMWs provided by them to me the dealer, I have not experienced one single issue with the bluetooth using the same phone.) In closing, I confess to enjoying my X5 very much; however, this bluetooth issue renders my vehicle unusable given the importance of my phone while driving. Here in Ontario, it is against the law to operate your vehicle without handsfree. I have spoken with both the dealer and BMW Canada that I am not unreasonable and would consider moving to a similar vehicle along with accepting there would be an additional cost involved that should be shared by all parties. I remain open to suggestions/options but BMW is only offering a take it or leave it regarding a change to an Android device. They are not willing to entertain anything else. Regarding the Android device...... I will leave it. My family and friends all drive premium vehicles and are watching the way BMW is dropping the ball. Switch your phone as your only option...... Are you kidding me?!!!!
Published: May 14, 2014
Paul of Ancaster, ON

BMW X1 is a wonderful auto. But lease is expensive and living in NYC means
BMW X1 is a wonderful auto. But lease is expensive and living in NYC means that use is limited. This is because of traffic congestion, crazy bike riders and poor driving habits of many motorists. Insurance cost is also too high as is parking. So not economically feasible for such a high priced vehicle. But I love it. Next time may buy Subaru or use on demand car rental services by BMW/Mercedes if they develop here in NYC.
Published: May 1, 2018
Dolores of New York, NY

My wife and I have 2 vehicles. A 2008 Mitsubishi Outlander with 130k miles
My wife and I have 2 vehicles. A 2008 Mitsubishi Outlander with 130k miles and a 2007 Ford Edge with 128k miles. We decided to buy a certified pre-owned 2010 BMW X5 with 64k miles on it in March of 2016. Over the last 9 months, we have only put 6k miles on this vehicle and it has been serviced numerous times. We bought an Elite Plus, 2 year warranty. When we do drive this car, we baby it. This past week, we backed it out of the garage and instantly heard the engine fan going at max speed. About a mile later, warning messages came on to drive the car moderately and then to pull over and turn it off. Said the engine temperature was too high. We had it towed into BMW and after reading BMW forums, the exact same problem had happened to many X5 owners. The fix was nearly all the same: Failed electric water pump requiring replacement along with thermostat.Most people had their vehicles fixed for $1400 or less. Local BMW dealer said we not only need to replace the water pump and thermostat, but also coolant hoses, need a coolant flush and the reservoir replaced. $3500 in cost. My warranty is only good for $800 contribution to this problem. I was amazed at the vast number of BMW owners reporting on this problem at 60-70k miles for the exact same issue. One would think there would be a recall on this, but no. I bought a BMW for the Ultimate Driving Machine experience and had heard of its reputation as a reliable vehicle. 2016 has been a disaster for this vehicle and I am not only disenchanted with the need to replace the water pump and thermostat, but I also feel like the BMW dealer is trying to bilk me by replacing coolant hoses and the reservoir when I dont even have a leak problem.
Published: December 29, 2016
Mike of Plainfield, IL

Your motor design is garbage. Where is luxury in worrying about the car bre
Your motor design is garbage. Where is luxury in worrying about the car breaking down? Designing a car to break at 90000 mi. Aluminium and steal gaskets are not compatible. Your whole motor and most cases car is garbage at 90000 mi. Simple saying you need to do, Make it simple stupid. Scrap the whole Vanos motors. Digital injection systems control the fuel. Not your stupid variable valve bull!
Published: August 2, 2019
Joshua of Victorville, CA

First, Id like to say that this Driving Experience has been the worst exper
First, Id like to say that this Driving Experience has been the worst experience on my end. This letter is to notify you BMWNA as the manufacturer that my vehicle is once again at Fort Lauderdale BMW for the fourth time, and I will allow one more repair before my attorneys proceed with the Lemon Law of Florida State. I will also like to ask if anyone at BMWNA has any kind of consideration to at least prorate my monthly charge because of my reoccurring issues with my car. I believe thats just right being that I have to waste money, time and mostly time in traffic and off work because of this issue. Im a very unhappy customer and I will say this now and forever, I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER BMW! And everyone that I get a chance or would like to get to hear my horrible experience with BMW I will be glad to tell them of my long stressful/humiliated days. My time with BMW has been enjoying all the loaners that I have acquired since my time with BMW. I really dont know, but BMWNA keeps telling me that they have traded me out of the car twice already so they cant help me in anyway but I dont think its right for me to pay close to $1700 monthly for my car to be in the repair shop constantly.The information in red is of the lady that communicated with me that BMW OF NA cannot help me anymore, when I was having my issues with 2013 328i that the alignment was bad and BMW of Coconut Creek could not fix it. I ask for BMWNA to allow me to trade out of it because of on going issues and Margaret ** I guess said OK but its not like they give me money the first and I still carry the negative equity. Then I got into a Certified New 2011 M3 which had issues from the start. You check all service records on that 2011 M3. They changed parts and I would say out of the 9 months I was on the contract, it was in the shop 4 months. The vehicle had a stalling issue that could not be duplicated but yet parts were changed within the 3 service centers I visited. Coconut Creek BMW, Pompano Beach BMW, and Braman Bmw of Palm Beach. I got loaners so frequently that my phone would automatically sync to the Bluetooth system. Because of my numerous times at service and Margaret ** Certifying that the car would work as intended, it happened again. She first gave $1500 and the trade of my car for a certified used or new car. I said that wasnt enough because at the dealerships I went to they said the bank couldnt allow me to get in to a less expensive car so they then gave me $3500 which I thought was still a low amount being that the BMW stores could not help much so now I have a HIGHER PAYMENT WITH A CAR NOT OF MY CHOICE BUT AN EXECUTIVE DEMO, that the BMW Bank allowed me to get into because of my negative equity on the M3. But I never wanted to get rid of M3, the car was in the shop month after month and I just wouldve thought that since I was going through this issues they would have some sort of consideration and put me into the same car for the same price and not a $100,000 car not of my choice. I just want to say that when I do get the chance to leave BMW of North America I will leave running and never look back!!!BMW of North America has no consideration for your customers. I mean Im not lying of the repairs because they have my service records. I have my service records on this new 650 xDrive. This has been the worst experience and can guarantee you that I will never encourage anyone to buy a BMW and will never get myself into this mess again. Thanks but no thanks.
Published: November 26, 2014
Julio of Boca Raton, FL

For a luxury car, this is a piece of crap. We bought a 528i, and 2 years la
For a luxury car, this is a piece of crap. We bought a 528i, and 2 years later the thing is nothing but problems. The heater does not blow hot air unless you max the thermostat out. The fan won’t blow air unless you max the fan speed out. The vents fall apart and are not covered under warranty or extended warranty. Took it to the dealer and they said it was all normal and accused us of user error breaking the vents. No one sits in the back seat, but yet the vent broke. Total BS. Will never buy another one of these crappy cars. I have a BMW X5 as well, also crappy piece of junk. They can’t even honor their warranty or roadside service commitments. Total waste of money. Hendrick BMW in Pleasanton California is the dealership that we used and they are substandard. Never been so ignored by any car dealership. Took all day to get an update on a car they had for 3 + days, only to get all the BS answers about why they could not do any of the repairs. Just BS about normal function and blamed us for their ** falling apart.
Published: May 4, 2018
Dave of Discovery Bay, CA

My fiances 2006 Cooper S with 71,000 miles and with all scheduled maintenan
My fiances 2006 Cooper S with 71,000 miles and with all scheduled maintenance done as scheduled has thrown a connecting rod destroying the engine. I had requested some assistance from Mini USA and was denied only because it is a little bit out of warranty. After listening to an interview on Whiteroof radio, its obvious there are known problems with the engines from a few years ago that have been fixed but that does us absolutely no good. The dealer where we took it cant even give a good reason (oil level was fine) why this would happen. It is still there after 3 weeks waiting to see if they can get us more than the $4,500 that was originally offered to us. There is no way we can or will pay the $9,000 they quoted to put in a rebuilt engine. Needless to say, we are very upset since until recently we had 3 minis in the family. Why would such a large company choose to not at least to partially assist such a loyal customer. All this after we spent over $2,500 just a few months ago to fix suspension problems. She wanted the BMW Countryman next but well see how this plays out and we may never buy any BMW or Mini products ever again as well as telling everyone that will listen.
Published: November 8, 2011
Jake of Seattle, WA

Firstly, I must state that I have driven BMW for over 20 years til July 201
Firstly, I must state that I have driven BMW for over 20 years til July 2016. Let me start by saying I am a professional taxi driver. I do mainly corporate work. I have tried to build up a nice little business for myself. My mantra was that I provided reliable service in a good, clean car, at reasonable rates. When I went into this business I looked at all the makes and models of cars that would be suitable to deliver the type of service that I was trying to achieve. I ultimately settled on the BMW 520D (The ultimate driving machine or so their marketing team would have you believe). My plan was buy the car in England 2 years old, keep it for 3 to 4 years, writing the depreciation off against my tax liability. The year is 2009. I have built up my business and was going from strength to strength. At this stage I am on my second 520D car as a taxi.I go to Joe Duffy motors BMW Finglas to get a service, as I am due my NCT the next morning in Fonthill. I go for my NCT and the car fails, due to too much oil in the car. Irate, I phone BMW Finglas and I am put through to the Master Mechanic. The gentleman does not have the greatest of English, but after 20 minutes he finally grasps what I am saying and tells me to drop straight over with the car and he would remedy the matter, as it is a simple process to drain a little oil out of the car. While I am still on the phone, the service manager comes on the line and in no uncertain terms tells me I must have put the oil in myself. The said Service Manager then demands that I pay for keeping the Master mechanic on the phone. I laughed at this, and I never went back to Joe Duffy Motors Finglas. After getting this sorted myself by a good garage the car drives very well, with me only having to replace the gearbox, the clutch and cooling system.We now skip forward to 2013. In August 2013 I purchased a 2011 BMW 520D. 2-year-old 50k miles on the clock. Full service history. Service pack and BMW warranty. Beautiful machine. Great drive. Smooth driving experience. The first thing I noticed is that every time I wash my car the headlights blow. This is covered under warranty so no cost to me but I am later informed by BMW that if I keep blowing bulbs they would not be replacing them on an ongoing basis (I ask is this normal to happen, no one can answer but also no one investigates the cause. I will have to replace the bulbs every 2 weeks for the life of the car. This mystery is solved in 2016.) Then January 2014 it all changed. Timing chain went. BMW replaced no charge (car off the road for 6 weeks). Then, oil leak was ongoing for 6 months. BMW said that it was not a leak. It was the engine bedding in. (I was back in touch with BMW every week and down to the garage most weeks and was always told that the leak was fixed) that it was a different leak each time??? It took 6 months to sort the oil leak out. Then 2 weeks later, coolant leak. 2 water pumps and 2 radiators later (I paid for 1 of each then I was told they were faulty). It takes over 1 month to sort the coolant leak issue. Then, diesel leak. In fairness I brought the car down and it was repaired first time. No further leak. Then, timing chain went again. BMW replaced no charge (car off the road for 4 weeks. They are getting quicker. Must be all the practice they have got from the F10 Model). I drive the car from the BMW garage in Naas and as I get to the Esso garage on the Naas road the oil light goes on. I purchase 3 liters of oil. I ring the garage screaming blue murder over this and I am informed by the service manager that it is grand as the engine holds 6 liters and not to worry about it as they had put the correct amount of oil into the car. Oil leak again for 2 months down every week and every week I am told the oil leak is fixed and that each oil leak from then on is a new oil leak. Now we move forward to November 2015. Guess what??? Timing chain goes again. I contact BMW and the car is towed down to the garage. Now the service manager informs me that he has recommended to BMW that they replace the engine to which BMW say NO WAY. BMW look for the work sheet to compare what had been fixed the last 2 times. BMW fix the timing chain no charge to myself (I am off the road for 3 weeks).The ultimate driving machine is back on the road but for how long? I wont be holding my breath. 1 month goes by after the timing chain has been replaced. Now a new problem has arisen. The crank bends, or so I am led to believe, and the bearing disintegrates inside the engine. Back to BMW with the car (oh the joys of driving the ultimate driving machine). I pay 5k to have the car repaired. I get in the car and as I am driving up the Naas road I try to check the oil reading in the car. Its not working??? The windscreen washer is not working??? The bonnet is not sitting right on the car??? There are scratches on the drivers side wing where some village idiot in BMW has leaned on the car looking into the engine and his zipper has scratched the wing (I have pictures of same). I contact the garage and they say I have to bring it back to replace the sensor in the sump no charge.Then I find the heating on the drivers side is not working. BMW said that they did not do anything to the heating (strange that). I have asked BMW for a list of all the parts that have been replaced in my car since I bought it. I am still waiting as details of anything that was repaired under warranty, I am not privy to. The service manager informs me that there is something peculiar with the mileage of my car but stops short of saying the car was clocked. I went back to the garage I bought the car from and I informed him of what had been said and what I felt had been implied. He goes to see Conlans and was told that I misunderstood what they had said to me and what they meant was that I did very high mileage.Does that mean the car is not fit for purpose and BMW the ultimate driving machine is only good for short trips to the shops and not able to cope with long distance driving??? If the car was clocked, then it would have shown up in the BMW service history. My car is serviced every 22k kilometers. If a light comes up on the dash its straight in to be repaired. I still say when the car is running, it is a pleasure to drive. It is now February 2016. The coolant leak is back. The heating on the drivers side does not work. The bonnet is not on right, but I am sure Conlans will remedy this. My insurance company will not transfer my policy onto another car if my own one breaks down again, as I have done so too many times in the last year. My policy is renewed in May. The breakdown service I use has informed me that if I breakdown again before May I will have to pay for towing, as I have exceeded the amount of tows in a year.Coolant leak fixed in June 2016, oh the joy of driving a performance machine. I have never had more than 3 months trouble free driving. At the start of July I had to replace the headlight unit with the module at a cost of 1280.00 (this solves the mystery of the blown bulbs). It is now the middle of July 2016. I am now broken down again on the Howth Road at 12:20 am. The tow truck I have been told will take almost 3 hours to get to me. Finally have the piece of ** car on the back of the tow truck. Did you know that if the engine is not started, the car cannot be simply put into neutral. No this is a BMW one of the finest motoring vehicles on the road today and because of this you have to jack up the car, remove the bottom cover off the engine and release the drive shaft. WHO IN GODS NAME THINKS THIS ** UP???As it turns out, the engine is seized. Overheating??? Lack of coolant. Checked the coolant levels they are fine??? Lubrication either too much or lack of? Oil levels are ideal and before I am asked it is the correct oil recommended by BMW themselves? Mis-assembled? I would have to check with BMW over that wouldnt I? But like asking a burglar did he rob me??? What do you think the answer will be? I have lost numerous accounts due to the fact that I am now seen as unreliable. I am at my wits end. I have tried to be reasonable and polite with both the garages and BMW Ireland but I now firmly believe nice guys only finish the race if they push the BMW car over the line. I have tried not to put my emotions or feelings in this letter. I have tried to just state the facts as I see them. I know I cannot face another year of dealing with this poor service and bad treatment from both parties.I contacted BMW Ireland and had no joy or assistance in any of these matters. I thought I was buying a premium car to service the executive clientele in the corporate sector, how wrong I was? It would have been better to have bought a 10 year old Skoda for a third of the price. At least then I would have been able to keep working. My mileage in kilometers is 315,000. I have calculated that over the last 3 years I have been off the road on average for 1 week per month. I can only assume that whoever is reading this letter, is wondering why I keep going back to Conlans BMW if I have had so much trouble with their work over the last few years. Well here is the answer. I have to keep going back to them as they did the original work and to protect the warranty on the work that has been carried out by them on either BMWs behalf or for work that I have had to pay for.I have asked, on numerous occasions, if I can bring my car to another garage to be repaired and I am told yes you can but you will have to pay for the work to be done even though I have paid through the nose for the work that has been done so far. I have driven BMW cars for the last ten years and I always said that they were the best driving machines in the world. I cannot, in all honesty, say that anymore and who can really blame me? I feel that BMW do not give a fiddlers about customer service and could not care less that their vehicle is a piece of crap. I have now bought an Audi A6 in the hope that it is better than the 520D piece of **. You may have gathered by my letter I harbor a certain amount of bitterness towards BMW and their lack of customer service that I feel has been shown to me. I am now going to setup a twitter account to highlight just how badly BMW treat their customers.
Published: August 15, 2016
Gerry of Dublin, Other

