Jaguar is the luxury vehicle brand of Jaguar Land Rover, a British multinational car manufacturer with its headquarters in Whitley, Coventry, England.

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I recently bought a 2000 Jaguar XKR Coupe with just short of 100k miles on
I recently bought a 2000 Jaguar XKR Coupe with just short of 100k miles on it, all black. I have never been so pleased with a vehicle as I am this one. Its beautiful, fast and fun to drive. I have taken it to the nearest Jag dealer (Bergstrom, Appleton, WI) for an oil change and powertrain inspection. It was a very positive experience. They offered pick up and drop off services, which I used. The car was washed and cleaned, very, very well. Just spotless inside and out. I spoke to the service techs directly regarding results of the inspection and was able to make informed decisions in maintaining my Coupe. I will be taking it back there soon to have two repairs made. Also, I am taking the car elsewhere (Powers Tires in Manitowoc) to have new wheels and tires put on, along with a brake and suspension inspection. Lastly, I have bought parts to change the navigation out for the original 3 gauge cluster that was available. The nav system cannot be updated beyond 2003, and a sports car like this should have gauges anyway. I plan to take the car to Extreme Audio in Manitowoc and ask them to do the nav-to-gauge switch out because there is much work to be done with a custom wiring harness. The car is not driven in the winter, and I intend to keep it, and keep up on its maintenance. In reviewing the cars maintenance history that was given to me upon purchase the average annual maintenance cost of this XKR has been $1500/year over 14 years. Thats including about $5k that I am putting into it. And I couldnt be more pleased with it.
Published: January 5, 2014
Mason of Manitowoc, WI

They dont come even close to Mercedes Benz in car quality, service experien
They dont come even close to Mercedes Benz in car quality, service experience and overall technician competency. The car has been presenting a suspension issue and they state is normal suspension noise. Totally baffled with their communication. Its been a total nightmare.
Published: January 8, 2019
Andres of Miami, FL

I have a 2018 f-pace diesel purchased in 2019. Not a day goes by that I don
I have a 2018 f-pace diesel purchased in 2019. Not a day goes by that I dont break out into a smile while driving it. Yes, fit and finish could be not high end, after all it is a Jaguar, but all cars nowadays are built with compromises. My wife had a 2018 Jeep Wrangler, and if you want to see horrifying build quality buy one. How a big v6 can be so gutless is unexplainable. Back to the F-Pace, 2 liter diesel weighing only 300lbs... Takes you to 80mph very quickly and had returned up to 40mpg. This is the best looking SUV on the market, and the lay flat rear seats make cargo space INCREDIBLE, it fit a 65 tv no problem. So far Im loving it... Knock on wood... NO ISSUES! I would recommend this car to anyone, service so far has been great.
Published: August 16, 2020
Thomas of Sausalito, CA

Jaguar Paint....and other problems: Its possible you may get to go to Arbit
Jaguar Paint....and other problems: Its possible you may get to go to Arbitration and I will recommend if the Arbitrator ask you what you want... say a new car. If he doesnt grant you a new car then you can only go down from there. Kinda like asking 8000 when you only want 5000, you cant go up from 4000 to 5000 but you can go down. So if they ask you say what you want and maybe a little more. Too many folks get to this stage and only want it fixed... Well no matter how well its FIXED it is never the same, at least to you. Its not like a new car and the value has been Knocked in the head!! I hope this helps you and anyone else that reads this... I do know Toyota is VERY good with their Arbitrators and usually Grant what the Arbitrator suggest... They dont have much choice and the arbitrators are usually pulling for the customer... esp if they really do have a complaint and the arbitrator understands/sees their complaint. Good luck...
Published: December 16, 2014
Robert of Blountsville, AL

Jaguar S-type door - This is my 3rd jaguar; performance and quality are the
Jaguar S-type door - This is my 3rd jaguar; performance and quality are the best. Service beyond excellence. From all the cars I’ve owned this is the best of the best. Love ❤️ it.
Published: April 29, 2018
Blanky of Saint Cloud, FL

Purchased my f-pace in January this year (2019) and have been experiencing
Purchased my f-pace in January this year (2019) and have been experiencing ongoing (squeaky) braking noise from the rear brakes. Ive taken it into the local dealership twice, spent three hours on the first occasion and and full day on the second, despite them re-assuring me that the calipers have been greased and the problem is solved, the noise is still there. Jaguar Complaints had promised to investigate this complaint over a week ago and still no response.
Published: December 30, 2019
Shaid of Burton Upon Trent, Other

From the very first day I brought the car home we had problems with our Jag
From the very first day I brought the car home we had problems with our Jaguar XF. It left my wife stranded on the freeway multiple times when it simply shut down and refused to go. This is a common problem. The car was eventually re-wired from bumper to bumper. It has had brakes replaced three times in 65k miles. Not one sensor told us the brakes were low, and they couldnt figure that out either. Now the dash has bubbled up and the leather is separating after 65k miles. It has been garage kept since day one, and it is probably happening from being removed for all of the warranty work. Jag will not cover it.
Published: December 16, 2015
Matt of El Dorado Hills, CA

I have owned a 2011 Jaguar XF S/C with 25,000 miles for the past 4 1/2 year
I have owned a 2011 Jaguar XF S/C with 25,000 miles for the past 4 1/2 years and have been very pleased with the purchase. I bought the car from a dealer about 60 miles from where I live. This has been the most satisfying car I have ever owned, and I have owned quite a few high-end sedans. The car is beautiful, fast, quite and safe. I look forward to seeing it and driving it any change I get. It is a perfect size, fast and RELIABLE.The only service or reliability issue was an initial check engine light, I was told that I didnt tighten the fuel cap well enough TWICE by the assessing dealer. On the third episode, after being sick of taking it to the dealer, I call Jaguar and they towed it to Portland, Oregon dealer where the problem was found to be a vapor leak near the fuel tank and was fixed. It has stayed fixed. The yearly service has been the only other trips to the dealer, and have been uneventful. Note that all service was free for 5 years with 2011 vehicles. The battery died at 2 years, and I replaced it on my own, and the soft performance tires only lasted about 18,000 miles as expected. Would I buy it again? IN A HEARTBEAT!
Published: August 27, 2016
stephen of Dallas, OR

Im a retired technical writer and lifelong car enthusiast. I happened upon
Im a retired technical writer and lifelong car enthusiast. I happened upon this Jaguar review site while researching a mattress I want to buy, and could not prevent myself from writing a review about my Jaguar that is positive. Over 50+ years of driving Ive owned mostly European brands, including Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Alfa Romeo... and Jaguar. Im on my fourth Jaguar, a 2001 XJR -- their big sedan with a supercharged V8 that when introduced in 1997 was the fastest production sedan in the world. Over the past 10 years, with a little preventive maintenance, it has been reliable, affordable to service, and a delight to drive. I intend to keep it forever.My first Jaguar was a 1970 XK-E, purchased used and pretty beat up in 1976 when I was 26. It was a dog because Jags built at the time were under British Leyland management. BL was a nightmare corporation put together by the British government to save their car industry, but instead, due to horrific management and rebellious labor unions, it ended the British car industry for the most part. That car ate me out of house and home. But hey! I was single, in my 20s, had a good trade, and owned an E-Type. Life was good!My other three Jags have all been XJ sedans, the biggest car Jaguar builds. In my opinion, since its introduction in 1968 to its redesign in 2011, the Jaguar XJ is to this day the most beautiful post-war sedan on the market. The car was designed in-house and constructed at their legendary Coventry plant. My 2001 model was the last steel-bodied Jaguar, from the last series of XJ models to be constructed at Jaguars original plant.The companys reputation for poor reliability began when under British Leyland ownership, from the late 1960s to the mid-1970s. Unlike most other fine English brands like Rover and Humber, Jaguar survived the British Leyland fiasco and build quality improved under new management. But it wasnt until Ford bought Jaguar in 1990 that the company had the resources to upgrade their plant and, crucially, hold their parts suppliers accountable when the provided substandard components. (Think of Lucas electrics, the shoddy supplier that ruined so many British cars reputations.)Through the 90s, Ford spent billions modernizing every aspect of Jaguar, but left the British designers and engineers in charge, keeping the car English to the core, sharing no parts with American Ford products. By the time Ford sold Jaguar to Tata in 2008, the XJ series of big sedans rivalled Lexus in build quality and customer satisfaction. Ford never got the credit they deserved for saving the Jaguar brand and instilling world-class quality throughout the line. Only enthusiasts like me were aware what a bargain Jags from the mid-90s onward were on the used market, because their old reputation for unreliability kept resale prices at rock-bottom. Tata followed Fords lead, investing yet more billions on an entirely new line and willing to wait years for the brand to become profitable. I love the new Jaguars but cant justify selling my 17-year-old XJR to get one because the car Ive owned since 2008 is just so right for me.Mind you, the series of XJ sedans mine came from -- the X308 series built from 1997 to 2013 -- was not perfect. In their obsession with keeping the cars lightweight, Jaguar used plastic components for some of the timing gear, and for the water pump. These components were failure-prone, and when failures occurred the company replaced them under warranty with metal parts. But many XJs got away without service problems and the plastic parts failed years out of warranty, causing engine overheats and even engine failures. Many unsuspecting buyers, people who did not devote their spare time to reading car magazines, got burned by this problem with the plastic parts, and I truly sympathize. But I was not one of them because I was in the know.Being a car buff, I joined an independent Jaguar internet forum where I learned the cars weak points from other owners. And, I had my car serviced at a non-dealer independent Jaguar specialist shop. When I bought my 2001 XJR I had it inspected by my shop, who had serviced my two previous XJs. My shop informed me the car hadnt been through an overheat, and was mechanically excellent despite it still having those failure-prone plastic components. I bought the car for a song ($12,000 for a car whose original price pushed $90,000 and was pristine). Then I spent a couple of thousand dollars swapping the plastic bits out for the factory metal replacement parts. Since then, over my 10 years of ownership, nothing major on the car has failed. I replaced the battery before it was worn out because a weak battery is the cause of so many check engine warnings and other anomalies in modern cars. Preventive maintenance is an important part of keeping a European luxury car reliable, but you need to be a knowledgeable owner and have access to an honest specialist repair shop.The other weakness of this series of XJ was its ZF automatic transmission. This transmission was installed in most European luxury cars of that era, from Mercedes to Volvo, and was unscrupulously promoted as being service free for the life of the car. That marketing fantasy was based on the transmissions fluid being synthetic, not petroleum based. But in reality, though the synthetic fluid did not break down like petroleum-based fluid is prone to, it became contaminated with metal dust that is a natural product of thousands of miles of use. At over 80 thousand miles these ZF transmission were failure prone, as the accumulated dust clogged the filters and eventually became too gummy to lubricate the moving parts. This happened not just to Jags, but to all premium Euro brands of that time using that transmission.When my car neared 100 thousand miles I discussed my concern about having to spend $6,000 replacing the transmission with the owner of my service shop. He suggested the shop replace the synthetic fluid, taking care to remove by hand all the accumulated gunk from the torque converter and other hard-to-reach areas. It was a big job and cost me several hundred dollars. But now the car has 155 thousand miles on the clock and still shifts like new. At every oil change my shop checks the transmission fluid for contaminants and it is still sufficiently clean to lubricate the internal parts effectively. I will have the transmission cleaned out again after another 20 thousand miles or so.On the user forum I have read reports from owners of my generation of XJ sedan with 220 thousand miles on the clock and even more, and they are still reliable daily drivers. With a knowledgeable owner willing to invest in preventive maintenance, carried out by a Jaguar specialist, owning a used Jaguar sedan can be affordable even if its owner does not have a high-paying job. I am fortunate to live in the San Francisco Bay Area, which has more Jags than any other part of America and service shops abound. If you live in a red state and dont have access to a Jag repair facility that is not part of a dealership, I recommend you dont buy a Jag. On the other hand, for a car buff in a major urban center, a used modern Jag is cheap to buy and very reliable.Why am I so fond of this particular car? One reason is that I like the British approach to luxury: lots of wood and leather inside, and exceptional styling outside. This appeals to me far more than the sterile form-follows-function ethos of the German manufacturers. Jaguars chief stylist through its classic years, Malcolm Sayer, was actually an aerodynamicist whose training was in the aircraft industry. For this reason, Jaguar cars from the E-Type onward and including my XJ have a fuselage approach to their design. On the outside, the bottom of the cars body (the rocker panels, rear fenders, and so on) follows a curve to the cars underside rather than ending abruptly as with most cars. The overall exterior design language is dictated in large part by the cars streamlining, for better performance and fuel economy, and by its simplicity of form, free from decorative swoops and scoops. Jaguar sedans including the generation I own are low-slung, sitting four or five inches lower than German or American sedans. Thats why they are so pretty. On the inside, the fuselage approach means a more snug fit than other luxury cars. Actually, if youre over six feet tall, a Mercedes might fit you better. But Im only 510 and 170 lb. and the XJ fits me like a glove. My previous car, a BMW 740i, was a wonderful machine but I felt like I was sitting in a barn.I purchased my 2001 XJR privately from the owner of a Porsche custom tuning shop. The car was his wifes. She didnt want it anymore because her friends all drove Priuses and teased her about not being environmentally aware. The owner and I had a pretty good laugh about this. Being flying averse, the owners wife drove the car regularly between the San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles to see her Prius-driving friends. As a result, the cars 80 thousand original miles were easy ones, what they call highway miles. The car was never used for commuting, which is the hardest driving there is on a cars mechanicals, and it was parked in a garage every night, protecting it from the aging effect of the intense California sun. And being a California car, it never saw snow and rarely even got rained on.Under my ownership since 2008, I too have not had to use the car for commuting. I was self employed and worked mostly from home. And every night of my ownership, the car spent in underground parking, sheltered from the elements. Though its factory-order mica Emerald paint has lots of stone chips on the hood from all that freeway driving, after a wash and wax that deep green metallic sparkles in the sun as if the car was new. Not a bit of fade or orange peel. Inside, the wood and leather have also held up well, due to minimal exposure to the elements and application of leather conditioner to keep it from drying out.Though Ive slowed down in my later years, Ive always valued the performance qualities of the cars I owned. My XJR accelerates faster than muscle cars from the 60s, and is governed to 155 mph. Its double-wishbone suspension and Bilstein shocks give it a cloud-like ride, yet it corners remarkably well for a big car. The front seats are superbly comfortable -- Ive done several thousand-mile days and emerged without a sore back, not even terribly fatigued. The rear seats are a little cozy but acceptable for adults under six feet. At 70 mph the car is eerily quiet -- the is no engine noise and little wind roar, and you can barely hear the tires. Noise causes fatigue on long trips, and quietness at highway speeds is a very important aspect of a luxury car.But the car is not perfect in its performance. Its four-wheel disc brakes are a little smaller than they should be and so the car experiences some brake fade on long mountain descents at speed. And, being supercharged, it uses a lot of gas. I get only 15 mpg in the city and 20 on the highway. But then again, the cars power makes it all the more enjoyable to drive. Its not about out-accelerating the car beside you from a stop light. Im talking about the kind of power that enables you to easily get up to highway speed on a short freeway entrance ramp, or pass a slower car on a two-lane road with minimum exposure in the left lane. Used responsibly, power is a safety feature. And it contributes to the cars driveability: the minimal effort required to speed up, slow down, or maneuver.And then theres the sense of occasion that comes with every Jaguar. Here in the Bay Area, BMWs, Mercs, and Audis are commonplace and go unnoticed. But everybody spots the Jaguar. Even members of the general public who know almost nothing about European cars can identify a Jaguar instantly. I couldnt guess the number of times strangers have complimented me on my car over the years. By the same token, the experience of driving the car never gets old. Its a very easy car to drive around town, with feather-light steering, excellent outward visibility, and effortless acceleration. Friends and clients are delighted at the opportunity to be passengers in a big Jaguar sedan -- usually its the first Jag theyve actually driven in. And universally they are wowed by the luxurious interior, so warm and traditional, built by craftspeople, not robots.At age 68 I suppose I have another decade or so of driving left to me, before the guys in the white coats take me away. Im sure that if I continue to take care of it, my XJR will see me through to my retirement from the road and go to some lucky third owner. I realize how different I am from most luxury car owners. In fact, here in the USA, most people driving luxury cars dont really own them -- they lease them for 36 months and are careful to keep the miles low to avoid surcharges. After the lease expires its on to the next luxury car. Often, people who go from car to car like this dont bother servicing them. They know they wont have the car long enough to bear the cost of premature wear caused by, say, not bothering to change the oil or even check its level.Car enthusiasts like me are quite the opposite, behavior-wise. We buy our cars with our hard-earned cash and keep them for a long time. If we can afford it, we own two or three cars. (I cant.) And we love our cars. We make sure they get the best care, and we dont abuse them with clumsy driving, and we make sure theyre kept clean and have a safe, dry place to spend every night. I havent bought a new car from a dealership for many years. Instead I use resources like Craigslist and buy privately from fellow car enthusiasts. Its like sharing the same religion -- theres a bond among us and we can spot a grifter at a hundred yards.So even though my Jaguar-owning experience has been generally wonderful, I can understand how owning exactly the same car could be problematic for a non-enthusiast. Most car owners are at the mercy of car dealerships or franchise repair shops for servicing their cars, and thats an expensive route to take with an out-of-warranty Euro luxury car. The dealerships dont have the time to actually fix things -- instead they swap old parts out for new and parts for European luxury cars are very expensive. And if you buy a Jaguar, for goodness sake keep it away from Pep Boys! It must be serviced by a trained Jaguar technician. If I did not live a convenient distance from an honest, independent Jaguar service shop, I would not own a Jaguar, The same goes for any other used European luxury sedan. Especially the German ones. All three major German brands have a dismal repair record once they are out of warranty. Modern Jaguars, believe it or not, are built to last.No doubt this review will be an outlier, because usually the authors of product reviews on websites like this one are unhappy with their purchase and want to share their misery. From the one-star Jag reviews Ive read here, I can tell many of the owners did not understand their car or appreciate it. Premature brake fade, for example, is almost always the result of riding the brake pedal with the left foot. When you see cars cruising along with their brake lights flashing, it means their drivers are dabbing the brakes without realizing it and wearing them out prematurely. Never rest your left foot on the brake pedal!Owning a Jaguar requires a level of commitment that other cars dont. These are not disposable cars. They need to be cherished. For those of us willing to make the leap, a used mint-condition Jaguar sedan can be bought for pennies on the dollar. And if properly serviced, the car will be reliable and economical to own. If you find the right car, and the right service shop, and know the cars vulnerable aspects (something all cars share), you too could be the owner of a car you never intend to replace.
Published: July 7, 2018
John of Oakland, CA

