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Land Rover is a British brand of predominantly four-wheel drive, off-road capable vehicles, owned by multinational car manufacturer Jaguar Land Rover, since 2008 a subsidiary of India's Tata Motors. JLR currently builds Land Rovers in Brazil, China, India, Slovakia, and the United Kingdom.

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Product Reviews:

Land Rover has a lot of different selection of cars on their car lot. I thi
Land Rover has a lot of different selection of cars on their car lot. I think I made a good decision based on the price and the selection that they currently had on hand. They have the most up to date cars on the market. They dont have any junk and they can only sell the best since they do ask for a lot of money as a down payment. They let you upgrade your car just as long as you have the money to do it. You can customize your car too for your style. I like the way it makes me feel. You can fit all that you need to fit. There is a lot of passengers room as well as trunk space. You can carry all your luggage and extras you may need to bring with you.
Published: February 14, 2017
Lee of Las Vegas, NV

The electrical system and suspension bags goes off while driving. This incl
The electrical system and suspension bags goes off while driving. This includes all electrical indicators (low coolant, HDC fault, cruise control, parking brake, fog lamp, check engine, seat belts, oil pressure, battery, air bags deploy, high beam indicator, and emergency flasher, suspension bags inflate and deflate). Brought it to Land Rover January 2014 and service advisor said everything was fine. Took it back on February 2014 with the same problem and when he turned on the ignition, the problems above occurred. We have been in contact almost on a weekly basis for an update. To date, they still have the car. He thinks it might be the instrumental panel on the dash board but is only 70% sure. To replace that, it would cost us $1,400.00. If the problem continues, then bring it back for another diagnostic evaluation. It is unfair for us to pay for something that they are not certain will fix the problem and will not be refunded if the same problem occur but said if it does, then to bring it back for another diagnostic evaluation. At our expense? Is this fair? Is this a defective item on the 2006 LR3?
Published: April 3, 2014
Richard/Cecilia "Sally" of Mililani, HI

I bought a 2004 Range Rover on 5/12/12 from this dealership (Vision Custom
I bought a 2004 Range Rover on 5/12/12 from this dealership (Vision Custom Car). Three days after having the vehicle, the car shut off on me. I called Mr. ** and advised what happened. He stated maybe the car needed service. I took the car to be checked out by two different licensed Range Rover professionals and they stated he sold me a lemon. This vehicle need over 5,000 dollars of work; it had engine problems and all kinds of oil leakage in 4 different spots. I contacted Eric in regards to whats going on. He never will take my calls and finally, I got in contact with him and he stated I cannot give the car back and he is not paying to repair it. I paid $13,000 for the car and over $5,000 to have it repaired. In Mr. **s report of the car (Carfax), the car was in very good condition, had no mechanical problems and no engine problems. Well, that was wrong. I am upset at how he handled business and he should not be a licensed dealership selling cars that are lemons. I want reimbursement of the extra $5,000 I had to put into this car and it has only been 1 month.
Published: June 15, 2012
Keshia of Mercerviile, NJ

In January 2012, we experienced a blow out on front driver side of our 2008
In January 2012, we experienced a blow out on front driver side of our 2008 Black Range Rover, which tore up the wiring harness that was above the wheel well. Land Rover was unable to secure parts to fix the vehicle, namely the wiring harness, for seven months. During the seven months they had the vehicle, they had told us they would take care our financial costs to rent a vehicle during this time due to them not being able to loan us a car from the dealership. They have now refused to help with any of the $3,944 worth of expenses we incurred from renting another vehicle to drive during that seven months. They have been terrible to deal with and are liars. After dozens of emails and phone calls to them during these seven months confirming that they would reimburse the charges after the vehicle was fixed, they have basically now said they cant do anything for us. I will never ever purchase another Land Rover. Our insurance paid out over $18,000 to them to repair the vehicle and they still treat their customers unfairly. We couldnt be any more disappointed in this establishment - not only disappointment in their ability to secure parts in a timely fashion but also in their unfair treatment of customers. This is the first review I have ever written so you know the magnitude of our disappointment.
Published: September 5, 2012
Glenn of Kingwood, TX

I am a student in the United States. I wanted to purchase a car from the lo
I am a student in the United States. I wanted to purchase a car from the local retailer in Richmond, Virginia. They refused to sell me a car just because I am a student but I felt it was a race discrimination. They kept asking me from where I am getting my money. I wanted to purchase a car for my own use while I am here in the United States for the duration I am studying. They started asking me personal question like from where will you get your money. For the past three months I have not gotten an answer from them. I went to visit the dealership again but they asked me to provide a 6 months bank statement. I am not sure why would they want one since I am not financing the car (I cant get a finance since I am an international student). They have been giving me a really hard time. There is no law within the United States that would prohibit me from purchasing a car. I currently own a jeep and would really like to add a Range Rover in the family. I hope I can hear from you soon and help me out with this situation.
Published: February 5, 2014
Essa of Richmond, VA

The Land Rover offers vehicles that are great on any driving terrain. They
The Land Rover offers vehicles that are great on any driving terrain. They have high quality tires on them that make this vehicle and all other models of the Land Rover perfect for driving in any type of weather conditions. The appearance of the Land Rover is very attractive. The Land Rover has heated seats, a high quality stereo system (which you can listen to Siris radio through), and a dvd player so that young children that ride in the vehicle will be occupied while you are driving. You can have your vehicle either upgraded or customized to your preference. You can have your vehicle with or without a dvd player installed in it or you can have it upgraded to 4 wheel drive. The Land Rover has a lot of space in it. Whether you use that space for traveling with the whole family, or just for taking things along, like on a vacation or a camping trip. Whatever the case may be, you are guaranteed to have enough space for all of it.
Published: February 11, 2017
Heather of Rochester, NY

The drive shaft rusted/disintegrated at 75,000 miles, leaving us stranded i
The drive shaft rusted/disintegrated at 75,000 miles, leaving us stranded in the roadway. The Land Rover N.A. is caustic and rude, and refuses to assist in repair or payment. Local dealer has never responded or acknowledged. The repair cost $9,000.
Published: December 15, 2011
Charles of Birmingham, AL

35 days in the garage in 1 year. Since May 2018 my car has been off the roa
35 days in the garage in 1 year. Since May 2018 my car has been off the road for 35 days, it has fault after fault, it isn’t fit for purpose, and when you have parted with £36000 of your hard earned cash totally unacceptable. In the last 9 months I have experienced and endured the following issues: May 18 - Brake fault appeared - Potential oil leak. June 18 - Early service light - DEF (maintenance). June 18 – Handbrake fault whilst driving at 70mph, switch was faulty which my daughter in the car. Early August 18 - Gearbox fault warning - fluid leak replaced gearbox seal, car stuck in 3rd gear. Late August 18 - Gearbox Fault - in connection to last issue, required further repair. Late August 18 - Torque Converter replaced. November 18 - Balance Shaft replaced. November 18 - DPF pipe replaced. November 18 - IRD Oil Leak. November 18 Drivers side driveshaft - replaced bracket. November 18 - recurrence of noisy breaks from March 18 - repaired. December 18 - loss of 4 wheel drive - 2 wheel drive and reduced traction- found excessive dirt on pump - cleaned sump, Haldex & housing - replaced pump. I have tried to my wits end to resolve this with Land Rover, they just simply are not interested in making this any better for me, they cannot see that the issue with the car is their issue. I do not have an issue with the dealership that sold me the car, I don’t have an issue with the dealership that have taken the brunt of fixing my car, my issues lies with the arrogance of Land Rover itself, why do they think that it is acceptable to sell a defective car?
Published: February 7, 2019
Mark of United Kingdom

I just purchased a 2018 Range Rover HSE TD6 Diesel Black Package, very expe
I just purchased a 2018 Range Rover HSE TD6 Diesel Black Package, very expensive, took five months to get after order. To date about six weeks of owning car (4,000 miles), the unit is experiencing major electrical, computer malfunctions such as backup camera, not working, computer (dash), not working or black, lumbar supports and massage seats not working, USB ports not working or charging, phone once paired not working, had to delete and re-pair. The problem is the dealer really doesnt know what or how to diagnose or fix the problem. Thank God I had stopped back by the dealership for a tech question and the technician witnessed some of the problems, too expensive of a car to have this many problems, might be time for a Lemon Law attorney.
Published: June 22, 2018
Michael of Lake Elsinore, CA

This is a great car. The drive is safe and smooth. The inside of the car is
This is a great car. The drive is safe and smooth. The inside of the car is detailed with everything needed except there is not one place to put sunglasses! For a car in this price range you would expect there to be a slot or compartment for sunglasses. The button for the trunk is in the worst place - never even knew where it was! Near your knee, under the steering wheel. And the button the release the hood is even lower. Very bad placement- The location where we take our Rovers for service Is located in Thornhill Ontario Canada. It is awful! The service department is unorganized and unreliable.
Published: December 13, 2019
Stephanie of Thornhill, Ontario, Canada

I purchased a beautiful 2020 Range Rover Sport HST with red/black interior
I purchased a beautiful 2020 Range Rover Sport HST with red/black interior on 10/13/19. ON 10/25/19 I started experiencing problems. One of the display screens started to blind on and off constantly and the other two screens were scramble. I also was receiving a message saying intelligent brake system not available. The service department performed a software update and changed a part. The day I pick up my vehicle from the service department the same problems started again maybe 3 hours later. A few days later while waiting in the valet parking line the truck just turned off while I was still in drive. This happen twice. Another visits to the service department for a software update again and I was told my battery was dead; so they charged my battery. As of 1/6.2020 my vehicle is back in shop again waiting for anther display and a part because now Im receiving a message say Forward alert not available. The dealer refused to give me another vehicle and land rover customer service has not return any of my phone calls. I was given a case number and told it can take a few months for land rover to decide if they want to purchase the vehicle back.
Published: January 16, 2020
Kair of Dublin, CA

Purchased a new Ranger Rover Autobiography 2.5 yrs ago and from the first m
Purchased a new Ranger Rover Autobiography 2.5 yrs ago and from the first month has issues. Now been back to garage 25 times - 5 roadside assistance - servicing massive issue with failure to fix the issue so returning back into garage. Jaguar Land Rover fob you off and simply ignore your questions and concerns. Harwoods dealership told me to go and buy another brand as I clearly am never going to happy with the car. Its quite staggering. Now just finding out I am one of many. Wish I was aware of their unreliability before I purchased. Now stuck with car or facing a massive loss. NEVER BUY A CAR FROM JAGUAR LAND ROVER OR HARWOODS.
Published: July 11, 2018
Nick of London, Other

Land Rover has many cars and there are many models to pick from. They are a
Land Rover has many cars and there are many models to pick from. They are all beautiful, glossy, sleek and shiny. They had black, silver and gold that were intensely amazing and gorgeous. They also have the best personalization options. We had a whole family in the car like 10 of us. It was so much fun bonding and being on the road. I even felt upgraded all the time I listened to Upgrade you by Beyonce in this car. Thank you Land rover. I would greatly recommend please take this car.
Published: February 4, 2017
Kelly of Arlington, VA

Land Rover is an amazing experience. If you are looking for a classy vehicl
Land Rover is an amazing experience. If you are looking for a classy vehicle, professionally looking and always keeps you on edge and comfortably. The appearance is sexy and elegant all at the same time. Combination between professional and powerful. The smokey gray is to die for. The Land Rover has a lot of space with a full upgrade of electronic. Bluetooth capable, automatic seats, a lot of great things come from this car. It has a very nice space for 5 people with a lot of leg room. Its absolutely amazing for a road trip with the luggage and car space.
Published: February 7, 2017
Hope of Gulfport, MS

In May 2019 I leased a 2019 Land Rover Discovery Sport from Jaguar Land Rov
In May 2019 I leased a 2019 Land Rover Discovery Sport from Jaguar Land Rover Edmonton. Several issues occurred with the management of the lease and the transition did not occur with ease. I was charged a few thousand dollars more than the accepted offer but the dealership was reluctant to take responsibility or explain the difference. I was excited about driving the vehicle so I let these things go. Unfortunately in June 2019 I started having issues with the vehicle so I instead travelled to Jaguar Land Rover Calgary to rectify my issues there to hopefully gain a different experience. Some issues were resolved (bearings, water pump) after extensive persistence on my part but there was a reoccurring issue with the transmission. I took the vehicle in 5 times and nothing was resolved. I involved Jaguar Land Rover North America on three separate occasions for assistance when the vehicle got worse, and other events occurred. The vehicle became less reliable to drive and on July 29, 2020 I experienced severe jerking, struggles to change gears, mis-shifting, and slipping of the gears. It was of great concern. The vehicle was towed back to Jaguar Land Rover Edmonton and I was told there was “nothing wrong with the vehicle” by the General Manager. Another manager told me “that is how discovery sports drive.” I know others that drive discovery sports and they have had zero issues. @Landrover North America told me “the vehicle was repaired” but all that was done is the factory settings were reset. They didn’t look at the transmission nor did a Foreman drive the vehicle. I was told by others outside the dealership and the manufacturer that it was a transmission problem. I wonder, do they want to duplicate the issue? I asked for a new vehicle because of all the issues but instead Jaguar Land Rover Edmonton and Jaguar Land Rover North America threatened to tell the bank I abandoned the vehicle if I did not pick it up. The General Manager in Edmonton told me “I am not losing money on that vehicle. It is a bad investment.” Yet they leased me the vehicle. The vehicle had been previously purchased by another and returned with 400km. My lawyer sent a demand letter to Jaguar Land Rover Edmonton and Land Rover North America to try and find a resolution but they ignored the Letter. They just kept passing blame onto each other. Lawyers told me it could cost me thousands of dollars to make them accountable but my lease would be close to done before that likely happened. @Alberta Motor Vehicle Industry Council (AMVIC) could not help me due to a “gap in the legislation.” I have not driven the vehicle since the incident occurred in July 2020 but I am still making full payments. It has been in my garage since it was towed back from Edmonton but it was returned with a broken mirror. After reviewing my options, I decided to reach out to the VP at Go Auto Luxury Platform who owns the Edmonton and Calgary dealerships to try find a Win Win solution. After several emails and a telephone conversation he agreed in several emails to lease me a new vehicle for list price and no penalty for returning my other vehicle. He sent me all the details and price of the car. I confirmed there were no other amounts I would need to pay. I travelled to Edmonton from Red Deer to test drive the vehicle to ensure it was what they say it was. When I agreed to the vehicle the price of the vehicle showed up approximately $5, 500 more than list price. If I didn’t notice it then they would have gotten away with charging me more again. The VP at Go Auto later told me it was the “short fall” in my current lease, which is a penalty. I offered to meet him halfway and pay half of the penalty (short fall) but he will not negotiate further and unless I pay the penalty, have larger lease payments, and sign a new lease for another 42 months, I am stuck with a vehicle that looks pretty in my garage. I am told it still has too much left on the lease to do anything about it. Land Rover North America stopped corresponding with me and do not take responsibility for the vehicle and Jaguar Land Rover Edmonton and Go Auto have also not returned my emails. I feel unsafe driving the vehicle and I certainly will not place my grandbaby in the vehicle and take the chance of something happening. I am hoping they will honour their agreements. In advocating for myself in the past five months I have been gaslighted, lied to, threatened, and now ignored. I am a social worker and now I only hope I can advocate for others so this does not happen to them.
Published: November 10, 2020
Patricia of Red Deer, AB

