Hyundai Motor Company, often abbreviated to Hyundai Motors and commonly known as Hyundai, is a South Korean multinational automotive manufacturer headquartered in Seoul, South Korea. Hyundai Motor Company was founded in 1967.

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My original fuel pump went out at 80,000+ miles (2011), so I replaced it wi
My original fuel pump went out at 80,000+ miles (2011), so I replaced it with a Hyundai part. Three months later at 86,000 miles, this Hyundai fuel pump went out. Now, 20 months later, the same issue, fuel pump #3. No warranty and $417 part out again. Hyundai dealers know this is an issue. It is well published I found out on the internet after my first encounter. Hyundai needs to take care of this issue if they wish to continue to sell vehicles in the US. Hyundai is using refurbished parts and refuse to admit there is an issue. I was told today they do not warrant their parts for more than 12 months. Now, I can no longer utilize the dealership of my vehicle because of faulty parts. Tempe Hyundai service manager would not help in any way. My next recourse is to contact the Hyundais General Manager. I feel everyone should know and stop buying their products if they cant build dependable parts and vehicles.
Published: February 7, 2013
Patricia of Maricopa, AZ

Do not use this car dealership to buy a used car. I bought a 2005 Mercury M
Do not use this car dealership to buy a used car. I bought a 2005 Mercury Mountaineer. The car was used and I realized used cars have problems, but they knowingly reset the engine codes on this car to clear bad catalytic converter codes out of the car computer (there has to be laws against this). A couple days after I had purchased the car the check engine light came on. When I took it to a local dealership the dealer told me that with a reading that high the cars had to have been bad for quite some time. So the car was misrepresented to me during purchase. The car also had traction control light on and traction control not working, a problem with the accelerator (which could be the transmission I dont know yet) and a cracked windshield. The car also had 4 different kinds of tires on it, a couple had dry rot and didnt seem safe to me (consequently I replaced the tires first, they werent safe). The online listing didnt represent any of these details and neither did the dealer. I drove all the way from Dallas to Sherman to purchase the car. After spending the time to drive from Dallas to Sherman we got the sum total of about 10 words out of **. This is after he told us he would be available when we got there. Instead he worked with someone that was obviously buying a more expensive car. Dont buy a car from liars and cheats, stay away from this dealership. This dealership clearly should get out of the used car market, most new car dealerships stand behind the used cars they choose to sell on their lots and guarantee them. This dealership however does not fall into that category. You may be ok buying a new car here but I would strongly advise you to not buy a used car from them. They shouldnt be selling them. To top all of this off, they knew I was buying this car for a first time 17 year old female driver. Can you believe it, shame on them. I will fork out the money and fix what they should have. All I asked is they help cover the catalytic converter because they are at fault with this. I would have done the rest. But they refused so I am choosing to review them and let the consumer chose to use them or not based on my review. I hope you dont for your sake.
Published: April 1, 2015
David of Carrollton, TX

Elantra 2012. Made regular maintenance at the Agent every 5000 km. (12 time
Elantra 2012. Made regular maintenance at the Agent every 5000 km. (12 times, now 55000). Went for a vacation & when I was back, suddenly no AC. Went to the agent and I was told that the AC has to be replaced all compressor, expansion valve, ... etc. I am 8 months after the warranty. The question is: if the regular maintenance doesnt protect your car from a sudden big problem (temperature here is around 49°C), why I have to do it? Either the car is junk and this is the normal lifespan, OR I was deceived by the agent just to pass the warranty and fix it CASH.
Published: July 28, 2015
Alaa of Riyadh, Other

The summer of 2010, I wanted the 2011 Hyundai Sonata with a passion. So I w
The summer of 2010, I wanted the 2011 Hyundai Sonata with a passion. So I waited for three months for this vehicle! From the moment I pulled this car off of the lot, Ive had issues with the car. Issues that I have taken to only authorized Hyundai service dealers and the issues are not fixed. Issues such as steering, tire pressure light and the car not randomly starting. Talk about frustrating. How frustrating to have my intelligence insulted when I take it to the authorized Hyundai dealership and no one can figure out the problem. How frustrating for me to pay for rentals when my car is in the shop and Hyundai cant figure out the problem because as one of the service dealers told me, Hyundai doesnt do loaners for under the hood issues. Ive been late for work five to six times, not including the close calls of being late for work because my car wont start! I have been stuck outside of an establishment at two in the morning because my car wont star. I have videotaped the instances on my phone and showed it to the servicemen that Im not making this up and their reply, The problem never happens here when we have the car, so theres nothing we can do about it. The car steering has been an issue since I first drove it off the lot and once I made it home, I called my car salesman (who is now retired) immediately. He told me to take it to the dealership if I felt something was wrong with the steering! The dealership told me its called electronic steering. I pay a $420 a month car note and $193 a month in car insurance for a vehicle I dont get to use at my leisure.Up until this point, Ive always had perfect attendance at work. I love what I do and I love saving lives. Im in the medical field and my patients dont care nor do my employers if Im late because my car wont start. Just because I drive a Hyundai that has issues that I have repeatedly taken to the dealership doesnt mean my job will give me a slap on the wrist for tardiness. If I lose my job, how will I pay my car expenses? If I lose my job, how will I have money to take care of my family and household? Its cold and snows where I live. Is it fair for me to be stranded for hours at a time trying to start a car and videotape the car not starting in order to have proof that my car has issues?! My lease is not up until August, so am I forced to stick this out until the end of my lease?The sad part about this is I originally wanted to purchase this car at the end of my lease. I went three months without a vehicle, while I patiently waited for this car to be created at the manufacturer. This was my first and last time purchasing a Hyundai! I have no interest in this car or any Hyundai product because of how I have been treated as a consumer. Not to mention, my coworkers, family and friends saw the agony and what Ive gone through with this car without any type of compensation for my inconvenience and even they are shocked by my Hyundai experience! They all feel some kind of way about Hyundai. I had a coworker tell me, My husband and I were considering the Genesis, but after seeing you with your issues with a car thats only 2 years old, I told my husband why bother? Im too afraid we too will experience the same treatment. What frustrates me the most is that Ive contacted a lemon law attorney who has been in contact with Hyundai since September and Im still nowhere! Its as if the Hyundai representative could care less about my inconvenience, my life and my job! The lawyer and I have emailed video clips of me being stranded with the car not starting, sent documentation supporting their service men not being able to fix the problem, and no Hyundai representative has said Lets start talking about how to establish this clients needs and make her experience pleasant from this day on. Its now January and I am in tears, frustrated and an emotional wreck because my job is on the line! No employers care that I have told them and put it in writing that Im waiting on a lemon law attorney to help me find some peace with this vehicle. Please look over my tardiness until this has passed. At this point, I no longer want the car to purchase nor do I want to keep the car until the end of my lease. I dont even want money from it! I only want Hyundai to take this headache away from me and take it apart and service it properly before selling it to another consumer. I would hate for someone to have to experience what I have experienced as a first time Hyundai customer. Im curious to know, how many other 2011 and current Sonata owners have had similar issues?
Published: January 21, 2013
Suzette of Southgate, MI

Wondering if anyone with a 2012 Hyundai Sonata has noticed a ring around th
Wondering if anyone with a 2012 Hyundai Sonata has noticed a ring around the sunroof on the inside lining? I am afraid it is mold. Dealer said mold wont grow on the liner. Anyone else experiencing this? I have the car in the shop right now awaiting a pressure test that I am being charged for to find if there is a leak. If there is a leak... guess what? It is not covered under warranty. The warranty for the sunroof runs out at 1 year, 12k miles. Nice, huh?
Published: September 6, 2013
Christine of Bayville, NJ

Leased a Hyundai Sonata 2013 and after 3 years, returned the call, and was
Leased a Hyundai Sonata 2013 and after 3 years, returned the call, and was hit with a disposition fee of $400, plus tax! No one ever told me about it, so I called Hyundai Finance and was told too bad, you must pay today or it will go to a creditor. So I asked for a payment plan and they said no, too bad on you. Now waiting for a manager to call! Never will buy/lease a Hyundai ever again!
Published: April 20, 2016
Levi of Ormond Beach, FL

When headlights are in the auto position, they sometimes do not go off. Thi
When headlights are in the auto position, they sometimes do not go off. This has caused the battery to be fully discharged. With the key fob in the car, the doors have locked. This happened at the dealership and car washes, as well as my home when I have tested it. The car has been in the shop for five times, three of those times overnight, and is now at the dealership for twelve days with no results. I have written to Hyundai, the Better Business Bureau and had a lawyer look into it. Hyundai claims they cannot find the problem and will do nothing.
Published: August 6, 2012
Ed of Boynton Beach, FL

From yesterday tried register complaint. After big circus I have registered
From yesterday tried register complaint. After big circus I have registered complaint today, Complaint No: **. But till now no one came from roadside assistance team to take vehicle from spot. This is worst customer support. No time value just telling lies to customer and no values for customer complaints in Hyundai motors. I made big mistake by choosing Hyundai :( Please improve your customer services ASAP. 1/10.
Published: December 8, 2015
Karthik BG of Bangalore, Other

I have had the software upgrade installed but still jerky acceleration from
I have had the software upgrade installed but still jerky acceleration from standstill and wild shift changes. Is there nothing that can be done to provide a smoother shifting? I rented a KIA Sportage recently it it was much smoother. The dealer tells me nothing can be done, It is was it is. Greg St. Thomas, ON
Published: August 27, 2019
Greg of St. Thomas, ON

This is reference to Hyundai Head Office Consumer Complaints. On a recent s
This is reference to Hyundai Head Office Consumer Complaints. On a recent service visit to my local Hyundai Dealer I was told that my car had quite an alignment problem that would cost $130.00 to fix. The tech could find no sign of me rubbing a curb or any other reason why my car would be out of alignment with only 23000km. When I called head office to complain and to get an explanation on why my car would be out of alignment after only 23000km they could give me no reason and had no interest in solving this issue. They did not offer to call the dealership and ask the techs any questions and did nothing more than log the complaint. The person I talked to had no knowledge of any kind and is there only to log the complaint in their computer system. Hyundai Consumer complaint is a joke and a worthless phone number to have. I have dealt with other car companies in the past with always excellent results and for this reason this will be the first and last Hyundai car I will purchase.
Published: August 23, 2019
Trent of Sauble Beach, Ontario

We were prepared to pay cash for the car on 12/31/11, but we were told that
We were prepared to pay cash for the car on 12/31/11, but we were told that we would get $500 more off the car if we financed and then we could pay it off. So before we received the coupon book, we sent in an estimated amount for the purchase price plus estimated interest. The next month we received a bill for $11.23 for the difference of additional finance charges which we paid. For the past week, the autodial collection people have called us at least 15 times (over 5 times on 3/26), looking for the monthly payment of $839. Finally, my husband was on hold for over 20 minutes waiting to speak to a supervisor who said our account was paid in full. We have continued to get calls since then for the same thing. On 3/37, we got 2 more calls. I am not that happy with the car to begin with. The gas mileage is way under what was represented. After the experience with the finance people, I will never buy another Hyundai. Also, the phone representatives were rude and the auto-dialer put us on hold several times after we answered the phone. What kind of customer service is that?
Published: March 28, 2012
Julia of Vienna, VA

I leased a 2011 Hyundai Genesis. The windshield was broken and I could not
I leased a 2011 Hyundai Genesis. The windshield was broken and I could not get a replacement windshield for seven weeks. I was told there was not a windshield in the USA ans it had to be sent here. During this time I was unable to drive the car. I had a rental covered under my ins. policy for one month but not after that. I made several phone calls and a 2 or 3 e-mails but everyone just kept putting the responsibilty off to someone else. My contact was with Circle Hyundai initially but then I tried to get some satisfaction with Corporate Hyundai but without any success.
Published: August 2, 2011
Peter of Little Silver, NJ

2012 Accent - My air con quit. Had 2 different mechanics look at it. Both r
2012 Accent - My air con quit. Had 2 different mechanics look at it. Both recharged the AC and it still did not work. 2nd mechanic told me the problem is a control module in the computer and if the car is less than 5 years old and mileage under 100 k the problem is fixed under warranty. Called Hyundai. They checked my VIN. It was originally put on the road April 25, 2012... Is the computer programmed to fail just after warranty? It probably was not working then, however not a time of year I would use. Have been told 800 - 1000 to fix???
Published: July 12, 2017
Brenda of Saanichton, BC

When we first got our leases in 2016, we tried to set up auto withdrawal. M
When we first got our leases in 2016, we tried to set up auto withdrawal. My wife tried to set up auto pay and was told it was $30 a month. I told her she was wrong only to find out she wasnt. So my company chose to pay it. At the end of the lease we started to receive nasty messages saying we were behind on our payments. It turns out that Hyundai ceases auto withdrawal within two months of the lease end as standard procedure. Now that would be nice to know! So I had to make the payment and Western Union fee, who uses Western Union? No credit cards allowed. So I return the car to the dealer, but I still get bills in the mail. Call them again and they say I owe two payments. How can that be? I had already turned in the car! Turns out that the maturity date was the 18th and that was the date that I turned it in. OK so whats the problem? According to them the day that you turn in the car is the day before it matures and if you wait till the day that it matures, then you pay the next months payment! So its not a huge amount of money but Ill never use them again.
Published: March 7, 2019
david of Fox Island, WA

I bought a 2007 Hyundai Elantra in 2012. In 2013 I started having problems
I bought a 2007 Hyundai Elantra in 2012. In 2013 I started having problems with getting the car to start. I took it to the dealership and was told I needed to have the Immobilizer Module fixed. I paid $400 to have them replaced and I was told I would have to wait for the little security symbol to appear on the dash before turning the key so the car would start. Even months after having this fixed it would still not start even after waiting for the stupid symbol to appear. It would take several tries. Then a few months later one of my back passenger door handles broke and you couldnt open the door. Fine, whatever... no one ever sits in the backseat anyway. Then the A/C died and I wasnt paying to have that fixed. Then in July 2015 I am driving down the freeway and I felt a thud and thought I had run over something. I looked in the rear view mirror but there was nothing on the road. I got to my destination and when I restarted the car, the engine light was on. I really didnt want to take it to the dealership so I took it to a mechanic and he scanned it and a code for the Shift Solenoid came up. He suggested I take it to this transmission specialist place. I ended up paying $1000 to have the Shift Solenoids replaced. A week later, Im driving and feel that thud again. Back to the transmission place. They tell me that it could be something internal with the transmission. Nice to know after I just dropped $1000 on this piece of **. I finally take it to Hyundai and leave it with them for the day. The service guy calls me and gives me a list as long as my arm of things wrong with the car... one being that the transmission is failing and the Immobilizer Module that I had fixed in 2013 needs replaced. In total, it was going to cost $5000 to fix all that was wrong with the car. EFF THAT. I went and bought a new car and it wasnt a Hyundai.
Published: September 10, 2015
Colleen of Edmonton, AB