My 2006 BMW 325i passenger seat sensor failure causes SRS (airbag system) l
My 2006 BMW 325i passenger seat sensor failure causes SRS (airbag system) light on dashboard to remain on. There exists a recall for this known manufacturing defect (National Highway Safety Administration Campaign 08V384000), which results in disabling the passenger airbag. This caused me to fail the annual inspection with only one option to pass, which will cost over $1000. Although this recall exists for my model and year, BMW USA claims my VIN is not part of the recall, in spite of the fact that my car presents this hazard.
Published: August 4, 2011
Doug of Poquoson, VA

I took my BMW 328i with 48,000 miles in to the BMW Birmingham service depar
I took my BMW 328i with 48,000 miles in to the BMW Birmingham service department on a Friday afternoon for a new battery. I was told by the service advisor that it needed coils, a new belt, belt tensioner, and some type of “boot” due to an oil leak. They quoted my over $2,000 for the repair. I told them I could not afford that much unexpected repair work and agreed to the battery and coils, which they said were a minimum to get the vehicle running properly at a cost of about $1,250. I also told them that my 16-year-old daughter drives the vehicle to school (around 5-10 miles a day) and that I was having it repaired because she wanted to drive it to a school dance the following day. 10 days later and less than 100 miles following the $1,250 repair, the vehicle was towed to the private garage of a retired BMW technician due to a coolant leak. After he inspected the vehicle, he told me that there was nothing wrong other than the radiator hose clamp had been removed and slid down the hose at the heater core. This could be seen easily by a BMW technician. He repaired the vehicle by reconnecting the hose/hose clamp and replacing the coolant.I called Birmingham BMW 6 times without a return call over a 10 day period and went by the dealership in-person once to speak with them about my issue and no one would talk with me. When I asked to speak with a manager and for a business card for the manager I was told that everyone was in a meeting and that they did not give out business cards. I persisted for a contact in writing for management and the wrote a name and number on a post-it note.I shared this with BMW of North America and asked for help contacting the dealership. I received a call from a service advisor the following day, who proceeded to make excuses when I shared my concerns then he transferred me to a service manager who acted in disbelief when I told him what happened to me. I shared my concern that the service department was pushy about the need for service with urgency to do it quickly before something broke and rendered the car undriveable. I question this culture within the dealership and asked the service manager how a technician could miss something as obvious as a clamp that had been disconnected and slid down the hose? I was told that the technician would not see an issue with the cooling system since he was working on the battery/coil pack/electrical system. To which I replied, then how did they find issues related to an oil leak and the belt and belt tensioner? And they had no response other than they would check into it. I have had no further response and feel that I cannot trust BMW Birmingham, Alabama to service my vehicle.
Published: February 2, 2019
Tommy of Birmingham, AL

I bought a 2015 BMW about 5 months ago. I am very disappoint with the manuf
I bought a 2015 BMW about 5 months ago. I am very disappoint with the manufacturer of the car because the headlight are not bright. Cant see anything on road at night and it dont came with Halo lights that BMW logo. I try to go to BMW dealer to replace them but they told me it couldnt be done because the car was made without the xenon lights. So BMW manufacturer to save some money of the car they install cheap headlights... Very disappoint. I dont think I will buy no more BMW car.
Published: March 30, 2016
Valentine of Channelview, TX

I bought a new 2013 BMW 328xi and at 17,000 kilometers I experienced shudde
I bought a new 2013 BMW 328xi and at 17,000 kilometers I experienced shuddering when braking. Upon further inspection I was told my brake rotors were rusted grooved badly. Contacted my BMW dealer, and he promptly told me that brakes are not warranted, and it would cost $900 to replace them. There was very little wear on the pads or rotors - I questioned why I would replace them with BMW brakes, as the first set rusted out in only 17,000 kms???? And the new ones were NOT warrantied also!!!!!BMW head office in Germany emailed me that you must dry off your rotors after theyre wet!!!!!! My local service place laughed and said that that was almost impossible short of taking all the wheels off!!!!!! Normally car companies do not warrant brakes because they are considered a wear item, which makes sense, but mine were NOT worn! I replaced the rotors and pads with aftermarket ones that WERE warranted and would not rust! I am now taking BMW to court to get my $900 back. BMW were not even interested in finding out what conditions would cause the brakes on a $60,000 car would rust out before the FIRST oil change was even due. Please let me know if anyone else has had this problem.
Published: February 25, 2015
Bert of Penetanguishene , ON

BMW is the Toyota of Germany. Reading all the reviews, the non-response of
BMW is the Toyota of Germany. Reading all the reviews, the non-response of the company, and the mechanic/engine problems of the car, I cant help but remember what this company is selling - a prestige status symbol. Anyone whos thinking of buying a BMW needs to take a trip to Berlin, Germany first. In the debt-ridden capital, you will see that BMWs are the bread and butter cars of Germany. BMWs line up the streets next to homeless shelters, graffiti parks, and taxi stands. Delinquent juvenile teenagers drive a BMW. Older middle class ordinary citizens drive a BMW. People who have no teeth have a BMW. BMWs are just about the most commonplace car in Germany, like a Toyota Camry here. Somehow, the brilliant marketing campaign and the high price tag for initial purchase and maintenance have convinced North Americans that BMWs are a luxury ultimate driving machine. Autobahn sounds so cool in English. In German, auto means car, bahn means way (as in U Bahn, sub-way, S Bahn, another type of subway, and autobahn, car-way or highway). Before you think that the company will value your $400,000 spending over 10 years, think again. They dont really care as they are already laughing all the way to the bank. In fact, the more expensive the maintenance, the more prestigious the brand. The brand is for people who have money to burn. The more mechanic problems, breakdowns, and barriers the company creates, the more it sets the people apart in who can maintain this prestige factor. Before you buy a BMW, go to Germany and spend a week in the major cities and walk around the poor areas. And once you see how commonplace BMWs are, the more youll think twice about doing what you are doing.
Published: December 9, 2012
Prose of Suite 166, DC

I purchased a low miles used BMWX3 2011, and less than a year Im having iss
I purchased a low miles used BMWX3 2011, and less than a year Im having issues with the drivetrain error that seemingly many owners have experienced. As I scrolled through several websites viewing comments of this issue in several models of BMWs, Im finding out this issue should be a recall issue. Whats the deal BMW?
Published: May 5, 2016
Eric of Rincon, GA

I own a 2003 BMW X5. This car is a real nightmare. Over the past two years,
I own a 2003 BMW X5. This car is a real nightmare. Over the past two years, Ive had the following issues: overheating, driver side windows arm broken, leaking sun roof, amplifier not working, LCD display fading, leaking power steering fluid, leaking engine oil, all door handles broken, broken rear axle arms, unexpected engine shutdown, leaking break fluid. That will be the last time in my lifetime that I will ever buy anything that BMW makes!
Published: March 25, 2014
Jules of Secaucus, NJ

Bought a used BMW 335 with 62,000 miles on it for 1/3 the price of a new on
Bought a used BMW 335 with 62,000 miles on it for 1/3 the price of a new one. At 91,000 miles only basic maintenance and still does not burn oil despite twin turbos and GDI. I plan to keep it as long as it runs.
Published: April 26, 2018
John of Chandler, AZ

Great car. Been leasing for 30 years BMWs. My 10th BMW. Had many models. Lo
Great car. Been leasing for 30 years BMWs. My 10th BMW. Had many models. Love the 328xi the best. All maintenance included in lease price too. Service top notch.
Published: April 18, 2018
David of Copley, OH

I have truly enjoyed the 2014 BMW convertible. It is just fun to drive. I o
I have truly enjoyed the 2014 BMW convertible. It is just fun to drive. I often get told how nice it is. The take off is fast and the controls on the wheel make it less distracting to answer phone or navigate the radio. The overall look is very attractive. I am very short and the seats fit me perfectly. They allow a large range of positions so it also helps my pain from a cancer removal. By the way, the truck release on the key remote drives me nuts. Its like it has a combination of buttons to hit. The car also has a very small trunk so I am not able to purchase larger items.
Published: June 23, 2018
Marcia of High Springs, FL

I purchased a 2015 BMW 435i brand new. I purchased all the extended warrant
I purchased a 2015 BMW 435i brand new. I purchased all the extended warranties and maintenance packages. Since 2017 I have had an ongoing issue with the car not starting. It happens when least expected. I have replaced the battery 3 times in the last year. The last time it was in for repair I was told that they could not replicate the problem. So basically BMW cannot fix their own product. I was so frustrated. I told my service advisor that if they can’t fix it then no one can! No one cared! I called customer relations to No avail.I thought I would be able to keep this car for many years to come but due to its unreliability, I had to trade it in for a completely different brand. I lost tens of thousands of dollars! Last but not least, I called the finance department to get a refund on what was left of the extended warranties only to find out that many of them are no refundable! I will tell anyone who will listen, do NOT purchase any of these vehicles, they are not the quality that they are marketed to be. I know at least three other people who have had multiple problems with various models. One of which sued with lemon law and got another vehicle. I did not want another vehicle, I just wanted them to fix mine! This was a VERY expensive lesson learned.
Published: February 22, 2020
Kathy of Cypress, TX

BMW Financial involuntarily repossessed my BMW after an auto accident. I wa
BMW Financial involuntarily repossessed my BMW after an auto accident. I was unable to walk and notify BMW of the situation as the car was in their chosen shop for repair or payoff. Insurance repaired after 2 months. I notified BMW that the car was repaired and I owed 2 payments, which I was paying now that I could walk. They said after my $20,000.00 repair, they were in repo status. I said no and that the car is back in for repair and Im on my way to pay. I was at Western Union with a witness to pay two payments. The girl at BMW was rude and said theres nothing she could do. The repo showed up in 30 minutes at BMW repair shop and took my car before I arrived. I never heard from anyone of this. I called on my way to repair shop and they said my car was taken and that was that. No authorization, no police involvement. The car could be stolen, for all I know. Then they billed me $12,000.00. I had 3 months left on lease and a $20,000.00 beautiful car repair they made out and ruined my credit. I have had 4 BMWs and they will never see my business again!
Published: October 9, 2011
Tricia of Pamplin, va

I had an issue with a BMW dealership - Coast BMW from San Luis Obispo to be
I had an issue with a BMW dealership - Coast BMW from San Luis Obispo to be precise. They have been dishonest and unreliable. Save yourself the time, go somewhere else. I contacted BMW customer relations [email protected] and after a few generic non-answer I was finally told the truth. You are on your own, BMW USA could not care less what happens in the so called BMW dealership. Here is the official response: “BMW Customer Relations and Services provides aftersales information on warranty, vehicle, and manufacturer-related inquiries. Unfortunately, we are unable to assist with information regarding vehicle sales. Since all sales are processed a fulfilled by the sales team at independently owned and operated authorized BMW centers, we recommend continuing to work directly with the sales manager at Coast BMW. The sales manager is in the best position to further assist you with your concerns. Thank you again for taking the time to write to us.
Published: August 11, 2018
Remi of Redwood City, CA

I own an 08 BMW 4S with 65,000 miles. The GPS failed and the dealer priced
I own an 08 BMW 4S with 65,000 miles. The GPS failed and the dealer priced the repair at $1,435 to repair it. Need I say more? $1,435 to fix a GPS when Google Maps on my I-phone has a better GPS than the car did. Called BMW USA and they told me they could offer no help. This could be the last time I purchase a BMW. The Dealer is fantastic and the service specialist Terrance ** is top notch.
Published: September 3, 2014
Gary of Monkton, MD

