Hyundai Motor Company, often abbreviated to Hyundai Motors and commonly known as Hyundai, is a South Korean multinational automotive manufacturer headquartered in Seoul, South Korea. Hyundai Motor Company was founded in 1967.

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This is reference to Hyundai Head Office Consumer Complaints. On a recent s
This is reference to Hyundai Head Office Consumer Complaints. On a recent service visit to my local Hyundai Dealer I was told that my car had quite an alignment problem that would cost $130.00 to fix. The tech could find no sign of me rubbing a curb or any other reason why my car would be out of alignment with only 23000km. When I called head office to complain and to get an explanation on why my car would be out of alignment after only 23000km they could give me no reason and had no interest in solving this issue. They did not offer to call the dealership and ask the techs any questions and did nothing more than log the complaint. The person I talked to had no knowledge of any kind and is there only to log the complaint in their computer system. Hyundai Consumer complaint is a joke and a worthless phone number to have. I have dealt with other car companies in the past with always excellent results and for this reason this will be the first and last Hyundai car I will purchase.
Published: August 23, 2019
Trent of Sauble Beach, Ontario

Car is only 5 years old, and the backup camera doesn`t work anymore.
Car is only 5 years old, and the backup camera doesn`t work anymore.
Published: April 1, 2016
Daniela of Cape Coral, FL

Took car in - eng. light on, abs, 4 wheel light, esc light on. First off th
Took car in - eng. light on, abs, 4 wheel light, esc light on. First off they charged me 150 to diagnose eng. light which should have been covered under warranty because light was on. Second abs, 4wd, and esc light was on due to and to have car inspected the dealer claims car wont pass inspection because of brakes and rear tires (they did same last year - when I left that dealer and went to a local Ford dealer the car passed with no problems. I couldnt take the car to the Ford dealer this year because eng. light was on). Wheel speed sensor (which they replaced last year [other side]) dropped off on Monday 4/20/15. Was called on 4/24/15 car was done picked up car on 4/25/15 cause I work 2nd shift so did not get call till midnight when I got home. Went Sat. morn to pick up car - drove car home.While getting ready to go to work noticed oil on back window, tail gate, and rear bumper. Looked in motor compartment and noticed oil around and on motor. Checked oil - the level was up so guessed they didnt clean up oil from changing valve cover. Called dealer. Explained problem. They wanted me to bring car back. Said I couldnt because of work and never make it by the 6pm time he gave me. I told him what I thought it was he asked to check oil level. Told him I did and level was up. He said ok to drive but keep eye on oil level and to call Monday morning to make arrangements to bring car in. Did as instructed - called on Mon. morn.Was told to try to have car towed. Tried to find tow truck - only one the dealer suggested was 200 and about 3 hours. Called dealer back. Explained to him about tow co. and explained to him that I looked under car and that there was no oil under the motor but there was oil dripping from where they put the new axle in. He told me not to drive the car in but to have it towed in. I asked him who pays the tow bill. He stated I have to. I told him it was where they fixed it why do I have to have it towed in. His statement was until they find out the problem was it was up to me to get it in. The dealer called me on 4/28/15 - stated that the leak was from the axle that for some reason that the axle would not lock in. I asked him then who pays the towing bill, he stated to bring bill in but he doubts they will pay.Third oil leak in motor, they said was valve cover gasket was leaking again (replaced last year for same reason). Also when I dropped the car off the week before that there was a chirping noise in the front of the motor. The dealer claimed it was idler pulley and replace it now. The motor knocks real bad. The dealer said it was my fault for not having oil changed on a regular time frame, I told him that it was changed on a reg basis. He told me that the oil filter was full of sludge. I told him that You show me one motor that at 97000 miles that doesnt have sludge in it.He got pissed off and wouldnt talk until I asked if he was still there on the phone. He told me to bring in receipts for oil changes. I dont have all because there were times I changed oil and filter myself. He told me that I would have to pay to have the motor torn down at my cost at three hours labor and if there is any sludge in motor that I would have to pay them for the repair. Every time I take car to this dealer I always have problems and no other dealer will do the work on the car because of the warranty and the extended warranty. Sorry. Tried to be short and to the point as possible.
Published: April 29, 2015
elmer of Yorkshire , NY

I would like to tell you about the service I received Hyundai in Downingtow
I would like to tell you about the service I received Hyundai in Downingtown, PA. I recently took my 2013 Hyundai Tucson for an oil change and state inspection which I was impress of how quickly it was taken care of. They provided great service and I was happy to return for more service. Due to a poor wheel alignment the service department had recommended that I replace my rear driver tire so that my car can pass inspection. When I left the dealership I heard a loud noise from the back tires. At first I thought it was from a wheel alignment that they recommended I needed. During the week, I notice the noise getting much louder to the point where I felt it was unsafe to drive. I went online to see if there was an appointment available but there wasnt so I decided to go to my local Firestone to get a second opinion. I described the noise and how a wheel alignment was recommended. During their inspection, they discovered that my new tire that was replaced by Hyundai was extremely loose and only hand tighten. I am so disappointed because I really thought I received great service especially being the end of the day but instead my life was at risk. I seen it for myself how the lugs were only hand tighten and the wheel shook by touch. This is my second Hyundai vehicle and second Hyundai dealership that Ive dealt with and I was never disappointed until now. I was able to speak to the service manager which he kindly took the time to see the vehicle. In return of risking my life he offered a complimentary oil change and to speak with the mechanic who worked on my vehicle because apparently thats what my life is worth. I will never trust the service of Hyundai again. I can only hope they will learn from this situation so that other customers will not be at risk.
Published: October 6, 2015
Jennifer of Downingntown, PA

My 2007 Hyundai Elantra started with a clicking noise a few days ago so I t
My 2007 Hyundai Elantra started with a clicking noise a few days ago so I took it into the dealer in Thousand Oaks, CA. They called me a few hours later to ask me for my records of my oil changes. I said, What records? The service guys said, Well we need the maintenance records in order to fix your car. I was baffled. I said, How would I even begin to obtain those? I rarely visit the same place more than once and I have lived in several cities since I bought the car. He said to me, Well then look at your bank records. I had also switched banks of almost 10 years and this was assuming I had paid debit or credit for the oil change. I let them know how ridiculous that was and how if I had been told to ensure to keep all records at the time of purchase or their warranty would be void, then I would have done so. His response was, Its in the manual. Seriously?! The 1,000 page manual that nobody reads? Ridiculous! I then asked for the manager, which he refused to give me, but said he would give me the Hyundai customer service number. I then called them and got the same responses from the first lady. Its in the manual. So I asked for a manager. The case manager Evon seemed to understand and said he would call the dealer and find out what was going on and call me back. I never got a call back from him and had to call them back myself, twice. Both times ended up speaking to 2 different people. Both of which also gave me the same response, Its in the manual. I have worked in customer service for 10 years and have never seen such terrible service. If I treated my customers the way I have been treated, I would be out of a job! The reason I purchased the car was because of the warranty! Which is how Hyundai advertises. Its ridiculous that they want records of oil changes when I have had my car for almost 6 years. How unreasonable are you guys?! I have spent countless hours calling locations I have been for oil changes. Ive had to travel to Santa Ana, Sherman Oaks, Moorpark and Simi Valley in California just to visit these locations and see if its possible to get reprints. Oh and if you do your own oil changes, you have to provide receipts of purchases of your oil. Wow! Case manager and Hyundai customer care got me nowhere. I have spent days searching and visiting shops. So ridiculous and such a waste of my time. My car has just hit 73,000 miles. Why cant you just fix it? Its still under your warranty. I am extremely angry and dissatisfied. My family has chosen Hyundai and this was the first car I had ever purchased for myself. I work hard everyday to get by and pay my rent and my car. I need to rely on my car to get to work to make that paycheck, which is why I bought a Hyundai, because I thought I was buying a reliable car with a great warranty. Not true! I have little hope that their customer service or their lies will change. I refuse to pay $3,000 for a new engine on a 6-year-old car with 73,000 miles on it!
Published: February 24, 2013
Jessyca of Van Nuys, CA

Ever since I bought this car three years ago, I have had nothing but proble
Ever since I bought this car three years ago, I have had nothing but problems. When I turn the steering wheel left or right, in both drive and reverse, it car sounds like you are going up a roller coaster. It clicks so loud! I have replaced tie rods, CV joints, and anything else that was the cause for the clicking over the last 3 years and the car still makes this noise. No one can seem to figure that issue out. In three years, I have replaced the tires 4 times, the brakes 7 times, multiple studs and bolts, and the rotors three times. Its like the car eats anything tire & brake related! Last year I began experiencing what could only be described as the car losing power right in the middle of driving.Also when I would turn the car on, it was so incredibly loud that I thought it was going to fly away or explode. While driving it would jerk so hard to where I thought I was going to break down. It would get stuck staying around 3000 rpm and wouldnt shift past that so going faster than 50 was hard and scary because it felt like the car was going to shut down and sounded like it was going to overheat or blow up. This was brought to the attention of Laurel Hyundai and I was informed that an engine recall was opened on my vehicle, but nothing could be done until the car actually stalled out, caught on fire, the check engine light stayed on, or began showing the required symptoms of engine failure under the recall qualifications.On May 7th of this year, I was driving up hill going approximately 40 mph on a very busy road. I was approaching a stop light and when I went to start slowing down, every light on the dashboard lit up, the car stalled, I couldnt turn the steering wheel, and I couldnt stop the vehicle! The brakes wouldnt even work! I started rolling down the hill backwards and applied my emergency brake. Since my foot was still on the brake, I was able to put the car in park after it stopped rolling backwards and I turned the car off. I tried turning the car on three times and it wouldnt turn over. I tried the fourth time and the car turned on, but the oil lamp light was blinking and the check engine light was illuminated.Mind you I had my 7 year old twin daughters in the car with me when this happened! I immediately drove it to Laurel Hyundai. I was told the car would need to be tested for some sort of noise and if it failed that the engine would need replaced under the engine recall. It did fail the test and I was told that it could be two weeks or two months before they would get the new engine in and I would get my car back. I was given a rental car that got 12 mpg and cost $72 dollars to fill up each week. I did not get my car back until May 31. I only drove it from the dealership back to my house, which is less than 2 miles away. I parked the car and did not drive it again until the next morning when went to get gas. When I started backing out of my driveway, I noticed a giant puddle of oil.I also noticed that when I would apply the brakes, the brake pedal would make a noise, almost like a rubbing click, like there was air in the brake line. Not only could you hear the noise outside of the car, but you could feel it in the brake pedal. Less than 18 hours after getting my car back I had to immediately take it back to the dealership. On my way there the car started making a very loud clanking noise. I parked the car and 3 salesman, the lot manager, and another customer heard and confirmed the clanking noise and the oil leak. It was suggested that it sounded like a heat shield or even a tool being left somewhere in the engine when it was replaced. Because it was Saturday the service department was closed.I was told that I would need to just come back on Monday when the service department opened. The lot manager told me that it wasnt safe to drive the vehicle with it leaking that amount of oil because it could catch on fire. I also did not want to drive the vehicle until Monday because I did not want to make the clanking noise any worse! The lot manager did help me out and provided me with another rental to drive. I asked if the rental could be something more efficient on gas because I just filled up the last rental car that I had the day before, which cost me $74 dollars, and just put $40 in gas in my car and I was not going to fill up a third car. He obliged and gave me one of their vehicles from the lot as a rental.I was contacted on Monday and told that it was leaking oil and it would be fixed and that the noise was from bad front brakes. I just had brand new brakes and tires put on the car in January of this year so I did not believe that, but like I mentioned before, the car literally destroys tires and brakes beyond anything that can be considered normal wear and tear. I was given my car back the next day and sent on my way. On June 24th I had to take the car back because it was still leaking oil!! They fixed the leak for a second time and I was given my car back the same day and told again that the noise was from bad front brakes. A few weeks later, the check engine light came on.I immediately drove the vehicle to the dealership and I was told that the diagnostic test said it was just a loose gas cap and the light was cleared and I was sent on my way. I was a little unsure about this but I had just gotten gas the day before and was told the new computer update made this sort of issue very sensitive to the car and easy to pick up. I had the brakes and rotors replaced on the front of the car since I was told they were bad and the cause of the noise, and yet the vehicle still continues to make the clanking noise. The only issue that was fixed from changing the brakes is that there no longer is the noise coming from the brake pedal and under the car when I apply the brake pedal.On September 17, the car began driving the way it was prior to the engine replacement; trouble shifting, making the loud noise when I turn it on, lacks power when it reaches around 3000 rpm, all those same, nice engine failure symptoms. On Friday evening, September 20, the check engine light came back on and is still on. I know it cant be a loose gas cap because I havent put gas in the car since September 13. I tried to call the dealership on Saturday the 21st and no one answered so I left a message for the lot manager to please return my call. I am so highly frustrated and seriously concerned about mine and my childrens safety while driving this vehicle! Not to mention, Im very wary on taking the car back to this service department.This vehicle has had nothing but issues and 7 recalls on the vehicle, the most important being the engine which I dont even feel like was replaced. Terrible vehicle and service. I will never buy another Hyundai again. Also, Ive tried filing a second complaint with Hyundais Corporate office and the website tells me that my VIN cant be identified or is invalid even though I am typing in the correct VIN and have no issues looking the car up by the VIN on any other website. Therefore, I cant file a complaint with them until Monday during normal business hours via telephone.
Published: September 22, 2019
T. of Johnstown, PA