This vehicle is awesome. The drive is smooth and soothing. Almost like ridi
This vehicle is awesome. The drive is smooth and soothing. Almost like riding in an airplane. The seating is like sitting in your recliner riding down the road. The instrument panel also give you that airplane feel. The steering wheel has that ergonomic feel. The manufacturer has stop at nothing to make you feel special even after the sale. When you get this baby home all heads will turn. Heck your garage might even give you a high five after you drive this baby in. This is by far the best vehicle I have seen in the past decade. You will think so too after a drive.
Published: December 12, 2019
Sharon of Augusta, GA

Wow, lot of issues with these Land Rovers. Apparently, I am not the only on
Wow, lot of issues with these Land Rovers. Apparently, I am not the only one. I have a 2015 Land Rover. Problems werent apparent when I test drove it, but they sure developed quickly after buying it. My issues are mostly nuisance electronic issues that the dealer has not been able to resolve... or isnt willing to resolve. The parking brake sets at stop lights and fails to release. The transmission often is confused on which gear it needs to be in resulting in over revving of the motor and heavy clunking as it engages. Radio reception cuts out on local stations that never happened on my other cars. Intermittent wipers fail to operate intermittently. The seat will inadvertently adjust fully down and back instead of to the default Memory 1 position. Sometimes it will randomly adjust while drive.One thing I busted them on early was odometer mileage. It logged 250 miles for a highway trip that MapQuest indicated 180 miles. Perhaps they wanted the warranty to run out as quick as possible. I noted this and reported it to the deal. They said nothing was wrong, but after it was in the shop, it recorded the mileage correctly on the next trip. Strange. Perhaps they are repairing more than they want to let on. The local dealer is now in denial. They tell me they cannot replicate the problem. As the owner, we should have the most credibility with our cars. We drive them everyday, but Land Rover doesnt see it like that. These Land Rovers have electronic bugs and programming issues and it appears Land Rover is hiding from them.
Published: July 7, 2016
Ken of Leawood, KS

Good day. We purchased our 3rd new LR Range Rover Sport TD6 Nov 10th, 2017.
Good day. We purchased our 3rd new LR Range Rover Sport TD6 Nov 10th, 2017. Our previous 2 LRs treated us very well. We would always hear disparaging reports/claims that the LRs were unreliable, but based on our previous 2 LRs we were confident we were purchasing quality vehicles. However, our new 2017 Range Rover Sport had issues going out the gate.1st. The In Control App would not function. However, the shop would mark it up to user error. Please, it does not take a rocket scientist to use this app. They performed update after update and it still does not work correctly. They say, 15-20 min prior to leaving the office attempt to start the car and you should be ok. However, this is neither reasonable or environmentally friendly and it still would rarely work correctly.2nd. The LR stalled out on the interstate because it said it was out of fuel when it had over 3/4 of a tank. It would not operate even though we verified there was fuel in the take and it was towed to Land Rover of Fort Myers for repair. Supposedly, the cause was rectified by a software update which seems rather odd. This was the most scared I have been in a vehicle in my 25 + years of driving. We lost power and power steering going a least 75 mph on a packed highway with my 6 month old son. Come to find out we were one of 1st (YAY!!) LR owners to experience this issue which later became a NHTSA safety recall in June 2018.3rd. Again. The LR ceased to function on the interstate with my 7 month old son in the car. The alert on the dash stated shifter failure. The engine would run but the transmission ceased to operate correctly and was towed to Land Rover of Fort Myers for repairs yet again. Again, the cause was supposedly rectified by a software update which seems rather odd to me.4th and Above and Beyond. After a number of software updates our LR continued to malfunction. Our center console still does not work. No radio, no GPS, no camera or no safety system. Our tire pressure checking system will trigger a fault alarm because it has ceased to work. I have own the LR for 9 months and I am currently in the 2nd month of trying to arbitrate a buy back under the Florida Lemon Law Statute. We entirely stopped driving the LR 1.5 months ago because I can no longer place my family (10 month baby/wife), myself or the citizens at risk by this dangerous vehicle. I am attempting to do this myself. However, if I do not have resolution soon, I will be hiring a lemon law specialized attorney to assist with expediting this process.It is really hard to imagine such an expensive vehicle could have such problems. As I have seen on the Consumer Affairs website, this is nothing new. I have personally owned/drove hundreds of vehicles in my lifetime (including classic cars, military vehicles and down right beaters) and this was the 1st time (and 2nd time) I ever needed to have my car towed due to a breakdown. It really is a shame because this vehicle is very attractive and drives beautifully (when not broke down). Good luck current LR owners and caution to any potential future LR owners until LR can make dramatic improvements in reliability.
Published: August 14, 2018
Ben of Alva, FL

I have a 2013 Land Rover Evoque. This is by far the worse car that I have e
I have a 2013 Land Rover Evoque. This is by far the worse car that I have ever had. This car has had the most issues and its only 2 years old. My oxygen sensor light has been on since May. Dealer says I dont tighten my gas cap. What was I doing before then. Last week the vehicle wouldnt start, surely its not the battery. I take it in for service and Im told its the battery and they cant tell me why all these warnings are popping up; battery is $350. I go get a battery installed but the car keeps saying gear box fault. From reading all the posts. Im scared to drive it. My headlights dont work properly. I can only drive at night with my fog lights on. The service man says my battery would solve a lot. When does a battery fix headlights. Guess what? I have a new battery but my lights still dont work. I have been on the Internet for 4 hours. I see a new vehicle in my immediate future.
Published: September 11, 2015
Michele of Pelham, AL

I purchased a 2006 Land Rover Range Rover Supercharge from Santa Monica Rov
I purchased a 2006 Land Rover Range Rover Supercharge from Santa Monica Rover on November 26, 2011. 15 days later, on December, the check engine light came on. I took the car in for service at Encino Land Rover, $1,024.69 dollars later, the car was ready and running. On January 4, 2012, again the check engine light came back on again. I took it back to Encino Land Rover again on January 10, 2012, the dealership called and say its the transmission needs replace at a cost of $7,500. there was an extended warranty on this 2006 that ended on the 29th of December 2011. Need to get the repairs done on this car and need to figure out what sort of compensation can be extended.
Published: January 11, 2012
Alex of Valley Village, CA

I purchased my 2017 Discovery new with only 11 miles, and loved the car exc
I purchased my 2017 Discovery new with only 11 miles, and loved the car except that the backup camera works only periodically, the audio works only when when it wants to. I now have 34,000 miles and have extreme shaking upon applying brakes. I’m told I need new back wheel brakes at the tune of $1,000 and if shaking continues, I’ll need new front brakes as well for that same amount. I’m told this is not a manufacturers defect so not covered under warranty :(. I’ll be selling this lemon and never purchase a Rover again. I’ll also not recommend that any friends or acquaintances purchase a rover. This is my first and last rover.
Published: November 11, 2019
Cindi of Birmingham, AL

Numerous problems with turbo not engaging. Several trips to dealership for
Numerous problems with turbo not engaging. Several trips to dealership for computer resets etc. ** from the sales/service folks. Still left hanging in traffic with accelerator pressed, no response, then kick in and thrown back in seat. Most dangerous vehicle ever. Horns continuously blowing because I wont go at stop lights. Random overhead lights come on for no reason. If your brakes get close to 50% worn, you must replace the rotors! So Im about $1k into brakes at 34000 miles. Pretty is all its got going for it. Place that sold it to me for 41k offered me 31k 10000 miles later. And it still wont accelerate! Waiting on recall or to invoke the Lemon Law. Land rover service is so far behind BMW as to be in another category altogether. The L for luxury actually stands for Lemon when it comes to Evoque! I want my $$$ back!
Published: September 22, 2015
P. D. of Brentwood , TN

Never had such a money pit for a car. Avoid like the plague. Lots of owners
Never had such a money pit for a car. Avoid like the plague. Lots of ownership experience with high end/luxury cars--Volvo, Lexus, Cadillac Escalade, Mercedes. Less than two years ago we bought our first Land Rover LR4, brand new. Tires lasted 12,000 miles, brakes and rotors failed at 22,000 miles (today). On top of that, put close to $3,000 into it for regular maintenance checks. In less than two years. Outrageous.
Published: October 12, 2017
Alan of Gibsonia, PA

This is not in my character to post negative comments online about somethin
This is not in my character to post negative comments online about something that I like (I absolutely love my 2013 Range Rover Evoque) but I was advised by a manager at a retailer that this was probably my best bet to get some sort of explanation for the recent sub-par treatment I have been experiencing from Land Rover, in particular the Huntington, NY location.On 12/15, my fiancé and I were driving when a message on the dashboard flashed and said that the front left tire needed air. So my fiancé went ahead and attempted to put air in the tire. When he unscrewed the air valve, it broke, causing the tire to become flat. We ended up putting the spare on, which caused another message to pop up saying that there was a fault in the tire sensor system and because this happened at 2300, we decided to call the dealer the next morning.On 12/16, we called the Huntington dealership where we bought the car and were told that the next appointment would not be available until next week. We called several other dealerships that day and even explained the urgency of the problem being that we work 40mi away and did not feel safe driving on the spare. We were told that there was nothing Land Rover can do for us. My fiancé explained that we are being forced to look into other options to get the original tire repaired because we cannot wait a week, and again we were told theres nothing they can do, but give us the next available appointment. We ended up getting the original tire put back on, but the dashboard kept reading that there was a fault in the tire sensor system.My fiancé then drove the car for the scheduled appointment, and waited for the problem to be fixed. However, when the service men told him that it was ready, the dashboard kept flashing the same message. He told them that message was still there and the mechanic impolitely told him to just drive the car 5 miles and the message would go away. After driving for 10mi, the message stayed the same and he drove the car back to the dealership where they decided to give us a loaner and further look into the vehicle.Now today 1/4/17, Land Rover Huntington calls my fiancé to tell him that the service that they provided is not under warranty and we have to pay $400. I called Land Rovers customer service, and spoke to a representative that told me that tires are not included in the warranty, and that because of the recent holiday season there was limited availability for service. Two things wrong here: 1. it is something wrong with the sensory system not the tire and 2. there is no need to justify unsatisfactory customer service. Im very aware that we just celebrated a recent holiday season not to mention my birthday on 12/16, when I had to initially deal with this nonsense.Unfortunately, I am nowhere near my vehicle to look at the specifics of the warranty, but I will say this: this has been one of the most insulting and dismissive customer service experiences I have ever had. I was really looking forward to stay in Land Rover family and eventually upgrade to a vehicle for a growing family, but this service is absolutely deplorable. My mother who is the owner of a Mercedes Benz has never heard of such treatment with her company and here I am being subjected to this level of service, for what is known to be a luxury vehicle.
Published: January 4, 2017
Shauna of Lake Grove, NY

I bought a new Range Rover which has a wading depth in water of 85 cm. I dr
I bought a new Range Rover which has a wading depth in water of 85 cm. I drove well below this and car was cutting off. Had to towed to dealership and was told water got through exhaust. Warranty wont cover. Shocking as its advertise as a 4x4. Land Rover South Africa and UK wont assist. Vehicle still at dealer. NEVER BUY THIS PRODUCT AS WHEN THE TIME COMES FOR WARRANTY YOU WILL BE DUMPED AND NO ONE WILL RESPECT YOU AS A CLIENT. When they sell you the vehicle all promises are made. Choose another brand.
Published: November 10, 2018
Mohseen of Other, Other

The problems with this vehicle started with fit and finish issues within da
The problems with this vehicle started with fit and finish issues within days of driving the new Land Rover Discovery off the dealer lot, that included a squeaky rear seat that took at least four separate visits to fix. Then the problems migrated to the rear liftgate interior panel that continually detached from the body hatch and hug down from one side. I have been back at least six times to fix this problem over a two year period. And each time they fix it and each time it falls apart again. Still no remedy.The best problem, at least for the service providers, has been the non-recall camshaft defect that has been known to Land Rover for some time (not counting the axle bearing failure, that was thankfully caught under warranty). This cam issue totally stopped the car. I finally took the Discovery to an independent garage and am now faced with a $2400 repair bill. Wait, no scratch that; an $11,000 bill. They decided I need a new engine, explaining the cam controller shattered with metal fragments going into the engine.Needless to say, I would not recommend Land Rover vehicles in general. It seems that when these two brands Land Rover-Jaguar, were purchased by an Indian investment company, Tata Motors, the legendary quality and durability was lost. The decision was made to introduce a variety of snappy looking consumer market-class models and trash the historic world-class reliability tradition. Remember all the old movies and newsreels with Land Rover busting through the jungles and mountain passes. Don’t try this too far from town. Trapped in the Outback in a new Discovery would be life threatening. There is a new Defender model, though I wouldn’t hold out much hope for that either - same build, parts and management. Land Rover should have kept the name when they sold out to Tata.
Published: November 8, 2020
Dave of Webster, NY

2019 Velar Safety Issues. Be very wary. The quality of the range rovers has
2019 Velar Safety Issues. Be very wary. The quality of the range rovers has dramatically decreased and, in my opinion, pose a safety issue. I have had the following issues that have gone unfixed because range rover does not know how to fix their own vehicle. - Back hatch closes without prompt and does not stop when it hits something (someone). I have been personally trapped in the hatch several times. - Infotainment center (all displays) lock up and do not reset when the car is turned off. Resets after 4+ hours. This is a big issue since the entire display unit is tied to this. You cannot change or see speed, air temp, etc. - Differential issues - locked up differential that the dealership insists is how the car drives!- Bad fan motor - sounds like an airplane.I have video proof and range rover insists on not fixing the issue because they cannot replicate it.
Published: March 3, 2020
Joanna of Virginia Beach, VA