I have a BMW with this aftermarket warranty. The front seat stopped working
I have a BMW with this aftermarket warranty. The front seat stopped working so I brought it into BMW. They told me that it was the motor, chair rail and regulator that need to be fixed. The warranty people told BMW they would only authorized the motor.. All other parts and labor associated with those parts are not covered. BMW mentioned to them that it all comes as one unit. All parts work together and need to be replaced together. Customer service stated that they did not want to cover it since on the paperwork it only stated MOTOR was to be covered. Seriously??? They are going to cover the motor but none of the components that go along with that motor or what actually needs to be replaced because of that faulty motor?? OHH.. BMW also told them that my oil filter housing is slowly seeping oil and needs a new gasket/seal. Warranty people denied claim stating they will only fix it when the seal is actually leaking oil and not just seeping! Really, so basically lets not be proactive and fix it now before it turns into something major! Then they can cherry pick what they want to fix and leave you with the rest of the bill. I hate this warranty company!
Published: August 10, 2015
Wendy of Del Mar, CA

I bought a brand new 2013 BMW 650i Gran Coupe xDrive which cost me $104K. A
I bought a brand new 2013 BMW 650i Gran Coupe xDrive which cost me $104K. After driving my car 13k miles, I got an oil change from a non BMW repair center which is okay according to BMW. The shop was not able to take off the service light when it turned on at 15k miles. They told me its not a problem because I already got the oil change; I should take it to BMW to take the service light off. Within five days, my car shut down and I got it towed to BMW of Bayside. When I took it to BMW of Bayside, they automatically declined my service because I never took the car for an oil change at a BMW dealer and told me I owe $18,500 for a new engine. I spoke to the service manager and I told him I had a valid receipt for repair. He was quick to answer, It doesnt matter to me. Your cars warranty is void. I quickly reached out to BMW of NA and going back and forth, they asked to see the receipt just to waste my time for two months. Now BMW of Bayside and BMW NA does not want to give me information or a reason why they arent covering me especially after BMW of Bayside told me when they received the car, it had only 4.5 quarts in the car and only 3500 miles over the normal 15000 miles per oil change limit, which should be enough to drive it even if I didnt get an oil change. Im now in the position of not paying for my car and leaving it in the shop. I will burn my credit before I shell out $28k for a warranty item!
Published: April 8, 2013
Jack of Brooklyn, NY

Got a flat on tires designed to go 50 miles, but only got 5 miles before it
Got a flat on tires designed to go 50 miles, but only got 5 miles before it was on the rim. Didnt know I didnt have a spare... never told me when leasing my 2014 X5. The nice lady on the roadside assistance call, said that she would send a tow truck to tow my car 60 miles (I would have to pay and be reimbursed by BMW) to the nearest dealer, but that unfortunately, since it was Sunday night and I was 150 miles from home, in the rain, that I would have to find a place to stay. Again at my expense, and find a way to get to that dealer, 60 miles away and get my car back on Monday sometime.... I didnt, called friends who came and fixed the flat. Then on Monday BMW said sorry for your inconvenience, expense and disappointment.... but thats the way it is, and the expense of the tire, rim, and service was mine... since I didnt have insurance. THIS IS MY 4th BMW (all had spares). THIS IS MY LAST BMW.
Published: July 27, 2015
robert of Englewood, NJ

I have a 2004 BMW 530i that was paid off. My daughter came home from work a
I have a 2004 BMW 530i that was paid off. My daughter came home from work and parked it on the driveway and 2 hours after the trunk of the car caught on fire. The fire marshal said it was due the battery and the red wire in the trunk. I did not have comprehensive or collision insurance so the insurance company did not pay so I call BMW to let them know and I found out that there was other BMW that was in fire because the same issue. BMW took the car to evaluate the fire and then they came back and tell me the they are not responsible and offer 5k toward a certified or new BMW. I said I was not able to buy a new BMW at this point and BMW said we cannot help now. Im left without a car but I found out that BMW had a million car recall because that issue and the NBC news have other news on that issue as well but at the end nothing was done from BMW. I advise anyone with a 2004 to 2010 BMW 5 or 3 series get the car checked and file a complaint with anyone who listen thank you. At the end my car was totaled.
Published: July 28, 2015
Hani of Saint Cloud , FL

This is a reply to Charles of Hobbs, NM: In regards to the gasoline smell,
This is a reply to Charles of Hobbs, NM: In regards to the gasoline smell, Charles, you need to replace your charcoal filter and make sure the rubber hoses are not cracked. Secondarily, when you fill up your car, stop pumping gas as soon as it clicks off. Dont fill it to the top; it overflows into your charcoal canister. You can find the part on or Its very easy to replace.
Published: November 3, 2011
Jack of Rockville, MD

We purchased a pre-owned certified BMW in Fresno, CA in April 2013. Within
We purchased a pre-owned certified BMW in Fresno, CA in April 2013. Within the first week we had problems with the electrical and our amp went out completely. We were told that it needed to be reset but it continued to fail. We had to take the car in 5 times before they replaced the amp. This was only the beginning of our problems. In the first year of ownership, we had multiply problems with the car including but not limited to: new air conditioning, rear door latch, interior door panel, oil leak. The biggest and most dangerous problem occurred on February 11, 2015. I was driving home on the freeway and I lost all power in the car. We were in the fast lane, going up a hill and suddenly no power! There were no warning lights of any kind, just complete power failure! I was able to pull over on the freeway and call the BMW service department in Fresno. I was told by my service adviser to simply turn off the car and it would reset. Upon my arrival back in Fresno, I took the car in to the BMW dealership for repair. After the car was there for a few days, I was told to pick up the car because the service department found nothing wrong with the transmission. Once again I drove the car and with my family in the car on the freeway, I lost complete power again! I took the car back to the service department and told them the car was unsafe to drive. I was given a loaner car. My car was in the service department for one month! My service adviser called me and said that there was nothing wrong with the car and to come and pick it up! I then called the service manager and customer relations with BMW corporate. I explained I could not drive this car because it was not safe for my family or any other driver on the road! It was then that they did an electronic test and determined that it needed a new transmission. On July 23, 2016, on our way to the central coast, the engine started making a horrible loud noise. I took it in to Coast BMW and they informed me my AC compressor was out, the wishbone was cracked and had to be replaced and they found 2 oil leaks. My car had been burning one quart of oil a month and the Fresno service department told me that was normal for an x5! The service advisor at Coast BMW told me my car was NOT SAFE to drive. We had to leave our car at the coast and rent a car home. These are all problems that should have been discovered by the Fresno service team because the car had been in several times. There is truly no excuse for BMW to put the lives of my family and the lives of others at risk. I trusted that I purchased the ultimate driving machine. These problems should NEVER happen to another family. Please be warned that BMW is willing to risk your life and your families lives to save a buck.
Published: August 16, 2016
Teresa of Fresno, CA

TPM Sensor Damaged Again: I bought a 2007 525i BMW a little bit over a year
TPM Sensor Damaged Again: I bought a 2007 525i BMW a little bit over a year ago, and this is the second time during the last four (4) months that the TPM sensor went bad. I now realize that due to water intrusion in the trunk, it causes for the TPM sensor to get water damaged. By browsing the Internet, I am now aware that this is a common malfunction for the TPM monitoring sensor on the 525i model. I believe that this should be part of a recall by BMW to specifically address this issue that is a common problem due to an engineering defect by putting such an electronic part in the bottom of the trunk when it is prone to get water damaged. The TPM sensor is now defective and needs to be replaced. Please advise how to proceed.
Published: February 25, 2012
Juan of The Woodlands, TX

So I leased a 2020 430 convertible in July 2019. A month later driving the
So I leased a 2020 430 convertible in July 2019. A month later driving the car in 90° weather after two hours of driving the air-conditioning broke. Brought the car back to the dealership, they said the problem was fixed. A month later same situation. Brought it back, he said it was fixed. The following summer in 90° weather same situation after a few hours of driving air-conditioning stopped. Brought it to a different dealership, problem was fixed, it was not. Currently two weeks ago in June, driving back from the Jersey shore and 98° weather I stopped at a rest stop and left my daughter and my dog in the car. When I came back I found that the air conditioner had stopped, my daughter who has down syndrome, my dog suffered mild heatstroke. Contacted Bmw multiple times. They tell me that nothing is wrong with the car. And have yet to buy me out of my lease. So worst company ever, this car is a lemon. There’s nothing but problems with these BMWs. Do not purchase or lease then.
Published: June 11, 2021
Louise of Hawthorne, NY

I bought my R1100RT brand new in Oct., 2000. i rode her daily back and fort
I bought my R1100RT brand new in Oct., 2000. i rode her daily back and forth on Los Angeles freeways for a year. I put 31,000 on her during first year. She handled very well in rough traffic: stops on a dime and has the ability to power you out of tight spots like a rocket if need be. I rode her recreationally over the next couple of years, and due to knee surgery, I had to park her in my garage over the 2003-2004 time period. Occasional starts during 2005 ended with a dead battery, and her sitting quietly in my garage until the spring of 2012 (yes 7 years). I FINALLY put a new battery in her and she started up with a chug, until I put fresh gas in her. She rode like a champ and I had her serviced within a week. I've put almost 800 miles on her in the first two weeks of bringing her back to life and she hasn't missed a beat. I was thinking about trading her in for a new R1200RT, but after riding her and enjoying the looks of onlookers, I don't think I could ever get rid of her. This is one great machine built by one great company. If you have one; keep it.
Published: May 1, 2012
Mike Barker, Moreno Valley, California

From GM to used car manager have been unable to get an honest answer when l
From GM to used car manager have been unable to get an honest answer when looking at a used M5 with 14k. Checking the carfax car was sold as a CPO elite. First I called the dealership to confirm with service. When a service advisor answered she told me when I gave her the VIN # that this car was NOT in their system. Not in their system, it is on their lot!! Then was told when asked the salesperson that the car was NOT CPO. I decided to call an independent BMW service tech. BMW warranty info is nationwide. He was extremely helpful once I have him the last 7 numbers. He told me it is a CPO car and goes with the car, just purchased less than 4 months ago. After reading all the negative reviews of BMW customer service think I might pass on buying my first BMW. Especially since my local BMW dealership does not seem to know what they have on their lot.
Published: November 15, 2016
jon of Liberty, MO

Re: 2007X3. Many times since, approximately the vehicle had 60K miles, prio
Re: 2007X3. Many times since, approximately the vehicle had 60K miles, prior to my 100k miles warranty running out, even though I was experiencing problems with my transmission (i.e. not shifting properly, clunking when shifting, noise and jerking when shifting), the Service Dept. told me there was nothing wrong. Now that I have 120k miles on it and my X3 will not go into AWD, I am told by Erhard that my transmission differential needs a $1,400 repair. I have never missed maintenance and at the last maintenance, I was complaining about my transmission.I would like my transmission problem fixed at no cost to me. It seems BMW, blew me off to get me through until my warranty was up (extended to 100k that I paid for). Very disappointing and too costly for me. My wife and I both own BMWs and will be going to a different make vehicle because of the deceitful treatment I have received. Something should be done about BMWs lack of responsibility when it comes to taking care of warranty issues.
Published: January 14, 2012
Brad of Commerce, MI

Low temp [ - 8 f] caused false warning of flat tire and blocking of screen
Low temp [ - 8 f] caused false warning of flat tire and blocking of screen info. My previous 528 2006 did this. Is this the winter pkg?
Published: January 21, 2012
Bernard of Ann arbor, MI

I have purchased 3 consecutive BMWs. I love the brand. Ive had my most rece
I have purchased 3 consecutive BMWs. I love the brand. Ive had my most recent vehicle for 3 months, a 535i, and its a great car. I noticed that one of my door handle trim pieces was missing and the other was loose. I looked for damage and there wasnt any. I went to the dealer and they were very helpful and accommodating. They took pictures, took notice of there not being any damage, and they said they would contact BMW on my behalf. A few days later the dealer called me to let me know that BMW would not offer assistance. The resolution they suggested is that I purchase new door handles plus the cost of programming comfort access because the trim pieces are not sold separately. ($500+ Per Handle.)After, I have spoken to BMW independent of the dealer and they are asking for more pictures. I dont understand this since they already have them. I conclude that the trim pieces have fallen off due to a problem with the adhesive not performing to specs (The trim piece itself is made of plastic with tape strip on the inner side). I am very disappointed that as a loyal customer, I would be dismissed in this fashion. I just spent over $60k for this vehicle.
Published: January 15, 2017
J of Sanford, FL

I bought a 2011 BMW 135i (49k mileage) in the beginning of 2016 and during
I bought a 2011 BMW 135i (49k mileage) in the beginning of 2016 and during this short period of ownership. I have in and out the dealership(s) many times because of different kinds of failure on this Ultimate Failing Machine. The lucky thing is that I have Certified Pre-Owned Extended warranty that covers most repairs. The car has 56k mileage today. Those are the repairs I did for 9 months ownership:Weak air-conditioning due to evaporator leaking in AC system - a quote of repair cost ~$1200, fixed under warranty. DCT Transmission fluid leaking due to bad o-ring - unknown repair cost, fixed under warranty but I have to pay $2** for new DCT Transmission fluid. Otherwise they will reuse the old fluid and put them in after repair (!!!) Do you reuse toilet paper or condom(s)?Adaptive headlight control module failure - does not cover by CPO warranty. I paid $7** for the repair and reprogramming. High Pressure Fuel Pump failure and Rail pressure sensor failure - this is known issue in N54/N55 engine and the High Pressure Fuel Pump on my car failed in exact 55k mileage. The quote of repair is $17** + taxes + $175 diagnostic fee, fixed under warranty. A Xenon light bulb failure in one headlight - does not cover by CPO warranty. Paid $4** for a set of genuine BMW light bulb and DIY. Let imagine when you get this car with no warranty. How much you will have to spend on every repairs? Good luck with your BMW cars.
Published: October 8, 2016
Jacky of San Diego, CA