I purchased car used. Have had a few problems which have been repaired. The
I purchased car used. Have had a few problems which have been repaired. The repairs were less than my Kia which I had purchased new. It rides like a dream and get a lot of compliments on the looks and color. I feel very safe driving it and is the perfect car for a 74 year old widow with a small income. When I drive my car it is the greatest driving experience.
Published: December 15, 2019
Patricia of Beverly Hills, Florida

I purchased my car on the 2nd of May 2016 from Checkered Flag Jaguar of Vir
I purchased my car on the 2nd of May 2016 from Checkered Flag Jaguar of Virginia Beach, in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Within my first 21 days of ownership, my vehicle would not start, beginning on 23 May 2016 at approximately 7:45 pm after my shift at work. I could not get the vehicle to start, all in control features would not work, the Jaguar symbol and dash would light up; I called my salesman to advise me on what may be the failure issue. I also advised him I could not call for assistance nor would my car start from my control assist app as I attempted to step outside of the parking garage as he directed me to do in an attempt to see if this were a signal interference. My car was towed from the garage to Checkered Flag by Quality Assist towing at which my spouse advised Jaguar Assist not to utilize this agency as he has record of their mal-performance in the past. Jaguar Assist did not take his advice into consideration. As my vehicle was being towed, with witness of 3 US base security police on the Naval installation, the person who was towing the vehicle began to drag the vehicle approximately 10 feet while there were no skids for the back tires. This caused bare and flat spots on the tires; which was video recorded by me when I requested the tires be replaced due to the ill-preparation and skills the towing company displayed in loading my vehicle. Upon diagnostics of my vehicle, there were no reasons found for my car to not start. Subsequently, my vehicle did not start again with each attempt x 5 attempts while I was out shopping at Greenbrier mall in Chesapeake, Va. I called my service advisor with Jaguar Checkered Flag again to have my vehicle serviced again in an attempt to find the reasons for malfunction. This time upon diagnostics, I was told the case was never closed due to Engineers at Jaguar who were building a software specifically for my VIN # in an attempt to make it start. Per the notes they reconfigured an existing BCM with built file software on 09 June 2017. Once again, while out of town, the car started to intermittently not start again, with each attempt up to 3 attempts before the car would start. I noticed the car continued to not start intermittently then it began to shut off on its own. The entire drive shifter would be completely rescinded into its compartment, with all electrical options still on, (radio, dashboard, etc). I brought the car back to Checkered Flag, each correspondence my service advisor on 30 Aug 2016, once again there was no apparent reason for this malfunction, no codes, nothing could be causing the issues or concerns I have been experiencing. On 21 Dec 2016, I noticed a brake pedal switch that was appearing on my dashboard brake fault. Noticed I again could not call for assist, brought the car back into Jaguar to have it diagnosed at which this time they replaced the brake pedal switch. Recently, I have re-opened my case with Jaguar Consumer Relations on 13 February 2017 after even greater safety concerns that arose over the previous few days while I was transporting my son to and from Chesapeake Regional Hospital ER on two separate days, both on Thursday, 09 Feb 2017, and Saturday, 11 Feb 2017. I informed Jaguar Consumer Relations that my Jaguar XF was shutting off in an idle at a traffic light while the car was running as I was bringing my son home from an ER visit late that evening as I was in an attempt to make a right hand turn at a red light on Battlefield blvd, in Chesapeake, Virginia. I gave the time of discharge and approximation with hope that these approximate times would assist in the mechanics attempt to find the time that these occurrences are happening. I noticed the car would not proceed as I stepped on the gas, not realizing the car was completely off, due to the fact that the stereo system would currently be playing, dash and center console would be on during the shutdown experience. I had to restart the car in mid traffic twice for the car to start, put it back in drive to proceed. This occurred again the 11th Feb 2017 as I was again leaving the hospital with my son, this time approx around 4 pm. Days previous to this incident I experienced my entire dash console where the stereo is located completely going out to an entirely black screen while the car is at approx 55-65 mph on the highway and will come back on with the Jaguar symbol, and I would have to reconnect my bluetooth and phone. This has happened coming back from Langley AFB on 64 Eastbound, and near my neighborhood on Greenbrier and Kempsville Road, in Chesapeake, Va, same instance on both occasions. I was not prepared to bring the vehicle in that week as my son was ill. This last visit once again to Jaguar Checkered Flag, I was told it was only an update that was why the car was cutting off. This car has been having issues since I purchased the vehicle. If it were an update, this update just came out. This logically has no impact on the cars issues last May 2016. After this previous update, as I was on my way to work, turning into the base, I was again attempting to proceed at turning right at a light on Effingham in Portsmouth, Virginia, at 6:20 am. The vehicle once again cut off while I attempted to accelerate and other vehicles had to go around me as I attempted to re-start the car. Once again, with no warning, radio and all other electrical components were still on. A vehicle almost rear-ended my vehicle as I could not accelerate. I immediately contacted my service advisor at 6:28 am, then again at 07:37 am, informing My service advisor of the recent aforementioned issues. It was at that time that I spoke with Jaguar Consumer Relations on Thursday, 09 March, 2017 of these concerning safety issues. This Jaguar XF has become a safety risk, cutting off in traffic while the car is on, unreliable as the car will not start intermittently even when I am out of town, and has no traces as to why these instances are continuously occurring places a safety and unreliability issue to my family and myself. I have made multiple attempts at rectifying this situation that has become increasingly concerning, and each time Jaguar Corporate has taken no concern to the safety and concern to rectify this vehicles mal-performance and accept a request for a trade out of this vehicle, with both request denied each time I have expressed concerns regarding this vehicle. I told them that I hope this enlightens their team at Jaguar as to the circumstances that have evolved in the course of 10 months. I truly took my time prior to purchasing a Jaguar, approx 2 years to be exact. When I purchased this vehicle, it was not my expectation that my vehicle would be unreliable, unsafe, and inconsistent, not to mention the numerous visit and inconvenience it has caused me in the last 10 months. It was also not my expectation that Jaguar would not live up to its reputation. At this point, I would hope that their team reconsiders a trade out. As I mentioned, it is my hope that they reconsider the numerous safety concerns I have regarding this XF or any XFs Jaguar has developed.
Published: March 26, 2017
Michelle of Chesapeake, VA

I purchased a 2004 Jaguar XJ8 VDP in May of 2013. It had 107, 113K miles...
I purchased a 2004 Jaguar XJ8 VDP in May of 2013. It had 107, 113K miles...fully loaded. Nicely kept! Video in the head rests..the works....I now have about 124K miles..its been good ....I had to have brakes/rotors, a reservoir....
Published: September 23, 2014
Charlotte of Concord, GA

Jaguar XF tires: I currently have my 8th and last Jaguar. Never had a probl
Jaguar XF tires: I currently have my 8th and last Jaguar. Never had a problem until I made the mistake of going to Jaguar of Birmingham. Ive had to replace the same tire 3 times. The gearbox failed as well causing my car to stop in the middle of traffic. It was towed to Birmingham Jag. Since that was covered under warranty, I suppose they needed to find something that Id have to pay for. It left Florida with no tire problems, but I was told there was a hole in one that couldnt be patched. Ended up buying a new tire. Within 9 mos Ive had to purchase 3 new tires. The last one exploded with such force it damaged the back panel of the car and blew a hole out of the steel wheelbase. I DID NOT run over anything.I contacted Jaguar corporation since the staff at Jag Birmingham are rude, uncaring and useless. Even the manager, Lily. I wasnt offered a loaner either time. After the explosion, the car was once again towed to Birmingham. I get a call telling me I have to pay over $1300 for the damage and another tire! Jaguar Corp wasnt any help, so dont waste your time. I advised them I was driving a death trap, but they dont care. A lot of unreturned calls and emails. Do yourselves a favor and stay as far away from Jaguar. Most specifically Jaguar of Birmingham. You take it there for something under warranty, but I guarantee they will find something youll have to pay for. Dont throw your money away and dont put yourself in a luxury death trap. If I could give them zero stars, I would. There are other luxury cars that Im sure are safe and most likely have good customer service. #lastjagforme! #youllgetscrewed
Published: October 12, 2017
Elizabeth of Panama City, FL

2007 Jaguar XK A/C condensation drain blocked: When A/C is used, water pour
2007 Jaguar XK A/C condensation drain blocked: When A/C is used, water pours onto floorboard, on passenger side, from under the glovebox. I usually take my car to Firestone for service because Jaguar Service is prohibitively expensive. Just as John found out, the only way to get compensation for the problem was to have the car serviced at a Jag dealership. The $250.00 coupon cant even be used to cover a portion of this repair. Its for future repairs. I have to wonder if there is anyone else out there who has received more than a $250.00 coupon?
Published: July 19, 2013
S of Richmond, VA

I have always wanted a Jaguar which has always been my dream car. Jaguar XJ
I have always wanted a Jaguar which has always been my dream car. Jaguar XJL is an amazing car which has all the options I wanted. It has exceptional performance, luxury and style. I love the British racing green color on the exterior and the beautiful cream color leather upholstery. However, the navigation system needs updating as it will not accept some street names and addresses and the touch screen is not nearly sensitive enough.
Published: June 28, 2018
Dawn of Alpharetta, GA

I have a 2004 Jaguar XJ8 with 67,775 miles and have had to replace the 2 fr
I have a 2004 Jaguar XJ8 with 67,775 miles and have had to replace the 2 front shocks, compressor, transmission lines, oil pan, throttle body, air suspension has a fault, window washer stopped pumping 2 yrs ago, and today the speedometer stopped working. I love the look but and ride but this is the last straw. I am going to start looking for a newer car... today!!!! The door lock only locks once now, have to use key.
Published: February 3, 2015
Jerome of Denver, CO

I did a quick tabulation of the 110 complaint letters about Jaguar cars. Th
I did a quick tabulation of the 110 complaint letters about Jaguar cars. There were fifteen letters which did not mention a model, so I didnt count those. Of the remaining 95 letters, 28 were about the Jaguar X-Type, 30 were about the Jaguar S Type, 17 were about the Jaguar XJ, 16 were about the Jaguar XK and 4 were about the Jaguar XF. As Jaguar no longer sells the S and X Type, I think it was a wise decision on their part considering the number of complaints on these vehicles. Ive owned a 2004 Jaguar XJ VDP for about a year and Ive put about 8,000 miles on it. So far, Ive had no major problems with it. Before buying the XJ, I did test drive the X and S Type and left with the impression that they were entry level vehicles and were not of the same quality as the XJ and XK.
Published: August 29, 2013
Douglas of Wheeling, WV

When I read all the terrible reviews I actually wondered what percent of to
When I read all the terrible reviews I actually wondered what percent of total Jags sold this represents! I had a 97 XK, a 2010 XK, a 2014 F Type, and 2015 XF, and now a 2016 F Type. I have literally had zero problems... ever! Ive owned other exotic brands, including one very expensive one that had to be lemon lawed! The Jags have been refined, problemless, and totally fun to own and drive. The dealers have been wonderful and supportive. WOW!!! A completely different experience from some of these other stories! I love the Jaguars!
Published: September 1, 2016
Fred of Boca Raton, FL

I brought my brand new Jaguar Ipace EV in for service six weeks after takin
I brought my brand new Jaguar Ipace EV in for service six weeks after taking delivery of the car because the battery would not charge. I had to leave the car at the dealership for a total of 31 days while parts were ordered from the UK. This would not have been a problem had the dealer provided me with a courtesy car for this extended period period of time. However, despite the fact that the service department itself treated me very well, I was forced to rent a car at my own expense for the full 31 days. Definitely not something I would have expected from a high-end luxury car company. The reason given to me was the COVID-19 pandemic - an unsatisfactory explanation given that car rental companies remain in business during the pandemic.
Published: July 20, 2020
Richard of Stouffville, ON