Over a month ago I contacted Hyundai Consumer Affairs and Hyundai National
Over a month ago I contacted Hyundai Consumer Affairs and Hyundai National Consumer Affairs regarding my 2016 Elantra Value Edition. My car was manufactured at the Alabama plant and I have had problems with the car since I purchased it. The problems began with the dealer not prepping the car for delivery and also not documenting all my trips back to the service department beginning the day after I purchased. The manager of the dealership titled my car in the wrong state, refused to listen to me and then also refused to honor the dealers price guarantee and return policy. It took a year for the dealer to check the alignment and I still have a steering problem.Within 10 months and 7000 miles, my interior began falling apart. Panel covers detaching and rattles and squeaks. Exterior items also detaching. The hood misaligned/warped. I made 5 trips to the dealer in Florida to get 1 panel cover repaired, 2 visits they refused to document: 1 visit I had an appointment and the system was down, the other trip the adviser refused to document and made an appointment for the following week. The parts were ordered in Ohio and it was a struggled to have them installed.The screws/connectors that hold the wheel well liner, front bumper cover and the engine splash guard came loose and came off while I traveled from Florida to Ohio. The splash guard and wheel liner came down and dragged under the car. I got off the highway and pulled them back in place and secured them temporarily. The mechanic said I am lying and that I hit something. I did not, but most certainly dragged something from the road as I exited the highway.Hyundai sent their district rep to the dealer. He did an inspection, however did not look at the interior as he claimed all the detaching panels are to OEM specs. I have photos that show otherwise. He also claimed to have checked my wipers and that there was no clunk nor the blade hitting the frame. I have a video that shows it does. Hyundai refuses to acknowledge the fact that their cars manufactured in the USA require different replacement parts and the cars are different. They refuse to repair my car. They kept my car 5 days for paperwork leaving me stranded and unable to travel.
Published: August 11, 2016
B. of Hollywood, FL

So I have been leasing a car from Hyundai. I tried to trade it in to lease
So I have been leasing a car from Hyundai. I tried to trade it in to lease another. That was as entire fiasco (be careful if you lease from them, they charge you to bring it back at end of lease). So I just decided to buy out my lease and keep my current car. I called one dealership. They said payoff is $14845.63. I called another dealership. That one said payoff is $15845.63, so I called another one. They said payoff is $14845.63 and 728.01 for the paperwork. $728.01 for paperwork!!! No. I get $14845.63, send it to the lease payment center and they send me the title, I take that title to the BMV and I pay them the tax on the $14845.63, get a new registration and the title is put in my name and sent to my new lienholder. Why would I pay $728.01 for 2 pieces of paper? Just be careful dealing with this company and the dealerships. I did it one time and I will never do it again.
Published: February 8, 2020
T of Frankfort, IN

I got a loaner that is supposed to be paid by my warranty and the dealer di
I got a loaner that is supposed to be paid by my warranty and the dealer did not pay their bill at Enterprise rental. Enterprise had my cc and charged me for the rental. I was told by Hyundai warranty that I will not be reimbursed. Hyundai warranty division is inept, unprofessional and of low standards. In other words, they suck big time. I will never ever buy another Hyundai again and I will tell everyone who listen about this crappy ** company!
Published: January 24, 2012
Roland of Fresh meadows, nt

First of all. My first mistake was buying a used 2011 Hyundai Sonata. The c
First of all. My first mistake was buying a used 2011 Hyundai Sonata. The car was OK but then after some time the car started stalling and I had my 4 year old daughter with me. Just when I was getting off the freeway it stalled on me twice. The car would make a clicking noise. Took it to the dealership and they said it had to do something with the steering wheel after I paid for a diagnostic check. Anyways it was too much and they said it didnt affect the car. I only ended up purchasing a new battery. Then my car totally gives up on me and stalls. Doesnt want to turn on anymore. Had to get it towed to Hyundai in Cerritos on the last week of February.It needs a new engine and hyundai is taking care of it and a few other cars with the same issue. And its been quite some time now and still have not received the engine and no update on whats going on with my car. But they did call me 3/25/17 to offer me a SPECIAL offer for this recall campaign due to the inconvenience. And at the dealership they hit me with yes you can get a new car BUT you need to put $3000 down. I understand I would be receiving a good deal (employee discount) but this is not helpful at all. Im struggling not having a car and not getting a loaner. and I reviewed all the complaints... its unbelievable. I should have done research before going with Hyundai. VERY DISAPPOINTED.
Published: March 27, 2017
ARACELI of La Mirada, CA

I have been very happy with this car. I looked at several brands but for th
I have been very happy with this car. I looked at several brands but for the money this car had every feature I wanted, plenty of interior room. Premium leather seating a great sound system, the car handles great...good looks at a fair price point.
Published: December 12, 2019
Michael of Allendale, New Jersey

I have a 2006 Sonata and the paint is coming off in large flakes. I was tol
I have a 2006 Sonata and the paint is coming off in large flakes. I was told that it was defective by 3 separate body shops and Hyundai refuses to do anything about it. I now have to have the car repainted at my own expense.
Published: October 14, 2011
Candice of Woodridge, IL

There is an existing problem for about 2 3 months and its not getting bette
There is an existing problem for about 2 3 months and its not getting better. There is a burnt smell when the heat is on, dewy film on front windshield. I can clean the windows and its back in a few days. I constantly need to drive with the windows down for fresh air and unable to have passengers due to health and safety concerns. The problem seems to be coming from the vents on the dashboard (right below the windshield) regardless of whether the heat is on or off.I tested my theory by covering the vents for 2 days while driving and the symptoms below decreased. So the vapors that are causing the problems are coming through those dash vents which make sense considering the above problems. I turned on the defroster on 5/8/13 after the car sat all night and smelled antifreeze for about 2 minutes from the dash vents. Also I did some internet research and found some common themes with the 2012 Sonata GLS: PVC collapsing and causing fumes; vapors to back up inside the cabin; antifreeze vapors coming through the dash vents. The vapors/leaks were not detected through the pressure test, they were found through a manual check.Symptoms experienced by driver and/or passenger in vehicle are: dizziness; extreme eye irritation and burning; headache; taste buds dull out and when they return hours later, its almost a sugary taste; nausea.
Published: May 15, 2013
Sonia of West Haven, CT

My 2012 Hyundai Elantra Limited was 11 months old when I took it to a deale
My 2012 Hyundai Elantra Limited was 11 months old when I took it to a dealership due to my concern with rust in two different spots on the front edge of the hood. They said that they would need to take pictures and get a decision from their Hyundai rep. It was the middle of October before I finally heard from anyone (after making numerous phone calls) to learn that they had declined to repair the problem stating it was the result of rock chips which arent covered by their warranty. During the prolonged wait for an answer, a third spot of rust erupted on the front fender near the headlight, and there is nothing to indicate it was the result of a rock chip. According to the warranty, the paint is covered for three years; however, it doesnt cover rock chips.I understand this but my problem isnt that the car has rock chips. Every car Ive ever owned has had rock chips. My problem with Hyundais assessment is that the so-called rock chips have rusted so quickly, spread under the paint, which is blistering and falling off along with the other spot where there is not a rock chip. I have owned at least 10 cars in my lifetime and not one of them has ever rusted like that. I paid for additional coverage when I bought this car, as well as some Paint Seal protection that the dealership said they put on all new cars. It obviously didnt work, to the tune of an extra $200. My husbands car is over 25 years old, still has the original paint, and although it has rock chips, not one of them is rusting to this day. I suspect that I am not the only Hyundai owner with this complaint. Hyundai is making it a policy not to cover any repairs under their so-called warranty. What am I supposed to expect after another two or three years and I have another warranty claim? Am I going to have this fight with Hyundai every time?This is a simple fix and yet they are telling me that if a pebble hits my car, I should expect it to rust immediately and its my problem. In addition, my seatbelt retractor on the passengers side stays locked. It has been this way since I purchased the car. When taking the car to the dealership to have the rust issues assessed, I told them about the issue with the seatbelt retractor. After first telling me they could not fix it since the problem seemed to be intermittent, they finally agreed to replace it after my husband was able to easily reproduce the problem. I returned on Oct. 18 and they replaced it. After leaving the dealership, I realized that the new seatbelt retractor was also locking up. It locks when you snap it on and in order to do anything, such as reach for the radio, open the glove box, etc, you must undo the seatbelt. This occurs repeatedly so you are continuously snapping and unsnapping your seatbelt. I immediately turned the car around and took it back to Jeff Wyler. They said they would need to contact Hyundai since they already replaced it with a new seatbelt retractor and would get back with me.Today is Oct. 25th. Once again, I am waiting for them to call me and let me know what the next step is so I can have a working passenger side seatbelt. I have never had this problem with any other auto manufacturers warranty. I have owned two Chevys prior to this, and Chevrolet bent over backwards to make sure my concerns were taken care of quickly and with respect. I switched to Hyundai because of their supposed unbeatable 10-year warranty, but apparently, it is meaningless since they wont honor it. I am so frustrated at this point because this terrible experience has left me hating my new car which Im stuck with while it slowly rusts away from a couple of rock chips along with an unusable passengers side seatbelt. I also want to add that this car is rarely driven and kept in a garage. After owning it now for one year and one month, this car has only 6200 miles. I have subsequently filed a complaint through the BBBs Autoline, which is the recommended procedure in Hyundai Owners Manual and Warranty Booklet. Thank you.
Published: October 25, 2012
Tracy of Dayton, OH

I had purchased the 2010 Hyundai Santa Fe new from Lester Glenn in Toms Riv
I had purchased the 2010 Hyundai Santa Fe new from Lester Glenn in Toms River, NJ. I had numerous complaints with it but most were with the transmission. The first problem took 9 visits to the dealer to have the problem repaired. I heard every line of crap and no one knew how to fix it. Corporate told me bring it to another dealer and see if they could fix it. The other dealership pulled up my VIN and saw all the times I was at this dealer with the same problem and decided they would not want to repair the vehicle.My latest events are also with the transmission showing a hot transmission temp sensor going off. I took it to my mechanic first and using his scan tool found the problem was the hi temp tranny sensor light. I took a picture with my camera of the error code, time and odometer reading because my mechanic said they will probably not fix it. Well he was right. They erased the error code and then blamed me, my mechanic and the car; because according to them the car can erase its own codes but according to Hyundai corporate the car can not do that. Then the dealership tells me that my car is now a problem car and I should sell it and buy myself one I would be happy with. Corporate tells me the problem is the dealerships not theirs even with the extended warranty. They claim only to have a business agreement with the dealership not a licensing one. DO NOT BUY ANY HYUNDAI, they are garbage and service is less than inane.
Published: February 1, 2016
James of Great Neck, NY

Extremely pleased with my 2004 Hyundai XG350L. Years ago I would have never
Extremely pleased with my 2004 Hyundai XG350L. Years ago I would have never thought to buy a Hyundai of any type but was struck by what I saw in the XG350L. It gave me 11 years and 248,000 miles of enjoyment. Would buy another if I could afford it.
Published: March 16, 2015
Lionel of Kathleen , GA

I have been a customer of Hyundai for over 5 years, I recently had a bad oi
I have been a customer of Hyundai for over 5 years, I recently had a bad oil leak on my IX20 which I had bought from new. They explained that the repair would be done under warranty and that a courtesy car would be provided. Unfortunately thats where the problems started. Hyundai courtesy car insurance only cover people between the age of 21 to 69 so it was suggested that I add the courtesy car to my insurance but when I contacted my insurance company that told me that they could not insure a car that is already insured. My car will take three days to repair. The suggestion given by my insurance company and the Hyundai dealer is that I hire a car to cover the 3 days. It seems Im being penalised for a Hyundai manufacturing failure.
Published: September 7, 2018
Mike of United Kingdom

I lease cars every three years, so Ive had many cars throughout my lifetime
I lease cars every three years, so Ive had many cars throughout my lifetime. Ive never written a bad review about a car or car company until now. I just turned my 2014 Sonata in early (40,000 miles) and decided to pay off the lease/lose a lot of money because I was scared for my safety. My heating and cooling unit had to be replaced, the shifter had to be replaced because it was making my car stall, the wheel wells tore off because they were made out of cardboard, the clasps on the armrest broke because they were made of cheap plastic, and the back seat material pulled apart because they only sewed part of the seats. Then there was the recent recall for the engine and seat belts at the same time. The seat belts were installed incorrectly and the engine had an issue where it could stall spontaneously while driving. The quality control for this company is ridiculous. Then the last time I took my car in to be repaired I started getting messages and flyers, within a week, from Hyundai about the car I own (I didnt own the car) and how I should extend my warranty. This has led to random warranty companies calling about extending the warranty to now receiving multiple calls a day from credit card scammers. This never happened before I had my car repaired as Im very careful about who gets my number. Clearly my number was given out by Hyundai and now its in the wrong hands. I am beyond disgusted with this company.
Published: August 4, 2017
Brooke of Brookhaven, GA

I just had my Hyundai 2012 Sonata serviced for a gas leak. They told me it
I just had my Hyundai 2012 Sonata serviced for a gas leak. They told me it was a packing fuel pump and cap assembly fuel filler. All Goethe’s they charge me 383.12 dollars for only changing the fuel cap which was the real issue and they milked it by keeping me waiting for more than two hours. I realized they did not change the packing fuel pump because they never asked me for the special key to remove one of the lug nuts to my tire where the gas cap is located. They ripped me off, and I realized this when I got home and said “How come they didn’t ask for the key to remove the special lug nut?” How can I get my money back on this issue? I am really pissed off because of how they are getting away with this.
Published: December 31, 2018
Sergio of Deltona, FL

Second week after purchase, the rpm needle dropped below 500 rpm a few time
Second week after purchase, the rpm needle dropped below 500 rpm a few times almost stalling the engine, then rough idle. I took it to the shop. Diagnostic said they found nothing. The 2nd time in was for abnormal rough idle, when in drive at a stop or when air con on. I had sales rep, finance mgr. and service mgr. involved with getting a resolve. I was told nothing was found. The third time, car was worse. I had sales rep and service mgr. both sit in the car to experience what I was talking about. The service mgr. took the car for a ride, came back and said, Yes, there is a problem (even a passenger can feel the vibration). But I was told by the service mgr. when picking up the car that Hyundai is aware of situation and that some Elantras out there would have rougher idle than others. This was characteristic of the car and that if they can find a solution for it later on down the road, I would be contacted. Does this make sense? Really?! I had the general mgr. (Mike **) at McCafferty Hyundai contact corp. yesterday, 4/26. I was told that they dont have an answer and if they find one, they will let me know. I was promised great service and the world, but have had frustration to the point of not sleeping. We purchased this car coming out of a used one so that we would not have any issues for a few years. If they are aware of this as Don ** (service mgr.) told me that Hyundai Corp. Service tech told him, why cant I get satisfaction? I feel like I got ripped off big time. We even purchased the extended warranty. All I get now is, Im sorry, there is nothing we can do at this time. My intelligence is undermined by saying to consider it part of the characteristics of the car. What kind of product are they putting out there? The greatest frustration of it all is that the rentals I had every time the car was in the shop were the same cars and none had this issue, and I even told them this. I just want my car fixed or find me one that does not have this issue. My first payment is coming up and I dont know what to do. Keep making payments on a car that malfunctions? I was told that they could probably trade me out of the car, but that now, its considered a used car. Is that crazy? I lose no matter what. Help me please!
Published: April 27, 2013
Gregory of Yardley, PA