I bought a 2006 BMW 750i CPO. I bought the car with only 39000 miles on it.
I bought a 2006 BMW 750i CPO. I bought the car with only 39000 miles on it. I have 67000 miles now. I was told the car had 6 years and 100000 miles of warranty on it. When I called about another problem with the car, was told the cars warranty had elapsed. I told them the car was warrantied until 2012. The dealer told me the car was bought in 2005 even though it is a 2006 model and that it had expired. I informed them that the sales person told me the car was warrantied until 2012 and not 2011. They will not honor any warranties. Since purchasing the car, I have been in the shop for Thermostat problem, lighting problem, fluid leak problem from transmission and coolant, steering column problem, etc. I called the dealer and National BMW and nobody will help me. The transmission now has a warning light. If I replace transmission it will cost $5k to $7K.
Published: September 12, 2011
Jimmy of Valencia, CA

The 2001 BMW R1150 GS is a fabulous motorcycle. A beast of a motorcycle. We
The 2001 BMW R1150 GS is a fabulous motorcycle. A beast of a motorcycle. Well engineered and tough it will take you where miles are afraid to tred! The R1150 GS has power to spare. Surprising lower and performance. My last motorcycle was a 2003 Harley Davidson 883 Sportster. I was impressed with the power of that Harley but this 1150 BMW puts it to shame. The BMW is smooth yet robust. The 6-speed gearing has a wide range. I especially like third gear! A handful of throttle feels like you are blasting off to the moon! At age 67 I only rode my BMW mildly off road on my own farm and then only over improved dry pastures! Mine has just over 31,450 miles at the time of this review! My bike was fully serviced and ready to ride anywhere when I purchased it second hand. The tires were just 1 year old with just 1,000 miles on them. I am 67 years old and recently purchased this BMW motorcycle in September 2021, however it is too tall for me to ride comfortably and safely. I have a 30" inseam but riders need longer legs to safely handle this motorcycle. I thought about lowering the suspension but these GS BMW's are too nice to alter. So I purchased a second BMW R1200C Pheonix last week which suits my stride much better. I do not need two BMW motorcycles so I am reluncticly parting with my GS. This is what Cycle World Magazine had to say about the BMW R1150 GS: BMW R1150GS - BEST USED BIKES Exemplifying the very essence of a two-wheel Swiss army knife. Cycle World July 22, 2015 YEARS SOLD: 2000–2004 MSRPNEW: $14,190 ('00) to $14,500 ('04) BLUE BOOK RETAIL VALUE: $4,885 ('00) to $6,500 ('04)BASIC SPECS: The R1150GS is powered by an 1,130cc air-/oil-cooled, four-stroke opposed twin featuring four valves per cylinder, electronic fuel injection, and shaft drive. The 1150 introduced a six-speed gearbox, while later models came equipped with dual spark plug heads and servo-assisted combined ABS brakes. The GS weighs 582 pounds WET with its 5.5-gallon fuel tank topped up and produced 74 hp and 68 pound-feet of torque at the rear wheel on the Cycle World dyno. The "Showa" suspension offers 7.9 inches of rough road-smoothing travel, while the adjustable saddle height (33.1 to 33.8 inches) accommodates a range of riders. WHY IT'S DESIRABLE: Few bikes have proven to be as versatile as the GS BMW Beemer family, with the 1150 exemplifying the very essence of a two-wheel Swiss army knife. It's a road-hardened touring mount and heavyweight dual-sport all wrapped in one. "I went places and saw things on the GS that I never would have on another bike," Mark Hoyer remarked back in the days before he was editor-in-chief. "It truly makes molehills out of mountains." All that, plus the reputation of durability and reliability rivaling that of an anvil easily warrant the price of purchase. THE COMPETITION: Long-travel twins gained prominence in the early 2000s with the introduction of the KTM 950 Adventure and 1,000cc Ducati Multistrada. Undoubtedly, this trend was helped along by the BMW R1150GS, which was honored as the Best Sport-Touring Bike of 2000 by Cycle World in our Ten Best issue.
Published: October 10, 2021
Guy Foster, Mississippi

I leased a 328i three years ago. It was my second one. United BMW in Roswel
I leased a 328i three years ago. It was my second one. United BMW in Roswell bent over backwards to get me into another vehicle, treated me like gold... The car had 21,000 miles on it, a cream puff. When I told them I was not interested in leasing another they put their game face on. Inspecting and reinspecting the vehicle in full sun for anything they could tag me with. They pulled out their dingo meter and one tire was a tenth of 1 millimeter off... They banged me for 300 bucks. My dent and ding package only covered the ding if the paint was not chipped on top… They took out the microscope. The general manager was an **... They lost a good customer. I will make sure I let all my friends know. Be prepared if you lease a BMW, they will bend you over in the end.
Published: August 18, 2017
Steven of Stone Mountain, GA

Ive been driving BMWs for 15 years and had come to trust the brand. I decid
Ive been driving BMWs for 15 years and had come to trust the brand. I decided to spend a bit more than I wanted to buy a newer version (6 years, 2007 320D model) to try to reduce the generally high costs of maintaining old BMWs. The car had 80k miles, sounded and drove OK. Little did I know that between 2007 and 2009, BMW built their cars with weak timing chains and located them at the back of the engine where they could not be replaced without complete engine removal. Furthermore, the lower timing sprocket is integral to the crankshaft, so the latter has to be replaced as well even though the shaft is hardly worn (600 for the bit). If the timing chain is slightly noisy (not noticeable to most people), the cost to fix is at least 2000. If the chain fails, the engine instantaneously loses power without warning. If you can recover yourselves safely on foot from the fast lane, or wherever, the bill is at least 5000.My local mechanic noticed the slight noise under the engine. I took it to the BMW dealer who agreed that the chain should be replaced. BMW then declined to offer any good will contribution to the repair cost because the car was out of warranty and had been bought from a non-BMW dealer, even though all but the last two services were carried out by the BMW dealer. I have been advised by an engine repair company that they are repairing 3 or 4 of these engines per week (including other models made in 2007-2009) and that the new timing chain is stronger than the old, implying that a design-failure has been admitted by BMW in practice, if not officially. There is no instruction in the owners manual to check the condition of the timing chain (as there is for cam-belts in other makes) so owners are unwarned of this costly maintenance task. In my opinion, BMW, by not admitting their calamitous design errors, are foisting the massive costs onto owners. Be warned of BMW incompetence and insensitivity if you are thinking of buying one of their cars. I would be pleased to consider taking part in a class action against the company, alleging that their denial of fault is false and that they are liable for all repair costs. This would need proof with expert witnesses but might be affordable if enough people come forward.
Published: December 18, 2013
John of Lowestoft, OTHER

I had the X7 for 2 years (2019) and 42,000 miles. Going through a school zo
I had the X7 for 2 years (2019) and 42,000 miles. Going through a school zone my steering AND brakes went COMPLETELY out as kids were crossing. Luckily there was a bend in the road and I was going uphill. I went off the road (not by my doing). A non-event. BMW acknowledged there was a software issue. I sold the SUV immediately! DO NOT BUY THIS VEHICLE...I am a 61 year old man. You have been warned. Oh by the way, BMW did NOT stand behind the vehicle..Email [email protected] VP of BMW or Caitlin **, Executive Customer Relations and Services. Tel: **....National Service Director....They are both useless
Published: December 1, 2021
Jeffrey of Narberth, PA

I own a 2007 BMW 530i and cant believe the problems it is giving me. I have
I own a 2007 BMW 530i and cant believe the problems it is giving me. I have taken it to the dealer every month since August 2011 until now. I had major problems with power steering not working, alternator pulley damaged with belt, engine overheating, left fuel level sensor cap leaking, coolant pump not working, lower radiator hose and coolant temp sensor leaking, vibrating at high speed, radiator leakage at the bottom and after radiator replacement upper radiator hose was leaking. Stranded again with internal fault in starter as per the dealers service center. Washer fluid pump leakage was found. After all the repairs since August, I ended up at the dealers with transmission malfunction indicator and was told it was due to one of the crankshaft sensors that was faulty. During the check, they also found oil filter housing gasket leaking. Owning this car has been one expensive and frustrating experience. I would not recommend this car. We pay the price for quality and not this torture. I have owned a Mazda 323,Toyota Sienna, Camry, Mercedes and Volkswagen that have lasted for more than 175,000 miles with no major issues. Owning this car has been the worst experience of my life. I contacted the corporate office for BMW and was told that they will take the complaint but no one from their office has to call us back.
Published: January 26, 2012
Rose of Dunedin, FL

I was driving my 2013 BMW 328xi with family in Toronto in busy traffic on N
I was driving my 2013 BMW 328xi with family in Toronto in busy traffic on Nov 1, 2014 & suddenly the cars engine stops and all power features stop working. I managed to glide the car to the curve amidst busy traffic switching lanes with my hazard on and barely averting a collision. The dashboard monitor stated something about the start/stop ignition. I attempted to start the car and it would turn briefly but would not start. After several attempts I called BMW roadside assistance. After being left on hold sometime, I was advised a tow truck would arrive at 5:50 pm, it was 4:30 pm. I advised them the car was not safe as the busy road was full of fast moving traffic on Mount Pleasant North of Moore. The individual at the call center claimed he could not do anything. I called my older son to pick up my wife & son with hockey gear and shopping.Exactly at around 5:50 pm a flat bed tow truck arrived with we buy scrap cars inscribed on the truck (not kidding). The tow truck driver attempted to start the car and mentioned he was unable to put the car in neutral. He asked it could damage the car if he pulled it onto the truck. I again called BMW roadside assistance and the individual (now supervisor) asked I sign a waiver to take responsibility for any damage caused by their towing. I refused and the man was argumentative. The Tow truck driver suggested another tow truck with rollers and stated he would not take responsibility without a waiver. Another hour passed before the next tow truck arrived. It was a cold evening in Toronto and I asked BMW roadside assistance if they could shuttle me home after the car was towed. I was told I need to go with the tow truck. Upon arriving at the dealership it was closed and the security mentioned there was nowhere for me to wait. (No news yet from roadside assistance.) By this time I had chatted prior with BMW roadside assistance individuals in Chicago, Toronto, Florida and Winnipeg (they kept transferring me). The Winnipeg girl finally called a taxi while I waited for another hour in the cold (I could have called a taxi or got a ride myself if they had not insisted I stay with the car earlier). I had to pay for the taxi anyhow and was provided a budget of $100 after I asked. The Winnipeg girl stated they may reimburse me and she would email info. (The email arrived two days later with completely different information.) No courtesy car. I must say the roadside assistance (call center) experience was poor. I had to call several times and often they would place me on hold or they just hung up after 20-30 min on hold. They kept sending electronic voice messages asking if things had been taken care, while I was telling them they had not. A couple of women were good but did not have answers and they even gave the wrong information about rental cars claiming none were available in the entire City of Toronto.To end my evening, the taxi driver turned out to be a racist maniac from Beck Taxi. I told him to stop at Yonge and Lawrence, I paid him (he insisted on cash as his machine was in the trunk). I ran over to Starbucks and waited for a ride home back to Bathurst and Eglinton. What a nightmare! The dealer was excellent and they fixed the problem in two business days.However the same new car also had a brake problem a couple of months prior and cost $1,200 for new brakes (the downtown Toronto dealer claimed it was not covered under warranty at 30,000 km). The car had speedometer problem and showed service was overdue (at minus -7000 km), the car had been serviced a couple of months prior. Luckily this one is a leased car, however after driving BMWs for the past 10-12 years I am concerned the new 3 Series appear to have problems. I hope they take note and sort out the problems.
Published: November 10, 2014
Marz of Toronto, ON

I bought a brand new 640 I, drivers side door opened up, repaired four time
I bought a brand new 640 I, drivers side door opened up, repaired four times, engine light went on catalytic converter, roof latch replaced, navigation didnt work. Cars been in repair 60 days, failed four times. Its a 2015 640 I... w/ 9000 miles. BMW wants 15,000 more replace it, I paid 92,450. 11 months later 15,000? Go lemon, they will screw you over if you trust them. Take your car, cash, your check, prevent you from filing a lemon. Be careful. Deal w/ your state, nothing to lose. Trust me. Its sad BMW doesnt know good faith. If you have faith in them, youll lose your mind... so let me do you a favor. Dont trust them you will be sorry, rights will be taken away. Sneaky BMW. Get away with it. Name? I guess? I paid cash. Im out 107.000. Ask why I pay 15,000? Said Msrp difference miles... there was no difference in Msrp. Their crooks need to be stopped. I agree, hope states start some kind of crime investigation on them and the dealership work as a team. Heads up.
Published: July 21, 2016
julie of Naples, FL