Replacing lost keys - What an absolute nightmare! What a way to rip off you
Replacing lost keys - What an absolute nightmare! What a way to rip off your customers! Not only was I robbed when my purse was stolen, with my only jaguar key inside, I was given only one key at the time of purchase. Unknowingly, at that time, I was not aware how expensive replacement keys were. I was the second owner. Then I was trying to get a key when I had no key. Jaguar dealerships were about as helpful and understanding for my situation as some zoo animals. I was told repeatedly the only way was to bring car in physically to nearest Jaguar dealership, which is 3 hours away. After all, aren’t Jaguar dealerships as common and up the road as a Ford dealership? I’m supposed to flat bed my car then pay 4$ per mile just to start. Unbelievable! Inconsiderate and unkind! Plain greedy! Surely they took into consideration all the hundreds of their customers whom like me, lose keys and now forced to pay high towing fees two-zillion miles out of the way, then stolen from twice over at the excessively high charges to replace my keys for a tiny amount of metal and plastic. Never again jaguar, you lost this customer. The managers employed at Jaguar are so completely inept and unknowledgeable about a product they talk about and sell day in and out. They were clueless when I inquired about this marked important card they instructed us to keep in safe place, titled security label from key transmitter. Surely marking something important and keep in safe place is an item valuable enough to really keep in a safe place for some future important reason. Surely staff were also educated about this security label key transmitter so when someone like me asked questions, Jaguars staff would have at least once seen this label we had been storing safely!Surely, there really is a purpose, function, for this security label key transmitter with what appeared valuable enough to store with all these numbers and bars to scan. I got hopeful that maybe, since it was titled “key transmitter”, all these numbers could be scanned because of bar codes and some thoughtful genius in Jaguar corporate head should be kind enough to make a spare so that some future single sickly older woman, on a fixed budget, wouldn’t have to tow her car half way to Mars and take out a bank loan for this fraction of a fraction of piece of worthless metal and plastic. I could have bought 2 state of the art computers, with all their gadgets and sophisticated hardware for what I am being expected to pay for this microscopic sized hunk of metal. Gold sells for less! Personally, thank you Jaguar for the added daily troubles and turmoil many sick and the fixed income customers you have. Thank you, Jaguar on a job not well done. It’s in the air! I know you feel it Jaguar. After all, you breathe the same air as the rest of us do and feel that consumers are sick and tired of being ripped off at every street corner we turn on the all possible ways corporate heads can squeeze out of themselves. Then feel so proud, pat yourselves on your backs for becoming a fortune 500 company and having millions in the banks.Corporate greed is not something to brag about. As if, you had worked so hard and diligently at producing a product that’s really worth the $500 to $1,000 that you charge. Millions like me are sick of being ripped off by corporate heads that searched hard to find a way so that all customers must go to you and you’re completely free to now overprice. There’s nowhere else they can go and you smile, feel happy and smart about yourself for finding away to get rid of competition. All that matters to you is the bottom line. Then you tell yourself something like it is a security reason for doing all of this. I feel like I had just walked into a Wal-Mart, pushing a grocery cart, handed the cashier $500 and leaving the store with an empty cart, only a safety pin in my hand. I did not get really anything this month for my money.We all know that those extra little added charges at the end of our bills, for such things as filing fees or maintenance fees are really for absolutely for nothing that corporations pride themselves for. Theft is theft, no matter how you take it. I am so tired of companies finding extra ways to profit for nothing by taking advantage of the disadvantaged. We are all sick of it! We know what you’re doing. We all see what is really going on. The fact remains you put yourself deliberately in the position of having a corner on the market no matter how you try to sell it. Well, Jaguar, you don’t just have corner, you took the entire freaking block off people just like me. As for the wealthy customers, the price of a jar of peanut butter is $3 for the rich and the poor. They don’t like being overcharged any less.
Published: April 26, 2012
Sue of Adrian, MI

Took my X type for service. Advised the service advisor that I suspect a wa
Took my X type for service. Advised the service advisor that I suspect a water pump is not working coz no water comes up when trying to clean windscreen (thought thats what water pump is for). They did not advise me otherwise nor did they quote me for the water pump. Collected the car and asked why my problem was not fixed, only then he confirmed it is not working and he would send me a quote.
Published: October 14, 2014
Nandipha of Johannesburg, Other

The service provided was phenomenal and staff members were extremely friend
The service provided was phenomenal and staff members were extremely friendly. The F Pace is an exceptional ride that I could drive with great ease and comfort, which has a great grip and assistance control for safety along with many other benefactors. My first time purchasing a Jaguar and overall it was a remarkable experience.
Published: March 1, 2020
Anushka of Toronto, ON

I purchased a used 2004 X-type. Within the last year, I have had the front
I purchased a used 2004 X-type. Within the last year, I have had the front right bearing go out at $984.00. The transfer case went out at $2800.00. The transmission went out at $2200.00. The front drivers knuckle/spindle went out at $480.00. All the bushings in the rear end are rusted out and worn out completely at $2200.00. Both front ball joints went out at $1800.00. The car is kept in the garage in the winter and only has 130,000 miles on it.
Published: October 5, 2011
Patrick of Grand Rapids, MI

August 12, 2021 I purchased a 2017 Jaguar F-Pace 35t, with 51,496 miles on
August 12, 2021 I purchased a 2017 Jaguar F-Pace 35t, with 51,496 miles on it, in May of 2020 from Jaguar Land Rover Downtown Salt Lake in Salt Lake City, Utah. I am a first-time owner of a Jaguar and was excited about my new vehicle. I met with a salesman by the name of Jake who assisted me with my purchase. At the time of the sale, I was explained that the Jaguar warranty was bumper to bumper. That this was good for the next 2 years or 100,000 miles, whichever came first. The warranty covered repairs, and oil changes on the vehicle.June 24, 2020, I notified Jake of some issues I was having, one of them being that the daylight headlight was out. I made an appointment for July 15, 2020, with the service team and took the vehicle in to get fixed. August 7, 2020, I took my vehicle back in to be serviced again. On November 10, 2020, made an appointment for November 20, 2020, to be serviced on again.In December 2020 we went to a wedding and on the drive to and from the wedding the car started overheating. It was cold outside, snowing, there wasn’t anything out of the ordinary. That same month I started having problems with the window control panel on the driver side. I was having a hard time getting an appointment made where I could also get a loaner. This problem continued to happen, and I tried to document when I could. I do have a picture of the overheating issue dated March 2020. It was hard to take pictures and video the occurrences, as I was usually driving and didn’t want to get into an accident.On June 11, 2021, I was able to get the Jaguar in to be serviced. I was taking it in for the window panel to be serviced, the overheating issue to be looked at and the other daylight headlight to be replaced. It had gone out on the other side now. At this time the Jaguar had 62,000 miles on it. The service center said my warranty was not going to cover the same as it did before because it had over 60,000 miles on it now. I explained to them what the salesman had told me at the time of purchase and that this was contradicting to what he told me. After speaking with their manager and seeing that another customer was told the same thing, they said they would cover the service. I got my car back on June 23, 2021.On June 29, 2021, my car started overheating and the AC stopped working. I reached out to the service center and explained to them it wasn’t fixed. I dropped it off on July 6, 2021. They kept my car but said they couldn’t get it to duplicate the problem. Nothing was fixed and I picked up my car on July 13, 2021. They had it for 8 days.On July 22, 2021, my car was overheating, and the AC stopped working. I messaged the service center. I provided pictures and videos. They said they could not get me in and were all booked and would get back to me when they could. I reached out again on August 3rd as my car was overheating and the AC would stop working. August 7th, I reached out again, experiencing problems still. I did drop it off on August 7th.As of now, August 12, 2021 my car is still sitting at the service center and I don’t have a loaner. I will never purchase a Jaguar again, I have had nothing but problems and the overheating issue is not being resolved. I would not recommend Jaguar to my family or friends unless they want to expect problems. I have had the car for a little over a year and have put around 13,000 miles on it. I do not plan on keeping it but trading it in for another vehicle that is more reliable. The last correspondence I received from the service center was that my case has been referred to Jaguar corporate to help get it resolved. Ideally, I would like to return the vehicle and get my money back. I no longer want to keep the car as I anticipate it will cause me future problems. I need a reliable vehicle for me and my family. This has been a huge inconvenience for us, and I use it to drive to and from work and take my kids to school.
Published: August 15, 2021
Nicole of Riverton, UT

If there are any problems JLR fixes. I have the 3.0 supercharge and this en
If there are any problems JLR fixes. I have the 3.0 supercharge and this engine is top notch! There is no room in the backseat but the frontseats are very comfortable. The ride is smooth and fast. After driving only Toyota’s for the last 25 years this was a big leap for me but I have no regrets.
Published: December 14, 2019
Joline of Climax, MI

I have an 07 plate Jaguar 2.7 v6 diesel S type. I had to take the car to my
I have an 07 plate Jaguar 2.7 v6 diesel S type. I had to take the car to my local dealer for a repair. It came up on dash as SDC unavailable. Jaguar dealer told me that I needed a new diaphragm fitted to my fuel pump at the cost of 299 fitted. I picked car up on the Saturday and paid the bill in full. On the following Thursday, the car broke down again - same code on dash. I contact dealer, tell them whats wrong. Car goes back into garage. Then they tell me that they are having problems reading the fault codes and that they are waiting on Jaguar sorting it out. 2 weeks later, they phone to tell me that they have found the problem and car needs 2 new fuel injectors at a price of 245 each. And that they have sent a sample of the fuel in my tank to see if its contaminated with anything. They come back to me and say its water in my fuel. And my tank needs to be drained. They then tell me that I have a bill of 1180 and that they will not guarantee the work that they have done on the car unless I change all the injectors and the fuel pump at the same time. I check out the internet for prices of injectors, and for official Jaguar injectors. They are only 65. I now have a Jaguar car that I am scared to drive on the road in case it breaks down on me again. And the bill has to be paid in full before the car can leave the garage. I will never ever in my entire life get another new Jaguar car. I have owned this car for over 3 years and I have found the Jaguar dealers to be nothing more than con men. They dont keep their word and they always find ways of getting more money from you. And the warranty is a joke. it never covers what has gone wrong. So my advice to everyone, STAY AWAY FROM JAGUAR. Cars are expensive crap. Im going back to Range Rover. At least you can repair them easier and cheaper.
Published: October 20, 2013
Gordon of Dumfries, OTHER

If the CPO warranty is important to your purchase, then proceed carefully.
If the CPO warranty is important to your purchase, then proceed carefully. In some Jaguar literature and some third party sites you might conclude, as I did, that the CPO extends the original warranty and is bumper to bumper. This does not appear to be the case as I have sticky interior panels and buttons on my 2015 F type. This is a documented Jaguar issue on various models. Jaguar USA verbally indicates that the CPO warranty is for electrical and mechanical breakdown. I stress verbal as they have so far unequivocally refused to put my denial in writing. Furthermore, it appears that the document which lists covered/excluded items is considered as a top secret document by Jaguar USA and some if not all dealers.
Published: August 3, 2019
frank of Mount Pleasant, SC

Hi, I am the proud Owner of Jaguar XF. Though I have many high-end cars Jag
Hi, I am the proud Owner of Jaguar XF. Though I have many high-end cars Jag had remained my favorite until now and I drive the vehicle and none of my driver drives this car as I reserve this for my self drive car. No doubt the car is amazing but just that will not help to own a Jaguar car and even the service matters a lot. I am glad that Tata has taken over sales and service of this premium segment but they are maintaining the service quality like the lower models itself (Tata vehicles) which I am not happy with.I have been experiencing the very bad service from your dealers from my very first service of the vehicle. First of all you people dont have free pick up and drop services like other high-end cars but no issues but what matters is I would have taken prior appointment and taken the vehicle to drop but still I need to wait for more than half an hr which is not agreeable and when I inquired at reception instead she calling service adviser she also joined morning meeting and was left with no option but to wait for more than half an hr. Look I am a businessman and I cant afford to waste time.Till date my vehicle has gone every time twice for same repair after service. Recently I had serviced my vehicle on 8th Nov 2016 which was run around 14,511 Kms and I remembered the adviser telling me in earlier service that the brake pads should be replaced. Based on that I insisted that brake pads be changed but the adviser told it will run another 2000 kms and told whenever you are going on long trips you come we will check. If its worn out we will replace.But to my shock 500 kms later I. e, on reaching 14,950 kms (07.01.2017) I got a message saying the brake pads needs to be replaced. Luckily I didnt have to replace the sensors but I had to drop the vehicle again back to service center which is waste of my time again. And after doing this I had another shock waited. My driver when washing the car saw that one nut (which we require separate bit to open wheel for security) was missing and I had to call up service center to check on the same. They checked and replied saying sir we had tightened the wheel nuts properly and we have checked it twice even after road test. The thing is either your people should open or mine but at my place my drivers dont even know where the bit is and nobody touches my car apart from washing so where did the nut go and how did it fall if they had tightened properly?But however it may be I am at loss. Again I need to spend around 10 to 15 k and purchase the nuts which is waste of money. I was very happy with the car and planning to buy a Vogue but seeing the service I am planning to drop the plan and planning to go for Merc. Because of all this experience I am very disappointed and dont recommend this brand to any of my people. Look into my issue, wrt to the nuts if anything can be done to it. I would like to share my experience online to all other people as well but doing so your reputation will be spoilt which I dont want to do it anyway. With regards to the above I had even mailed the details to Jaguar but till date no response and got some acknowledgement kind but you cant call that as one.
Published: January 30, 2017
tejas of Bangalore, Other

