Kia Error Codes

Kia Corporation, commonly known as Kia is a South Korean multinational automobile manufacturer headquartered in Seoul, South Korea. It is South Korea's second largest automobile manufacturer after Hyundai Motor Company, with sales of over 2.8 million vehicles in 2019.

Automobile Error Codes

Distributor no Signal. 

Distributor G Signal. 

Fault on SGT Signal. 

Mass Air Flow Sensor. 

Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor. 

Intake Air Temperature Sensor. 

Throttle Position Sensor. 

Atmospheric Pressure Sensor. 

Oxygen Sensor. 

EGR Valve Position Sensor. 

Feedback System. 

Injector No. 1 open or short. 

Injector No. 2 open or short. 

Injector No. 3 open or short. 

Injector No. 4 open or short. 

Fuel Pump Relay open or short. 

Pressure Regulator Control Solenoid Valve. 

Purge Control Solenoid Valve. 

Solenoid Valve (EGR) open or short. 

Idle Speed Control Solenoid Valve. 

Deteriorated Injector. 

Deteriorated Air Flow Sensor. 

Intake System Air Leakage. 

Variable Inertia Charging System Solenoid Valve. 

A/C Cut Relay open or short. 

Power Stage Group 1 Malfunction (inside ECM). Injector 1-4 Purge Solenoid Valve, EGR Solenoid Valve or Damaged Power Stage. 

Power Stage Group 2 Malfunction (inside ECM). Idle Speed Control Valve Failure or Damaged Power Stage. 

Idle Speed Control Valve Closing Coil open or short. 

A/C Compressor Input Signal short. 

Vehicle Speed Sensor open or short. 

Malfunction Indicator Lamp short Circuit. 

ECM Data. 


Mass Air Flow or Volume Air Flow Circuit Malfunction. 

Mass Air Flow or Volume Air Flow Circuit Range/Performance problem. 

Mass Air Flow or Volume Air Flow Circuit Low Input. 

Mass Air Flow or Volume Air Flow Circuit High Input. 

MAP/BARO Circuit Low Input. 

MAP/BARO Circuit High Input. 

A/T Circuit Malfunction. 

Engine Coolant Temperature Circuit Malfunction. 

Engine Coolant Temperature Circuit Range/Performance Condition. 

Engine Coolant Temperature Circuit Low Input. 

Engine Coolant Temperature Circuit High Input. 

Throttle Position Malfunction – Circuit A. 

APP/TPP Sensor Switch Low Input – Circuit A. 

APP/TPP Sensor Switch High Input – Circuit A. 

Insufficient Coolant Temperature for Closed Loop Fuel Control. 

Oxygen Sensor Circuit Malfunction – Bank 1 Sensor 1. 

Oxygen Sensor Circuit Low Voltage – Bank 1 Sensor 1. 

Oxygen Sensor Circuit High Voltage – Bank 1 Sensor 1. 

Oxygen Sensor Circuit Slow Response – Bank 1 Sensor 1. 

Oxygen Sensor Circuit No Activity detected – Bank 1 Sensor 1. 

Oxygen Sensor Heater Circuit Malfunction – Bank 1 Sensor 1. 

Oxygen Sensor Circuit Malfunction – Bank 1 Sensor 2. 

Oxygen Sensor Circuit Low Voltage – Bank 1 Sensor 2. 

Oxygen Sensor Circuit High Voltage – Bank 1 Sensor 2. 

Oxygen Sensor Circuit Slow Response – Bank 1 Sensor 2. 

Oxygen Sensor Circuit No Activity detected – Bank 1 Sensor 2. 

Oxygen Sensor Heater Circuit Malfunction – Bank 1 Sensor 2. 

Fuel Trim Malfunction – Bank 1. 

System too Lean – Bank 1. 

System too Rich – Bank 1. 

Injector Circuit Low – Cyl. 1. 

Injector Circuit High – Cyl. 1. 

Injector Circuit Low – Cyl. 2. 

Injector Circuit High – Cyl. 2. 

Injector Circuit Low – Cyl. 3. 

Injector Circuit High – Cyl. 3. 

Injector Circuit Low – Cyl. 4. 

Injector Circuit High – Cyl. 4. 

Multiple/Random Misfire detected. 

Misfire detected – Cyls. 1-4. 

Misfire detected – Cyls. 1-4. 

Misfire detected – Cyls. 1-4. 

Misfire detected – Cyls. 1-4. 

Knock Sensor Circuit Malfunction 

Knock Sensor 1 Circuit Range/Performance – Bank 1 or Single Sensor. 

Crankshaft Position Sensor Malfunction – Circuit A. 

Crankshaft Position Sensor Range/Performance – Circuit A. 

Crankshaft Position Sensor Circuit Malfunction. 

Crankshaft Position Sensor Circuit Low Input. 

Crankshaft Position Sensor Circuit High Input. 

EGR Flow Malfunction. 

EGR Circuit Malfunction. 

EGR Circuit Range/Performance Malfunction. 

Catalyst System Efficiency below Threshold – Bank 1. 

Main Catalyst Efficiency below Threshold – Bank 1. 

Evaporative Control Malfunction. 

Evaporative Control System – Improper Purge. 

Evaporative Control System – Small Leak detected. 

Evaporative Control System Purge Control Valve Circuit Malfunction. 

Evaporative Vent Control Circuit Malfunction. 

Evaporative Vent Control Circuit Open. 

Evaporative Vent Control Circuit Short. 

Evaporative System Pressure Sensor Circuit Malfunction. 

Evaporative Control System Pressure Sensor Low Input. 

Evaporative Control System Pressure Sensor High Input. 

Evaporative Control System – Large Leak detected. 

Exhaust Pressure Sensor Malfunction. 

Vehicle Speed Sensor Malfunction. 

Vehicle Speed Sensor Range/Performance. 

Idle Air Control System Malfunction. 

Idle Air Control System Malfunction – RPM Lower than expected. 

Idle Air Control System Malfunction – RPM Higher than expected. 

CTP Switch Malfunction. 

System Voltage Unstable. 

System Voltage Low. 

System Voltage High. 

Internal Control Module Memory Checksum Error. 

Internal Control Module RAM Error. 

Torque Converter/Brake Pedal Switch Malfunction – Circuit B. 

Transaxle Range Sensor Circuit Malfunction (PRNDL Input). 

A/T Range Sensor Circuit Range/ Performance. 

Transaxle Fluid Temperature Sensor Circuit Malfunction. 

A/T Fluid Temperature Sensor Circuit Range/Performance. 

Input/Turbine Speed Sensor Circuit Malfunction. 

Output Speed Sensor Circuit No Signal. 

Engine Speed Input Circuit Range/ Performance. 

Engine Speed Input Circuit – No Signal. 

A/T Gear 1 Improper Ratio. 

A/T Gear 2 Improper Ratio. 

A/T Gear 3 Improper Ratio. 

A/T Gear 4 Improper Ratio. 

Torque Converter Clutch System Malfunction. 

Torque Converter Clutch Circuit Electrical. 

Shift Solenoid “A” Malfunction. 

Shift Solenoid “A” Electrical. 

Shift Solenoid “B” Malfunction. 

Shift Solenoid “B” Electrical. 

Shift Solenoid “C” Malfunction. 

Readiness Function Code. 

Engine Coolant Temperature Signal from ECM to TCM. 

Throttle Position Sensor Signal Malfunction from ECM to TCM. 

Front Heated Oxygen Sensor Stuck. 

EGR Pressure Sensor (1.6L) or Boost Sensor (1.8L) Open or Short. 

Ignition Switch “Start” Open or Short (1.6L). 

Pressure Regulator Control Solenoid Valve Open or Short. 

Pressure Regulator Control Solenoid Valve No. 2 Circuit Malfunction. 

Chassis Acceleration Sensor Signal Malfunction. 

Chassis Acceleration Sensor Signal Low. 

Chassis Acceleration Sensor Signal High. 

No SGC Signal (1.6L). 

Knock Sensor Control Zero Test. 

EGR Valve Position Sensor Open or Short. 

Canister Drain Cut Valve Open or Short (1.8L). 

Excessive Vacuum Leak. 

Fuel Tank Sending Unit Open or Short (1.8L). 

Purge Solenoid Valve Low System Malfunction. 

A/C Compressor Control Signal Malfunction. 

EGR Solenoid Valve Vacuum Open or Short. 

EGR Solenoid Valve Vent Open or Short. 

EGR Boost Sensor Solenoid Valve Open or Short. 

EGR Stepper Motor Malfunction – Circuit 1 (1.8L). 

EGR Stepper Motor Malfunction – Circuit 2 (1.8L). 

EGR Stepper Motor Malfunction – Circuit 3 (1.8L). 

EGR Stepper Motor Malfunction – Circuit 4 (1.8L). 

No Vehicle Speed Signal to TCM. 

Idle Air Control Valve Opening Coil Voltage Low. 

Idle Air Control Valve Opening Coil Voltage High. 

Idle Air Control Valve Closing Coil Voltage Low. 

Idle Air Control Valve Closing Coil Voltage High. 

VICS Solenoid Valve. 

A/T-M/T Codification. 

PCM Malfunction. 

MIL Request Circuit Voltage Low. 

MIL Request Circuit Voltage High. 

MIL Request Signal from TCM to ECM. 

Alternator “T” Open or No Power Output (1.8L). 

Battery Voltage Detection Circuit for Alternator Regulator (1.8L). 

Battery Overcharge. 

Alternator “B” Open (1.8L). 

MIL Circuit Malfunction. 

Torque Converter Clutch Solenoid Valve Open or Short. 

Battery or Circuit Failure. 

4WD Switch Signal Malfunction. 

P or N Range Signal or Clutch Pedal Position Switch Open or Short.


Kia Error Codes

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Product Reviews:

I purchased the Kia about 1 1/2 years ago. I have 48000 miles on it. Last w
I purchased the Kia about 1 1/2 years ago. I have 48000 miles on it. Last week it started blowing white smoke out of the tailpipe. I checked the oil, which was fine, and then called and made an appointment at the dealership since it is under warranty. I took it in yesterday only to be told that the engine was ready to blow. I thought my day couldnt get any worse until the Kia rep told me that I needed to gather up all of my receipts and that of all maintenance reports on my vehicle. It would then be submitted to Kia to see if it met their approval for their warranty. This would have been fine except for the fact that the service person told me that if I ever went over 3500 miles in between changes they would decline the warranty. I have completed oil changes at home and the service person said that would be fine except that I have to prove that it was for the Kia. Now, there was no indicator light that ever came on in this vehicle. I have faithfully changed or had changed my oil and again NO INDICATOR light came on that anything was wrong. Basically I was told good luck in getting it fixed. I have read the other complaints and it seems like I am not the only one. I owe 26000.00 on this vehicle and they said that if (when) Kia declines the work then they will be happy to replace my engine for the price of $5000.00-$6000.00. Even if I didnt complete the oil changes that I did a BRAND NEW car should not have a blown engine in 48000 miles.After speaking with their rep it was made very clear to me that they are going to decline anything that I give them. When I asked about it being a Kia issue that the indicator lights werent on I was told Well I dont know why they didnt come on and Slug in the tank means oil leak I stated to the rep that if the seals leaked because of a problem with their motor that would also cause slug in tank too right? The guy told me You would have to prove that. I will never buy another Kia. Their warranty sounds good but is full of loopholes to make a customer believe that they are getting amazing coverage when what it really is is a way to screw people out their money, their car, and their wellbeing.
Published: August 26, 2016
Eric of Lancaster, OH

Absolutely great job done by Kia on Stinger GT/AWD. Unbelievable. I am prof
Absolutely great job done by Kia on Stinger GT/AWD. Unbelievable. I am professional driver, my friend just bought this car. And I drive a lot with him. Amazing car! For the money. I cant believe its Kia. I drove a lot of different cars and trucks in 30 years... Porsche level.
Published: October 21, 2019
Andrew of Brooklyn, NY

I bought my 2009 Kia Rio in April, 2010. On Oct. 30, 2011, my car would not
I bought my 2009 Kia Rio in April, 2010. On Oct. 30, 2011, my car would not start when I came out of a store. There was a large, yellow sticker inside the door that reads For assistance, call. I called that number and it just rang. I did not see the transparent sticker in the window. Oct. 31, I dropped my keys at the dealership (Harris Kia in Lansdale, PA) hoping they could look at the car. I called the dealer at 8:30AM, they informed me that I had to call roadside assistance or pay for the tow. I called roadside assistance. They informed me that I needed the VIN number to verify service or pay for the tow. I left work on my lunch break and got the documentation out of my car. At about 11:30AM, I called roadside assistance again and set up an appointment for 4:00PM to meet the truck.By 4:30, there was no truck. The response I got from the local company, Mike Carrs Towing, was that there had been an accident call and the driver was stuck in traffic. We agreed that I would leave the keys under the drivers side floor mat. I had to leave as my ride was also having car trouble. At 5:10, I called the local company again. The receptionist gave me the same answer she had the first time. The car was picked up finally at about 5:50PM. The dealership checked my car and found that the battery was dead. I have owned the car for a year and a half and I am stuck for the entire amount. $185 + tax, $40 for checking the old battery and $40 for putting in the new one. How long does it take to put in a battery? Surely not a half hour.I am less than a happy customer. The amount of action I had to take and the sheer inconvenience are outrageous. Id hate to imagine getting stranded in my Rio and having to depend on the roadside assistance. I wonder if my warranty is worth the paper it is printed on. I had to leave 3 classes during work to deal with all of this nonsense.
Published: November 1, 2011
Janice of North Wales, PA

My 2016 Kia Sorento seized on 8/16/19... stopped in the middle of the highw
My 2016 Kia Sorento seized on 8/16/19... stopped in the middle of the highway. No lights, no sounds, nothing. Did some investigating and it was out of oil. Just had it changed on 6/7/19. Dealership is refusing to honor the lifetime warranty. Again, no lights, no warning, no nothing. 5.5 quarts of oil went somewhere in two months. Or at least thats what was SUPPOSED to be in there. There are several class action lawsuits pending as well regarding this issue & similar things. Dont be fooled.
Published: August 26, 2019
Sue of Medford, WI

We bought a Kia Sportage new. The engine blew on the interstate. No engine
We bought a Kia Sportage new. The engine blew on the interstate. No engine warning lights, nothing at all. Engine is blown. We have meticulously maintained this car and gave the records. 139K miles and it is now dead. Dealer diagnosed engine failure consistent with other recalled Kia/Hyundai motors but they refused to replace engine. Kia corporate (consumer affairs) was very helpful at first but as soon as the dealer confirmed a defective engine consumer affairs has gone silent. They do not return calls after at least 10 messages. BEWARE of the 2.0L and the 2.4L Theta II engines. They are defective. Kia recalled only a small number of them. A large number are failing. Google Kia engine failure and start reading. Never ever buy a used Kia. Even replacement engines are failing. Dont expect Kia/Hyundai to stand behind their products. 131 complaints on NHTSA site on this specific make, year, and model.
Published: July 20, 2019
Denise of Monroe City, MO

After driving a Kia Rondo for over 100,000 miles, Ive had no mechanical iss
After driving a Kia Rondo for over 100,000 miles, Ive had no mechanical issues and feel I should have!
Published: January 10, 2012
Drj of Aaa, mn

I bought my Kia Sorento new in 2011 and I love this car. Could not ask for
I bought my Kia Sorento new in 2011 and I love this car. Could not ask for a better car for the money. It gets 28 MPG, and never any issues. Its very comfortable and a joy to drive.
Published: May 30, 2018
Jim of Troy, NH

2012 I purchased Kia Ceed 29,000 miles from Kia garage with one previous ow
2012 I purchased Kia Ceed 29,000 miles from Kia garage with one previous owner. Issues with the gears stiff, failing to engage the garage and web info said this is normal. The problem increased. Car became unsafe to drive. I requested the garage to investigate. The garage has now confirmed the clutch and flywheel (plus) other components have broken. Kia head office has refused to fix the car under the warranty stating wear and tear. The garage is refusing to do the work - cost of repair is 1000. The garage is also stating this kind of failure happens with low mileage. Head office stated poor driving caused the problem. As you can gather I am not impressed with the service provided by Kia, or the car! Has anyone else had a similar issue, or could offer advice?
Published: July 30, 2013
Anthony of Beckenham, OTHER