After 76,000 miles I experienced a catastrophic engine failure in my 2011 S
After 76,000 miles I experienced a catastrophic engine failure in my 2011 Sonata Turbo 2.0. The Hyundai service department that the car was towed to said they did not know why this happened. After considering the warranty, it was determined that the engine would be replaced. The second motor was installed and the first time it was cranked, it was determined that the engine failed. A third engine was then installed. At about 10,000 miles on the 3rd engine, the exact same catastrophic engine failure occurred. I learned that Hyundai had previously installed a re-manufactured motor (the third engine) instead of a new long block. I am now waiting to hear if the warranty is even going to cover the 4th engine replacement.I am researching information on Texas Lemon Law to see if this would qualify; my novice experience would say YES but I am horrified to read the other experiences on this website. I would like to think Hyundai is going to try and make this right for me, but I have my doubts. To say the least, I will never purchase another Hyundai. It is disappointing because up until now, I had enjoyed the way the car drove, handled, and how efficient the eco-boost was on fuel.
Published: August 2, 2013
Frank of Hamilton, TX

I was in a head-on collision in my 2004 Hyundai Elantra. I had my seat bel
I was in a head-on collision in my 2004 Hyundai Elantra. I had my seat belt on, and I was the driver. My air bag light came on, but my air bag did not release. I suffered a great amount of pain, because my knees hit the steering wheel very hard.
Published: August 4, 2011
Georgette of Saint Louis, MO

I purchased a 2013 Sonata in October of 2013 and could not have been happie
I purchased a 2013 Sonata in October of 2013 and could not have been happier with the car the first 18 months of ownership. However, in June of 2015, my cars hybrid alert came on when I put the car in park and the car locked up and would not turn back on again. I had to have it towed to Sacramento Hyundai where they kept it for the day, then gave it back saying nothing was wrong with it. Two days later it did this again and again, would not turn on. I had it towed to Roseville Hyundai because this was where the hybrid specialist worked. In the end, I ended up bringing my car to Roseville Hyundai (about 40 minutes from my house) a total of 4 times. Each time they fixed something on the car but the car was never actually fixed and would break down again 1-2 days after I got it back.During this whole time wasting process I was always put in awful stock rental cars after having to wait at numerous car rental shops after I was told by the dealership that there would be a rental waiting for me (there never was). I have had my car sitting at the dealership, untouched for over a week with no contact by the dealer while they decided (or corporate decided) what they wanted to do next. I was told time and time again that this was a one in a million occurrence, that these things NEVER happen with new Sonatas. After doing my own research on other new Hyundai owners experiences, I beg to differ. It seems like these things happen quite often with the newer Hyundai vehicles. Hyundai Motors eventually decided to stop allowing the dealership to spend any more money trying to fix my car (the dealership was not allowed to swap in a new transmission or engine). So they ended up just turning off the alerts - they didnt tell me they did this but it is quite obvious this is what happened since the car is running the exact same, power and acceleration issues, just no more hybrid alerts. Kinda suspicious. So once I got the car back this final time I began dealing with corporate which has been the worst experience I could have ever imagined. I talked to a live person probably a total of about 4-5 minutes throughout the whole lemon law process that began at the end of August.Leaving a message with Hyundai would result in a call back in 5-7 days. It took the representative over a week just to ASK the dealership for my repair records. And then a couple more weeks before she sent everything in to corporate while I was calling her constantly trying to get updates on the whole process, only to be ignored.. They have a certain number of days that they legally need to respond to lemon law cases and they definitely push this to the very last day. I figured driving a dangerous car that was now having issues getting onto freeways and accelerating from traffic lights would get them to respond to my concerns quicker, but they could have cared less. Once I finally received a letter. I was offered a buyback, not a replacement since this is not required by law.Hyundai only does exactly what is required of them by law (quite often they dont even go this far I have heard) so that they are able to pay as little as possible for the broken car that they sold you. This awful experience that I have been going through should require some sort of human response from the company instead of just 1 actual semi-informative voicemail from the representative (just saying that they would not be giving me a replacement vehicle) and ONE letter from corporate.This letter with the buyback deal had no actual numbers. It just stated that I would be charged some mileage fee for each mile I drove the car (that I had to research myself to figure out since no one from Hyundai actually talked to me). That they would not be reimbursing me for any money that I put into the car... So too bad you loved this car and did everything you could to keep it running properly and looking beautiful... And that I would be charged for any damage to the car. Then they asked me to sign and send it back to complete the process. How do I know what they consider damage and how much theyll charge for it? On top of that, all the extra money I put into the car would be ignored - tinted windows, 4 brand new tires I purchased just a week before all this went down, the $400 maintenance at 35K that Hyundai forces you to do so this warranty can be upheld, etc. On a more personal note Hyundai could care less about the time, energy, and work time lost in this whole process to drive the broken car back and forth to Roseville (when it was driveable) and all the time spent at rental car businesses... The mileage penalty being forced on me causes the $350/month payment to basically go towards borrowing this car for 2 years when I had wrongly assumed that I was in the process of purchasing the car and that my money was going somewhere, and now I am left with nothing. The buyback that Hyundai offered would not even cover my down payment I had made on the car, let alone the monthly payments for the past 2 years. In the end, I would love for this company to just fix my car or give me a car that actually works. My family and I have owned Hyundais for years and have loved the cars and always said nothing but good things about them.But this is our first new Hyundai and we have never had to deal with the actual company until I unfortunately purchased a lemon. The Hyundai corporation is horrid to deal with and does not care about the satisfaction of its loyal customers. I should have researched the reputation of this company before purchasing the car but naively I had faith in Americas Best Warranty to take care of me if anything should go wrong. Reading other peoples reviews on this company and how they have dealt with consumers and their warranty it seems as if this happens quite frequently. Hyundai will do everything in their power to get out of honoring their warranty and if state laws force them to do something, they will be sure to do as little as possible no matter what their loyal customer has gone through. This will definitely be the last Hyundai I ever waste my money on.
Published: October 13, 2015
Kelsey of Davis, CA

My Hyundai Veloster 2012 was burning oil. After an oil change my mechanic n
My Hyundai Veloster 2012 was burning oil. After an oil change my mechanic noticed this period went in this Sahni Hyundai in Culver City. They are trained to blame me when it turned out to be a defect in the engine. They dont offer a loaners and the service manager is a total jerk. Im gonna need a loaner car or rent and I heard that they dont reimburse you. This is wrong if Hyundai has a defective car.
Published: August 18, 2019
Dana of Santa Monica, CA

Ive leased many cars over the years, but never have I had a more negative e
Ive leased many cars over the years, but never have I had a more negative experience than I had with Hyundai Finance. There was, apparently an end-of-lease termination charge (unrelated to the condition of the vehicle, purely an administrative/profit charge) that was identified in the very small print at the end of my lease agreement. When I turned in the vehicle along with the inspection report that showed no damage and no charges, I inquired whether there was anything owed and was told no, youre good to go.I never received an invoice of any kind from Hyundai indicating that there was a balance due following the termination of my lease agreement (5/31/2018). I was unaware that there was a balance due until my bank notified me that there had been an adverse credit report on Experian. While Hyundai called my home and left several voicemails, they failed to indicate the reason or purpose of their calls and I assumed, since my lease was over and the car had been returned, that they were sales/promotional related calls, similar to the hundreds of other such calls I receive that go unanswered. Hyundai had the capability to take direct draws on my account during the lease period. I received an email communication from Hyundai on May 1, 2018 stating that my financial obligation was complete and that the payment schedule was being deleted at Hyundai’s request.Following return of the lease vehicle, Hyundai shut down access to my online account with them; consequently I could not log-in to see details about any balance due. Although I had previously updated my address of record on the Hyundai Finance website, Hyundai apparently contacted my prior employer and sent notifications to my prior employers address, rather than contact me at my home address. As I was no longer an employee there, my former employer did not act on these communications other than to inform Hyundai Finance that I was no longer an employee.After seeing the adverse entry on my credit report, I contacted Hyundai to inquire what was going on. That is when they suddenly informed me that there was a past due amount. I informed them that I had never received an invoice and was unable to look at my account online because they had closed it and requested that they fax the invoice to me. As soon as I received the invoice, it was paid in-full within 48 hours.The people who I spoke with at Hyundai were rude and unprofessional and completely devoid of any sense of customer service orientation. They didnt care at all that I had never received the invoice. Despite explaining in detail what had happened, they refused to do anything to correct the adverse credit rating report that was fully their own administrative failure! My advice to anyone purchasing or leasing a Hyundai vehicle -- work with your own bank and stay completely away from Hyundai Finance. You will regret ever having established a business relationship with them.
Published: April 18, 2019
Robert of Lake Orion, MI

Hyundai has very good service. They stand behind their product. The service
Hyundai has very good service. They stand behind their product. The service department is very good also. The car is performing very well for me too. I like that the air conditioning unit works very well along with the automatic windows and door locks. I would have liked to get the internal GPS system but it cost too much more money. They have cut out some of the benefits like oil changes.
Published: June 23, 2018
David of Las Vegas, NV

This Hyundai car is just the right size, the amount of gas it burns is grea
This Hyundai car is just the right size, the amount of gas it burns is great, it gives a comfortable ride. There is plenty of room for passengers, the trunk is very large and great room for suit cases and groceries. Having front wheel drive and it handles well in the snow. Also, it has air conditioning, cruise control, CD player with an AM/FM radio, a five speed automatic, rear window defroster and keyless lock. Another feature is that the rear seats fold down allowing you to place big objects in the back, if the trunk is not big enough. The car also has driver and passenger side air bags. Though it did not have a spare tire it did have a tire inflator that can plug into an accessory socket. But I wish the car had a bigger engine because it lacks power and a rear camera would make it more easy to back up, it should also come with Bluetooth to make pairing with smart phones and MP3 players.
Published: June 16, 2018
Domenico of Walpole, MA

Have had enormous trouble with the 2018 Tucson SEL Plus that I leased recen
Have had enormous trouble with the 2018 Tucson SEL Plus that I leased recently. The transmission cant seem to pick a gear, and the car constantly freezes/stalls when between gears, which is pretty much all the time. My concentration has to 100% focus or Im getting in a wreck. The car isnt really drivable. Took the car to a dealership - they told me thats just how the car drives. Took it up to Customer Service via the manufacturer; they declined to assist in any way without so much as having anyone look at the car. Basically, the response Ive gotten from the manufacturer is, Oh well, youre stuck with your lemon. No efforts made to assist; they cant even manage to get me into a dealership for service without a lag time. Leasing this car is one of the worst mistakes Ive ever made, and Ive driven other Tucsons before this. Hyundai does not have any interest whatsoever in standing behind their product, or customer satisfaction in any way; never, ever get a Hyundai, because if anything at all is wrong with it, youre basically on your own. The entire experience has been a nightmare, and continues to be.
Published: August 11, 2018
Ben of Los Angeles, CA

I took my car in for TMPS sensor. They could not reset the computer to make
I took my car in for TMPS sensor. They could not reset the computer to make the light go off so I had to take off from work, travel another hour to take it back in, then somehow a lug nut got twisted off which I could pay to replace and another sensor was out. Nearly $300 later, I left with a broken wheel stud and the TMPS light came on going back to my house. I called and requested my money back as I now dont trust Coughlin Hyundai, but we all know that isnt going to happen.
Published: July 31, 2012
Eugene of Cambridge, OH

2008 Hyundai Elantra - On May 8, 2013, I was driving 38-40 mph on damp road
2008 Hyundai Elantra - On May 8, 2013, I was driving 38-40 mph on damp road. I swerved to miss an animal and spun 270 degrees. I hit a tree on passenger side door, broke passenger window, moved forward, hit passenger quarter panel and then it went forward and hit front bumper directly center. Neither front nor side airbags deployed, brakes froze (ABS didnt work) and ESC didnt work (received ESC recall notice after accident). It totaled the car. Passenger received lacerations due to glass breakage. Driver and passenger received bumps, bruises, sore neck and body parts. This is a huge safety concern. What can be done about false safety advertising?
Published: May 18, 2013
Sheryl of Ruther Glen, VA

Salespeople were no-pressure. The Tucson is our 3rd Hyundai and theres lots
Salespeople were no-pressure. The Tucson is our 3rd Hyundai and theres lots of value in Hyundai, especially the warranty. Also lots of trouble-free miles at a pretty good price.
Published: August 23, 2017
Mark of Round Rock, TX

I purchased a 2013 Hyundai Sonata March 2015. I had no problems with the ca
I purchased a 2013 Hyundai Sonata March 2015. I had no problems with the car up to a week ago. First my check engine light came on and then a knocking-ticking noise from my engine. I took my car to OReilly and they checked it and informed me it was the camshaft. After then I was driving down the road the noise got louder and then the car stalled. It shut off in the middle of the road. All the lights came on and it STOPPED!My car was towed to a local Hyundai dealership. Spoke to someone this morning and they havent even looked at the car yet. I work 35-40 miles from where I stay and I dont have no other kind of transportation. After further review I found that Hyundai has had a ridiculous amounts of recalls on all of their vehicles even the new ones. I also found out that they recalled over 470,000 Hyundai Sonatas 2011-2012. After reading the reviews of this recall my car is doing the same thing as the 2011-2012 models. I have contacted Hyundai twice and all they are telling me is that my car is not part of that recall. My car is doing the same exact thing. They do not care and it is just ridiculous that there is so many problems. They wont get me a rental or a loaner. I plan to go to everyone news station I can find and report this issue. These cars arent safe or reliable and someone has to speak up and take action!!!
Published: December 1, 2015
Yvonne of Darlington, SC

This is how they rope you in to buying their crummy cars “We have America
This is how they rope you in to buying their crummy cars “We have American’s best Warranty.” Don’t ever expect to use it though when you need it. They’ll do everything in their power to get out of having to pay to fix your car when something goes wrong. In my case, my whole electrical system fried within less than two years of having the car. Thinking I had “American’s Best Warranty” I thought, no big deal I’ll bring it in and they’ll fix it. Well, no, they tried to claim an animal chewed through my wires so it wasn’t covered by the warranty and I had to go through my insurance to have it fixed. Mind you, this is before I found out there was a class action lawsuit filed against this company for cars with unexpected engine and electrical failures and them failing to make repairs and weaseling their way out of them. They kept my car for 10 weeks trying to fix the issue and every time they fix one issue they would call back and say “oh turns out this is also wrong with your car because of the animal, you have to go through your insurance and put in another supplemental claim.” After 8,000 paid by my initial insurance claim and two supplemental claims of a 1000 a piece and a 500 deductible from me, they gave me back my car that still doesn’t work and still having electrical problems. Their response, we’ll diagnose the problem for 300 dollars to figure out what’s wrong with it now and now they want me to put in another supplemental claim due to another wire that was frayed due to “animal damage.” I can’t even trade the car in because no other dealer wants it due to all the problems and I still have 12,000 left to pay and a car that doesn’t function right.
Published: September 24, 2021
Joseph of Midland Park, NJ