Purchased brand new 2013 Jaguar XJ from Heritage Jaguar in Freeport NY in D
Purchased brand new 2013 Jaguar XJ from Heritage Jaguar in Freeport NY in Dec 2013. Scene 1: Critical oil light went on around 1500 miles and I brought it in and was told by service manager Bill they probably forgot to fill with oil at the factory. Heritage filled with oil and sent me on my way. Scene 2: Another 1500 miles and critical oil light went on again. This time I decided to service at my local dealer Monmouth Jaguar. I showed them the service report from Heritage Jaguar, and was told that they needed to evaluate through an oil consumption test. Oil was filled and I was sent on my way. One point I would like to mention, car constantly smelled of oil burning and I reported it numerous times to both dealer and Jaguar customer service rep named Paul.Scene 3: Another 1500 mile and critical oil light went on again and car was brought to Monmouth Jaguar and they contacted Jaguar engineers and was told to change a bunch of parts, which they did and sent me on my way. Car now has around 5K miles, as you can see we dont drive this car a lot. I did want to take the car on a 350 mile round trip and was scared that it would have a critical oil issue far from my home. I called Monmouth Jaguar and reviewed this and the continuing burning smell of oil after the so called repair was done. They offered me a loaner while they checked out the burning oil smell, on Friday Oct 3rd. On Monday Oct 6th I was called by Monmouth Jaguar and was told that Jaguar decided to replace the engine with a new one.I was concerned, since this is virtually a new car with 5K miles and this issue started from day 1, with the devaluation of the vehicle due to the engine replacement and the look of the Carfax report with all this repair history. I e-mailed Jaguar customer service 2 times and called my Jaguar service rep Paul several times. I spoke to Paul and he too he said he will get back to me. After not hearing back I tried to call the Jaguar executive line and left 2 messages not hearing back at all. Monmouth Jaguar where the car is now, are wonderful and are trying their best to help in every way. It seems Jaguar Corporate is trying to take themselves out of the situation and leave Monmouth Jaguar to relay any decisions. Monmouth Jaguar did say that Jaguar Corporate wants to do the right thing and offered to send me a check for 1 of my monthly payments and they said they would offer me an extended warranty but could not provide the details of the additional miles and time frame.Jaguar Corporate is hiding behind the local dealer and is not taking responsibility. This oil issue started from day 1 and I expect a new vehicle from Jaguar. When the time comes and I try to sell this vehicle I will take a tremendous loss as compared to the market conditions of the time when I go to sell the car. The real surprise of this is that they call themselves a luxury product, and I am still waiting for a response from Jaguar Corporate after many e-mails and calls. Does Jaguar have many issues with this model engine? Obviously my engine does. If this is a unique non everyday occurrence why would Jaguar not want to satisfy a customer by doing what is right and replacing the car?
Published: October 13, 2014
peter of Eatontown, NJ

1990 Jaguar scares the crap out of me while driving. It is extremely diffic
1990 Jaguar scares the crap out of me while driving. It is extremely difficult to get into and once you are in you need a crane to get out. Eats gas like a pig as well, EXPENSIVE gas.
Published: May 9, 2018
Reese of San Antonio, Texas

Four weeks ago I purchased a XF. So far I have not received any call from a
Four weeks ago I purchased a XF. So far I have not received any call from anyone at the dealership or from Jaguar USA to ask about my experience with the purchase transaction or any concerns with the vehicle. And I do have some questions and relevant feedback. Last week, my daughter purchased a Hyundai Tucson and she has already received calls both from the dealership and Hyundai USA asking for her feedback and if there was anything they could do to enhance her experience. Amazing!! Jaguar has to go a long ways before it can hold a candle to the Japanese and Korean counterparts.
Published: September 21, 2016
Balan of St. Charles, IL

I own 2007 XJ Jaguar Vanden Plas Sedan, I have spent over 19k at Tampa Jagu
I own 2007 XJ Jaguar Vanden Plas Sedan, I have spent over 19k at Tampa Jaguar in service with constant attention to engine light being on and the last 3 to 4 times, I have brought it in for the same problem, and to date, the engine remains on and my spouse is taking it back this week. Service manager was aware I was tired of spending on it, and we spoke of me selling it to Tampa Jaguar since they have solely repaired it.My spouse saw a Jeep Wrangler and began negotiations on it for trading the JAG, the Jeep was souped-up which would be odd enough for me, went to trade, arrived the Jeep no longer had the same lights, new pics on Carfax, and the manager of sales denied changes, then admitted to small lights. The problem I have is upon arriving, no one came outside to speak with me, my spouse spoke with manager told him I am outside, he totally remained inside and still refused to speak about how to get car sold, test drive Jeep, or even act as if I was a customer of Jaguar.I have been coming there from 2012 to now, no other company ever touching the car, and we know the service team by first name. Yet, sales ignored my existence, refusing me the courtesy to honor my business, to honor the terms of the presenting Good Faith to sell the Jeep as it was originally shown, not taken down from where it was, or he could have come out, asking what can we do to get your BUSINESS .I have made this complaint to someone whom called me for follow up to no avail. I have written this up and assigned case number, only for a case manager, Danny to ask me about calling to speak with General Manager, you would think 2 complaints later, General Manager for this from everyone else. Was it racially motivated? I am **, and I have seen no one present during there, or even in their showroom, and no it is not because of cost, my friends all drive top of the line and from Tampa area, I am not, but they all patronize other brands.I wonder if it is due to the very haughty, negligent personality that one portrays to allow a customer to sweat for over an hour, while you are aware of their presence but ignoring them because you have spoken to their spouse over the phone, and what... you figure the ** woman does not deserve respect? It is my car, my sale, my deal, my spouse is aware of cars, and was helping me out. BTW, spouse is **, so that might add a racial overture to it, would he got ignored standing outside, when you expected him to trade his car today? My car was originally purchased in Jacksonville Go while I was in Germany, so transfer to Tampa few months later. Came bringing this car to this company and they have taken 19k of my money, offered to purchase it for trade, engine light still on, and I am not paying another dime.I have been given every reason for the cause of this issue, I want the car traded or paid by this company as promised and I want Jaguar National to investigate the way these companies are really destroying their name, it stands for something, but if you have people who disrespect those who drive your brand, no matter their skin color, then you will be famous for Silver Bells, nothing more, whereas the image really should change to coincide with the sleek look of the Jag... it is a very sleek vehicle, and looks good with certain people. I am very disappointed that ownership of another has been destroyed by your local folk. Please do the right thing. Your Customer Service Case Management is horrible too, time for someone to get new people.
Published: July 17, 2017
A. D. of Tampa, FL

2017 F TYPE - Bad smell coming out of vents - Bought a beautiful Jag last s
2017 F TYPE - Bad smell coming out of vents - Bought a beautiful Jag last summer, shortly after having it we noticed a urine like smell coming out of the air vents. We have taken it in 3 times the first two times they say they found it and fixed it. The car is immaculate, kept in a clean heated garage, had only been in the rain once and the dealership was trying to tell us it was animal urine on the engine. After taking it back in the 3rd time, they say its the air conditioner unit. They have had our car for 41 days now. Today they said they got the okay from Jag to replace the unit but it takes at least a day and a half to take the dash out. I have made two car payments on a car I am not even driving. I wish I had not bought this car. Jaguar customer service is not what I thought it would be when I bought a $100,000 car. So disappointed.
Published: December 19, 2017
T. of Puyallup, WA

My Jag XF has been garaged kept for the 5 years Ive had the car. So you can
My Jag XF has been garaged kept for the 5 years Ive had the car. So you can imagine how shocked I was when the headliner in the car completely came down.As asked Jaguar and Alpine Jaguar my local dealer to provide assistance for this situation and they declined to stand by their product. At this point I have concluded Jaguar is not a brand worthy of luxury status. I will look to another brand to provide me a luxury vehicle choice.
Published: May 23, 2016
Gus of Coralsprings, FL

I purchased my used 2011 Jaguar with 38,000 miles on it. Beautiful and slee
I purchased my used 2011 Jaguar with 38,000 miles on it. Beautiful and sleek, she turns heads everywhere she goes. In our 8 short months together Ive replaced the entire center display, all of the speakers, roof curtain motors, parking sensors, and last week, it overheated and died on the Pennsylvania turnpike... at 43,000 miles. Imagine the mortification of standing in full military attire next to a smoking vehicle. The factory warranty died in October... but went to 50,000 miles. This is inexcusable. Please if you are reading this DO NOT BUY THIS BRAND.I contacted Jaguar USA... They offered 60% of the 44,000$ estimate. So I either have to pay over 13k for the engine to fix a car Im 35k in debt to own; or use my extended warranty company (5k)... which is going to total my car altogether! God only knows the loss Im going to eat when the final value is computed. The dealership itself (Mainline Jag, outside of Philadelphia) has been awesome-but they dont work for free! The entire staff is accommodating and obviously sorry for my loss - but why am I paying for this defect Jaguar USA!? I just want my baby to run like normal cars do!!!
Published: February 26, 2016
Charlotte of Washington, DC

I own a 2006 Jaguar X-Type currently with 90,000 miles on it. I bought the
I own a 2006 Jaguar X-Type currently with 90,000 miles on it. I bought the car new at Rusnak Jaguar in Pasadena, CA. I used to take the car for service there but, every time I went, they always found something needed repair, not including the times that I had to take it for problems. Well, brakes on this car are a joke. I have replaced them 4 times and, each time, the rotors needed to be replaced which adds to the bill and, of course not covered by the warranty. The new battery cracked and, has had at least 3 additional batteries after that, battery cables needed to be replaced, engine mounts needed to be replaced, oil and water leaks galore, 2 new coolant reservoir, new radiator, assorted sensors, new transfer case, windshield wiper motor replaced, rear shocks had to be replaced. Currently the car is at PepBoys because the battery light came up, the alternator was replaced not once, but three times already and the battery light continues to be on. I already paid them $600.00 to replace it. The PepBoys called their troubleshooter to diagnose the problem since they were thinking that the car computer is the one causing the problem which is a $3000.00 repair. Their master mechanic informed them that my Jaguar needed a Jaguar built alternator. Otherwise, the computer would not recognize it. BTW, I also have to replace the hood struts which cost $90.00 each but was able to find the replacements at 1/2 price. I am just afraid of whats next. I bought this car because I wanted a Jaguar but I was not bargaining for the amount of problems this piece of garbage this car has been. I own a 2006 Ford Expedition, which I bought new, and the only thing that broke after 69,000 was the water pump which was quickly replaced for $450.00 which included the thermostat and a radiator flush.
Published: November 7, 2013
Guillermo of Pasadena, CA

I Just bought a 2011 XJL which still had some remaining warranty but I also
I Just bought a 2011 XJL which still had some remaining warranty but I also got extended warranty as well. Same week the car went in to the shop, engine vibrations, weird idling, seems its going to shut off when Im in reverse, XM radio was cutting out, speaker was cracked. I took it into the dealership at Newport Beach Jaguar, a few days after I bought it because the massage on driver side was making a loud noise. They replaced it and I told them about the cracked speaker but they couldnt hear it and I also complained about a rough idling with vibration and a check engine light came on. Well they, God knows what they did but supposedly they fixed it. I picked up my car and drove it home and two days later the same problem came back check engine light and the vibration. I drove it back to Newport Beach and left it with them for 12 days. They said they changed the spark plugs as they noticed there was some leak from a compressed washer that sits around the spark plug. I said ok whatever just give me my car back already I miss it. Everything seemed normal until I took and I drove it for max 2 weeks and back again. Now a different dealership got involved and they worked on the fuel injectors saying that they looked bad, changed 4 supposedly and car picked up again. Seemed fine then The idling issue pops up again. I take it in and asked a Jaguar lead mechanic to take in on a ride with me. He did and noticed a slight hesitation and vibration but said close to normal but lets keep it overnight and see. They did and when turned it on next day the engine light came on and the noticed what I was talking about. Its been at the dealership now for 15 days testing and bringing a field service engineer and towards a few days ago Im starting to get hints that there is a possible engine replacement. Im out of words after I heard that and Im not sure how to go about this right now. Ive made 2 payments on the car and the dealership had the car more than me. Im beyond frustrated as this was my next car on the list to get and I got it and so far I have regretted the day that I made that decision.
Published: June 23, 2015
adel of San Jose, CA

I purchased my 2007 brand-new Montclair JAGUAR. Six months later, it sounde
I purchased my 2007 brand-new Montclair JAGUAR. Six months later, it sounded like an old truck. I took it back to the dealer, and they kept it for five weeks (no parts, order parts, etc. etc.). I was about to call the news station when I finally got a call saying, It will be ready in a day. Pick up the car, and I was told they were going out of business and were No longer selling Jaguars, so look for another shop. Two months later, brakes (boot/bushings) need to be replaced.Luckily, they were still in business and had to replace all with warranty. Brakes have not worked right since. I took it back several times. Finally, a year later, they did stop Jaguar dealership and were selling other cars. I called USA Jaguar and was told to go to any Jaguar shop; the car is covered until warranty expires. Went to a new dealer, who worked on the car several times. Then the warranty was about to expire, so I got one of those extended warranty. I was driving the car and it lost power transmission so bad, it needed replacement. Now I went to Bergan Jaguar 30 minutes away, and they told me it was about $2,000.00 to fix. I told them, Fix it; you sold me the extended warranty. The guys face almost fell to the floor. It was covered by the extended warranty, which cost me about $2,000.00, so I am breaking even.Six months later, they were out of business, so I went to another dealership... mind you, Jaguar dealers are not in every county in NJ; theyre miles and miles away in Madison, NJ. You see, I only purchased from Montclair because it was 10 minutes away, so now I am driving 1/2-hour to find a NEW dealership. Long story short, now I need an alternator (extended warranty). They said I should get a used one because the car is now five years old. I said, Oh no, Ill call the news station, and I get a new one. NOW BRAKES ARE NO GOOD AGAIN. It is never ending with this car and the brakes. This, too, was my dream car, and it turned out to be a nightmare of a car. #Lemon
Published: June 2, 2013
Theresa of Newark, NJ

While driving my 2-month old 2014 Jaguar XF, the car shut down while in mot
While driving my 2-month old 2014 Jaguar XF, the car shut down while in motion. It was terrifying. The car literally turned off. The steering is power and froze, the computer shut down and I was in the middle of the street. This model has a dial that pops up to change gears in sunk down and I could not put the car in neutral to get out of the street. I had to exit the vehicle and leave it in the middle of the road for 2.5 hours until it could be towed. I am very worried about my safety. This is the third time this occurred. Twice while the car was in motion and once it would not start after being parked. I requested a refund or a new car as I am very worried for my own safety and the safety of any passengers with me. This could have been tragic if I was on a busy road or on freeway.
Published: July 3, 2014
Colleen of Santa Ana, CA

Needed a throttle motor and new transmission just over 100,000 miles. Bad m
Needed a throttle motor and new transmission just over 100,000 miles. Bad mechanically. Steering wheel squeaked since day 1. Doesnt hold its value and broken again. There is no reason to put another dime into this car. What a disappointment!
Published: July 19, 2014
Denise of Elizabeth, CO

The dealer has had my vehicle, a 2010 Jaguar XF, for over a week now. I sim
The dealer has had my vehicle, a 2010 Jaguar XF, for over a week now. I simply had a TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) Fault light go on in my dashboard. The tire pressure on all four tires was fine. They keep diagnosing the problem with NO positive results. My bill is presently over 2K and after nine days of being in at the dealer, it still is not fixed.
Published: July 26, 2018
Tom of Laurel, MD

I took my 2007 with 35,350 miles Jaguar over to Elmhurst, Illinois Jaguar d
I took my 2007 with 35,350 miles Jaguar over to Elmhurst, Illinois Jaguar dealer. And they ran the diagnostic test which cost $142.00 to tell me I need a new fuel pump and jet pump and the cost is $1,236.00. There is no reason I should have to pay out this amount when the car has 35k miles. I also had 2 2005 X-Type Jaguars and they both had leaks from the oil pain filter, which should not happen at 50k. Jaguar is much over rated - charge too much for the cars and have no sympathy when the car needs work. They stick it to you. I had much better cheaper cars and will never own another Jaguar. So if you are in the market, be wise and pick something other than a Jaguar.
Published: May 31, 2013
Tammy of Bloomingdale, IL