Traded in my 2016 RR Diesel on 2018 HSE. Wish I could get my 2016 back. The
Traded in my 2016 RR Diesel on 2018 HSE. Wish I could get my 2016 back. The 2018 has been problematic from day 1 regarding the electronic display. Has been in 3 times for repairs and each time, they magically have an update that will fix it all. Still having issues. Now, unless I wait until the disclaimer screen shows up on the screen before putting in reverse I get a TEENY TINY camera. The car also takes 30 seconds for it to engage in reverse AND many times the back up camera will not shut off for MILES. The last upgrade got me Apple CarPlay which I hate!!!! UGH, what happened? I was so excited that my 2016 had ZERO issues and now so disappointed in my 2018! What a mess! Land Rover doesnt seem to have a clue how to fix this issue.
Published: May 29, 2019
Tony of Austin, TX

I own a 2014 Range Rover. The engine completely went out at 56K miles. The
I own a 2014 Range Rover. The engine completely went out at 56K miles. The warranty is 55k miles. Land Rover will not assist me with repairs. I have seen a lot of complaints about the Range Rover Evoque online. If interested in a class action lawsuit, please email me a short description of your experience, first and last name with contact information.
Published: September 26, 2018
David of Albuquerque, NM

We went to Land Rover in Albuquerque, NM with the intent of purchasing a ve
We went to Land Rover in Albuquerque, NM with the intent of purchasing a vehicle. Upon meeting the sales representative we immediately told him the things that the vehicle must have. The very first thing we said was, The vehicle must have Sirius XM radio as we live in a small town without radio options. We were excited to purchase our brand new 2017 Discovery Sport HSE. After signing papers and getting on the road we were unable to figure out how to access the Sirius XM radio. After getting home and reading the manual we still were unable to access Sirius XM. I have never purchased a vehicle and NOT had the sales representative call the next day to be sure everything is well with the vehicle, Land Rover, to say thank you, to check on our purchase... nothing. After not receiving a call I finally called them to ask about the radio. The sales rep says he needs to look up that information and upon returning says no our vehicle does not have Sirius XM. Later I called and spoke to the someone in the financial office to ask a question about gap insurance, and he eventually asked how everything was. I expressed my disappointment in the vehicle not having the one thing that we said the vehicle must have. He said it was likely not added to keep the cost down. I explained that we chose the HSE for its extras and that we purchased a $55,000 car not looking to save a buck on the radio. He said he would get back to me. He later called back to say that Sirius XM is an option on the vehicle purchased for about $800- $900 more. I would have gladly paid this! I was scheduled to go back to the dealership a few days later to have the car washed because on the day we bought it there was no one available to wash it. On the day I returned to have it washed the sales representative asked for the extra set of keys to the car I traded in, took a copy of the insurance card on the vehicle I purchased, and asked if there was anything else he could do for me. I was shocked. He didnt intend to have the car washed at all. I told him I talked to the finance guy who said Sirius XM was an option for $800-$900 and I said I would like to purchase it. The sales guy told me it was no longer an option once the car had been purchased. He did say he would look into it some more and get back to me, which of course never happened. I am so disappointed in the customer service of this company. I have had much better customer service buying much less expensive vehicles. I would have definitely went to BMW or Lexus if would have known Land Rover had such poor customer service.
Published: December 9, 2016
Kylene of Grants, NM

2009 Range Rover Sport HSE. Handling is not great. For the amount paid the
2009 Range Rover Sport HSE. Handling is not great. For the amount paid the suspension could be much tighter. The SUV electronics does not fare well in temperatures under 20 degrees f*. The engine runs great and feels extremely safe. Overall this suv is really about the looks over the functions. Lots of things have gone wrong and thankfully we have a 140k warranty which has been used A LOT!
Published: December 1, 2019
Arthur-Angelo of Carol Stream, IL

I just purchased my 3rd Range Rover and after 3 weeks (1.5 of which it was
I just purchased my 3rd Range Rover and after 3 weeks (1.5 of which it was in the shop), I am getting rid of it. I have been driving for many years and am a competent, confident driver. Or at least I used to be confident. This car stalls WHILE DRIVING, stalls while stopped at lights, the doors open while driving! This is the worst experience Ive ever had with a car, Ive had nightmares and Im scared of my family using it to drive anywhere. Oh yeah, and when it stalls, it stalls in DRIVE and then the cheap knob/gear shifter sticks and there is NOTHING you can do to put it in park to restart the car. So there you are, in the middle of the road/highway/busy intersection with your high end car looking like an idiot and fearing for your life. Ive been a RR gal for 20 years. Theyve lost me now and Im going to warn anyone and everyone. I cant believe there arent any class action lawsuits over this.
Published: November 24, 2017
L of Fishers, IN

Bought a new 2012 Evoque in August if 2013. Early on had a bunch of minor i
Bought a new 2012 Evoque in August if 2013. Early on had a bunch of minor issues (pillar molding making noise at speed, headlight issues, etc.), but loved the car beyond all that (Colima Lime, just the color alone made me smile). About 2 months ago, at 82,000 miles, the engine cut out and could not get it restarted. Thought it was a battery issue and had it towed to a mechanic friend of mine. Within an hour he told me that it was a failed timing chain and that a new engine would be needed. I contacted Land Rover to see if they would cover this even though we were out of warranty. I was instructed to take the car to the closest dealership for inspection before they would even consider the case. It took 5 weeks for them to diagnose the problem as a broken timing chain, but still could not tell me the cause. I provided LR with all the maintenance records. Another 2 weeks went by and they declined to help. When I asked why, I was told that I did not maintain brand loyalty by getting oil changes elsewhere. That has got to be the lamest excuse I have ever heard. It was never a money issue because I always used the highest quality synthetic oils and did oil changes about every 10K miles vs. the recommended 15K. The nearest dealership is an hour away and it’s not always practical to go there. Besides, I have had many vehicles with 100K+ miles on them and did oil changes at the most convenient place, rather than the dealership...never a problem. I am now stuck with having to pay almost $16K for a new engine and the gentleman who declined financial assistance is not willing to even speak with me to give me a better explanation than oil changes not at LR. From reading all these reviews, there does seem to be an issue with the Evoque engine, as they tend to fail right about the mileage mine failed. And from what I read, some of these people even serviced the car exclusively at LR, so it’s not the aftermarket oil & filter BS. Its not even the money that gets me upset, it’s the complete lack of customer service. I mean, it’s $16K...thats the cost of a new car. Couldnt someone take a few minutes to call and explain why they arent willing to help. I am not giving up...gonna try to reach as high as I can, maybe even the company president, or just go screaming to the media...who knows. If anyone has had luck getting to some higher-up, please contact me. Perhaps as one of the posters said, might be time for a class action lawsuit. The bottom line is that they lost a customer. We were about to buy a Range Rover Sport, but thats not happening now. I should have known better to start with. Land Rovers have always had a reputation for being a beautiful car which was extremely poorly built.
Published: December 3, 2018
Alex of Fontana, CA

I had a 2014 Range Rover Sport. It was lemon lawed. They sent me a refund c
I had a 2014 Range Rover Sport. It was lemon lawed. They sent me a refund check as I had paid the car in full. I got a 2015 Sport as they guaranteed me all issues were fixed. I have even more issues with this car. It gets stuck in neutral and the car has to be fully shut down and restarted. The navigation shuts down en route to a destination. Just goes blank. Now my battery died overnight and it is a nightmare because I have no car tomorrow morning and they dont bring you a loaner. Range Rover is a nightmare. Ive had more issues with this car in 3 months than any other car in 5 years.
Published: September 1, 2015
Christine of Los Angeles, CA

I put low miles on my cars. I have a 2011 Land Rover Range Rover HSE and th
I put low miles on my cars. I have a 2011 Land Rover Range Rover HSE and the coolant hose broke while driving on a highway, I pulled over immediately when warning light came on but it was too late. The coolant went into my engine, it was overheated, the gasket blown, and 2 cylinders were toast and the engine is warped. The cost of a new engine exceeds the value of the SUV. With 38k miles and routine services done, its unacceptable a $89,000 vehicle would be made so flimsy that the coolant hose would fail. And there are no safeguards against the engine frying. Only if the coolant was leaking instead of a hose bursting. The mechanics are stunned looking at the hose and wondering why Land Rover wouldnt help me out, especially with low miles on the vehicle. From what Im told, do not own a Land Rover that is out of warranty. My dealership is Land Rover of Monmouth. They didnt even offer any break on repair and when I asked for quote on new left over 2016 vehicle they gave me about a 2% discount. A joke with 60+ 2016 range Rovers (including sport model) available when 2017 models are being released by end of year. A different dealership Ive never done business with gave me upfront a better deal before I even started negotiating. Land Rover of Princeton. If I decide to get a new one, I will make sure its not in my possession when its out of warranty and definitely will buy from Princeton dealership. What a disgrace given the price of Range Rovers.
Published: November 17, 2016
Dina of Rumson, NJ

2018 Range HSE - I am an avid lover of Range Rovers. This is approximately
2018 Range HSE - I am an avid lover of Range Rovers. This is approximately my 10th, at times we even had 2. From day one I have had issues with the info nav system. From screen freezing to it just going dark. The car was in for service at about 3000 miles because the Check engine light was on, something with the emissions, part had to be replaced. They did an update on the software saying that should resolve most of my issues. Wrong - phone doesn’t pair, voice not recognize, feature unavailable at this time. Next back up cameras stopped working, then they started again. The other day I was driving to mail a letter, jumped out of my car at the mailbox, never turned the engine off since this was a 30 second task and I really was less than a foot away, sat down in the car and an unknown light started flashing, took a pic and texted it to the tech person at the dealer, he didn’t know what it was, said Drive it, it will probably turn off. Well he was right, it did turn off. I went home, pulled into my garage and heard a scrape from the roof, well evidently the car decided to raise itself to a height that I would and never have used, I never use those features, no need for me too and it ripped off the satellite cover. Well now I know what that flashing light is. They are ordering the part but told me to tape the remaining pieces over it because I could ruin the electronic system in the rain. It was torrential rain yesterday. Today I was sitting minding my own business at a traffic light, red light, car in front of me, car behind. That’s normal at a traffic light. All of a sudden a loud continuous tone came on, I looked at my dash and it said start driving to deactivate parking sensors. I wasn’t parking the car, was I supposed to ram into the car in front of me or ram into the car behind me, just as I was getting ready to video this episode, the light changes and I had to drive so this little glitch stopped. I was on my way to do some errands but at this point I just went home. The car clearly has a mind of its own and I’m afraid to drive it because I don’t know what it will do next. I can receive calls most of the time through blue tooth, but I have to make calls directly through my phone turning blue tooth off, otherwise it just disconnects the call before it even starts ringing. This is an epic failure for Land Rover. They never told me about updates. There is supposed to be another one soon. But a brand new car with 3500 miles on it shouldn’t be having these issues. I realize these are first work problems, but they clearly can become dangerous, causing accidents that can lead to bodily harm or death. The dealer pretends to be cooperative but I know they are sick of hearing from me. I have spoken to so many people within the many dealerships they own, telling me they want to resolve the problem, get me out of my lease and give me another car, but the prices being quoted to me are ridiculous since the cars I have chosen are clearly lesser of a car than my Rover. With the new lease prices I’m being given, less mileage per year, down payments and higher leases than I am currently paying now. I didn’t build this car nor design, it is beautiful and I would hate to give it up, but I’m willing to drive a Ford Edge at this point. I’m glad I’m not the only with these issues. At least I know I’m not crazy. But I am clearly at a loss as to what to do because the dealer refuses to document anything. They keep telling me speak to tech, well tech doesn’t want speak to me. I am clearly done with Land Rovers of any kind. I will say that we have many different luxury vehicles purchased at the different dealerships this owner has from BMW, to Porsche to Audi and we have been faithful customers for many years. They really don’t seem to value our loyalty. I am so fed up!!!Updated on 07/08/2018: The saga continues. The car is still at Land Rover. They said they have done the 4th update on the computer system and it was successful, but they have only driven it 2.9 miles since I brought there over a week ago. The icing on the cake was last Saturday when I was parked at a mall and returned to my car and the dashboard warning read battery low. Turn engine on. How does a battery run low after 3500 miles. It was at that point I asked my husband to meet me at the dealer. I gave them my keys and said I never wanted to see the car again. I put in a claim for buyback with LRUSA, their response was that it hasn’t been serviced enough for the problems I am having. The reason for that is every time I had a problem they put me in touch with the tech person. The tech person does not have to document anything. From that Tuesday through that Friday I was in contact with the tech. He was at a loss, no help at all. My car almost 2 weeks ago raised up to an off road position and I didn’t know, I never turned it off just jumped out to mail a letter and right back in, flashing light appeared, texted it to tech, he didn’t know what it was, said it would go off when I drive it, he was right but I didn’t know it was in off-road , I never raise the car ever and I pulled into my garage and the satellite piece was ripped off and apparently there is also a dent, which Range Rover wasn’t sure they would fix because there wasn’t that error on the computer. However they are going to fix it. I was promised the car would be brought to the body shop on Thursday, for me to have it back early this week, it is still sitting in the Land Rover parking lot with the exception of the 2.9 miles it was driven on July 5th. That 2.9 mile drive took 40 minutes, I think they drove my car to have lunch based on the journey and stops. I hoped they enjoyed it. This problem is worldwide yet Land Rover isn’t doing any recalls, apparently some cars were stuck at the docks in Maryland for computer replacements, but it was the 2nd allotment of Rovers to hit the US. I have had my car since February. I already paid the lease for July, yet I haven’t had the car since June 30th. It seems like no one wants to take responsibility for these issues. I am so frustrated with the treatment from both the dealer and LRA. I want my car back to see if it actually can perform without an issue for a day. The best case scenario would be for them to do a buyback as I requested. This is just never ending and I don’t see an end in sight. To think I will have to drive this car for 3 years is making me ill. If Land Rover USA happens to see this post- enough is enough. After 12 Range Rovers this will be my last, never again. What a poorly run company. I would think someone would continue to reach out to me from corporate to see what’s going on, they haven’t, I spoke to them on Wednesday and that was it. This is really messed up.
Published: June 29, 2018
L. of Weston, MA

They only offer three models. We went with the LR4 because it had the third
They only offer three models. We went with the LR4 because it had the third row but I wish it had more options for the price. I love the third row. It seats my entire family comfortably. Some third rows feel like afterthoughts and the passengers are squished in but the LR4 avoids that nicely. I also love the four wheel drive options, the cooler in the center console, and the automatics wipers. But I wish they offered DVD screens in the backseat. Also, Land Rover doesnt offer as many upgrades and personalizations as other luxury car brands but what they do offer is top of the line. The leather seats are better than other car brand leather seats.
Published: January 27, 2017
Megan of Concord, NH