I purchased a new 2019 Hyundai Accent in November 2019 at Genesis of Cherry
I purchased a new 2019 Hyundai Accent in November 2019 at Genesis of Cherry Hill in Marlton, NJ. This car is a piece of junk, defective, and unsafe to drive. Hyundai provides a car buyer with a 10-year/100,000 mile warranty; not because they stand by the quality and workmanship of the vehicle, but because youll need the warranty to have the car repaired. My car has been in the Hyundai Service Shop for the same problem four times since I purchased the car. The car constantly pulls to the left. You must hold the steering wheel for dear life; otherwise, you could have an accident. On 1/2/20 Hyundai Service adjusted the steering wheel sensor. Within 8 days, 1/10/20 I had to return the car to Hyundai Service for the same problem. Now, Hyundai Service determines the car needs a 4 wheel alignment and another steering sensor adjustment. On 5/19/20 the car was returned again to Hyundai Service for the same problem and the technician determines the rear solid beam axle and left and right front lower control arms must be replaced. Hyundai Service had to order these parts, so now a 4th trip to Hyundai Service was required to fix the pulling to the left. I dropped my car off on 6/1/20 and went to pick the car up on 6/10/20. I test drove the car in the presence of 2 Hyundai technicians and the service manager. After all this work done on the vehicle my car still pulls to the left. Hyundai Service had the audacity to state that all Hyundai Accents may perform the same way, really. Hyundai also indicated that the car passed their testing protocol for driving 40 mph and was deemed as a fixed vehicle in their eyes. However, on my road test the vehicle failed at 40 mph and at greater speeds. Hyundai Service has failed to address my complaint about my car and the car was left at the dealership. I have been making payments on this new car which has spent more times in the shop than on the road. Consumers should think twice on purchasing a Hyundai whether for yourself, your spouse, or child. Your safety is at risk each time you get behind the wheel of this car.
Published: June 12, 2020
DEBORAH of Hammonton, NJ

When I purchased my Kia (At Hyundai), it was used so the dealership offered
When I purchased my Kia (At Hyundai), it was used so the dealership offered me an extended warranty that they sold, so I bought because you know, it’s a used car. Well last week my engine locked up on me randomly on the highway so my initial thought was “Call Hyundai because they sold my warranty to me.” So I did, and they came and towed my vehicle. Well until my extended warranty covered my repairs, I could not get a loaner so I was stuck with nothing. The next day I called and they informed me that I needed to provide proof of all my oils changes but I’ve only ever gone somewhere once to get it done. Others were done outside of a shop because I mean a lot of people do that (wasn’t done by me). They needed AT LEAST two from an actual mechanics shop (per my warranty although the warranty just states I need proof of oil change even though just giving them a receipt wasn’t enough). Well I didn’t have what they needed. So they asked if they could be approved for 2 HOURS of labor so they could get to the issue of my locked engine, through email, which was fine at the time because I was like whatever I just need my car fixed and I thought they were trying to help me out. Well two days go by, I had left the GM TWO voicemails, and no returned call so I drove up there myself to talk to him. THAT WAS A JOKE. He basically said my warranty wouldn’t cover it because it looks like it was a neglect on my end but he wanted me to keep it there “just in case”. A couple days later I find out about a settlement going on between Kia & Hyundai where they are having to replace certain models engines (A LOT that is) because of the recall on them. Hyundai swore they spoke with someone at Kia and asked if there was any recall or extended warranty on my motor, and the guy at Kia said no. COME TO FIND OUT that is NOT what the guy at Kia said and what’s crazy is Hyundai KNOWS about the protocols for this recall on my motor because they have the same issues with theirs!! They then blamed me for it not being fixed and having to owe because I “interrupted” the inspection being done by Apex, but the ONLY reason I did was because I needed a loaner ASAP and Kia promised I’d have one as soon as I got my car over there because they knew the issue fell under the settlement agreement that Hyundai knew about too but stated they were told I didnt have an extended warranty with the settlement which is why they went through Apex. But, Apex would have seen the engine was locked and known about the settlement which would have resulted in them denying the repairs. AND HYUNDAI knows that they would’ve have had to send it to Kia anyways due to my engine being locked, but they decided to take it into their own hands so they could make SOMETHING off of me. I not once signed ANY paperwork because they were communicating with me through EMAIL (how professional I know). And then the service department got MAD at me because I called and tried to get ahold of their GM (that was a joke, HE is a joke). He never returned my calls, so I went up there myself and spoke with him (that was also a joke. I don’t even see how he’s a GM).Needless to say, they will not give my car to Kia until I pay them $600 when I only approved them for 2 hours of work. And when I mentioned this, the service manager said it was because they had to reassemble my car before they could tow it, which is fine but I NEVER got a call about this or ANYTHING. When I mentioned THAT, he then replied with “Well I can disassemble it and you can come pick it up that way then”. When I say I will NEVERRRR give this sorry dealership my money EVERRRR again, I mean this with everything in me!!! They take advantage of the fact that I’m a woman and I don’t really know what’s going on.They tried to say “Well even if you pay the $600, you’ll get reimbursed by Kia for it” and after speaking with Kia’s director he informed me that that is NOT true and that it would be EXTREMELY tough to get them to reimburse me. This Hyundai dealership has taken my niceness for granted, and I hope that NO ONE ever gives them their money!!! I know $600 doesn’t seem like much, but I pay for EVERYTHING that goes on in my life, by myself (w/ Carrington’s help too) and I refuse to give my money to these hateful, disrespectful, worst communicators, ANY OF MY MONEY. This place just wanted to make SOMETHING off of me because they knew they’d get basically nothing. What’s sad, is if my car could just get to Kia I would have a brand new motor due to the settlement and be in a loaner car. Right now because of Hyundai, I have gone two weeks having to depend on my mom. And I will be contacting the BBB.May I add that the service department made it very clear that I pissed them off by going to the GM. I am a college student and have two kids who I have to get to school every morning as well as myself to work!! And I’ve been without any kind of vehicle for two weeks. They have ZERO signed papers by me, and I just can’t believe this at all. The service manager said word for word “Well if you’d like I can disassemble it and then you can come pick it up” all because I said they never called and asked for my permission before doing something that would cost me this much.
Published: September 4, 2020
Ashley of College Station, TX

I have a 2011 Gen Coupe 3.8, purchased in Oct 2010. My steering wheel start
I have a 2011 Gen Coupe 3.8, purchased in Oct 2010. My steering wheel started peeling about 3 months ago (around 7,000 miles) and I brought this issue up to my dealership a little over a month ago. They said, Hey, thats not right, and wont get any better. So the way Hyundai does things, is to take a picture, and send it to the regional manager. About a week later, I got a call from the dealership saying the Hyundai representative denied replacement. I was a little upset, but the peeling wasnt too horrid yet.About a month down the road, the peeling has gotten really bad, and its about 2 inches long, and wraps halfway around the wheel. You barely touch the spot, and this black plastic just falls right off. I brought my car in again, for a new picture/replacement request. The representative again denied it. And the dealership said, Hes denying it because they have no fix right now, Hyundai knows its an issue and will just happen again if they replace it. So Im stuck with a crappy peeling, ugly steering wheel now. I even called Hyundai corporate and they said the regional manager has the final say.Way to go Hyundai, some 10 years/100k warranty you have there!
Published: September 12, 2011
Michael of Orlando , FL

My husband is a full time Uber driver & his income is extremely importa
My husband is a full time Uber driver & his income is extremely important for us because with my part time job we can’t afford to pay the our bills. Everything was quite good since he drove Hyundai Ioniq hybrid 2017 which helped us a lot to spend less on fuel but one day suddenly the car stopped without any warning sign and the Hyundai Kitchener towed it and we were advised that it’s a recall for Hybrid system so we thought it will take a week or two but omg it has been 4 months we didn’t get our car back! Since this car was everything for us and my husband couldn’t do Uber with a rental car it has been 4 minutes we lost the income. He called thousand times for help & complain about the service to Hyundai Canada but they didn’t give a **, instead we were insulted that you should know the rules. We can’t do anything! We talked with a lawyer to sue the company for the income loss but the lawyer said these giant companies are protected by law we can’t help you. Seriously??We bought this brand new car so expensive to face this day? We are facing a lot of problems and the loss of income for four months for a middle class family is the worst thing.. I’m writing this only to inform you people be very careful before purchasing any car from Hyundai, they don’t value their customers and treat you like **.. now I’m not gonna stop this complain and will even call some tv channels to show the reality of this company because the money we bought this car that was our ten years saving and lost everything. The worst company with worst service and very bad management with bad quality cars.
Published: May 28, 2019
Farangis of Kitchener, ON

I bought brand new Hyundai Elantra 2014 and after 3 years my engine failed.
I bought brand new Hyundai Elantra 2014 and after 3 years my engine failed. They couldnt identify the cause behind engine failure. They ordered new engine from Hyundai for replacement. My car is at dealership since past 6 weeks and still they didnt receive engine nor any updates. Worst service I ever seen for any automobile companies. Their cars are not reliable and not long list. Poor choice to buy any Hyundai car. Its better to walk than having car from Hyundai.
Published: March 24, 2017
K of Etobicoke, ON

From the car buying process, getting the car serviced, returning and paying
From the car buying process, getting the car serviced, returning and paying off the car, this experience was a nightmare. I was constantly told one thing, only to be misled and overcharged. I wouldnt recommend buying a car from Hyundai to anyone. Save yourself the money and headaches and go elsewhere.
Published: May 11, 2017
Brandon of Sandy, UT

Issues with the 2015 Sonata and no help from Bluelink or Hyundai - I have a
Issues with the 2015 Sonata and no help from Bluelink or Hyundai - I have a car with 5492 miles and the check engine light comes on. I go to service, they want to take my car for God knows how long. They dont have the part. So I refuse to leave it. I explain to them that driving with a bad VCM is going to cause more problems. They are indifferent. They refuse to reimburse me if I do it. They refuse to help me locate the part. I tell them that it is a safety issue for others around me as well as myself. Again indifference. Snotty attitudes and no solutions other than we will get back to you in three business days which is actually five days. The car is sputtering, dumping fuel and to them it is no big deal. First and last car I will ever buy from them. Oh and my friends 2015 Sonata also had to go to the shop at 2500 miles for a shut valve and when it was repaired was worse than before and the dealership damaged his rear bumper and spoiler and then he had to lose the car for another three days. I can go on and on about how horrible this vehicle is. Do not let the looks fool you, while it may be redesigned and the price tag has gone up it is still a lousy company. And what good is the warranty if they do not stand behind it?
Published: November 13, 2015
Edward of Brooklyn, NY

No matter how hard I try, I can not get anywhere near 21mpg let alone 29mpg
No matter how hard I try, I can not get anywhere near 21mpg let alone 29mpg in the city. One of the major reasons I bought this car was the gas mileage. The only thing I can do is tell people dont buy this car if you are looking for good gas mileage. How does Hyundai get away with lying to the people?
Published: February 25, 2012
William of Glenolden, PA

My 2002 Hyundai XG350 suddenly began to nearly die when at slow speeds and
My 2002 Hyundai XG350 suddenly began to nearly die when at slow speeds and the dealer diagnosed three bad ignition coil assemblies as the cause.My vehicle is within the 10-year/100,000-mile engine train warranty but Hyundai refuses to honor it or to show documentation that excludes these essential power train non-wear items from the warranty.I am out over $800 over this dispute.
Published: August 15, 2011
Constance of St Louis Park, MN

I purchased a Hyundai Genesis Coupe from Parkway Hyundai (Wilmington) in 20
I purchased a Hyundai Genesis Coupe from Parkway Hyundai (Wilmington) in 2014. I was informed by the salesmen that offered me the extended warranty that I would receive coverage for 100,000 miles. Not up to 100,00 miles, but good for 100,000 miles. Huge difference, as the car had nearly 50k miles on it already when it was purchased. I made it very clear to the salesman that I needed coverage for 100k miles. I would have purchased a brand new car, not a used Hyundai with only 50k mile warranty if this had been explained to me correctly, and now the dealership is leaving me out to dry with a car that is not drivable, a higher car payment than what I would have had with a brand new car, (because the warranty is factored into it), and they are feeding me a load of BS.I do not recommend ANYONE, even my worst enemy to purchase from Parkway Hyundai, and also the salesman by the name of Mitchell was very distant to me after I purchased the car. I would drive all the way to Wilmington from out of town and stop by to get an oil change and he would give me blank stares and would not even greet me. What kind of customer service is that? To be nice to me long enough to sell me a car and then treat me like chopped liver after the deal is done. I let that slide because he is a younger guy, I am probably the first he ever sold a car to and he is probably long gone now if he treated someone else the same way, but yeah, I am done with Parkway Hyundai for good either way. They can forget me or anyone I know ever purchasing a vehicle from them ever again.
Published: October 9, 2017
Daryl of Jacksonville, NC

I bought my car in October 2011. I have been so far 13 times at the dealers
I bought my car in October 2011. I have been so far 13 times at the dealership, one of them being over a month because the chassis broke! I havent complained until today because my steering wheel started ripping apart due to the humidity. I went to the dealer for it to be replaced and Hyundai Canada apparently only replaces the steering wheel with the older model being the silver trim. Moreover, the trim was already damaged. I have the dark silver. I mean really Hyundai ran out of the dark silver trim steering wheel. So I asked them to put back my old steering wheel even though it is ripped. In one week I am going to see them again for a drive axle problem and re-install my old steering wheel.
Published: July 24, 2013
Seri of Montreal, QC