I left my car on 17/9/13 with Preston Jaguar Centre (in Preston, UK) for mi
I left my car on 17/9/13 with Preston Jaguar Centre (in Preston, UK) for minor repairs. Someone scraped the back passenger side bumper and agreed to pay for the repairs to the garage if I am satisfied. So I took the as arranged for paint work. I was told I will get the car next day. I agreed to collect the car and once I am happy we can call the person to pay the bill. There was a very slight dent which only I was aware off as it can hardly be seen by another person only when the light fall on that door from a certain angle. My bad luck I mentioned it to the garage but decided not to do anything about it. The guy I handed my car over he could hardly see it and agreed to leave it. There was no scratches and dents other than the one mentioned above.On 18/9/13 at around 4:30pm I rang to confirm if repairs are done. I was told it is done and car is on its way to my work place. When I examined the car the bumper scrape was done, but there was 7 inches by 7 inches scratch and dent on the passenger side of the car about 12 inches below that nearly invisible little indentation. When I highlighted it the person who brought the car insisted it was there. He started to use bullying tone and said his employee know nothing. He is the boss. What he says is right and drove off in the courtesy car they gave me.When I texted the person who was pay for the repairs he texted me that the garage called him to pay or the car will not be released to me so he has paid the garage. I called the garage around 5pm. The guy whom I handed over my car on 17/9/13 he picked up the phone. When I told him of the new big dent he was surprised and agreed that it was not there and said he like to see it. I was not prepared to go to the garage as I felt threatened by the owner so I said he can come and see my car as I am at work till 6pm. He never came.
Published: September 18, 2013
Seemi of Ealing, OTHER

My 2018 Jaguar E-Pace is an unreliable and dangerous vehicle to drive/ride
My 2018 Jaguar E-Pace is an unreliable and dangerous vehicle to drive/ride in. This vehicle engine loses power during freeway/city driving and the accelerator is unresponsive. No help from Jag Cust Relations.
Published: October 16, 2018
Gregory of Carlsbad, CA

I purchased headlight socket for my x type from West Hurr of Getzville, NY.
I purchased headlight socket for my x type from West Hurr of Getzville, NY. When got home, I called and arranged appointment for their service to install it. Michelle service consultant was very short and sarcastic. Not to mention, the mechanic could not get the light to come on or at least tell me what was wrong. So they took my $112 dollars for an hour for nothing. To install the headlight socket probably 25 minutes, I saw the 18 year old Jaguar mechanic helping the other guy with another car most of the time when they called me back to ask a question. No one offered a discount or anything. A diagnostic should have at least been made for my money. Michelle was very short and sarcastic the cashier didn’t even say have a good day. To sum it up, horrible place to get your car repaired. Not to mention, I took time off work for this low class service center. I believe since they’re the only jaguar dealer in Buffalo, they don’t care. I’m sure their repair sales are very low!
Published: January 14, 2012
Rory of Buffalo, NY

Can someone let me know if they have had the same problems regarding the po
Can someone let me know if they have had the same problems regarding the power steering rack on an 2001 S-Type? After I bought the car used, 6 months later power steer rack was leaking after around 80000 miles, replaced the steering rack second hand 6 months later after another 4000 miles leaked again. So found another steering rack and had that replaced, and again I seem to have the same issue again. Found steering fluid on the drive this morning 88000 miles so would guess it gone again. The work on the car has been carried out at a garage not done by myself. I know there are little problem you might face when buy a used car but there just always seems to be something going wrong with the S-Type. So far replaced the gearbox once, steering rack twice and header water tank once. The car has proven to a very expensive buy and if it’s the power steering again it could be bound for the scrap yard. Dont want to spend/waste any more money on it.
Published: August 14, 2013
Grahame of Leeds, other

Ive had two Jags, XJ6 and and XJ8. I have freinds that have them. I dont
Ive had two Jags, XJ6 and and XJ8. I have freinds that have them. I dont know anyone who has had an array of unusual issues with their Jags like Im reading here. Since 1993 there record is quite good actually. Its unfortunate that the issues with Jaguar from the 50s through the 80s still follows it around. I have found both of mine to be nothing short of fantastic. It is a machine though and things do go wrong with machines. One bad apple does not spoil the whole basket. A car is a car. Nuff said. Happy driving.
Published: August 5, 2011
Don of Scottsdale, AZ

This is the second time I am writing this to you. It’s about how the sal
This is the second time I am writing this to you. It’s about how the salesperson responded to us when we approached him. And because of that, we had to buy a Merc and not a Jaguar.
Published: February 17, 2012
Srikanth of Cardiff, other

Purchased my car January of 2020. Brought it in several times throughout th
Purchased my car January of 2020. Brought it in several times throughout the next few months for other repairs. Brought it back in January 2021 for a no heat situation. I was made to feel like I was making it up and that I was a silly woman because they couldnt find the problem. Made me drive a vehicle that had no heat in -45 degree weather back home on the highway for over an hour. I then proceeded to bring the vehicle back with the car running the next day to show them that the car indeed had no heat.The car was with them for 3 and a 1/2 months and they still could not fix the problem but the heat started to work so I took the car back. Now its November of 2022 and I had to bring my vehicle back to a different dealership (Royal Oak) for no heat again as I did not want to deal with that dealership (Glendeer Circle) any longer. I was assured that I would not have the same experience that I had at the other dealership and that they would fix the problem. I have had things shipped broken, in wrong boxes etc. I have had promises made, solutions presented and all have been lies. My car has now been there for an additional 3 months and they still cannot fix the problem. Jaguar has now had my car for a total of 6 1/2 months in a 2 year span with no end in sight.I have tried to resolve this with their head office to no avail. They are absolutely horrendous and just want your money. They have basically told me they can keep my vehicle for as long as necessary until the part/problem is fixed. Which could mean months or years who knows. They have no problem keeping my car for an extended period of time. They have however given me a loaner car so at least I have something to drive but I am paying for a car that I do not have, I am losing sleep, having anxiety attacks and missing out on work because I cannot concentrate on anything other than this situation.The people in charge of dealing/rectifying situations cannot be right. I am wondering how this is ok? How can a dealership do this? I understand we have warranty for a reason but at what point is this not ok? I know we in Canada dont have a lemon law here but come on, 6.5 months is beyond my comprehension. I feel trapped, defeated, taken advantage of and exhausted. I need help in sorting this out as this cannot be ok. Please help.
Published: February 17, 2022
Christa of Calgary, Other

Jaguar resolved the situation in with a suitable solution.
Jaguar resolved the situation in with a suitable solution.
Published: January 1, 1970
Larry of Wilmington, NC

If youre thinking of a Jaguar, forget it. My wife wanted one for years so i
If youre thinking of a Jaguar, forget it. My wife wanted one for years so in 2015 got her one for her birthday. What a horrible experience and like others have written there isnt enough space in this text block to write all out. Did the online sales. Scheduled a test drive - dealership couldnt even find the car at the appointment. Wife had to return the following day. Salesmen jacked the price by ~4K higher than what was agreed to by email. Plus sold my wife an extended warranty. Car was good for about a year - we learned its very expensive to maintain. Dealership charged us $170 for an oil change. Most Oil change shops will not work on Jaguars. Car broke down. Timing chain cover gasket failure. Oil squirted on the alternator and battery causing both to fail. Car towed Dealership never called us, We called them numerous times.I called the service desk, service manager and general manager several times each progressively. No one returned my call. Wife had to go to the dealership as I was starting to worry perhaps the car had been stolen. Parts took a week to arrive. Total time in the shop was about two weeks. No loaner. Dealership said no loaner was available - another common complaint. Mechanics workmanship was a joke. Reinstalled the hood incorrectly causing vibration and bouncing which chipped the paint. Numerous fasteners not reinstalled in the engine compartment. Over the next 8 months we had these issues; Signal light indicating the trunk (boot) was open. Headlight low beam pointed at the ground directly in front of the vehicle - very dangerous condition. Dealership said the soonest appointment was 30 days out. If we wanted a loaner it was 45 days out. The AC started turning itself off and on. Entire car would turn itself off while stopped. Had to use the started to restart the car. On restart it was more like a reboot - systems all had to be reset including radio station and climate control. Fuel filler tube had a recall the dealership never correct. Eco mode stopped working. Another oil leak at the timing chain cover - another two week repair job. Tire monitoring system erroneously signaling a flat tire. Cigar light was fake, order one from the dealership waited a month. New one arrived. Opened box - it was another demo fake one. One door handle was a slightly different color than the rest of car. Logged a complaint with Jaguar HQ customer service - theyre a joke. I called the number they provided at least a dozen times over the course of two weeks leaving my case number, name and return phone number. NEVER spoke to anyone. Filed a complaint with Jaguar parent company TaTa Motor. Never received a word from them either. Took the car to another authorized service center - discovered we did Not have an extended warranty. Called the dealership numerous times. No one called back. My wife went to the dealership and they left her waiting for two hrs and she finally got mad and left. This issue is still not resolve, Have zero help from any customer service so guess Ill have to find a consumer/contracts attorney to sue them for the 5K we paid for an extended warranty. Summarize Worst car buying experience I ever had - bar none. Worst quality car I have ever purchased - bar none. A wrecked Yugo would have been better. Do Not buy a Jaguar. They have absolutely lost any resemblance of the Jaguar of days gone past. Theyre doomed for bankruptcy.
Published: March 13, 2019
George of Elgin, TX

I purchased a 2013 demo Jaguar XF with 3000 miles. Have already had to repl
I purchased a 2013 demo Jaguar XF with 3000 miles. Have already had to replace fuel injectors, and engine oil cooler. When purchasing the car we were promised that warranty would extend to Cayman Islands where Jaguar has an authorized dealer. Jaguar now tell me I need to take it to Puerto Rico!!! My last few inquiries have led to only an automated response saying they would get back to be. The latest being mid February. Its now May 15, 2015 and still no response!
Published: May 15, 2015
Charles of Georgetown, Other

I bought a brand new Jaguar XJ in April 2011, drove 23,000 km, had it servi
I bought a brand new Jaguar XJ in April 2011, drove 23,000 km, had it serviced in a Jaguar WS in June 2012 in London. Two weeks later, I crossed the Channel with the car to go to my son’s wedding in France, and suffered a breakdown 1 km from the ceremony. The whole event had been seriously spoilt by the need to get proper assistance organized. It could not be a worse day for such an incident, and find it totally unacceptable to suffer such a breakdown with a brand new car of that standing. Then, it is only 17 days later that the car had been brought back to UK, and 24 days later that it was repaired, and given back to me. How is it possible for such a chain of inefficiencies, is occurring with a brand like Jaguar? What is the company prepared to offer to compensate for such unacceptable chain of event? My car registration is **.
Published: July 3, 2012
Xavier of London, Other

So Jaguar USA thinks a seat can wear out under normal circumstances in 2 ye
So Jaguar USA thinks a seat can wear out under normal circumstances in 2 years and 12,000 miles. Yes, between them and the stealership at Jaguar Palm Beach theyll have you believe that an $80,000 car should self-destruct before the warranty expires. Then again, what good is a warranty they wont honor?
Published: February 29, 2016
Andrew of West Palm Beach, FL

I purchased a 2002 Jaguar XJ8 2 years ago with 70k miles that has been owne
I purchased a 2002 Jaguar XJ8 2 years ago with 70k miles that has been owned and driven carefully by 1 owner in near-showroom condition. I purchased the 2002 Jaguar XJ8, believing I would be buying a vehicle of quality, a car that would last me at least another 70k miles. Sure, I knew the purchase of a Jaguar came with a hefty upkeep bill, but I wouldve never even begin to think that the Jaguar transmission would be of such poor quality.Since my purchase 2 years ago, I have put a little under 18k miles of love in it under the warm Florida sun. One day, while driving my 2002 Jaguar XJ8, I had a Gearbox Fault appear at a green light. Along with the message came a jolt, as if I have been hit from behind. When I turned my car off and on again, everything was fine for a day or 2, until the message and jolt repeated again after driving on a bumpy road. Long story short, this happened randomly over the course of 2 weeks about 3 times until I decided to take it to the local Jaguar dealership for a computer diagnosis. That day, Jaguar happened to be booked up with appointments, so I made an appointment for the following Friday. The transmission situation was getting worse. By the following Friday, my Jaguar XJ8 was barely accelerating (at about 1 mph until the 4th gear, accelerating slightly faster than when you let go of the break in Drive). However, after an hour drive, I still made it to Jaguar.After 30 minutes of biting my nails and wondering whether the problem was due to transmission failure or something electrical (driving experience felt like a sensor was corrupt), I was told that I have slippage at both gears 2 and 3 and this was due to the Jaguar transmission failure. They happily threw me a quote of $5,500 for a new jaguar transmission and $1,000 for their labor. I kindly declined their generous offer and asked them when does a Jaguar’s transmission usually break down on a 2002 xj8? To which they replied, usually around 190k-240k miles. I find that hard to believe, being that it was serviced regularly and have never been thrifty on premium oil, premium oil filters, premium gas.etc. I wouldve understood if the transmission died at 130-170k miles, but at 87,500, almost 3 times less than the expected life!? I have looked around the net and have found other Jaguars that have had their transmission fail at around the 45,000 mile mark. For Jaguar, which at first I took for a brand that produced quality, 45,000 and 88,000 is truly embarrassing. I have had friends that had original Honda transmissions last over 250,000 miles, Three times as much as my prestigious Jaguar XJ8 transmission lasted.My options? Sell the car for scraps (seeing that as of this moment it does not drive at all, only drives in reverse) or have jaguar fix it for $6,500 or pay $2,000 for a used transmission with 10-20k more miles on it and sell it for reduced value or drive it until that transmission is faulty too (which could be at any given moment, knowing Jaguar).One things for certain, I will never be purchasing a Jaguar again, nor will I be recommending it to friends. I have owned a 2002 BMW 525 before this and I cant even begin to tell you how much more of an impression the BMW made on me over the Jaguar. Bear in mind my BMW had 130k miles when I sold it.I will be ridding myself of this junk soon and will be purchasing something of quality, something of higher or equal caliber, like a Honda or Kia or something.
Published: February 20, 2012
Goran of Jacksonville, FL

Jan 25, 2017 I purchased my 1st Jaguar. I had reservation only because what
Jan 25, 2017 I purchased my 1st Jaguar. I had reservation only because what others had said and the reviews I had read. More things not positive from other owners. But Ive watched the line-up for the last four years and I was very impressed. Once the F-Pace came out I was really sold because I wanted to get off the ground from my 2015 E400 Benz.Well it would have to happen to me. The first day I take my car home the bluetooth is not functioning correctly. But Jaguar came to my home and tried a couple of things that didnt work but left me with another car and said all should be fixed by Monday. But I was still ok because I just didnt want to think this is what I have to look forward to for the next 6 years. By the next Monday with no fix in sight I spoke with the sales Manager at Bluff City and he said Greg, this is not suppose to happen and I give you my word. Give us a couple more days and Jaguar and this Dealership will make it right. By Wednesday morning my F-Pace was ready and not only that Jaguar Service Manager Mr. ** have been in contact with me about the vehicle and Corporate has called and provided inconvenience gift for my time spent. Which they didnt have to. I just wanted to be able to show off my New Jag like I did with my 1st Benz.So what am I saying, some things are really unforeseen, had we known it would have happened to us we would have gone in a different direction. This vehicle offers so much more than what I received with Mercedes as far as service plan, stolen vehicle protection for free. No one was trying to sale me any other products once I purchased the F-Pace. Im still waiting to get my refund off my Benz since it was paid for early and I purchased the extended warranty, Tire and wheel, prepaid maintenance and MBrace. Almost 6K on top of the car. But I did love my Benz. Just wanted to try the new Jag Cars. Bluff City Jaguar see Derrick and Virgil and if you need service see Mr. **! I give them 100 in taking care of Jaguar/Land Rover family members.
Published: February 15, 2017
Greg of Byhalia, MS