I have owned 2 Kia Souls in the past 4 years. The first car had some paint
I have owned 2 Kia Souls in the past 4 years. The first car had some paint problems in that a lot of chipping was going on and not only around the wheels. There was paint chipping on the sides and at the top of the roof. We dont live on a gravel road nor do we drive on any gravel roads, when I took the car in for this, keeping in mind that this is the 2010 model with 83000 km. The dealership took some pictures and sent them in to Kia for the ok to go ahead and fix the problem. Kia gave them the go ahead and we got our car repainted. The new paint on the car was considerably better, in fact we had no real chipping and as the body guy said it was because there was actually some paint on the car.We traded this car in for a 2012 Kia Soul and now are facing the same problem. The difference is that I actually installed mud flaps on this car when I got it home and it is worse than the first car, in fact at the back wheel there is no paint at all and the car has surface rust developing on about a 4 area. Showing this to the dealer, they went through the same procedure of taking pictures and submitting them to Kia, this time the verdict was different. They are not going to cover the paint work. They are not going to paint the car. I have called Kia Customer service and awaiting a call back.
Published: June 3, 2014
Carmen of Spencerville, ON

I have a 2018 Kia, Sorento. I have been trying to get blind spot mirrors si
I have a 2018 Kia, Sorento. I have been trying to get blind spot mirrors since the the day I purchase it in Nov. 2017. After being told by the dealers salesman, then parts department (Napelton Kia in Elgin, IL.,) I contacted KIA online. I had a chat with Alexis (Friday 6/29/18 at 5:14 CDT). When asked why I couldnt look up parts for my 2018 KIA Sorento, she replied that the parts department had not update (sp) them yet. I should contact their parts specialist sometime MON-FRI from 6:30 A.M.-5:00 P.M. PST. When I said that not having someone to answer parts questions all the time was archaic, the conversational attitude changed. I told her that I had purchased 2 new KIAs this year for cash, her reply was We do not accept cash, sir. You must be confusing us with the dealer. Of course I was talking about the dealer! I cant buy from the manufacturer! That doesnt change the fact that I spent over $40,000 with this company. All I got was the corporate run-around from them. Very disappointed and wish I had bought the Subarus I had been looking at.
Published: June 30, 2018
John of Huntley, IL

Would like to see 2014 and 2015 KIA Souls third-party tested for actual hor
Would like to see 2014 and 2015 KIA Souls third-party tested for actual horsepower and torque numbers. Having owned a 2010 KIA Soul + and now a 2014 KIA Soul +, the 2014 KIA Soul feels underpowered given KIA-stated numbers.
Published: May 10, 2015
Gregory of Herndon, VA

2012 Kia Sedona (purchased new). We locked the cargo door of the van and th
2012 Kia Sedona (purchased new). We locked the cargo door of the van and the lock will not release for us to open it. The front window wiper on the passenger side stopped working.
Published: January 19, 2015
Georgia of Blaine, MN

Bought my 2015 Kia Sorento in March of 2017 and have had problems with it p
Bought my 2015 Kia Sorento in March of 2017 and have had problems with it pretty much right away. Started with my key fob. The driver door does not recognize my key fob and I have to either open the passenger door to unlock my car or hit the fob multiple times before the drivers door opens. Ive replaced the batteries and it hasnt helped. My alternator dies at 66K miles, which I thought was ridiculous. I called Kia to see if they would grant any good will since I was out of warranty and they did nothing. Claimed they couldnt help since I was the 2nd owner. In my opinion, it shouldnt matter if Im the 2nd or 5th owner. The car only had 66k miles on it and the car was bought from a Kia Dealership in Buford, GA. From a dealership, it wasnt a private sale. No reason other than Kia is garbage that an alternator should die at 66k miles. And now, my window doesnt work. I rolled down the passenger side window this morning and it wont go back up. Im bringing it somewhere to get it looked at, not Kia. It looks like the motor is no good. Of course it is, its a Kia. Well, Ive learned my lesson with Kia cars and hope you will learn from this review. DO NOT BUY KIA!
Published: October 23, 2019
Angela of Alpharetta, GA

I have had 4 Kias now, 2012 Rio and 2014 Soul both 4 years, 2017 Sportage a
I have had 4 Kias now, 2012 Rio and 2014 Soul both 4 years, 2017 Sportage and 2014 Optima. No problems with any of them but we are low mileage drivers. A word of warning, there are recalls on the 2011 to 2014 4 cylinder engines for failure. Also, get your oil changed at the Kia dealer, their filters are very good and have a unique property of allowing oil to pass thru on start up. Do not use 5w20 in over 60F weather, its a government scam to get better gas mileage, use the owners manual to determine what viscosity you should use, during the winter I let them put in their 5w20, during the summer I insist on 5w30. I hope not to have the problems I have read about. Good luck.
Published: December 22, 2018
Lonnie of Renton, WA

The Kia Rondo is a great car for a reasonable price. Its reliable, many fea
The Kia Rondo is a great car for a reasonable price. Its reliable, many features and unique styling compared to most other cars out there and for a lot less money. I hope the Koreans keep in the market because they have a good product.
Published: January 18, 2018
Mary of Edmonton, Alberta

I was having my van serviced and fixed. I needed an oil change when my air
I was having my van serviced and fixed. I needed an oil change when my air bag light and check engine light came on. The dealership said that in order to check out the problems it would cost me $90.00 per problem. So I went to lock my doors, and the remote didnt work so I had them look at that. Now the other remote doesnt work either so they checked that out too. They said both remotes do not work . I find it a little weird that both dont work. The car is 4 years old and the one key and remote are in my safe, just in case I lock myself out and so I dont lose them. I would like to know if there is anything Kia can do for me and my family. Between me and my family, we own four Kia cars and we love them so I really hope you can help me.
Published: October 4, 2011
Todd of Vineland, NJ

We bought a Kia Sorento CX3 on 31.3.15 at a Kia franchise. It was about 4 y
We bought a Kia Sorento CX3 on 31.3.15 at a Kia franchise. It was about 4 years old. We were told it had never been in and accident and paid £18000 for it, which was the top end of suggested prices. From the beginning we had problems with the sunroof, which rattled. We took it to a local franchise dealer on a number of occasions to get it fixed. Parts of the sunroof had to be replaced.About 17 months after we bought the car it started smelling of damp. My daughter discovered water in the passenger vanity light. When the car was checked by the local Kia dealer. They discovered the welding in the roof had been grounded. Which implies it has been in some sort of accident. We contacted the original Kia dealer and Kias customer care service. They basically said Its not covered by the warranty. We can do nothing for you, and said we could contact the omnison, which we are now doing. It cost £3400 to be fixed by the local Kia garage.You buy from a franchise dealer, who is an ambassador for Kia, because you think you will have some protection. I dont think the garage knowingly sold us a damaged car but I feel Kia have let us down and questioned our integrity. As an ex nurse/midwife, I have spent my life caring for people and I think the way we have been treated is appalling. Buy your car from a company with more integrity and a customer care service that does care.
Published: May 18, 2017
jacqueline of Worthing, Other

After purchasing a second Kia Sorento, I recognized that there appeared to
After purchasing a second Kia Sorento, I recognized that there appeared to be a noise at approximately 50 mph, which was stated by the dealer that since my previous Kia was a 5-speed and this current Kia was an automatic, the power train variation could be the reason why the frequencies were different. The problem was, I never had this documented. This conversation took place while I was trying to get the air bag anomaly repaired, which was never repaired, even after three visits. After approximately 63,000 miles, the dealership now confirms that differential parts are failing, which is why I have been hearing the noise become louder as the miles increased. Kia has refused to honor the 10-year/100,000-mile warranty, claiming I did not have the differential fluids changed periodically. I have owned many vehicles to date, and never has a differential failure been an issue nor does an owner worry about differential fluids until 100,000 miles or so. This simply proves that Kia will find any means not to honor their warranty. The 10-year/100,000-mile warranty is typically a top reason why people purchase the Kia and they do not expect to have to spend another $500-$1,000 every 15,000 or so miles on top of their car payment, insurance, and fuel expense. They assume that after periodic oil changes and various periodic maintenance, such as air filter and perhaps transmission fluid changes, that the vehicles gearing and robust components will sustain the warranty period. If not, then that is why a warranty is available. For Kia, to simply claim they will not honor the warranty since there is no evidence that the differential fluids were not changed every 18,000 miles is an absolute insult and a clear depiction that the company never had the intention to honor their warranty. This is a serious safety concern since the differential can now lock up and potentially cause fatal injuries to family and friends. The differential locking up can be a serious issue. Do not purchase a Kia. Go find a clear American product if that is still available.
Published: November 28, 2012
Dana of Vail, AZ

2004 Black Pontiac sold car that have been wrecked 4 times and in test, nev
2004 Black Pontiac sold car that have been wrecked 4 times and in test, never went down.
Published: March 29, 2012
Jabriel of Akron , OH

Bought a new Kia Soul six months ago for daughter. The car has rust spots a
Bought a new Kia Soul six months ago for daughter. The car has rust spots all over back of car. They claim its due to the environment. We had to pay to have it detailed by them. We have bought plenty of cars. Never have we had this type of thing happen. I would never recommend buying Kia. Crap paint and crap company.
Published: May 30, 2014
Lisa of Fairview Heights, IL

I own a 2009 Kia Spectra and at 26,800 miles my transmission had to be repl
I own a 2009 Kia Spectra and at 26,800 miles my transmission had to be replaced. At 82,200 miles, the 2nd transmission had to be replaced. This will be the 3rd transmission in 3 years. When I contacted the service manager of Kia of East Syracuse, he told me that headquarters will need to see the receipt for the transmission flush that should have been done at 30,000 miles. I mentioned to the manager that I thought it was at 60,000 miles? He stated that in areas where there are extreme conditions; i.e.; New York, a flush needs to be done every 30,000. I spoke to my mechanic and a number of people who are knowledgeable of automobiles stated that this is preposterous. I reviewed the manual and noticed that a flush wasnt needed until 105,000 miles for an automatic transmission. Secondly, the current transmission technically only has 57,000 miles. Since when do transmissions life expectancy only last less than 60,000? The dealership that I purchased the vehicle at is refusing to cover this under warranty. Headquarters is hemming and hawing about this and I still await their decision. As a result, I continue to be without a vehicle.
Published: March 9, 2012
Robert of Syracuse, ny

I spent days at the dealer working with a salesman. I called later on the l
I spent days at the dealer working with a salesman. I called later on the last night and said I would I would take the car and be in morning to make the purchase. I went and got my bank loan approved and in order to be prepared. He called me and said to come later in afternoon because they were sending him to pick up a car; however, my car was getting serviced and detailed and would be ready for me when he gets back, so there was no need to come down now since he was being sent out of shop for a few hours. I said I can come in right now to take care of my end of paperwork since you just opened. He said later about 3 or 4 would work better, “Don’t worry I have your car being prepped for you and it will be definitely be ready for you and you can take it home right away.” I called a few times while he was taking care of his business and left messages at shop throughout the day. Then I get a phone call at 8:30 pm after I did all my end of paperwork and loan papers and get the loan for this same day purchase that says another salesman sold the car from under him while he was out doing business for the shop.Now the car isn’t there and I was never notified till 8:30 in the evening hours later from the morning I was supposed to get the car. Now the car is not there and I have my loan done—no car and no remorse, or compensation for their wrongdoings. My time and money I put into this by driving back and forth, doing the loans and insurance, research, credit checks and so much more to list right now. They should make good on another car in a big way and fast since I took off of work and holiday to make this transaction. That is not at all good customer satisfaction at all! What will they do to compensate me? And get me in the car, I want today! I have no car as of tomorrow and I am very unhappy with the Kia service and customer satisfaction attempt at this point. Who knows, maybe they will change their ways and surprise me with a make good offer.
Published: December 30, 2011
Kim of Sayville, NY

I think we have seen enough of the Kia girl. She was cute at the beginning,
I think we have seen enough of the Kia girl. She was cute at the beginning, but enough is enough. She has a Billy Mays irritating voice. She still is cute but lets scale back on the advertisements or get another spokesperson.
Published: November 8, 2011
Jsmith of Taylorsville, ks

This car has been nothing but a headache! For starters, the mileage stated
This car has been nothing but a headache! For starters, the mileage stated in my sales agreement is about 6,000 less than what was actually on the vehicle at the time of purchase. I didnt catch this discrepancy until about a month later when I brought it in for an oil change. I tried contacting a regional manager, who promised to look into the matter, but continuous staff turnover lead me nowhere and I was very pleased with the vehicle at the time, so I just gave up, which I clearly regret.After about a years time, I needed to replace the battery, which I paid for out of pocket because I was told it was only good for 30,000 miles. I just discovered this is not true and it should be covered for 2 years?! Soon after, my car broke down on Christmas Eve and I was told it was something to do with my fuel injectors. Once that was fixed, it broke down AGAIN a few months later and Kia kept it for weeks trying to figure out the problem. They put in a new computer, and when that didnt work, they replaced the whole transmission. This was covered under warranty.Just last week I was pulling out of a parking lot, and another car was speeding around a corner so I accelerated hard in order to avoid being hit. Then my car just stalled, so I pulled over and tried to restart it. All my warning lights came on and it wouldnt turn over. Also, a bit of smoke was coming from the engine. I had it towed to the dealership, and now they tell me the engine is seized because there was NO oil in the car. I had my oil changed less than 3 months ago, but I am just now due for one based on mileage. No oil lights came on prior to stalling, no signs of oil leaks anywhere, and no noises at all.The repairs are not covered under warranty because I am missing 2 service records, and there are times where I have gone about 1,000 miles over the recommended miles between oil changes (I was told about every 7,500 miles at time of purchase). There are 83,000 miles on the vehicle now, and I am so upside-down in my loan its not even funny.. not to mention I am 8 months pregnant! This car is the biggest regret of my life!
Published: June 10, 2015
Carrissa of Preston, CT

I am a loyal customer that has not missed a payment. I work in a call cente
I am a loyal customer that has not missed a payment. I work in a call center and my husband in a mall both closed due to COVID. I called to put one extension on they told me to call back next month if your still not working. I call and the agent tells me, no, I AM PROBED TO ASK YOU QUESTIONS AND YOU DO NOT QUALIFY. Really, I did prior what is different he said, Well you get unemployment. I said, Yes I didnt lie. I told you that and FYI so did I last month. He did not care to help me at all. I told him I am a family of 6. Unemployment barely covers food let alone rent, even told him that I had to move to a smaller cheaper apt cause I couldnt afford mine.Do not buy from them. IF THEY CANT HELP CUSTOMERS IN TIME OF CRISIS THEY SHOULD NOT GET ANY OF OUR BUSINESS. I have sent many people to them NEVER again and I will be sure to post in every platform I can think of to warn all. BBB, Google, Consumer Ad, and I will be informing the ATTORNEY General and I will be blasting them on shame on you, all online news pages. I will be sure everyone sees that this is not a company that cares about people but instead their pockets when they are so many grants/loans to keep their business afloat. I even told the guy how he is making bank off of customers like me. I lease so I defer my payments it extends my lease which means at the end of the term they will be hitting me with so many fees for being over miles. SHAME ON YOU.
Published: June 11, 2020
Eftihia of Port Saint Lucie, FL

I have a leased Kia Soul with just over 10K miles. Oil changed and not even
I have a leased Kia Soul with just over 10K miles. Oil changed and not even darkened. Was driving to pick my son up in WVa. From home, a 6 hour ride. Picked him up, stopped, got a bite to eat and headed back to NC. Drove an additional 2 hours. Engine just stopped. Left my son and I stranded in middle of nowhere in WVa. Car was towed to dealer in Charleston where I have been told I must have struck something in the rode. Busted radiator! I never hit a damn thing not even a pot hole! Had to get a rental to get back to NC. I have no eyes on the damage. Asked for pix and have received none to date. Does the term rip off mean anything? The first service manager stated they saw no damage of anything being struck... Now the second one says yes! This is crap! Now my insurance says they may not pay to have the motor repaired/replaced. So I may have a car that Im paying a monthly rental fee on that doesnt run! What happens when the rental agreement expires?
Published: January 22, 2014
Lee of Mocksville, NC