On October 15 2017 my husband and I were taking my granddaughter home after
On October 15 2017 my husband and I were taking my granddaughter home after an overnight visit. We were driving my 2013 Hyundai Sonata with Turbo engine. We were going southbound on highway 52 from Mount Airy to Winston-Salem. We have made this trip many times since my grandchildren have been born. We had been driving about a half an hour, my husband in the front seat, driving and my granddaughter and I in the back seat. My husband said the car is making a noise and doesnt seem to be running right. I am going to pull off at the next exit and check it out. I glanced over the seat at the dash to check for any warnings on the dash but didnt see any.What I did see was smoke coming out from under the dash. I yelled, I think the car I on fire! So as quickly as he could my husband pulled the car off the road and told me to unbuckle my granddaughters car seat and to get out. I got out and walked away from my car. I could see flames coming out from under my car and the back bumper was melting. My husband got out and got my granddaughter out. Some people had already called 911 but it was too late for my car. Flames were shooting up in the sky. The worst of the flames were around the gas tank where my granddaughters booster seat was located in the backseat. This car was well maintained and in great condition. I hope that someone finds out what caused this. It did have a recall for metal in the motor but I had already taken it in and they checked it out.
Published: October 22, 2017
Susan of Mount Airy, NC

This is in regards to the Sonata that we had purchased. I want to start off
This is in regards to the Sonata that we had purchased. I want to start off by stating how extremely upset I am of how the entire experience has been since day one! We were mistreated and screwed due to negligence and lack of communication between dealership and the Hyundai Finance department when processing our loan to be financed. I have never dealt with such miscommunication on a very important investment purchase. I have contacted Hyundai Dealership and Finance center for the whole month of December, January, February and now March via email, phone and mail.I have over and over explained and have provided proof of documents that included harassing statements and letters that we were not qualified and we were required to return the vehicle immediately for the entire month of December and January (totaling a number of 4 letters)! We made numerous attempts to get in contact with assigned Financial Representative who was taking care of our loan and was also instructed per letters received as the main contact person. I have copies of all logged phone calls, emails, letters and conversations that were placed regarding this issue and after all the numerous attempts to have someone help us with Hyundais error created by Hyundai. We never received any management nor representative help ever, except one original email from Kyle ** (assigned financial rep) requesting that we provide additional income statements early in December, for Brandon **.I emailed Kyle and requested further explanation of what was going on regarding our loan funding because we had received letters from him and the agency stating we were declined. And now, here he is requesting additional income? I never ever received a response back from him nor call back or help from management in Hyundai dealership as no one was communicating if we were approved or not. Putting us in a dark room and no communication from anyone, I had requested that HR from our current employers would reach out to Kyle to verify any income information he needed so that the loan would be funded. Shortly after that request, I was informed per Human Resources representative at my company that they provided Kyle with all requested documentation and verified our income upon request.They also stated that they asked for several confirmation requests that verified all documents they had provided met underwriting guidelines for the loan and they never received a confirmation or response as well. In between that time, we received additional letters stating that we were still not qualified and other letters requesting the return of the vehicle immediately. After I realized that we would not get anywhere, holidays were now ruined because of this process and caused tremendous hardship to our family as we were forced to go purchase an additional vehicle after receiving declined letters and no communication Hyundai. After the purchase of the additional vehicle I was forced to buy, the 2013 Hyundai Sonata purchased was currently located in the dealership shopping center body shop after a car accident took place in between the 30-day period the car was in our possession. But is now not in our possession.We lost money in purchasing another vehicle as we were led to believe that we did not qualify. The first statement was sent to us towards the last days of January, it was dated way after the agreed first payment of Jan 5. So I called Hyundai Finance and was told we were qualified after all! I requested to speak to a supervisor as it was explained that the loan was not funded until Jan. 5th (way past the date loan should have been funded). Management had stated that the loan had to be rebooked due to Hyundai submitting loan approval late and incorrect.I then reached out to Hyundai Dealership and was finally contacted by Kyle and told that he and the manager were unable to do anything (which was the complete opposite of what Hyundai finance stated)! I then had stated I wanted my January payment waived per Hyundais error and all the money I have now lost due to this error. I stated I was still willing to keep car and make payments but needed that to be corrected - it was so simple and I was tossed around by Kyle and told they could do anything. I then spoke to management from Hyundai Finance on Feb. 19 and was told by management after I had explained the situation that they were going to make arrangements to amend the loan current and I was told they were going to remove my phone numbers from their system to avoid future collection calls.All my phone numbers were removed except for my work phone which I had told collection rep that they need to look at notes for Feb. 19 and reference. They stated that management never inputted notes. I am fed up by now. All this lying and mistreatment for no reason has now led me to anxiety and stress health issues that have now been noticed by my primary doctor and I was prescribed medical drugs in order to be able to handle the stress this has caused my family and me. I have had to come out of pocket on fees and deductibles for the repairs of 2013 Sonata due to me now being approved for loan, therefore making me responsible. I am not happy and think that there has to be an immediate solution to the inconvenience! Our lawyers suggestion is to return as requested per written notices and void all sales transaction deal per original mailed correspondence.I have proof of all attempts I tried and several people on my end had tried to make this process flow smoothly ... but it seems to have now gotten out of hand due to the irresponsibility and miscommunication within Hyundai company. This has now affected our credit and I am forced to take this to litigation and recover from all costs of damages and stress encountered from this entire process. I am requesting that someone step up to the plate as an associate from Hyundai, if you are reading this, to show some kind of respect for the rights of the consumer. Unfortunately, we live in a world that is so cold-hearted and full of effortless people who like the easier route of not going the extra mile for the customer, when dealing with their day to day job. But who is to forget, that customer could be you a couple of days from now; another company - another service.How would you like to be treated? Will you be that different associate? I say all of this with the hope that someone at Hyundai hears me and my familys plea of financial hardship this all has caused us, including rent being behind- having to degrade myself by sharing my situation on comment online complaint forms and to emails of candidates that have just glanced on my case and tossed to the side. How fair is this? I am a customer that all Ive asked for is a simple January payment to be adjusted due to company error and now I am forced to file litigation suit. Can I please get fair treatment and advice on who can fix all this issue for good and avoid further unnecessary actions?
Published: March 14, 2013
Natalie of Cerritos , CA

This is an amazing car. Being a plug in hybrid I get almost 700 miles on co
This is an amazing car. Being a plug in hybrid I get almost 700 miles on combination electric and gas. Its very comfortable and room for 5, plus great storage with the back seats folded down {I can even get my golf clubs and cart in the back}. The electronic features are very good. It gives a feeling of safety and convenience.Sound system is better than I would have thought for a smaller car. I would buy again.
Published: December 10, 2019
Jack of Long Beach, CA

I bought a 2011 Hyundai Sonata last year in April 2015. I bought it used wi
I bought a 2011 Hyundai Sonata last year in April 2015. I bought it used with about 89k miles on it. Up until Sep. 25th 2016, the car has been working perfectly. But about a week before that date, I noticed how badly the car was burning up oil. I was putting a quart in it every week because it would read low. On the 24th, I was driving with my 1 year old in the car and all the sudden the car started making a clanking noise. Thank God I made it home that night because I wasnt sure if I would without the car breaking down. When I got home, I turned the car off and turned it back on and it just sounded terrible. Sounded as if the whole engine was falling apart. The next day, I knew I wasnt going to be able to drive it.I called Columbia Hyundai in Cincinnati and I took it there to the shop on the 28th. They discovered that my car was part of the motor recall for that model car and that my car needed a new engine. It is now Nov. 9th 2016 and my car still has not been fixed. Its been in the shop for 6 weeks now. They still have a car in their shop from July that hasnt gotten a motor. I just got off the phone with them and they said it will maybe be the 1st week of December when they start getting motors. Shouldnt they have started mass producing these motors knowing there was a recall on the engine for thousands of cars? Makes no sense to me. Thankfully, Hyundai is 100% paying for the new motor and the rental car I am using. However, I am still making a payment every month on a car I do not have and I have asked Hyundai to reimburse me for this and they refuse to do so. Not very satisfied with Hyundai right now.
Published: November 9, 2016
Jessie of Batavia, OH

I have a 2011 Hyundai Sonata with less than 75,000 miles. I was driving and
I have a 2011 Hyundai Sonata with less than 75,000 miles. I was driving and when you got up to 2500 rpms, the motor started clattering then the engine light came on then went off again. So I parked it and took it to the mechanic today, Monday 8/11/14. They checked it and I need a new motor. The oil was low 2 quarts apparently and it doesnt leak and the oil light didnt even come on. I THINK THERES A PROBLEM HERE AND HYUNDAI NEEDS TO DO A RECALL! Now its going to cost 3500 to get another motor that has 85,000 miles.
Published: August 11, 2014
Linda of Taylorsville, NC

Since owning my 2013 Hyundai Sonata, I have had a number of recalls (or as
Since owning my 2013 Hyundai Sonata, I have had a number of recalls (or as the company likes to call them, ‘campaigns’). The most recent includes FOUR recalls. I took time off of work to get the recalls addressed, and yet, I still keep receiving notices that I need to take the car back in for the same recalls that I got taken care of. When you call customer service all you get is the run around or told that you are being “hostile” when they question you about where the emails are coming from and you tell them you have full command of the English language or “talking over them”. I still can’t use my phone’s bluetooth as the company never updated their system with the newer phones. My navigation system doesn’t know half of the addresses I put in, and the car only has 44,000 miles in 6 years. In addition, I constantly have to put air in my right front tire, regardless of the weather. Now I have to go back because the dealer disengaged the heated seats so I can’t even trade it in until they fix their mistake, and that was after the dealer tried telling me that the recalls had nothing to do with the heated seats (which they then had to reverse course on as the tech had to disconnect the heated seat wires to put the airbag harness on). Hyundai claims in their ads that they make ‘better’ cars. Better for who? Because it DEFINITELY isn’t better or safer for the consumer. I feel that is a misrepresentation of the truth. Save yourself and your wallet! Don’t even look bother. There are other more reputable companies from which to choose from. Honestly, I think the federal government needs to look into the safety of Hyundai’s vehicles.
Published: October 24, 2019
Melanie of Pittsburgh, PA

I am the original owner of my 2011 Hyundai Sonata. There has been recall af
I am the original owner of my 2011 Hyundai Sonata. There has been recall after recall. In August of 2016, Hyundai completed the Campaign 143 Recall (Power Steering). Within a couple of weeks after, my steering wheel starting making clicking noises when I turned. Right after that, my air bag light came on. Shortly after, my steering wheel started shaking when I went over any bumps. Now it is so bad (the shaking) that my steering wheel acts like it is going to pop off of the car when I go over a speed bump! So between the clicking, air bag, and violent shaking, this car feels incredibly unsafe to drive!I called Hyundai and they asked, What exactly do you want us to do? I asked if there was a recall since thousands of people are having the same issue, and the customer service rep said, There is nothing regarding a recall for this issue. I am so fed up with Hyundai. Every time I get my car back from the dealership after a recall, something else happens. I take excellent care of my car and yet it comes back to me from the dealership worse than when I take it in. When will Hyundai finally issue a recall on this as it is clearly a Hyundai faulty part?
Published: February 3, 2017
Nichole of Shingle Springs, CA

I had my 2007 Hyundai in to my local mechanic for an oil change and they to
I had my 2007 Hyundai in to my local mechanic for an oil change and they told me I needed a battery. I decided to have my husband change it in order to save some money. I turned out that the battery was okay but the terminal was not closing all the way. We went to several auto parts stores but none had the correct part. We contacted our local Hyundai dealer and they said that part was not stocked or sold. We would have to buy a wiring harness that connected the battery terminal to the battery post and then to the starter at a cost of $380. I said that was absurd and would not buy it. Luckily, my husband is handy and was able to fit a terminal with some sort of connection to the wiring harness. Because my husband had to put a non-Hyundai part on there is no cover on the positive battery terminal, I dont know if this could be dangerous or not; if you are expecting the protection of the cover, its not there.
Published: December 11, 2011
Jackie of Somerset, NJ

In July, our car broke down in Georgia. We live in New Jersey. We had Roads
In July, our car broke down in Georgia. We live in New Jersey. We had Roadside Assistance bring it to the nearest dealership. The dealership told us it was our transmission but the car was still under warranty. It took five days to get a rebuilt transmission and put it in. In the meantime, we were stuck in Georgia. I was told to send originals of my expenses to Roadside Assistance. It cost me over $700.00 for hotel, rental car and food for five days. They only reimbursed me $300.00, which they said was the max amount. So why bother telling people to send in the receipts for hotel, food and car rental?While we were driving home, we heard a rattling noise that wasnt there before. I called Global Hyundai in Plainfield when we got home and explained the situation. They said they would have to charge us to diagnose the car because they hadnt done the original repair. I called Hyundai Corp. and they said that wasnt right, to have Global call them, but before we had a chance, the trans went again. I had it towed to Global and they they said they fixed the problem. They wouldnt address the rattling noise unless I paid for it because they said it had nothing to do with the trans. I dont know how they knew this since they never diagnosed the problem. We have had the car back one week and the trans went again. They said we need to upgrade the trans and that we would have to pay for it. I called Hyundai Corp. again and they said the trans computer should have been updated when they replaced the trans in Georgia and that they would call Global to tell them to fix it at no cost to us. This has been a horrible experience and I would never buy another Hyundai again or any car for that matter from Global Auto Mall in Plainfield, NJ.
Published: October 8, 2013
Lucy of Bernardsville, NJ

I have left side pulling problem in my new Hyundai Tucson car and I have lo
I have left side pulling problem in my new Hyundai Tucson car and I have lots of complaints in Hyundai customer care but he didnt short out my problem and do not have any proper response. Third class company in customer satisfaction in India. Contact me at **. Mo:**.
Published: June 16, 2019
Dhaval of Gujarat, Other

My 2017 Hyundai Elantra is not the worst but a long way from the best in it
My 2017 Hyundai Elantra is not the worst but a long way from the best in its class. Performance is pretty good. Theres a lot of road noise that makes its way into the cabin and its been thru 2 batteries for some reason.
Published: December 15, 2019
Herbert of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