Water suddenly gushed out on passenger side floor. I have been reading up a
Water suddenly gushed out on passenger side floor. I have been reading up and it appears this is a well known complaint with Jaguars 2007-2009. There is indeed a technical bulletin by Jaguar and yet knowing this in 2007 - 2 years prior - they still did not correct it and still charge $1,300 plus to fix it.
Published: September 12, 2013
Barbara of Tampa, FL

In 2018 I leased a Jaguar FPace, this was the first and last time I will ev
In 2018 I leased a Jaguar FPace, this was the first and last time I will ever waste a dime on a leased vehicle. I was having issues with the vehicle shutting off at stop signs and when I would pull into a parking spot, and it was not the auto engine off, the car would fully turn off, they took it in and said they could not find anything wrong with it. It continued to happen and the second year when I took it in for the regular maintenance they stated it was some ground wire issue and a computer update and it should be fixed. It happened again several months later when driving the whole screen on the navigation and radio went black and restarted and the car did as well.To add insult to injury when I called about the vehicle issue they said they could not take it back as I hadnt had the issue three times. Then at 15k miles I was driving and the car started pulling and the engine light came on, the engine pulley completely shattered and left me stranded on the side of the highway with about $500 in groceries in my trunk. I called Jag and they came and collected and fixed the car. Now the lease is ending, I have called Jag financial group at least six times to get a copy of my lease agreement and payoff that they never provided in the beginning and it took me separately calling the dealership after three months of trying to get it from Jaguar financial to get a copy.Every single time I have called Jaguar financial the payoff amount has been different than my contract payoff amount. They are trying to add on extra unwarranted fees for property taxes on a vehicle I dont own after I sent the affidavit that shows I do not own property taxes. They received the affidavit over a month before the lease ended and after a month they still refuse to process it even with me calling daily. I have spent at least six hours on the phone with them in the past month and no resolutions. Now if I dont pay off the car by the end of lease date I get another 106 in fees added on since they still havent done anything to remove the incorrect ~200 in taxes they are trying to charge.
Published: April 2, 2021
Maria of Austin, TX

We recently had to have a ding repaired to our passenger door. The bodywork
We recently had to have a ding repaired to our passenger door. The bodywork manager pointed out that the paint coverage on several areas of the car allowed the base coat/primer to show through. My husband was devastated. We took the vehicle to our local Jaguar dealer who checked the paint and told us it was an effect not a defect!!!! Not happy with this, we traveled some 700 miles round trip to Croydon where the car was bought. It was inspected there (dubbed a Friday afternoon car) and a full report sent into Jaguar. The customer service at Jaguar now want the car inspected by someone else. I can only assume there is an issue and they want to dispute it. This was supposed to be our dream car and last purchase for a long time. We are now waiting for customer services to get back in touch. Why a company such as this cant paint a car properly or pick it up before the car leaves the factory beggars belief.
Published: November 20, 2014
lesley of Workington, Other

I am a loyal Jaguar driver, however I am now having my concerns and doubts.
I am a loyal Jaguar driver, however I am now having my concerns and doubts. I had gone from the XK8 to the XJL, and never thought it would be an issue. I had the car in several times for various problems from car shaking in reverse when you turn the wheel, the moon roof not closing, the trunk not closing, the navigation replaced, now my TRANSMISSION IS BEING REPLACED… I have under 40,000 miles on my car, mostly highway driving. I am a very careful driver, my car looks brand new other than all the issues listed above. I FEEL I HAVE A LEMON? I have not even listed all of the issues, because the people in the service department are very kind and doing the best they can. What are my rights? I think they should give me a new car. HELP.
Published: May 27, 2015
Adrienne of Aventura, FL

I have many issues with this car from the day I bought this vehicle. Not on
I have many issues with this car from the day I bought this vehicle. Not only mine even I have seen the same issues on others cars too. Even If they repair the car we need to go back to dealer again in 2 months for the same issue.
Published: June 24, 2019
Madan of Carrollton, TX

My 2007 XK Convertible I took in for service at Hornburg in Santa Monica. I
My 2007 XK Convertible I took in for service at Hornburg in Santa Monica. I had an extended warranty. Warranty, although sold by Jaguar, is not through Jaguar but another company. I was not told this. Jaguar inspected the car at sale of the warranty and I was told it was in perfect condition. About 9 months later, I took it in for warranty repairs. Jaguar called in an inspector from the warranty company who covered the air bag problem. He was never told about the other problems and refused to cover them and I had to pay. The amount was not enough to sue, so I was stuck.In addition, I was humiliated by their service manager when he went behind my back and called the inspector in an obvious collusion against me.Jaguar is not customer-friendly and just wants to take your money. Their cars are not made well. They use inferior materials that show all sorts of dents and dings. American made cars do not have this problem. Do not buy a jaguar.Two weeks after I took delivery of the vehicle, the rearview mirror fell off and the service department initially refused to put it back, until I filed a suit. They had to pay counsel fees and court costs. This is a bad company.
Published: September 23, 2011
Stephen of Santa Monica, CA

My Xj8 Heritage has less than 60K Km on it. It was bought new, and we have
My Xj8 Heritage has less than 60K Km on it. It was bought new, and we have had one problem after another. At 12 months and 10 Km, the battery failed, which was under warranty. At 26 months and 25K Km, the hood lining fell out, which has no warranty. At 4 years and 35K Km, the water pump failed, which also has no warranty. I was told they were a common fault. At 8 years and 50K Km, the thermostat failed, which has no warranty. At 10 years and 65K Km, the fuel pump failed, which has no warranty. I would not buy another Jag. How is this possible for a car with such low kilometers to be serviced regularly?
Published: April 23, 2012
D of Brisbane, Other

I love my 2009 Jaguar Premium Luxury XF but there could be improvements to
I love my 2009 Jaguar Premium Luxury XF but there could be improvements to gas consumption in city. But on the highway is a different story and it definitely makes up for gas mileage. One fill up from Detroit to Indiana with a little more than a quarter tank left upon arrival. That included 30 minute periods in excess of 90+mph.
Published: July 5, 2018
Ersall of Detroit, Michigan

I have a 2006 X-Type 3.0 AWD, and I read almost all the negative responses
I have a 2006 X-Type 3.0 AWD, and I read almost all the negative responses in this thread. I have 127,000 miles on mine and I have replaced a battery at 82k, brakes at 67k, an overflow tank at 106k , performed regular oil changes using 5/30 Castrol as recommended, and I only burn 93 octane (and a lot of headlights). You treat your Jag right and it will be nice back. Today, it still gets an impressive 24.6 mpg, and still turns heads. This is a very high quality vehicle and it takes pampering, not abuse. The only thing I dont like about Jaguar is changing to the XF style. The Type X and XJ are still two of the most beautiful cars on the road and most people dont seem to know how to take care of a Jag. I love mine.
Published: May 5, 2012
James of Krum, TX

Last night, my son was driving my 2004 X and the back end started to slide
Last night, my son was driving my 2004 X and the back end started to slide out in a turn. When he went to correct the steering, the car would not straighten out and he could not steer. The car flipped over. Is there an inherent mechanical problem that might have caused this?
Published: September 5, 2013
Karen of Potomac , MD

I have a 2012 Jaguar XF: Cost me $2,550.00 repairs for premature injector f
I have a 2012 Jaguar XF: Cost me $2,550.00 repairs for premature injector failure on bank 2, cylinder 2, 4, 6, 8. This is a Jaguar design or parts issue. After writing a letter to Jaguar getting them to call me and they are checking into it. I actually work in the automotive manufacturing industry and wouldnt take any of the general lame excuses... Today my wifes Jaguar 2012 XF just been diagnosed with the same failure. After this is over I will be at the BMW dealer... These jags look great... but beware these dont hold up without very expensive repairs.
Published: September 25, 2015
George of Trussville, AL

I have been very vocal about my dissatisfaction with JLR Corporate. My car
I have been very vocal about my dissatisfaction with JLR Corporate. My car has been in service half the time Ive had it in my possession. The car has experienced complete electrical and transmission failures four times while either my wife or I were driving it. Corporate again has denied my request to get out of this defective deathtrap of a car. If anyone else has a negative experience with JLR Corporate reach out to me. Im reaching out to an attorney to get resolution. In the interim, I am going to refuse to pick up the car from the dealership, and will surrender it back to the bank. Id hoped for a better outcome but to no avail. I hope those of you who have a great experience continue to do so. As for me Im done with my F-Pace S. It an overpriced piece of garbage.
Published: April 23, 2019
Isaac of Round Rock, TX

BRAND NEW 2016 Jaguar XJL. After reading all the review, now I know Im not
BRAND NEW 2016 Jaguar XJL. After reading all the review, now I know Im not alone in the dark. Been back in the service shop for 4 times, in just 2 mo. First with the Bluetooth/audio cutting on & off, they upgraded the software system. Problem still remained. Second, the dashboard will just turn off itself to completely black. Almost got into an accident while driving through the highway at night. I dont have time to type all the problem, the more I type the more pissed I am. Is 2107 already, JAGUAR put your act together.
Published: April 4, 2017
Danny of Vancouver, BC

A true test of an organization is not what they do when things go right, it
A true test of an organization is not what they do when things go right, its what they do when things go wrong. Jaguar of Ft Lauderdale and Jaguar Land Rover are definitely head and shoulders above the rest.The team at Jaguar Fort Lauderdale including Kellen, Diane, Al and Bob ** have been phenomenal. They have gone above and beyond and far exceeded all expectations. Throughout the years they have always been stellar when it comes to taking care of me and my F-Type. (By the way, if you are into sports cars, the F-Type will eat Ferraris and Porsches for breakfast and not even break a sweat.)I also need to give BIG kudos to the corporate team at Jaguar Land Rover, including Rory **. The attention they give to their clients and the effort they have put in to make sure things are right are amazing.I cannot say enough about them, five stars is not enough.Alexander ** T.
Published: January 1, 1970
Alexander of Boynton Beach, FL

Please tell me Im not the only one experiencing bad issues with Jaguar. I b
Please tell me Im not the only one experiencing bad issues with Jaguar. I bought a 2017 Jaguar F-Pace diesel and have had nothing but problems. Its been in the shop so many times and all for different issues. Its had electrical issues, trim and body issues, fuel issues and so on. Ive had it for almost 2 years and only have 9K miles because it continuously breaks down. The real issue is when it goes in to restrictive performance mode and will only go 25 miles per hour. It happened twice on the highway. Its very dangerous to drive. Its now been in the shop for 2 weeks and they still cant seem to get it to run correctly. I initiated a buyback and they just notified me that it doesnt fit within their buyback parameters because its always had different issues. Theres logic for you. I think its time to contact an attorney and start legal action.
Published: February 26, 2019
Patrick of Phoenix, AZ

I purchased Jaguar S-type for Galpin Jaguar in Van Nice CA a year ago. The
I purchased Jaguar S-type for Galpin Jaguar in Van Nice CA a year ago. The car had only 38.676 and now it has now 56,000. I purchased an extended power train warranty for 12,000 miles or 1 year. Two weeks after warranty was over, the throttle body failed, transmission cooling lines started leaking and I was told breaks need to be replaced. I had the car towed to the dealership. Galpin wants to charge me over $3,000 for repairs, and used car manager refused to take any responsibility for any of the above happened, claiming that its not unusual and things can happen. This was a $40,000 car with 56,000 miles and its falling apart! I contacted Jaguar customer service. They’re not taking responsibility for their brand product whatsoever! Meanwhile, Galpin offered me 15% discount on the repair and Jaguar supported. I refused to accept the offer and demanded that Jaguar will accept responsibility for the quality of their product. They promised me that local rep will call me today, but he never did. Please help.
Published: January 25, 2012
Lev of Irvine, CA

No integrity in this company. I bought a brand new XF in 2010, water pump r
No integrity in this company. I bought a brand new XF in 2010, water pump replaced 3 times but ok. It was under warranty. Then the leather dash started warping, they responded, Not our problem. Fast forward 5 years my entire dash display fails. Dealership admits that there is a known fault in the sunroof which causes massive rain leakage thru the roof under the seats which btw causes the failure of the display but, Sorry. Not our problem. Jaguar is the worst company, they do not stand by their product.
Published: March 7, 2019
Vicky of Carpinteria, CA

Problem 1: I purchased my 2011 Jag when it was about 1 1/2 years old with a
Problem 1: I purchased my 2011 Jag when it was about 1 1/2 years old with about 27,000 miles on it. It was supposed to be what Jaguar calls a certified vehicle which means brakes and all necessary parts were changed however at 11,000 miles the brakes were rubbing and making a lot of dust so I bought it in. They told me I needed new brakes. Had them changed with my oil change. Now 15,000 miles later again with my oil change they are saying I have to pay another 1200.00 for front and back brakes. This would mean that in less than 50,000 miles the brakes have been changed 3 times. I have been driving since I was 19. My last car lasted 10 years and I didnt have to change the brakes 3 times... Guess I should have stuck with the less expensive cars.Problem 2: During this same visit my front driver side light was supposed to be fixed and my battery replaced because the car just cut off while running and the lights would come on but it would not start. When I picked up my car while up the street at the gas station I noticed there was a stain on my bumper which could not be washed off and the front light wasnt working. When I bought the car back they kept it for almost 2 weeks and side the light wasnt working because the wires were fried. My question to the service manager was before I was charged for a light bulb and sent away the mechanic didnt notice that or even that the light still wasnt working? Needless to say they expect me to put out more money to fix something that was supposed to be fixed.These problems does not include the 2 other times the car was really broke and had to be put in the shop. Yesterday when I filed the complaint with the corporate office the man I spoke with told me it would be referred to a research team and that no one will follow up with me. That says to me it will just be tossed to the side and that they really Dont care about the customer or your experience once the car is sold. I truly hate Jag. It looks great but the actual product and service sucks so I am planning to get rid of it and I will never buy anything even slightly related to this brand or its parent company again.
Published: October 27, 2015
Lisa of Meraux, LA