In August of 2017 I special ordered a Range Rover Sport diesel. In 20,000 m
In August of 2017 I special ordered a Range Rover Sport diesel. In 20,000 miles I have had in for service (only required once at 16K) on 5 different occasions. While the Dealership is fine, the car isnt. Its what I would call a major disappointment. One of the selling points for the car was the fact that it needed servicing only every 16,000 miles. What they didnt tell you was the car needed to be brought in approximately every 4,000 miles to have diesel fluid installed. Each trip to the Dealer takes about 2 hours to install the fluid (approximately 15 liters). This is the 5th diesel car that I have owned and the FIRST that would not make it from one service to the next without. In addition there have been 3 major software updates on the car since I have owned it. The bottom line is the car is overpriced and a pain to own. It is my first and my last. It is not a very reliable vehicle and certainly a headache to own.
Published: October 9, 2018
Harold of Norcross, GA

Love this brand. There is such variety from cars, trucks, to SUV. They have
Love this brand. There is such variety from cars, trucks, to SUV. They have every available upgrade you could also want and are happy to help you add and figure out what it is you want exactly. This is my favorite part - adding the things I knew my family would need. I love that you can add what you want to the car without a hassle like heated seats or a Bluetooth stereo. The built in tv in the headrest for my kids is perfect. Love how sleek and clean the look of this brand is. Theres always enough room for the kids as well as the groceries. Theres also plenty of room for the drivers and passengers instead of being cramped. And they have amazing customer service that is always happy to help when theres a problem or question.
Published: February 15, 2017
Becca of Seattle, WA

Ive owned a Land Rover Velar 2018 less than a month. After 2 weeks of owner
Ive owned a Land Rover Velar 2018 less than a month. After 2 weeks of ownership the computer infotainment system failed. I couldnt defrost my window, heat my car, defrost my window for 15 minutes of terrifying-driving. My husband is paralyzed and has a hard time regulating his temperature. This was horrible, as he was shivering all the way home. Just a horrible experience after just spending $67k. Im told by my service adviser that others just pull over, get out, lock the car, and let it sit for 20 mins. Some go shopping, run errands. Then it re-boots. That doesnt work for me if Im driving at night from my moms house where it is more rural, like I was when this happened. I like the car, but will absolutely not pay this price for a car when I only have 500 miles on this car, owned for 2 weeks and caused a horrible experience the first week. Its pretty scary when a lot of your controls are operated by this software where they dont have a fix?We researched the UK forum after this horrific experience and realized this an ongoing issue in the UK. Why wasnt this disclosed to us? Im so upset for spending the money on a car that has been sitting in the service department and they rented me a car that is not comparable at all. Im still paying on this car and put a huge down payment on this car. Very disappointed. I have owned at least 8 Range Rovers with my family and Im so disappointed with this experience. I have definitely contacted RR Corporate.
Published: November 18, 2017
Anneliese of Walnut Creek, CA

Land Rover LR3 Defective Suspension Compressor - Diagnostics showed origina
Land Rover LR3 Defective Suspension Compressor - Diagnostics showed original part was redesigned and suggested replacement. Contacted Land Rover. They would not replace as it was out of warranty. I told them it was not a defective part, it was a part they engineered wrong which is why the diagnostic showed that part was to be replaced with updated part. After writing, calling, etc I gave up. So I had to have local repair shop replace as the closest LR dealer was 3.5 hrs away, so 7 hrs round trip, plus two nights hotel as they said they needed 2 days. Local repair shop cost was $1,300.00 using Land Rovers updated part (dealer wanted $1,600). Land Rover does not stand by their product. Yes, vehicle was out of warranty, however, I have since learned that others have had the same problem. When I spoke with their dealer, they stated, yes they have had to replace many of these. So if you buy a Land Rover, and they have a known part that will fail eventually due to their poor engineering, you better hope it fails in warranty period.
Published: August 21, 2014
Harry of Tallahassee, FL

I bought this truck used over 4 years ago and couldnt be more happy. Had a
I bought this truck used over 4 years ago and couldnt be more happy. Had a couple electrical issues which required changing fuses and had to replace air bags, but that has been all. It is a gas guzzler but overall dependable especially in the winter. Parts are costly due to being foreign, but can find on internet cheaper.
Published: August 13, 2014
CHANEL of Michigan City, IN

2012 Range Rover Supercharge - SO disappointed! Went without a car for well
2012 Range Rover Supercharge - SO disappointed! Went without a car for well over a year, searched and found this one at a local high lined dealer in Atlanta, Georgia. 2 months after purchase major suspension problems, had fixed, month later more problems with wiring/electrical. Now 10 months later, MAJOR issues. Crankshaft/timing chain plastic parts. Can you even imagine why a car that cost over 100k would have plastic parts, let alone this many problems and repairs needed?I would NEVER recommend this brand of car to anyone every again, doesnt matter how much the price is, it is NOT made to last nor drive forever unless you have at least $5000 a year over the cost of payment and insurance to keep this car in driving condition and safety for your family. Sad to see a company NOT care nor want to make these problems right. I guess it will take many hurt/even killed possible or drag out in court for lawsuits for this to ever be done or fixed. Disappointed is not even the words to describe this company and its products!!!
Published: February 26, 2017
Mary of Woodstock, GA

Omg omg omg... Ill be honest with everyone, they are nice looking cars but
Omg omg omg... Ill be honest with everyone, they are nice looking cars but whatever you do... DONT and I mean dont waste your money on a Range Rover. I bought one and took care of it like it was one of my child. These cars are horrible, the maintenance on them is non-stop. I mean these cars are garbage and the service fees are wow, I mean you can spend almost the cost of the car in two years of maintenance. My truck was worth almost 20,000 dollars and in the end I took it to the dealer and handed them the keys after it broke down and I swear to you I told them this is my car abs, this is the keys to it and this is the title and gave it to them and walked out.As much as it hurted letting it go cause of the money I spend but in the end it was a relief, Range Rover is a piece of **. Excuse my language but please think twice before buying a Range Rover, the car will put you in big debt. Oh Lord I can tell you so much about my truck it will take me days explaining it, and I swear to you its not just me. I have a family member and also a friend that are crying worse than me. Please please whatever you do... DONT BUY A RANGE ROVER.
Published: February 3, 2017
M of Hamtramck, MI

In 2015 I was one of first 20 people to order the Discovery Sport. I was so
In 2015 I was one of first 20 people to order the Discovery Sport. I was so super happy on getting this SUV, until 1 year later the problems began. Problems I had: Front door creaking sound, exterior strips and trims came loose, crack in passenger side rear quarter window, trunk not closing evenly, AC foul smell and replaced water pump, radio/clock issues, front passenger door not opening and alarm turned on for no reason, break sounds, drivers seat back panel coming detached, and last and worst problem was the transmission failure. That did it for me! In 2 years time the car stayed in the shop for 45 days. I opened up a claim through the manufacturer and the best they could come up with was, We will compensate two months of payments and did not approve a buyback. That is not good enough. I no longer feel comfortable in driving a lemon and wont buy another car through Land Rover.
Published: January 10, 2018
Vita of San Jose, CA

I purchased a 2018 Range Rover Sport with the expectation that a six figure
I purchased a 2018 Range Rover Sport with the expectation that a six figure car would have everything sorted and working. I was wrong. The media module decides when it wants to work, doesnt load all of my music and contacts, and wont connect to my iPhone if it doesnt feel like it. Ive had it back to the dealer 3 times. They have changed the module and tried everything they can to fix it but I have been told that there is nothing else they can do. Apparently its an issue between Apple and Land Rover and Land Rover wont pay the fee to Apple for system upgrades, hence issues with Apple phones. Its incredibly frustrating considering the cost of the car and the advertising Land Rover puts out about their luxury car abilities. Their arrogance lets them down badly and doesnt bode well for reputation. Ive been left with well get in touch when we have a resolution. Not good enough.
Published: January 1, 2019
deborah of Australia, Other

We are proud owner of ALL NEW DISCOVERY SE from dated 29th Nov 2019 INDIA.
We are proud owner of ALL NEW DISCOVERY SE from dated 29th Nov 2019 INDIA. We are facing serious issue in air breathing due to lack of ac VENTS in 2nd and 3rd row. While driving with 5 and 7 passenger both 2nd and 3rd row passenger feels lack of breathing, nausea, sickness, sweatness in SE Model. Now what to do. Pls sort out ours seriously matters because its related to passengers life.
Published: August 15, 2019
KANAD of Other, Other

I am contacting you as I am at my wits end and are asking for your help as
I am contacting you as I am at my wits end and are asking for your help as a last resort. I hope by approaching the press with my story, it will highlight the issues of safety, quality and customer service which my elderly Father has faced from Jaguar Land Rover. Before I begin to list the problems, of which there are many, I wish to highlight that through research this is not an isolated incident and the vehicle is, I believe a major health and safety hazard. I also wish to point out he is in no way looking for any recompense from them, he knows better than to think he could. I purely wish to highlight their inadequacies so hopefully other people don’t suffer as he has. I will now list chronologically all the issues he has suffered.After 8000 miles the trouble began. Whilst in Solihull the car came to a halt on a main road with no warning. The police came as we were causing an obstruction and he had to pay to have the vehicle towed home and for taxis for his son and daughter to get home who were in the car at the time. Costing nearly £180. An Engineer took the car to a Land Rover dealership in Erdington. Diagnosis, the gear box had gone. It took 9 weeks after the diagnosis for them to order the part and a further 3 weeks to fix it. He was given a courtesy car to use whilst it was being repaired. He specified he needed a tow bar to use for his holidays to take his caravan with him. They provided him a Toyota Hilux with a cab on the back like a building contractor would use. He refused the car as it was completely unsuitable for a family holiday. He then had to pay for train tickets to take his family to Devon.A Lady from Head office said they would compensate him, however it never came to fruition and also the car he didn’t want was left sitting on his drive for 3 more weeks. A representative from Land Rover contacted my Father to inform him the they had supplied him with the wrong log book, for a cheaper model of car. He had to have his insurance amended which cost him £40. Whilst driving down the road the tailgate opened on its own and he had to perform an emergency stop. Next the gear box developed a leak and the tailgate began to rub against the bumper when closing. Which was damaging the bumper. Returned vehicle to garage and they told him “the tailgate hasn’t dropped, the bumper has lifted up”. Which was completely absurd. They had the car in 3 times to fix the tailgate unsuccessfully, still adamant it was a problem with the bumper not the tailgate.He eventually took it independently to a Mercedes Garage who looked at it and saw the tailgate was 10mm lower than it should be. He returned it to Land Rover who then agreed it was the tailgate at fault. After agreeing the tailgate and bumper needed replacing because they were damaged and faulty they took the vehicle back in. They had the car for another 4 weeks to replace the 2 items. When he went to collect it upon completion of the work., he noticed something didn’t look correct. After some heated discussion with their engineers, they conceded they had forgotten to put the bolts in the apron below the bumper which was just resting on and not actually attached.Finally got the car home and everything was allegedly fixed. At this stage the car had been in the garage for nearly 4 months. Then, the tailgate dropped again. He took it to a different dealership in Darlaston, who ‘fixed it’ and returned it but said they never had time to valet it but would send someone to valet it at his house. No one ever came, and on inspection it appeared the boot and bonnet had never even been opened. Again he took it back to Erdington for them to fix, again they said they had but the problem persisted. Another complaint he had was the rangefinder being wildly inaccurate. When he explained that it needed calibrating, their response was “well can’t you just do without it.” While taking the car through an automatic car wash one of the panels on the door fell off. They are only held on by press studs and can actually just pulled off.Car was now leaking oil heavily and needed to go back in again. He was told to drive it to the garage but refused as the engine was completely dry of oil. So they had to send the RAC to take the vehicle to the garage as engine would have seized. He refused to send the car back to the Erdington dealership as he didn’t trust them to fix the car. The car, now at Solihull, now needed the tailgate fixing again, the headlining in the interior had come down and needed reattaching and the gasket on the gear box had gone and needed replacing. All in approx. 2 weeks to get parts and fix they said. He received a phone call at 7 pm on the night from an unknown number in High Wycombe who told him they were a private firm who were going to give him a courtesy car, but they wanted bank details and card details and to withhold a security deposit of £500 for the vehicle.When he refused to hand over his bank details to someone he doesn’t know they hung up and he was never offered another courtesy car even though the vehicle had warranty on it still. Didn’t get the car back for over a month, during which time he had no courtesy car and had to rely on taxis and public transport. During one of the many repairs done to the tailgate, one of their engineers didn’t attach the terminals to the secondary battery properly, causing them to arc and melt the terminal. This was very dangerous and again, needed replacing. The oil leak has damaged his drive and his daughters. Was forced to have them professionally cleaned. When he complained they said he would be compensated for it, but the best they offered him was a free service, although he had already paid for services for the first 5 years.He has had several customer services people from Land Rover, but can never get hold of them again and they just pass the buck on to the next one. One of them who was supposed to be his point of contact didn’t even know which dealership his car was at being repaired. Genuinely the worst customer service you could imagine from what is regarded as one of the most prestigious car companies in the country. He paid for the Car upfront at a price of nearly £51000, in 2014, and it has spent nearly 7 months in the garage. It’s still only done 20000 miles. He was left without a courtesy car for 7 weeks, with nothing but empty promises of compensation, other than an extra years warranty. He is now ultimately too scared to drive the car a long distance, but feels it irresponsible to sell it to someone else as it could cause them harm.
Published: October 28, 2017
jon of Birmingham, Other

My Land Rover LSE current has 28,500 miles on it--mostly city miles (it is
My Land Rover LSE current has 28,500 miles on it--mostly city miles (it is four years old). I have been forced to replace front and back brakes ($2300) and tires ($1200), all of which were not covered by warranty. I recently had to replace the stablizer (which fills the air in the suspension system) for $1200, also not covered by warranty. Needless to say, Land Rover should have taken care of all these issues since my car has so few miles!
Published: September 30, 2011
Tammy of Reno, NV

Water leaks from a manufacturing defect related bad seam in the roof and po
Water leaks from a manufacturing defect related bad seam in the roof and poor seal in the side panel C pillar caused corrosion of the AV electrical components in the rear hatch area, resulting in multiple failures of the bluetooth phone module, amplifier, navigation unit. Technical Service bulletins issued identifying the problem as water ingress, but dealer failed to fix the leaks or to let customer know about the TSBs. Rover service rep lied about the cause. Extensive litigation ongoing over statute of limitations when repair or replace warranty is breached. Lesson: sue Rover often and early.
Published: April 13, 2015
Motor of Detroit, MI