I am Neeraj **. On 31st Dec 2018 I purchased a brand new Hyundai Verna car
I am Neeraj **. On 31st Dec 2018 I purchased a brand new Hyundai Verna car with 3 years of insurance including bumper to bumper insurance. My car number is **. I have purchased this car because of brand name, reliability and trust in Hyundai Cars. Last year on June 2019 I took the insurance claim because I had a minor accident with my car. I immediately sent my car to the Joshi Hyundai Agency (Chandigarh) for repairment. They changed few components i.e. driver side door, One Side mirror and re-painted the bumper (Front) and bonnet. Unfortunately, the vehicle has not been satisfactory because when I reached home, I saw the colour of bonnet and bumper (newly painted) was not matched with the entire car. Further, When I raised the complaint they accept and ask to leave the car for few more days. Though, I rely on my car for daily transportation but I have managed with them. After few days and during my next visit to Hyundai Service Centre for inspect/collect my car, I saw that the same problem was still there “colour mismatching”. I talked to them, but instead of listening and understanding me, they ignored me. That was Such a harassing moment for me. Even they denied for the bill and their comments were “We have solved your problem and there is no need to provide you the final invoice/bill. Please take this gate pass (attached for your ref.)”. After that, somehow I able to connect Company’s Concerned Person Mr. Gaurav ** (RPSH(NRO3)), He saw my car and agreed that yes, the problem is still there in color (i.e. colour mismatch problem).Then he requested me to visit the Mohali Branch Of Joshi Hyundai service centre and asked to leave my car for few days (According to him, there is no technical staff for painting of car at Chandigarh Branch). I have managed third time and left my car in agency in Jan 2020 To get the problem resoved. But, now this time i found several new problems that was unexpected. Instead of changing the colour of bumper and bonnet as required, they also changed the colour (repainted) of the left side back door and running board (left side) without my permission and moreover did not tell me, but was noticed by my own. I believe, prior information is right of customer/owner nowadays and your authorized service centres must be aware about it.Also, they break several locks (Rear Bumper) of my car. This is unbearable for a customer. Your company harrassed me several times along with unsatisfactory services which is against a consumer rights. After that I manage to contact Mr Manoj ** (National Customer Relation Head) over telephonic conversation and requested him to get my car done from some professional service center as Joshi Hyundai staff and Mr. Gaurav ** were unable to satisfied me. He assured me of problem redressal this time and requested personally to leave my car again to Joshi Hyundai Mohali Branch.As I had bad experience with Joshi Hyundai number of times, I requested him (Mr Manoj **) again to get it done from some other service center. But with assurance he requested me again to leave the car, I left my car 4th time at Joshi Hyundai Mohali Branch on 05 May 2020. This time they repainted only running board (left side) and replaced rear bumper (Whose locks were broken by them last time) and refused to repaint the mismatched parts. This was extreme now. Then on complaint, they (Mr Nittin **) have again requested for the car for repainting dated on 21st Jun 2020 but because of the lot of harassment, I did not visit. In last one and half year, I drive my car around 15000 Kms and it seems that this is 8-10 year old vehicle because of this colour issue. Either they don’t have the high quality paint facility or they get it one from 3rd party/vendor. You can see the paint quality and welding spots in attached pictures (for new painted doors).Hyundai is second largest manufacturer in Automobile sector after Maruti Suzuki in India. I have long been a customer of Hyundai Cars and considered that Hyundai is a high quality brand. But, I am damn sure that this kind of attitude/negligence will definitely destroy the biake my car back and refund my valuable money along with interest as I am not willing to regain anymore mental, financial and physical harassment.Neeraj
Published: July 27, 2020
Deepak of Other, Other

I purchased a new 2009 Hyundai Sonata GLS with a manual transmission about
I purchased a new 2009 Hyundai Sonata GLS with a manual transmission about two or three years ago. I considered it to offer the most value for the price back then compared to an Accord, Camry, and other models. Unfortunately, I believe I made a mistake with this purchase. I wrote about my problems with this car on this forum before. Now, its time for a brief update.The power locks stopped working intermittently. This was a result of an electrical problem in the drivers side door panel. Thats not something that should happen in a car that is less than 3 years old. Another issue is that the iPod charger does not charge properly either, so sometimes my iPod has no battery power left even if it was charging while the car was on. The clutch master cylinder also has been replaced twice: once at about 12,000 miles and again at about 35,000 miles. The car has 40,000 miles on it now. Both times, the master cylinder was replaced free of charge. However, when I was getting a routine oil change about two weeks ago, the Hyundai technicians said that I needed a brand new clutch. Incredulous, I went home and found the maintenance records for the master cylinder because it had already been replaced twice. I went back to the local Hyundai dealer the next day and showed them these records and they said this had nothing to do with replacing the entire clutch and that it would not be covered under warranty. I asked why not and he said that the clutch was only covered by a 12-month/12,000 mile warranty because it was a consumable part.” He also said that the clutch can go out at 15,000 miles or 60,000 miles--depending on how you drive the car. Of course, Ive only driven cars with manual transmissions, so I know how to drive them. Ive driven cars that are much older than this one that have never had clutch problems, including an 11-year old Daewoo. But my Sonata made a rattling sound when it was idling and the gear shifts were not smooth. Now I know why. Anyway, after shelling out $1900, the car runs much better. But Im tired of dealing with maintenance issues with this car. I really want to like my Sonata, but I can no longer trust it. I think I would have been better served by paying the extra $1500 for a brand new car from a competitor instead of wasting my money and time being disappointed by a car that I really wanted to like that always seem to have a defective part or a part that is constructed of substandard quality. Theres not much dealership support and the parts dont seem particularly reliable. My wife had many problems with her 2007 Hyundai Accent as well, so I think Ive seen enough. We will not purchase another Hyundai.
Published: March 22, 2012
Anthony of Columbia, SC

Dan was the man that helped me choose my car. I sort of new what I wanted b
Dan was the man that helped me choose my car. I sort of new what I wanted but his thoughtfulness concerning price and payments was second to none. He also picked us up as we had no car due an accident. He ran through every aspect of what I needed the car for. Many thanks to all at the showroom supplying us coffee while we chose. So to all at the Newport showroom a big thank you and the car well that is just great. I love it.
Published: December 3, 2018
Loretta of Other, Other

The main issues I have with the vehicle are fairly minor, although some cou
The main issues I have with the vehicle are fairly minor, although some could potentially be a major issues. When creating a rear deck for transporting items, the rear passenger seats dont fold down perfectly flat. I ended up building my own slide-in deck to compensate for the slightly lifted rear passenger seats. The adaptive cruise control seems a bit laggy adapting, but that is probably why the manual says it cant be trusted if theres a difference in speed between vehicles over 35 mph.I also live in California where motorcycle lane splitting is legal. The problem is it can confuse the adaptive cruise control. Very frequently Ill be going 40 mph (rush hour traffic on a freeway) and a motorcyclist will blast by in between the lanes at 60+ mph. About 50% of the time the cruise control will start tracking the lane-splitting bike and suddenly accelerate, potentially causing my vehicle to smash into the vehicle ahead of it which is only going 40 mph. Fortunately, the cruise control has always been buggy enough so I typically keep it on a short leash anyway, ready to brake. But it is a potentially dangerous annoyance. Im not sure whether its just bad luck, but my Santa Fe has been broken into more in the first year of ownership than in all the other vehicles Ive had since I started driving 40+ years ago. Its probably because its new looking and its an SUV which has no lockable trunk. But here is the problem with the vehicle: In all cases when my vehicle has been broken into, Ive been less than 100 to 50 feet away and heard nothing. In the last instance, I heard glass breaking but no alarm. As far as I can tell the alarm is useless. The blinking light on the dash is just a bad joke. Im definitely looking into some aftermarket alarms now. If there had been an alarm, as it claims to have, then I would have been alerted and been able to stop the burglary. I know this to be true because I stopped a theft on my prior vehicle because its horn went off when the window was broken, and I ran right out and chased off the burglar before he was able to carry off anything.Also, although I know this a problem of all SUVs, it would be nice to have a secure, lockable cargo area. As it is, anyone breaking into the car can easily steal anything as there is no place to hide anything, except the glove compartment. Also, when I see vehicles that have been in rear-end accidents, the vehicle doing the rear-ending usually takes most of the damage, with a crumpled hood and such. When my Hyundai was rear-ended at low speed by a sedan half its size, my SUV somehow got most of the damage. The auto repair shop sent the insurance company a $5000 bill. Which it paid, but still that suggests a fairly serious bumper design issue. Even the first vehicle I owned from 1980, a Toyota Tercel, would have not sustained that much damage if it had been hit similarly in the rear. Of course it also had thick rubber bumpers, but still, this is a $45K vehicle.
Published: November 11, 2018
Gene of Stockton, CA

I recently took my car into Tuscaloosa Hyundai which is nearing the 60,000-
I recently took my car into Tuscaloosa Hyundai which is nearing the 60,000-mile original warranty and discovered that the new car warranties offered are limited. Did you know that the A/C system is only covered for one year? All of the systems in the car have different warranties so the 60,000-mile thing is just a scam. At 60,000 miles you are required to have certain services done for your so called million mile warranty to be valid and it is very costly. I assume that as you progress your mileage there will be more costly charges to continue your warranty. I just wanted to make the public aware that you are not getting a full bumper to bumper warranty. Whoever heard of a 1-year warranty on an A/C? On some systems, you have to pay for the parts while you are under warranty. This was never disclosed to me during my purchase of this vehicle. You can look the new car warranty up online and it says Limited new car warranty. I thought a warranty was a full warranty but this is not the case. My suggestion is buy a car with a real warranty, not a Hyundai.
Published: May 22, 2017
Bobby of Tuscaloosa, AL

I called Bluelink using my vehicles call button. The back of my vehicle was
I called Bluelink using my vehicles call button. The back of my vehicle was open because my husband was looking at the flat from a nail I had ran over (which by the way the vehicle worked great to alert me of the issue) and the gentleman on the phone expressed verbally his frustration for having an issue hearing me. He then proceeded to ask me why I had called since someone was already working on it (my husband). Then he hung up on me. Had he stayed on the line I could have explained that we couldnt find the key for the lug nuts. This was a terribly disappointing experience for the first time using this service.
Published: December 20, 2020
Deliah of Round Rock, TX

I have Azera 2013 I like very much, it is nice car.... I recommend to buy H
I have Azera 2013 I like very much, it is nice car.... I recommend to buy Hyundai Azera it is much better then the Toyota Avalon, Nissan maxima, Accord and 350EL.
Published: September 10, 2014
Faiq of Arad, Other

I have a 2005 Hyundai Accent. I bought it from the dealership certified pre
I have a 2005 Hyundai Accent. I bought it from the dealership certified pre-owned in 2005. Halfway through my paying off the vehicle, the transmission went. It had may 60-80k miles on it. I had it replaced through AAMCO, who purchased a brand new part. It lasted a little over 4 years, now its not even at 150k miles and the transmission has gone again. Hyundais parts suck! All I can say is never again, Hyundai. Never again will I purchase one of your shoddily-made vehicles.
Published: June 21, 2012
Solange of Cincinnati, OH

I will never lease or buy another Hyundai again. The dealership in Kirkland
I will never lease or buy another Hyundai again. The dealership in Kirkland, WA where I leased it was bad enough but the way the finance company has treated me is horrible. They are charging me for excess wear and tear which is ridiculous. I had an auto shop look at it who said it was all normal wear and tear. DO NOT PURCHASE OR LEASE A HYUNDAI.
Published: February 3, 2015
Christina of Mercer Island, WA

First off I still have a problem, need help. My 2004 Hyundai Sonata will no
First off I still have a problem, need help. My 2004 Hyundai Sonata will not go past 2000 rpm. What could it be? The fuel pump has already been changed.
Published: September 2, 2014
Yolandra of Hamlet, NC

I own a 2013 Hyundai Sonata. On September 29, 2021, I had my oil changes. I
I own a 2013 Hyundai Sonata. On September 29, 2021, I had my oil changes. I was a thousand miles early but the oil light had come on. I asked the service station to check why my car was lagging when driving. Ive been going to the same place for years to get my car oiled. Not a Hyundai dealership. He told me that my engine is ruined due to the engine burning oil, the tip of the oil dipstick was burnt. I left to go home and my car died. I had it towed to the closest Hyundai Dealership which is the dealership in Palatine, IL.The next day I went to the dealership and dealt with Kyle ** (Im not completely sure that is his last name). Kyle is at the front desk of the service area. Kyle told me its probably going to take a month and a half & I should rent a car and Hyundai will pay $40 a day. I rented a car from September 30- November 1. On Monday, October 7, 2021 Kyle texted me and said they are looking for Update/recall 953 ECM, & said the recall was not done so my car does not qualify for the warranty. He took less than 30 seconds to tell me my car was trash & he’s just telling me what he’s been told & that I should contact Consumer Affairs!!! It wasn’t a big deal to him!! I take very good care of my car, I have all receipts for the service I have had done on my car from the places Ive had my car worked on. Needless to say I was so upset and not happy with that answer, my car has 68,000 miles on it.I have the phone number of the salesmen I bought the car from in 2014, at McGrath City Hyundai in Chicago, IL. His name is Frank, I called him and he agreed to help me since I received really poor customer service at the Palatine dealership. Kyle was less than professional or helpful. On one of the visits I made to the Palatine dealership he was so disrespectful, as he was walking away and his back was to me he said get your car out of here or Ill charge you for storage. I did let him know I was now going to be working with Frank who was going to work on my behalf through the Gurnee Dealership.Kyle was not going to let me get things out of my car until I paid $165 in diagnostic fees. I was told I didnt owe any money. Kyle did call me back and told me I dont owe anything. I can get belongings out of my car. On October 13th Frank told me he was going to have my car towed the next day, October 15th Frank said I have to call Palatine and pay a $100 fee Palatine would not release the car to Frank at his Gurnee, IL. location. I went and signed a release and was told no charge.On October 19th Frank said they were busy at his dealership and couldnt get my car. On October 20th I texted Frank & He said hed call me in 20 minutes, I never received the call. On October 22nd I sent Frank a text telling him I didnt want to bother him but I need some answers. He replied in the text that he was on the phone with Hyundai, he would text me in 5 minutes. He was almost done, never texted me. On Monday, October 23rd I texted Frank to see what was happening. He replied in a text shortly and never called or texted. On Wednesday, October 27th I sent Frank a text asking him or telling him if he cant help me please just be honest, I am desperate for answers. He emailed me back saying they just emailed him 2 hours ago that they have a conference call at 9 the next day. He said hed have a definite answer by noon, he never called me back.Frank told me about updates being done. When they are received has to be done in a certain time frame. Even if Im not aware of the updates, I didnt get notices on all the updates. Frank then gave me a phone number to get reimbursed for the rental Customer Service Specialist 714-887-2553 I have left several messages and I am not getting a return call. He had e email him the receipts. Here it is November 8th, Im no better off than I was September 29th! Frank is now at The Gurnee dealership. I called the Gurnee dealership to find out Franks last name and the person on the phone said he was new and didnt know his last name. I do have cell phone numbers for both gentlemen. I started working with Frank on October 7th. I really thought Frank was going to help me with my car and I appreciated him saying he was going to help me but he really just wasted time and I do wish he wouldve been honest with me and told me he cant help me. I had sent Frank my drivers license, bill of sales & known updates done at a Highland Park, IL. dealership. I have copies of text messages.Consumer Affairs did call me once, I missed the call they said they would call back and they have not. I am amazed how uncaring and unprofessional this company is. I have left several messages with no response. I am so tired of Hyundai taking advantage of me. I will NEVER buy or recommend to anyone buy a Hyundai. I have never experience a situation as bad as this in my life. Hyundai is not a stand up corporation in my eyes. They are failures. TOTALLY TAKING ADVANTAGE!
Published: November 8, 2021
susan of Wheeling, IL