My 2016 F type stopped at a red light and shut off. No power to turn on haz
My 2016 F type stopped at a red light and shut off. No power to turn on hazard flashers or put car into neutral to push off the side of the road. Called for roadside assistance at 1:30 pm. First truck arrived at 3:30. Since the car cannot be put into neutral the driver told me I needed a different type of tow truck with a wheel lift. Called roadside back. Was told to wait for another truck. Each hour that passed I called to get updates and was given false info and lies.By 7:30 PM I realized that nobody was coming to help me. I called a private tow company which I paid for. They arrived within 20 minutes and towed the car back to my house because the dealer was closed at this point. The tow driver that helped me told me that Jaguar pays so little to the AAA for pickups that they are a last priority. If you ever get stuck on a busy day they will not pick you up. If they did not lie to me I would have called for my own tow hours before. I was left in the middle of a busy highway from 1.30 PM till almost 8:00 PM by Jaguar. If you buy a car dont expect any service from these people. Warren Henry Jaguar could not care less about customer service. I will look into legal recourse for my horrible experience but my advice would be to buy a different vehicle. Terrible feeling being completely stranded. Roadside never called to see if I got picked up. I called to speak to a supervisor and held the line for 40 min. I finally hung up. This is the first time I am complaining about a car. I have owned Cadillac, Lexus, Mercedes, Bmw and Maserati and have had good or at least reasonable service from all of them. Do not find yourself in my position. I did not drink water or use the restroom for all those hours as the police told me I had to stay with the car. Anyway I was far from a rest stop or gas station to walk to. A true nightmare.
Published: December 30, 2018
Jeffrey of Miami, FL

My Jaguar is one of the best cars that I have had. It is a smooth driving c
My Jaguar is one of the best cars that I have had. It is a smooth driving car. I haven’t had any issues with my car since I bought it. My favorite part of the car is the air vents rotate. With the air vents rotating, no dust gets in the car.
Published: November 30, 2019
Jennifer of Piscataway, New Jersey

I bought a used 2003 XType Jag with about 99,000 miles. Previous owner had
I bought a used 2003 XType Jag with about 99,000 miles. Previous owner had done some work on it and recent receipts showed about $1,200 in repair. I have owned this car for almost 2 years. First thing I did was to get spare keys. Jag dealers wanted $250 each. Went to a local Jag specialist who suggested that I purchase a certain type of key fob from eBay, which I did for $20, then went back to the repair shop which he programmed 2 extra keys I purchased to work with my original key. All this for $75. Works perfectly. Not too bad to buy a peace of mind.Local high school auto mechanic shop/class helped me change the struts which was $100 a piece for parts. No labor charge since instructor uses opportunity to show class how to repair. Rides great. One day the engine light came on and same shop/class diagnosed it was some oxygen mixture problem and also replaced O2 sensor for $75. No more check engine light. Which was great because I needed to smog the car the following month. Window washer wasnt working one day. Went line and found that nozzle breaks at tip where it is connected to the hose. So I purchased washer nozzle from eBay for $30 a pair. Had them installed, again at the school/class at no charge. Works great. Love these guys!Engine ran very hot one Friday evening and discovered the coolant reservoir was leaking. Checked online and found out that the spout part of the reservoir hooked to tubing sometime cracks and causes leak. Applied the good ol JB Weld around suspected cracked plastic around the spout. Left it alone for a day, filled it with coolant and no problem since then. Safely back to work on Monday.Once car did not start. Had to jiggle gear in P (park) and started okay. Dont know what that was all about. Happened again about 6 months later. Did the same jiggle and started again. Hoping its nothing serious. Other than that everything works fine. I did buy two back tires to match up with the 2 front new tires that the previous owner bought. Had to change one light bulb at Auto Zone, which was about $8 but the clerk installed it for me. All in all...great car. Im sorry to read stories about all the disappointed owners. But my Jag is a great used car, that so far is very inexpensive to maintain.
Published: October 4, 2014
. . of Brea, CA

My 2011 Jaguar XLJ with 58,100 miles overheated and now I need a new engine
My 2011 Jaguar XLJ with 58,100 miles overheated and now I need a new engine. It is out of warranty, but with only 58,000, shouldnt Jaguar bear some responsibility?
Published: February 10, 2015
Glenn of Destin, FL

I purchased a new 2011 Jaguar XF. When I drove the car, the brakes were sq
I purchased a new 2011 Jaguar XF. When I drove the car, the brakes were squeaking. I expressed my concerns to the salesperson and his reply was this is normal. The reason they squeak is because it is a new car and the brake dust has not burned off yet. At 15,000 miles, I took my car in for an oil change and again complained about my brakes. And once again, I was told the same lie. It was blamed on the car being new and on the brake dust that needs to burn off.At 30,000, one year later, I took my car in for another oil change, and once again complained about the brakes. However, this time, I received a phone call from the manager of the service department and he explained to me that I need a new brake job because my rotors are worn out. This would cost me $1,500.00 out of my pocket because it is not covered under warranty. I had no choice but to pay the money to get my brakes fixed.Well, my car now has 43,000 miles on it and I need another new brake job. Again, this is another $1,500! Please do not support Jaguar for they are all lemons! Needless to say, I was very upset with what happened.
Published: March 4, 2012
Elizabeth of Montgomery, TX

I recently bought a used Jag S type from a main dealer in Birmingham, UK. I
I recently bought a used Jag S type from a main dealer in Birmingham, UK. I bought the car from the main dealer after having bought from previous main Jag dealer both new and used cars. As I drove the car away it became noticeable that it had mechanical issue. I tried for a solid week to have the dealer return my calls and my first call to them was on the same day of purchase. The car also had cosmetic issues not noticed at the time, including broken back light cluster, broken from grill and rust on the door sills. After a few weeks they finally agreed to repair the damage but insisted in taking the car back to their dealership some 140 miles away? Not my local same dealership network 15 miles away to repair under warranty which was agreed at point of sale.To cut a long story short it had more problems all within 5 weeks of purchase, so in the end the dealership offered to buy the car back because it was uneconomic to repair and would go to auction and they didnt want to be associated with a bad deal for sake of the company name etc. and so I thought this was acceptable and after all I would get my cash back. As I work overseas they took this car back the day after I had left and at the time I had no car to replace this one with I had to pay the remainder of my insurance premium rather than switch my insurance over.A week later as I was looking at the main Jag dealer website for used Jags I noticed this same car for sale at a higher price? You can imagine my anger etc.. It is obvious that they took this car back to shut me up. So after my inconvenience and payment of insurance, they could have just fixed this car? And returned it to me as it should have been instead of the subterfuge etc. I have complained to the head office and the dealership but as yet some 6 weeks later no one has bothered to return my calls which does not surprise me given the experience that I had with them initially.
Published: May 11, 2014
John of Richmond, Other

I bought the Jaguar SUV last year. A couple of things have come up. At last
I bought the Jaguar SUV last year. A couple of things have come up. At last I think they got it fixed. Miss my Ford Explorer. But I wanted a fancy ride. Sometimes they come with issues. So its my own fault. The Jag rides great and gets looks which is nice too.
Published: October 1, 2018
James of Largo, FL

Most regrettably, I think Jaguar is one of the most beautiful cars on the m
Most regrettably, I think Jaguar is one of the most beautiful cars on the market. But, it is an utter piece of crap. I have spent more than $50,000 in repairs, including a new super charger and engine after 4.5 years. If you dont care about throwing money down the drain, purchase a Jaguar. Otherwise, RUN!! I wish I could write otherwise, but any car would be better. It is simply not worth the mere design. It is worthless.
Published: June 3, 2019
Tonia of Farmington, MI

We the Jaguar lovers are very disappointed with the removal of the signatur
We the Jaguar lovers are very disappointed with the removal of the signature Jaguar emblems from the hoods of the vehicles. Please put it back. Thanks, Jaguar Lovers.
Published: September 14, 2016
Letha of Milwaukee, WI

It’s really annoying when a quality car manufacturer will not fix a known
It’s really annoying when a quality car manufacturer will not fix a known problem, even though it’s not a safety issue. Between my wife and me, we have owned 7 Jaguars, including the 2007 XK8 I just bought. I didn’t notice until a few days after I purchased the MK8 that it had a vibration at lower speeds (30 to 40 MPH). I asked my Jaguar dealer and they produced a service notice (**) that says that the fix to this noise is a simple replacement of an exhaust bracket. That’s the good news. The bad news is that the estimated cost is $914.19 for parts and labor (parts $608.80). I called Jaguar customer service but the Jaguar Corporation has elected to provide me with no assistance on this whatsoever. I offer to pay for labor or some other arrangement but to no avail. Apparently, it’s okay for a Jaguar customer to experience this annoying vibration. And if it’s too bad, I need to pay the $1000.00 to fix it. My complaint is Jaguar knows this applies to XJs; XKs and S-Types but doesn’t feel they need to fix something they know is wrong. Maybe the BMW would have been a better buy!
Published: January 19, 2012
Robert of New Bern, NC

On Friday, March 22, my wifes new Jag was at Momentum Jaguar Service Dept.
On Friday, March 22, my wifes new Jag was at Momentum Jaguar Service Dept. in Houston. Two recall fixes were in order - fog lamp replacement (not performed) and a radio malfunction that caused it to be impossible to turn off the radio. The latter recall fix was performed with a software download and my fleet manager drove the car to my apartment parking garage and left it there on Friday afternoon, while I was away out of town with my family.We returned late Sunday afternoon. It would be necessary for my wife to depart early the next morning (today, Monday, 25 March) at 5:30 am to travel to the State Capitol building in Austin where she works. Since she would need to depart so very early in the morning, she attempted to pack her car late Sunday afternoon. It proved impossible to open the car with the fob due to a dead battery, presumably caused by a short circuit. Momentum Jaguar Dealership being closed on Sunday, from their website I called the number to Jaguar 24-hour roadside assistance. I spent the rest of my Sunday in the parking garage waiting on one and then another roadside assistance driver, neither of which could locate the battery. The first would not try and drove away, so on my second attempt through Jaguar roadside assistance, I appealed to the operator that the next driver should be knowledgeable in starting a Jaguar convertible. Nevertheless, the second driver likewise could not. By consulting the manual, he and I were able to locate remote jump start points and provide sufficient current to operate all accessories, but not to start the engine.So at 8:00 pm, my wife booked the earliest flight from Houston to Austin still available. By then, the earliest had sold out, so she bought a ticket on the second flight. In the morning, I drove her to the airport missing my own first appointment and fought the rush hour traffic jam back home. I still could not go to work yet since I had to meet the wrecker driver. Three hours of my workday were missed because of this junky, new Jaguar but worse, my wife, who is a state senator, may have missed votes on important state budget matters.This new Jaguar with 8,459 miles driven has already broken down. Mysteriously, the last place the car was started was in the service department of Momentum Jaguar! While I dont yet accuse the service department of causing this breakdown - the cause is yet to be determined - at the least we know that this brand new Jaguar has already broken down. My wife had wanted a white Jaguar convertible since childhood, so I finally bought one for her after warning her of Jaguars widespread, long-standing reputation for unreliability. Now, she has seen for herself.
Published: March 25, 2013
Keith of Houston, TX

I just purchased my 2014 Jaguar XF and from the day I brought it home on a
I just purchased my 2014 Jaguar XF and from the day I brought it home on a cold start and just sitting at a light the car has a rough idle!!! Very embarrassing when you have someone in your car! Dealer Service said, Dont worry about it, and try fuel injector cleaner when I get gas. I paid a premium for a luxury car! Im very frustrated.Updated on 06/06/2015:This is an update from my previous post. I took my 2014 XF Jaguar in for service at my local Jaguar dealer for the second time about the idle issue. I was told The computer said everything was fine with my car. I had clients ride with me and ask what was wrong with my car. After spending 40,000 on a luxury vehicle its quite embarrassing. I called Jaguar USA and was told nothing is wrong with the car. The dealer did tell me that all the 2014s have a bad Idle and they dont know whats causing it. When youre sitting at a stop it feels like theres air in the gas. Needless to say I sold my car and took a $7000 hit! I only had the car for two months and it was in the shop twice. Jaguar USA should make up the deficit that I lost.
Published: April 27, 2015
Nancy of Plano, TX

2007 XK Convertible AC - Drain hose is plugged and it is a very costly repa
2007 XK Convertible AC - Drain hose is plugged and it is a very costly repair. I do not understand after all the complaints to Jaguar, known issues like this are not placed in recall. When a company that charges nearly $80k for a car, do they really need to nickel and dime customers for an $8 part and a repair cost of $1,000? Sad day for customer service.
Published: June 29, 2013
Chris of Poulsbo, WA

Forgive the Rant… Public service announcement. I Purchased a certified pr
Forgive the Rant… Public service announcement. I Purchased a certified pre-owned Jaguar XF July 2017 with 32,000 miles. When I picked it up it was raining so the next day I noticed it had road tar all along the bottom and scratches, Called my sales guy Chad and he apologized and said they are in between detail people so I told him I was getting it detailed. The detail manager called and once again apologized and asked me to submit the recent and he would reimburse me. Then we noticed a sputtering (Shaking) when the car was at an idle so I called service and was told I would get a callback. Well 2 days later no call, I called the GM Bryan… because Mercedes also called me saying my payment is 28 days late and they haven’t received payment. (It wasn’t even due when I purchased the Jag.) Of course once I called the GM then everyone called me… Service had my car 4 days the 1st time, said they replaced the Motor mount. OK got it back. 3 days later a cloud of white smoke from the exhaust started and still sputtering, they came to pick it up, gave me a loaner and had my car almost a week, this time replaced the fuel sensor. Well it’s still sputtering, the guy who came to pick it up drove it with me and felt it, my husband felt it and my daughters so I’m not making it up… Now it’s been in service almost 2 weeks for the 3rd time. (They were closed 4 days due to Hurricane.) I got a call from Patrick (not sure who he is) today Friday and he asked what the situation was, I explained and he said he was going to check on the car. I get a call from Frank in service 30 minutes later saying that they replaced the motor Mount. “Really? Isn’t this what you did the first time?” “Yes mam but this is the other one,” (Aren’t they a pair replace one replace the other?) so I guess all of a sudden this other one just got bad? They proceed to tell me to drive it for a couple of weeks and see how it is…. He also went on to tell me that because it is a 4 cylinder it will ride different than a 6 or 8 cylinder, I guess he thinks I’m stupid because I’m a female, The cylinder 4, 6 or 8 has nothing to do with the sputtering when it’s idling. Needless to say I’m pissed, I don’t even want the car, asked to trade it but of course I got the runaround and told they know it’s an inconvenience but it’s under warranty… (they’ve had the car more than me)… Needless to say I picked the car up for the 3rd time and it is still sputtering I feel like I’m in a race car with the big exhaust pipes when I’m at an idle. Disgusted with Jaguar. Wish I would have kept my Mercedes AND if you’re thinking about buying a Jaguar. Think again. So far I have had 3 brand new 3 loaners price range from 45,000 to 66,000 and I wasn’t impressed with any of them but at least they didn’t sputter like mine… Oh and I still haven’t been reimbursed for the detail 2 months later after the GM, used car manager and detailed manager said I was going to be… 1st time sputtering Motor mount. 2nd time. White smoke & sputtering. Fuel sensor replaced. 3rd time replaced another motor mount. Told by service to drive it for a couple of weeks and see how it does, also that it rides rough because it is a 4 cylinder still sputters.
Published: September 18, 2017
Melissa of Tampa, FL