Hi there, I have a Kia Rondo 2014 LX 4cl. that has only 13000km. My fuel co
Hi there, I have a Kia Rondo 2014 LX 4cl. that has only 13000km. My fuel consumption is enormous, I cant go under 14,8 l/100km in the city! There is a problem here. Does anyone has the same problem as I do? I think Kia is cheating on us, as they say the average consumption in the city should be around 10.5l/100km. Im definitely very angry. Kia has been condemned before for false information about the fuel consumption on other models. So can anyone with a Kia Rondo 2014 and the same problem contact me? By the way, this ridiculously high consumption is also true in the summer.
Published: December 21, 2015
Charles of Montreal (Qc), SK

Leased the 2017 KIA Niro EX Hybrid car on Sunday and drove home 10+ miles.
Leased the 2017 KIA Niro EX Hybrid car on Sunday and drove home 10+ miles. Odometer had 15 miles on it. Left the car in the garage for two days and attempted to drive it early Wednesday. Backing out of the garage and was steering onto the street when the power steering warning light came on and steering was very difficult and noisy (growling) - vibrating while turning the wheel itself. Pulled back into the garage and all warning lights came on. Shut the car off and retried several times. Waited with the car idling. Battery warning light came on. Let the car sit and looked in the manual for answers. Tried backing up again and all the warning lights came on again, and steering was again very difficult. Drove back into the garage. Called the roadside assistance number and the flatbed truck took the 2017 KIA Niro EX back to the dealership. The tow driver had much trouble getting the car out of the garage and maneuvered onto the flatbed. This is a serious safety issue to us because the car could barely steer. Received call from service at KIA Cerritos saying power steering motor had to be replaced and that Korean engineers were flying out to look at the car personally. Still do not have a car, but we are in limbo now about the brand itself and are looking again at Toyota.KIA of Cerritos - a very short description of our encounter before and after. Salesman said we could have leather seats in the base model, that it takes about an hour. When we went through the agreement, he instead was selling us a 35k vehicle. I asked, how did we go from 22.5k to 35k. He wouldn’t show us the numbers through the whole process. We were very pressured to take this vehicle, and the salesman kept referring back to a ‘pre-delivery’ inspection, which seemed odd - like something was wrong. Keep in mind, this is the shortest version.After the KIA Niro steering failure and the tow truck delivered the vehicle, I had to sit through several more interviews at the Cerritos dealership, being shuffled around from office to office all afternoon, much like the initial sales day. A Head of Sales man told me the General Manager said no to my request to return the car and unwind the deal of less than 72 hours. I was going to just leave, and then I went in to confront the supposed General Manager. He said, No, Im not the General Manager, Im the Service Dept. Manager. Then he took me in to see Joe **, the real General Manager of KIA of Cerritos. The conversation with the Cerritos dealership General Manager, Joe **, was very short. He simply said he wont buy-back because its now a used car with 30 miles on it. He said he wont call back the DMV title in our name.I left the dealership and the car, which I still hadnt driven myself, in the service dept. to be fixed. When I got home I called a ‘lemon law’ consultant. He was very knowledgeable and said the dealership wouldnt have filed with DMV yet as its too early and that its usually done weekly or monthly. Remember we had the car less than 72 hours. It was late Sunday when we drove the car into our garage, and the next day was a holiday, President’s Day. So, that left Tuesday, and I attempted to drive the car Wednesday at 4am. I had also called Kia Motors Finance and they told me they couldnt find the VIN number - we had no account on file yet. In their opinion, there was no real reason for us not to be able to walk away and find another car. And of course after this, another dealership. We are still in limbo about our lease with KIA and the return of our brand new 2017 KIA Niro EX Hybrid.
Published: February 25, 2017
Theo of Long Beach, CA

I brought my used 2007 Kia Optima in June 2011. A few months later, the red
I brought my used 2007 Kia Optima in June 2011. A few months later, the red air bag light on the drivers side start coming on. It stayed on. In April 2012, I thought my problem was solved when I received a recall letter about the air bag. The dealer stated that he fixed the problem but the red light is still on. He stated that there was another problem with the passenger side air bags. I did notice that side too. I will not pass car inspection in June if the light is still on. To fix the problem, it would cost $1,000.00 to replace the seat because Kia hasn’t recalled this air bag.
Published: April 10, 2012
Susan of Ruther Glen, VA

DO NOT BUY KIA!!! ITS NOT WORTH IT!! 3 months ago on 4/1/2021, Folsom Lake
DO NOT BUY KIA!!! ITS NOT WORTH IT!! 3 months ago on 4/1/2021, Folsom Lake Kia received my new 2020 Kia Sorento for repairs from the result of a collision (WHICH I HAD JUST BROUGHT SIX MONTHS AGO). They sent my vehicle to Toyota Collision center (right next door) which according to Toyota Collision center would take 1 month to be completed/repaired. However, they notified me that they werent responsible for ordering/shipping of the necessary parts needed to repair my vehicle, that Kia Roseville was responsible. Toyota Collision was ONLY responsible for receiving the parts to repair the damaged car.For the first 30 days, my insurance covered my rental. But come to find out my repairs were going to take longer, due to a part being sent from kia damaged and received damaged by Toyota collision center. Toyota Collision also informed us the remaining parts were on back order due to covid, so you would think they would try to compensate their loyal customers in any way they could.That negligence put my cars repair status back a whole month. So I went to speak with Folsom Lake Toyota collision center to compensate me, since the part was going to have to be reordered because of it arriving damaged. Toyota collision center said its not their job to assists us with a rental, that Folsom lake kia should since theyre the ones working with our insurance and ordering/shipping the parts needed to repair my vehicle. So I took the advice of many people working on site, and I spoke with Folsom Lake Kias head supervisor (Doug I believe his name was) to get my issue handled at the lowest level possible. My wife and I, inquired about a rental or loaner vehicle, until my vehicle was completed/repaired.He informed us that it doesnt work that way and that we would have to contact Kia Motors of America to receive assistance. So we did.... And since then Kia Motors of America along with: Kia Motors Finance, Kia Consumer Affairs, Kia Assistance Team, Kia Collections Department have ALL avoided assisting us with solving our problem, (due to their initial negligence). Theyve ALL hung up on my wife and I, kept us on hold for hours on end, kept transferring my wife and I to different departments to avoid us speaking with their supervisors, been rude and said disrespectful things, tried to get us to sign falsified documents.So 3 (almost 4 months later) of rude, careless, and negligent departments, customer service associates, and supervisors (JILLIAN in collections department being the worst!) Im FED UP, with the horrible service Ive had to endure over the 3 months, which has caused tremendous stress on my wife and I, especially since we have 3 kids one of which is a new born! So since its virtually impossible to reach the head of these departments (cause they keep you on hold). So Ive had to leave a review here! To warn others of the horrible service, THAT COMES WITH PURCHASING A KIALong story short, DO NOT BUY FROM KIA! They dont solve issues at the lowest level possible and DEFINITELY DONT solve issues at the higher levels possible! Even in the midsts of a pandemic we cant receive any genuine help from ANYONE! & if you dont believe me read some reviews from Kia Motor finance!! They do not care about helping you! Money is everything! NOT YOU OR FAMILIES WELLBEING! Be safe, & God bless!
Published: July 15, 2021
Eddie of Carmichael, CA

2014 KIA CADENZA. I have been a Kia owner for the past 10 yrs. I previously
2014 KIA CADENZA. I have been a Kia owner for the past 10 yrs. I previously owned the AMANTI that I loved very very much, until the very end when I decided to trade in for a new Cadenza. But I seem to have a internal noise problem with the cadenza. I noticed the clicking noise about 200 mile. I took it to the dealer, however they said could not find a problem. I returned again after 300 miles, still with the problem. The sales manager advised me to wait until after 500 miles to open a case with Kia. I returned the auto after 900 miles, they looked into it. On Nov 13th 2014 they wrote the following on the work order PIT STOP P5282 SIDE CENTER OF SUNROOF, NOISE COMING FROM LOOSE SCREWS HOLDING SUNROOF CURTAIN IN PLACE: 85310R00 3.2 HEADLINER BAR, 81651 - 3R500... FAILED PART, RE-SECURED AND PREFORMED PIT STOP FOR RATTLE. Well after month later the problem return, I wrote an email complaining to dealer that noise appears to have return. On 01/06/15 I took the car back to the dealership for the same noise. The dealership found no problem and wrote the following: TEST DROVE CAR WITH TECHNICIAN FOR 7 MILES OVER VARIOUS ROAD SURFACES AND OVER BUMPS COULD NOT DUPLICATE PROBLEM, NO PROBLEM FOUND. Problem still exist. The dealership indicated that they drove the car for over 7 miles and found no problem, however I had noted the mileage on the car and found that the car had only been driven under a mile. I filed a complaint sales manager at the dealership, which the service manager admitted that they did not drive the car only around the block. I preceded to file a compliant with Kia customer service and meet with the District Manger. It took about 2 weeks to confirm the meeting at the dealership. I finally met with DM who drove with me and agree there was a problem. It took over 2 more weeks to schedule a repair date. On 3/25/15, Once again I returned the car to the dealership and they found a problem. Stating the following: C/S noise coming from roof of vehicle near the roof. Please check and advise. Effective part # 81630R500. Found edge of sunroof plate bolts were over torqued causing rail to sit improperly in track adjusted to Kia specs and road tested with technician and Kia DSPN, adjusted sunroof plates, no noise present at this time.Once again the noise has come back and even worst, metal bouncing inside of sunroof. I stop by the dealership on 4/14 and talked to the service manger, which rode with me and agreed there was a noise. He preceded to advise me that he would contact the DM of Kia and call me when arrangement made. On 4/16/15 the service manager called stating still waiting on DM call back. On April 22, he contacted me stating which day early next week was good. On April 24th contact SM and advised him that on April 28th at 10 am would be fine to meet with the SM and DM. To my surprise, the DM was not present. I advised the SM to contact me when the DM would show up so that I was involved in the loop. However, that did not occur. On 4/29 the service manger advised me by phone that no problem was found. I have requested once again to meet with the DM and take the service manager and District Kia manager on a ride, so they understand the noise factor. I have requested to meet the DM through the Kia customer service and Service manger at the dealer, once again review the problem and take test drive with me present. Still waiting for a response as of 5/1/15. I am extremely unhappy with the noise of this cadenza, most passenger hear the noise. Now the dealer is sending messages that I need to return the loaner car, because KIA is not going to pay for the use of the loaner. So now they are threatening me with billing my credit car for a dealer loaner. I have not heard from KIa regarding this matter as of yet. Frankly I am beginning to dislike the fact that I purchased this cadenza, though I was extremely happy with my KIA AMANTI. CASE # **. One of the solutions has been to have the sunroof completely changed according to other kia cadenza owners who have experienced the same situation.
Published: May 4, 2015
edgar of Chicago, IL

I purchased a 2014 Kia Sorrento brand new. After the warranty expired aroun
I purchased a 2014 Kia Sorrento brand new. After the warranty expired around 130,000 miles, my engine blew a rod and destroyed my engine to a point where it needed a new engine. I just had $8,000 in repairs on the engine done 4 months prior to this happening. The dealership (Cronin Kia, Harrison, Ohio) said it wasnt related to the work that was done 4 months prior. HIGHLY suspect of that. I called Kia Consumer Affairs and put in my complaint and made a claim. They said it would take 24-48 hours to get an answer to see if Kia will put in a Good Will towards replacing my engine. After calling them every other day to get an answer, THREE weeks later they said there is nothing that they will do for. WORST car ever! Worst experience EVER! I will never buy a Kia EVER AGAIN! And Ill be sure to let the thousands of people I personally know that to never but a Kia ever again!
Published: December 16, 2021
Chris of Harrison, OH

My wife was in an accident on Monday, 10/31/11 on Hwy 741 and her car was t
My wife was in an accident on Monday, 10/31/11 on Hwy 741 and her car was totaled out. My wife has developed pain in her neck and back area, now her chest. During this accident, none of the airbags deployed at all. We had a wrecker driver take our car to a body shop in Forney, Texas and the manager showed us 5 other cars that were Kia that had the same problem to where the airbags havent deployed. Is this a defect in the system? My wife could have been in a very serious situation or even killed in this accident. We put our trust in these cars when we purchased them from the dealerships and later we found out that they are not working properly.
Published: November 4, 2011
Jerry of Heartland, TX

2013 Kia Sportage - I was driving on a parkway when the check engine, check
2013 Kia Sportage - I was driving on a parkway when the check engine, check oil and battery light came on and the engine completely seized. Thankfully I was able to pull over and not get into a possibly fatal accident with my wife in the car. I opened a case with Kia customer service. I have gotten nothing but the run around, explained that I am fully aware of the massive recall on thousands of thousands of Kias. This is exactly the issue that this recall is for and numerous reviews that Kia refuses to repair it and that they give the run around. I have filed a Better Business Bureau complaint and if need be fully plan to contact a lawyer. Repairs for a seized engine range from 3500-7000 for a new engine and I see countless reviews with the same issue with their cars and dealing with customer service.
Published: October 31, 2017
Jeremy of Rensselaer, NY

I like the Kia Sorento because it is very good on gas and is easy to drive.
I like the Kia Sorento because it is very good on gas and is easy to drive. It has a lot of space in to sit four people comfortably. It is a great car to go on vacation in too. I would make it have a large backup camera installed in it. And also the gas tank door would work all the time. Also a have handle on the front near the windshield for older people to be able to use it to get in and out with. The car has a noise in the motor but the dealership says they cannot find anything wrong. My mechanic says there is something wrong with the timing chain. All in all it is a good riding car.
Published: June 24, 2018
Cynthia of Williamston, SC