I purchased a 2006 Range Rover HSE with 18,000 miles. I owned the vehicle f
I purchased a 2006 Range Rover HSE with 18,000 miles. I owned the vehicle for one year and that is when my financial nightmare started. The first incident that occurred was with the front differential, which needed to be replaced at 30,000 miles. Three months later, the air suspension needed to be replaced as well. I am lost for words as to why is it that this is a so-called top of the line luxury vehicle. I was suckered into buying this basically junk and ** expensive vehicle, which is costing me and a lot of others nothing but financial burden and headaches. I cannot wait to unload this junk by any means. I will never purchase a Land Rover ever again!
Published: June 13, 2012
Pamela of Wilton, CT

My Range Rover sport 2013 was the best until I had to do maintenance and th
My Range Rover sport 2013 was the best until I had to do maintenance and there is when the nightmare starts. A car with only 40.000 miles on. The car is now 60.000 miles and the coolant problem still not solved. After spent so much money to get scammed by these people I still need to put coolant at least once a week, ignore the coolant light on because it can never be fixed.These cars are popular for having coolant leaking problems but doesn’t matter how much they charge and you are willing to pay you will only get scammed. They will not fix your car or admit that they are basically taking your money for the same thing over and over again. Took my car to 5 times to get this problem solved, spent thousands of dollars for absolutely nothing. Just stress.And they have the audacity to call you next day to say: Are you happy with our services? Oh no, I’m sorry for all the trouble we may cause to you. Maybe we can fix this issue with a new car!!! No. Thanks! Every time I took my car to get “fixed” they loan me a newer model and all drive like cheap cars. I should listened to friends who deal with the same problems with their brand new Land Rovers and should never ignore all the bad reviews they have. Now I’m absolutely ready to sell it and get far far away from any type of Land Rover or Jaguar brand cars. I absolutely don’t recommend Land Rover cars. Horrible experience!
Published: September 26, 2018
Marcela of Redondo Beach, CA

This is my second Land Rover Sport. My first vehicle was excellent. Unfortu
This is my second Land Rover Sport. My first vehicle was excellent. Unfortunately both the product and the customer service associated with the product have descended to the level of abysmal. In three months of ownership the car has completely shut down 3 times and been towed from various locations. Within 3 days of delivery the car shut down on a major highway. Land Rovers corporate customer service response is comparable to dealing with a public utility or government office. They are rude, confrontational and unhelpful. This is a very expensive vehicle. It looks nice but that is the end of its appeal. Do yourself a favor and buy a real luxury brand or at least a car that actually does things like start. My vehicle has spent almost as much time in their repair garage as it has in my driveway.
Published: August 23, 2016
Gavin of Toronto, ON

I was 15 days late having the Discovery Sport serviced after one year. I wa
I was 15 days late having the Discovery Sport serviced after one year. I was charged the full cost of servicing... $601. Im not at all pleased and I will never return to lease a Land Rover or Jaguar again.
Published: November 12, 2018
James of Canada

I have written a review before on this site but this time after 6 years of
I have written a review before on this site but this time after 6 years of being in court with Land Rover. I can now tell you everything what has happened. First I have owned 6 Range Rovers and up to the last one I bought from Lloyds Land Rover in Carlisle UK dealer. I had little or no problems with the cars. But then I bought a new sport HSE with the new Jaguar engine 3 litre. From the start this car was a lemon. After only driving less than 200 miles I had a fault when I was driving along it would pull up for no reason. The dash would light up with all kinds of failed components such as hill decent fail brake assist fail engine management fail gearbox fail just about everything.I would then ring Lloyds of Carlisle up and complain that the car has stopped again. This happened several times. I was getting sick. I had just bought this car at a cost of over 65 thousand pound of my very hard earned money. At that price you would think you would have no trouble. This was not the case.I told the garage that I wanted the car fixed so I was asked by Lloyds of Carlisle to take the car in and could I leave it for 3 days. I agreed to this. On the third day Lloyds rang me up and told me that the car was fixed and I would have no more bother with it again. This was on the Friday around 5:30 that weekend we used my wifes car as my new Range Rover had let us down so many times before.On the Monday morning I got into the Range Rover 30th November 2009. I was going to a site meeting at Lochmaben. This was the first phase of 30 houses we started for DGHP possible 5 thousand houses that was getting upgraded and I had a chance of that work. When I was driving the car just out of Lloyds of Carlisle I reached a speed of between 60 - 70 MPH. All of a sudden without warning the cars brakes activated and I came to an abrupt stop. I hit my head on the headrest. Also my left hand was pushed into the steering wheel. I did not know what had happened at all. It was so fast. At first I did think something hit me from the rear but when I gained composure nothing had hit me. The only way I could describe what happened was it was like an emergency stop. I was very angry. I rang the garage from the car and told them what had happened that I was rejecting the car. I did not want it anymore. When I got to the garage I told ** all about it. By this time my neck was hurting a bit also my left hand. Lloyds gave me a loan car and I was told that somebody would ring me later that day. I drove home rang the site gave my apologies told them what had happened that I would not be on site that day. As the day went on my neck got worse so I decided not to go in that week. I struggled on for about 8 week until my wife forced me to go to the doctors from that day. The rest was history. I was x-rayed and I was told that I had shattered my neck after 3 operations on my spine. I am now in a wheelchair and never worked from that day.I had to pay off my workers and close my company down. I lost out in a big way a contract worth tens of thousands of pounds. I tried to sort it out with Land Rover but it was a joke. I was offered 20 thousand pounds plus replacement car at no charge. To me I accepted the car but when that was delivered after about 25 miles it developed the same problem. I was so angry but when I phoned up Lloyds of Carlisle I was told that the problem had been found and had been recalled. It went in. I was told it had sensors replaced and software upgrade had been done. I sold the car soon after but that car before it had done 20 thousand miles the engine had blown up. I did not know about all the problems Jaguar Land Rover had with their cars. If I did I would not be in the condition I am today as I could not sort out some sort of compensation with them and decided to take them to court after the biggest cover up by Land Rover in court. They lied in court to win committed perjury. The judge also said to me that I was trying to besmirch the good name of a first class company. He was under the impression that nothing like I said went wrong with their product dont know if he got a new car out of it or not.All I know is that after six year it was a farce. The only problem is I dont have the money to take them to the high court in London.If there is anyone out there has similar faults with their Range Rovers give me a call or email me as if something is not done to sort out this company. Someone will be killed because of the cars they make. According to Land Rover nothing ever goes wrong with their cars? Email is ** phone is **. Feel free to call or email me. It would help. Thanks.
Published: May 10, 2015
anthony of None, BC

I have had my vehicle for about a year and have only been able to drive it
I have had my vehicle for about a year and have only been able to drive it a little over 8 months due to the incompetent services rendered. Today (Mar 2nd 2017) I received my vehicle after 2 1/2 months (Dec 16 2016) of it being in the shop for the third time and it was delivered with a broken windshield window. The service manager was notified and informed the tow truck driver to still drop off the vehicle; not to mention the RANGE ROVER road assistance crashing the vehicle into my garage on one of these three occasions.Dealings with the RANGE ROVER BRAND has given me a negative image of them and how they treat their customers. Nothing has been resolved after over a year with dealing with RANGE ROVER Customer Service and RANGE ROVER USA and now they have forced me to look into the Lemon Act for my State. BUYERS BEWARE!!!
Published: March 3, 2017
Quinlan of Leesville, LA

Worst car EVER!!! Buyer be warned. My car has less than 20k miles on it and
Worst car EVER!!! Buyer be warned. My car has less than 20k miles on it and Ive had more recalls on it than I can count. Its been in the shop constantly. Transmission has blown so many times - once in the middle of a 4 lane highway going 60 mph. Thank God there was a barrier next to me. Electrical issues. You name it. I had an extremely rude employee that I sent a complaint about to the company. They didnt even have the decency to respond to my complaint. For a car I spent over $50k I expect decent customer service.Im a physician and Ive told every colleague I know to absolutely stay away from this terrible brand. I get asked many times how I like my Evoque 2015. I always emphatically tell people to stay away its a terrible, terrible car made by a terrible company and you can get something way better for the same price (or less). And you will feel like an actual valued customer. I cant stress how incredibly awful RR is with customer service, quality of product, and overall attitude towards their customers. DO NOT BUY OR LEASE THESE CARS! You WILL regret it.
Published: May 27, 2017
Jessica of Columbus, OH

Make no mistake, I have been a long time Land Rover fan (Im in the UK). I h
Make no mistake, I have been a long time Land Rover fan (Im in the UK). I have had many Defenders, Range Rovers and a Disco 3. I have driven to Africa 5 times in a Defender including through the Central Sahara Desert to Niger and have another rebuilt Defender 300Tdi 110 now ready to go again. I have just sold the Disco 3 after a few problems cropped up - it was getting old anyway. We went to a local dealer, Harwoods in Lewes, East Sussex to look at an Evoque or Discovery commercial or anything else that looked suitable for a family vehicle and seeing clients. Well, yes theres a virus going round but we were told we could not enter the showroom and to go and have a look round the car park. Well the car park was full of various vehicles, maybe customers in for service or staff, who knows? By the way it was raining too. We shuffled a bit and left, rather unamused to put it mildly.If this is the best that LR can do when customers are potentially about to spend £100k GBP or more and become loyal to a brand, then they need to go back to business school. Land Rover has a criminally bad reputation for reliability and appalling customer service. Its not difficult to see why. We went to a Porsche dealer who was open, welcoming and thoroughly excellent. The older Rovers were simple and robust. Parts were good and reliable, not expensive. The newer generation ones are grossly over complicated with dodgy electronics, poor quality components (they have gone downhill for the last few years due to cost cutting as the vehicles were no longer required to be robust due to mainly be used on road, not off road). Throw in corporate complacency, inadequately trained technicians who swap assemblies (huge bills ...) rather than fault find and you have a nightmare of epic proportions. My advice is to buy another brand thats reliable and from a source where you can get personal service when buying and for servicing and not be lost in the system. In the Uk theres lot of experience of Land rovers, more than the US - you have been warned.
Published: July 5, 2020
Andrew of Crowborough, Other

I purchased my very first Range Rover Sport this year and with less than 5
I purchased my very first Range Rover Sport this year and with less than 5 miles on it. I finally took a road trip and let than halfway to my destination remind you all highway. The car started leaking antifreeze. Im so disappointed in this car and now I have to contact my car insurance and file a ** claim. WTF!!! Sounds like poor workmanship to me.
Published: October 21, 2019
Ryan of Englewood, NJ

2013 Land Rover Evoque AC compressor does not work. Verified by 2 Independe
2013 Land Rover Evoque AC compressor does not work. Verified by 2 Independence shops, now facing big repair bill on a almost new car?? The dealer service representative in Peabody MA does not want to honor even a free warranty check up since the car has 60K miles. Really 2-year-old car leased from them has a AC compressor issue? Waste of money and aggravation, car has all kinds of electrical problems all the time.
Published: August 5, 2015
Jay of Boston, MA

This past weekend I left my home in Central PA Saturday morning to drive up
This past weekend I left my home in Central PA Saturday morning to drive up to Saugerties, NY to pick up my daughter where she was at a horse show with my parents and niece. I went to see her ride in her 1st show, then in the afternoon I intended to depart for Southern NJ. My wife is there for the summer with the kids and I drive back and forth. It was our wedding anniversary on Aug 4th, so I was headed there to celebrate with her.As I left Saugerties around 5pm on Saturday, my passenger rear tire blew out. Total blowout, with the wall of the tire torn. I called Land Rover roadside assistance because I couldnt find the spare. It was at that time I learned there is no spare in my car! Only a patch kit, which wasnt going to help me. LR roadside assistance said the only thing they were authorized to do was tow me North to Albany and then have the tire replaced Monday (2 days away). Because I wanted to get to Southern NJ, I had AAA tow the car to the nearest tire store. They believed they could get me on the road before they closed at 6p. When I got there and gave them the tire size 275/45 r21, they said, Thats a real unusual size. We dont have anything like that in stock. I spent the next two days calling around to tire centers in the greater NY metro area - no one has that tire in stock. Most never heard of that size. I was mystified that in one of the largest suburban metro areas of the world, I could not easily find the tire I needed when I had no spare. Did the designer of the truck not consider what might happen in the event of a blown tire? No spare, unique tire size... Off road machine??!! In the end we had to stay 2 extra days in a hotel, get towed 45 miles in the opposite direction of where we were headed, and pay Land Rovers premium prices on the tire to have it replaced. A flat tire, which should take 45 minutes to fix, took 2 -3 days with much expense, frustration and a missed anniversary.As a CEO of a mid-size company, Im familiar with customer service/customer experience architecture. I can only categorize my experience with Land Rover as policy driven and customer tone deaf. The Albany dealership was great. The Roadside Assistance was deplorable. A flat tire on $100,000 4x4 should not cause a 3-day delay... at least thats what my common logic tells me... Apparently not LR. To top it all off, the tow truck was 3 hours late on Monday. They detoured to pick up another accident before coming to us... Up until this point I loved the vehicle. After this incident my perception of Land Rover is not favorable and will likely not trade this Range Rover on another when the time comes. A problem is an opportunity to turn a customer into a fan. Unfortunately I am not. And I anticipate they will do nothing more to make me one.
Published: August 6, 2014
Matthew of Lewisburg, PA

Range Rover Evoque - Wipers come on for no reason.... Sensor lights come on
Range Rover Evoque - Wipers come on for no reason.... Sensor lights come on when the sun is out. They are to come on when it starts to darken. Taken to shop and was to set where I manually turn them on. Why does it have auto? Well, been told by service manager that they cannot fix any when everything is working. Have produce videos and still tell me some cars are sensitive. They give me loaners and they dont ever experience the sensitivity my car has. Now they told me they put a new sensor and guess what still having the same problem. Mr. ** manager of service department was very rude. Also I cannot get paperwork of the new sensor. I believe they just lied, so I am just imaging this...just because I am a woman and dont know anything. I will try getting a hold of someone at corporate office.
Published: February 10, 2014
Brenda of Spring Brancj, TX

Range Rover 2015 sport - Car lost steering power while I was driving with o
Range Rover 2015 sport - Car lost steering power while I was driving with only 3,000 miles. I couldnt turn the wheel at all. Problems with the battery, it was replaced once and continues to drain and shows low battery every other week. New car with lots of problem. Im trying to return it and get my money back. IT is a true lemon. Beautiful to look at, but cant trust it anymore.
Published: July 27, 2015
L. N. of Laguna Beach, CA