Hi All, I own a 2013 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid and theres a manufacturing issue
Hi All, I own a 2013 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid and theres a manufacturing issue with the engine. So I reached out to Hyundai and asked them to get it fixed. And I was told that only 65% of the total repair cost will be covered by the Hyundai and remaining 35% has to be paid by me [35% is costing me 3800$]. My question to hyundai is. If theres a manufacturing issue, then its companys responsibility to get it repaired free of cost. Why Im getting charged for it. Nobody is able to give an exact answer for this.
Published: January 26, 2020
venkatesh of Tampa, FL

As an owner, I was dissatisfied with the suspension. I feel its the company
As an owner, I was dissatisfied with the suspension. I feel its the company default. The door alignment was not balanced till today. It is difficult in shifting gear from 1st to the reverse (takes 3 chances to shift). I was given 2 services but problems has not been solved. Please look into it.
Published: February 15, 2012
Dilip of Dharwad, OTHER

2005 Hyundai Santa Fe - May 2016 I call Hyundai with concerns about my airb
2005 Hyundai Santa Fe - May 2016 I call Hyundai with concerns about my airbags not deploying and I explained everything to the lady I spoke with and was told they should have deployed. I was offered a new Hyundai. I provided all information, documentation and pictures and everything to my knowledge. I receive a letter from Hyundai consumer affairs in July saying that my case would be closed if I didnt provide information asked for. So I provided it to them at the email provided on letter. David ** called me and stated that if I sent anything else to them he would no longer speak to me and close my case. I provided again which he stated he didnt receive so I called and he wouldnt return my call.I called the number in his email asking for an address to mail the pictures and documentation to and the lady I spoke with told me that she wasnt allowed to give me that information and according to the police report that I was at fault and got what I deserved which most of my phone calls I have witnesses to which was stated because I couldnt really stand or walk so it was put on speaker and held for me. Then once all information was provided I no longer heard from David, could not get in contact with. It took months of complaints and calls which was aggravating. Then I received a call after the car had been auctioned off that I told David I had retained an attorney which was untrue and that I never signed and returned the release.So he closed my case when I provided original release and proof. I never said that which Hyundai consumer affairs had in their records. Also he called me back and said according to the pictures and documentation that the car didnt perform as it should have, that Hyundai wanted to settle to provide medical bills and all cost. This was October 2016. He said it was approved for partial coverage which he would not explain meant and then said they were leaning towards full settlement and December 1 2016 was last contact I received where David asked me what would it take to make this go away and to take in consideration that my vehicle was not equipped with side airbags.Once I proved that it was by the vehicle documentation he said, Wow okay that changes everything, that he would call me in a few days, that they were going to have a settlement offer and then called back that evening saying that he needed the police report which a month before stated it wasnt needed to proceed and even tho it was provided in july 2016. After that he would no longer return my calls or emails. I finally got one response saying they got the police report and was waiting on last sheet that goes with it that they requested nothing else. Now last week he called saying my claim was denied, that the officers statement stated that I was in vehicle not restrained and specifically that side airbags deployed even tho they already got statement from my insurance company saying they didnt and will not provide this report.I supposedly signed saying my airbags deployed and I wasnt wearing a seatbelt. I have pictures proving nothing deployed. The way this was handled and how I was treated being told from day one I got what I deserved, the constant threats to close my case, the remarks that if Hyundai felt that my case was worth it they would investigate, constantly being called a liar and the excruciating pain I was and still am in just doesnt seem right at all. I expected better treatment and respect from a company.
Published: February 16, 2017
Ryan of Hampton, VA

My fiancé and I purchased a 2013 Genesis 2.0. Motor keeps failing and they
My fiancé and I purchased a 2013 Genesis 2.0. Motor keeps failing and they refuse to help even though the motor is under warranty. Our car is constantly misdiagnosed on purpose just so they don’t have to pay for a new motor. Already discussing the issue with lawyers. Save yourself the stress and heartache, do NOT buy a car from Hyundai.
Published: January 4, 2019
Kaneisha of Catonsville, MD

We were prepared to pay cash for the car on 12/31/11, but we were told that
We were prepared to pay cash for the car on 12/31/11, but we were told that we would get $500 more off the car if we financed and then we could pay it off. So before we received the coupon book, we sent in an estimated amount for the purchase price plus estimated interest. The next month we received a bill for $11.23 for the difference of additional finance charges which we paid. For the past week, the autodial collection people have called us at least 15 times (over 5 times on 3/26), looking for the monthly payment of $839. Finally, my husband was on hold for over 20 minutes waiting to speak to a supervisor who said our account was paid in full. We have continued to get calls since then for the same thing. On 3/37, we got 2 more calls. I am not that happy with the car to begin with. The gas mileage is way under what was represented. After the experience with the finance people, I will never buy another Hyundai. Also, the phone representatives were rude and the auto-dialer put us on hold several times after we answered the phone. What kind of customer service is that?
Published: March 28, 2012
Julia of Vienna, VA

I am very disappointed with Hyundai. I purchased a 2015 Sonata sport on Sep
I am very disappointed with Hyundai. I purchased a 2015 Sonata sport on September 28 and 17 days later I went thru the car wash and the shark fin came off during the wash and it broke into pieces. I called the dealership and they quoted some ridiculous price for a plastic cover, I couldnt believe it, so next I called Hyundai corporate office to see if it was cover by warranty and was told no and they were sorry to hear about my misfortune and I am simply furious and sad at the same time because the refused to accommodate me in any way with a simple matter after not even having the care for a month. I see that they dont stand by their product and dont care about their customers satisfaction. I would hate to see what happens if I have a major problem. I am sure that that computer board underneath isnt supposed to be exposed but Hyundai could care less I see. So next I guess itll get ruined. I cant believe Hyundai would be so unconcerned and inconsiderate of its customers. I am also sure the fin should just come off in a car wash so it had to be defective before. I will tell all my family and friends that Hyundai is not a honorable company and it does not care for its customers and does not stand by their products. I should have known better when I read the articles about the car fires and they didnt take care of the people in that situation. I dont know why I expected them to give a crap about my issue. I have an appointment with south town Hyundai tomorrow. I dont know why or if I should even keep the appointment because I cant afford their prices. I was so excited about my new car and I actually love it, however this disappointment I have for Hyundai I have right now makes me never again buy or trust Hyundai. Live, learn and research before you buy. DONT BUY HYUNDAI!!!
Published: October 18, 2018
DAngela of East Point, GA

Bought a 2012 Genesis in Dec of 2012. Have had three transmissions in 14 mo
Bought a 2012 Genesis in Dec of 2012. Have had three transmissions in 14 months. Car in shop twice for almost a total of 60 days. They did fix it under warranty... replaced the trannys but still not running like it should. Dealer offered me 3 monthly payments... The Manufacture said... ONE one month... I dont feel safe in the this and the tranny still doesnt seem right... Their customer satisfaction is terrible... I told them where to put their offer of 1 payment... Never buy their products!!!
Published: April 23, 2014
Lauren of Yorba Linda, CA

I was told that I would get towed within an hour. I called 2 times to see w
I was told that I would get towed within an hour. I called 2 times to see why they hadnt showed up. Each time they said it would be another hour. 3 1/2 hours later the tow truck arrived. He said that he just received the call. I asked if AAA would have been quicker, and he said yes that I would have gotten help right away.
Published: December 31, 2018
Kim of Chillicothe, OH

Leased a Hyundai Sonata 2013 and after 3 years, returned the call, and was
Leased a Hyundai Sonata 2013 and after 3 years, returned the call, and was hit with a disposition fee of $400, plus tax! No one ever told me about it, so I called Hyundai Finance and was told too bad, you must pay today or it will go to a creditor. So I asked for a payment plan and they said no, too bad on you. Now waiting for a manager to call! Never will buy/lease a Hyundai ever again!
Published: April 20, 2016
Levi of Ormond Beach, FL

Hyundai prides itself in its reliability. I have a 2011 Hyundai Sonata I pu
Hyundai prides itself in its reliability. I have a 2011 Hyundai Sonata I purchased in March of 2010. I have had nothing but problems. Within the first year, my engine began overheating due to a faulty radiator fan. This was replaced under warranty. Less than a year later, my engine began overheating a 2nd time. The dealer refused to warranty because there were more than 10,000 miles put on the vehicle since the original fan was replaced . About three months later, the car would not start while sitting in a parking lot. This was related to a faulty brake sensor. Most recently, 6 months later, the vehicle would not start because of a failed starter requiring a tow truck. A 2011 vehicle should not have this many problems. I am extremely disappointed in Hyundai and am looking to sell it in the very near future. I travel for business, and need a reliable means of transportation. I urge possible consumers to use caution before purchasing a Hyundai vehicle.
Published: September 18, 2012
Jason of Mchenry, IL

I have been contacting Hyundai Motor Finance to try to get them to transfer
I have been contacting Hyundai Motor Finance to try to get them to transfer my title from GA to NJ since April 2014. It is now October 2014 and I still cannot register my vehicle in NJ because they have not transferred the title. I have sent them three request and they claim to have not received the first two, despite my fax confirmations. They are currently preventing me from complying with NJ vehicle registration laws because I cannot register the car without the title. They also will not let you talk directly to the title department, instead making you talk to a customer service agent who acts as an intermediary between you and the title department. This inefficiency is now causing me to break the law, as my vehicle is unregistered and I cannot register it. Ive now had to take a day off work to go to court to explain why my vehicle isnt registered. Im not sure what to do. I cannot keep driving a car that cannot be registered.
Published: October 11, 2014
Jen of Plainsboro, NJ

It appears that were all having the same issues with Hyundais Consumer Affa
It appears that were all having the same issues with Hyundais Consumer Affairs department, the local service departments, and worst of all, voiding the consumer warranties at their convenience. Its time to stand up and voice your concerns to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Please make sure you file your complaint with the FTC too by visiting their websites. They need to know about how Hyundai is treating their customers and lying to the public. Please note, I have tried to contact the people at the corporate office and they will only forward your concerns back to consumer affairs. The same people who dont care to resolve your complaint. Go to the FTC website and file your complaint there too!
Published: August 28, 2011
Former of Houston, TX

Briefly, after I got in my car and closed my door, it didnt latch well. I h
Briefly, after I got in my car and closed my door, it didnt latch well. I had been having problems with it lately. So while I was moving, I opened and then closed it again but while I was closing it, the lock mechanism engaged and as it was about to latch and lock, it bounced back open. So I quickly reached for it to grab it as a vehicle was approaching. I was in a parking lot at the time traveling at about 15mph. It had swung open so far that when I reached for it, my momentum shifted in such a way that I actually fell out of the car landing on the pavement. I was traveling at about 15mph. My car struck a parked vehicle. Damage to it was minimal. Damage to mine was significant. No pedestrians were struck, but I sustained a neck injury.
Published: April 3, 2012
John of West Allis, WI

My family purchased a brand new Hyundai Tucson 2017 in October of 2017. It
My family purchased a brand new Hyundai Tucson 2017 in October of 2017. It had sudden engine failure. It has now been more than 30 days since the car is in the shop and no one helps or has said anything. Under the NJ Lemon Law this car is now a lemon. Hyundai Corporate is deplorable as well. They are essentially useless and less than professional. Buying this car was a horrible mistake. I would NEVER recommend Hyundai or this kind of aggravation to even my worse enemy. I am so disappointed. I have never in my life experienced such poor customer service.
Published: January 9, 2019
Lina of Paterson, NJ

My car was rear-ended by someone. I took my car so the rear bumper and othe
My car was rear-ended by someone. I took my car so the rear bumper and other stuff that may have happened due to the accident be fixed. The day before I took it in, the brake light and the battery light came on. I was able to drive home. The next day the car wouldnt start. I called my insurance company and they sent roadside assistance. I was able to drive to the dealership. I explained what happened. I told them I spoke to someone. I gave them the name of the person. When they are done with the body shop part, and the insurance fixes whatever they needed to do, take it to the body shop and I will pay for it. Instead they changed the battery at the body shop. I picked up my car, and the lights are still on. I told them and I asked if it’s going to stall on me because I work 38.2 miles away. They said the battery is changed, the car is probably adjusting to the new battery, it wont stall - you should be good. I picked up the car this morning, lights still on, everything is driving good. Got almost to my destination and the whole electrical system went haywire. The gas gauge went from half tank to empty and the odometer disappeared. The speed gauge was in side to side directions. The car started buffering. Thankfully and praying like crazy, I got to the parking area. Turned the car off. To make a long story short, I had to pay half the expense of a towing company to get me back to the dealership. All of this could have been avoided if they had listened to me and just take the car to the service area.
Published: June 25, 2014
Rosetta of Lithonia, GA

Have had enormous trouble with the 2018 Tucson SEL Plus that I leased recen
Have had enormous trouble with the 2018 Tucson SEL Plus that I leased recently. The transmission cant seem to pick a gear, and the car constantly freezes/stalls when between gears, which is pretty much all the time. My concentration has to 100% focus or Im getting in a wreck. The car isnt really drivable. Took the car to a dealership - they told me thats just how the car drives. Took it up to Customer Service via the manufacturer; they declined to assist in any way without so much as having anyone look at the car. Basically, the response Ive gotten from the manufacturer is, Oh well, youre stuck with your lemon. No efforts made to assist; they cant even manage to get me into a dealership for service without a lag time. Leasing this car is one of the worst mistakes Ive ever made, and Ive driven other Tucsons before this. Hyundai does not have any interest whatsoever in standing behind their product, or customer satisfaction in any way; never, ever get a Hyundai, because if anything at all is wrong with it, youre basically on your own. The entire experience has been a nightmare, and continues to be.
Published: August 11, 2018
Ben of Los Angeles, CA

Very happy with my 10 year old car. Bought this Sonata brand new. 10 years
Very happy with my 10 year old car. Bought this Sonata brand new. 10 years later I still drive it. I have 156,000 miles on it. I change oil according to book, have replaced battery once. Bought new tires twice. Have not had any major problems. Drive great. I bought it because it had a great warranty. The only complaint I have is with Hyundai service department. They are not very good. Once I learned I could take it any mechanics as long as they use Hyundai parts. Thats the way to go.
Published: December 7, 2016
Patricia of North Tonawanda, NY