After buying a BMW, I was getting some indications that some general servic
After buying a BMW, I was getting some indications that some general service work needed to be completed. After bringing my car into the local BMW dealer, Bill Jacobs BMW, my work was completed under warranty as well as additional items that they told me that needed to be fixed. Some of the items like brakes were also fixed and I was told that they were covered with the maintenance agreement that came with the car. I was surprised to learn that brakes were covered because they are not normally covered. I remember being told by the staff at BIll Jacobs BMW that BMW maintenance agreement is real good and covers a lot of stuff not typically covered.A month or so later, I was getting calls from Bill Jacobs BMW letting me know there they had additional service recommendations. I did not ask for their recommendations. I did not initially come in due to other commitments. After their persistence in calling me (they called at least 3 times), I agreed to bring the car in for the work. At that time, my battery was going defective and I asked them to look at that as well and I was told it needed to be replaced. I was asked to sign an agreement authorizing them to work on my car. Those were the exact words used by the service advisor. I signed the agreement. Never at one time did he say, These are the services we will perform in your car and this is the cost for the service for each issue. It was simply, Sign the agreement to authorize the work. When I went to pick up the car after the work was completed, I was astonished when I was handed a bill for almost $1360. I refused to pay the bill as the dealer never told me this service was something that was to be paid for. The service advisor never went over the estimate outlining what the costs were. The whole time, I was under the impression this was warranty work. Afterwards, they showed me the work order with prices but I assumed they were what were being billed back to BMW to cover the cover their costs. I figured if I were paying, it would have come up somewhere. They were very deceptive but released my vehicle without any hesitation. I received a phone call from Grant **, the GM. He was condescending during our conversation but willing to knock off the a few hundred dollars as if he was doing me a favor. I still felt since their employee was not upfront and the charges for the services they provide were extreme compared to what I could have purchased the services for elsewhere, I did not feel like they were being fair. I was willing to pay some of it but when he agreed to knock a bit off, it was a take it or leave it.I went out of town for a few weeks on a business trip. When I returned, I received a call from the Naperville police who were threatening to arrest me for theft of service if I did not come up with the full amount in 36 hours. After I consulted an attorney who advised me that this was a civil matter and not a criminal matter, I decided to tell both the police and Grant that I would not be bullied by them. Then a warrant was issued for my arrest. Now I feel as if Bill Jacobs BMW as well as the Naperville Police department for getting involved in a civil dispute is bullying me. How could it be a criminal offense if they released the vehicle? I never demanded it or threatened them in any way to turn it over. So how could I have stolen something? I would think they have an obligation to explain their services and be abundantly clear when work is being done outside of the warranty. Both the service manager and Grant ** hung their hat on the fact that their guys are well-trained so they were assuming the misunderstanding was on my end. But it does not matter how well-trained their guy is because he did not disclose that I was responsible for the repairs regardless of what was signed.Furthermore, as far as the police investigation, there really was not one. Bill Jacobs BMW filed a complaint and I was arrested. There was zero investigation. Even when I spoke to the officer who issued the warrant after I told them my side of the story, he said, They said that would be your response, that it was my word against theirs. Seriously, how can they investigate my word against theirs? There are only 2 people who know for sure what happened: the service advisor, Brad, and myself. The service manager and general manager who were so very confident that Brad indicated these were paid for services were not present during the discussion when the car was dropped off.
Published: February 19, 2013
John of Aurora, IL

Bought myself a new car, very exciting right? WRONG! Not if its a BMW! I bo
Bought myself a new car, very exciting right? WRONG! Not if its a BMW! I bought this car less than 30k miles, 2014. This Friday will be my 3rd time taking it to the shop in less than a month. Its still under warranty, but now Im seeing signs, as I did with my Pontiac Firebird money pit. Feels like something is wrong with the mass air flow, tranny, parking lamp malfunction, now check engine light is on. Whats next??? Idk anyone who is taking their car in every week on their day off. Contacting Carmax and my creditor to check out other options. Honda and Toyota here I come! BMW IS RUNNING A RACKET!!!
Published: September 20, 2016
M of Elk Grove, CA

Keeps me updated on my car and what to expect of my car and what to look ou
Keeps me updated on my car and what to expect of my car and what to look out far to keep my car operable and running at its best. This is my first BMW given to myself for my 60th BD. I like the bmw place here in Columbia, Mr. ** helps me understand the ins and out dealing with my bmw and he does not let me feel stupid.
Published: December 15, 2019
Frances of Columbia, SC

Problem 1: Transfer case have been replace several times and Im still havin
Problem 1: Transfer case have been replace several times and Im still having problems with this high price Junk. Problem 2: About 6 months ago the car started sputtering when you accelerate. I found online that you can take your BMW 2011 750LI xdrive in for a customer care package (They did not call it a recall but a customer care package). I thought this would correct the problems because they replace some sensors and vacuum hose but the problem is still there. BMW did a full diagnostic and said Remove and replace all injectors (x8), ignition coils (x8), and spark plugs (x8). (During the inspection found the vehicle misfiring). Final cost will run $6777.00. My warranty company will refuse to pay because they wanted to know what would you replace all 8 injectors and all of the other parts because all 8 injectors cant be bad. The warranty company think BMW know they have a faulted Injection systems and trying to upgrade and correct the problem at the customer expense. The car burn major oil, BMW claim this is normal. I will get a second opinion. This is the worst car I have ever own and when you spend a 100,000 on a car you expect to drive it more then 4 years without all of the problems these car has cost us. I thought BMW quality meant something. I will never, never buy another BMW in Life.Problem 3: Car have 114k now they are telling me the Transmission needs to be replace. This car have been a nightmare from hell. BMW NEED TO BE ASHAMED OF THEMSELVES FOR PUTTING OUT SUCH horrible quality. YOU HAVE LOST US FOR LIFE. Now when I see a BMW commercial I laugh. They are truly the new Ford in the world of Automobiles.
Published: January 29, 2017
Derrick of Douglasville, GA

I own a BMW 545i for years. I want to tell the world what a piece of crap t
I own a BMW 545i for years. I want to tell the world what a piece of crap this 65,000 $$$ car is. I mean really BMW sure did a number on everybody with this v8 engines. I want to share all my problems with this car with you guys. DME or ECU replacement and programming $ 3300.00. Alternator bracket leak $800.00. Timing cover and valve cover oil leaks $ 1800.00. Water pump replacement $600.00. Check this one out, engine transfer coolant pipe $2000.00 and thats using the bimmer pipe. Thanks to the guys. They invented this wonderful pipe that save me $5000.00. Yeah. BMW want it 7k for this job. AC heater valves $200.00, AC compressor $1050. Im the second owner of this car. I bought it with 40,000 miles. Now the car has 74,000 miles and more problems. Now the car doesnt want to start. It cant keep idle. I think its the throttle body or it could be the DME again-- look guys, Im sharing all of this with you guys cause I see all of this. People that want to buy a use BMW pls dont. Its cheaper to buy a glass of lemonade if you know what I mean. For me I rather died than buy a BMW new or used. Again thats all I have to said about that. BMW should really pay for these lemons that have sold over the years to people. Thanks for reading my frustrations.
Published: April 21, 2015
Alfredo of Hialeah, FL

BMW has got the american car makers in the dust. The quality of materials u
BMW has got the american car makers in the dust. The quality of materials used and the construction of the vehicle is far superior. If you look at the American workmanship is it so much inferior to the Germans. We need to upgrade our workforce in order to be competitive with other markets i.e. Germany, Japan.
Published: April 17, 2018
Neil of Lawrenceville, Ga.

I am overly wrought about my purchase of a 1994 BMW (purchased in 2003 with
I am overly wrought about my purchase of a 1994 BMW (purchased in 2003 with only 62,000 miles). It now has 132,000 miles on it. The following has happened in the last three years: the transmission went out, air conditioning went out, SRS system is down, radiator went out (2 times), $2,000 of leaks, and lumbar adjustment (both seats) broken.
Published: January 20, 2012
Stephen of Sonoma, CA

BMW Financial has various rates at various times when shopping for a car. S
BMW Financial has various rates at various times when shopping for a car. So make sure you take your time, then jump on your auto of choice when you can get a good interest rate. The website for BMW Fi is NOT user friendly. Every time you want to get online you need to ask for a code. Then hopefully enter the code in the time allowed, or you will start over. The courtesy and friendliness of BMW Fi can be a lot better than it is. Overall, I would certainly not recommend them, but this is what is offered at the dealership. Ive had 3 car loans with them and they are all problematic in one way or another.
Published: July 17, 2019
Maria of Mchenry, IL

BMW Nightmare! 7 months ago my 2008 X5 died while I was driving the vehicle
BMW Nightmare! 7 months ago my 2008 X5 died while I was driving the vehicle. Fortunately, there were very few cars on the road at the time. I jumped the car and took it straight to United BMW in Duluth, Georgia. They informed me that everything checkout fine and I simply needed a new battery. Fast forward 7 months and the vehicle died again while I was driving at a speed of 45 mph. I nearly got rear-ended. My family and I made it home after getting the car jumped, only to have it die in my driveway. Oh wait! It gets better. The vehicle was towed to United BMW in Duluth this morning. I explained the history to the representative named Scott **. Scotts response to me is as follows: 1. You must drive the vehicle at least 20 miles a day. 2. You must lock the vehicle when youre not driving so the system completely shuts down. 3. We recommend you purchase supplemental power for the vehicle to ensure the batter is adequately charged.4. If your fuel is low you may also experience problems.My response to Mr. Scott **: No one in their right mind would purchase a BMW based on what you described! His response, My job is to give you the information. I apologize if your sales representative failed to do so. Needless to say, Im afraid to let my wife or kids operate this vehicle. BMW, IF THIS ISSUE DOES NOT GET FIXED ONCE AND FOR ALL, AND WE END UP IN AN ACCIDENT, YOU WILL PAY DEARLY!
Published: July 12, 2014
Michael of Lawrenceville, GA

I lease a 2014 528i and I am about to return the car at the end of the Nov
I lease a 2014 528i and I am about to return the car at the end of the Nov 2016. I have leased Lexus, Mercedes, Audi, Volvo and Toyota and I have never had such a ridiculously high inspection report/quote. They charged me for 3 tires @ $300 ea! (I have 34k miles on the car) and they charged me another $1200 dollars for absolutely normal small MINUTE DINGS on the bumpers. That is outrageous! I called customer service and everyone has a very pompous and entitled attitude. Theyre very rude! One supervisor finally removed 1 tire charge and 1 ding charge of $300 but still leaving me with an abusive $900 charge for a couple of very small dings that you can barely see.I called customer service a second time and the woman I spoke with was rude, short and useless! Not to mention that after driving the car for 2 years it started shaking and rattling when idled at a traffic light. These cars are not built well at all. They are the ultimate driving machine indeed. They will ultimately drive you broken, frustrated and unsatisfied. I was actually considering leasing an X6 but now I WILL NEVER LEASE OR BUY ANOTHER BMW AGAIN.
Published: November 23, 2016
Michel of Santa Monica, CA

BMW recalled my car for a timing chain and tensioner. They also told me I h
BMW recalled my car for a timing chain and tensioner. They also told me I had to put a new rocket cover back on so they charged me and put a new one on. Had the car back. Only done a few miles and now its knocking his brains out from the top of the engine. This car had no fault before they carried out any work so I got the car recovered back to Bmw and so far they not taking blame.
Published: July 26, 2015
Darren of Swansea, Other

I got scammed by BMW. I entered into a 2-year lease in 2016. Few months bef
I got scammed by BMW. I entered into a 2-year lease in 2016. Few months before the lease ends, I purchased additional miles. I was told that any unused miles will be refunded. I returned my car yesterday and guess what, they refused to refund my unused miles. However, they found my left rear tire was a little bit more used than the other ones and they charged me $300. Plus the extra $350 fee to close the lease...Not only that but last year, I was in Europe for a month or so and totally forgot to pay my monthly charge, was 30 days late and paid as soon as I came back to the US and opened my mail. That was the only late payment I had during my entire lease. Well guess what, BMW reported it right away and my credit score got impacted so bad it prevented me to purchase a house. I wrote a letter to try to solve this issue, they ignored it. BUT the sales team kept harassing me to try to sell me a new lease... Yeah, you guys can keep trying. I dont want to deal with BMW EVER again!
Published: April 3, 2018
Cedric of Oakland, CA

We bought a used 2007 550I from Momentum Southwest Houston BMW. It were all
We bought a used 2007 550I from Momentum Southwest Houston BMW. It were all lies from the start. The salesman tells us the car has to have special tires, which were on the car and they installed 2 of them. On the test drive, the salesman would not show us how to use the paddle shifters SMG 6 speed. After 6 weeks of begging for a manual and spare key, we finally got a manual and key which we had to pay for. The paddle shifters do not work, as well as the driver seat thigh support motor. One cold 40 degree morning, the check engine light comes on. When my wife got home, I put my scan tool on it. The thermostat is bad stuck open and we took it to dealer as we bought warranty. The warranty company says it does not cover all pre-existing conditions. I talked to the GM at the dealer and they offered to replace the seat motor and repair the paddle shifters for free. While it was there, they call and tell us that all front and rear control arms are bad and needed to be replaced. With an alignment of roughly $2100, I told them Ill take care of the thermostat and suspension. I install lift kits in trucks for a living, and the parts for MOOG are cheaper, but the dealer wants $1800 for parts. MOOG parts at retail are $249.00, I can do the math. We can take it back there for alignment if they dont try to jerk us around for something else. I wont probably buy another one. What a **. We drive off the lot, it depreciates and needs $5000.00 worth of repairs before we get it home.
Published: December 3, 2011
Dorothy of Katy, TX

I would like to share my disgust and aggravation with BMW Assist. Last nigh
I would like to share my disgust and aggravation with BMW Assist. Last night, after dropping my son off at soccer practice in South Florida, I placed my dog and my purse in the front seat of my BMW X5. I proceeded to close the door and walk over to the driver’s side. To my disbelief, all the doors were locked and my dog was stuck in a stifling hot vehicle. I called BMW Assist frantically, requesting that they open my door. They asked for all my information including my address, vehicle VIN, etc. The only information I was unable to provide them with was my enrollment date (as all the paperwork, along with my dog), was locked in my vehicle. I begged the woman to ask me any other security question. She said “sorry, I can’t help you”. I told her my dog was dying and suffocating in the vehicle. She said without this information she was unable to send a signal to my car. She was rude, unsympathetic and didn’t care about my dog’s well-being.We called the police and the city sent a fire truck and policeman to assist in saving my dog’s life. Luckily, however, my son was able to sign into our account, from home, and retrieve the necessary information before the police needed to get involved. I was so upset that I called both BMW North America and BMW Assist. I was told that this was a security measure to avoid theft. I would rather my car be stolen than to lose a life. What would the woman have done if it were a baby? Let the baby die to avoid potential theft.I am sorry, but I choose life over theft. I was also told that the woman could have opened the vents in my vehicle but never offered to do so. BMW Assist supervisor also told me that she should have informed me with an officer at hand, that she would be allowed to send a signal. Neither step was, however, taken. I am very fortunate that my dog is alive, but unfortunately from no assistance provided by BMW. This is unacceptable and procedures and policies should be established so that this never happens again.
Published: May 17, 2019
jill of Fort Lauderdale, FL