I had purchased the 2010 Hyundai Santa Fe new from Lester Glenn in Toms Riv
I had purchased the 2010 Hyundai Santa Fe new from Lester Glenn in Toms River, NJ. I had numerous complaints with it but most were with the transmission. The first problem took 9 visits to the dealer to have the problem repaired. I heard every line of crap and no one knew how to fix it. Corporate told me bring it to another dealer and see if they could fix it. The other dealership pulled up my VIN and saw all the times I was at this dealer with the same problem and decided they would not want to repair the vehicle.My latest events are also with the transmission showing a hot transmission temp sensor going off. I took it to my mechanic first and using his scan tool found the problem was the hi temp tranny sensor light. I took a picture with my camera of the error code, time and odometer reading because my mechanic said they will probably not fix it. Well he was right. They erased the error code and then blamed me, my mechanic and the car; because according to them the car can erase its own codes but according to Hyundai corporate the car can not do that. Then the dealership tells me that my car is now a problem car and I should sell it and buy myself one I would be happy with. Corporate tells me the problem is the dealerships not theirs even with the extended warranty. They claim only to have a business agreement with the dealership not a licensing one. DO NOT BUY ANY HYUNDAI, they are garbage and service is less than inane.
Published: February 1, 2016
James of Great Neck, NY

They claim the car would tow 5000 LBS. It doesnt. Engine struggles, then sm
They claim the car would tow 5000 LBS. It doesnt. Engine struggles, then smells and starts to overheat. I had to trade it in for a truck and lost $6000. Hyundai does not care about you, customer services or the problems you have.
Published: January 28, 2021
Robert of Memphis, TN

I have leased 2011 Genesis Coupe Vehicle id: **, returned car last December
I have leased 2011 Genesis Coupe Vehicle id: **, returned car last December (2013), after I received an invoice with $400 dispossession fee. I called to dispute this charge since we couldnt remember any reference to this charge; I asked for the copy of the lease. The lease did show the fee next to the column with the total amount. However, the charge shows as the total amount rather than a separate charge.After few attempts and being on hold for long period of time, the recovery department was not willing to consider the circumstances and make an adjustment or to handle us as valued customers. Rather, they made disingenuous comments like we do not make any exceptions and no one ever receive credit for this fee was an answer I received from one of the customer service representatives. The recovery department did not show any sign of sympathy or understanding and furthermore, did not show signs of any of willingness to negotiate or to hear us out to consider the situation.I have leased 2 other cars from Infinity and we had same issue with dispossession fee. After presenting the issue with our points to the finance department they have reduced it down by more than 50%. This is an example of companies who are willing to help their customers and promote them to stay loyal to their brand willingness to compromise. And here are the points of my argument: 1. Hyundai or the dealer did not highlight the fees term, or made it noticeable at any time prior to this invoice. 2. We have returned the car with substantial lower mileage (25,419 instead of 36,000). 3. We were told by Hyundais Finance department that the fee would be waived if we leased or purchased another Hyundai vehicle. 4. We will be leasing or purchasing 2 vehicles in the near future (90 days).5. Customer satisfaction.I believe its fair to consider waiving or at least substantially reduce the fee for the compelling reasons mentioned above. Unfortunately the recovery department failed to acknowledge and handle the issue in a business manner. Thus, I am writing this letter to try and correct a problem before it changes our mind on Hyundai as car we purchase.
Published: March 7, 2014
Shimon of Miami, FL

I had good credit and went to buy a Hyundai Elantra because I was in need o
I had good credit and went to buy a Hyundai Elantra because I was in need of a good car, but when I applied for the credit, the guy helping me took advantage of my need. First he came to me with a 10% interest. When I agreed, he went back to his boss. Few minutes later, he came back telling me that my interest was little higher to 12%. I really needed the car so I agreed, but he went back. To make it short, I ended up paying 16% because I told him I would not pay more. I think they ripped me off because of my need and lack of experience dealing with this kind of people who take advantage of you. So if you need a car, dont go with Hyundai or at least dont use their credit and go with somebody with experience.
Published: December 1, 2013
Javier of El Paso, TX

I have never, in my life, been treated so rudely. Their customer service re
I have never, in my life, been treated so rudely. Their customer service rep hung up on me. I thought she had all the information that she needed and gone to find out. The next day when I was expecting my paperwork to be where it was supposed to, it was not. So when I called back the next day, upset that my paperwork had not been transferred, the rep on the phone was once again rude. The rep promised my paperwork would be there in 1-2 hours, and it was never done on time. Not only is this now costing me money, but I was treated horribly as well. And with an interest payment of 20% on a car, they should invest money in training their reps.
Published: January 17, 2013
Crysle of Charlotte, NC

I really enjoyed our Hyundai Sonata 2006.... We had the usual problems/reca
I really enjoyed our Hyundai Sonata 2006.... We had the usual problems/recall issue with the airbags in 2013... At about 45,000 to 50,000 miles... many electrical problems. Apparently at some point without being disclosed to us when we bought it, our vehicle was a rental. At some point liquid was spilled into the console which caused electrical damage to the car under the front dashboard (car would not start - no crank - damage to body control module), so the dealership said. We didnt spill anything and this didnt happen till 5 months after we bought it. Either corrosion takes that long or there was something else going on. Never saw this supposed damage. Cost: $500.Shortly after that repair (16 days)... the drivers door would only unlock, internal BCM problems again. Go figure... no charge to repair. At 50,000 miles (Sept 2008) the Check Engine light would come on, cruise control inop., ESC and ABS light on. Cause: code c1513 brake switch failure (just read today that at some point that was a recall - had no idea - 1-9-14 so decided to share my story with others). They replaced the switch. N/C, but for some reason I noticed they did charge for 2 brake lights and labor $65. Most likely they were fine and it was the switch.Other issues.... sure seemed like the rotors/calibers rusted really fast and we changed all 4 brakes/rotors/pads etc. every year!!! Had none of these issues with our older Ford Taurus. No engine issues with the Sonata... just electrical and constant brake replacing.
Published: January 11, 2014
Melissa of Johnstown, PA

I have recently purchase a 2013 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport with 58k miles from
I have recently purchase a 2013 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport with 58k miles from a private party due to wanting to avoid financing and dealer fees. Main reason why I went with Hyundai was for their greatly advertise 10 years 100,000 miles warranty. Little that I know when I call Hyundai dealership about the status of my vehicle warranty I was told the warranty is non transferable to a second owner. That really let me down. So be careful buying a Hyundai from a third private party. Warranty does not transfer.
Published: March 2, 2019
Yotuel of White Plains, NY

The price for Blue Link Remote and Connect Care is borderline illegal and a
The price for Blue Link Remote and Connect Care is borderline illegal and absolutely egregious. Over $700 a month for complete service for 3 years is insane when other companies like GMs OnStar is free. This is a horrible way to do business and a sure fire easy way to lose repeat customers.
Published: August 2, 2019
frances of Staten Island, NY

Don’t use Hyundai’s emergency roadside assistance. They left my wife st
Don’t use Hyundai’s emergency roadside assistance. They left my wife stranded in 105 degrees in rush hour traffic on a busy highway. She had a flat tire and called Hyundai Emergency Roadside Assistance and two hours later they canceled her tow. They blamed it on AAA. They said to call our own towing company and we would get reimbursed. Four months later no reimbursement. Hyundai roadside assistance is worthless and dangerous.
Published: October 2, 2021
Mark of Mesa, AZ

I bought my Accent on 2006: very economy in fuel, keep a regular maintenanc
I bought my Accent on 2006: very economy in fuel, keep a regular maintenance and zero problems until now, look same than on 2006. The guarantees was for 10 year. Now they offer change car or new guarantee for 5 years.
Published: August 25, 2017
Magaly of Panorama City, CA

It was in decent condition and within my budget range. I like the gold colo
It was in decent condition and within my budget range. I like the gold color and its good on gas. Its reliable and comfortable enough to get to and from where I need to be. Otherwise, its an average car with average features and has some issues, but thats typical for a used car. Maintenance is expensive, I wish it wasnt as much to upkeep. Its also an older car, so its features work but are pretty dated. Also, the beige upholstery is god awful and dated.
Published: June 15, 2018
Lola of South Yarmouth, MA

Paint job on 2010 Elantra is terrible. Scratches on the least little things
Paint job on 2010 Elantra is terrible. Scratches on the least little things. Is there a recall on paint jobs for these cars?
Published: July 28, 2011
Dusty of Ennis, TX

I received a letter from Hyundai with the promise of ten $1.00 gold coins i
I received a letter from Hyundai with the promise of ten $1.00 gold coins if I went to my local Hyundai dealer on specific days. I did bring the letter as I was told and spoke to the person from Hyundai that was handling that promotion. Although I did not buy a car that day, I was told that the gold coins would be mailed to me in 7-10 business days. It has been over three weeks and I have not seen any coins yet. This deal was at King Hyundai in Deerfield Beach, Florida. I really feel that this is a real come on and false advertising. I am not sure I would return to this dealer (although I have bought a car from them before) and I am not sure I care to buy another car from them when I decide to buy. Hopefully, you can straighten out this problem and send me the money I am entitled to.
Published: March 8, 2012
Audrey of Boca Raton, FL

I had no idea what to expect when I bought my 2006 Sonata. It turned out to
I had no idea what to expect when I bought my 2006 Sonata. It turned out to be a great car. We had the V6 Limited but no sunroof or top of the line radio. MPG was as high as 24.8 because we did highway miles. Repairs were few and infrequent. We did regular fluid changes as recommended by the dealer; but as far as repairs, we did very few. Need ceramic brake pads at 90,000. We did the plugs finally at 120,000, but I think they would have gone to 150,000 without a problem since they were iridium. Also had a pulley go bad. Finally, had to also do struts and shocks and also had to do tires of course from time to time. I’m very pleased over all. Only annoying thing that happened was replacing the third brake light. Whoever designed the access to this bulb needs to be re-educated LOL. I finally sold it at 150,000 miles, but I really think it would have gone 250,000 for sure.
Published: June 11, 2013
Fred of Clermont, FL

This is with deep disgust that I am writing this letter to Hyundai. My fami
This is with deep disgust that I am writing this letter to Hyundai. My familys loyalty toward Hyundai started in the year 1999 with the first generation Santro. From there, we have possessed Accent which was bought by my brother, two Verna first generation, etc. and finally we have gone for a Fluidic Verna in the year 2011. I possessed a white Verna SX CRDI ABS, which was the top variant in the year 2008. The reason for top model with ABS was due to the utmost safety concerns. But I had 3 instances of accident with my car which was due to ineffective ABS. This complaint I have raised with The Popular Motor World delegates in Cochin, Kottayam, Muvattupuzha centers in Kerala but they could not help me on the same.I had spent thousands of bucks on service after the other but the result was the same. Now, my car has covered 75,000 kilometers and even last week, I was about to meet with an accident owing to the problem of the ABS. Now, delegates in the service department is suggesting me to change the ABS Sensor. Brand loyalty is exercised by a customer due to various factors among which I believe the most important one is service quality and the ownership the company takes to give customer delight. But now when I turned back, I am surprised to find that passenger car market had given me numerous option to choose from but still I was loyal to Hyundai and all due to that decision I am now having a tough time. None of the brands are built in a day and I strongly believe that quality is not an accident but an outcome of conscious and continuous effort. Please help me to come out of this issue. Thank you.
Published: March 13, 2012
Sunil of Kottayam, Other

I have two Hyundais and we are very pleased with them. However; I am very d
I have two Hyundais and we are very pleased with them. However; I am very dissatisfied with Hyundais clandestine practices regarding Blue Link. My credit card was charged for renewal of the Blue Link in the amount of $148.10 on September 17, 2015. I did not receive my statement until October 21, 2015. I called and canceled the subscription but was told that I would only be receiving a prorated credit amount in the amount of ~$120 since I was one month into the subscription. I did not know I had the subscription until I received my card statement. This is clearly unfair and deceiving business practices the kind that the Consumer Affairs Division of the state attorneys office salivates over. I will share this information with the my friends who I shared my high marks of Hyundai with who also purchased Hyundais. With my vehicles, this will account for a total of 9 vehicles sold with my endorsement.
Published: October 22, 2015
Michael K. of Hoover, AL

This car was sold to me as a higher end model, so my expectations coincided
This car was sold to me as a higher end model, so my expectations coincided with that. About a month into ownership, the car started emitting this terrible smell every time I accelerated onto the interstate. As winter progressed, the smell stopped. When the heat returned, it came back. It seems to stop after a while then return after oil changes. Ive had the vehicle a little over 2 years now, and the compressor already died. I dont even run the A/C over the 3rd bar even on the hottest days! Gas mileage already seems to be waning. I was doing 40mpg (primarily interstate driving) on regular unleaded with 10% ethanol. Now its doing 35 or so. I really like the push button start and car door lock/unlock.However, Ive been having trouble getting the car to lock over the past couple of months. Ill press the button as usual and nothing happens. Its sporadic, cant find a pattern by temperature, weather, or amount driven. On a different note, the volume doesnt automatically adjust to engine speed, so Im constantly adjusting the volume. I would much rather pay attention to driving! On a positive note, the car is comfortable and rides well. The heat and A/C work quickly (when they function). Two settings on the heated seats is really nice.
Published: August 21, 2017
Ashley of Kansas City, MO

Worse company ever! Basically every time I call looking for my title they c
Worse company ever! Basically every time I call looking for my title they claim a piece of paper is lost etc. They have everything they asked for including my buyout check, but every time I call I get nowhere and a huge runaround. Now they say they need a bill of sales. Im buying the car from them but they want a bill of sale from me. I dont get it. Anyone else have this problem?
Published: July 23, 2018
Cheryl of Wakefield, MA

Had to replace both passenger and driver side axle on my 2011 Hyundai Sonat
Had to replace both passenger and driver side axle on my 2011 Hyundai Sonata. This should not have happened. The car is only 5 years old. There must be more out there that have had to replace these. Please send your comments then and notify corporate headquarters Hyundai. Please, in order to get a recall and your money back if you have already replaced these. You can google Hyundai Sonata or Honda corporate headquarters and get a phone number or call a local Hyundai dealer, they will give it to you.
Published: July 29, 2015
Pam of Georgetown , KY