As a summary - last year, my 3 year young Kia Soul, with less than 30,000 m
As a summary - last year, my 3 year young Kia Soul, with less than 30,000 miles had a check engine issue. The check engine light would go on, and the car would not go more than 5 mph. It was brought to multiple dealerships, and engineers from Kia were brought in to assess the car - with no resolution. I was without a car, and not offered a rental car, for a total of one month. For one month, I had to find rides to and from my job, because of Kias incompetency and clearly defective product. It was the most unprofessional experience I have ever had with such a young, low mileage car. It was a few days/few miles shy of falling under the NY State Lemon Law, so perhaps this horrific series of events will warn others against doing business this awful company.Heres the Order of Absurd Events from Last Year: Sunday, May 17: I left my house and got about 1 block away. I stopped at a stop sign, and the “check engine” light came on. I then proceeded through the stop sign in order to pull over and realized that my car would not go more than 5 MPH. I turned around and (very slowly) made my way back home.Monday, May 18: I called Kia to have my car towed to the dealership. The closest dealership to my house is Generation Kia located in Bohemia, N.Y. At about 10 a.m. the tow truck showed up and my husband and I drove to the dealership in order to fill out any necessary paperwork. We were told that we would receive a phone call with an update as soon as they looked at the car.Wednesday, May 20: I received a phone call that the car was ready to be picked up. They had supposedly changed the “throttle body and gasket” and performed a “multipoint walk around inspection on vehicle.” I drove the car home with no problems. When I got home, my father opened the hood to see that the engine was shaking and looked very old and dusty, and not how the engine of a three year old car should look after being brought in for service.Friday, May 22: I went to leave my house at 8:30 a.m. to go to work and when I started my car, the “check engine” light was back on. The car was brought back to Generation Kia in Bohemia, N.Y. I was told I would receive a phone call once they figured out what was wrong with it. On Saturday morning, my husband called the dealership asking for an update – at which point the dealership confused him with a different customer. Once they figured out who he was, he was told that they had “no idea what was wrong with the car.” He was also promised a rental car if they still couldn’t figure it out by the next week. Monday, May 25 was a holiday and the dealership was closed.Tuesday, May 26: After numerous phone calls to the dealership, we were finally told that they changed the electrical connectors and the check engine light was now off. They also told me that their mechanic was going to “take the car home tonight and drive it around to see if the check engine light comes back on.” I found this to be extremely unprofessional and did not want a stranger taking my car home with them. I went and picked up the car after work. I received a survey from Kia regarding my experience with the Generation Kia dealership, and expressed how unsatisfactory their service was. I had to constantly call them for updates, after being promised that they would call me.I was promised a rental car one day, and then a few days later was told that they “didn’t have any loaner cars” and that they never promised one to me. In addition, the woman answering the phones at the dealership was rude, constantly sent our phone calls back to herself instead of to the mechanics, and told my husband that it was, “not her job” to see if the mechanic was available to take his call.Monday, June 15: I drove my car to work without any issues. At 5:00 p.m. I went into the car, started it up, and the “check engine” light immediately came on. I drove the car around the parking lot and found that it, again, would not go more than 5 mph. My husband picked me up and I called Kia Consumer Affairs to see where I should go from here. I expressed the fact that I did not want to return to Generation Kia in Bohemia, N.Y. due to their unprofessional antics – and after learning that the Dealership was being sued for fraud. I asked if I could have the car towed to a different dealership. I spoke with a gentleman who said that he completely understood, and mentioned that I could have the car towed to Smithtown Kia – which is where I actually purchased the car – even though it was a slightly further distance than the other dealership. He told me to, “get the car towed there as soon as possible,” and that “Kia will probably have one of their engineers go look at the car since this is the third time it’s being taken to the dealership.” He confirmed – explicitly – that this was the third occurrence, and I confirmed that it was the third time in about 5 weeks that the same issue surfaced and was not resolved.Tuesday, June 16: I had the car towed to Smithtown Kia. Wednesday, June 17: I called Kia Consumer Affairs to find out whether Smithtown Kia should be working on the vehicle, or if they should wait for Kia’s “engineer” to visit and look at the vehicle. I spoke with a different gentleman who explained that he “could not tell me either way what to do.” He mentioned that my case had been “escalated,” and that I needed to speak with my “case analyst.” He then asked if I received a call from the analyst, and I told him I had not. He told me that her name was Bernice **, and offered me her phone number.I called Bernice at 11:51 a.m. and left a message on her voicemail. A few hours later, I called Bernice again and she answered the phone. She said she was waiting to receive the “vehicle repair history” that she requested from the dealership. I asked her when I can expect to hear back from her. She said “if she gets the repair history today, and speaks to the district representative, hopefully within the next two days, they will be able to look at the vehicle.” Bernice called me at 4:12 p.m. and left a voicemail stating that she had contacted Generation Kia in Bohemia, N.Y., and they informed her that the vehicle was not there. I immediately e-mailed Bernice at the address that she left on my voicemail and told her that my Kia Soul was at Smithtown Kia in Saint James, N.Y.Thursday, June 18: I called Bernice and left a message to let her know, again, that my Kia Soul was at Smithtown Kia in Saint James, N.Y. I mentioned in the e-mail that “My car has been sitting at Smithtown Kia for 3 days waiting for an Engineer from Kia Corporation to take a look at it.” Bernice called me back at 11:37 a.m. and left a voicemail. She stated that she received my messages that the car was located at Smithtown Kia. She contacted them and spoke with Bill. She told them to do a “full diagnosis of the vehicle” and to open up a “tech hotline case” with their techs out in California for assistance if needed. She said, “at that point, once we do have a full diagnosis and been assisted by ‘tech line,’ if your concerns are not resolved at that point, we will then dispatch a field technical rep to the dealership.” She goes on to say that once a diagnosis is made and if the field technical rep is required, they can look into providing me with alternative transportation from their “district parts and services manager.”At 12:30 p.m. I contacted Smithtown Kia and spoke with Tom. He asked if Bill could call me back. At 1:15 p.m., Eric with Smithtown Kia called and said that Bernice did call them to tell them that they could begin working on the vehicle. He said as soon as his master mechanic can get to it, he will look at it. I asked him to please let me know once he looks at it. He said he absolutely will, and that he would be personally overseeing everything.Friday, June 19: I spoke with Eric from Smithtown Kia. He said the vehicle is performing perfectly, but they realize there is still a problem. He said they were working with “tech line,” as Bernice mentioned in her voicemail on June 18, and that they had been going back and forth with tech line all day long. He said they were taking the vehicle for a test drive to see if the “check engine” light would come on for them. After receiving no return phone calls or e-mails from Bernice, I e-mailed a summary of the situation to Amy **, Shamit **, Scott **, Karla ** and copied Bernice **, hoping that some of the people at Kia headquarters would be better able to assist. I received no response from anyone.Saturday, June 20: I received a call from Eric with Smithtown Kia. He said that unfortunately he did not have an update for me. The car was still performing perfectly, he was working with tech line, but the issue was not yet resolved. Eric and Smithtown Kia were extremely patient and polite and were the only people that actually called me back throughout this month-long ordeal.Tuesday, June 23: Bernice called me at 5:00 p.m. She said she spoke to the Smithtown Dealership and requested a field tech. He will “hopefully” be there in 2 days, on Thursday. She was unable to schedule the tech previously because their process is to have the dealership look at vehicle, work with tech, and then schedule a field tech rep. She did not ask dealership for rental car and put me on hold to find out if I was approved for one. She came back and said that I was FINALLY approved for a rental up to $40/day. I could get a car at any rental facility. Once repairs were completed, I would be reimbursed with a check from Kia. It would take 3 weeks to get reimbursed. I asked her when I can expect to hear back. She said if the field tech goes on Thursday, she will call and let me know. If he has to go later than Thursday she will call and let me know that as well.Thursday, June 25: I received a phone call from Paul ** who said he was with Kia Motors American Corporation Headquarters located in Irvine, CA. He apologized that it took so long for them to approve me for a rental car. I mentioned that I was told I would be reimbursed for up to $40 per day, but that unfortunately, in New York, I could only find rental cars for about $55 per day after taxes and fees. He said $55 per day was reasonable and I could go ahead and get a rental car for that amount and still be reimbursed. He mentioned that the field technical representative was working on the car – that their field technicians are highly experienced and that my car was in good hands. He said to contact him with any questions or issues.Friday, June 26: The Smithtown Kia Dealership called and said that the highly experienced field technical representative had been working on my car all day Thursday. Unfortunately, these highly experienced folks still could not find the problem, so they wanted to put a “flight recorder” into the vehicle, so that the next time my car breaks down (how reassuring), I would have to push a button and it would record the data so that they can HOPEFULLY see what’s going wrong, and POSSIBLY fix it. Because, doesnt everyone want to drive an unreliable car that at any point will break down and leave you stranded?THE END. Im sorry to say that this issue was never resolved. I got rid of the clearly defective Kia Soul and purchased another vehicle - from another company. I will never purchase another product from Kia. They are unprofessional, they dont stand behind their products, and clearly do not care about their customers safety or well-being.
Published: May 24, 2017
Kelley of Selden, NY

I have put up with 5 years of extremely poor customer service and vehicle s
I have put up with 5 years of extremely poor customer service and vehicle service with KIA, Northland, Calgary. I have completed numerous surveys outlining my negative experiences and have never heard back once from KIA Canada. This last issue started on May 22, 2014, when I brought my car in for regular maintenance and to get the the defrost fixed as no air was blowing through the defrost vents. When I left I was told they had to order a part. I brought my vehicle back on June 13th. It was in the shop all afternoon. When I picked my car up I was told it was all fixed and right on the invoice it states retested all good. When I got in my car it was exactly the same, it was not fixed at all. Shane, the manager, came out and had a look and witnessed that the defrost was not working at all, no air was coming from the defrost! He changed a very dirty filter in the glove compartment. Of course I was very angry that I was told it was fixed and it was not, as the previous year I had the exact same experience but that time I had to bring my car back 3 times before it was fixed. Twice I was told verbally and in writing on the invoice, the problem was fixed when it was not. That is another KIA experience for another time. At this time I was told they would order every part possible to ensure it get fixed as now they are not sure what the problem is. So Shane said they will call when the part the comes in which should be within the next couple of weeks. I did not hear back from KIA at all. Finally I called KIA on Tuesday, August 26th (almost two months later) and spoke to Shane. He stated he would find out what was happening and call me back later in the day or first thing the next day. No return call, I finally called on Friday August 29th at 5 PM. I had to leave a message as all agents were busy so I left a very pointed message that I expected a call back regarding my issue. Their message indicated they were open till 5:30 PM. I did not get a return call from Shane until Monday at which time I was told the part would be in Tuesday or Thursday for sure and he would call me on one of those days to set up a time to come in. NO RETURN CALL YET AGAIN. I called today Monday, Sept 8 at 4:30 PM and spoke to Shane. And yes I was beyond angry, it is now snowing and cold and I have no defrost in my vehicle. I Do not believe the part was on back order. I do believe they did not order the part. Even if it was on back order not once was I contacted over the summer nor were calls ever returned as promised. I have had to initiate every contact during this whole issue. This does not really surprise me as the last 5 years (for warranty) I have dealt with much of the same and worse. I will never buy another KIA based on the horrible customer service and the apparently incompetent mechanics they employ. After all this time I even question whether or not the maintenance they say they do is actually done.
Published: September 9, 2014
Tracy of Calgary, AB

Theres an oil leakage at the rear of the oil pan, and it started at about 1
Theres an oil leakage at the rear of the oil pan, and it started at about 1,800 miles. I had the vehicle back for three times already, and the problem is still not alleviated. The car has just 7,000 miles on it. I havent heard from KIA for about two weeks after an official contacted me via email.
Published: November 3, 2012
Robert of Poughkeepsie, NY

I purchased a Kia Rio 2011 in August 2012 from Courtesy Ford of Rome. The h
I purchased a Kia Rio 2011 in August 2012 from Courtesy Ford of Rome. The hubcaps was making a flapping noise when the weather changes. Water leaking in the backseat when it rains, and water leaking in the trunk starting on November 4. Went back and forth to Terry Reid, 25 miles away from Rome. I took it four to five times to see them before it was fixed in February of 2013. The airbag light came on. I had to go to Terry Reid for them to check it. The part was ordered and fixed a month later. Two weeks ago the engine light came on and the car started to put along. Now the car powers down like it is cutting off. I feel like I got a lemon and I plan on sending it back to the people who financed it. Im not paying $352 a month for a car that is not reliable and a waste of my hardworking money. I shouldnt be having all these problems with this car. I havent had it for one year yet and everything started three months after I got it.
Published: May 19, 2013
Pamela of Rome, GA

Why is the front passenger seat in a Kia Sorento about 4 or 5 inches lower
Why is the front passenger seat in a Kia Sorento about 4 or 5 inches lower than the driver seat? Granted it is a stationary seat but it feels like you have shrunk 4 or 5 inches when you sit in it compared to the driver seat? Also can this be changed???? Also the engineers who stopped putting the turbo charged engines in the Sorento and the 3rd row seat as a must have was not thinking clearly!!! Gerald **. Owner.
Published: June 29, 2019
G of Lewes, DE

I bought a new Kia Soul 2012 model in 2013. In October 2015 the auto transm
I bought a new Kia Soul 2012 model in 2013. In October 2015 the auto transmission stuck in 4th gear while I was traveling at 80 kph. I took it to the dealer who said they couldnt find a problem. It rectified itself once the car was turned off. The problem happened on 2 more occasions and on the 3rd, I arrived at the dealers with it stuck in 4th. This time they fixed the problem. That was back in October. Yesterday (3 months later) it happened again! I phoned the Kia line and they said to take it to the same dealer but I am NOT happy with this! I like the car and it is still well within the 5 year warranty period so I think a replacement car is in order! How do I get beyond the (non) helpline and the useless dealership!?! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Published: January 25, 2016
Deborah of New South Wales, Other

My 2013 Kia Soul, still under warranty, has major engine problems. An indep
My 2013 Kia Soul, still under warranty, has major engine problems. An independent mechanic says its a cylinder. Kia refuses to repair without all service records since purchase. Many oil changes were done at home!! Im out a basically new car!! Anyone know of a class action against them about this matter? I know they had the same issues with Kia Sorento.
Published: May 5, 2016
Twila Jane of Pearl, MS

i have been having trouble putting fuel in my 2003 Kia Sorento. My warranty
i have been having trouble putting fuel in my 2003 Kia Sorento. My warranty has already expired. I did get a recall letter from Kia for the fuel filter replacement, at which time I felt sure this was my problem, and since it was a recall, would be taken care of by Kia. They explained to me that the reason it was recalled was because it was not listed in the manual at all, as something to be changed every so many miles. They sent two pages to be added to the manual. My local Kia dealership did change the fuel filter. That same day, after trying to put fuel in the car, I find nothing had changed. I called them and asked them to look at it again, and took it back several days later, as they were to change another recall, known as the induction control valve, and check my fuel tank once again.They told me that a charcoal canister located in the fuel system had come apart, and I now had charcoal debris in my gas tank, which of course was not covered, and that part was $134.90, and the labor would be $199.00. I went home and went through my manual for a couple of hours trying to locate this charcoal canister, to better understand how such a thing could happen. After having no luck locating it in the manual, I called Kia, and told them my dilemma, and asked them if they could tell me where in the manual this part is located, and are you ready for this? I was told it was not in the manual, because it was not listed as maintenance! I asked well how would anyone know it was even there, if it wasnt listed. They said it was just a part that was never to be changed at any point and time. Now Im going to be out $350.00, on a part that no one knows existed, nor was ever to be changed. I write this in hopes that it will help anyone else, who is having similar problems. If your fuel spits back at you, or you have to dribble the fuel in, it may be this part that no one knew about, or was not a part that should ever need maintenance. Sorry, but a Kia is not in my future.
Published: February 28, 2012
Carole of Crestview,

We bought a 2013 Kia Sorento from Keffer Kia in Mooresville, NC. This car h
We bought a 2013 Kia Sorento from Keffer Kia in Mooresville, NC. This car had 37,000 miles on it and it was burning oil. We took it to Keffer Kia and Kia recommended an engine change. We have a warranty that we pay for and Kia refused to cover it. These people are scammers they take your money and give you nothing in return. Kia wanted us to pay over $200.00 just to find out what the actual problem was so they could deny it. Never buy anything off of these people.
Published: February 15, 2016
Kimberly of Davidson, NC

I bought 2005 Kia Sedona 3 years ago. My first year was just minor problems
I bought 2005 Kia Sedona 3 years ago. My first year was just minor problems. Second year it got worst, driver window didnt work, 3 passengers doors knob broken, air conditioner didnt work and part by part keep breaking. By beginning of my 3rd year I have place almost every single part except the engine. Its the worst car I ever own. I have to spend money fixing this car every week. I have to spend 50 to 70 percent of my income to fix it for the past 6 months. Im broke because of the car. I tried to trade it in but dealer wont take it. They told me nobody want to buy Kia. And today as my mechanic working on replacing an alternator. Im sitting here expressing my frustration and it will be the last thing I will fix. I will tow it away if anything else break. I will never buy Kia again.
Published: May 29, 2015
khankham of Fresno, CA

This car, Kia Sorento, car rides good, good on gas, reliable, comfortable,
This car, Kia Sorento, car rides good, good on gas, reliable, comfortable, nice salesperson, service was great. Fits my needs and overall design. The color and options were easy to choose from. All and all a great car to drive.
Published: December 14, 2019
Louise of Bellmore, NY

I bought a Kia Forte for my daughter in 2016. She had the car for about 6 m
I bought a Kia Forte for my daughter in 2016. She had the car for about 6 months and it was totaled when a hog ran onto the highway during a night that had heavy fog. We had the gap so I wasn’t worried because it was my understanding they pay the car off. I had asked multiple times if this would affect my credit and I was assured it wouldn’t. The car was totaled in March and in September I get a bill for around $1,100. I called and was informed that gap didn’t cover everything so I paid the bill. I go to purchase a car last week only to find that they had put delinquent payments on my credit report until it was completely paid off. That was from May to November they put delinquent payments every month. I called to get this removed because that wasn’t what I was told. Kia absolutely refused to remove it and informed me that in the contract you have 120 days to pay off the car. The gap didn’t even pay their part until June. They clearly don’t care or try to work with people. I will never purchase from them again. The man told me that they never said that and acted like I was the enemy. It was on a recorded line, but it is clear what kind of company they are. Save yourself the trouble. Don’t buy from them. This is the first time that I had ever had to use the gap and if you buy from them and it happens to you they will screw up your credit.
Published: November 26, 2020
Denise of Waxahachie, TX