I was on my way to work this morning and a tractor trailer nearly slammed m
I was on my way to work this morning and a tractor trailer nearly slammed me from behind. Later, I was flagged by a woman, who nearly ran into the back of me, and told that I had no break lights. Now I knew why the tractor trailer nearly ran me over in the morning. I went home and checked everything; bulbs, fuses, connections, and pedal. No brakes. So, I looked online for possible reasons for this and found that Hyundai had a major recall for this thing called the break relay switch. So, I looked for something that would show me where it is, how to change it, and possible other reasons for the problem. Nothing. Next, and finally, I called Hyundai and asked if there has been a problem. I was told that there is nothing that they can do and that I should go to the dealer for a check. The woman on the phone told me there are no recalls on my 2011 Hyundai Accent. I asked her if it turned out to be this switch issue that has resulted in the massive recalls for other model years, would they reimburse me or approve me to repair this and she stated that Hyundai would not. I told the lady that this is my 4th Hyundai and I have had few issues. However, losing both brake lights at the same time for no apparent reason is suspect. I am very displeased that, in spite of the million recalls for a seemingly identical problem, they would not reimburse me or approve repairs to it if it is indeed the problem. It is a shame that a loyal customer of a product and who has spent almost $100K with a company, is not honored for the loyalty given. It will be a shame for Hyundai if, for the price of a $10 part and service charge, they lose a customer. So, Hyundai, if you read this, tomorrow I am going to follow your advise and drive my car to the dealer. If they tell me it is the brake relay switch, I will trade my car in and never purchase another vehicle from your company if you or dealer do not do the right thing for a part that seems to be responsible!
Published: June 13, 2014
Ellen of Auburn, ME

My 87 year old Mother took her 2010 Hyundai Elantra to her local dealer who
My 87 year old Mother took her 2010 Hyundai Elantra to her local dealer who has always done her oil changes. She received a call from the service manager telling her the underside of her car was so severely rusted that repairs would be so expensive. He suggested she get rid of her car stating that it would be dangerous for her to drive it. Her car has 19,000 miles and is two months away from being paid off after a five year auto loan. The car had last been brought in for an oil change in December 2014. No one ever mentioned any concerns about rust only five months ago! So, apparently all of this rust happened in a period of four months! I went with her to pick the car up. We are scheduling a second opinion for this week. Something is just not right. To be continued.........
Published: April 25, 2015
Deborah of Jensen Beach, FL

I have a 2013 Hyundai Elantra and car just went over a small pothole and my
I have a 2013 Hyundai Elantra and car just went over a small pothole and my tire was flat. I used Hyundai roadside assistance and they towed the car to the nearest dealership. Today they said that the wheel was damaged and I would need a new one costing $450. I asked them whether they would be able to fix the wheel and they said that they dont do that at the dealership and I would have to take it elsewhere. Here is why I am angry.Elantra does not come with a spare tire. They guarantee a huge mileage and one factor is because the weight of a spare tire is reduced. They also say that in case of a flat tire, we can drive around 50 miles to the nearest dealer as these are all tubeless tires and would still run with a flat tire. Well that is exactly what I did and I drove for 3 miles and the car started wobbling and I had to stop as I had my baby inside my car. Hyundai has free roadside assistance and this is why I cancelled my roadside assistance plan with my insurance. However there is a catch here - the car gets towed to the Hyundai dealer (in this case Patrick Hyundai in Schaumburg) who then makes sure that they rip the customer off so that they do not have to bear the cost of the tow.They told that the wheel itself had to be replaced. The rim was banged up and they had to replace the wheel. If was the roadside assistance of an auto insurer, we could have towed the car to any mechanic near us and they would have fixed the wheel. But now as my car is in the Hyundai dealership, I have to replace the part. The wheel gets banged up when it goes on a pretty small pothole? What kind of a wheel is this? The tire is not damaged at all but the wheel rim is damaged. How could this happen. Either Hyundai wheels are not good quality or the dealership is trying to rip off the customer to make up for the towing expense.I wanted to take the wheel to a different workshop to see what they would say but I badly needed the car today and I had to travel tomorrow morning. So I asked the dealer to go ahead and change the wheel. Overall I am unhappy. I am warning all my friends about this as many people fall for the 10 year warranty and free roadside assistance and 8.95 oil change.
Published: March 10, 2014
Jomi of Hoffman Estates, IL

My airbag in my 2004 Sonata didnt work. In the accident, I dont understand
My airbag in my 2004 Sonata didnt work. In the accident, I dont understand why the airbag didnt deploy, only the bag from the seat and was not even half-full. The car was totally wrecked, but not from the front at all. Somebody hit me on the front side of the car in the drivers side. I woke up in the hospital with the news that my air bag was not working. Im concerned about this. How we can do something about it?
Published: December 7, 2011
Ricardo of Chicago, IL

I brought my 2021 Hyundai Kona EV to Lithia Hyundai of Reno because my emer
I brought my 2021 Hyundai Kona EV to Lithia Hyundai of Reno because my emergency braking and adaptive cruise control warning light were on. The dealership said that I damaged the radar under the front bumper, and it also took them three separate visits to fix the issue. Finally, I spoke with Hyundai corporate, and they said once the dealership mechanic makes a call about a problem, they can not change it even though I sent them pictures of the car with zero damage. There is a small scrape on the bumper that the dealership is saying broke an $800 part. I asked Hyundai corporate if I could send the part to their engineering team, and I even offered to pay the shipping, but they said no. I explained that they should be very concerned that if what the dealership is saying happened to be correct, you would think they would want to investigate why, but they still didnt care.
Published: November 12, 2021
Michael of Sparks, NV

My engine light came on when the car had about 70000 km. I checked and no o
My engine light came on when the car had about 70000 km. I checked and no oil. I towed the car in and after a week, Streetsville Hyundai told me that it was the oil pump building up pressure and forcing all the oil out of the engine. They assured me that replacing it will solve the problem. BTW, during this repair, I was also told that the alternator belt and the steering belt were all cracked and needs replacement at my cost. I have never heard of this happening in a car that is only 3 years old. 2 weeks later I noticed the car had problem picking up speed while changing gear and would rev to 5-6K before kicking in. 3 days later, the engine light came on again and no oil again. This time apparently the whole engine needs to be replaced because something in it is completely broken when they took the engine apart. After taking my whole car apart for diagnostic, I was told that my clutch was also completely burned out because I was riding the clutch. This is my third standard cars. The first one lasted 11 years with almost 200 K without a new clutch. The second one was 8 years old with 160K when I traded in without ever changing clutch. They are machining my flywheel and changing only the clutch disk and wanted to charge me $500 for parts only. First of all, I am convinced that my driving habits were not responsible for the clutch burning and second parts only should not come anywhere close to $500. I am sure that the problem was caused by the engine. I checked and learned that if there is oil on the clutch, it can cause slippage and burn my clutch. Still arguing with Hyundai warranty. I have to agree with everyone that Hyundai warranty service is not very helpful at all when you call them to address the issue.
Published: November 1, 2013
A of Mississauga, ON

I currently own this 2015 Sonata limited and have seen very little of it la
I currently own this 2015 Sonata limited and have seen very little of it lately. I purchased this car in October 2015. After around seven months of ownership, my battery went dead. I called service. They jump the car and figured that was the end of the problem since it was a very cold morning. A few days later the same thing happened again. Called the service. They jump the car. This time I drove it to Star Hyundai service. The manager at that time, Mike told me that there was nothing wrong with the battery and they were not replacing it. This was after two hours of trying to diagnose the problem. He tell me if it happens again I should have the car towed in. That is exactly what I did a few days later. He still refused to admit that there was something wrong with the battery. I then contacted the dealer whom I bought the car from who put the screws to him and he finally changed the battery. I thought this was the end of the problem. Wrong! This problem has repeated itself several times over the last few months. I have had three new batteries since the original battery put in to this car. I only have around 16,000 miles on the car. After the issue had escalated I contacted their customer care department. I was given a case number and a really horrible case worker. He never answered his phone, was very slow to get back to me. Kyle **. They advertise great customer service. HORRIBLE!!! I was forced to hire a lemon law lawyer. My car is presently in the shop going on 26 days. They could not find the reason for the battery failure. Fortunately for me, I was given a loaner. Now I am just waiting to see what they are going to do as far as replacing the car or offering me a buyback. I certainly dont want a replacement. This was my first and my last Hyundai purchase.
Published: April 15, 2017
Sandi of New Hyde Park, NY

I made a down payment of $2k on what was to be a new 2013 Genesis Premium C
I made a down payment of $2k on what was to be a new 2013 Genesis Premium Coupe. After much research, I found out what others were paying for this vehicle and signed a purchase agreement, for which the salesperson refused to provide me with a copy saying it was against Corporate Policy. The exact vehicle had to be obtained from a W. Virginia dealership, so I didnt see the car until all the paperwork was signed. The window sticker of the W. VA dealership showed the car had 9 miles on it. I figured the vehicle should have about 100 to 125 miles on it. The salesperson stated they would have to search for one, and surprisingly, he had it on his lot the following morning. I couldnt pick it up for four days, so the dealership had time to call and alert me to the high mileage but didnt.I found out about the high mileage when I was signing the odometer statement. I questioned it and was told that the vehicle was not driven from the originating dealership but from another W. VA dealership that traded it with the originating dealership. Even in that event, 455 miles sounded unreasonable. I found several paint chips, nicks, and scratches when I got the car home. I requested to speak with the General Sales Manager about the high mile, condition of the paint job, and an allowance of $300.00. Despite repeated attempts, he refused to talk with me. The dealership didnt want to have anything to do with this matter, but the salesperson did pay someone $32.50 to fix two of the paint chips and he paid for a rental. The dealership would have had to pay for a rental anyway, since I had to bring the vehicle back to have the Paint and Fabric Protection applied and 24 hours were needed for it to dry.I paid the same amount for a vehicle with 455 miles that other people were paying for the same car with 2 or ten or sixty miles. I looked into the matter further and found that the car was driven from the originating dealership in W. VA to a dealership in Pennsylvania, back to a dealership in W. VA. and finally to Hyundai of Greensbug. The salesperson left that out. In addition, the mileage driven from the various dealerships fell short of 455 miles which meant someone was driving the vehicle for personal use. I have no way of knowing how the car was driven during the all important Break-In-Period. Furthermore, when I first liquid-waxed the car, I noticed another paint chip on the edge of the hood closest to the windshield. I dont know how damage was done so close to the windshield without damaging the windshield. The chip was down to the metal but covered with the paint protection dried solution.At this point, I had only driven the car, which is garage-kept, about 100 miles. So the damage did not occur while I had it. I called the salesman and he told me I could bring the car in to have the paint chip repaired at my own expense. There is no way anyone within their right mind would pay what I paid knowing in advance that the vehicle had 455 miles on it. No wonder it did not sell at the three previous dealerships. The car had to be sold sight-unseen. I take care of my vehicles which the attached photo of my 20-year-old Honda Accord supports.
Published: October 8, 2012
Jim of N. Huntingdon, PA

My daughters 2012 Tuscon (ix35) has just been diagnosed as needing a new mo
My daughters 2012 Tuscon (ix35) has just been diagnosed as needing a new motor despite having been Hyundai serviced at every specified interval. Car has traveled only 101,000 kms or 60,000 miles. Reading all other reviews it seems Hyundai have the same game plan outside of Australia too. They refer you to customer care, a young person who claims no car knowledge and simply contacts the dealer to contact the customer and of course they dont and so the cycle continues until you get sick of their game. North Korea has the little rocket man, but South Korea has a secret weapon called Hyundai. No thanks to customer care in Sydney and no thanks to Blood Hyundai in Geelong,Victoria.Dealer promised my heartbroken daughter an email on how much it would cost to replace engine. We have heard nothing. It took me 1 call to a Hyundai wrecker- $4900 to supply & fit used motor and internet research found another owner same car same problem quoted $8 to 14k. 2 lessons learnt here, first dont get car serviced at dealerships and no more foreign made cars. I own 2 Ford Falcons, an 07 ute with over 300k drives like new and a US 63 Falcon with original engine and tranny 56 years old and still in use. Hyundai do not touch them. Its just a matter of time.
Published: October 27, 2019
Peter of Other, Other

I can create a quote online for a 2012 Hyundai Elantra Limited. It has a b
I can create a quote online for a 2012 Hyundai Elantra Limited. It has a black exterior, beige interior with the tech package and without the cargo net, cargo tray, floor mats, ect. When I asked the dealership, they never have these. They refused to order it, stating Hyundai does not take request. Additionally, all the cars on their lot have the crap I do not want (cargo net, cargo tray, floor mats, etc.) This adds up to $400 worth of junk. I asked them to remove it and they wont. Shouldnt that make it a Standard Option? If that is the case, isnt that false advertisement? The website advertises something that the dealerships will not deliver. I am reporting this to the Better Business Bureau and suggest others to do the same.
Published: December 26, 2011
Randall of Sterling, VA

We have spent close to $5,000.00 in repairs on this car (in and out of warr
We have spent close to $5,000.00 in repairs on this car (in and out of warranty) and spent 83 days taking the car in for different parts that were breaking. We contacted Hyundai about all of the problems with the car and all they offered was a coupon instead of some kind of refund or part of it. We have over 30 pages of repair work.
Published: November 1, 2012
Virginia of San Antonio, TX

I purchased a 2010 Hyundai Elantra in August of 2010 with 11 miles on it. I
I purchased a 2010 Hyundai Elantra in August of 2010 with 11 miles on it. I now have 53,000 miles on the car. In January this year, when I had about 45,000 miles on the car, I noticed my clutch is dropping to the floor and I cant put the car into gear. It does not happen every single time I change gears, but it is happening several times a day now. In Feb 2011, they changed the hydraulic fluid, which did nothing and cost me $190.00. The car has been in for service about 4 times now, I believe. 2 days ago, it was towed to Hyundai because I was backing out of a parking spot and my car stalled and would not start back up. But the next morning, it started right up for Hyundai. All they did was test drive my car and it did not happen to them. It happened to my dad 2 times within six miles last night and 3 times on me today.The clutch drops to the floor and I cant put it in gear. I have to double clutch and it usually goes into gear the second time. My daughter is 4 years old and Im afraid to put her in my car because of this problem. I noticed it happens more so on turns up or down hill. I have come close to several different cars rear-ending me because I never know when my car is going to let me change gears or not. I cant afford to get a new car, I already tried. Im extremely upset and angry with Hyundai because every time they get my car, nothing is done and I get it back the same exact way. All they say is it has not happened for us so they cant try to fix it until they feel the problem. They have never heard of such a thing happening either. This car is not safe for me to drive and Hyundai is OK with that.
Published: March 9, 2012
Kristen of Florida , NY