I bought a new 2015 Hyundai Elantra and already had problems at 37,000 mile
I bought a new 2015 Hyundai Elantra and already had problems at 37,000 miles. My car started making weird noises and lost power when we went to take it in the car wouldnt even start. When you go there to buy a car they treat you like gold. If you have a problem I felt more like we were shoplifters. I would never recommend buying a Hyundai to anyone sadly it looks beautiful but thats it.
Published: August 1, 2017
Mark of Poinciana, FL

I love the Remote Start feature that Hyundai Blue Link provides. I think it
I love the Remote Start feature that Hyundai Blue Link provides. I think its very overpriced. I also dont like that to get the Remote Start that I have to get the other packages which I dont use. It would be nice to just have the Remote Start feature. I also dont like that the max time for the vehicle to be started is only 10 minutes. It would be great for the customer to extend the timer beyond 10 minutes especially living in a cold climate state like I do. When the timer expires for the Remote Start, why dont you receive notification like you do when the vehicle is started. Also, I dont like it that it flashes the parking lights, they should give the option for the customer to turn off that feature or go to a solid parking light if so the customer chooses.I purchased a 2015 Hyundai Elantra and received the Remote Start package for a trial period. It was set up by the dealership. I didnt know why they needed my credit card information, I found out why. They auto billed my card after the trial period was over without notifying me. I asked why I wasnt notified and they didnt have an answer. I told them that I only wanted the Remote Start option and they said that I had to get the full package to get the Remote Start. Almost $300. I liked the Remote Start that much that I didnt cancel the service of which the Remote Start is the only thing I use.The next year, I purchased a 2016 Tuscon, same thing with the Elantra happened with the Tuscon. I called Blue Link and asked them to sync my two accounts, the agent told me she had done so. When I tried to start my 2015, the app prompted me to call Blue Link. They told me that the subscription on my Elantra was cancelled. I told them that I had another two months left before renewal, she verified that I was correct. I then asked her why was my service cancelled and she said she didnt know. She got a supervisor involved and he said the same thing.Granted, the 2015 is a Generation 1 vehicle and the 2016 is a Generation 2 vehicle which is two different departments. Why arent they combined, I dont know. I told them to turn on my service for the remaining two months that I have left on my subscription, they said they couldnt do that. They said I had to renew my yearly subscription. I asked them why because my service was not scheduled for renewal for two months and that it wasnt my fault that they screwed up. They said that their computers would not allow them to go in and turn on the service without the renewal of my yearly subscription. Being unsatisfied, I told them to renew my subscription which got prorated to the date that I purchased the vehicle. They told me that for my troubles that they would give me a discount on one of the packages one of my vehicles. They assured me that this mishap would not happen again.Which brings me to this years renewal, the so-called discount wasnt a discount, they extended one of the packages on one of my vehicles which knocked my packages out of sync, again. The sent me an E-mail stating that I would have to pay almost $20 a month for the next two months to aligned the packages. On the day that they were supposed to pull the money from my account, my Remote Start package was cancelled and when I called Blue Link, they said I had insufficient funds. Which I found ridiculous because I verified that I had several thousand dollars on that account. I even signed onto the Blue Link website to verify that the billing information was correct and it was. Besides, they had just taken out $297 from my account for my other vehicles renewal of which I wasnt notified. I asked them why I wasnt notified and again, they said that they didnt know and they were going to pass me onto their website department. They are currently investigating why I wasnt notified, I am not going to hold my breath for a response, lol. The agent asked what would it take for me to be a satisfied customer, I said, Free service, I knew that wouldnt fly. I asked her to turn on the service for the remainder of the two months I have left to sync my accounts, of course, just like the year prior, they said it couldnt be done and that I had to renew my yearly subscription. I didnt. I am so frustrated with Blue Link right now but I love their Remote Start feature. A few years ago, I tried to have Car Toys to put an aftermarket remote start system on my vehicle and they said that because the vehicle has a factory installed remote system on the vehicle that they couldnt do it. This was three years ago. I am going to revisit this option and see if it can be done. With the Remote Start feature I had on my other vehicle, it had way more features than Blue Link has and for cheaper. You figure with as much as they charge for the service that they would be one of the leaders in the game.I gave this review only 2 stars because I love the Remote Start otherwise it would be one star. I dont think Blue Link even cares about their customers, they know we have to use this service if we want it, especially being in a cold climate state. If they were smart, they would find a way to be able to modify the field to change the renewal date to maintain the subscribers they have right now. I will be looking for another car company where I can have more flexibility with this option. So it will be goodbye to Hyundai even though I like their vehicles. My Tucson was the 4th Hyundai I had purchased, yes, this is a deal breaker. If I can find a go around, I will. Thanks, Blue Link. Step up your game.
Published: April 2, 2018
Joe of Thornton, CO

I have had this car for 14 days. When I bought it the salesman could not ge
I have had this car for 14 days. When I bought it the salesman could not get the nav to show anything but one major interstate. I trusted (HUGE MISTAKE) that the dealership would make it right. Now they tell me it has to be set at 150 feet to show street names. If youre on the highway going 60 mph - or even back roads at 40 - you wont have enough time to make the correct turns. Had they been honest about the severe limitations of the cars navigation system, I would have NEVER bought it. It would have been a deal breaker. I feel the dealership beginning to be very sleazy about this: Hyundai Great Lakes in Streetsboro, OH. Theyre basically telling me tough luck.I will not take the car back; am preparing to call my lawyer and will scream to the high heavens about this. I was tricked and lied to by this dealership. JUST DONT BUY A HYUNDAI... SEEMS LOTS OF THE DEALERS ARE SLIMY!!
Published: September 18, 2013
Jody of Streetsboro, OH

I have to say I WAS a huge Hyundai supporter. In fact, I referred a family
I have to say I WAS a huge Hyundai supporter. In fact, I referred a family member and a friend to buy one of your cars as well. I say WAS because my 2011 Sonatas engine blew and the dealership (Jim Ellis Hyundai - Atlanta, GA) cannot tell me why. They actually said it would cost $400+ if I wanted to know exactly what happened. They denied me warranty service and told me a new engine would cost $6,800 for a TWO (2) year old car. This is unbelievable to me from a company that stands on its warranties on their cars. I am sure Hyundai is aware that an unhappy customer will reach 10-20 times more potential new customers than a happy customer. I am at this time an UNHAPPY customer.
Published: June 19, 2013
Doug of Suwanee, GA

Painting problem of Hyundai Sonata 2009 - I bought a Hyundai Sonata Limited
Painting problem of Hyundai Sonata 2009 - I bought a Hyundai Sonata Limited on September 26, 2009 and I have been driving this car since then. On February 19, 2012, I discovered that the painting of my car was peeling off on the roof, hood and side of the car. The paint is peeling off in large layers not small portion. My car currently has 66,000 miles and is approximately two years old. I regularly check and change oil in my car every three months in Hyundai in McKinney, Texas. I wanted to solve the problem of my cars paint so I went the dealership in McKinney, TX where I bought my car. After discussing the problem, they suggested going to the Hyundai body. I went to the Hyundai body shop in Plano Texas. They estimated $1,948 for painting repair. The dealership said that I would have to pay to repair out of my pocket. It has been past warranty.I then contracted the Hyundai Consumer Affair about my cars problems and they too stated that my car was past warranty so it is my responsibility to pay for painting. My car has not been in an accident or has experienced any environmental factors that would cause the paint to peel. Before I bought my car, the car was driven by a dealership manager for a while who put approximately 5,000 miles on it. There were many of lock chip spots on the car and the paint was peeling off numerous places. I wanted to buy the car so dealership promised to fix the paint and sell it to me. I bought the car with the paint problem fixed. In my analysis, when Hyundai fixed the paint, they did not use quality paint or the paint that was already on the car was poor quality. The car once again has problems of peeling paint. I strongly believe that Hyundai has responsibility to fix the paint on my car.I understand that Hyundai set the rule to apply the warranty, however, I have not driven the car for three years yet. This paint problem is clearly a defect caused by the car manufacturer. I do not think I have a responsibility to fix the paint on my car because it is not even a three-year old car and the problem is the quality of the paint on the car. Hyundai must to provide quality customer service and provide quality manufactured vehicles to sell to the customers. It was my understanding that when I purchased the vehicles from Hyundai that I would receive both. Therefore, it is Hyundais responsibility to correct the paint problems on the car since I have not caused the paint to peel.
Published: March 21, 2012
Suk-Ran of Greenville, tx

I bought a 2011 Hyundai Tucson about a year ago and was promised bells and
I bought a 2011 Hyundai Tucson about a year ago and was promised bells and whistles (which I knew in part werent true), but the one that appeared real was free maintenance for 3 years. To a single mom on a budget, that sounded spectacular. I even watched as the dealer and loan officer wrote down this promise multiple times, but when it came to signing my contract I did not double check to see if my free maintenance for 3 years promise had been recorded.When I called to make my regular service appointments, everything went smoothly at first. After about the third appointment, service fees started appearing and suddenly I was told by the service department that Hyundai never gives 100% free maintenance. Apparently, what was meant by my too good to be true deal was that free maintenance only means free oil changes and that is it. Everything else will cost you. Driving my Tucson is just fine, but being duped puts a sour taste in my mouth every time I step into my car. Im on the fence about buying from Hyundai again. No matter how much one tries not to get screwed over by dealers, it seems they always find another way to get you.
Published: February 2, 2012
Joanna of Coyote, NM

I bought a used Hyundai Sonata 2011 in Oct. 2011. The previous owner had ar
I bought a used Hyundai Sonata 2011 in Oct. 2011. The previous owner had around 25,000 miles on it. I have changed the oil and also the brakes on the car since I have purchased it. It was running well with no problems (no indicator lights or warning lights ever came on), and of course there was no noise, just running as usual. I have put around 16,500 miles on it and no problem. On Dec. 22, 2012, it just wouldnt turn on, so I thought it was my battery. We asked for a boost but it still didnt work. I called Hyundai and stated they would get it towed in. That was on Dec. 24th. The tow company decided to give it a boost first to see if he could get it started but he also said the battery was too drained. I waited for a call from the mechanic and on Dec.26th, I was told he needed my authorization to change out the battery that it was no good. I asked if it was covered under my warranty with Hyundai or even the extended warranty I got. He stated no. So, I said replace it. The following day, I called for my car to get picked up and he states he needed to talk to me and said my car still didnt start and I would need a new engine due to no oil in the engine. He told me that the car looked like it had never been maintained, not once ever. I told him I did, but I didnt have the receipts to prove the oil changes. So he told the Hyundai Company that he denied the coverage due to neglect on the car. And I told him I also have an extended warranty which I told him to call. He didnt. I had too.I called a day later since he never called back to let me know anything. He stated my extended warranty wouldnt cover it either and I asked why. He stated it was because he denied the warranty due to neglect of the car. It’s funny when no lights or noises occurred without any indication that there could be something wrong, and all the extra coverage I got to avoid any problems. He states the problem could as well have been there from the previous owner and my bad luck I got stuck with it.
Published: January 4, 2013
Rosemary of El Paso, TX

We purchased a new Hyundai in December of 2013 from Hall Hyundai of Elizabe
We purchased a new Hyundai in December of 2013 from Hall Hyundai of Elizabeth City. We had oil changes done in excess of requirements and used the best oil always. As time went along we noticed our car kept getting louder and louder as we drove. I took it to Hall Hyundai of Elizabeth City to have it looked at. The service dept. girl (Aamanda **) had me come out and look at something dealing with the tires. She showed me that the tires were wearing out in a choppy manner on the inside of the rear tires and that was what was making the loud sound as we drove; and that we simply needed to get a complete realignment and new tires. But then, thankfully, she showed me that the front tires were doing the same thing. The reason I say thankfully is that as soon as she showed me that, I immediately knew that this was not an issue that I should have to care for. It was a defect in the Hyundai Elantra suspension design and that they were trying to pass the blame and cost and problem ownership on to the consumer, and absolving themselves of any responsibility of causation through their own product design. After we went back inside the service dept., she tried to blame it on that I might not have had the tires rotated up to requirements. But she wasnt thinking properly again. These tires only rotate front to back and back to front, not side to side; therefore negating the thought of non-rotation problem causation. For it was happening in the front and back tires, which it would still have happened even if we rotated the tires everyday. Then, I said to her that this was a deeper problem and that tires were junk and that it wasnt the need for me to have a realignment. After that she went in the back and I never saw her again. So I left my name and number (of which she already had) with an elderly lady at the back service stand and asked her to have Aamanda call me when she figures out whatever she is figuring out, and she never called me. Subsequently, when I got home, I researched on the internet this issue and I found very many reports of the same problem dating back many years. Some of them mentioned in their report that they did have their proofs of tire rotations as needed and that Hyundai still blamed it on the car owner. My question, if it was an issue of the car owner not doing things properly as Hyundai dealers and Hyundai itself contends, how is it possible that it is exactly the same issue happening to thousands of Hyundai owners over a span of years? Simply put; its NOT anything that the consumer is doing wrong, and IT IS an issue that HYUNDAI has ownership of (it IS an issue concerning a defect in the suspension of the automobile ~ FACTLY), and they need to be made and forced to rectify the problem with all owners that are dealing and have dealt with the issue.
Published: September 9, 2014
Scott of Manteo, NC

My wife, 64, was driving out one owner Hyundai Accent on a private road abo
My wife, 64, was driving out one owner Hyundai Accent on a private road about 15MPH when the airbags suddenly deployed without any impact occurring to the vehicle. My wife received severe bruises on both arms and the face and the windshield was shattered by impact from the passenger side airbag deployment. We were fortunate as she was going very slowly and there was no other traffic... Had she been in busy traffic or on an interstate, there would probably have been a major collision and severe injury or possible death. Hyundai local dealership (Perkins Motors of Colorado Springs) was appraised of the problem but refused to do anything. When we contacted Hyundai HQ consumer affairs we were told that they would send us a packet of papers to be filled out and returned to them. They would then let us know in six or eight weeks whether they would do anything. The car is undriveable... And my wife will never drive it again after the scare she received together with the potential for a much more horrible outcome than actually occurred.Hyundai seems to have no interest in seeing the vehicle and figuring out what may have gone wrong and whether it might be a risk factor for other owners as well, despite the obvious implications of consumer risk when airbags inflate without any cause. I volunteered to haul the car to the local dealership at my own expense and inconvenience and they responded that they would not look at it even if I did so unless I agreed to pay for all repairs in advance. One would think that they would care to find out what might have gone wrong. All in all, it has been a horrible experience and the worst customer service I have ever experienced. Note to all Hyundai owners: I would have to recommend that you NOT drive your vehicles as the potential for a major accident is very real and, like other manufacturers in the past, Hyundai seems to feel no sense of urgency in finding out what the core problem is and fixing it.
Published: October 9, 2014
Kenneth of Woodland Park, CO

