Porsche Troubleshooting

Porsche is a German automobile manufacturer specializing in high performance sports cars, SUVs and sedans, headquartered in Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg, Germany.

Automobile Troubleshooting

AC System Will Not Cool
If your AC system blows warm air, the most common issue is a lack of refrigerant. Over time the refrigerant from the AC system will find its way out of the hoses and joints. If, however, you refill the system and sometime later the system is again low on refrigerant, there is clearly a larger than normal leak.
Leaks can occur at any section joint or hose, however, one of the most common and missed places for the leak is at the lower corner of the front condensers.
Debris from leaves and road dirt can build up tucked in the extreme lower corner of the condensers. The debris can hold moisture and degrade the aluminum to the point where a hole can appear. This is almost impossible to see or clean out without the bumper being removed.
The refrigerant leak often goes undetected even to a sniffer without the debris being cleared away. Check this thoroughly before making any other assumptions. The AC compressor for example rarely has issues and a low refrigerant situation can prevent the compressor from engaging.

Common Oil Leaks
Porsche vehicles have a number of regular sources for leaking oil. Some of the most common include rear main seal, valve covers, spark plug seals, and turbo oil supply line seals. Less common leaks from the cam seals and scavenger oil pump seals.
Symptom: Oil Drips On Floor Behind Rear Wheels
Valve cover leaks are obvious and fairly straightforward to fix on most models. The valve covers do not have a gasket – instead, a liquid gasket sealer is used. The time-consuming part is removing the old gasket sealer from the valve cover to ensure a good seal for the replacement.
Symptom: Misfires CEL or Oily Spark Plugs
Spark plug tube seals are also prone to leaking – leaks from the spark plug tube seals can be frustrating. Often, you won't see the oil initially as it’s sealed in by the coil on top of the spark plug. The tube fills with oil and causes misfires by destroying the plug and the coil. If you see oil on a plug or coil, always replace the seals.
The early engines had a plastic tube insert and the later engine features two seals. The upper seal can be replaced when removing the valve cover.  The lower seal leaking is more of an issue and requires the removal of the camshafts.

Low or No Battery Power
During any down period, the car will continue to use some battery power – in Porsche’s case, usually, more than would be expected from similar vehicles. This can very quickly lead to a flat battery.
Losing battery power resets a number of important systems and can cause unnecessary headaches with everything from emissions to electronics and comfort items such as Cabrio roofs. We recommend you use a battery maintainer any time you store or do not drive the car for an extended period – 2 weeks or more. Leaving the battery to drain completely usually shortens the life of the battery as well.
Battery Failure on Porsche
A flat battery on can be a pain. To access the battery or engine compartment requires battery power for the electric hood release – not easy with a flat battery. If this happens, use the following procedure:
• Open the left door
• Connect an external battery power source to fuse C3 in the interior fuse panel
• With the door open, flip the door latch mechanism to the closed position
• Use the key to lock and unlock the door
• The front hood release should now function

Ignition Switch Failure
Symptoms: Key Stuck in Ignition or No Start
Turning the key will not start the car or the key has become stuck in the ignition switch.
This problem is typically caused by a failure in the ignition switch mechanism. Replacing the electrical portion of the switch is fairly straightforward and typically solves the no-start problem immediately.
However, on some occasions, it may be necessary to replace the mechanical portion of the switch as well. This is a little more involved and requires some additional skills. We’d recommend a repair shop tackle this problem for you.
Key Failure
Porsche allows the replacement of external or internal ignition key components the ignition key communicates with the car during the starting procedure. The key includes a small electronic transmitting device that is matched to the car and a battery to power it. If the key fails to open or lock doors and will not start the car, replace the battery in the key first, paying particular attention to the orientation of the original battery.
On some occasions, it may be necessary to replace the internal electronics of the key or the whole key itself. This can be done by some third-party repair shops with the right access to Porsche systems, however, because this is a security device it may be necessary to visit your local dealer.

Check Engine Light - Engine Runs Normally
There are many potential causes of a Check Engine Light on Porsche vehicles and it’s important to read the codes or have a repair shop do that for you to assess the faults.
One of the most common causes for a CEL on the older M96 engine is a failure in the O2 sensor and mass airflow systems (MAF). Commonly, the MAF begins to fail and delivers the engine management with inaccurate information regarding the flow of air into the intake.
This causes the engine management to adjust fuel mixtures using a set of parameters that were likely set too broadly by Porsche initially. The resultant adjustments cause the front O2 sensors to report faults and often lead to them failing completely. The fault codes will suggest faulty O2 sensors. This results in many folks replacing the front O2 sensors in the hopes of solving the problem, only to discover that within a few hundred miles the check engine light is back on.
The problem is actually caused by the MAF failing and by owners blindly believing the reported engine faults. The faults are an indication of the symptoms and not the route cause. The recommended solution is to replace both the MAF and front O2 sensors at the same time. Always use the original Porsche parts – the aftermarket versions do not work. Cleaning the MAF rarely fixes this problem.

Check Engine Light with Misfires - Engine Runs Rough
Misfires can occur at any time and require a diagnosis to identify which cylinders are misfiring and why. Common causes are worn spark plugs, cracks in ignition coils, and oil leaking past the spark plug tube seals.
The ignition coils on the M96 and M97 engines have been updated multiple times.  The original coils were prone to cracking and were replaced by a more substantial version. Low mileage older cars will commonly still have the older style coils and it’s best practice to replace them all with the newer version even if only a single coil has failed.
Fuel injector malfunction can cause a misfire, however, injector failure of this nature is not so common on the Porsche flat 6 engines. More common is a failure in the wire or plug connected to the injector. These wires become brittle and can crack, especially when being moved around for routine maintenance.

SOURCE: https://www.pcarwise.com/local-help/porsche-common-problems/porsche-911-common-problems/

Porsche Troubleshooting

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