Avoid this dealer and Hyundai as a brand as much as possible, here is why.
Avoid this dealer and Hyundai as a brand as much as possible, here is why. I bought a brand new Hyundai Sonata 2015 on February 28, 2015 from World Car Hyundai North, San Antonio, TX. On March 31, 2015 the car broke in the middle of the road, engine has overheated. So I called the towing company and transport the car to the dealer for diagnose. The following day I called them to ask about the car and they told me we need to replace the entire engine in order to fix it. Dealer will fix it under warranty but that is not acceptable for me, for a car that was on the road literally 1 month and has only 1000 miles. This option may make the car driveable but still impairs the value of the vehicle. I opened a case with Hyundai and BBB Auto Line, but Hyundai said no for replacement of the car or repurchase, they want to replace the engine. I refuse to have a used car, how dealer put it, with a replaced engine that most likely will be remanufactured new engine, even if they sustain is going to be new out of the factory. I know they can say whatever to me just to get me out of their back. If I want that I will buy a used cheap car, buy a new engine and I will have a used car with a new engine way cheaper, without a high monthly payment for the next 7 years. Car value right now dropped about 30%, with a replaced engine it will drop even more around 50% or lower, depends on mileage down the road. So I am paying for a new car with a major repair and who knows what are problems this car has. This car is a lemon but dealer or manufacturer trying to get away with it and make the customer supporting all this. I am making monthly payments for a car that is not operational, and dealer told me the problem is out of their hands. What they are doing now, they are trying to trade the broke car for the current market value, and make me buy another one. They dont want to refund me or give me another functional new car out of the parking lot. On April 6 I went back to the dealer to ask for a phone number to call Hyundai regional office, they told they dont have it. In the same day I asked them for a copy of the service worksheet to see exactly what they did to diagnose the car, they refused to do so. I had to go around them to someone else to ask for a copy of that paper, really? So much for customer care, they just dont care. Pretty much they took the money and now they are washing their hands trying to fix a lemon car. I had to get the phone number for regional office from the internet myself and get in touch with them. On April 9 Hyundai regional office called me with some options and I was willing to consider two of them, but I had to talk with the dealer for one of them. So I went to the dealer and find out that they fixed my car without my approval or signature, they also broke the car hood, they bent it and bent and scratch a portion of the car body. They also already ordered the hood and everything else to fix the car, again without me approving anything or them calling me and let me know what is happening with my car. Dealership manager said verbally they will keep the car there and they will work with Hyundai to give me a new one, hard to believe. After two weeks we are more in whole with my brand new car and no good resolution for me the client. So far the repairs of the car cost a bit over 9000$ - listed as part, not as engine. Who knows how much will be with a new hood, body repair and paint. They also refuse to give me any copies of the service records, they told me I will have them when I will sign to take the car. They are doing crappy things there and Hyundai doesnt care. Now my only resort is to go to court which I will. Buying a Hyundai was the worse decision I have made. Hyundai is the worse car I have ever own.
Published: April 10, 2015
Ionut of San Antonio, TX

Ira ** at Camelback Hyundai service department is a service manager that co
Ira ** at Camelback Hyundai service department is a service manager that could have done things differently today and actually helped a customer, but instead, he chose to not agree with the customer. In my case, I bought a Honda Sonata back in 2016 from Camelback Hyundai and my skid plate on my car came undone about 3 months ago. And instead of replacing the plate and damaged part they chose to use zip ties instead. The other day I was driving home from work and what would you know, those ties came loose and the plate fell. This time it completely came off along with the right wheel well cover leaving me on the freeway with rush hour traffic trying to get it without getting hit. He didnt even keep in mind or even consider that my life was at risk trying to retrieve a part.Today they told me that they would not replace the plate as it was not of their doing, but see it was because they didnt properly secure it the first time, instead they used zip ties instead of real fasteners. This is the email I received from Ira today stating, The temporary repairs lasted an excess of 8,000 miles, I would say you got your money’s worth which was zero cost to you, the consumer. WOW! As you can see they failed to replace the part and could have fixed this in the first place as he even stated temporary fix.I have a warranty on the vehicle, yet this is a supposed part that is not covered even though it is used to protect the engine from debris and keep other parts from damage. I am sorry Ira but you have failed in your customer service department. And instead of helping a customer with something that should have been covered you chose to present me with a cost for something that I had no control over, something you as a service department should have fixed right the first time. I will not be using Camelback Hyundai for any service from here on out and warn others to stay away as they dont truly care about the customer. This is how I received my car back today with missing clips that could have been secured and a hazard to me as a driver on the road.
Published: May 30, 2019
Mike of Scottsdale, AZ

If i could give this place negative stars I would. STAY AWAY FROM THIS PLAC
If i could give this place negative stars I would. STAY AWAY FROM THIS PLACE.. This place is the effing worst. I get a notice of a recall on my car so I make an appointment to bring my car stating that this is for a recall ... The lady takes my info ... vin number and all tells me exactly what I need done... I have to take the day off of work to get the service done only to find out that day they dont even have the part available. You would think someone would of called me beforehand . I had reschedule. .. I take it back on my scheduled date only to be told Oh this is an all day thing youll have to bring it back another day. I informed the guy as calm as I could that this is the second time Im here for this same issue I was scheduled to come in why wouldnt they again tell me this over the phone. He asks me can you leave it over night. I told him I was prepared to leave and have a ride home waiting... As long as I can get it back before Monday Ill be good. He said yeah itll be ready tomorrow. Ill call you. Never got a call back. That was Saturday. Today is Sunday Im calling like crazy to get a status on my car only to find out they are closed today. So unprofessional. I will never deal with this place again. Im finding out info on how to complain to corporate.
Published: February 22, 2015
rich of East Meadow, NY

I have a 2011 Hyundai Sonata.. Have had a ton of recalls that I have had to
I have a 2011 Hyundai Sonata.. Have had a ton of recalls that I have had to waste a ton of time at the dealership to get fixed. At little over 100,000 miles my engine started burning not leaking oil.. Brought it to Darcy hyundai in Joliet il... Told me I have to do an oil consumption test which I had to go there 6 more times to find out engine is burning oil.. Every mechanic told me I need a new engine but corporate hyundai even though they have had lawsuits over this make and model engine tells me I have to spend 1000.00 to do more tests... Every week I have to refill oil so there is oil in the engine and few months later catalytic converter goes bad because of the oil burning which car stopped running on the expressway and had to get it towed... 1 problem after another problem... Corporate hyundai tells me Im on my own and the converter costs over 1000.00 even tho the engine in that car was proven in court to be bad and replacing converter would not solve the original problem of the engine burning oil.... Stay away from hyundai or you will regret it.
Published: November 20, 2020
Mike of Bridgeview, IL

I complained that the tail lights were repeatedly blowing. To fix the light
I complained that the tail lights were repeatedly blowing. To fix the lights on one side, I was told water was leaking into the housing because the car had been hit. The sonata has never been hit. I was told the housing had melted from being burned on the other side. The Santa Fe, the clicker has never worked telling me they have to replace the horn.
Published: May 8, 2015
ken of Balto, MD

Since buying this car it has been a horrible experience. Would not recommen
Since buying this car it has been a horrible experience. Would not recommend Hyundai to anyone. The buying experience at Southtown Hyundai in Edmonton was the worst I have had. When purchasing the vehicle, the dealership was difficult to accept a price offer that worked well for us and them, and in addition did not provide a test drive or viewing of the vehicle I was purchasing even though it was on a different lot nearby. The manager also became rude and aggressive towards my husband and I when we were asking to receive the GoCard promotion. In addition, when picking up my new vehicle it was not completely washed properly and I never got to view it prior to pick up. It was a really bad experience, that I thought would be the end of it. Since having the vehicle it has been into the dealership multiple times as the drivers door does not open after being unlocked in any cold weather. The only way to open the door is to crawl across the passenger seat and open it from the inside in freezing weather, on a brand new car. It has been fixed with a new door latch, which did not fix the problem that came back only 2 days after. It has also been fixed again with a new lubricant that works in colder temperatures as per Hyundai Canada- which stopped working again after a day. I have now booked it in again for the same issue. Calling Hyundai Warranty does absolutely nothing to fix it either, as they respond that the dealership would need to look at it again if it is still not fixed, and they can not do anything for it. At this point I absolutely hate my car that is a new 2020, working like a 1900 pickup truck. I hope that Hyundai can fix it, or provide me some sort of service for the issues involved. But as of right now they have yet to even seem to care.
Published: March 10, 2020
Sara of Edmonton, AB

I purchased a 2019 Hyundai Tucson Ultimate about two weeks ago. The first w
I purchased a 2019 Hyundai Tucson Ultimate about two weeks ago. The first week I had it I noticed when it was in the sun the back bumper and lift gate had these 3D swirls in the Black Noir Pearl paint. The dealership had the car redone with Zurche but still had the same issue. I took it back to the dealer and they had someone buff the entire car. This made the situation worse as the marks were still in the paint and he did a poor job detailing the car. I took the car home and spent 3 hours detailing the car myself to fix the issue from the detailer. Regardless to say the marks are still there. My wife noticed today that I have a big scratch under the spoiler. The dealership was going to allow me to pick another car, but they did not have any and it had to be today. So to make a long story short I wish they would just take the car from me like I never bought it. Very dissatisfied customer for a car that is only 2 weeks old when it was valued at 35 thousand dollars.
Published: January 11, 2019
ANGELO of Myrtle Beach, SC

Don’t use Hyundai’s emergency roadside assistance. They left my wife st
Don’t use Hyundai’s emergency roadside assistance. They left my wife stranded in 105 degrees in rush hour traffic on a busy highway. She had a flat tire and called Hyundai Emergency Roadside Assistance and two hours later they canceled her tow. They blamed it on AAA. They said to call our own towing company and we would get reimbursed. Four months later no reimbursement. Hyundai roadside assistance is worthless and dangerous.
Published: October 2, 2021
Mark of Mesa, AZ

I purchased this car used. The price was a very good deal for me since at t
I purchased this car used. The price was a very good deal for me since at the time I had no car and very little money to work with. My car is a 2002 model with 258000 miles and still drives well, easy to maintain and has been very dependable. I am so sure of this car continuing to run well. I love the color which is a silver grey. I like that my car has 4 doors which makes it very easy if there are more than two people going somewhere together. I am investing in a new set of tires for it in the next few weeks. I have not had any serious problems that have cost me a large sum of money, only the ordinary expenses that goes with car ownership. I wish I could change how many miles is on it but I cant do that.
Published: June 26, 2018
Teresa of Johnson City, TN

My 2013 Hyundai Veloster engine went bad for the 2nd time after six years.
My 2013 Hyundai Veloster engine went bad for the 2nd time after six years. The 1st time it was under warranty and it was replaced in five weeks and I received a rental vehicle paid by Hyundai. The 2nd engine failed two years after it was replaced and after a recall was completed at the dealership to correct an ignition issue that could damage the engine. It took ten weeks to replace the engine and I did not receive a rental or loaner car. Hyundai did replace the engine out of warranty but it is obvious that they know they have issues with this engine. Who has two engines go bad in six years? I picked up my car from the service department on a Friday and traded it in on a VW Saturday morning. I will never own a Hyundai ever again!
Published: March 4, 2020
Todd of Winnsboro, SC

October 2015, 120,000 Km & Faulty crankshaft sensor shots down engine..
October 2015, 120,000 Km & Faulty crankshaft sensor shots down engine... Huge safety issue. NO Brakes, No power steering. Lucky I am on a level road. Hyundai Australia denies any responsibility as the vehicle is out of warranty... UNBELIEVABLE RESPONSE!!
Published: October 14, 2015
Robert of Sharon, Other

I purchased a new 2012 Hyundai Sonata from the Liberty Hyundai dealership i
I purchased a new 2012 Hyundai Sonata from the Liberty Hyundai dealership in New Hudson, MI and experienced engine problems about a year later. I took the car into the dealership and was told I would receive a loaner car when they got some in stock. After continuously calling for a few days, I was told they still didnt have any loaners. After a while they called and told me that I could not get a loaner because they needed authorization to tear down my engine. So basically the service department manager lied about giving me one in the first place. He then told me his rep authorized to tear down my engine to see what was the cause of it not running correctly and burning oil. They told me I had sludge in my engine and the oil was never changed even though I have receipts to prove the oil was changed. The manager then said the place I got it changed from really didnt change the oil and I would have to go back to them. He then said as a result, my warranty was void and it would cost me $4,200-$8,000 to replace my engine. This was not the only problem I had with this dealership. The service manager also told me there is a recall on my car. I asked if they fixed the problem for the recall and he said, “No, unless we have the engine fixed.” When I first bought the car, they told me about a tire warranty, which is also a waste of money! They told me how great it was, and that if anything goes wrong with any of my tires, the company that offers the insurance would come out change my tire and cover expenses. I learned firsthand that wasn’t true at all. I had a flat tire and called the insurance company. They told me I needed to take it in to a reputable tire place such as Belle Tire. I took it to Belle Tire and had to pay for a new tire. The insurance company told me they wouldn’t pay for the replacement, and I come to find out if they did, it would be as a reimbursement. I was only happy that the flat tire didn’t happen when I was driving or on the side of the road, because they wouldn’t have come out to my location immediately. I am absolutely displeased and angered by their service! It seemed as soon as I pulled into the service department for them to look at the car, they were not trying to help - they were telling me lies and saying anything just so they wouldnt have to fix it. Not only will I never buy from Hyundai again, I will tell those who ask me about getting a Hyundai that it is not worth the trouble. Lord forbid something goes wrong, and it will with their cars, because they will not fix it.
Published: February 23, 2013
J. of Na, MI