I purchased my 2012 BMW X5 last November with 18K miles and a factory warra
I purchased my 2012 BMW X5 last November with 18K miles and a factory warranty. I brought the car in for its first service (in June, the computer told me) and oil change and to fix the tire air sensor. After the oil change was completed and supposedly the air tire sensor was fixed, I was told to call the service rep if I had any more issues. Well within a few minutes of leaving the dealer, the light flashed on and off and has been doing this ever since. Well I took it in today for another schedule service apt. - rear brakes (the computer told me too) - and to again check out the tire air sensor. I was told this would take one or two hours, so I waited (I was told they were out of loaners). (Note: work is over an hour away and home is 1/2 hour away). After over 3 hours, I got the car back and was told that I would have to come back yet again to fix this complicated tire air sensor - a couple of days will be needed to troubleshoot this issue, which I dont really care that much about. Air sensors are problematic on a lot of cars. I got in my car and the car said service check (computer) in two thousand miles (about maybe 6 weeks for me). So back at the dealer soon.Well I regret buying a BMW. It is an excellent ride. I didnt realize I would be spending so much time at the dealer for service for a late model car with relatively low mileage. So not worth it unless you live within a few minutes of the dealer. And yes the dealer will give me a ride anywhere! I work for myself, so every hour I am sitting in the dealer is an hour I am not getting paid for. I wish BMW would take some consideration for our time and realize not all of us have time to visit the BMW service dept. every month. I hope to get rid of this vehicle soon. So now I have to bring the car back for the third time - for the same issue. Oh well thats what I get for buying a BMW.
Published: July 19, 2015
steve of Simi Valley, CA

2013 335xi CPO 3 bent rims sold to me by BMW of south shore Hingham Mass. F
2013 335xi CPO 3 bent rims sold to me by BMW of south shore Hingham Mass. First I must start by saying Im writing this review with the facts and non-bias against BMW South Shore Gallery. I have owned 4 BMWs within the last couple of yrs. I recently went to BMW of south shore to trade my SUV for a sedan. Upon my arrival I notice that they had a new facility quite spacious and clean. Not many sales folks on the floor... However after a few minutes I was approach by a young gentleman which was quite articulate. We struck up a deal on my trade for a CPO sedan. After signing and ready for pickup a few days later I notice the car was not cleaned to my expectation... So I told them about it and they asked me to bring it back... so I did.After a few weeks later I was driving going 93 north. During my acceleration I notice that there was heavy vibration when the speedometer was 70 mph... I did not think anything of it... I thought this was just maybe balancing needed. Within a 2-week span I decided to call and make appointment to take a look... After arriving at the service area... I was in quite shock because the first thing the service advisor said was you will need wheel and tire insurance... Im like wtf in my mind... Ok I humored him... Then he said hes going to put it on the lift and show me that its not uncommon that I have bent rims? But 3 rims... How the hell did he know that the rims was bent... After putting it on the lift... he called me to look. He stated that 3 of my rims was bent and needed to be fixed. Keep in my mind I barely had this car for less than an month prior to observing this problem.I told them that Im not responsible for this, as this car is fairly new and I just picked it up. I was appalled by the next comment... that its not uncommon to have 3 or 4 rims bent... Seriously. I said I was going to go directly to BMW and complain of this deceitful practices on CPOs... and especially the folks in the service area selling you unnecessary things... BMW puts a lot into their CPOs and South Shore is putting the money back in their pockets... Right now Im still waiting for a call from them to fix my 3 bent rims which they knowingly sold the car to me with. The average driver would not have notice this issue if they were driving at 55 mph... So beware...Always go over the car thoroughly with the sales person... and have them put it on the lift and have 4 tires rotating so you can see if the rims are bent. My wife brought her car there several times for service and each time it has always been a problem because they serviced the wrong thing... including taking off parts and not putting it on back correctly... Theres no accountability with the service advisor... and mechanics. If you do purchase a car please take to another BMW dealer and have them go over it and I bet you will find quite a few discrepancies...
Published: August 7, 2016
Carlo of Randolph, MA

My recommendation is to find another source to finance the purchase/lease o
My recommendation is to find another source to finance the purchase/lease of a BMW. Perhaps avoid the product altogether. I assumed a lease, 12 months remaining, in January of 2016. The original account/lessee had prepaid the lease including the applicable sales taxes due the original State of Registration - MA. I registered the vehicle in my home State of Maine where sales taxes on leased vehicles are paid in full upfront upon registration. At that time I informed BMW Financial Services (BMW) that I would be registering the vehicle in ME and therefore sales taxes prepaid and due MA for the remaining term of the lease would no longer apply. I made the argument then that the prepaid balance on the BMW lease account, relative to sales taxes collected for future remittance by BMW to MA, should be refunded to me, the new Lessee of the vehicle. I was told that BMW would stop billing MA sales taxes to the account upon receipt of documentation proving that the vehicle was now registered and titled in Maine. Any balance collected upfront for MA sales taxes and remaining on the account would only be refunded to me at the end of the lease term. As of today, BMW continues to bill me for MA sales taxes even though the vehicle has been registered in ME since January of 2016. I phoned BMW today to revisit this situation; their response was that nothing could be done because the account was originally prepaid. Sales taxes are due monthly on a lease in MA, they continue to bill, collect and pay MA sales taxes because that is how they do it. Sound like BS to you? At best this is an error BMW is unwilling to correct on behalf of a long standing customer with three finance accounts currently active with the Company. At worst it is outright fraud that they are collecting and pocketing taxes that are not due/payable to the State of MA. What is a BMW customer worth over their lifetime? Im not asking for a discount, Im asking to be refunded sales taxes that are being paid twice, once to the original State of MA and now to the Sate of Maine. We are talking about $600 versus over $300,000 in lifetime value of a BMW Customer. BMW is not willing to make an effort to make this right, what does that tell you about their commitment to customer service. They are willing to lose over $300,000 of customer value and avoid correcting a $600 error on behalf of a long standing customer.
Published: August 4, 2016
Fred of Cape Neddick, ME

I love the performance and road handling of the BMW 328i. But I dont like t
I love the performance and road handling of the BMW 328i. But I dont like that I dont have a spare tire. The repairs are pricey, but worth it. This car is also very fuel efficient.
Published: April 27, 2018
Theresa of Slidell, LA

I have had my 2011 528I since 09-02-11. Its a great car. BMW advertises tha
I have had my 2011 528I since 09-02-11. Its a great car. BMW advertises that the only thing you have to pay for is tires and gas. I complained about the $1900 NAV system, and that it was not very user friendly, and that my $200 Magellan was a much better device. I had gone to the dealer, asking for a software upgrade, as the device had trouble finding known businesses that I attempted to locate as a test of the system. I was told that it would cost me $400 for an upgrade (which they recommend 4 times a year). I can buy 2 Magellans with free lifetime upgrades for that price. When I complained to BMW USA, they told me they had no control over local dealers, and they could charge any price they wanted. So much for the Tires & Gas.
Published: February 24, 2012
Bob of Hudson, FL

I purchased this 2008 pre-owned BMW in July and it is under the warranty. O
I purchased this 2008 pre-owned BMW in July and it is under the warranty. Only one month later, the engine light is on so I have to go for the maintenance. One month later, the right rear light is not working so i have to go to the dealer again. What really troubles me is that last weekend I am waiting for my friends in my car which only without the engine in 20-30 minutes, the battery is dead. When I called roadside assistance from BMW, this guy cannot even find where the battery is located and he tried to connect his equipment with something looks like battery besides the engine. When I pointed out to him that the battery may be located in the back, he used his equipment which is not fully charged to jumper my car. Of course, it did not work so he insisted that it is my battery problem and even told me to tow the car on the next Monday. And I called BMW again to ask for sending a professional roadside assistance to me, which should not be the previous one. They promised the new guy will come in two hours. It is already 10pm on Sat night. After two hours, it is close to 12am, the old guy called me again and said BMW send him again and he wont come anyway. I am so frustrated. I have to call my friend to pick me up and interestingly, my friend used his jumper and it worked. It should be much easier but BMW assistance just made things more and more complicated.
Published: November 8, 2011
Chary of Great Neck, NY

I have a 2007 BMW for my wife. It has only 60,000 miles on it. I have bou
I have a 2007 BMW for my wife. It has only 60,000 miles on it. I have bought an extended warranty for it. Every month, it has some minor issues, which i get fixed. This month again, it was the radiator hose. I have to pay $480 for a radiator hose. I am very upset. This is a very well maintained car, but it never is trouble free, and every trip to the dealer end up costing me money. As a lifetime BMW customer, I have never felt this disgusted. I definitely want to get a refund on this outrageous charges.
Published: November 18, 2011
Ed of Duluth, GA

The husband and I both have BMWs. Mine is a 2010 and his is a 2011. After g
The husband and I both have BMWs. Mine is a 2010 and his is a 2011. After getting extremely crummy service at Fairfax BMW in Fairfax, VA, we decided to try Sterling BMW in Sterling, VA. Surely BMW doesnt hand out their Center of Excellence awards all willy-nilly-like, right? Well, apparently, they did in 2010. While there are many additional detailed points of their suckage, I will provide you the highlights:I took the 2010 in to get new tires. After spending $2000 on 4 new kicks mounted and balanced and alignment for the old girl, they wanted to charge us over $100 to fill the tires with Nitrogen. While I understand its a business, dont nickel and dime me when I just dropped $2000. After finally getting my car back, we drove it home. Traffic was a little rough that evening, so we werent going terribly fast. The next day, however, we noticed a major wobble. The vibration was so bad, the side mirrors were shaking. I got to work and felt like I had driven a jackhammer instead of my luxury car. I took it back in on Monday. They finally called on Tuesday, claiming it was two bad tires. Alright, fine.When we went to pick up my car, they couldnt find it. Let me repeat that. When I went to go rescue my car, they had misplaced it. It took the entire service department, a few of the sales guys and over an hour to find it. Immediately after picking it up, we magically had squeaky brakes that we had never had before. The sad thing is that Id rather listen to the brakes than to BMW Sterlings horrible excuses.During the same time, we had my husbands SUV in for several items that BMW Fairfax couldnt fix after repeated visits. These included brakes, slipping transmission, air conditioning and a rattle in the tailgate. They had the Bears car for over a week. They replaced the brakes and fixed the AC. They could not, however, recreate the slipping transmission and they said they could not hear the rattle, despite the fact that they let the technician drive our car home one night (Im still reeling at that one especially when they asked my husband if that would be okay and he said no)! Of course, we heard the rattle in the tailgate as soon as we left the dealership. Call us crazy, I guess.We changed from Audi over to BMW because of service issues. We had a 5 series and a Mini Cooper prior to getting our current cars. When we got these cars in San Francisco, we were in love with the cars and the dealership/service. At this point, we are about a millisecond away from switching to Mercedes. Apparently, our paltry two-car household matters not to the auto giant. Between the incompetence, attitude and just overall cheapness, I cant see spending another cent with BMW. Dare I say lemon? I dare.Ha! So we got a call from BMW USA. After playing phone tag for 3 weeks, the Rep rushed us through our side of what has happened. She kept saying she was sorry we felt that way anytime we mentioned how disappointed we were about the crummy service or the shoddy quality. When she asked what we wanted, DH mentioned we would love to be able to just settle things amicably without having to consult a lemon-law lawyer. She said that if that was what we wanted to do, go ahead. This doesnt bode well for their Customer Service. I will update with results.Update #2: We were promised a resolution within 3-5 business days. We are on the 4th business day and just got a call from BMW USA to tell us they dont have a resolution yet. Surprise, surprise. And, there is no update on when we will know something. We are not surprised one single bit, aside from the fact that they called at all. What do you want to bet that they will wait until we make our next payment in 6 days and then call to tell us they cant do anything?Update #3: My husband finally called and was told we would hear something early in the week during the week of 7/16. They are supposedly waiting to hear something from Fairfax BMW. Im not holding my breath.Another update: We were supposed to hear from Customer Service last week. Nada. DH called on Friday, 7/20, and asked for her extension. It rang and someone else answered. DH requested our rep and was asked what it was in regard to. He told her we are trying to give back our lemon. She said she would look up our case, looked up the information and surprise! She couldnt find anything. He asked then to get transferred to our reps phone and he left a message requesting a call back that day. Again, nothing. We got a call back from her today, 7/23. The phone didnt ring; we just got a voice mail. We called her back and havent heard a peep since then.We are giving her until tomorrow pm to get back with us and if we dont hear from her, we will be foregoing the niceties and proceeding directly past go to a lemon lawyer. In the midst of all this, other things have stopped working on the X5. The rear camera works occasionally, but it chooses when and where. The auto-telescoping steering wheel has stopped working. The transmission is still jerky. My opinion? Do not buy a BMW!
Published: July 23, 2012
Anna of McLean, VA

I have a 2015 BMW X5. I drove the car to a neighbors for a birthday party.
I have a 2015 BMW X5. I drove the car to a neighbors for a birthday party. It was daylight. The parking area for the house, which appeared flat, bordered on a hillside. I was (fortunately) alone. I turned off the engine; normally at that point the car goes into (P) park. I went to the back door on the drivers side and opened it to remove something, then closed the door. At that point the car began to roll, and over the next several seconds it picked up speed, then it went over the edge of the hill. There was, mercifully one lone tree which caused the car on the passenger side to crash and stop. When I subsequently went into the car and looked at the gear shift the transmission was in (N) neutral. I emphatically did not leave the car in neutral. There was approximately $15,000 damage to the car.I contacted BMW about this, really just to inform them. They wanted to inspect the car and the person I talked to at that time said they would consider paying the deductible on the insurance if they determined I was not at fault. This caused some delay but the inspection occurred. Needless to say, they called a couple of weeks later (my original contact had left the company) and said they had not promised anything (that was true); they would not take responsibility. This could have been a terrible accident. Had there been a child, a pet, or anyone else, in front of the car, or if I had walked in front of the car to open the passenger door on the other side--or walked back-- there would have been nothing to stop my getting run-over. I would not consider buying another BMW (this is our second, and generally I like the car a lot) if this problem is not somehow fixed.
Published: November 7, 2016
karen of California, CA