My wife and I purchased this 2011 Kia Soul PLUS Pre-Owned from a dealership
My wife and I purchased this 2011 Kia Soul PLUS Pre-Owned from a dealership in San Juan Capistrano (Ocean Kia) in July of 2013 and we did not get any additional Warranty except for the 60-day warranty that this car came with. Yesterday, 9/08/2014, my wife was sitting in her car in a parking lot for no more than 20 Minutes, parked, parking brake ON, AC on as well. The vehicle then started to Shake like something in the engine was happening. My wife then turned off the vehicle and tried turning the vehicle back on... Nothing happened. The car had power still and the ignition was making the clicking sound of trying to start but to no avail.My wife let the car rest for about 4 hours before trying to start the car again and this time it started, so she started driving. She made it onto the freeway and started driving home THEN the car lost power to the engine and the steering became difficult and she was able to coast to the emergency lane and called me HYSTERICAL and said her car had shut down! The car would not start for another 5 minutes, turned back on, and she was able to exit the freeway to a Park and Ride type of parking lot... While pulling into the Park and Ride THE CAR STEERING WHEEL LOCKED UP THIS TIME AND SHUT OFF AGAIN AND WOULD NOT GET OUT OF PARK AFTER IT DIED. My wife hadnt even made it to a parking spot yet.THE CAR DIDNT TURN BACK ON AGAIN AND EVERYTHING, ALL POWER TURNED OFF. STEERING WHEEL STILL LOCKED. I told her about using the Shift lock release and, while the car was still off, putting the car into drive and then back to park and try to start it again and it did. She was able to get the car into a safer spot and left it there. I read about that trick in a forum... But no reason for why or how, haha. We are out of our warranty BUT THIS ISNT A WEAR AND TEAR ISSUE and We dont know what to do. We have regular maintenance done and we take care of the car and I know that These Souls, even the 2014, have had similar issues. It sucks because these are fun cars to drive BUT apparently have issues.
Published: September 9, 2014
Dennis of San Clemente, CA

Thinking it was normal warranty work, I went to Pence KIA to get my 2010 Ki
Thinking it was normal warranty work, I went to Pence KIA to get my 2010 Kia Soul (with a little over 30,000 miles) have its rear wiper motor looked at for a grinding noise it was making. I was told that it was an adjustment and lubrication issue and is not warranty covered. KIA installed a motor on the car with admitted insufficient grease inside the motor and would be deemed a defective manufacturing issue. Now, they do not want to honor their obligation under their warranty saying it is an adjustment and lubrication issue, which I need to pay for. Below is the TBS issued by KIA where they admit to insufficient grease inside the wiper motor.“Visibility: rear window wiper/washer: Kia: service action - rear wiper squeal noise repair (sa026). Provides information relating to some vehicles that may experience a rear wiper squeal noise when operating. This concern is due to insufficient grease inside the rear wiper motor. 2010 Kia Soul Technical Service Bulletin 2010/01/01 NHTSA #: 10033669, Service Bulletin #: TSB-054.”
Published: September 13, 2012
Raymond of Midlothian, VA

Supervisors very unprofessional. Also something must be wrong with dealersh
Supervisors very unprofessional. Also something must be wrong with dealership. I wasnt supposed to pay so much money and Kia owes me over $500. To get that $500 I fought, pull teeth. I mean they kept on changing dates on me. They kept on give me the run-around. This is Kia Financing people, Kia Financing. Theyll rip you off. Take your money and then tell you to go to hell and take a chill pill. Im a first responder from 9/11 okay and this is the way they treated me. If it was in that I just bought my car I would just trade it in or burn. People not supposed to be disrespectful like that to a customer no matter who they are Finance supervisor whatever. This Finance supervisor I hope the CEO will see this and fire you. I talked to her today. 22nd of February. Look it up. Youll find out shes a miserable individual. She told me to take a pill to relax. No its so relaxing when you disrespect somebody who served this country for 32 years. And you probably wasnt even born then. Kia Financing that will charge you an arm and a leg. Im stuck with a car paying $500 a month and I could buy probably BMW or Mercedes and pay that much. But other than that if it wasnt for the dealership done helping I wouldnt had no money to eat. Because Kia Financing is fraudulent they dont care who you are. The supervisors should be all fired instantly and replace with people that are more knowledgeable and more public relations than being a nasty hag. That is my complaint. They are the worst horrible people to finance through. The dealership I got it from is great, but the financing company Kia - the Better Business Bureau and everybody else is going to find out about how bad they are. Dont piss off a Marine.
Published: February 22, 2019
Peter of Fort Myers, FL

I purchased a new 2011 Sorento against my better judgment, knowing a first
I purchased a new 2011 Sorento against my better judgment, knowing a first year production is always problem prone. But I have had purchased many Hyundais in the past, and was used to great service, and knowing its the same company, I expected the same quality (WRONG). Coleman Kia in Ewing NJ has the most lying area manager and service department in the nation. They charge repairs to Kia, that they never repair, or even look at. Case at point: Ive had a bad door rattle in the passenger side door since purchase. Ive had the vehicle in for service for 5 times and the repair was charged but never done. The last time, I placed tape under the door to know rather, or not the door panel was opened. And guess what the service manager stated? The door was repaired but the tape was never touched. Enough said. Never, ever, again, would I ever purchase another Kia. My door still annoying like a rattle snake. But how does Kia allow itself to be continued to be ripped off. I would like to still have my door repaired, only 40,000 miles.
Published: January 29, 2014
Anthony of Hamilton Square, NJ

I was given a gas consumption card for $400.00. When I went to go use the c
I was given a gas consumption card for $400.00. When I went to go use the car I was told that the card had expired, so I went to the KIA dealership on Van Kirk in Brampton, ON, and explained the situation to him so he called head office and left a message for a manager there and got no response from him. Ive been a customer of KIA with multiple cars for 22 years. I feel unappreciated and shocked at the customer service of KIA. Its been about 3 weeks now and no one has even called me back yet.
Published: August 2, 2017
Farley of Brampton, ON

I own a 2014 Kia Sorento, and I love all the staff at the dealership where
I own a 2014 Kia Sorento, and I love all the staff at the dealership where I have my car serviced however I will never purchase another Kia again. My car has just over 100K miles so I am out of my warranty. On 4/7/20 my left wheel speed sensor failed costing me $657.35. Then, (16) sixteen days later on 4/23/20 my fuel tank sensor failed, costing me $463.61. Then, on 5/6/20 my right wheel speed sensor failed cost me $513.32. In less than 30 days I spent almost $1700 on repairs. These sensors should not have failed like this. I have owned numerous cars and I have NEVER had any of these issues. Kia has a long history with these same wheel speed sensors failing specifically in the Sorentos and Sedona models. After many recalls on earlier models, now they only fail after the car reaches 100k.Kia advises me today that there is absolutely nothing they can do to help offset the cost of their failing parts. I was advised by the young lad on the phone that parts don’t last forever and cars need to repaired at times and that’s just how it is. Kia is a total disappointment and should be ashamed in how they treat their customers. Kia has been priding itself on how they have helped out during the pandemic, however their faulty parts put their employees, customers and me at risk on 3 separate occasions.
Published: May 15, 2020
Amy of Boynton Beach, FL

Tower Hill Garage Chipperfield Kings Langley Hertfordshire WD4 9LR - I had
Tower Hill Garage Chipperfield Kings Langley Hertfordshire WD4 9LR - I had my car serviced on 25 July 2012. When I went to get into my car, I noticed the driver’s seat was dirty. One of the managers walked behind me and could see I had not got into the car. I said the staff member who serviced my car must have had dirty overalls. We both could see the plastic cover that should go right over the seat was only covering the back and not the seat-base. The manager said in 20 years this has never happened at this garage, it must have happened before! I said that I do not use dirty clothing. He could clearly see how I was dressed, smartly. Also, I work in an office and have to drive smartly. The manager went on to talk about a hole in the mat, which had no bearing on what we were talking about. Then he went on to say he was happy to book it in to be cleaned, also the service manager walked past and smirked at me! The service manager originally told me when I arrived to pick up my car, to sit in the waiting area as they were having to complete my paperwork, which I later found out the car was still on the test drive, in which it had not been finished. I had to wait over 15 minutes to then pay for my car. This should have been explained to me! I am sorry to say the service manager did have a bad attitude. My conclusion to this was the garage staff did not like the fact that this is only a 22-month-old car with 11,950 miles on the clock and this was my first service and kept saying this should have been serviced, 10 months or 10,000 miles. The garage is fully aware that in the first year I had only completed 3,500 miles because I had to have an operation. Therefore, I did not see the sense in paying out good money for such small mileage. Again the garage staff were informed several times and clearly told me not to worry. All this experience has led me into - I will not be purchasing a Kia again nor will I be going back to this garage until I receive an apology and a gesture of goodwill.
Published: July 30, 2012
Stuart of London, Other

I brought my car in for 15,000 miles maintenance. Alignment way off; told m
I brought my car in for 15,000 miles maintenance. Alignment way off; told me they couldnt fix it 100%. I asked why and they said something must be bent. I asked them what? They replied they didnt know. Told me I had recall for front right axle. They had to order the part and would recheck wear on tires to see if their incomplete alignment caused any issues. So about a month later I brought it back in and they said wear was fine, replaced right front axle and I had hope that was the reason the alignment couldnt be fixed 100%. They knew I was going on over 2,000 mile trip for sons wedding. I have no shimmy, although alignment isnt 100%, it still seems to be okay. About 100-150 miles from destination, have EMTs pull up on right side of my car and roll down their window. We roll down ours and they point to my passenger rear tire and then angle their arm. We pull off immediately and sure as heck my passenger rear tire is bent inward at top, around 11 oclock. I drive 50 mph rest of way, check alignment and Im not pulling any worse than before. I call Kia Roadside assistance and they come tow my car to local dealership. They didnt look at my car immediately, but had only had it 2 hours and call me and let me know that my front passenger strut is bent (Why didnt the dealership notice this when they replaced the axle on that side, or when they couldnt correct the alignment 100%). If it took this dealership less than 2 hours to find the bent right strut, why didnt they find it? Why didnt they look. Supposedly going to cost me $680 plus tax to fix (Not under warranty... WHY??). I hit nothing, I ran over nothing. Is this possibly a recall issue, or should be a recall issue and due to strut being bent, it bent my back right tire inward. Supposedly once strut is replaced and car is realigned, my passenger rear tire will straighten out. Im not stupid. Maybe because Im female they think I am, but Ive worked on cars for over 25 years. Im betting that my rear passenger tie rod is bent. I even mentioned it at the dealership, in the service department, but they are adamant that itll be fixed once the strut is replaced and the car is realigned. They have already said that they could tell I didnt run over or hit anything, so why am I paying out of pocket anyway? Isnt it supposed to be under warranty? If the tie rod is bent, isnt that the fault of the dealership that did my original alignment and told me that they thought something might be bent, but didnt look for it? Then again when they replaced the passenger front axle (recall) and didnt notice it and still couldnt get it aligned? Shouldnt they pay for this? Im frustrated and angry, first for them treating me like Im stupid because Im a girl and girls dont know anything about cars... BS, and then when Im suggesting itll be more than just the strut, telling me that Im not qualified (another way to say that Im a girl and girls dont know anything about cars) to think that..... And they are the experts, yet they didnt even look for what they thought was bent. I mean they literally said we think something is bent and then didnt look for it. Whats wrong with that picture? Annoyed, from California and Stuck in Illinois until my car is fixed!!!
Published: April 1, 2014
Christin of Riverside, CA

I am writing in reference to the safety of my children. I am a single mothe
I am writing in reference to the safety of my children. I am a single mother of two (one having a disability). I have purchased my second Kia in the past three years. I love my Kia Soul. I have only had this car a year and five months. I am very saddened to know that my motor is causing my car to burn oil so frequent that I am having to add up to a quart a week to make sure that my engine does not lock up on me. I am so upset knowing that as a single mother, I just cannot afford to buy an engine, a motor, nor can I afford to get one fixed. I use my car on a daily basis to transport my children, and for my job. I am planning a move across the country in June and I just do not know what I am going to do. Is there anyway someone from Consumer Affairs can help me get this fixed. My warranty is out because I am over 100,000 miles. I bought an extended warranty upon purchasing the used vehicle. I am aware there are recalls happening with Kia and would like to know if my car qualifies. I am taking a risk everyday on putting my children in that car. I was so upset when I spoke with someone in Consumer Affairs and the only response they gave me was that I better try and hire a lawyer! Please I am begging for someone to help me. After my family and I have been valued customers for years and have purchased a total of seven cars out of the East Tennessee lot, I know that there is something that you all can do. Please help!!!!
Published: April 25, 2017
Tameka of Murfreesboro, TN

This car has a defect that Kia is not telling consumers. If you try to turn
This car has a defect that Kia is not telling consumers. If you try to turn into oncoming traffic and hit the gas quickly this car will actually stop in the middle of intersection and leave you there while the POS Traction catches up with the engine. Very unsafe. The Tech from Kia has informed me that there is no fix and they all do it, so his remedy is to just take it easy and be careful when entering intersection to make sure you leave lots of room before pulling out... I could not believe this and I want to warn other consumers before you spend $65,000.00 on a car. DO NOT BUY THE KIA K900. Its a death trap waiting to happen. I am getting rid of this car ASAP before I end up in a very serious accident Killing some innocent people or my family. DO NOT NOT NOT BUY THIS CAR.
Published: November 21, 2016
Larry of Clearwater, FL

I purchased a 2015 KIA Sorento in July of 2014 at Brockville KIA. It was al
I purchased a 2015 KIA Sorento in July of 2014 at Brockville KIA. It was all I wanted it to be. On November 28/2014 I had an accident. I slid through a T-intersection and into a steep but not deep ditch. I expect I was going 10kph as it was in town and the streets were slippery. The Sorento sustained damage to the front lower bumper and front rim/wheel, however the air bags deployed (curtain bags-ceiling and both front seat air bags).The Sorento was taken to Carstar Brockville, which shares a lot with the Brockville KIA dealer where I had purchased. On Nov. 29th the estimate came in at approx. $23000 to repair. I was expecting to have truck ready in a couple weeks. It is now Jan. 26th 2015 and I still have no Sorento. Kia Canadas service has been frustrating and extremely disappointing, as they have made many promises about delivery, but to no avail. I have spoken to customer reps at KIA (claim#**) on too many occasions to mention. More frustrations....As far as Economical Mutual Insurance I believe, if they had done their job in November or early Dec. the Sorento would have been replaced. The parts (air bags/seats were and are still not available). Economical did provide me with a check for $1000 for non-use on rental for the month of Dec. (still in my pocket-not cashed), however it was the end of the benefit at 30 days. Kia Brockville, and Brister Insurance brokers are covering the charges for the vehicle I am using in month 2.Approaching the end of Jan. and still no delivery dates for missing parts. I have pressured for answers from all involved but have just encountered more frustrations and more false promises. As a first time Kia buyer it has tested my patience and understanding of the system. Economical has done a poor job, only doing what they had to and no more. They even suggested on several occasions that, It is not our fault and even suggested that the repair shop put the old seats in and let me drive until new seats arrive (no air bags). The shop refused... I am hoping that you can help.
Published: January 27, 2015
Bill of Iroquois, ON

I took my Soul to Kia due to a screeching noise in the front while braking
I took my Soul to Kia due to a screeching noise in the front while braking thinking there may be a stone stuck in the pad. Come to find out the rotors had rusted in the front only to the point that they were pitted. I bought the car a few months prior from an independent dealer and the Kia dealer said that the car must have sat for a while but they were not sure. Thus is just conjecture on their part. They said the rotors were not covered because the warranty does not cover rust. They recommended that I call Kia corporate and see if they will make an exception. I called and was treated poorly by Robin, a supervisor, but after an exercise in patience she agreed to escalate the issue to the district service manager. It has been 3 working days and I am still waiting to hear back from them. I had to take it back so they could get pictures of the rotors over the weekend.The funny thing is that rotors on the rear are fine which makes no sense unless poor rotor quality or substandard design with the front brake system. The service department says that the district service manager will likely approve it but it can take another day or two and it will take more time to get the parts in. Meanwhile I am driving a car that the front brakes sound terrible and I feel unsafe driving. Very poor customer service and quality.
Published: September 8, 2014
Rustin of Columbia, TN