I leased my new 2020 Hyundai Tucson on June 30, 2020. Only a month later on
I leased my new 2020 Hyundai Tucson on June 30, 2020. Only a month later on August 1, 2020 the oil pump light appeared on board. Advised by the Blue Link representative I contacted from the car, I took the car to be serviced at the nearest dealership (different from the one I leased the car from). Once there, I was told they dont have a replacement car for me to drive while the car is in their shop and that the oil pump they ordered should arrive in a few days, and I am still waiting for it! I am an essential worker who needs a car to get to and from work! I called Hyundai customer service, I was assigned a case manager who had no clue what to do, what part I needed for my car or how to find out when it will be shipped. He recommended I rent a car while Im waiting for mine to be fixed (which could take weeks...) and said I will be reimbursed $30/day if I rent a Hyundai or $20 for a different car. I live in New York City, those are not the rental prices I can find here. Meanwhile, I am still paying for my lease and cannot use the brand new car! This is the second Tucson I have, but after this experience I will definitely switch car companies!
Published: August 6, 2020
Emilia of Woodside, NY

I just bought a 2013 Hyundai Sonata. The steering wheel locks (and clamps d
I just bought a 2013 Hyundai Sonata. The steering wheel locks (and clamps down electronically where you have to be strong to turn wheel to turn key) and I cant start the car. I need another person to turn the steering wheel because it locks so hard. I have been stranded twice where I needed help. Hyundai wont stand behind fixing it. They say it is the way it is designed. Something should be done about it. I had it in service a few times. I have a car that will not run. And when it does, it has the roughest ride of any car I ever had, especially on the freeways. I am 87 years old and between the rough ride and now this starting problem, Im very upset that I have to fight to get my money back. This should be a recall item. What do we do? Doesnt implied warranty state that I will get a car that I can start and that I wouldnt be stranded in 105 deg. heat like I did? It is a serious health and safety Issue.
Published: June 27, 2013
Anthony of Banning, CA

The car itself is wonderful. I have a hydrogen fuel cell Nexo. The company
The car itself is wonderful. I have a hydrogen fuel cell Nexo. The company is terrible. Zero stars. Worst experience. I had my car towed to this location by roadside assistance from Hyundai, due to screw that lodged into my tire, causing it to flatten. This could have been a quick fix and I was told they give roadside tow-ins priority. Hyundai roadside assistance was great but did not check or mention my car model is not serviceable at all locations. I now know. The dealer held my car hostage for 4 days, no call back (left about 6 messages) until we called Sales department on 3rd day, and they spoke rudely to my friend who was trying to help me out (dont call service department they will never pick up or call back, go to sales they will pick up). I decided on the 4th day (Tues morning) after they told me it would be ready by Tuesday morning, to just simply show up and they said it would was not ready and would be ready in 5 hours. So I said I would sit there and wait, and when I finally decided to call another tow truck and told them to pull my car out, they said the tire was there and they were going to fix it now. Funny how that worked out. I also have an app on my phone that tells me the location of the car. It somehow was in SF not in Richmond when I checked on Saturday, but was back in the dealership on Sunday. Not sure if someone took it for a joyride, but after the non-communication, I wouldnt put it past them. Avoid this place at all cost. I love the Nexo, hate Hyundai the company and will be selling my car soon to avoid this headache again.
Published: August 31, 2021
Cai of Goleta, CA

Our 2011 Hyundai Veracruz is at the dealers now. Recalled item was handled
Our 2011 Hyundai Veracruz is at the dealers now. Recalled item was handled previously and failed. However, they say they only fix once - so want us to pay $900+ to have same issue handled. Valve cover gasket allows oil to leak onto alternator, which then fails. Our car is STUCK in Hendersonville because we cant pay for the repair. On our 2011 Hyundai Veracruz: If there was a recall and it had been fixed correctly, the issue should be solved. It is not and the alternator has failed again. There seems to be a manufacturers defect and that is what should be fixed.
Published: December 8, 2016
Pat of Ocala, Florida

Hyundai Motor Finance is not an easy company to work with. We bought our Hy
Hyundai Motor Finance is not an easy company to work with. We bought our Hyundai and the dealership had superb customer service. Those customer service expectations are obviously not universal when dealing with other entities of Hyundai. We pay our car payments on time every month. The online system did not process our online payment last month even though I got a confirmation number. Hyundai waited 3 weeks before notifying us that they had not received payment. I went online again and paid the payment. I followed up the next morning to verify payment was received. The customer service agent said it had not been. I went online and paid it again per her suggestion. Five days later, Hyundai takes out two payments for the same amount from my checking account. When asked if they could refund, they told me I had to get a letter from the bank, show transaction history, and wait roughly 7 days until the check was cut and sent to me. They can draft accounts but not credit them. I asked if they were going to take care of my late fees. The supervisor said she needed to review the past 3 calls that I had with Hyundai over the last 2 weeks to determine. It may take a few days for someone to get back to me. My complaint is that the customer service reps that I spoke with each time told me different information, and Hyundai does not believe the customer is always right; they believe they are right until proven otherwise, which penalizes the customer. Do not work with Hyundai Motor Finance. They have cost me fees, time, and money from missing hours at work, from having to chase down letters from the bank, only accepting faxed info, not email info and not being able to handle concerns over the phone. All complaints must be in writing.
Published: May 8, 2013
Brigitte of Cary, NC

I have had this car for 14 days. When I bought it the salesman could not ge
I have had this car for 14 days. When I bought it the salesman could not get the nav to show anything but one major interstate. I trusted (HUGE MISTAKE) that the dealership would make it right. Now they tell me it has to be set at 150 feet to show street names. If youre on the highway going 60 mph - or even back roads at 40 - you wont have enough time to make the correct turns. Had they been honest about the severe limitations of the cars navigation system, I would have NEVER bought it. It would have been a deal breaker. I feel the dealership beginning to be very sleazy about this: Hyundai Great Lakes in Streetsboro, OH. Theyre basically telling me tough luck.I will not take the car back; am preparing to call my lawyer and will scream to the high heavens about this. I was tricked and lied to by this dealership. JUST DONT BUY A HYUNDAI... SEEMS LOTS OF THE DEALERS ARE SLIMY!!
Published: September 18, 2013
Jody of Streetsboro, OH

I have owned a 2001 Hyundai Elantra for 3 years and have owned 3 Hyundais o
I have owned a 2001 Hyundai Elantra for 3 years and have owned 3 Hyundais over the last 20 years. I have always been a loyal Hyundai owner, but I am now reconsidering that thought. Over the weekend, my car broke down when the control arm broke and left me right where I sat. After some research, I have discovered the part that broke was, at one time, under a recall. I called the Hyundai Customer Assistance Center yesterday, November 26, to inquire about the recall and was told that recall has expired. When I asked about the expiration date of the recall, I was told I would have to call my local dealership to find out when it expired. I couldnt understand why I would have to call the dealership when I was speaking to a case manager as he continually referred to himself as. I refused to call the dealership as someone from Hyundai had to tell the dealership when it expired. When I asked for a supervisor, I was told he was the case manager and his supervisor would tell me the same thing. I again asked for the supervisor and was told he is very busy. I was then put back on hold and had my husband go ahead and call the dealership about the recall and was told the recall was expired but he couldnt tell us when either. When the case manager came back to the phone, his story changed to my car didnt fall under the recall for the control arm issue. So, I still dont know if my car was part of the recall but the recall expired or my car wasnt part of the recall even though its the same problem that caused the recall to begin with. I didnt get anywhere with the case manager at the assistance center nor did I get to speak to a supervisor. I even left my name and number and was told he would return my call but I didnt hear back from him. At this point, my car is still where it broke down and so far, Hyundai has been zero help. I really dont want to put a lot of money into a car that I no longer have faith in the company that made it.
Published: November 27, 2012
Allison of Canton, NC

I called them this morning because of a flat tire in my driveway. I was off
I called them this morning because of a flat tire in my driveway. I was off the phone in less than 5 minutes. The estimated time of arrival was 9:21 am. They actually got there 10 minutes early. Everyone was wonderful and helpful. Fast and courteous. Not one complaint. Definitely would use them again any day of the week.
Published: September 30, 2016
Louise of Clearfield, UT

Recently I was informed by my local Hyundai dealership that the battery on
Recently I was informed by my local Hyundai dealership that the battery on my 2012 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid needed replaced. Not the hybrid battery. I was told it was $312.00 for the battery through the dealership. I said thanks but Ill go elsewhere. After 3 weeks of looking and calling around Ive been informed that the battery can only be purchased from a dealer. I decided to call Hyundai customer service to find out why. There is no reason other than, Because thats the way it is and because we can. What?? Really??That is how the conversation went. I asked to speak to someone who could answer me why and was told that, Everyone else will give you the same answer, the way it is and because we can. What kind of crazy monopoly is this. Any other year Sonata battery can be purchased elsewhere. They are unwilling to explain why, they are unwilling to require the dealership to sell the part at a reasonable price, nothing. No help, no explanation, no concern or consideration. I have really liked owning my Hyundai until now. I recently paid it off and now its having issues creep up that require attention only at the dealership. Interesting, frustrating and suspicious. Might very well be the last Hyundai I ever own.
Published: April 10, 2018
Karen of Trabuco Canyon, CA

I recently purchased a Hyundai Elantra 2013 two weeks back. After one week,
I recently purchased a Hyundai Elantra 2013 two weeks back. After one week, the navigation system voice stopped working and it does not detect my phone too via bluetooth. There is also some burning smell I get when I drive. I paid almost $30,000 for this car with the high rate of interest and it is a brand new car, which I purchased from the dealership. I feel cheated and hurt as it has been heavy on my pocket and I am not satisfied with the car. I would want it to be replaced with a new good model as I did not pay so much money for a faulty car with parts which were not pretested. The navigation system not working in barely 2 weeks is a big surprise to me. As a customer, I feel the service has been pathetic and I would not recommend Hyundai to my friends and anyone else.
Published: October 3, 2012
Priyanka of Carlsbad, CA

There should be zero or negative star option for Hyundai finance. Their cus
There should be zero or negative star option for Hyundai finance. Their customer service is horrible. They take your money first but they will make you cry and suffer to the necessary document they need to provide you to get the charge of your vehicle. Their CS is horrible. no training, no respect for customer and flat out liars. When you complaint they just drop your call so you have to call them again and wait in line for hours. As you can see review after review and complaint after complaint which also reflect in their ratings but no improvement. I hope KARMA catches to them. Strongly recommend anyone to stay away from them. I would never buy Hyundai car so that I never have to deal with Hyundai Finance.
Published: February 23, 2022
Misc of Hilliard, OH

One major deficiency with Hyundai USA customer service is some of the Reps
One major deficiency with Hyundai USA customer service is some of the Reps who answer customers questions provide wrong and misleading answer, and this could hurt and harm both customer and the company. I did get wrong answers to my questions several times. One Rep who has a clear understanding of Hyundai warranty did provide me with the correct answer after I have made several attempts until I lucked out with one customer Rep among many who resolved the issue. Hyundai dealer should also have known what is and is not covered under the warrant. Hyundai did agree that the work done should have been covered under the warrant and now the dealer will reimburse me for the charges that occurred in 2013. I do admire the fact that this particular Customer service Rep, he/she did not provide his/her name, was honest enough and put the effort to resolve the problem. I am now very satisfied with the resolution and will definitely consider purchasing another Hyundai car, assuming they invest in training the Customer Service Dept. as well as the authorized dealers on the various aspects of the 100,000/10 years warranty.
Published: January 1, 1970
Mark of Wanaque, NJ

I do not understand, and I will try to summarize my experience so as to sav
I do not understand, and I will try to summarize my experience so as to save everyone the grief of reading an extensive unpleasant experience. In short, I have leased with Hyundai since I was 20 years old. I am 24 now, and this car (so am on my second lease now) is one of the biggest regret of my young adult life. For my previous leased vehicle, I was hit with a bill of nearly 5,000 dollar, which a very big chunk of that money did not apply to my actual balance since I continued to lease with them. After the proper deductions, my bill went down to about 3,600. That is fine, except that each time I called to have a number confirmed, I received a different quote. I once called literally sobbing because I had no idea what to do, in which I was “helped” by a woman that talked over me the whole time, was terrible at explaining anything to me, and told me I could “get a second job” to try to pay for my balance. Okay. I paid the money and received a voicemail (not very clear to make out what it said) saying something about my balance. I called back to try to get back to that person, had their extension and everything to confirm that they received my payment, and literally spent 20 mins on the phone with someone, intermittently getting put on hold, only to be told they could not find the extension or the balance I was speaking of. I finally have let it go and assumed that they received my payment. This is the gist of that experience. Today, I called because I am having trouble with the radio playing over the music I am streaming, so I called to get help. The lady on the phone said “we don’t help with that, I can give a number of you have anything to write down” and I said that I was driving, asked if I could get forwarded to the proper place. So she forwarded my call, and a lady answered and I could not hear or understand her at all. Finally, she spoke closer and I could hear her louder but still not well. I explained my problem, she said “yeah we don’t help with that” so I told her I was forwarded and didn’t know what to do. She literally said “thank you have a nice day” and hung up. HUNG UP. I was mid sentence and baffled and honestly, I am starting to figure things out on my own whenever I have a problem with my Hyundai vehicle, because customer service has been so incredibly unhelpful, rude, and appalling to interact with, honestly. It’s so shameful, and I am not sure if this is normal? Do other vehicle companies do this to their customers? I am planning to purchase my current vehicle so I will be with Hyundai for a long time, which sincerely fills me with dread and I am starting to feel resentful. This has been a terrible experience since the start, and I don’t call anymore to spare myself the stress of interacting with these people. I don’t even have the words. Just absolutely terrible.
Published: November 27, 2019
Natalia of Perkasie, PA

I have a defective Santa Fe Sport Turbo 2017 SUV. I had problems with it fr
I have a defective Santa Fe Sport Turbo 2017 SUV. I had problems with it from day one... just got worse. Has been to 3 dealerships, same problem, loses power when going over a bump or rough surface. Got worse as time went on. Was in shop 6-7 times. Almost got killed in it when engine stopped working driving on 65mph road. Smoke coming out of SUV. Finally diagnosed with a faulty engine off the assembly line... over $17,000 repair. Not even 2 years old, I have a 3 year lease. Asked Hyundai to release me from the lease and take defective car back. Hyundai WONT... expects me to keep defective car. I do not feel safe in the car no matter what at this point. Hyundai wont take defective car back. This is NOT fair or good business. How can they make me keep a DEFECTIVE car???
Published: October 24, 2018
Holly of Westminster, CO

