Buell Troubleshooting

Erik Buell Racing is an American motorcycle sport company which produces street and racing motorcycles, based in East Troy, Wisconsin, USA. The business entered receivership in April 2015. After two previous attempts, the business remnants were sold in January 2016 to Liquid Asset Partners (LAP), an American organization specializing in the purchase and liquidation of failed businesses. Liquid Asset Partners kept the company intact and motorcycle production resumed on March 1, 2016, the first new model rolling out on March 17, 2016.

Motorcycle Troubleshooting

Bad brakes  
This could be due to a lot of reasons. Fortunately, maintaining your bike’s brakes is easy. If the brakes feel funny while in use, then you likely need to bleed them out. Find your bike’s brake levers and its bleed screws. Then use them to bleed your brakes out.   
You can also inspect the brake pads. Check your bike’s manual to see if your brake pads are too thin. If they are, replace them. Easy enough.  

Electrical problems  
Electrical problems are seen in all types of motorcycles. These parts can be damaged by water, dust, mud, or even mice. Electrical panel problems are problems seen in things like engine, light, self start. If you have knowledge of electrical toxins, you can solve such problems at home. If not, take your motorcycle to a workshop or official service center. Also, as there is a battery in the electrical parts, its battery should be checked from time to time because a dead battery harms your bike.  

Poor Throttle Response  
Many drivers feel weak in the throttle response after driving a certain number of kilometers. This problem occurs in all types of motorcycles. In that case, you need to look at the motorcycle’s air filter, fuel filter, and spark plug.  
You can clean it yourself at home. If all of these are in good condition then the next problem may be a problem with the throttle cable or clutch plate. If you know these things, you should check them yourself or take them to the service center.  

Problems with starting a motorcycle  
This problem usually occurs in the winter months. It appears on motorcycles with any brand of carburetor engine. Most of the motorcycles currently running have carburetor engines. The problem of not starting immediately is due to cold and low-quality fuel. So to avoid this, you have to clean the spark plug of the motorcycle. After cleaning the spark plug, the motorcycle can be started by pulling the choke. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person.  

Bad drive chain  
If your drive chain feels off, it likely doesn’t have enough lube or it’s become too loose. It’s important to keep your chain lubricated because you’ll crash if it snaps. Additionally, routinely tightening the chains will help prevent them from snapping. Keep in mind that drive chains will naturally loosen with age, so you’ll have to replace them eventually.  

SOURCE: https://thekdblog.com/6-common-motorcycle-bikes-problems-and-solutions

Buell Troubleshooting

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