Purchased a 2013 RR Evoque on 4/12/2016. Absolutely loved my vehicle. The f
Purchased a 2013 RR Evoque on 4/12/2016. Absolutely loved my vehicle. The fuel pump went out weeks after purchased. Still under warranty, fixed, no problems. Took care of my car. Had it serviced before even needed. Purchased extended warranty (5000.00). I kept calling the in control ownership and could not get it registered. It was locked on topix. At the dealership they told me nobody does that anymore. Which made no sense. Coz it tells you too. Well thats when things got weird. I brought my car in for an insurance estimate on the meridian system on 12/03/2018. They called and told me I needed a new starter and rear axle and differential. I never had a problem with either.9 weeks later Im told its ready for 13,000 dollars. They did not turn it in to warranty. Told me I have to. So he walks me out to a parking lot to my car (weird Coz they have valet at a luxury dealership). I get in the vehicle and its not mine. This was some salvaged vehicle obviously a flood vehicle. Steve ** walks out to me with a car fax report (how did he know who I was or what I was going to say). I said, where is my vehicle? He said, this is your vehicle. And told me, what you going to do about it? The police say its a civil matter but theres no contract. If that was me I would be in jail for motor vehicle theft. I have been on a year long pursuit to find my vehicle. He has wiped all my service records and the 5000.00 warranty doesnt exist. Motor vehicle has 15 entitle changes with 4 vehicle Ids. I went to level 123 inspections to find out its under investigations. Attorney General never even looked at the paper of evidence and took 6 months for a response from the dealer that altered all entitles. No response from corporate. I recently discovered that car was from copart salvage auction. Steve ** was pulled over for taking flood damaged cars. So beware of and Land Rover vehicle. And do not consider car fax. They have changed the vehicles origin, service and mileage 3 times. In the meantime I continue my search for my vehicle so this Corp. can be sold for their business tactics. The vehicle was for sale in California at fast track auto while I was the owner. Its called cloning.
Published: December 9, 2019
Denise of Scottsdale, AZ

WHY I WOULD NEVER EVER BUY ANOTHER RANGE ROVER SPORT. I have issue after issue with my problem Range Rover which I purchased new 2.5 years ago and has only traveled 52000 km. Including: Faulty Electronic Dash - This used to go blank so I had to stop the car, turn off, lock the doors so it would reset and the dash would come back on. Gearbox shuddered bad when turning. Electronic park brake lever come out of it socket so didnt work. Been into service department several times for faulty airbags. Rear passenger grab handle on the roof pulled out of the socket. Seems like small issue but could have taken an eye out. This should be a safety recall issue on all Range Rovers.All of the above items have been agreed to be repaired under warranty although the grab handle took several arguments with Land Rover as they said it was a wear issue and is still waiting to be repaired. The carpet has started splitting on the side wall off the drivers side console. Land Rover/Jaguar Australia and Bruce Lynton Southport have said this is wear and tear. The carpet is like brand new with NO WEAR just a TEAR. Land Rover/Jaguar Australia have refused to cover this under warranty. Currently the service symbol comes on when you first start the car. I told Chris from Bruce Lynton about this issue 3 weeks ago but still waiting for a call when they can fit me in. The quality of my Range Rover has been appalling. You would expect when you are paying a lot of money for a luxury car you would get quality but unfortunately not with my Range Rover. Being such a new Range Rover and having So Many Issues I shudder to think what else is going to fail in the future. PLEASE SHARE THIS WITH YOUR FRIENDS AS I AM SURE YOU WOULDNT WANT THEM HAVING SAME HEADACHES.
Published: April 23, 2019
Michael of Other, Other

After 3 years of trouble free driving my 2011 Range Rover Sport, 110,000 an
After 3 years of trouble free driving my 2011 Range Rover Sport, 110,000 and the issues started. Everything from water pump to now the cylinder head gasket!!! This is a $12,000 fix. I would have expected this with an average vehicle, not a $75,000 machine that is branded “Above and Beyond”. Would you believe the dealer at Willow Grove PA offered as a trade-in $1,000! My dog is worth more than that. No help also from the Head Office, nice email to say sorry for your inconvenience. Think twice and read the reviews before investing in Range Rover.
Published: January 29, 2019
Ross of Langhorne, PA

Although the infotainment system is a beautiful look to my RR; the software
Although the infotainment system is a beautiful look to my RR; the software is terrible. Ive had repeated (documented) issues. It has been serviced to correct this problem. Software updates always. Ive reached out to Land Rover USA - Current Case # **. Ive also sent discrete messages through Facebook and Twitter. Im trying to handle this issue through Land Rover (LR) with decency. I sent LR videos of the issues with this vehicle as well, but they have not responded. The vehicle is beautiful; whereas it is the most comfortable ride but it is an $115k piece of technological crap. Currently, my key fobs arent working - yes, after servicing. I am considering delivering this vehicle back to the nearest dealership and walking away from the problems.
Published: January 30, 2020
ALBERT of Fountain, FL

This brand has several models of brand. They have a wide selection of color
This brand has several models of brand. They have a wide selection of colors and options to customize your vehicle to your liking. The different types of Land Rovers have become more nice and sleek as the years have progressed. The interior is beautiful with all leather and the frame of the body makes it perfect for outdoor conditions and makes you proud to own one. Overall, Id rate the appearance as excellent and unique. Way different than any other model of SUV. There is also so much space in these vehicles and it is wonderful. You never have to worry about hitting your head or being in the personal space of the person next to you. Plus, there are several ways you are able to customize these vehicles. Land Rover offers a variety of accessories for your vehicle and upgrading is easy to do.
Published: February 9, 2017
Macie of Saint Louis, MO

2012 Range Rover Evoque - I purchased this car in September 2017. Shortly a
2012 Range Rover Evoque - I purchased this car in September 2017. Shortly after, I noticed the interior of my car smelling like gas. When I brought the car into my local Land Rover dealership for service I told them about the constant odor. Unfortunately they said they did not smell it. About a month later I brought it in for service and told them the problem still existed, once it went unresolved. So now I have it back in for the same problem, and I hope that someone resolves this. This strong gas smell is literally making me feel sick, anyone who gets in my car notices and they dont feel safe. My problem is that my warranty ends in days and I do not want this to now be a huge problem for me. Has anyone ever had a similar experience? Help.
Published: February 1, 2018
Sheryl of Haddon Heights, NJ

My $75k car broken down after 2 days of ownership. This is my 3rd day of ow
My $75k car broken down after 2 days of ownership. This is my 3rd day of ownership for this brand new 2017 Range Rover Sport car and I have already experienced a multitude of problems. I left the dealership with a full tank, but today the car said my tank was empty even though I only drove 160 miles according to odometer. I called the dealer and was asked to drive to dealership for a checkup. My dealer (Encino CA) is 26 miles away, so I decided to drive to Pasadena Land Rover (1 mile away) for a quick checkup. Then, out of nowhere, my car stalled 4 times in the middle of road on the way to the dealership. I almost got into accident because the car stalled while I was turning in an intersection!Once again, my Range Rover stalled at dealer’s parking spot which happened to be at an incline. The car (switched to?) neutral and I began to slide backwards. Although I was screaming for help because I was losing control my car, the service guy took his sweet time. He nonchalantly told me to keep pressing on the break. However, because of how heavy the car is and I was stationed at an incline it took a considerable amount of strength to press the break in order to make sure the car stayed still. My foot was holding the break for five minutes before the dealer finally approached me. I almost lost my strength to hold on break because my foot was shaking from the amount of force I was using to push the break. I almost attempted to press the panic button.Instead of driving a brand new car, I felt that I was driving some 50-year-old car. Even with its advanced safety features, the system still failed me and I could have gotten into a fatal accident. No one should have to deal with these issues, especially if the car is brand new and you have only driven for a couple of days. Overall, the Range Rover Sport 2017 is an unreliable car and Land Rover has bad service. Don’t buy this car or any cars from this company.
Published: February 24, 2017
Zovia of Temple City, CA

I ordered a new 2017 Range Rover Sport. I waited over four months to have w
I ordered a new 2017 Range Rover Sport. I waited over four months to have what I thought was the car of my dreams to be built. The day after I took delivery, I was back at the dealership because the navigation didn’t work. My car has been into the service department 7 times. Initially, the car would alarm when getting into it, saying the car was not put in Park. I took pictures to show the car was in park each time, but would sound off when I would get back into the vehicle. This was ultimately resolved with what they said was a software update. I have an iPhone 7 that works all the time, including with my 2008 BMW. The phone does not consistently connect to the Bluetooth. A call will go out or come in, but neither person can hear the person on the other end of the line. The navigation does not connect. My last time in, I was told it might be my phone. There was nothing they could do. Software was up to date. This was after the entire Infosystem has been replace for the phone not working, the media not working, the navigation not working, and the entire screen going black for no reason at all. After contacting Apple, they confirmed my phone is not the issue. After countless trips to the service department without resolution, I requested Land Rover buy back the car. Even though they have at least 6 service records, they replied they have looked into it, and my car does not qualify, without a real explanation. I have now submitted my complaint to the BBB. I cannot imagine a luxury 2017 vehicle is not compatible with a phone that’s a year or so old. It works perfectly fine in every other circumstance, including the Bluetooth in other vehicles.
Published: November 6, 2017
Mandie of Sparks, NV

We decided to buy our son an Evoque last year as a graduation present and h
We decided to buy our son an Evoque last year as a graduation present and he has encountered problem after problem. All in all, the car has been into the dealership over a dozen times and has been off the road for the best part of three months within the year. This was not what we expected and decided to complain to Land Rover customer service teams, as advised by the dealership. We might as well contacted the Ministry of Incompetence - though polite and said the right things, at no point have they actually looked at this from our perspective, let alone do anything for us. We cannot get hold of the directors - who are faceless and do not want to know about the inadequacies of their products and after-sales teams. Finally, after receiving advice, we have had to start legal proceedings against the dealership who sold us the vehicle. Land Rover do not even seem to want to support their own dealerships. We strongly advise anyone that is thinking of purchasing a vehicle from this company not to do so. Extremely disappointed with all aspects of this manufacturer. Best of British - I think not.
Published: January 28, 2016
Lilly of London, Other

Updated on 01/23/2020: Leased brand new 2017 Land Rover Discovery HSE TD6 A
Updated on 01/23/2020: Leased brand new 2017 Land Rover Discovery HSE TD6 AWD. Family of 6 so we need to have the third row and this vehicle promised to combine comfort, reliability, and luxury. None of those things were true. The vehicle was delivered to us with the interior drivers door panel detached and hanging from wires. Windows would not open and radio/information panel acting weird. Problems were repaired only to have water coming from upper center console leaking into cabin two weeks later. 10 days to repair. Few weeks later car starts to surge and vibrate loudly when we travelled more than 65 miles/hr. Another few weeks of repair. Over the past 26 months of ownership problems have ranged from the annoying to the absurd: -leaky windshield/sunroof (3 times repaired and still leaking) -electrical glitches with entertainment console -hood cable snapped twice - one time the vehicle would not start because I had to add DEF fluid but couldnt open the hood to add it! -car found dead and unresponsive on driveway needing to be hauled away by dealership on a flatbed because they couldnt even open the doors (never was given a reason as to what caused this other than theyve never seen this before) -defrost fan screaming when turned to max (blower fan changed out twice) -vehicle groans after 65 miles/hr and the noise is so loud the driver and front passenger need to raise their voices to speak to each other (problem still exists even though weve taken car in 6 times for repair - service says they have no idea) -windshield wipers messed up -whistling noise in cabin when on highway - service cant find air leak-condensation inside cabin every day making everything moist and stickySave yourself the hassle and aggravation. Most frustrating, annoying vehicle experience Ive ever came across. Dealership was zero help and never proposed any solutions or resolve. Ive spoken to the general, manager, service manager, sales team and they all shrug tell me ride out my lease. I personally contacted Land Rover and expressed my distress on this and they spent 2 months researching this only to come back with the obvious that the vehicle is a dud. They agreed to purchase the vehicle from me (now only 11 months to go on the lease and most of the negative equity has been paid for by yours truly) BUT ONLY if I purchase a new vehicle from them. So I guess they figure they can treat their customers like crap and then try to force them to get stuck with another one of their crummy vehicles and do it all with a smile on their face and make it seem like they are doing you the favor. Screw Land Rover. Visit my site for more **.Original Review: Purchased a brand new 2017 Discovery HSE Diesel and it has been the worst vehicle. I’ve never written a review before but the public needs to be warned about these vehicles. Problems range from the annoying to the absurd. So far I’ve dealt with leaky windshields (yes, three times), leaky sunroof, water coming into the center console, door panels detaching from their clips and hanging by wires, electrical glitches that get “fixed” by magical updates which require 3 days in service, hood cable snapped twice, car battery dead even though car locked and sitting in driveway with no lights on (had to be hauled on flat bed - service department says they’ve never seen that before and no cause found but took them 3 weeks to get the car back to me), windshield wiper issues, acceleration issues in cold weather, surging when speed hits 60 km/hr, no heat, defrost fan screaming when set to max and I’m sure half a dozen other issues that I’ve forgotten. Save yourself the pain and anguish. This car has spent months in service. It is the worst vehicle made in the last 2 decades.
Published: October 20, 2019
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Its very convenient for me. It has very safe features that I look for in a
Its very convenient for me. It has very safe features that I look for in a brand. Very trust worthy. Ive been shopping this brand mostly all my life. It has never let me down. Air bands are countable. Seat belts are comfortable and so are the seats. Seat heater is wonderful because it snows a lot where I live. The back space is very useful. A lot of storage under the seats which is a big factor and helps a lot. Tvs so I can entertain my kids. Its easy to clean. Also, drives smoothly. Its able to fit up to 15 people which is a plus for my big family. I have kids with friends that sometimes I have to give them rides to school or to practice and its perfect for space.
Published: January 31, 2017
Heather of Warner Robins, GA

Our 2010 LR4 HSE has had problems from the time we drove it new off the lot
Our 2010 LR4 HSE has had problems from the time we drove it new off the lot too numerous to cover here. Constant problems with the electrical system that no one can seem to figure out. Sometimes the ignition works and everything turns on, sometimes not. Problems with sensors and indicators just not working right. Maintenance is frequent and expensive. Brakes need to be replaced every 6-8 months and usually the rotors too due to soft pads and thin rotors. Water pump broke which shot water everywhere and shorted out alternator, battery and electrical system.More recently, only 8 months after coolant system service vehicle overheated due to cheap composite plastic pipe cracking causing sudden coolant loss. Temp gauge was reading normal and no indicator lights went on. Caused significant damage to engine which now needs to be rebuilt or just replaced. Havent decided. Local dealer service is terrible and corporate customer relations are even worse. Have had most every other luxury brand but nothing even comes close to the problems and expense of our LR. Never again.
Published: April 4, 2016
Stephen of Maitland, FL