Got wheel bearings changed at a local mechanic. The part was under warranty
Got wheel bearings changed at a local mechanic. The part was under warranty. I filed for warranty, requesting reimbursement for $250. I have been asked to get the proof of work done from a Hyundai dealership, which I am in total agreement with. The dealerships are asking me $400-450 for inspection. I am willing to pay that amount, considering that I would be reimbursed for it all. I repeatedly asked Hyundai customer service, whether I would be reimbursed if the dealership confirms that the repair was done. To which, I am being told that they cannot guarantee. Beyond common sense, how this works.
Published: October 24, 2019
Rohit of Southgate, MI

In April 2018, 11 months after purchasing a new Hyundai Tucson, the transmi
In April 2018, 11 months after purchasing a new Hyundai Tucson, the transmission began hesitating and shuddering. I complained at Weimer Hyundai and was told to read the owner’s manual and watch some videos on YouTube. These did not address the issue but I was told repeatedly that was how that particular transmission behaved. Then between Jan 25 and Feb 5, 2019, I had 4 service appointments at Weimer to address 4 issues. The continuing transmission hesitation and shuddering now with skyrocketing RPMs, the AEB dash light and alert dings continuously going off, 20+second hesitation upon takeoff and when attempting to increase speed after slowing down or in stop and go traffic, and the driver door lock button malfunctioning. Nothing was repaired.I opened a complaint with Hyundai Customer Service and was told to take it to Jenkins Hyundai. After waiting for 3 weeks for a service appointment opening, on Mar 11, I was told it could be a safety issue if the AEB were in a crash/near crash situation and didn’t operate as designed. I was told a 2 different wiring harnesses were being ordered and that it should be in for the repair within the week and I would have a loaner car. They would call when the parts came in. After not hearing anything for several days, I talked to Hyundai Customer Service about the lemon law buyback. They said it would take 30 days to reach a decision. Finally they sent an email saying they would not do a buyback. Finally on April 8, my wife went to Jenkins and spoke with a sales manager who said he would call her back that afternoon with an update. He did not call. On April 9, my wife returned to Jenkins and spoke to a service manager who told her the wiring harnesses were on back order. He said a serious issue had also affected massive numbers of Subaru’s and that because of that all the mechanic appointments and loaner vehicles were booked for at least 4-6 weeks out. He said he would contact Hyundai Customer Service, a couple of dealerships 90+ minutes away and his own staff and prepare a plan. From this point he wanted to handle everything via email to create a paper trail. He said he would have everything ready by noon on April 10 and would call with the plan. Instead, he emailed a request for videos of the issues. By April 11, the A/C had stopped functioning properly and by April 12 even the date and time were not displaying on the dash or radio screen. My wife submitted all this information and several videos to them. DON’T buy a HYUNDAI!
Published: April 13, 2019
Chris of Shinnston, WV

We bought this vehicle in the last week of December 2014 and got delivery o
We bought this vehicle in the last week of December 2014 and got delivery on 2nd of January 2015. After couple of months the squeaking noise started from the sunroof. Went to dealership in March 2015 and they could not diagnose the problem. I went again after a week in March 2015 and they acknowledge the noise. They took the car and told me to pick it up at the end of the day. When I called them at the end of that day, they said, they do not have parts and it will take two weeks to get the parts.I called Hyundai Canada and talked to Customer Relation department. Their response was very cold and promised me to resolve the issue ASAP. Nothing happened for two weeks. Hyundai Canada also refused to give me a rental car as they said it is not a safety issue. But the dealership had taken the roof off and the car was not drivable. After many follow ups over the phone with Hyundai Canada, nothing happened. They continued promises without any outcome. They dealer said they have no control on parts. It took more than four weeks to receive the parts and finally in April they gave the car back to me.After driving for a week the squeaking noise started again. Went to dealership and they said that the mechanic who repaired the roof has gone to his home country and will not be available till the end of April 2015. I called Hyundai Canada and they gave no response. They said that they are sorry but there was no solution to the problem. I requested them to take the car back and give me a new one. They said Hyundai Canada do not have policy to buy back. Followed up with dealer many times with no positive response. In May went back to dealer and they did something to stop the noise. The noise stopped for a week and again started. Now the noise is so annoying that it is hard to concentrate on driving. I feel that I will meet with an accident as my attention is diverted due to noise.I have told Hyundai Canada and dealership that this piece is defective but they are not listening. I called dealership to look into this again and they have told me that they dont have a vehicle to lend and I am in waiting list. I called Hyundai Canada and spoke with Customer Relations and their response is the same as before. They continue to mention that they are sorry and trying to do their best to fix this. I am been trying to resolve this issue since last seven (7) months with no possible resolutions. I strongly feel that I am cheating and robbed. I am paying my car payments very regularly. We are middle class hardworking family and it is hard to meet ends. This is giving us lots of stress and anxiety which we do not want. We bought a brand new car to have peace of mind but this issue has taken all the peace away.I feel that as a consumer I have no rights and my hands are tight as Hyundai Canada and Dealership are playing games. On October 4, 2015 the speedometer blacked out, which is not showing the speed, fuel, fuel consumption, outside temperature, heating/cooling as well as the seat belt warning is showing. I called the dealer and they told me to bring the car on October 7th, 2015. They took the car and when I followed up with them at the end of the day on October 7, 2015, they informed me that the cluster (electronic part) has failed and they do not have the part. They will let me know when they will get it. Also they have taken apart the sunroof and for that they do not have the part.The service manager is telling me on Friday October 8, 2015 they still dont have the part. I followed up again on Friday October 9, 2015 and they didnt receive the part. The manager told me that he has no clue when the parts will come. The status is not showing as backorder as well. The Thanksgiving long weekend passed and I called the dealership on Tuesday October 13, 2015 in the afternoon to inquire for the status. The manager is telling me that they still are not aware of the status of the parts. He said, he will call me when they know the status of the parts, which after probing for many times, he said he cant tell me the exact day when the parts will arrive as the system is not showing anything.Also Hyundai Canada tells me that I am not entitled for a rental car as I have not bought the extended warranty??? The car remains with the dealer with no definite answer (October 19, 2015). Called Hyundai Canada and my calls were transferred to the voicemail for the customer relations. Waiting to hear from them.
Published: October 19, 2015
DJ of Brampton, ON

In early 2012 I leased a Hyundai Santa, in September 2012 the vehicle was i
In early 2012 I leased a Hyundai Santa, in September 2012 the vehicle was involved in an accident and sustained severe front end damage, all air bags deployed etc. The vehicle was towed to a junkyard/auto repair shop. I had full insurance plus gap insurance through Hyundai. My insurance paid out over ten thousand dollars that I sent directly to Hyundai. I constantly contacted Hyundai regarding the status of the vehicle, the account was placed in the recovery department that was handling the gap insurance. In November of 2012, the last correspondence I had with them that I initiated was with that department. At that time I was told the vehicle was covered under the gap insurance, time went by and I never had been contacted by Hyundai, I presumed the vehicle was paid for and everything was done. Until a year later and I applied for credit and was told to my surprise that I had repossession on my credit, prior to this I had excellent credit. I Called Hyundai and was told indeed this vehicle was repossessed, they could not supply me with when it was repossessed from the auto repair shop, when the sale was or if the vehicle was ever repaired. I was never notified of any repossession, never notified of any sale etc. I have on several occasions contacted in writing Hyundai requesting proof of the vehicle being repaired, proof of the vehicle being repossessed and sold. To this day almost three years later, they have not and will not send me any proof of this and this full amount owed is still affecting my credit.
Published: October 23, 2014
Liza of Milford, PA

Pathetic service. First they booked the car at a great deal and I gave the
Pathetic service. First they booked the car at a great deal and I gave the booking cheque and documents also required for booking. They cancelled the booking and returned the cheque very next day saying that the car model and variant I have booked is already sold in their Ludhiana showroom and will be available in stock next year at an increased price and no discounts. God knows what a crappy inventory management system they are using. These guys spoiled my familys new year plans.
Published: December 27, 2018
sunny of Other, India

I was hit by a drunk driver doing 95 MPH, then I smashed into the concrete
I was hit by a drunk driver doing 95 MPH, then I smashed into the concrete wall and not one airbag went off. This vehicle has front and side curtains, something should have gone off for sure! I was thrown all over the place, and Im very lucky for sure! Airbags did not deploy when numerous ones should have!
Published: May 20, 2015
kelly of Pueblo, CO

Both of the passenger windows in my 2007 Sonata will not stay up. These win
Both of the passenger windows in my 2007 Sonata will not stay up. These windows have probably only been rolled up & down 10 times since the car was purchased, because I dont normally have back seat passengers. I cant afford to have them fixed. I am retired.The left one went out first about a year ago, and then the right one about six months later. I have tried everything from wedging something into the opening to keep the windows up, to taping them. Nothing works. This is a dangerous problem when you are driving down the highway & suddenly your back windows fall down, it could cause a wreck when you hear it suddenly & look back.In my opinion, Hyundai is a good car as far as the motor goes, but they really cheaped out on the interior. Another problem I have had for about 3 years, is the visors on the driver and passenger side wont stay up. I tried velcro, but it didnt work, so now I have tied them up to the handles above the windows to keep them up.Needless to say, this looks ridiculous. The visors would block my view. I have never had a car that had these problems. Because of the cheap interiors, I will never buy another Hyundai. I do believe these problems should cause a recall, especially on the windows.
Published: March 2, 2012
Marcheita of Greenville, TX

I leased a 2021 Hyundai Kona EV from Hyundai November of last year. The veh
I leased a 2021 Hyundai Kona EV from Hyundai November of last year. The vehicle has been giving me issues since, constant dashboard lights and issues with the electric vehicle system. After attempting to charge the vehicle at home, the vehicle would not charge at all. This occurred on January 28, 2022. I anticipate the issue would be due to weather and did not drive it for a few days. On February 1, 2022 I attempted to drive the vehicle and it would not pick up a charge. On the dashboard a check engine light displayed (Check Electric Vehicle System). The only charge left on my vehicle 19% of battery, roughly 58 miles of distance.I contacted the dealership and explained my issue, and they stated I would have to tow the vehicle to their location, and incur towing fees at my own expense. I then contact a dealership that was much closer, and they scheduled me for service on February 22, 2022. After dropping the vehicle off, the service advisor contacted me 9 days later and explained to me that the vehicle has an issue with the electric vehicle system. He also advised me that the electric vehicle battery must be replaced, and the time frame for replacement is 5-7 months.I contacted Hyundai Corporate and explained to them the issue. I advised them that I would like to have the vehicle purchased back from Hyundai due to its defect since the vehicle can not be repaired in a timely manner, and has a defective issue. I also explained to them that an issue with the battery concerns me, and I do not feel safe charging the vehicle at home knowing there is an issue with the battery, and there may be an issue with the replacement battery as well. The safety of myself and my family must be taken into consideration when dealing with an issue on a vehicle that is plugged into the electrical system of my home. Hyundai advised me that there is nothing they can do, and I am stuck with this vehicle. This entire situation has been an unforeseen nightmare.I am at a lost for words at the experience that I have had with Hyundai Motor America. This is a new vehicle with roughly 5,000 miles, and I am being forced by Hyundai Motor America to continue to remain in a lease for vehicle their own employees have told me could be many months to repair. Hyundai Motor America is refusing to assist me in the matter knowing that the vehicle is a lemon, under New Jersey lemon law. I highly suggest anyone reading this to rethink to do business with Hyundai Motor America.
Published: March 10, 2022
Randy of Bloomingdale, NJ

I bought an Elantra 2011 in the US. During the first year, it was 3 times i
I bought an Elantra 2011 in the US. During the first year, it was 3 times in service for over three months for the same problem with its electronics. Its still in service under the 5th repair attempt. I contacted a lawyer to deal with Hyundai Motors America (HMA) and request a replacement or the cash back. Hyundai is trying to do anything possible to avoid this situation. They rather spend more money in warranty claims than giving me what I paid for and deserve. We will take legal actions against HMA. I will never buy Hyundai again and make sure that anybody I know wont do it either. They ll loose.
Published: December 15, 2011
Victor of Buenos Aires, Other

I have recently purchase a 2013 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport with 58k miles from
I have recently purchase a 2013 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport with 58k miles from a private party due to wanting to avoid financing and dealer fees. Main reason why I went with Hyundai was for their greatly advertise 10 years 100,000 miles warranty. Little that I know when I call Hyundai dealership about the status of my vehicle warranty I was told the warranty is non transferable to a second owner. That really let me down. So be careful buying a Hyundai from a third private party. Warranty does not transfer.
Published: March 2, 2019
Yotuel of White Plains, NY

I was forced to sign a lease for 2012 Hyundai Elantra by Herb Chambers Hyun
I was forced to sign a lease for 2012 Hyundai Elantra by Herb Chambers Hyundai of Auburn, promising a great deal and rebate. But they have put more than $3,000 above their MSRP of $21,495. They gave me no rebate. When questioned, they said this particular car doesnt have a rebate. But that car always remained in their specials page with all the other deals! They did all malpractices in the lease calculation and made me put a down of $530 - $2,000 cash and $3,300 trade-in. Still, they made my monthly installment $291.44 for 36 months with 12,000 miles per year.Their advertisement says MSRP $21,495, monthly installment $234 for $0 down! I paid $5,300 down but my installment is much higher than what their ad says. I contacted them many times with this but their response was so sarcastic and humiliating. The managing director asked me, Then why did you take the car? in a very sarcastic way. They even openly accepted that they put a higher MSRP purposefully and they do have the right from Hyundai to do so.I complained in Hyundai consumer affairs but they closed the case just listening to the dealer saying that they gave me a huge package of accessories which made the price difference. The accessories the dealer gave me did not cost beyond $1,000, but the lady who represented Hyundai was not willing to listen to me. She was in a hurry to close the case. I am trying to get justice in some or other way.
Published: August 7, 2012
Manickathan of Woburn, ma