KIA financed a car for me. I mailed in the payments. They are continuously
KIA financed a car for me. I mailed in the payments. They are continuously saying that they did not get the payment for 6-15 days. KIA is saying that this is a postal issue. I mail all of my bills and no one else has any problem getting my mail. KIA is saying that they have waived 5 late charges. They have contacted me three times. In September they called, I paid online and they cashed my check the next day before I could cancel it. Therefore, I paid double. Last month they said, You are late but not late enough to be charged a fee. This month they claimed that it took 15 days for them to get my check.
Published: November 21, 2012
Shirley of Riverside, CA

The speedometer on my 2005 Kia Spectra sometimes doesnt read my speed corre
The speedometer on my 2005 Kia Spectra sometimes doesnt read my speed correctly. The first time the incident occurred, it was almost 2 years ago. I only had the car for a day. While at the red light, the speedometer said I was driving 60 mph. When I started moving, it went up to 120 mph. The following day, I took the car back to the dealer, they checked it and explained to me that they couldnt find anything wrong with the speedometer. A week ago, today, I got a speeding ticket for driving 60 mph in a 40 mph zone. After getting the ticket, as soon as I started driving, I noticed the speedometer at 50 mph. I noticed immediately that the speedometer was acting up again. I stopped the car to confirm. After coming to a complete stop, the speedometer was still reading 40 mph and then the hand started slowly moving downwards. The following morning, I took the car in to my nearest Kia dealer where they checked it, said they ran a test and placed it on their computers but couldnt find anything wrong or any error codes so theres nothing they could do. Now I have to go to court, pay a speeding ticket, get points on my license all for something thats not my fault and something I cant fix nor the dealer can fix. So Im going to need Kia to fix this!
Published: May 31, 2012
Sonia of Villa Rica, GA

Kia Sorento wont start. When I get in the car to start it and push the butt
Kia Sorento wont start. When I get in the car to start it and push the button, everything on the inside will come on, but the engine wont turn over. I have been stranded 5 times this week, and now the piece of ** is sitting in the parking lot at work and wont start. Sometimes, if I sit there long enough, I can get it started. Several months ago, I could not get it started. I called Kia Emergency rescue and a wrecker driver showed up. He got in the car, pushed on the brake (to the floorboard) 3 times and it started right up. He said that this is a common problem with Kias and that is how you get it started. So - that is what I have been doing, but the problem is just getting worse. Two weeks ago, I was headed out of the office to my daughter in labor, and guess what - it wouldnt start. After about 15 minutes I got it started. I called service at the dealership where it was purchased, and at first they denied it, then the lady on the phone said that Kia was aware of this problem. I asked her why were the consumers not made aware of this. She had no answer. Earlier this week, again it happened. I called Kia direct and filed a complaint and was given a case number. Of course, they deny any knowledge of this problem. They asked me if I wanted the car replaced and I told them yes, but not with a Kia. That didnt go over very well. So on a Saturday, I have to get a ride to my office, pick the piece of ** up and go to the dealership with it. I have already been told they wont give me a loaner car. We will see about that tomorrow. I am very disappointed with this vehicle. Oh yes - the 3rd back up camera is out. This car is only 1 year old. Do not buy Kia. They do not back their product! As soon as I can, this thing will be traded for a more reliable vehicle.
Published: June 9, 2012
Jean of Seabrook, TX

I have a Kia Sedona Van. Every 90 days, both of the head lights blow out at
I have a Kia Sedona Van. Every 90 days, both of the head lights blow out at same time while driving 55 mph on a highway. I have contacted the Kia Dealers and Kia Corporation many times already but they cannot do anything or mainly they will not do anything! The bulbs are Sylvania and were installed correctly, with clean sanitary gloves not touched by the skin or hands!
Published: November 5, 2011
Gary of Gulf Breeze, FL

I bought a vehicle from this company in June 2011 and one week after purcha
I bought a vehicle from this company in June 2011 and one week after purchasing this vehicle, the trunk latch inside the car broke. I have been calling them to schedule a service visit and one time they called me, they were very rude to me. So as of now, my trunk still does not work and I do not feel I want to return to that location to get it fixed because of the way I was treated. However, I do need this problem fixed.
Published: September 28, 2011
Ashley of Baltimore, MD

The paint is so cheap! It started peeling 2 years after it came out & m
The paint is so cheap! It started peeling 2 years after it came out & months after I bought it! Also, I had to replace tires right away. I heard these are issues with a Kia. I won’t purchase another one.
Published: May 17, 2018
Myrna of San Diego, CA

I have sent a message to customer service about my cracked bumper and I am
I have sent a message to customer service about my cracked bumper and I am extremely upset with the situation. Here are the pictures regarding my e-mail and I would like a response from customer service. I am an unsatisfied customer and I regret buying a car from Kia since I was not aware that the plastic was this cheap. I did not hit a snow bank nor did I run over anything. I am a very careful driver and I am not happy that the cheap bumper cracked on its own and I am extremely not happy about the incompetent Kia technicians at the Kia Montreal-North. They were arrogant and unhelpful in so many ways and blamed me, the customer, for the cracked bumper without any interest in hearing my side of the story. My e-mail is ** and I will be waiting for the prompt reply this coming week. Thank you and have a good day!
Published: March 23, 2013
Giovanna of H1p 2j3, QC

I purchased a brand new 2019 KIA Sportage two days ago. Its the first time
I purchased a brand new 2019 KIA Sportage two days ago. Its the first time I drove it today. It popped up a warning message (with yellow light) after one mile of driving, saying Low Tire Pressure. I called the road service to check it up. Based on the User Manual, the tire pressure should be around 35 in cold weather. But for my car, three tires were around 30 and one was 27. I am just wondering: Do they really check up everything and make sure it meets all the criteria before they deliver it to the customers??? Well, this is just the first day. The service guy inflated the tires. I will keep an eye on it in the following days to see whether its the problem that they didnt inflate it enough before delivering or the tires are really bad and they deflate gradually. Anyway, my first day of driving a brand new car, was ruined.
Published: December 17, 2018
Casper of Gaithersburg, MD

Recent purchase of a second-hand Rondo in Canada. So far the experience has
Recent purchase of a second-hand Rondo in Canada. So far the experience has been terrific. Price was fair according to all the comparison websites, generous warranty means I still am covered. Car appears solidly built. Very low servicing costs. Decent if not fantastic mileage. Loaded with useful options and very well designed. Dealer has been very accommodating and so far the relationship has been excellent.
Published: January 15, 2017
Don of Nanoose Bay, BC

I bought a 2012 Kia Soul. I bought a new car because I live up north where
I bought a 2012 Kia Soul. I bought a new car because I live up north where the winters are cold. So I wanted a new car with a good heater. I dont have that in the Kia Soul. The temp gauge in the car drops and I get cool to lukewarm air. I have taken it to my dealership and they had it almost 2 weeks and nothing. They keep telling me it is normal. I have had several cars and none of them had them temp gauge drop and get warm air or cool. I was told that Kia put in a larger radiator than is needed for this size car and they wont do anything about it. If this is as hot as the Kia Soul gets, then Kia should not be selling it up north where the winters are long and cold. As anyone else had this issue.
Published: February 12, 2014
Glenda of Edmonton, AB

2016 Kia Sorento - I purchased new and have less than 5000 miles. The rear
2016 Kia Sorento - I purchased new and have less than 5000 miles. The rear lift gate opens randomly. Press unlock, up comes the gate. Car unlocked? Open door and up comes the gate. Took it to the dealer and problem would not replicate. Anyone else have this issue?
Published: November 4, 2015
Sami of Oak View, CA

Bought our first brand new 2011 Kia Sorrento because we wanted a warranty t
Bought our first brand new 2011 Kia Sorrento because we wanted a warranty to cover any problems. In October, we noticed the paint was starting to bubble and chip off all over the top of the car and the hood. We took it to the service dept. At the dealership where we purchased it (dont ever do business with Keffer Kia in Mooresville, NC) and they told us it wont be covered under our bumper to bumper five-year warranty because we must have either driven through something or parked it under a tree. Are you friggin kidding me?We now have a lawyer. Im saddened by the fact that there is no honor or loyalty anymore when you purchase something today. I am also offended that they have the nerve to actually accuse a customer of something so ridiculous just to get out of fixing something that is clearly a defect. Anyway, just in case someone else is having the same problem, no, you are not going crazy and should complain about as well because I believe in the power of the pen and the power of all people united. If enough people come forward with these problems, the companies will have no choice but to start taking responsibilities for their merchandise.
Published: December 10, 2011
Caroline of Troutman, nc

My Kia Sorento 2011 had 59,*** miles on it and it jerks when it shifts at 2
My Kia Sorento 2011 had 59,*** miles on it and it jerks when it shifts at 2nd and 4th gear. I brought it to Jerry Seiner Kia in Salt Lake for service. I told them the prob and I have a strong feeling its the transmission. They tested it and said there is nothing wrong. I just need to change the transmission oil which would cost over $200 since warranty would not cover it cause its for maintenance. They also reset the computer box because accdg to them, it saved the driving pattern of the previous owner so they had to reset it. I brought the car to a different place for the oil change. On my way home, the car still jerks when it shifts. Called Kia and they said wait a couple of days and reiterated that Kia has different engine so it runs and shifts differently from other cars. Waited 2 days and cars still jerks when it shifts. Called back Kia and schedule an appointment. This time the car is on 60k miles but they said theyll honor the warranty since I brought it with the issue before it hit 60k. So they did tests on it and they said they will file a case with Kia and see what Kia says. Kia recommended things to be done but they wont change the transmission. It became a regular routine to go to Kia every Tues or Wed for 2 months (imagine all the gas I spent going back and forth since the dealership is 24 miles away from my home.) Prob started in Dec. and last week of January they decided to change the computer box. It kind of run smooth for 3 weeks until it starts jerking again and now when it shifts to 4th gear. Brought it back to Kia and the service manager specifically said, There is something wrong with the transmission. We need to make a case for Kia to approve transmission change. So I told him I wanna make sure its still under warranty although its now on 62k miles since I first brought it with the same prob before it hit 60k. He said hell try his best since we have all the records. I waited almost a week for Kias reply again, and this time they want to reset something again but it will not be covered with the warranty since its now over 60! It is just ridiculous that I brought it with exactly the same prob before it hit the 60k miles! And I go back and forth to the service dept for 2 mos which is 24 miles away, of course the mileage will add up! And now they wont cover the warranty! Imagine, before it hit 60k miles, tranny probs already! Ridiculous! Will never ever buy a Kia car again! Warranty is BS. Worst car ever! Waste of money!
Published: March 11, 2015
Joanne of Park City, UT

I purchased a used 2016 Kia Sorento fully loaded SXL (Highest trim, origina
I purchased a used 2016 Kia Sorento fully loaded SXL (Highest trim, original MSRP of $43,000) for $27,000 + TAX/FEE with just under 40,000 miles on it in 2017. I had the car shipped to me from Gary Rome KIA in ENFIELD, CT (Never do business with this dealership. They are dishonest). I live in TN and they shipped the car down to me after a brief negotiation of price over the phone. From the moment the car was delivered to me I had several issues that the KIA dealership that sold me the car should have taken care of. 1. The panoramic moonroof was sticking and wouldnt close properly. 2. The car had tires on it OLDER THAN THE SUV ITSELF! 3. The tailgate was sticking and not opening properly.4. The keyless entry and automatic tailgate opening both did not work properly (Less than 60% success on keyless entry, 90%+ failure on tailgate feature). 5. The car was delivered with only ONE key fob (Promised two, never made good on it. Thats $200). 6. The exhaust system on the SUV had a catastrophic failure resulting in complete loss of engine power and leaving me without a car for over a week while car was at local dealer being repaired under warranty. All these issues in a $40k SUV that was under 40k miles and about a year old.Despite all these issues, the warranty covered fixing the exhaust (Melted catalytic converter), fixing the moonroof (Lubrication added and hardware adjustments), and a temporary fix on the tailgate sticking (Anti-Stick coating applied. Didnt help for long. Problem returned within a month). The dealer never acknowledged the keyless entry had any issue telling me I had to physically remove the key from my pocket for it to work properly. This defeats the entire purpose of KEYLESS entry. This is 100% unacceptable and they know it. Despite all these issues upfront, I enjoyed the value of the features in the car and wanted to keep it. I kept it for about year and traded it in 2018 for a Lexus (Ive never had a single poor experience with Lexus. They are worth every extra penny and their keyless entry JUST WORK!).For those considering buying a KIA here are some PROS and CONS based from my experiences with the product and company. PROS. 1. They honored warranty work. Never cost me anything other than inconvenience and time. 2. Cars come with high end features for less cost. 3. Buying a used KIA is very attractive from a price/value perspective. 4. Quality of KIA has improved dramatically over the years.CONS. 1. Car had tons of issues, some of which like the keyless entry that KIA refused to acknowledge were issues. 2. KIA vehicles DEPRECIATE LIKE A LEAD BALLOON. NEVER buy a brand new KIA. Youll get taken to the cleaners on your trade or when you decide to sell. Even if you buy used, the trade/value of their vehicles are TERRIBLE! Having owned the 2016 KIA Sorento for about a year and getting the mileage up to 60k miles, I was offered anywhere from 20-22k in trade AT A KIA DEALERSHIP! A Ford dealer offered me $23.8k. I paid $27k. Car dropped between 3.2-7k in value in 20k miles/1 year. Seriously? Even the KIA dealerships dont want their product back. Very disappointed in value retention of product. Some dealerships didnt even want to offer anything because of the KIA name. Maybe I just got unlucky and was delivered a LEMON. However I dont give KIA a pass for this since I purchased a practically brand new car from THEIR FRANCHISED DEALERSHIP and was delivered an absolute piece of garbage. I purchase a new 1-3 year old used car (Normally off lease) about every 1-3 years. I favor high end luxury cars in the price range of $30-40k. There are three car manufacturers I will never buy from again. BMW (These cars are fun to drive but absolutely trash and maintenance and repairs will eat you alive). KIA (These cars on the surface appear to be great values but you get what you pay for). Mitsubishi (My first car was a Galant. Head gasket blew up at 60k miles. Car was babied and I expected to get many more years of life out of it. This happened when I was just out of college.) Congratulations KIA. You made the list. Ill never buy your brand again because of the terrible experience and product you delivered.
Published: November 13, 2018
Brad of Knoxville, TN

In March of 2012, I purchased a new 2012 Kia Rio. Not long after having it,
In March of 2012, I purchased a new 2012 Kia Rio. Not long after having it, the radio would not read CDs. I had it in the dealer service department several times, and I would still have the same problem. The dealer finally decided to replace the radio with a re-manufactured one. The refurbished one that was put in was even worse than the original one. It would freeze up, go out, and do things without me touching it. Also, I would lose control of it, and it would even stay on after the car was shut off, key taken out of ignition, and car locked. I took it to another dealer to have them look at it. And after a long period of time of having problems with it, it was replaced again with yet another refurbished one. It worked okay for a while, and now all of a sudden, when turned on, there is no sound. There is no sound whatsoever when I run the volume knob up and down. I am fed up with Kia for their products and service! I will never buy another Kia! I am in the process of filing a lemon law claim with the BBB. They should buy this vehicle back after countless sorry attempts to fix the problem and Im still having trouble out of it!
Published: January 11, 2013
Eric of 72404, AR