My 1999 740IL has a transmission that cannot be serviced. It is a closed s
My 1999 740IL has a transmission that cannot be serviced. It is a closed system. You cannot check, or change fluids, or filters in the car, except at a great cost, and most dealers will not touch the transmission, including fluid changes, and flushes. My transmission failed after 208,000 miles, and after having serviced the car regularly, the model is marked by water pump failures, and engine seals that refuse to be sealed. In other words, beyond the superb engine and suspension system, BMWs are lemons, awaiting the unwary.The car is now undergoing its annual six months downtime between major repairs to the aforementioned parts. Now, add a failed transmission to engine seals, water pumps, radiators, and the random electrical failures.
Published: November 21, 2011
Eli of Alexandria, VA

The BMW is Coupe 330Ci for me has been a terrific car. Maintenance costs ar
The BMW is Coupe 330Ci for me has been a terrific car. Maintenance costs are a bit high but overall my car has been a trooper. Its a comfortable ride and especially in winter the seat warmers are a big plus for me. Its a very stylish well built car.
Published: December 6, 2019
Lorraine of Crooksville, OH

I bought a certified BMW X3 with 9000 mileage back in 2012. The car has giv
I bought a certified BMW X3 with 9000 mileage back in 2012. The car has given more issues with drivetrain than any other car. This past Wednesday the engine died. Now in need of new engine. That piece of crap gave me no warning. Just stop on the highway. Endanger my safety. We all need to get together to have class action lawsuit against BMW. It make no sense that my friend had been driven a KIA has no issues and I purchase this expensive car. I experienced more trouble than driving the damn thing. I hope consumerAffairs can do something about this issues. I will never own a BMW. Not reliable.
Published: July 17, 2016
isma of Port St Lucie, FL

I contacted BMW customer relations as my sunroof was not closing properly.
I contacted BMW customer relations as my sunroof was not closing properly. I had extended warranty but I received a follow-up call to notify me that BMW would not honor the repairs. My request for an additional escalation path was denied by Paige and Erin (customer service manager/supervisor) because according to them, they were at the highest level. I requested the physical street address for the corporate office in NJ, in which I was also denied. They do not escalate cases and if you open a complaint, they do not tell you what they would do with that. They also refuse to send you a letter, which gives the reason for denial. BMW customer relations sucks big time!
Published: November 16, 2012
V of San Francisco, CA

I purchased an R1200 ST in March 2011. The bike was not serviced or registe
I purchased an R1200 ST in March 2011. The bike was not serviced or registered in my name upon delivery, and came without the spare key. A week later, the clutch gave in. It was only three weeks later before the registration and an agreement to repair the bike were done. After the second wash, scratches appeared on the tank and covers. A long debate and threats ensued to have the bike repaired, with a promise that it would receive priority treatment. A month later, the bike was delivered without keys, service book and the same scratches. The keys were delivered two days later at 02:00 in the morning. Currently, Im trying to locate my service book from the dealer with no response. BMW SA refused to assist me with my original complaint, and now with the service book. The product may be good, but the after-sale service in South Africa is non-existent.
Published: October 4, 2011
Andries of Durban, Other

The controller key isnt working it has to be always near the antenna in ord
The controller key isnt working it has to be always near the antenna in order to work. The controller key loses connection easily. When im in a hurry the doors just wont open, it would take about a minute to open the doors and get in the car. When driving, the controller key says it is not near, and the car notifies me that it will turn off. It distracts me from driving, even once I was turned over because traffic police thought I was talking on the phone!
Published: December 14, 2011
Natasha of Ulaanbaatar, Other

I bought a 2000 R1100RT with 84k miles on the clock in July. I was not sure
I bought a 2000 R1100RT with 84k miles on the clock in July. I was not sure about changing from a cruiser to a sport touring bike. All summer long, when I went to the barn, I kept grabbing the RT. I put over 6k miles on this bike over the past three months, including a canyon carving expedition into the Smokies in August. It's easy to ride, comfortable and quick. Just trying to figure out why I waited so long to trade in my cruiser for a sport touring bike.
Published: September 22, 2012
Andy, Chagrin Falls , Ohio

To all that might take an interest in this; this is my first time posting o
To all that might take an interest in this; this is my first time posting on any consumer complaint forum. So hopefully people dont make the mistake of purchasing a 2009-2014 BMW with an N63 engine and affects five different vehicle classes. These cars are lemons with a long history of mechanical problems, and a class action lawsuit filed in 2015 for excessive oil consumption, drained batteries, and other problems affected by the oil cooled parts inside the car. Visit: ** to see full notice of the court documents, and full story. The final date for filing any paperwork to claim your vehicle under the class action was October 10th 2018. Too bad BMW has failed to properly notify owners about this, and still continue to sell these cars without advising anyone about the litigation behind them.In August 2016 I purchased a used 2012 BMW 750LI M Sport with 38,482 miles. The car was sold to me by a private dealership in Los Angeles, and was a one owner lease return that originated from BMW of Santa Monica, CA. The car had a clear title, and free of defects, and I paid 42K out the door price with tax & extended warranty to protect me through 100K miles for any possible mechanical issues that could arise with the car. Since that time Ive had nothing but problems since I bought it that started with minor things like ignition coils, spark plugs, and check engine lights. Excessive oil consumption was noticed immediately the first year I owned it, and constantly had to top off the oil. Ive meticulously maintained the car since Ive had it and always taken to a certified BMW mechanic. The BMW service centers I dont trust as far as I can throw them, and use a preferred & HONEST BMW mechanic.In July 2018 I took my car into the shop to diagnose several issues going on with the car which now has 92K miles. I wanted to have my mechanic check everything including doing a brake fluid flush, and oil change prior to making another drive into Southern California from Nevada where I currently live. After inspection my mechanic mentioned that the motor was falling apart; The car had leaking turbo hoses, upper oil pan gasket leak, bad steering pump, excessive oil consumption problems, and the engine valve stem seals were shot and explained why smoke would come out of the tailpipe during cold starting, and lastly an electric short underneath the drivers seat that scorched the material underneath and could have caught fire at some point had it continued. In all I was facing $15,000 dollars to complete all repairs.We contacted my extended warranty company who handled the situation great. Due to the extent of the engine problems they sent out an adjuster to verify everything and audited my service records to ensure the car had been properly maintained, and also had video scope photos taken inside the engine of oil cooled timing chain to verify there was no engine deposits or oil gunk build up. It was clean as a whistle, and they indicated since the repairs exceeded the value of new engine they authorized a complete engine replacement in addition to fixing the electrical problems with my seat. The engine was ordered through a BMW dealership in Las Vegas NV in August, and now here we are in November 2018 and still no sign of the engine or status on when we can expect to receive it. Since July Ive had a loaner, and paid out of pocket for extensive rental fees, paying for an auto loan on a car that I cant even drive with still $24K left on it, and have had to register the vehicle as non-operable with the state DMV.After repeated attempts to get a status on the engine by myself personally and my mechanic to get a status on the replacement engine; we still have no information, and appears to be no end in sight. The only reasoning behind the delay of the engine is that they cant find anyone to make a drive camshaft on this motor. The third party company that used to make this part went out of business and they have no alternative currently. Sounded like complete B.S. to me, and I called them on it stating that it sounded like an excuse. At this point Im extremely pissed off, and decided to email BMW Group Germany to ask them if they really cared about their customers. I found the CEO & other executive level members of BMW email addresses including their press secretary. I emailed them and demanded a response to this nonsense with the engine replacement.A couple days later I received a voicemail from a Craig ** @ BMW North America customer care stating that he was calling because I was interested in a RE-PURCHASE of the vehicle. I had missed the call because I was on a business trip. I had no clue what a re-purchase entailed or what the qualifications were, but it was something that THEY suggested. I called back the very next morning which was on a Friday, and he didnt answer so left a message to call me back as soon as possible to discuss what hed mentioned on my voicemail. He waited three days to call me back and returned my call on October 10th 2018. We discussed the re-purchase over the phone which entailed buy back 100% of the vehicle financing, maintenance, and oil used for the car that I had to top off constantly. I loved that option and expressed my interest to get me out of this situation. He said that unfortunately the deadline had passed to have my paperwork submitted under the class action settlement... I said What settlement? I had no clue what he meant. He then said yeah youre calling about the class action lawsuit right? I told him that nobody had ever notified me at any point by mail, phone, or email about a class action lawsuit. Confused he said that well the deadline is October 10th is the deadline to have your request submitted for compensation under the class action. I told Craig that You know today is October 10th right?; He confirmed this and said that there was nothing he could do to consider me for the class action since it was past the deadline as of that day, and apologized for the inconvenience.So I contact BMW - Germany, they contact Craig ** @ BMW North America to ask me about a re-purchase, and then only to tell me that Im past the deadline and theres nothing he could do. WTF? How does this make any sense? Why am I now just finding out about this class action lawsuit?? I became more irate and phoned the BMW dealership that we ordered my new engine from, and demanded to talk to a service manager or parts department manager. I told them on the phone that during this whole time my car has been in the shop, and wed been asking for a status on the engine, or alternatives to put me into another car. I asked them directly if they knew about this class action lawsuit pertaining to my engine? When I cornered them they paused on the phone & said... Yes we knew about it. I said then, Why did you not say anything about it this whole time?? Why was this kept a secret or not disclosed? The person at BMW stated that they were instructed by higher ups not to say anything about it to owners because it was in litigation, and the car owners would be notified at the appropriate time. They continued the same story about the drive camshaft holding up the production of these replacement motors, and that there was roughly 185 of these engines on back order in the entire country. WOW... talk about a cover up right? I hung up the phone on him, and proceeded to email BMW Group Germany again explaining what I just found out, and that dealerships are hiding this information from people to minimize their exposure & loss due to the class action.The very next day after I sent that 2nd email I got a call from Craig ** @ BMW North America again stating that theyd be willing to review my case again as a re-purchase option. I proceeded to email Craig my entire file from the shop that we gave my extended warranty company, and all associated service records. Craig said hed send it out to his field team to be reviewed and a determination would be emailed to me once they made their decision on the matter. After waiting a week I emailed Craig to get a status on the re-purchase decision. He contacted me saying that BMW North America had reviewed my case and have declined to approve my re-purchase request. He would not give any reason as to WHY they were rejecting it, and would not tell me who this field team was. He said he was not able to name the individuals or dealerships that make the decision for their Protection. Protection from what??They also noted on the rejection letter that their last record of service/maintenance records was in February of 2017 which was not true. I had my car serviced at my own BMW certified mechanic, and provided records for that work done, but BMW refused to acknowledge that in their letter to me. So now here are the facts.BMW continues to sell these vehicles and dealerships are intentionally not advising people that there is litigation behind them starting in 2015 when the class action was filed. BMW offered an N63 Customer Care Package at one point to put a band aid on the problem; not calling it a recall, but just making the cars last long enough to make it out of their factory warranties leaving them not liable past that point. BMW has not provided any information or status on when new engines that are paid for out of pocket or by warranty are due to be received. Stating a drive camshaft issue is preventing delivery of these engines with no end in sight.As a consumer I AM SCREWED. No car for almost 6 months, and no money to buy a new one or sell this one to get out of my current loan so I can buy something else. Without delivery of this motor my car is worthless, and no options. BMW Group Germany and BMW North America have zero control of this situation, and dealerships refusing to help take ownership of these problems. This is consumer fraud at its finest, and deliberate false statements, misinformation, are being fed to the public about these N63 motors. The 2009-2014 N63 motors are an aging group entering into high mileage and engines are crapping out with less than 100K miles on them.This is snake oil folks, and BMW knows it. The class action settlement proves the excessive oil consumption problems, and now these same engines are failing with the valve stem seals resulting in repair costs that exceed a new engine cost. They have not done their best to advise the public of this and Im sure theres hundreds of people that might be able to relate to my story.If you have purchased one of these vehicles recently from a dealer, or have extensive repairs resulting in the requirement of a new engine that BMW is not delivering on please email me immediately so we can talk. Right now I know three other people in the Las Vegas area that are affected by this. We need others in the country to step forward & share your story and put a stop to this. BMW & Car Dealerships have screwed the public long enough, and now they need to take ownership of a crappy mass produced product theyve put out into the market. Even if you buy an extended warranty youre still not safe; BMW does not have an answer for this, and if you need an engine replacement youll be waiting until next year.The biggest issue here is that BMW knows that their warranties are nowhere even close to sufficient with the well known documented issues behind these cars. They continue to sell these vehicles used and keep the information hidden from consumers. This is fraud! Look at the new class action filed this November 18. BMW has been defrauding its customers for years on these faulty motors, and continue to get rich. Someone needs to put a stop to this asap. The evidence is there, and plenty of public record & consumer complaints... how are these guys still in business?? If youve been taken advantage of please do the following: File a complaint with your State Attorney Generals office - Contact your local news media - Theres three of us here in Las Vegas affected by this and wed be happy to give a statement & tell our story. If we dont make enough noise this will never stop!
Published: November 20, 2018
Michael of Las Vegas, NV

I had my car serviced and a day and a half later after I paid 1800.00 to fi
I had my car serviced and a day and a half later after I paid 1800.00 to fix it, the same lights came back on. I took it back and they tell me it cost another 11,000. If I knew it was going to cost that, I wouldve fixed it for the 1800. I also had a oil change and the same oil light coming on and they didnt put a sticker up for my next oil service. I feel like they took advantage of me being a woman. I have all the texts that the service guy was texting on my car for poor service they did.
Published: November 4, 2015
april of Bradenton, FL