We have a 2009 Hyundai Sonata with the 2.4L 4 cyl engine. Engine made a kno
We have a 2009 Hyundai Sonata with the 2.4L 4 cyl engine. Engine made a knocking noise then locked up about 3 hours from home. Over time we had some minor issues with the car but were very happy with it overall. These included an oil leak covered under warranty, broken starter part, not covered, transmission not shifting properly, reprogram of transmission computer covered under warranty, and a broken door handle, not covered. The plastic starter part and door handle are known issues.When the engine locked up we were towed by AAA (wonderful folks!) 3 hours back home. I called the service department and was informed that there was a $101 fee to diagnose the problem. I dont work for free so I dont expect their mechanics to either. I indicated that the car was out of warranty by 2002 miles but asked that if they could do anything for me I would appreciate it. Service writer was polite but didnt give me a warm fuzzy feeling. A sales associate did offer to give us an appraisal of our dead car toward another Hyundai. Fat chance of that happening. When it was all said and done there was no offer of help from Hyundai other than to install a high mileage salvage engine for about 4 thousand dollars. I have taken the repair to a shop who I have done business with for years. I will never purchase a Hyundai of any kind again nor will I suggest the purchase of one.
Published: January 24, 2015
Kenneth of Richmond, VA

I have a beautiful Hyundai Tucson sitting in my driveway, towed there from
I have a beautiful Hyundai Tucson sitting in my driveway, towed there from the Dealership who advised my that my engine has failed and will cost $7000 to replace. The car is just a year and a half old. I missed a service therefore Hyundai will not assume any responsibility. I am disgusted that a car as new is this has an engine failure. It hasn’t run out of oil, no warning light came in (until the engine started rattling and I took it to the dealership the next day). Hyundai your customer service is as appalling as the engine in my car. I will be telling everyone to avoid Hyundai at all costs.
Published: September 17, 2019
Carolann of Other, Other

In February 2016, we purchased a used 2013 Sonata Hyundai Hybrid with 47,00
In February 2016, we purchased a used 2013 Sonata Hyundai Hybrid with 47,000 miles. We also purchased the extended warranty. The car has a new car warranty in place, already of up to 120,000 miles. Total warranty period should be approximately 10 years. In March 2017, at 71,000 miles, the electrical (high voltage battery) shut down, the car just down and would not move in the middle of traffic. This happened 3 times before Hyundai was able to repair it so the car was running. This repair was completed March 30, 2017, along with a complete fluid change and tune up. Hyundai covered the battery under warranty and charged us for the fluids and tune-up.On October 2, 2017, the car completely seized up and engine began knocking. We had it towed into the Hyundai dealer. The car now had 81,000 miles total. We have contributed to only 35,000 miles. We have an extended warranty, but technically, since we are still under 120,000 miles, the car should be covered under factory warranty.Hyundai refuses to repair the vehicle, both their extended warranty department and the Hyundai corporate office claims that we are to blame for lack of upkeep. If this was not outrageous enough, Hyundai recently signed a settlement agreement regarding their 2011-2014 Hyundai Sonatas in which the customers stated in part: Plaintiffs further alleged that dealers frequently didnt replace the engine, citing the drivers alleged failure to regularly change the oil or failing to keep service records. Same thing is happening here, even though the settlement was reached and signed by all parties. There is no integrity in these large corporations anymore. We are without a vehicle in only one year (we put $10,000 and still owe).
Published: October 12, 2017
Sherry of San Pedro, CA

The summer of 2010, I wanted the 2011 Hyundai Sonata with a passion. So I w
The summer of 2010, I wanted the 2011 Hyundai Sonata with a passion. So I waited for three months for this vehicle! From the moment I pulled this car off of the lot, Ive had issues with the car. Issues that I have taken to only authorized Hyundai service dealers and the issues are not fixed. Issues such as steering, tire pressure light and the car not randomly starting. Talk about frustrating. How frustrating to have my intelligence insulted when I take it to the authorized Hyundai dealership and no one can figure out the problem. How frustrating for me to pay for rentals when my car is in the shop and Hyundai cant figure out the problem because as one of the service dealers told me, Hyundai doesnt do loaners for under the hood issues. Ive been late for work five to six times, not including the close calls of being late for work because my car wont start! I have been stuck outside of an establishment at two in the morning because my car wont star. I have videotaped the instances on my phone and showed it to the servicemen that Im not making this up and their reply, The problem never happens here when we have the car, so theres nothing we can do about it. The car steering has been an issue since I first drove it off the lot and once I made it home, I called my car salesman (who is now retired) immediately. He told me to take it to the dealership if I felt something was wrong with the steering! The dealership told me its called electronic steering. I pay a $420 a month car note and $193 a month in car insurance for a vehicle I dont get to use at my leisure.Up until this point, Ive always had perfect attendance at work. I love what I do and I love saving lives. Im in the medical field and my patients dont care nor do my employers if Im late because my car wont start. Just because I drive a Hyundai that has issues that I have repeatedly taken to the dealership doesnt mean my job will give me a slap on the wrist for tardiness. If I lose my job, how will I pay my car expenses? If I lose my job, how will I have money to take care of my family and household? Its cold and snows where I live. Is it fair for me to be stranded for hours at a time trying to start a car and videotape the car not starting in order to have proof that my car has issues?! My lease is not up until August, so am I forced to stick this out until the end of my lease?The sad part about this is I originally wanted to purchase this car at the end of my lease. I went three months without a vehicle, while I patiently waited for this car to be created at the manufacturer. This was my first and last time purchasing a Hyundai! I have no interest in this car or any Hyundai product because of how I have been treated as a consumer. Not to mention, my coworkers, family and friends saw the agony and what Ive gone through with this car without any type of compensation for my inconvenience and even they are shocked by my Hyundai experience! They all feel some kind of way about Hyundai. I had a coworker tell me, My husband and I were considering the Genesis, but after seeing you with your issues with a car thats only 2 years old, I told my husband why bother? Im too afraid we too will experience the same treatment. What frustrates me the most is that Ive contacted a lemon law attorney who has been in contact with Hyundai since September and Im still nowhere! Its as if the Hyundai representative could care less about my inconvenience, my life and my job! The lawyer and I have emailed video clips of me being stranded with the car not starting, sent documentation supporting their service men not being able to fix the problem, and no Hyundai representative has said Lets start talking about how to establish this clients needs and make her experience pleasant from this day on. Its now January and I am in tears, frustrated and an emotional wreck because my job is on the line! No employers care that I have told them and put it in writing that Im waiting on a lemon law attorney to help me find some peace with this vehicle. Please look over my tardiness until this has passed. At this point, I no longer want the car to purchase nor do I want to keep the car until the end of my lease. I dont even want money from it! I only want Hyundai to take this headache away from me and take it apart and service it properly before selling it to another consumer. I would hate for someone to have to experience what I have experienced as a first time Hyundai customer. Im curious to know, how many other 2011 and current Sonata owners have had similar issues?
Published: January 21, 2013
Suzette of Southgate, MI

We have had the 2014 Elantra a year which we bought directly from Woodland
We have had the 2014 Elantra a year which we bought directly from Woodland Hills Hyundai dealer. It wasnt cheap, as with the extended warranty of 100,000 miles it came to $24,000. We were never told the car did not come with a spare tire. We spent the evening of fathers day being towed back to the dealer and missing our plans because we got a flat tire. The response I was given as its like this in all the cars now. I know that isnt true, because we also bought a Toyota and Nissan which have spare tires. For a company that prides itself on safety, not having a spare or informing the purchase that there is no spare, is not ok!!! The car drives fine, but this to me reflects very poor customer service.
Published: June 22, 2015
laura of Woodland Hills, CA

From a 7 hour purchase fiasco to the BlueLink billing scams and the complai
From a 7 hour purchase fiasco to the BlueLink billing scams and the complaints about mechanical surprises and lawsuits - These people have gotten on my nerves. How many of you feel their BlueLink services are really worth the $200 to $300 a year? Thats a lot of dough to collect per car - a literal fortune for sub-par service and in my opinion, just a way to find out you need an oil change or something and nag the crap out of you. NOT HAPPY.
Published: September 25, 2018
James of Miami, FL

Car has been reliable. Good fuel consumption -- diesel. Reverse never engag
Car has been reliable. Good fuel consumption -- diesel. Reverse never engaged smoothly. Needed to replace automatic transmission at 180,000 kms. They dont make cars like they use to – sold my Subaru at 320,000 without any of these problems.
Published: February 21, 2016
Denice of Sydney, Other

I was driving along a straight road 4 weeks ago when there was a sharp crac
I was driving along a straight road 4 weeks ago when there was a sharp crack. A hairline crack appeared down the plastic decal of the climate control system and the audio system. When I took the car to the dealer they stated that it was a scratch and not a crack and the manufacturers have refused to repair it under the Warranty (there is a 5 year Warranty on this car). I am a 74 year old lady so there are no children in this car to cause a scratch - it is very definitely a crack, but the dealer says it is not. I feel as if I am now in limbo with this.
Published: August 25, 2013
Margaret of Dundee, OTHER

I purchased a 2012 Hyundai Sonata in May 2015. 3 weeks after purchasing I b
I purchased a 2012 Hyundai Sonata in May 2015. 3 weeks after purchasing I began feeling a weird vibration and jerk when accelerating and braking. The violent jerk would worsen and I took it to get an transmission flush and the jerking stopped. Weeks later the jerking began again. It did this in and off about 2 times in 3 months. I took it back to the dealer who had 3 different repair shops who looked at the vehicle and determined it was transmission failure. I received notice a few days later informing me that my model of 2012 Sonata was upon those being recalled for engine failure as well. On top of all this Im moving to California in 3 weeks and desperately need reliable transportation. I will never buy a Hyundai again and am switching back to Nissan. I will be contacting the BBB and fox 2 about the issue and writing a letter to the office of the president! Lesson learned to research car manufactures reputation.
Published: September 29, 2015
Jachin of Fairview Heights, IL

HYUNDAI IS THE WORST WORST WORST! I HAVE BEEN TRYING TO TALK TO SOMEONE IN CORPORATE FOR OVER TWO WEEKS. Everyone in my family owns a Hyundai. My son has a 2012 Sonata that started burning oil. He brought it to Star Hyundai who fixed the problem but actually made things worse. He then brought the car to Plaza Auto Mall where he purchased the car and was told he needed a new engine due to what Star Hyundai did. The warranty claim was denied because they said he never had an oil change. He then produced 8 receipts showing all the oil changes he indeed did have and still they declined the warranty work. He was told that we had NO RIGHT to know why it was denied. On Feb 16TH I spoke to a MS. ** who said she would get back to me within 48 hrs to find out why it was denied. It is now March 5th and still no call back. Today I called corporate and theOPERATOR would not let me tell her what the problem was. When I tried to speak she said SHUT THE ** UP then she hung up. I called back repeatedly and every time she hung up. I have traded in my car and will be buying a Subaru. My son unfortunately was so desperate he traded in his car at Plaza Auto Mall and leased a new Sonata - which we all regret.
Published: March 5, 2015
cindy of Brooklyn, NY

THE WORST!! I would choose zero stars for the review if it was an option! W
THE WORST!! I would choose zero stars for the review if it was an option! We financed our car from Hyundai Finance in November 2019 and waited 3 months to receive our title, but we never received it. We then relocated to another state and to be able to register our car, we needed our title. So, we requested a duplicate title from Hyundai in February 2020. We still haven’t received our title because Hyundai Finance fails to address our request properly every time for TWO YEARS. We have been sending countless checks and request letters to Hyundai Finance for them to request a duplicate title from the DMV for us, but they keep saying they haven’t received any checks, even though they are all delivered.For two years now, we haven’t been able to register our car in the state we live in because of the incompetency of the Hyundai title department. There is no way to call the titles department or even send a direct email to them. We have been calling customer service for two years, asking them to send emails on our behalf to the title’s department. But still no action and no clear response!! They even sometimes hang up on me instead of addressing my concerns and requests. This is the WORST experience I’ve ever had with a company in my life!! BEWARE and stay clear of Hyundai Finance!!
Published: March 11, 2022
mahnaz of Carlsbad, CA

3 weeks ago, I bought my 2016 Genesis Coupe and the car salesman did not te
3 weeks ago, I bought my 2016 Genesis Coupe and the car salesman did not tell me that the car was going to be very low to the ground, about 3 inches. Yesterday, as I was pulling into a parking spot, the front splash shield guard under my car, got stuck by the parking stopper made out of cement and as I pull back out, the splash shield broke off at the right side. I took the car to the Hyundai dealership to get it repaired. Well, it is going to be over $1,400.00 lots of damage for a little accident that should not had happened, if they would had disclose the height of the car. Just because no one told me that the car is very low to the ground and the splash shield may get stuck and break off as you pull back.
Published: April 5, 2016
Thomas of Jacksonville, FL

My engine gave out 12/15, its now 1/27 and its been at the dealership for o
My engine gave out 12/15, its now 1/27 and its been at the dealership for over a month now. A week after the New Year, and after various calls and check ups, I finally got an answer that my warranty would be extended on the engine. The communication has not been the best at all. They offered me a rental but only in the city that the incident happened in which is 6 hours away from home. In addition, I exhausted over $1,000 on hotel/car repairs after the incident took place. I did my due diligence to submit all the info needed for my reimbursement as soon as I found out the engine was a Hyundai issue. I submitted at least 15 documents pertaining to my proof of ownership and explained that I was stranded in an unfamiliar town for two days due to my engine failing. Ive been more than patient and am still without my vehicle, which is somewhat understanding because repairs and ordering parts take time...the funds that I lost however should not take this long to recover. Since then Ive called in several times to get an update and was assigned a case manager Christina who I missed the call from and when I contacted her back two days later I havent received a response back in a week now. Ive left emails and voicemails each day, and once again contacted customer care to escalate the issue. The agents Ive spoken to were thorough and seemed to care but are powerless in rectifying issue. I work 10 hours a day and when someone has an issue, I look to rectify that problem within 24hrs. We may enter another season by the time I get my money back. Once I pay this vehicle off in full, I will not be doing business with Hyundai again, and I dont recommend anyone else to. Your time and money are not valued enough.
Published: January 27, 2021
Briana of Mcdonough, GA

I bought three cars from Hyundai. I bought a 2015 Tucson with 27,000 miles
I bought three cars from Hyundai. I bought a 2015 Tucson with 27,000 miles on it. At 64000 the engine blew. There is a class action lawsuit regarding my vehicle but it is Vin specific even though its within the year of the engine blowing. Hyundai only cover half I had to cover the rest over $4,000 for a new engine. I will never buy another Hyundai again. Their cars are junk and they dont take care of their customers.
Published: October 11, 2019
David of Hobart, IN