Originally I left a 5 star review, but times have changed and the honeymoon
Originally I left a 5 star review, but times have changed and the honeymoon is over. When I bought my car 2 years ago the salesman was good. I cant hate on Frankie. But dont be mislead by all these 5 star reviews. My gripe with this dealer is how they treated me during a service, WHICH HAS NOW MADE ME LOSE ALL RESPECT FOR THIS DEALER AND THIS BRAND. My car is still brand new with only 12k miles. With this many miles nothing should break on this car unless its defective. I experienced a broken wheel stud and lug nut. The wheels on my car have never been off before so obviously they must have cross threaded it at the factory. When I tried to remove it, it wouldnt budge and snapped (I was swapping wheels). Kia claimed I must have cross threaded it? How do you cross thread a lug nut when you are trying to loosen it?? Morons!!KIAs prestigious warranty would not cover it. This billion dollar company couldnt honor a warranty on a defective part that costed 10 bucks. So I asked how much to repair, since I needed it fixed? 75 bucks... Fine. Ill pay it and wait to avoid any more grief. 3 HOUR later the service advisor says we have a problem. The whole front end needs to come apart to put a 10 dollar stud in (hub, bearing, knuckle) and would need all the new parts too!!?? Huh??? Why!!? Commission maybe!!? The new price 504.00!!! LMFAO. You guys are out of your minds. Where did you make that price up... I called KIA corporate to find out about the warranty to pay for this defective part. Nothing. Useless and full of excuses.I had enough and pulled my car out of there. Guess what. Took it to a PROFESSIONAL shop and they did it for less than half the price!! Coleman KIA you lost me, and Ill make sure to let everyone know to stay away from you and KIA in general. For anyone thinking of a KIA, think hard, because when your car malfunctions (WHICH IT WILL) you will get nothing but excuses as to why the warranty will NOT cover it!!! This is your warning people!!! Once they sell you the car, they dont give a ** about your problems.
Published: August 16, 2018
Eric of Monmouth Junction, NJ

Performance and customer service from dealership: I was never given a chanc
Performance and customer service from dealership: I was never given a chance to drive my New 2012 Kia Rio by the salesperson. Being a woman, I felt they took advantage of me. No test drive, who does that. It was a cash sale. Yes, thats right. I shelled out a cool $ 19,924.05 and now, I am getting treated like crap by the local dealership. I was not told there was not a spare in the trunk. So all this time I m driving around thinking it was a spare not a box and a small compressor that doesnt work. It took me having a flat on a cold snowy day with my baby in my car. They refused to send a courtesy shuttle for me and kept giving me the run around. I then called for roadside service which showed up 1 hour later. I could change the tire and the hole was too big to fix with the so-called repair kit, what a joke. That is just one issue. Second complaint, the gas mileage is not what the sticker price claimed. I spent too much on gas with that car. And third complaint is the car drives lousy and rough, it doesnt even drive like a new car, no smoothness, and I feel and hear every bump in the road. It has a pull and drives real slow and doesnt take a hill at all. The car has no power at all. What liars to get a sale. These people should be ashamed of themselves. Poor service and no care for the customer now that they have got my hard earned money. Do I take a loss and trade or just sell the car out right and go to another dealership? I knew I should have gone to Ford. I guess you live and learn you people are real jerks. Now, they have my car that was towed to them. They have no tires on hand and had to order one at my expense, $100.00 to be exact. And, they refused to give me loaner car until this issue could be resolved, but I raised so much beef with them they finally obliged me and gave me a used Sonata to drive. That is the least you could have done. Do I sue or wait and see what Kia is going to do about my car. Twice they tell me nothing is wrong with the car, I drive it daily and I know that there is. I even had my son fly in from Virginia to drive it. I figured maybe it was operator error. Wrong, it is that cheap made car which should have been recalled in my book. The overall performance is shabby to say the least and has no high quality performance and for a 2012, it drives like it is 6 years old or more.
Published: April 4, 2012
Laura of Albuquerque, NM

This review is specific to Kias roadside service. Ive been very happy with
This review is specific to Kias roadside service. Ive been very happy with my Kia vehicle. When I found myself needing a tow on a weekend night, Triple A phone wait times were 30+ minutes, but Kias roadside service responded right away. Apparently my policy had expired, but I said that I was willing to pay so that we could expedite this process and get me to a shop before it closed. At this time it was a bit before 7pm and the service center closed at 9pm, so I figured this wouldnt be a problem. Oh, how young and naive I was.First of all, after I hung up the phone with the representative, it took over an hour for some reason just for the Kia dispatch service to connect me with a towing service. I contacted an agent twice through the online chat system during this time and was both times given some generic message about how theyre working as fast as they can and your service is very important to us. Id like to add that Im in a major city, so its not like theres a shortage of tow companies around. THEN when they finally assigned me a tow company, I was told that my ETA for the tow truck to arrive was 45-60 minutes. Well, wouldnt you know it -- an hour goes by, and still no tow truck. This time I reach out to the tow truck company directly. He tells me that the driver got tied up with other tows but is now -- only just now! -- on his way over to me. Another hour goes by. Still no tow truck. Seattles big, but not that big. At this point the Kia service center is very, very closed. It takes another half hour just for the tow truck to arrive. During this time, Kia roadside assistance checks in a couple times -- once through a phone representative, and twice by text -- but each time when I tell them the tow truck still hasnt arrived, all they do is offer banal apologies and tell me my service matters. I understand that Kia roadside assistance only had so much control over the terrible tow truck company I was assigned. However, ultimately I ended up waiting over three and a half hours just for a simple tow job -- in the dark, by myself, in a part of town I didnt know well -- and Kia did nothing to help with this aside from offer meaningless phrases. No apology discount on service at their center, no attempt to find a faster tow service, nothing. Ill just stick with triple A next time; despite the initial long wait to speak with an agent, Ive never had such a ridiculous experience actually getting service from them.
Published: January 9, 2022
Anna of Seattle, WA

My 2.4 liter engine is part of a recall of over 1.5 Million cars. Well, my
My 2.4 liter engine is part of a recall of over 1.5 Million cars. Well, my VIN number is not on this list!!! My engine blow for exactly what the recall is for... premature bearing wear causes the engine to throw a rod! Kia says its not covered because I am the second owner, the car has 89,000 miles on it and would have been covered if I was the original owner! THATS NOT THE POINT. This engine was recalled for this problem. End of story! But, NO mine is a Hybrid and they arent a MODEL that was under the recall! Its the same 2.4 liter engine! I have talked to customer service, they sent me to the ESCALATION department. They said its not on the recall list and isnt under warranty. So, now my car has been at Kemper Kia of Bridgewater New Jersey for 3 weeks. Have talked to a very reputable engine repair shop. They told me this is often how they let bad news out about recalls, a few models at a time. I cant wait for them to actually put my car on the list. This really sucks and so does KIA for not covering this AT ALL!!!!
Published: June 28, 2017
Patrick of Raritan, NJ

I have a 2013 Kia Sorento. The paint is falling off and Kia wont do a ** th
I have a 2013 Kia Sorento. The paint is falling off and Kia wont do a ** thing about it. I payed 38k for this piece of **. Its the 3rd Kia I have owned. Never will buy this crap again. Kia you suck and I hope you go out of business. Rusty Wallace is the worst Kia dealer of all.
Published: August 9, 2016
John of Dandridge, TN

I have just bought a Kia Sorento 2018 this month. What I want the public to
I have just bought a Kia Sorento 2018 this month. What I want the public to learn here is not to repeat the same mistake that I made at the dealership. I was actually happy to buy the Sorento, but when I signed the paperworks, I didn’t pay too much attention to the details. All I had in mind was I was gonna pay the amount that me and the salesman agreed on. I did not catch an additional fee for EXTENDED WARRANTY. This was not even explained to me. I was not aware of it. It costed me $2700, and since this was added to the loan amount. It would basically cost me more. Now when I look at my new Kia Sorento, I feel ashamed of myself for buying Kia. I was just foolish!!! God knows how I could forgive myself.
Published: October 23, 2017
om of Pasadena, TX

I bought my Kia Carens from new 08 reg. I have had problems one after anoth
I bought my Kia Carens from new 08 reg. I have had problems one after another with it. I have been complaining about the gear stick from almost the year I got the car. I got told it was the clutch that was the problem. I got a new clutch fitted but still got problems with changing the gears. I took it back and again got told it was my clutch. When I said it was a new clutch, I got told it must be fitted wrong, to take it back to the garage that fitted it. I did that and was told it was fitted okay. I took the car to another Kia dealer and they said it was the gear linkage and repaired it. A few days later, it started doing it again.I have told the Kia dealer that the gears are still not changing, that it jams. When trying to change gears, I have to turn off the engine and put it into gear before it will go. I still dont have that fixed. Then about two years ago, I got a noise coming from the engine. I took it back to the garage to get it fixed. It was the turbo that had blew. Three weeks later, I had the same trouble. I took it back again and got told the turbo had blown again, that it must have been a faulty turbo. Last Oct., I was at Aberdeen and the car stopped suddenly on the motorway. I had to get pushed into the side of the road by the police. I called the RAC out. The engine was flooded with oil. I was told that it was one of the fuel injectors that had gone. I had to hire a car to take me back home the next day and the RAC took my car back to Kia a few days later. I had to keep the hired car three weeks till I got mine back again. A new turbo was fitted. It turned out that it was the fuel injector leaking that was blowing the turbo. That was three turbos within a year that was fitted and every time my car is off the road, I have to hire a car as it is a disabled car and my husband was going through chemotherapy and I needed the car to take him to hospital.Now, I have a new problem with the electrics. I was out three weeks ago when my lights went out on the dashboard and the police were behind me and pulled me over. It turned out when the dashboard lights went out, so did my tail lights so I got a slip of paper from the police telling me I had been pulled over and I had 21 days to get the lights fixed. I phoned Kia and booked it in the next morning. I got told it would be Friday, 5 days after I was stopped. That was fine. I took the car in to get it fixed. It was in all morning. I got a call saying it was ready for pick up. I picked it up and was told it wasnt fixed. I had to wait for parts.I got a call later that day telling me it was booked in for Thursday. Last week, I got a call on Wednesday telling me not to take it in; the parts were still not in. I would get a call on Fri. telling me when to take it back to get fixed. I did not get the call. The car still hasnt been fixed and the 21 days the police gave me is up tomorrow. I had to call the police and explain that I am waiting for parts to come for it, and the garage cant stamp the slip till it has been fixed. Now I have to get a letter from Kia telling them that Im waiting for parts coming in. Thats 3 weeks Ive been waiting. I cant go out at night because if I touch the switch to indicate the lights go out. Its fine through the day when the lights are off. I will never buy another Kia car. It has been trouble since day one. If anyone asked me how I would rate Kia, I would say keep clear of them.
Published: March 3, 2013
Madge of Ayrshire, OTHER

I have a 2012 Soul with 43K miles. Last week the engine light came on and i
I have a 2012 Soul with 43K miles. Last week the engine light came on and it started sounding like a sewing machine. I took it to the Kia dealership in Macon, GA. After only pulling the dipstick out, they determined that two litters had collapsed from starving of oil. With no service record because I change the oil myself (who can afford what a dealership charges?), engine repair/replacement is not covered under warranty. So they want $4,800 for a used engine with 6,000 miles or $7,800 for a remand engine from the factory. Its time Kia steps up to the plate and backs this crap theyre putting on the roads.
Published: March 6, 2013
Robert of Jackson, GA

I was one of the misfortunate people to purchase a used Kia. There was 70,0
I was one of the misfortunate people to purchase a used Kia. There was 70,000 miles left on the warranty but I did not know that this did not transfer to the second owner. Kia is one of two companies that do not allow for transfer of warranty. I had the ball joints replaced at my Kia dealer and within a short time the engine overheated and required over $1000 of repair. I question what was done to the vehicle while being serviced. Overall the service at Kia has been poor and when I complain I am treated as if it is my fault. I will never own another Kia vehicle.
Published: October 9, 2016
Richard of Portage, WI

There was no spare tire with the 2015 Soul Kia I purchased on 8-1-2015... I
There was no spare tire with the 2015 Soul Kia I purchased on 8-1-2015... I am very apprehensive driving any vehicle with no spare tire. I did not realize the vehicle did not have a spare tire till after the deal was concluded. I did not think any auto mfg would issue an auto with no spare tire. I have owned 2 other KIAs... well pleased with them. I am pleased with the 2015 SOUL but I cringe riding around with no spare tire!! You are putting an unwarranted burden on owner and/or driver of a vehicle with no spare tire!
Published: August 2, 2015
john of Fitzgerald, GA

Our 2015 Kia Sorento is sitting with a seized engine and Kia is NOT coverin
Our 2015 Kia Sorento is sitting with a seized engine and Kia is NOT covering it (even with an extended warranty). They want to charge us between $7000 and $8000 to fix it! After doing lots of research we find out this is the exact same defect that exists in the 2014, 2013 and 2012 which were all recalled by the way! What will it take to recall this?
Published: June 26, 2017
Julie of Bowmanville, ON

Blown rod with only 66000 miles. They said not covered because used car wou
Blown rod with only 66000 miles. They said not covered because used car would not help with the replacement cost in anyway.
Published: March 20, 2015
Anthony of Chenry, IL

2004 Kia Sorento with 60,000 miles. The left rear axle bracket has rusted t
2004 Kia Sorento with 60,000 miles. The left rear axle bracket has rusted through and broken. This is a very serious safety issue. The design and manufacture of this particular part is defective.
Published: May 7, 2016
Lawrence of Fairfax, VA

I was taking my son to the hospital. The hospital we use is about an hour a
I was taking my son to the hospital. The hospital we use is about an hour away from our residence. Three deer crossed the roadway. The last deer got confused, started to run back my way so I swerved to miss it. I hit loose gravel but did not know that when I did that it had ripped the oil pan off the motor. It stuck the throttle on and brakes useless. So I had no brakes and the throttle was stuck on. The van struck the embankment head on which was steep because at the top was a railroad track. The same track AMTRAC uses. Anyway after hitting the embank the van proceeded to hit a guide wire which pressed the hood into the motor and left scratches all over the van. It spun the van around, both sides of the van were hit against the pole, wire or embankment or ditch. The van proceed to climb the embankment, no brakes with the throttle stuck. I knew the other was going to be a roll because we were at an angle. Black smoke was pouring into the van. I am scared of black smoke (I was in a house fire 3 years ago. I was the last one out and suffered 2nd/3rd degree burns. I was life lined to Springfield). I couldnt see my son. I could hear him, he would answer me, but I could not see him. At the top of the tracks I heard him say we are going to roll. I said the airbags will deploy. How wrong was I. Just by chance that last tire was hanging onto the track. There was o2 tanks in the van (because of the fire 3 years ago, I burnt my lungs... I inhaled the flame). My seat belt did not lock. I hit the steering wheel, my breasts are bruised. I have a hernia and cant find an attorney that will go up against them. MY son had to have 12 stitches in his leg. I went to the hospital by ambulance because I couldnt breathe. NONE OF THE AIRBAGS DEPLOYED. So much for 5 stars. MY SEAT BELT DID NOT LOCK. I HATE KIA.
Published: June 23, 2014
GRACIE of Rushville , IL