Its not my car, I drive a 1998 Honda prelude ** 250,000 miles, still runs l
Its not my car, I drive a 1998 Honda prelude ** 250,000 miles, still runs like a champ. I brought the car in because it was running rough. Its a 2008 328i certified. Worst mistake EVER. This car has 72000 miles on it and the car basically imploded on us. I read some place that ever since a certain group of people started buying into the brand, it has been watered down. That could be true. So I leave it with ** (service Advisor) Vista Motor Company 4401 West Sample Road Coconut Creek, FL 33073. I get a call from ** later on that day Its the solenoids & the oil Gasket. Two days later I get another call Your cars fixed. 1207 dollars please. My wife takes the car the following morning to Miami to see Oprah. I get a call from her The cars doing that dance again. Its twerking Linda? Yes baby. So I take it Back to BMW 48 hours later. Hey **, the car its not only twerking but it now whistles while it twerks. I get a call from ** later on that day, Its the valve cover, it needs to be replaced. How much, **? A 1000 $ more. My reaction, WOW. But we will credit the account 500$ because, we were at that area of the engine, so we should have caught it. Thanks BMW, I gave you my car, you fixed what you wanted, not the problem it was in for. Then you hit me over the head & steal my 1205 dollars. Youre the best bandits I ever came across. Again thank you B.roken M.ay W.ork OF COCONUT CREEK. :^(...
Published: October 29, 2014
Robert G. of N. Lauderdale , FL

Two words to say about BMW, EXPENSIVE JUNK!! It was my dream car..... Unfor
Two words to say about BMW, EXPENSIVE JUNK!! It was my dream car..... Unfortunately sorry to say its my nightmare now. If there is fair justice, Perrillo BMW in Chicago should be closed down by the authority for the scam that is between them and warranty companies scamming consumers to make fast buck. Every time took the car to them for service had to bring it back for something else. My car been to them over 30 times. Last time they kept for 7 months to fix the passing of state emission test. My car had less than 50.000 miles all that time. The body was damaged and rust spots all over it from their underground garage and lost my key. l can go on on with this. And contacted BMW North America, theyre even worse by misleading advertisement for the make of the ultimate pure JUNK. THEY NEED TO OWN UP TO THAT!!!!!
Published: February 10, 2014
mable of Chicago, IL

I purchased a vehicle from this used car dealer that was supposed to be a c
I purchased a vehicle from this used car dealer that was supposed to be a certified BMW and Ive been having problems with the car since buying it. Ive had the car for three months and every month, the car has been in the shop. I have spoken to the manager about the problems, but kept getting the runaround. Now Ive had the car for three months and theres a clicking sound when I make a left turn. When I told the manager about this problem, he told me I have to pay for parts and labor. I paid $2,000 for a car that was supposed to be certified thats really not. I was sold a car that is supposed to be 160 points certified and was not. This dealer is telling me that I have to pay for parts and labors on a car I only had for three months and now Im having a hard time getting anything done with the management which I paid $2,000 to for a car that I shouldnt be paying to repair.
Published: October 3, 2012
Brandon of Queens Ny, NY

I have a BMW X3 2005 Model with approximately 60,000 miles. On 2-7-12, the
I have a BMW X3 2005 Model with approximately 60,000 miles. On 2-7-12, the heated seat caught on fire and burned a hole through the leather seat the size of a cigar. I contacted the local dealership and they said there was no recall on this subject. This raises a great concern to me, as you can imagine, a number of instances could happen with this defect; car catching on fire, car accident, burns, and etc. I am requesting some information and assistance to this matter.
Published: February 9, 2012
Stacey of Grand Rapids, MI

This car has a Huge Oil consumption issue that BMW attempts to play off as
This car has a Huge Oil consumption issue that BMW attempts to play off as a normal operation of the car. 2 quarts every 1500 miles is not normal. Had I paid New retail price for this car I would be furious. What a sad excuse for the flagship of this great company. You should be ashamed of yourselves for selling a car with such a well known problem. If this were the aviation industry this car would be the equivalent of the 737 Max jet and should be grounded until fixed appropriately and for free. Not as part of a consumer pay 7-10k motor replacement. Its not our fault you built a faulty pos motor and threw it on us to deal with. Shady af BMW.
Published: December 14, 2019
Ken of Southaven, MS

I purchased a 2009 BMW 238i and on Sep 30 2011, I took it to get an oil cha
I purchased a 2009 BMW 238i and on Sep 30 2011, I took it to get an oil change. I dropped it off, got a loner, and went to work. Before I dropped it off that morning, the car ran great, it had no ticking, no engine lights nor loss of power. I hadnt heard from BMW so I called them, they said that they had talked to BMW NA and I need to agree to them removing my valve cover, at my expense of $700. I said that I only wanted an oil change. He told me they terminated my warranty. My warranty was for 4years/50,000 miles, it had not expired. I was very upset and made multiple attempts to call BMW NA and the supervisor told me that they would have to go with what the service center said and there was no one else to talk to. Disappointed, I picked my car up.The check engine light came on and while I was on the highway, the car made some loud ticking noises and the car seemed to be experiencing some power loss, in the mist of high traffic. I was in the middle lane when it started, and I immediately got over to get off the highway. And as I pulled off the highway, the car suddenly shut off (no power). I barely made it off the road. It just shut off. I had to call for a tow. That weekend, the car cranked up and it seemed to be nothing wrong. I took it around the block to see if it was okay. The ticking returned and the car shut off again and I had to coast it off the road onto church grounds and call a tow truck again. And now it will not crank at all. This is my only car and I have to rent a car. I did some research online and found several recalls, for example: BMW High-Pressure Fuel Pump Voluntary Emissions Recall and Voluntary Emissions and Safety Recalls, and tons of complaints about safety and how BMW terminates a lot of peoples warranties prior to their expiration date. BMW seems to be putting all of our lives at risk and terminating warranties at will.
Published: October 7, 2011
Michi of Ludowici, GA

BMW refused to provide oil change according to contract for 4-year maintena
BMW refused to provide oil change according to contract for 4-year maintenance agreement. We had and still have problems with squeaking brakes. BMW respond this is normal??? I do not recommend to buy BMW. It used to be good a long time ago. No more. My friend just took my advice and bought Korean car. In my opinion and many BMW customers reviews stay away from problems.
Published: May 17, 2016
ilia of Vancouver Bc, CA

Purchased a 2015 BMW X5. Three weeks later it stalled on the highway. Deale
Purchased a 2015 BMW X5. Three weeks later it stalled on the highway. Dealership said it was a fuel pump issue would be two weeks. Vehicle has less than 600 miles on it. Problem must be across the fleet because there is zero balance in the US. This is unacceptable.
Published: March 26, 2015
Jon of Yorktown, VA

I have had my BMW for 3 years and it was time to turn in my lease. Autovin
I have had my BMW for 3 years and it was time to turn in my lease. Autovin had come to my house and inspected the car - they reported no problems at all to me. Called BMW FS to confirm that everything was fine a few days later and was informed that everything was good to go and I could turn in the car. I return the car a few days later to BMW Freehold & that evening I called BMW FS to inform them I dropped off the car and that I had fulfilled all responsibility on my end including paying for mileage overages. At that time, the representative advised I had to pay $300 for a tire that was 3 on the tread since they allow 4 and above. This was complete news to me & I called spoke to manager Asha ** who was the least bit helpful and all she could say was, Sorry, we cannot do anything else. I spoke to another supervisor Erin ** who also had no authority to make any changes & said this is how it is. It would have been nice to been informed of any wear on the tire as I could have replaced it myself and saved $200. I am about to get a new BMW in two weeks but definitely will not get that anymore. Word to the wise - DO NOT LEASE FROM BMW, they will screw you at the end and wont tell you about it until later when you are helpless.
Published: February 28, 2017
Mak of Lansdale, PA

On or about 12/24/12, I was waiting at a red light when I heard a loud bang
On or about 12/24/12, I was waiting at a red light when I heard a loud bang similar to a gunshot at which point the driver window of my 2012 BMW X3 spackled or spidered.
Published: December 28, 2012
Sierra of Grosse Pointe Farms, MI

I own a 2011 BMW X3 with 98,000 miles. Bought it new. Never an issue with c
I own a 2011 BMW X3 with 98,000 miles. Bought it new. Never an issue with car. Out of blue it refuses to go into any gear other than park. Have it towed to BMW dealership in Tenafly, NJ. Am told it needs some sort of electronic component replaced in transmission. No indicators of issue prior to this. Repair charge $5000. So I now have to pay 10% of original purchase price for car to be drivable. A car with very normal usage and no problems. I have no recourse. BMW deaf to my concern about the costs. Done with BMW. Never again.
Published: November 15, 2016
David of Harrington Park, NJ

I purchased a brand new special order 2011 BMW 128i. I love the car and tre
I purchased a brand new special order 2011 BMW 128i. I love the car and treat it like a baby. It has only 13,000 mile but required new rear tires. Very expensive items and with traction control and safe driving why did it need new tires. I hate the run-flat tires. They are hard as rocks and negatively affect the driving dynamics of the vehicle. The vehicle has no spare or temporary spare. To balance the vehicle, the battery has been placed in the trunk. It would have been wiser to utilize regular tires and provide a temporary spare in the trunk. My battery is now starting to fail. Of course that happened two months after the 4 yr maintenance expired. I just discovered that a new battery costs over $600 because the vehicles computer has to be reprogrammed for the specific battery. Only BMW and a few authorized service centers can perform a battery replacement. So, a $200 battery costs an extra $400 for installation. That is just plain crazy. Hate the tires now, hate the cost of normal maintenance.
Published: December 18, 2014
Alan of Dallas, TX

This is regarding my 16 months old BMW 5 series, RJ 14 CF 0999. As you can
This is regarding my 16 months old BMW 5 series, RJ 14 CF 0999. As you can read the previous mails, I have been raising the concern for the quality of tyres since May 2018. That is within 4 months of purchase of a brand new 5 Series, luxury line BMW. The tyres installed in the car were Pirelli, and after 3rd incident of car tyre bursting, we took the matter to our nearest and purchase dealership, SANGHI MOTORS in January. We waited for the Sales Representative, Mr Ankit ** over there as he held the car between 24 December to 22 January, roughly for a period of 1 month for inspection and other undisclosed reasons. Finally when enough mails were ignored, I had to purchase an MRF tyre from the MRF dealer shop.Meanwhile on 17th January we renewed the insurance for Depreciation shield and Tyre and BMW secure. In March 2019, the front side car tyre bursted on the highway again leaving us, the owners, yet again stranded on the Highway for the 3rd time since the purchase. Again dusting off all the responsibilities, BMW Service executives maintained that the car was being driven in wrong conditions. Now despite taking all the necessary covers and insurances, I am unable to experience a satisfactory experience with BMW. My family personally own cars Jaguar XJL, Porsche Cayenne, BMW X5, Audi A6, Range Rover Evoque, Mercedes ML 250, amongst our elite cars in our firm, M/s Gulshan Rai Jain II. Never have I experienced such substandard quality that the LIFE THREATENING conditions happen in these cars. The Pirelli tyres have been depreciated at 50% and 25%. Due to the bursting of substandard tyres the rims were also bent. BMW Sanghi Motors have depreciated the Rims at 20% and comfortably charged me that as well.SUMMING UP. I am unable to understand why I am liable to pay for 4 substandard tyres and for 2 rims as well, when the car has not even completed 18,000 kms. If the tyre is substandard and is prone to bursting then the car will come on rims. And if the rims are also substandard, then the company should take action. Moreover if 4 isolated incidents of BURSTING OF CAR TYRES have happened and BMW SANGHI CLASSIC MAINTAINS THAT CAR HAS BEEN DRIVEN IN WRONG CONDITIONS. If BMW seriously believes that 4 times car tyre has been bursted due to driving conditions THEN I AM NOT AFRAID TO HIGHLIGHT THIS MATTER TO PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE TO BE JUDGED. I dont want to blame with insurance company, so please dont direct me towards them as they have no role in providing me substandard material in the first place.
Published: June 7, 2019
Arihant of Other, Other

I have a 2020 BMW M4 Convertible. My vehicle has 8,000 miles on it and the
I have a 2020 BMW M4 Convertible. My vehicle has 8,000 miles on it and the brakes are warped and shuttering. My horrible BMW dealership (HENDRICKS BMW CHARLESTON) wont cover it because there is a white paper out on it. They said since I dont beat the car up, this will happen to the brakes. They said the M4 is meant to be raced and beat not an everyday driver. I pushed thing up to BMW, and after promising to check on helping out and get back to me in 5 days. I gave them 3 weeks and still no call back, so I called them and found out they will not cover either. If you know how thick the rotors are on an M4, its hard to believe that they are warped after 8,000 miles. This to me is a definitely defect. Bottom line is BMW is not service oriented anymore. What is really funny is I was just in the process of purchasing an X7 for my wife, and immediately cancelled the order. There are plenty of other car manufacturers out there without dealing with this. I will NEVER buy a BMW again. As a side note. BMW was going to charge me 2100 to resurface rotors and replace brake pads. Just terrible when a company that used to be great is worse than Chevrolet. I quit buying Lexus for a 10 year period because of horrible customer service, and how they dealt with me at the end of a lease. BMW is a horrible company for folks that like blowing their money for nothing. I have owned 6 BMWs and this truly is the end of my relationship. They truly arent doing the right thing and Im certainly not going to have a business relationship with a company that doesnt do the right thing or backup their products and looks for ways to get out of support. WITH BMW...BEWARE.
Published: February 3, 2022
Michael of Johns Island, SC

Worst customer service ever!!!! Worst customer service ever!!!! BMW recalle
Worst customer service ever!!!! Worst customer service ever!!!! BMW recalled my car for a fault. I drive a large Estate used to transport therapy dogs and also to use for a family trip to Scotland BMW assist kindly organised a shoe box on wheels as a replacement. Despite numerous phone calls the unhelpful staff showed no compassion for the children who need the therapy dog and can’t even give me a rough estimate to how long I will have to put up with the worlds smallest car!!!! If I could give a 0/5 I would. As you can see 77% of people have given them 1 star.... Surely someone at BMW head office should be taking note???? Disgusting customer service!!!!
Published: June 5, 2019
Tim of Aylesbury, Other