Land Rover makes a variety of models, Range Rover included but pricier. The
Land Rover makes a variety of models, Range Rover included but pricier. There is an LR2, an LR4, different sports varieties which depends on the style you like and your personal aesthetic towards vehicles. Land Rovers were first described to me to be an all-terrain vehicle that can handle a variety of weather conditions. Some have a roll feature on top in case the vehicle were to roll, most are more square in appearance and have the inside of a sporty luxury vehicle. Land Rovers and Range Rovers both have upgrade features that many other car brands have as well and most vehicles have the ability for seat options greater than 5 people which is great for large families or people needing the extra space for traveling, off roading, camping, etc. Loved the Land Rover but expensive to maintain.
Published: February 11, 2017
Brittan of Tucson, AZ

The Land Rover truck has plenty of room inside with all the amenities like
The Land Rover truck has plenty of room inside with all the amenities like the obvious cruise control but this has parking, and gps. Its climate controlled and ready for the road. This luxury type vehicle is very expensive but well worth it. Can upgrade to get a specific color of seats and interior. You can also get a Land Rover personalized with your own tag. Its a smooth ride and can drive in mountains, snow, ice, sleet and hail. The appearance is sleek yet rugged. It can hold up to 10 people and possibly more if they are small. It has plenty of storage and cargo room, along with the top of the vehicle ready to carry your bikes and other travel necessities.
Published: February 10, 2017
Tracy of Havelock, NC

When I called Land Rover USA for assistance with an active recall for a cra
When I called Land Rover USA for assistance with an active recall for a cracked fuel tank flange on my Land Rover I was given an incorrect information and the infinite runaround ending with Land Rover USA representative hanging up the call. Despite the dangers of of a faulty Land Rover part that causes a fuel leak, Land Rover USA offered incoherent and incorrect information followed by endless bureaucratic indifference. Horrific service.
Published: September 1, 2021
Martin of Grand Junction, CO

I had purchased Land Rover Freelander 2 2.2D in Jan, 2013 from Mumbai and r
I had purchased Land Rover Freelander 2 2.2D in Jan, 2013 from Mumbai and registered vehicle at Nagpur (Maharashtra State) India. As on date: I have clocked only 20,500 km after passage of three years (the vehicle is almost idle most of the time), against an average clocking of say 100,000km for a premium vehicle like Freelander, it has run only 20% of its desired (?) run, and still giving message of Reduced Engine Performance! Is that all that a premium segment vehicle can endure or perform??? I am astonished at the timing for giving such message. Trouble started the very next month when the standard warranty expires! Am surprised, rather shocked to understand this fact. It is very hard to even digest, since the vehicle is being kept, maintained in such good shape, and one fine morning, am seeing that it starts beeping.It was conveyed to me that the vehicle has developed restriction in the air pathway of the EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) valve due to carbon deposits caused as a by-product of combustion of fuel. My very contention is how it could happen when the vehicle is idle for most of the time, and, it was serviced, earlier at say 13,000km and it developed this problem at 20,000km (a service does not guarantee such problem within 7000km run over a period of one year, or was it not checked at that time?). It is not understandable, if the vehicle has seldom run, it could develop any problem within three years of its purchase! And after I take it to the Dealer, am handed INR 160,000 (approx USD 2500) estimate! For what??? Hopeless Service, irresponsive I would say, am yet to hear back till date.
Published: September 13, 2016
Vishwanath of Nagpur, Other

I spent £112,000.00p on an RR Autobiography in July 2017. All the gadgets
I spent £112,000.00p on an RR Autobiography in July 2017. All the gadgets fitted and a special paint colour. Having spent such a sum I was furious to find out that I then was told I had to buy a data SIM card to make the traffic system work. I was totally insulted. I then found out that the factory fitted Tracker was not fit for purpose and would not be accepted by my insurance company, so I had to have a higher category of Tracker fitted. More hassle and more expense. The engine auto stop/start function is a complete joke for a vehicle of such supposed quality. When this dire function kicks in, the car rocks like a dump truck on a building site. Truly awful. After a few months, a piece of trim in the roof came adrift. Without doubt, this has been the most disappointing motoring of my entire life. I will never buy again any JLR product, either new or used. JLR, for the sake of a data SIM card, have lost a customer forever.
Published: February 16, 2019
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Within 10 months of purchase of a new 2012 Range Rover from the Glen Cove d
Within 10 months of purchase of a new 2012 Range Rover from the Glen Cove dealership, the check engine light came on. I took it to the same dealer for service. Within two days, I got my car back. A week later, the light came back. I took it in for service again. This time they told me that the entire fuel system was contaminated from bad gas and needs to be replaced, but the warranty does not cover that and it will cost me $8,700. The insurance apparently does not cover that either. I am outraged. My car is less than a year old, and I cant drive it. I have never heard of such a problem in my 30 years of driving many cars.
Published: July 1, 2013
Tatyana of Howard Beach, NY

Many reviews on this site of problems with the infotainment system. This is
Many reviews on this site of problems with the infotainment system. This is a known problem with Range Rover and Velar. I have had very weak digital radio signal in my 2017 Evoque, considerable interference on FM radio, phone drops, and forget about getting reliable service between the phone/USB/Bluetooth and playing music. Press a song in the playlist and another appears! Crackling speakers during robust music and album artwork all mixed up between artists. Frozen screeching screen! All fine on the phone when connecting to other cars! There is a disconnect between the touchscreen and the IMC (the computer under your seat). All software updates have failed to fix the problem. How is Range Rover getting away with not doing a recall? AVOID until they sort it!
Published: July 3, 2018
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Range Rover 2010 Sport - I love this car... Its like riding a baby pony tha
Range Rover 2010 Sport - I love this car... Its like riding a baby pony that wants to go go go... I also own a Porsche 911 Turbo and as far as speed and agility go, the Range Rover cant be beat for an SUV. After reading some of the prior reviews, I agree that if you want to drive this car, you need to treat it like gold and have the $$$ to pay for consequences. Ive had my car in for several things that were covered under warranty but were a pain in the **. Make sure to get an extended warranty. It will pay for all the quirks and issues that definitely will happen. An oil change and tuneup will cost you upwards of $700 (warranty doesnt cover that!). And if you lose your key, be prepared to spend another $600. Im a mom with 4 kids and we all love this car... the status, the speed and the luxury... It comes with a price tag well beyond the $85,000 you spend on it though. I just had new brakes put on and another $1,900 later, am holding my breath until the next issue (maintenance or wear and tear) happens. Bottom line, this is an amazing vehicle... Land Rover needs to work on the high price tag, back charging after purchase and stop nickle and diming their loyal customers for literally everything.
Published: October 27, 2014
Megan of Northbrook , IL

Im extremely disappointed of owning a Range Rover. I have been having the s
Im extremely disappointed of owning a Range Rover. I have been having the same issues since 10/2016 and Land Rover doesnt want to do anything to help me. This vehicle is faulty and Im very concern with my life. The car turns off in the middle of the highway multiple times. Your customer service over the phone is the worst! They dont care of my issues. They dont empathize with my concerns. Nicole ** is the WORST agent that you have working for your company. She has been very nasty to me. I regretted buying this vehicle. It is not WORTHY paying so much money for a vehicle that cant even function properly. The dealership in Orlando FL, and Gwinnett GA have basically wiped their hands with my car issues, and they cant do anything for me. The Gwinnett dealership says that because I didnt buy my vehicle there, they cant help me with re-purchasing it back. The last time my vehicle was in for service, it lasted two weeks. The day I picked up, it gave me the same problems. The service manager took my car to his house and drove over 80 miles, and didnt even put gas on my car. They gave me the car empty. The loaner vehicle they give you are not even good. They have the same faulty electrical issues. It is very inconvenience to drive a high end vehicle to drive a plain vehicle for two weeks. My service experience with Land Rover is the WORST! You guys dont CARE of your customers. When I try calling your customer support they dont want to allow you to speak with a supervisor. It is ridiculous how you spend so much money for a vehicle, and you get a much better service at a lower brand dealership. I have owned so many brands and I have never experienced anything like I have with Land Rover. This could be a very expensive vehicle brand, but your quality sucks. You do not support your customers. You dont care of maintaining people happy. Im going to go to social media, news, google reviews, and everywhere I can go to express my concerns with my life being in danger because Im driving a faulty vehicle. Im paying so much money for something I cant even drive. Last month in December, I only had the car less than two weeks, when I had to make my entire monthly payment. I wrote to the president of the company and I havent gotten a response. My car has died on the highway. Right now Im more concern with my life than anything else.
Published: January 6, 2017
Juan of Orlando, FL

After spending time deciding on an upgraded SUV, I was compelled to the Lan
After spending time deciding on an upgraded SUV, I was compelled to the Land Rover Discovery Sport. I felt that the brand name would mean quality and high technology. I was very very wrong. The 2019 model still does not even support Apple Car Play - this feature has been available in much lesser quality vehicles for many years. The website leads you to believe that 2017 models onwards were equipped.... this is incorrect. After leaving the dealership, I learned that my vehicle was having a technology issue as the incontrol element would not work and I could not start my vehicle remotely. After 1.5 months, after bouncing me around from person to person - they finally updated tele-metrics. I was told this would update the system and Car Play would be uploaded. They even asked me the brand of my phone for the update. They sent me home with the phone still not connected and said to call customer service. Which after again being bounced around - 2 weeks later they have told me 3 times that car play update needs to be completed and 4 times that my car is not eligible. I am blown away at the lack of support, lack of knowledge of their own product, lack of follow up and incredibly outdated technology for a $48,000 2019 car. I would suggest avoiding Land Rover as they are clearly a mess. The vehicle itself is incredibly sluggish and very basic in terms of finished and quality. I regret my decision to leave the big 3 in search of quality and new technology as Land Rover is clearly behind the times. Let’s face it - if Land Rover employees don’t even know what the brand offers and websites are misleading, clearly the vehicle quality matches.
Published: February 27, 2020
S. of Kingsville, ON

I left the car running on my street with the door open while I got out to p
I left the car running on my street with the door open while I got out to put my dog away. When I came walking back from behind the house the Evoque was going up the street on its own. If kids would have been in the street like normal they would have been run over. The SUV door hit my brick mailbox and stopped the car. When I got in the SUV the gear shift control was still in the Park position.I called Range Rover and they responded with a tow truck and took the SUV to the dealership. The dealership had it for a couple weeks with very little communication with us. Then one day called and said they could not replicate the problem and said we are pushing your Evoque outside so you need to make arrangements to have it picked-up and file an insurance claim. They said, you must have left it in reverse and gotten out of the car. As you can imagine I was not happy.Next came the repair. The auto body shop called me a few days later telling me that LR/RR said the repair parts were not in the US and it could take from 3 months to one year to get parts. I have been fighting every day with LR corp and still have no ETA for any of it. Seems crazy but I would never by a LR/RR again. Customer service is so bad and my wife will never want to drive a car that can drop in a gear by itself. She has told me to sell the car when we get it back. I am going to have to inform the buyer of the issue.
Published: September 8, 2014
Phil of Farmington, UT

It is a very unique vehicle. Runs smooth and has great electronics inside a
It is a very unique vehicle. Runs smooth and has great electronics inside as well. Very keen to high speed and great performance. It has blue and black covering on it, has rugged tires, dim lights and great gauges. It has very sturdy, safety tested body as well. It has a great design of smooth texture interior, and has silk on the roof top and dim windows. I added hydraulics and blue lights to make it look cool and added cherry color to the top of the hood to give it my own unique design. It holds up to 6 people comfortable with ample leg room and great arm stretch, and it has a place to put ear plugs so passengers can listen to music. I would tell my friends and family about this vehicle because it gives off a great look and nice ride.
Published: March 17, 2017
Jessica of San Antonio, TX

Range Rover roadside assistance is the worst ever experience I ever had in
Range Rover roadside assistance is the worst ever experience I ever had in my life. They were not able to send me tow truck. For four days supervisor dont even pick up the phone or return my calls. Ive been driving Range Rover last five years. Enough is enough.
Published: August 1, 2017
fatih of Pleasanton, CA

I purchased my Discovery Sport 5 years ago and the moment payments were com
I purchased my Discovery Sport 5 years ago and the moment payments were complete and warranty was up the timing chain broke, damaged the valves and failed the engine entirely. This incident happened a few days ago on the highway (clearly safety issues here!) and I was lucky enough that I could pull over and stay in one piece. Vehicle was towed and dealership first told me in order to replace the valves and fix everything it costs 10,000 $. They then called again and said they dont even feel comfortable with that because it can fail again so the entire engine needs to be rebuild therefore cost will come to 20,000$!!Now to be clear, I have serviced this car year every year (64000 miles currently aka well below 100k miles) since purchase and have completed all the recommended replacements and services with the dealership asked me to do since 2015. In fact the question now is why at each service visit multiple parts had to be replaced (costing anywhere from 500-4000) and now at 5 year mark the entire engine fails!!! Do your research. I looked this up and there is a lawsuit in 2018, same incident right after the 5 mark warranty. The customers car shut down when the customer was driving (in NJ).Company should be paying 100% for this repair or simply buy this junk back from me and give me a new car. I am in a back and forth situation with the dealership. I called the company and they opened the claim for me but the person on the phone had the audacity to ask me well I am not sure what you want us to do here. They also havent bothered following up. No one made any comment about the safety either!! As of now it is clear to me the company does not back their own products and they failed to inform the customers about the issue or recalling it when they knew very well timing chain has ongoing issues. More importantly safety is not their concerns at all!!! This matter will be escalated on my part! Dont buy their product!!! Choose wisely and do your research. I will be happy to spread the word on every social media platform so customers are aware and know their safety is at risk!
Published: October 10, 2020
Sheh of Atlanta, GA

I was very satisfied with my first Range Rover after Mercedes. Especially I
I was very satisfied with my first Range Rover after Mercedes. Especially I am very impressed by the Ashford dealership, very competent and friendly staff. They just fixed a stupid electronic gearbox failure indication on my old Jaguar very competently. Driving a lot on the continent I wanted for quite some time to change my RR right-hand drive against a left-hand drive with UK registration. The Ashford dealer had big difficulties to come up with a proposal. In the internet I found at a grey dealer near Brighton a left hand vogue with 511 miles on the clock. Hence I bought the car. It was a Korean version build four years ago registered the first time by Land Rover in 1st May 2016.As the car had no warranty I purchased an extended warranty contract and paid around £1.600,--. Recently I received an undated letter from Land Rover Approved Warranty Administration cancelling the contract. After inquiry at my dealer I heard, that the Land Rover Approved Warranty Administration could not accept this warranty as they could not trace the car, having been sold abroad! I think this is an outright lie as the car had only 511 miles and was first registered on the name of Land Rover May 1st, 2016. I am the second owner. Every dealership also as good as Ashford can only be as good as the main organisation. When the main organisation is untruthful it becomes very difficult for the dealer to be between the main organisation and the client. I wish a competent answer why Range Rover Warranty pretends not being able to trace their own car registered by Land Rover May 1st, 2016.
Published: October 9, 2016
Rolf-Erwin of Rye, Other