Are you thinking of buying a 2011 or 2012 Kia Sorento? Forget it! My wife a
Are you thinking of buying a 2011 or 2012 Kia Sorento? Forget it! My wife and I are both professionals who depend on our cars to get to work every day without fail. My wife is a pharmacist and I am an attorney. We are both in our 50s. In early 2010, we bought a 2011 Kia Sorento primarily because of the push-button ignition feature. My wife has advanced arthritis and the Honda Element she had been driving was hard for her to change gears with its dash-mounted shifter with the button on the thumb-side of the stick.We bought a brand new 2011 Kia Sorento from Lee Kia in Fort Walton Beach, Florida for under $26,000 financed through our credit union. The car performed well until 2 months ago, when we took it to the same dealer for a service recall we had gotten in the mail. When the car came back from the dealer, my wife said it was slow starting when she depressed the brake and pressed the push button ignition. On Monday, 7/18/11, the car would not start at all. It was completely dead. It then had 25,000 miles on it. I called Kia Roadside Assistance and they came and towed it to the same dealership that had done the recall work.It has been in the shop ever since then (18 days). I would repeatedly call the Service Department and speak with their manager Joe, who acted like he was annoyed at having to tell us anything! We were given a rental in the meantime at Kias expense, but this week they said they need a part that they cannot get and they have no idea when we will get the part back! I called the local General Manager at the beginning of this week. He was asked to call me back during the noon hour on my cell, but instead called me at 9:10 AM when I was in court and unavailable.I called and left messages for him the same day, but he did not return my call for 2 days. He then said that even though the car is built in Georgia – 6 hours from where we live here in Florida – his parts receiving facility in Atlanta was where he got his parts from and they did not have the part, a brake light component. In the meantime someone at the dealership told my wife that the problem with the push button ignition is endemic to Kia Sorentos, and they are trying to fix the Sorentos rolling off the line in Georgia with this problem now before they hit the public!So much for the security of buying a Korean car made in the USA. I told this to the local General Manager and his comment was that sounds like a story from the trenches, Ill check into it(!). The rental car we were given was a Ford fusion, low to the ground, which my wife cannot drive because she has a hip replacement. I told the General Manager this and he said he would have someone call the rental car agency to switch us out to something that rode higher. This was 2 days ago. That afternoon, the Service Manager Joe called and said he was trying to get us into another rental.I got tired of waiting for anyone to help us and 24 hours ago went to the rental car place and got put into another rental within 15 minutes of stopping by their office. I called the Service Manager after I left in the new rental and his sad story was he was still working on trying to find me another rental. I told him it would be nice if he would just call me daily with an update on the repair and the needed part. He said he would (this was at 3:30 PM yesterday). As of today at 1:30PM he has not called or left a message. Oh yeah, and when I called him earlier over 2 weeks ago, I was told I just got in. I have no idea what the status of your car is! This was at 7:35 AM (they open at 7:30AM) after no calls had been made to us the entire preceding day. Gee, sorry to distract you from chomping into that creme-filled doughnut buddy! As soon as we get this car back, if we ever do, I am running to replace it with a reliable Honda.If not repairable after 30 days I will be seeking an attorney to sue the company and the dealership for breach of warranties and fraud, under the Florida Lemon Law Act and any other cause of action that fits. Stay tuned.
Published: August 5, 2011
Frederick of Panama City Beach, FL

I went to South Shore Kia on 2/3/18 after waiting over a week for an appoin
I went to South Shore Kia on 2/3/18 after waiting over a week for an appointment. My driver’s side indicator stays lit even when the car is turned off. I got there and I had to sign for a 169.99 diagnostic fee. I asked about my warranty and the service employee said they have to look it up. At this time no one told me the warranty expired less than 1 month ago. I get a call 3 hrs later stating they have to charge me another diagnostic fee which would be 169.99 because they were not certain of what was wrong. Four hours later when I did not get a call I called in to ask what had happened and they stated they would get back to me. Another hour goes by and I receive a call that they fixed the harness in my Sorento but it didnt fix the issue, then proceeded to explain what I needed. I immediately called my husband who went down to the dealership. Like magic when he asked to see the part they fixed and why they were charging 2 diagnostic fees and 169.99 an hour YES an hour, the bill amazingly shrunk from almost 1400.00 to 185.00. If I would have went down there they would have taken 1400 dollars from me because I didnt know about cars. My Sorento is still not fixed as I now have to pay out of pocket for everything as my warranty is up. And as per Jacob at Kia Consumer Affairs I was told when I bought the vehicle when the warranty would end and they do not have to send me any notification. They do not have to respond to my complaint but it will be addressed, somehow. So I have to fix my car which I had for less than 2 years with NO WARRANTY. Also Kia Sorentos do not have fuses so something as simple as a headlight or indicator that needs to be fixed cost over 800 dollars as I need a body control module (computer) to work headlights. I may not fix cars but how is this affordable for anyone? I believe this is the only car made this way. Are we still in the 50s and 60s. When will companies be penalized for this type of behavior? I am appalled and saddened that I have to include a man in my affairs because I am not equal. And for headquarters each Kia is a independent franchise so they are not responsible for the dealerships behavior.
Published: February 7, 2018
Tasha of St Albans, NY

Musty smell started coming through vents. Saw a video to change cabin filte
Musty smell started coming through vents. Saw a video to change cabin filter which I did. No better. Took it to Kia of Greer for a check and MOLD was growing in the A/C lines. Was told I need to let more fresh air in and not use the air circulating button so much. I got online and consumers from 2010 are complaining about the same problem. So we are breathing MOLD? Kia needs to be held responsible for the design of the A/C unit and where water is standing. This is a health hazard! PLEASE fix KIA!!!!
Published: August 23, 2014
Kandace of Simpsonville, SC

I have called several times, but I can not wait longer than 30 minutes whil
I have called several times, but I can not wait longer than 30 minutes while at work. I tried the web, but I cant register as the error says my birthday is wrong. As stupid as this may sound, I tried several times to get on auto pay since I had moved several items that when I stopped getting invoices, I assumed I had finally been successful. And as I had a new bank account that I was using for bills, I assumed the payment was coming out of that. I didnt realize I was in arrears until a collector called and threatened me. I paid the arrears and still cant get them on the phone or the web to get auto pay set up. I havent gotten a bill this month. It is a very pathetic customer service. I am just trying to give them money.
Published: April 23, 2012
Jayne of Asd, TX

My wife and I bought a used 2012 Kia Sorento in Sept. 2015 with a 2.4 liter
My wife and I bought a used 2012 Kia Sorento in Sept. 2015 with a 2.4 liter and a GDI engine. Well this past sunday Oct. 2nd 2016 the Sorento was making loud metal noises in the engine and while driving it stalled. I pulled over and sat for a little while and started it up again and drove it to my inlaws. The next day oct. 3rd I drove it to Kia Horne here in Gilbert AZ. They looked at it and told me that there is a LOT of slug it the engine and metal noise in the lower part of the engine. They told me that it was able to be fixed and I would have to spend 6900 for a new used engine. The next day I told Kia Horne that I would produce the oil change documents for the past year. I was able to get 4 receipts but not the 5th one even though I knew I had received 5 oil changes within the past year. Well its been a week and my extended 100,000 mile warranty will not cover the repairs also because of the slug. The Sorento is at 85,000 mile at this moment. I found that there is a lawsuit against Kia for producing engine that were manufactured wrong and still sold knowing this. The Claim states that the Theta 2 liter and the 2.4 liter GDI engines contains defects that cause a restriction of oil flow through the connecting rod bearings and other parts of the engine. The claim also states that the defect causes stalling and complete engine failure at any time, including while driving, making the problem a serious safety hazard. The lawsuit claims not only did Kia conceal that the engines are prone to failure, but the automaker concealed the defect from consumers to keep selling the vehicles. The reason why I am leaving this information/review is to see what more can I do to get my car fixed by Kia and or join the lawsuit or start my own in Gilbert AZ.
Published: October 11, 2016
Daniel of San Tan Valley, AZ

As a Kia owner and supporter of the rejuvenated products and brands, I had
As a Kia owner and supporter of the rejuvenated products and brands, I had to tell you about my experiences that are still on-going with the dealer and service franchisees/network that Kia seem to be straddled with.On July 13, I brought my car in to City World Kia in the Bronx, which, in and of itself, was a nightmare. You see, the greater New York Metro area has very few dealers to choose from and those that are members of your network are very suspect at best and downright dishonest and awful in reality.Having called Jason at customer service (Kia USA), it was clear he could only be limited in his effectiveness as he constantly and repeatedly told me that the dealers were independent and that Kia USA could not directly get involved to help the service process along. This was seven days into leaving my car there without even a call or return about my inquiries. That was very frustrating since it is in Kias best interest to make sure that their dealer and service network are not only trained well, but also provide the best service that they can as competition, as you know, is fierce.Unfortunately, Jason (of Kia USA Customer Service) didnt follow-up after I asked him if I could pass along my frustrations to the district manager (who he said was not available to the public) and we ended the call with him giving me an ID # 28-2003701. No call or any updates as he was ignored by City World KIA as well. All he could say was, sorry Mr. ** and Ill do what I can, which is nothing. I also talked to Kathryn ** at the corporate office and Crystal **, who closed my case after she did nothing to get my car fixed. This, in and of itself, was the most insulting since she ignored four phone calls that I made. When I called Justina, another service representative, just to speak to someone on August 17, she, at least, called me back twice to tell me she had to send the case to the executive level because it was closed by Crystal (after Jason gave it to executive, he didnt and couldnt do anything). Amazed, shocked and insulted -- my car still wasnt fixed.So why should I get frustrated if my Borrego was lost at City World for a week? Why should I be upset that Kia USA did absolutely nothing to move my car along after I took it out of City World Kia and after they finally found it (yes, they lost it)? Why then should I be insulted and feel demeaned after Lash Kia couldnt provide a loaner car because I waited a month to have them get some parts in to do the work? It has been three days and I am still waiting for Lash Kia to finish their work on the Borrego. And when I talked to David, the service associate who I originally spoke with about my horrifying experience with City World KIA, he was upset and was correcting me that I have to wait to get the additional parts in. Do they think at Kia that their customers dont need their cars? Do they treat all of their customers like this? So, I found myself waiting with no car despite giving Lash Kia a month to get the recall parts and do the work they needed to do. Afterwards, they told me that the car and the issues Ive raised (and youll love this) are operating within manufacturers parameters. I was told that the 4WD hang up sometimes when it is engaged and does the same thing when you want to disengage it. What? Are they kidding? So, after over a month of waiting and fixing the delaminated rotors myself for safety reasons, I am treated like an imbecile. Kia USA ignored me despite my sending emails to six of their executives and being promised a promotion for my troubles. Wow! I wonder if the head office in South Korea is aware of the poor level of service and treatment of their customers in North America.Each time, I had to call the service department and they were upset with me whenever I inquired as to the status of the car. With City World, I called after four days and I was not able to speak with Nick, a service technician who was supposedly fired, until the end of that first week. Moreover, the claim by Carlos, the service manager, was that they were busy and I had nine items to check. But then again, I found out that the special technician was out of town until the end of the week. The same thing happened at Lash when a seemingly competent Tania ** went on vacation while my car was with them. Only after I called three times did I get David to call me back to tell me they were waiting for another part despite me trying to avoid leaving my car at another dealership for three more days without any notice or update.On the basis that the service options for Kia automobiles are so restricted in this area to ramshackle chop shops, their on-line service appointment system was a complete waste as the request and ensuing specifics about why I was bringing the car in was not even received by City World. Its something of a phishing feature and, yes, this is something that Kia should be concerned about. How can Kia USA ignore an area with 16 million people? Had I been working for Kia, I would make every effort to get new licensees with state-of-the-art service centers, show rooms, and sales and service people that can, at least, spell! Ive owned Hondas, Acuras, Mercedes-Benz, Mazdas and BMWs over the years and not once have I been so blown away by the complete incompetence, indifference, filth, poor service, etc. by the Kia brand.My bottom line is that Kia needs desperately to upgrade all of the areas I mentioned and Id be happy to stay with them because I am thrilled by the renaissance over the years from the disastrous Hyundai Pony of the 80s to the thrilling designs and engineering of the line-up today. Unfortunately, the dealer and service network is so wanting and deficient that Kia will lose sales on that basis alone which is truly a shame!As for my poor car, I brought it in for the following reasons: Service Campaign CS005 (rear seat carpet replacements), defective windshield washer motor, defective hatch-rear light, wheezing and clunky CD player, popping and knocking sound under the passenger seat, slow-shifting transmission, 4WD that gets stuck in low (requiring a reboot by shutting off the car and rolling it), front brakes that have either got warped or delaminating rotors causing serious vibration, a possible leak in the fluid, and poor suspension which causes the vehicle to hop and jump over road seems and bumps. I understand that it is a truck-tuned suspension, but it is unsafe to corner with the Borrego because of the serious steering issues when hitting any bumps at all. I neglected to tell them about the inside weather seals that are dropping off and that need to be reset on all four doors, but hey, I just wanted them to deal with the safety issues. Oh, and I asked about how to clean the cloth seats and all I got was a comment to use regular upholstery cleaner. Gee, thanks, considering that they are staining so easily, that my daughters damp swimsuits left water stains on all of the seats in the back. Great quality! Considering the service so far (or total lack thereof), I dont expect anything and absolutely will never buy a Kia or recommend one again. In fact, what Kia has done (especially Kia USAs total lack of interest in assisting me with their independent dealer network and their promises that were left unfilled) is that instead of bringing a customer back in the fold, they have created an absolutely incensed customer who will use every opportunity to enlighten anyone about the dealer network and the corporate reality of Kia USA as a paper kitten when dealing with their dealers and their customers.As it is, I had to drive some 12 miles from my home to get bounced from the dealership to the service area because I couldnt bring myself to go to the Yonkers location. No communication from Jason or anyone as they close the files regardless if the case was resolved or not. The reason that major corporations run into significant problems is that their field experts do not have the ability to end licensees relationships, or just decide not to, simply because they are selling cars. Imagine how many more they would sell if they did not have dealerships like City World Auto, Yonkers Kia, the fraudsters at Major World and Nemet (who tried to bait and switch me, posting cars they didnt have on-line), and Smithtown Kia.Right now, I am sitting, waiting and expecting for a call. I would likely get some huge bill with nothing covered under the warranty despite the car having only 32,000 miles on it. I shudder to think how much more effort Ill have to make to get my car back without any damage being done to it. Can Kia USA help? No. Hopefully, this letter will shake up the district managers and their managers. Kia might sell even more cars and create happy, grateful repeat customers! I, unfortunately, will never be one of them.
Published: August 18, 2011
Lorne of New Rochelle, NY

I have a 2014 Kia soul with less than 20k, owned it 1 1/2 yrs. Noticed the
I have a 2014 Kia soul with less than 20k, owned it 1 1/2 yrs. Noticed the clear coat on my wheels is starting to peel off. I notified the dealer and he told me to bring it in to take pics and send it to corp. but he also said they probably will do nothing. I have owned three Kias, this is Definitely my last.
Published: July 29, 2015
mark of Gastonia, NC

When I top off my Gas Tank, after that is difficult to start up and maintai
When I top off my Gas Tank, after that is difficult to start up and maintain the RPMs. It gets turn off, and after I accelerate couple times it get stable but the check engine turns on, and this issue happened any time that I fill the gas tank.
Published: August 24, 2014
Anuar of Pembroke Pines, FL

I bought a 2019 Kia Sorento with only 35,000 miles on it. The car broke dow
I bought a 2019 Kia Sorento with only 35,000 miles on it. The car broke down after less than 2 months of use. It has been towed to the dealer and been sitting in their lot for over two months now. The week my car died, I also lost a family member and was unable to get to the hospital before he passed. The mechanic said they dont know what the problem is with it and they wont approve a rental until he can find the exact problem and they also will not approve a reimbursement for the rental. I have called them several times about the fact that I am making a car payment for a new car and additional fees for rental with no end in sight. I bought a new car specifically so I would not have these types of problems. This situation is completely unacceptable and I will never ever buy another Kia as long as I live. I honestly dont think the company even cares which is all the more frustrating.
Published: March 5, 2022
Doh of Dickinson, ND

7 year warranty means nothing to Kia! My wheels on my brand new car started
7 year warranty means nothing to Kia! My wheels on my brand new car started to flake after 1 year and my warranty claim was rejected. Not long after that, my sunroof will not close and that is also not covered. What an absolute joke!! DO NOT BUY KIA!!!
Published: January 9, 2019
Brodie of Australia

With the advent of keyless entry, there are bound to be lost key FOBS. They
With the advent of keyless entry, there are bound to be lost key FOBS. They are ridiculous in price. Then you have to go to a dealer to have it programmed. They get you coming and going. Same with the built-in GPS. The new maps are expensive. I did not care for the car app that is for your phone either. No issues with the mechanical aspects of the Sorento even though if there was, KIA tech info was bought out by Snap on and you cannot access free repair info any longer.
Published: January 29, 2018
Brad of Fort Lupton, CO

I have been really pleased with the Kia Niro EV - it’s got all the Safety
I have been really pleased with the Kia Niro EV - it’s got all the Safety features that you can get, coupled with numerous convenience features, all in a very sporty package (looks and performance). The huge bonus: not only have I saved on my gas bill each month, but my wife loves this car too, so we’re saving on her gas bill too! Thanks Kia!!
Published: December 13, 2019
Will of Santa Barbara, CA