Shiny plastic cover over interior driver door latch (to open) began peeling
Shiny plastic cover over interior driver door latch (to open) began peeling off. Before the warranty on this item expired at 60K miles, advised that the dealership had to order another cover. Assuming it is a peel off, stick on type of application. No mention of buying a completely new door latch just because plastic surface was peeling off. In the meantime, a fog lamp went out; one of the door locks stopped working. Dealer advised that none is covered by warranty. Cost of replacing the door latch $150 b/c the entire assembly is apparently required. Cannot purchase the stick on plastic cover. One light bulb for fog light, $75. Replaced one actuator for one door lock mechanism, $460. Service manager could not explain why these outrageous prices for simple repairs were required. Hyundai should allow their dealers to make profit on service, but this type of pricing is outrageous and abusive. I said no, and plan on raising hell in every forum I can.
Published: May 16, 2012
Lamar of Smithfield, NC

My 2006 Sonata with 38,000 miles developed a bad engine noise. I took it to
My 2006 Sonata with 38,000 miles developed a bad engine noise. I took it to two dealers in Rochester, NY and it was diagnosed as a defective part in the hydraulic system, keeping chain tension. The cost to repair was $1000. Not something that should be happening on a car with only 38,000 miles. I called Hyundai Customer Affairs and they would not accept responsibility for the problem. This car was passed from father to daughter due to death 4 months earlier and as of 2004, the warranties do not pass to the beneficiary. If the father still owned the car, it would be covered. Last Hyundai we will ever own. We will be getting rid of the car.
Published: April 28, 2012
Laura of Fairport, NY

I am completely disappointed with the condition in which the brand new Sant
I am completely disappointed with the condition in which the brand new Santro GLS was delivered to me by Express Hyundai Velachery, Chennai. I had to give the vehicle for service on day 1 of delivery. If this is the condition of your new vehicles, I can only Imagine what will happen to them after few months of usage. I now regret that I made a wrong choice going for Hyundai. Having spent 4.5 lakhs for a vehicle I am travelling back home by public transport, this is an insult that these guys can never compensate. I will address in all internet & online forums until I get a proper response. To those, Sales and Quality control VPs happily sleeping back home, please wake up!! You have a very dissatisfied customer who was sold with a defective piece of crap. Below are the issues and I have a copy of the Repair Order given to me by the service team.1. Wheel Alignment issue -Vehicle Pull Drift in LHS, 2. Issue in Engine - Engine Check Warning remaining On, 3. Interiors Malfunction - Front LHS window Switch in broken condition, 4.Tyre pressure issue, weak nozzle.Apart for the delivery issues, the below additional fittings were not given to me at the time of delivery (as promised by the Sales Agent, when I booked the Vehicle). 1.Parking Sensor not installed, 2.Window visor not installed, 3.Seat Cover Different from what was promised to me at the time of sale.Hope you can understand the reason for my frustration and feeling of insult, the car that you sold to me has issues in all departments, engine, wheels, interiors, seats, you name it and you can find a defect in it. I HATE HYUNDAI.
Published: January 30, 2014
Manoj of Chennai, Other

I had an oil leak at 40,978 miles only. Owned and well-maintained, I was to
I had an oil leak at 40,978 miles only. Owned and well-maintained, I was told it was a bad crank shaft. I will need a new motor, but they will not cover it, saying there was a sludge under the valve cover. The first mechanic (not Hyundai) said it was very clean. I am waiting now for 5 weeks for a resolution.
Published: October 19, 2011
Joe of Salem, NH

Terrible cars... worse service. I am the owner of a 2008 Hyundai Accent. It
Terrible cars... worse service. I am the owner of a 2008 Hyundai Accent. It was my first new car purchase almost a decade ago. Thats great, except for when I actually took possession of the keys. Within three days the gas cap had to be replaced due to depressurizing. Then about 18 months later there was an issue where the key would go into the ignition, but would not turn. The wheel lock was not the issue. Roadside came out, and said one of the tumblers were jammed. They tapped the key with a rubber mallet, and the key went in without issue. Fast forward three years later, the original 5-year warranty had expired. This time the key would not even go halfway into the ignition. I had to pay $65 for a tow, $700 out of pocket for a new ignition, plus $200 for a rental car. The excuse I got from Hyundai of Bedford Heights, Ohio was that the weight of my keys were too heavy. There were a total of six keys on my ring. It took about a month, but they refunded me the tow and the ignition, and basically told me I was out of luck on the rental.Now there was the recall for the undercarriage rust protection in the snow-belt states late last year. Two weeks before I received the notice, the entire exhaust pipe from the front axle to the muffler fell off the car in the middle of the street. Driving it to a Midas down the street, it was found the pipe, and all the welds that attach to the undercarriage were RUSTED out... imagine that! That was $1,000 out of my own pocket. Thankfully, Hyundai offered a reimbursement program. I get a call several weeks after I filed the claim wanting to know exactly why I was filing the claim. I had yet to hear anything, so I wanted to see if they offered a status update. Sure enough... denied. So magically Hyundai offers to spray the undercarriage to prevent rust under recall, then tells you to stick it when parts have already fallen off due to the reason why the recall was initiated in the first place. I will never purchase another Hyundai again, and Ive gladly talked several friends out of purchasing their product in the last few years. I even laugh at people driving Hyundai vehicles with new tags on them, because I know the world of pain they are due for.
Published: March 13, 2017
Jim of Mayfield Heights, OH

I purchased a new Hyundai Elantra 1 year ago, drove just over 20,000 highwa
I purchased a new Hyundai Elantra 1 year ago, drove just over 20,000 highway miles; and already the tires need to be replaced! When I bought the car, all the salesman (Murdock Hyundai in Murray, Utah) could do was say how dependable and reliable everything on the Elantra is now. He was right, except for the tires!
Published: November 20, 2014
Bruce of West Jordan, UT

HMA has tried to get a deposition fee of $450 from me the last 8 months wit
HMA has tried to get a deposition fee of $450 from me the last 8 months without my knowledge. They have been quietly killing my credit with delinquency filings through my credit agency. No letters were sent. Yes, I know about the deposition fee, but it is waived if a customer buys a new lease. I bought two new leases! My local dealer explained it all to me. NO fee if you re lease a new car. I got two... Didnt matter to HMA. I fought with customer service and their response was that the new cars I received were purchased 4 months before the lease expired. Apparently in the small print, you only have a 60 day window before the lease ends to get that deposition fee waived. Ridiculous! This is not the way to treat a long time customer. I called my local dealer and they have been way more willing to help me with this, as it was their sales staff that that relayed all this information. Hopefully, with the help of my local dealer HMA will fix this issue and will also fix the damage done to my credit. Their customer service reps were very unhelpful and rude.After I had purchased these new leases, a problem arose where my VIN # had been mixed up with someone else at purchase. One day I walked into my garage where my Sonata was automatically started by their Bluelink system, garage door closed, garage full of fumes, almost killing my dog who was in there. HMA could not have cared any less of what had happened as I explained the situation. They blamed the local dealer, offered me a few Hyundai points (incredibly insulting), and went on their way. They actually stopped talking to me as I expressed that their points offering was insulting. I wanted to make sure this doesnt happen again to someone else, yet they would not return my calls. These experiences with HMA would actually be funny if it wasnt so sad and scary. Please stay far away from this company! Terrible and unethical business practices.
Published: July 19, 2018
Denny of Lehi, UT

I purchased my 2015 Sonata in January of 2016. After 3 days of ownership I
I purchased my 2015 Sonata in January of 2016. After 3 days of ownership I noticed the panoramic roof was rattling, I returned to the dealership and the sales person said the car was just having some growing pains (this is the 3rd car I have owned with a pano roof - 05 Scion Tc and 14 Sonata Limited). I took him for his word and took a short road trip and the rattle only got worse. At 1822 miles I returned to the dealership and complained about the roof, and I was rewarded with the services manager telling me the 15s have been having issues with their pano roofs. They lubed everything up and told me they would call me when they had a fix. At 3998 (3/17/16) miles I returned to the dealership with the issue growing worse, once again Hyundai lubed the seals and said it was fixed. At this point I had enough and contacted Hyundais customer hotline and filed a complaint, and Hyundai didnt bother to respond. Shortly after my roof sustained some damage from debris and the dealership refused to work on it. They even joked around about maybe once the insurance company fixed my roof the rattle would go away. Once again I contacted customer care and filed a complaint warning of a lemon law violation. My case was passed on and I called back every single day for almost a month until I had someone return my call. Hyundai agreed to replace my entire roof under warranty, this was done in 8/8/16 at 10161 miles. Hyundai agreed to place their best warranty on the car at no cost to me and assured me the roof was fixed. A few weeks later the rattle slowly started to come back, it slowly got worse and the dealership in several undocumented occasions lubed up the seals. Once again I called customer care and spoke with their regional person who was helping me and raised my concerns. He agreed to send a engineer out to check my roof and if he determined the rattle was there Hyundai was going to buy back my car. On 3/6/17 I dropped my car off with an ever present rattle and picked it back up on 3/7/17 only to be informed that the rattle was not found by their engineer. On 3/8 Hyundai denied my claim for a buy back stating the roof was working as it is designed to do. Now I have to file a BBB complaint to get this issue resolved.
Published: March 9, 2017
michael of Houston, TX

After buying a 2017 Hyundai Sonata Sport in October of 2016, we noticed, at
After buying a 2017 Hyundai Sonata Sport in October of 2016, we noticed, at the first washing of the car that the clear coat was marred in several areas. We immediately reported it to the dealer. We took it in, he agreed that it was a defect, and sent us to several different body shops to see if anything could be done. We had it detailed (at our expense) and buffed but the marred finish was still visible. The dealer then advised us to call the manufacturing which we did. After months and months of runarounds from Hyundai Corporation, we are no closer to getting our car fixed. Their case managers dont return our calls when they say they are going to and every time we call them, we have to repeat our story countless times. Today we were informed there was NOTHING they could do. Sorry! We feel like their customer service is very poor and that stall you, hoping you will give up hope and go away. I will never buy a Hyundai again after this experience.
Published: December 21, 2017
JW of Myrtle Beach, SC

Was on our way home from a Holiday trip Jan 1,2020 when my Hyundai Santa Fe
Was on our way home from a Holiday trip Jan 1,2020 when my Hyundai Santa Fe sport with 9,328 miles on it lost power outside of Athens Ga. Was fortunate to be able to be near a convenient store to pull into. Called Hyundai roadside service and they quickly sent a tow truck that took vehicle to nearby Hyundia in Athens. Also called a Uber to take us 3 senior ladies and our dog to the hotel near to dealership in Athens. Naturally since it was New Year’s Day the dealership was not open until the next day. Everything in response to incident was wonderful. Could have stayed in a nicer hotel, but choose one close to dealership. Got home to Florida a couple days later. I sent in the incident report with all the original receipts for the trip interruption reimbursement. Never heard back....called back end of Feb...said it was being worked on....just called back April 23, lady said nothing had been done with case since I called in Feb.? And she would have them (?) call me back. So moral of this story do not depend on getting any money back from Hyundia Trip reimbursement!
Published: April 23, 2020
Pam of Bradenton, FL

Purchased a 2013 Hyundai Genesis Coupe in May 2013. It unfortunately came t
Purchased a 2013 Hyundai Genesis Coupe in May 2013. It unfortunately came to my attention that despite what Hyundai labels as Americas Best Warranty, that this same warranty will not be honored for the repeat breakdown that also occurred in May 2014. The problem that is being referred to occurred for the first time this past May 2014. When the driver made a left turn on a side street, he heard a loud noise coming from under the car. Upon further inspection, the vehicle was not able to be driven and therefore a flat bed came and towed the vehicle to the closest Hyundai dealership, which was College Park. Once the car was able to be inspected it was determined that the rear differential case cover bolt broke off; (actually it completed sheared in half) which in turn caused damages to the passenger side axle, propeller shaft, shaft assy, and flange assy. After a few days of going between the dealership and the manufacturer it was determined that it would be covered under the warranty and they then arranged for a rental car and began to do the repairs. After a couple of weeks, the car was completed and it was driven without any further issues until the most recent incident, which occurred October 9. Once again, the driver was making a right hand turn coming out of his work-place parking lot. Again there was a loud noise and this time the car was left totally inoperable. Because of the mechanism of the defect the car had to again be placed on a flat bed and towed to the College Park Hyundai once again. Again there was communication between the dealership and the manufacturer, but this time it was determined that it was NOT going to be covered under the exact same warranty that covered it in May; definitely something that was hard to figure out; how a different opinion was made this time. If you compare the work order from both May and October, once again you will see that the rear differential case cover bolt broke off; (again, sheared in half). As you can imagine this then in turn caused damages to the passenger side axle, propeller shaft, shaft assy, and flange assy. The warranty is not going to be honored and base the defect on the operator error or something along the lines of the way the vehicle was being driven. I find it hard to determine how the exact same defect can be covered under the main warranty at one point and then 5 months later have the exact same problem occur and NOT be covered under warranty. In addition, if you look at the repair order from the May event, you will note along the side Limited Warranty; parts and labor warranted 12 months or 12,000 miles, whichever comes first. So this is yet another warranty that Hyundai is choosing not to honor. I find it very difficult that a company can come to two completely different conclusions on almost identical defects.When we called the consumer affairs division, unfortunately we were not met with the courteous of individuals. And I can’t even blame this on someone having a bad day as with every time that we have had to call the consumer affairs office to try and deal with this problem, we again were met with less than professionalism. After discussing this problem and going between many individuals, you have come to the conclusion that now you are willing to split the repairs 50/50; and we still have not been offered a rental car to use while all of this is figured out. With your latest decision is that after it does get fixed (under warranty or partly under warranty), what warranty (or will there be a warranty) is going to cover these repairs yet again. It is unfortunate that it has come to this. I am hoping that Hyundai would honor the warranty that claims to be the Americas Best Warranty and fix the vehicle. If Hyundai does not consider this under warranty, then what next?? How am I to know what Hyundai warranty they will honor and what warranty they won’t honor. It doesn’t seem fair or ethical that a business manufacturer can decide not to cover a warranty just by saying so. It is a shame that a letter such as this has to be written before Hyundai will consider a different conclusion and come to the realization that the bolt that was sheared in half yet again should and does consist of a defect covered by the warranty. Anyway, after all is said and done they refused to cover it under warranty and estimated repairs at over $6000 dollars. I will never buy a Hyundai ever again and have been telling everyone to run, dont walk as far away from a Hyundai purchase as possible. Whatever happen to the customer is always right. Thank God for Lemon Laws; we will let the courts figure it out.
Published: February 13, 2015
Sam of Alexandria, VA