I’m am writing to you regarding my 2003 Jaquar S type, which has now been
I’m am writing to you regarding my 2003 Jaquar S type, which has now been at your location for over 1 year awaiting repairs, which are based on the recommendations of your service representatives and your service technicians. The VIN number of the vehicle is **. 4 door sedan, 2003 S Type. 97000 kms. I purchased this vehicle in late July 2018. The following has occurred since this purchase: I drove the vehicle to get fuel in late July and wash it, I fuelled up and the vehicle would not start. I had to pay for a tow truck to have it towed to your Jaguar dealer to be diagnosed. $125. The vehicle was said to require a fuel pump, reluctantly I said yes to the $1800.00 repair.I picked the vehicle up and the same day the vehicle did the same thing. Check engine light came back on after it was run and attempted to re start it. It would not start after running for 15 mins. In an hour the vehicle started and ran without issue, but as soon as you shut it off it would not start for about an hour or more. (So obviously the original problem was not diagnosed correctly and a perfectly good fuel pump was replaced by your technicians.)I took the vehicle to a different auto shop to be inspected and diagnosed again because I could not use it and it was unreliable, this was mid August because I required a provincial inspection. An inspection was performed and various items including, valve cover gaskets, belts, battery, etc. Total $1400.00. I pick the car up on the morning of August 25th. The check engine light was still on and the car still did not start after running for 20 mins without a minimum one hour cool down period, the shop could not get the car back in that day so it went back in on August 28th, 2019. The following items were diagnosed upon its return to the shop: Engine Fault codes: Remove and replace crankshaft sensor. Remove and replace crankshaft angle sensor. Remove and replace Fuel Pressure Sensor Regulator (This should have been checked and done before replacing the fuel pump, that actually was probably not broken and was replaced). Replace Oil pan Gasket. Remove and replace Crackshaft Rear Oil seal.All Completed and repaired $1308.00.On Sept 7th, the vehicle was completed and pick up by my wife as I was out of town. On Sept 20th upon my return I returned the vehicle to the shop as the situation with the vehicle running and not restarting was still persistent. Upon further examination and diagnosis it was discovered that there was a potential failure in the ECM which had caused damage to the fuel injectors, Fuel injectors Replaced.Upon reassembly the ECM was tested to see if it would reset and run the car accordingly. It did not. A used ECM was found, it was tested and functioned properly and installed, however it could not be re keyed to function the vehicle properly. This is now January of 2020. The Jaguar dealer was contacted and the vehicle towed to that location to be reprogrammed with factory information. Your service representatives contacted me stating that it could not be reprogrammed and a new ecm was recommended. $2545.00 --- Sub Total .. $7178.00 I agreed that as long as the new ecm would repair the problem to go ahead and replace it.Jan 2020 to Present. Jaguar Dealer .. Attempts were made to briefly reprogram the key with the used ECM, this failed. It was recommended that a new ECM would be needed and this would resolve the issue with the Car. Correcting the problem with the vehicle not starting after running. The ECM was ordered and installed, now the vehicle would not engage in reverse, so once again a technician who likes to pull and replace parts that aren’t broke.. rather than a mechanic who tries to repair problems decides to reprogram the computer with the assistance of tech support in England. However, now the vehicle would not even start when cold, once again tech support in England had to be contacted to reprogram the SO CALLED PERFECT BRAND NEW ECM, at this time the vehicle was not even functioning as well as when it was towed there from the other shop.Thru all of this the vehicle has maintained the original FACTORY BUILD problem. It will now run but it does not start after running for more than 15 mins. Your Jaguar dealership in conjunction with Tech support in England, feel that the computer chip that controls the dash instrument panels and function needs to be replaced. (another guess I’m sure) because no one can figure out this FACTORY DEFECTIVE VEHICLE. The dashboard instrument panel is no longer made and cannot be replaced is my understanding from the dealer. Although there are many used ones available online. Nor has anyone thought to repair the recalled electronic emergency brake system, which could be part of the problem, but whatever. I have come to the conclusion that this car with 97000 kms was parked in some garage for years because the people that owned it could not afford to attempt to fix the INFAMOUS ELECTRICAL PROBLEMS with JAGUAR. I am tired of waiting for a car that cannot be fixed and will not be fixed on my dollar any further. So I give your company the opportunity to do the following: 1. Repair the car and return it at your cost. 2. Or remove the parts I paid for and replace them with the one that have been removed. Since I asked for the parts that be removed be returned to me. They should still be there 3. Supply a used vehicle to me worth that same approximate amount that I have incurred at no cost. $15000.00.4. Allow me to come and get my car, at no cost and I will find a real mechanic to repair it.It is unreasonable that this car, with this mileage is anything but a factory lemon. Its issues are ongoing and it is ridiculous that such garbage should be sold as a luxury vehicle or under any other designation. I do not feel I should have to be out of pocket for a factory defective car. So your company can make the RIGHT choices here or I can proceed as needed.
Published: December 22, 2020
Raymond of Radium Hot Springs, BC

I read all of the complaints and thought wow they are so much different tha
I read all of the complaints and thought wow they are so much different than my experience. I have a 2003 S type and am just now 12 years later replacing the battery. I am having trouble with the air conditioning but they think its just worn out O-rings that let the coolant leak. I have had brakes replaced and new tires and tune ups but nothing major. I have been very happy with my car..
Published: August 10, 2015
bev of Marietta , GA

We bought a 2014 XF Jaguar, it has about 10,000 miles. Well my wife was dri
We bought a 2014 XF Jaguar, it has about 10,000 miles. Well my wife was driving the car and all of a sudden the steering wheel froze and the car shut down. The red flashing light was blinking on Drive. My wife was in the middle of the highway and the cars behind her were beeping at her. She then applied brake and shifted knob to park and tried to restart it and it did. My wife said it was embarrassing in a new 2014 jag. We took to dealership. They couldnt duplicate it, all they did was reset the computer. 4 days later it did the same thing, the car power turn off as she was driving. She is scared for her safety and my kids and others behind her. I called dealership and theyre going to pick up car and lend me a loaner. I was looking at this website and I noticed someone had the same problem which, her name is Colleen of Santa ana, CA. Ive bought a new 2003 Navi, 2007 Benz, 2010 Camaro and never had this type of problem. This malfunction on this 2014 XF is a safety issue and not even a used car in a car lot would do this.
Published: July 21, 2015
Severo III of Laredo, TX

I bought my Jaguar XF in the summer of 2015. I never had any issues with it
I bought my Jaguar XF in the summer of 2015. I never had any issues with it, best car Ive ever driven. The interior is simply stunning and very comfortable. As for the performance of the car I have only good things to say, its fast, very stable and easy to drive. I usually dont write reviews, but today I accidentally came across the reviews others left and I felt they very unfair to Jaguar. Its a great brand.
Published: October 14, 2017
Luca of Radostyan, Other

I purchased a 2013 Jaguar XF supercharged awd in 2016 and always noticed a
I purchased a 2013 Jaguar XF supercharged awd in 2016 and always noticed a antifreeze smell coming out the vents; and whenever I shut off the car I get a rattle noise. After taking it getting oil change they say the noise is normal and I should check the coolant level often. Today I started my car and a very loud noise came from the engine and car shut down and wouldnt start, I had to get it towed to dealership all to find out that I need a $26000 engine replacement; wow really Jaguar...thats not supposed to happen on this expensive luxury really new vehicle. Im now waiting for a call from them and we gonna see whats the deal outcome will be.
Published: December 4, 2018
walter of Memphis, TN

I have owned 5 Jaguar convertibles and the 2016 F-Type Model S convertible
I have owned 5 Jaguar convertibles and the 2016 F-Type Model S convertible that I leased is the finest of them all! A Nimble and superbly handing car that really comes when you call it and is a genuine Joy to drive. But the Nav/Entertainment system for the 2016 is grotesquely unintuitive and difficult to operate...especially when driving. (Explain why that should be, please). So, May 2018 I ordered a brand new 2019 F Type with almost exactly the same specs and waited 6 months for it to be produced hoping that Jaguar would have fixed the Nav/Entertainment system problem in the newer model and made it easier to use. But it was not to be... When the new F Type arrived in Mid-November 2018, I hurried excitedly to the dealer only to discover that the display screen in the dash turned Bed Sheet White in the sun when the top was down and the display became totally unreadable and unusable.What is with Jags engineers? Dont they test things? My disappointment is incredible after a 6 month wait. I told the dealer that what was wrong was that the contrast on the display screen etc. was set wrong... Certainly, just a software problem that was easily fixable. My dealer contacted Jaguar direct whose solution was completely laughable and out of touch with reality. They ONLY changed the screen component out stating that the one in the car must have been defective. Of course, it did NOT work. Same problem... And Jaguar hasnt responded with a real fix. So now...this rag top driver is totally without a convertible in the middle of convertible season. Im so unhappy that Jaguar is so far out of touch with its customers.
Published: December 20, 2018
Robert of San Antonio, TX

My problem began after having my 2004 Jaguar for one year. The mechanics at
My problem began after having my 2004 Jaguar for one year. The mechanics at my dealer are very crooked. They put my brakes on wrong which caused me a lot of money to repair. They told me that I had a tiny hole in my Air Conditioner that would cost $1,100 to repair. I found out later that they have told others that they have this same problem which led me to believe that they created the problem. My transmission went bad and I was told that it would be better to sell my car because it would take close to $12,000 to repair it and other problems that they say was wrong with the car. The transmission was replaced for $2,500 and has done fine. I took my key to them for programming and they told me that I needed a new one that would cost around $250.00. The car is beautiful in appearance but it is the worst one that I have ever owned. BEAUTY IS ONLY SKIN DEEP!!!
Published: August 30, 2014
Flora of Birmingham, AL

I reckon the engineers built this car so badly because they were trying to
I reckon the engineers built this car so badly because they were trying to have a laugh at the stupidity of those with too much money. I have 2004 VDP XJ8. Only 150K miles. The major issue is the air suspension. It is only a matter of when you will need to spend $4K fixing it. Parts are outrageous. Many here have fuel pump as an issue. $1000 to fix. When a 10 cent switch went bad on overhead console the whole unit had to be replaced $600 part $100 labor. You cant change wiper blades like other cars. Battery has to be special silver calcium. I also have water on floor by glove box. I wont bother you with all the small issues such as coils. Transmission may be next. There is a reason why you dont see any of these vehicles on the road anymore. I have to laugh because if stock market investors ever looked here they would never buy another Jaguar share. The powers that be dont care. The bosses are here today, take a fat check, and leave tomorrow. I hope we can stop people buying Jaguar. And Im a Brit. Even if you are rich, why throw money away? My Jag was $85K at 2004 time value of money. Today one can find them at $4K. The depreciation and cost of upkeep will probably end up costing you $2 a mile. Imagine taking a 10 mile drive to grocery store and just throwing $20 out the window. Silly rich folk. The only plus for this vehicle is that it looks so beautiful.
Published: November 28, 2017
Peter of Stafford, TX

Please do not purchase this car!!! I have a 2002 S Type Jaguar. I have repl
Please do not purchase this car!!! I have a 2002 S Type Jaguar. I have replaced the fuel pump for $1,200.00. Both window regulators have gone out. That is $750.00 worth of parts, not adding labor cost. I have replaced the ignition coils twice. My catalytic converter went out - this was another $1,000.00. Now my windshield wipers have stopped working. Now my car is losing power - it drops to 20 mph or less. I was told that was because of the catalytic converter, but that has been fixed, so what is it now? These cars are just pretty. It is never worth the money in the end. I promise if you have a Jaguar, you WILL experience one or more of these problems. They seem to be common. Just go and read other post and blogs. Yes, my car is 11 years old, but the problems came early and it doesnt even have 100,000 miles on it. Oh, I forgot to mention that the transmission default light comes on whenever it feels like it!! Now it is just parked.
Published: June 20, 2013
Shemika of Sunnyvale, TX

I have been without my 2011 Jaguar for almost 3 weeks because it overheated
I have been without my 2011 Jaguar for almost 3 weeks because it overheated and has severe engine damage. Jaguar of Honolulu is saying that it will cost me over 48K for repairs. I have had multiple issues with my car since purchasing it in Jan 2014. Ive had bluetooth connection issues, fuel gauge reading empty after a fill up of gas, engine idle problems, mostly after backing into my garage but also sometime while parked with the engine running, trunk not closing, unable to lock my car, and last but not least the engine overheated and they want me to pay 48K. I brought my car in while it was still under warranty because of the engine idle problem. It was embarrassing to have people ask me why was my car rocking back and forth like a boat. Every time I brought it in, the service department claimed that they could not reproduce the problem but it happened to me on a daily basis. They could not find anything wrong while my car was under warranty but now that it is not, they want to find everything wrong. I feel like they know that there is a engine issue and a overheating issue with their cars. They need to just come clean because this will and should destroy their reputation if they continue to deny that there is a problem.
Published: December 2, 2016
SHEDRICK of Pearl City, HI

I own a 2011 XF which I bought used and have had it for a year. My problems
I own a 2011 XF which I bought used and have had it for a year. My problems started shortly after purchase. My window on passenger side would go down but not up or would work when it wanted to. I also noticed the brakes were not smooth at all. I took it to the dealer and they said the brakes were fine. It just needs to be broken in. But while I was there, they said it was a recall on the door controls and that was the problem with the window. A few months later while at a restaurant, my battery died (so embarrassing from a high-end car). Later that week, it died again so I had it towed to dealership where they said I needed a new battery. Wow, really, so soon. The cause for the battery dying was the bracket below was loose and out of place causing the battery to corrode. Not my fault.My main reason for complaint is last week I had to have my water pump replaced. There were no obvious leaks. The car was idling high at start and just didnt drive right. That was my concern for taking it in. Once I got there and explained to tech, I asked if he could come here, how the car starts after, which he immediately told me it was the water pump. (Mind you, this is a 2011 low miles.) Luckily for me, everything stated here was under warranty except for battery. After reading these other complaints, I am really concerned about my brakes. Apparently, this is a common problem with Jaguars. For an expensive car, my stops should be smoother.
Published: May 28, 2013
Cheryl of Grovetown, GA

A/C Condensation Drain Blocked & Leak into Passenger Floorboard: I foun
A/C Condensation Drain Blocked & Leak into Passenger Floorboard: I found water in floorboard carpet coming from under glove box. I learned through Jaguar Forums of this problem on my 2007 Jaguar XK and that a Technical Service Bulletin was issued on it. No recall for the latent design flaw, but some users report $250 coupons being issued for repair. I learned from call on 20 June 2013 that Jaguar will only do this if one uses a Jaguar dealership for the repair. I am now in touch with attorneys to initiate a class action lawsuit against Jaguar North America, as this is a $1,000+ repair for an inexpensive rubber drain tube duck-bill apparatus and elbow. Completely unacceptable response, not even an apology, from Jaguar, who upon prompting suggested I could write to their Board of Appeals. They should know that their typical clientele has resources to conduct punitive actions for such.
Published: June 24, 2013
John of Carmel, CA