I bought a Range Rover that was pre certified with factory warranty and wit
I bought a Range Rover that was pre certified with factory warranty and within just 8 months the Letters on the front and back of the car, as well as the hood vent and one light grill started flaking off, fading and turning different colors. I identified that this has been covered in the past from other dealerships but the dealer (South Bay Land Rover) and the Executive Liaison Peter **, were not helpful at all. I asked numerous times to speak with the CEO Ralf Speth to resolve this minor issue but Peter was unable to make that happen, as apparently customers are not important enough for him (the CEO) to call back. I did not want to go to Social Media but our experience has to be known to all so you can judge what company you want to do work with.Buyer beware when thinking about a vehicle from Land Rover as that are not good for their word (they werent for me) and they treat people differently. At the dealership and Company level I have been discriminated against and the dealership has a used car situation which this experience I will be posting soon on Social Media as well. This was such a minor issue for them and easily to fix but they chose to treat me differently than others have been treated and I just want to share my experience with you all. Think before you buy as the relationships with dealerships and companies make all the difference. Best of luck to you.
Published: November 21, 2016
Greg of Manhattan Beach, CA

Purchased Land Rover Discover 4 brand new with 8km on the clock. Attempted
Purchased Land Rover Discover 4 brand new with 8km on the clock. Attempted to drive home. Only made it 6km along the highway when the transmission failed. Land Rover were horrendous to deal with. Firstly asking if it could be driver error (it is an automatic!) then insisting on replacing the entire transmission against our wishes. Two weeks after the day of purchase and all along we refused in writing to accept the vehicle, yet Land Rover drove it to my place of employment and left it there. I had just signed up for a 5 year Lease so couldn’t get out of the contract without great financial penalty. So we were stuck with this lemon for 5 years and it has been so unreliable, the best it ever performed was when sitting on the back of a flat top tow truck. Suspension cracks, constant oil leaks, shudders at speed (really, really shudders!) breakdowns and clunking noises are all part of this heap of rubbish. Never again!
Published: April 20, 2018
Donna of Melbourne, Other

60000 miles just replaced the fuel pump and the turbocharger. Luckily RR co
60000 miles just replaced the fuel pump and the turbocharger. Luckily RR covered it under the warranty. Overall I love the vehicle. It is very comfortable and I like the interior and the exterior styling. No other issues really. Hopefully were good from here in out.
Published: March 29, 2019
Jeffrey of Coventry, RI

I was looking for a car that was luxurious yet practical and Land Rover had
I was looking for a car that was luxurious yet practical and Land Rover had everything that I was looking for. They had amazing variety of luxury cars that met different needs of successful people at great prices. They have cars for everyone. Their cars come with so many features you would expect to receive. I upgraded my car to fit my life and there were so many options. I chose the one that I felt was the most reasonable for my money and I am satisfied. In my Range Rover Sport, the passenger capacity is perfect. I do not have children, so I do not need as much space but they do have other models to accommodate that though.
Published: February 2, 2017
Conor of Golden, CO

The 2014 Evoque Range Rover is an accident waiting to happen. Recalls to up
The 2014 Evoque Range Rover is an accident waiting to happen. Recalls to updates to not understand how this car is supposed to run. For an higher end car it does not hold true to quality. Car has 76,000 miles and told its needs a new transmission for $24,000 which is the value of the car. Car stalls when on highway, car stalls when out in gear. Higher quality parts do not last longer than any other car. Problem after problem. Worst car I have ever owned from day one. You dont know if its the eco turning car off or if its stalling.
Published: March 17, 2017
Stacey of Hannacroix, NY

I have been a lease holder with the Larchmont, New Rochelle Land Rover Deal
I have been a lease holder with the Larchmont, New Rochelle Land Rover Dealership since 2003. The first lease I had was a 2003 Freelander which I returned in 2006. In March 2006, I leased a used 2005 LR3. Although this vehicle is considered to be of great prestige, I have had nothing but problems with this particular model. The first fault that I noticed with this vehicle occurred after the first four months. The vehicle stalled on me while driving it at 70 miles an hour. If I would not have known to place the gear shift lever in neutral and then turn the engine back on, I cannot imagine what could have happened to me and my family. The car stalled a second time soon after and I decided to bring it in for service at Larchmont, New Rochelle and I was informed that it was a problem with the suspension module. Although the problem was resolved, these incidents left me doubtful while driving the LR3. Once again, the vehicle stalled on the highway and again I was left to move the gear shift lever to neutral to turn the engine on. I called Land Rover of Larchmont and I was asked to bring the vehicle in and I was told that the module was defected and had to be replaced again. The vehicle is at the beginning of its life with only 18900 miles. I have experienced other problems such as, an electrical problem which prevented me from opening the vehicle using the key remotes, apparently due to electrical wiring becoming wet from water entering the vehicle. The week after again another problem, the air conditioner was not working. The driver side was blowing out cool air and the passenger side was blowing out hot air. As you can read from the numerous incidents I have listed above, I have had nothing but problems with this vehicle. I am asking for a resolution to my ongoing problems with this particular vehicle such as a replacement truck with minimal problems and or an early termination of the lease. I have been a good customer to Land Rover, always keeping my lease agreement and I have never missing a payment in return I expect Land Rover to accommodate me with a quality product for the price I am paying.
Published: February 11, 2008
Kitty of Bronx, NY

Land Rover Discovery Sport. Where do I start? Ill start by saying that that
Land Rover Discovery Sport. Where do I start? Ill start by saying that that this is a comparatively inexpensive vehicle built by a luxury car company (mine was $50k compared to $80K) and the TATA company just cant do it. The 4 cylinder turbo is zippy once it gets going and the car is fun to drive, holding like glue in the inclement weather. But thats where the joy stops. The car has experienced problems since 150 miles on the clock. At the time of this writing Ive owned the car for 6 months (4500 miles) and its been in for repair, literally more than 3 of those months, 12+ weeks. Im going on my 9th straight week in the shop it right now. Multiple check engine lights (that was the first), transmission electronically leaving the gear (unable to duplicate), seat quality/fit problems, screen and radio malfunctions (reported software updates) brake wear warning, more rattles than my 1997 British convertible sports car coming from everywhere.This car even has a rattle mod that requires disassembly of the interior down to the sheet metal, cutting and re-welding body panels. My out the door price for the car was $52,500 in November. The dealer has offered my $45,000 in mid May and to get away from the total aggravation, Im taking the $7500 hit and NEVER going back to Jaguar/Land Rover again. A $1250 loss for every month Ive owned it and a $2500 per month cost for the time I was able to operate it, and Im happy to get away. Had I looked into the internet user groups, I would have seen all the problems owners are having worldwide. Do your research before jumping into this. The badge means nothing. This is not the Land Rover of the Queen.
Published: May 15, 2016
Al of Flower Mound, TX

I bought a Range Rover Sport several months ago. 24 hours after my purchase
I bought a Range Rover Sport several months ago. 24 hours after my purchase while on a family trip, I started experiencing software issues. The radio, internet, several areas of the dashboard went blank and no Bluetooth connectivity. The answer was to do a software update at the dealership once I returned. The local dealership has been very nice and supportive applying these updates now monthly, but now we have given up. Since these updates would correct the problem for about 24 hours, it was not worth the time or effort. It is a product issue.My issues are now daily and extremely frustrating. The dealership helped me as much as they could and had to refer me to their Customer Support folks out of NJ. I hope you NEVER have to interact with the team out of NJ. The Range Rover team out of NJ are the worst support team that I have ever experienced. They denied further assisting me and basically stated by email that I need to wait for a new update to resolve my issue. There is no ETA on this issue being resolved. No call back to discuss this over the phone. I have multiple emails and calls into my rep. trying to further discuss my issues over the phone. I have been very patient and nice, but now I am done and now sharing this experience with others PRIOR to their purchase or support others out there with the same situation.
Published: December 27, 2018
Chanda of San Antonio, TX

I special ordered a brand new 2019 Land Range Rover diesel HSE in 2018 and
I special ordered a brand new 2019 Land Range Rover diesel HSE in 2018 and received it at the end of October 2018 with all the bells and whistles top of line (but not the executive addition). Paying good 120K plus for it, but The car inside and out is absolutely beautiful!! The ride is wonderful! and the top of line seats are fabulous! As soon as I got the car I had a xpel protection wrap put over the outside paint of vehicle as well as a 3 layer ceramic clear coat protection placed over the outside of car And also had a clear protection spray done on entire inside of vehicle. I Planned to keep this expensive luxury vehicle for at least 7 years and wanted to keep it protected and looking fabulous as long as I had it. As soon as I got the vehicle I parked it in garage and it wasn’t driven for week until my appointment to get the above protection coating put on it. This process took about 2 weeks to get done. Now it’s been approximately 3 weeks since I got new vehicle and haven’t driven it except home and to its appointment for protection coating.The lady and guy that did the protection coating on vehicle said low battery warning kept coming up on dash. They did not leave anything on, the doors were only open while lightly tinting windows but wasn’t left open. I went to get car they drove out to front, turned it off, came got me to show final job done. I went to start vehicle and it dragged like it didn’t want to start. The radio dash stayed black and would not show anything. I turned off engine . Restarted it and it would not start. I did that several times and then it started. I drove it straight to Range Rover dealership. They put new battery in it but they said the original one showed it was good but since I just received the vehicle brand new they would just put a brand new one in it. Few weeks later I was back again cause my dash would say low battery for no reason and NOTHING was left on. Went back again, they tested battery, showed good, they gave it a good charge and sent me on my way. Into December now, next my passenger front seat had problems moving forward and backwards, easy fix for them, again low battery light coming on here and there again, into new year of 2019 now, had about approximately a month or almost 2 months no issues I believe February to beginning of March started having warning issues come across my dash every month until end of July 2019 and waiting for the next time for this computer to pop something up again. You never know when. Was in shop with vehicle about 2 times a month starting off then went to almost weekly and then got to 2 time a week then got to out very days where I just picked car up and 2 day later it’s posting another warning issue. And between all this time.. I picked my vehicle up from service shop and suppose to hopefully b fix by resetting computer and it decides to break down on me 3 hours away out of town. Just decided to not crack, not do anything and had to have it towed 3 hours back to Range Rover service dept. The computer dash will throw up warning issues across dash at different times saying: low battery, Blind spot monitor fault detected, Drive with caution restricted performance, Smart key no longer within vehicle (and it saying this while I already been driving and I have my key on side of me by center console), Reverse traffic detection not available, Autonomous Emergency Braking not available ,Service required (and car is not due for any service the service dep said) because it’s brand new less than 7500 miles at that time and only 6 months old at that time, Camera Fault detected.That is a list of warnings that has been coming across my dash at different times. you never know when or where this vehicle is going to decide to post these warnings or take break down action. and if this vehicles brain going to decide if when and where it’s going to just shut down and not respond at all which it has already done it to me and had to be towed when I was 3 hours away from home.Every time this vehicle post a warning issue across my dash, thank goodness I take a picture of it with my phone as proof because when I call to tell the service dept and when I get there and they turn car off then put it on a computer scan to see what codes come up to tell what warnings the car posted across dash, well it would show nothing as if the car never ever posted any problem warning across the dash. If it wasn’t for me taking pictures of the posted warnings across dash which gave date, time, mileage... none of the service dept or anyone of Range Rover would not have really thought it was true or would have thought I was misreading something. Since they had no idea what the problem was cause the vehicle brain will not let them know exactly or you can say (car Ghosting Them). They could fix nothing but reset computer and hope it was just a minor glitch. Then it would happen again, sometimes the same warning, sometimes a different warning and then sometimes 2 warnings come up that could have been the same from before or new. But Range Rover service dept to this date today (August 16 2019) still doesn’t know what the problem is. When it broke down on me and had to be towed, Range Rover service dept and a district service person could not figure out why it broke down! They changed 1 of the main brains what I call the brains out of many of them in that vehicle by what I was told. This was around June 19 2019 Had to have all my keys reprogrammed to this new brain. June 25 2019 almost 5 days later and this car is back to posting warning problem across the dash, drop it off again pick it up next day the 26Th and almost 3 days later June 29 2019 it’s posting warning notices again and this is still going on all the way to End of July 2019 still. I love this car as of beauty but it has a mental computer electronic problem where you don’t know when or where it’s going to say or act on it’s warning problems. That’s very stressful, not knowing if or when your car will shut down or lock you down in restricted driving mode as it’s has done me already several times. You can’t trust it. As soon as the vehicle stays acting good for several days and your fear starts to drop it all of a sudden throws a warning issue problem at you and then you stress again not knowing what’s going to happen and I should not be having to go through this with a brand new car now 9 months old with 10,000 miles and approximately 7-8 month of its life brand new. I have been stressing with this vehicle and now dealing with Range Rover to take it back as a buy back because this is not my fault. I didn’t sign up to buy into a lemon mental car that has computer problems that’s a special order brand new 2019 vehicle that cost over 120,000 plus. This is not fair to me. If this car did not have these issues constantly, if it didn’t stress you out with worrying if it’s trustworthy to drive and going to be reliable and dependable, if it was working correctly from day one, like it should have been... I would be wanting to keep it with no questions asked. But this is not the case. My own family doesn’t want to ride in my vehicle to go a long distant because they dint trust it! It’s like this car has cancer!
Published: August 16, 2019
Tonya of Gonzales, LA

Words cannot describe my frustration with the service I have received from
Words cannot describe my frustration with the service I have received from the various Land Rover dealerships here in DE and PA. Anything from not receiving a call back at all, selling me rims with chipped powder coating that they could not remedy, shop foreman telling me that my car does not have keyless entry when it did (and he was not able to get it working), to waiting almost 3 hours in the service department with nothing done on my car only to learn that the staff was out to lunch for most of that time... The list goes on and on. *By far the most unprofessional & disorganized bunch of meatheads I have ever met -- consistently bad experience between the below dealerships: Wilmington, DE, Willow Grove, PA, West Chester, PA.Im left to believe that this is just business as usual for Land Rover, which only reinforces the thought that I should have never left Mercedes and BMW (West Chester, PA). Those dealership service departments were PHENOMENAL!!! Going to ride out the remaining 1 year warranty then get back to a car that I know, can provide better service. I love my car, just hate the service Ive received to date. Good luck consumers.
Published: November 15, 2017
paige of Wilmington, DE